Nikki and Robb's Wedding Pictures

Nikki's Wedding

I uploaded my pictures from Nikki and Robb's wedding (plus the fancy dress mini-golf beforehand, and a few more random ones from my Montreal trip) into a flickr photoset. The wedding was a glorious event, and my week in Montreal was jam packed with seeing friends and having fun. It made me miss living in Montreal somewhat. Of course, the beautiful summer is a lot different from the horrid winter there.

Now back to regularly scheduled Vancouver happenings...

Posted by dustin on July 12, 2006 with category tags of

It was nice having you in Montreal again. One day our paths could will cross again i am sure.

And thank you for the pictures! they are wonderful.

I hope more people will post more pics too.
   comment by Maryam (#72) on July 12, 2006

You used nikki and robb's full names as tags? I don't think she'd appreciate that...
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on July 12, 2006

Oh, but cool pics though!
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on July 12, 2006

Congrats! Youz people sure does clean up purty.
   comment by Alex (#118) on July 12, 2006

Congratulations Nikki, and all my best wishes!
   comment by LePhil (#198) on July 12, 2006

You really captured the *essence of the moment* in some of those candid shots. I particularly love the first one with the couple down by the lake, the father and bride walking to the ceremony, and the one above). Is it weird to have photos of someone else's wedding on your piano/mantlepiece? I cried! Lovely, simply lovely.
   comment by Mirzipan (#99) on July 12, 2006

Did Nikki's dad kinda remind anyone else of the Godfather?

I will post my pictures after I process my film, make prints, find a scanner, and jump forward in time about twenty years.
   comment by goodladd (#144) on July 13, 2006

Oh look, Nikki is laughing bubblelily with her bubbly laughter and Rob is steadying her steadily with his steady hand. That justice of the peace knows everything.
   comment by stretch on July 13, 2006

Everyone looks so pretty! I really like the pics of Nikki and Robb from a distance and of all of us. This was the best lunch break activity ever!
   comment by Adrienne on July 13, 2006

Sooooo nice! I wish I coulda been there. Congratulations Nikki and Robbb. It looks like your wedding was a truly awesome event.
   comment by Chronomorph (#11) on July 13, 2006

Excellent work capturing such a beautiful day! Also excellent to see you for the brief time that I did. Keep in touch!
   comment by Mariana (#35) on July 14, 2006

My photos of the wedding are up at my flickr page. I tried to order them properly but it didn't work, so it's like a trip backwards through the event. Also, Dustin, I have a beef with the comment system. If I click on the title of the thread in the sidebar, it takes me to your randomdude page instead of sillytech, and I'm no longer signed in.
   comment by Mariana (#35) on July 15, 2006

WOW! These are fantastic! Thank you so much!!!

When I was getting into my gown and prettying up for the event, I looked outside the window towards the parking lot and I was so delighted to see all of you arriving. You are most excellent friends. Thank you for making the day so wonderful!

By the way, your cards are hysterical and your gifts are ridiculously generous. We best keep in touch because people like you are very hard to come by.
   comment by missnikki on July 20, 2006

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