Merry Christmas and thereafter

On tuesday I am going to take the train back to Toronto to spend a week with my family. My brother just got back from spending a year in Australia, so it will be cool to see him. My plan is to do my christmas shopping on monday. I have a few ideas, but nothing concrete. Currently I am thinking of Christmas as a sexy holiday!

After Toronto I will be coming back to Montreal to spend new year's here. The party is at Vinny's house I believe. On January 2nd I will be flying across the pond. The plane arrives in London, England, but I am going to be spending January in Edinburgh, Scotland. As luck would have it Andrew's mum has a house and 2 cats that could use sitting over there. She gets back January 25th. My plans for February are vague at best. I am hoping to go visit my uncle phil in Germany, and I also have a desire to spend some time in France buffing up on the language.

I have to be in San Francisco for March 7th. So that puts a limit on my European travels. After that I guess I will come back to Montreal. Hopefully winter will have lost its edge by then.

Posted by dustin on December 20, 2004 with category tags of

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I forgot to say goodbye to you. I didn't realize I wouldn't see you again for another long while. Well I hope you have tons of fun and crazy adventures. We'll miss you though that's fo sho'. Anyway, good luck and see you sometime in March?
   comment by Maryam on December 22, 2004

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