Explosions are fun!

I've been playing around with the lhfire program. It's a command-line application that takes a 'script' of particle behaviour and outputs the frames of a resulting explosion animation.

Just by playing with the included example scripts you can tell it's a really cool utility. At first I was a little stymied by the output format. It outputs a series of TGA files (one per frame) on a black background. It took me a little while to figure out how to turn this into my preferred format, which is one PNG file containing all frames in a strip on a transparent background. I eventually figured out how to do it though, using another awesome command-line program Imagemagick. Here's the command
convert input{0,1,2}.tga +append -channel Alpha -negate output.png
Hopefully this means I will be able to quickly create a bunch of cool looking explosions for the next version of Lux. Here's an small output example:

Posted by dustin on March 29, 2005 with category tags of


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