The Devil's Brigade

The Devil's Brigade is a TV mini-series that just aired on History Television (in Canada). The show's creators have also filled the website with multimedia.

Sillysoft was contracted to create a game for the show, and the result is the free Devil's Brigade Lux. It's a small version of Lux.

Posted by dustin on November 10, 2006 with category tags of

Neat tie-in. Great way to expand your business. Kudos.
   comment by stretch (#87) on November 10, 2006

They first contacted me, and I went along for the ride. Actually, it turned out that it was Jordan Himelfarb's brother who put the deal together. Funky connections all-around.
   comment by dustin (#1) on November 10, 2006

Hi there,
Did you contact the producers of Devil's Brigade for permission to use their logo?
   comment by Julie on November 30, 2006

Hi Julie,
During production of the Devil's Brigade Lux game the logos were sent to me for inclusion. I didn't get specific permission to use it here on my blog, but since I am advertising for our joint production and your website I figured it was OK.

As an extra bonus, here's a screenshot from the game (logos included!):
   comment by dustin (#1) on November 30, 2006

Your game is fun and I like to play it.
   comment by Bill Otto on May 14, 2007

I like the game I also have played your American history game and have reached General level. The best thing is it seems to learn form me and get tougher
   comment by Bill Otto on May 14, 2007

My dad was a founding member off the Devils brigade he was canadain ? I am his only american child i would love to have more info on what you have
   comment by Heather Hunt Rullman on October 23, 2010

Hello, my Grandfather was a member of the Black Devils. And he won a Bronze Star. I would love more info on "The Devil's Brigade" mini-series that aired on History Television. Please contact me asap. And if Heather Hunt Rullman has any info to share with me i'm all ears. thanks
   comment by Karl Rhymer on November 7, 2010

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