McGill Idol Update

So for those of you that remember Chris Dye's post about McGill Idol and happened to read the comments, you would know that I'll be making an appearance. Well, apparently due to cancellations that appearance is much sooner than anyone could have guessed.

**** Change of Date******

That's right, those tricksy organizers have moved me around again. And so instead, I invite you all out to Gert's NEXT Wednesday, Feb. 16, around 7:30 pm to watch, support, and vote for me as I bare my vocal chords for the contest. I need you guys, so please come. Plus, you can have a few drinks and mock all the other contestants.

Posted by Adrienne on February 8, 2005 with category tags of

hey! i forgot to ask you, is there a cover charge to get in?
   comment by maryam on February 7, 2005

There shouldn't be.
   comment by Adrienne (#149) on February 7, 2005

Good luck! I'd totally vote for you. But only because I'm sleeping with you. Those bare vocal chords are so hot!
   comment by Mariana (#35) on February 8, 2005

Hey, how'd you do? Should we be saying "move, over Kelly, there's a new you in town and her name is Adrienne. Adrienne Clarkson".
   comment by MissNikki (#107) on February 17, 2005

If she's going to change her name, it should be to Fantasia! Even if no one cared after Clay was robbed.

(I don't actually watch this show. No, really. Well, not until this season, anwyay...)
   comment by alice on February 18, 2005

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