IndieGamesCon 2004 continued...

Here's some more info about what's going on at the IndieGamesCon. It has been really good so far. Yesterday was registration along with an intro, gaming time and some meet and greet stuff. Today the actual sessions started.

The first talk was by Garr Godfrey, one of the founders of GameHouse. He told the story of the company from start to when they got bought by Real Networks for $35 million in January of this year. It was a good talk, and put a little weight behind how this is a real business going on here. They tried some different business models before focusing on downloadable games as "the future".

The second talk was by Michael Robertson. He was the founder of (which he sold a few years ago), and currently runs Linspire, which is trying to be a user-friendly Linux distribution. From the start he said that he didn't know much about gaming (especially compared to the crowd), but that he was there to give a talk about business. He was a good speaker and his talk wa excellent. The focus was on startups, how to get rich, and his love of disruptive technologies. Three key points:
  • Right size your business
  • No MBAs
  • Marketing is most important

    The day continued with some smaller sessions and game playing (there's a nice lan setup here with a bunch of games). I have met a variety of interesting people from different areas: developers, gaming website operators, media folk, students, etc. I would write about it in more detail, but I need to get some sleep for tomorrow.

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