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Posted by dustin on October 10, 2008 with category tags of

It was dumb of Harper to promise not to tax income trusts, and it's good he broke his promise. Income trusts are stupid. In Canada, trusts don't pay tax. So companies just started calling themselves "trusts" instead of "corporations" and so stopped paying corporate tax. Ridiculous.
Even worse, only the biggest companies in Canada could do it, because of the legal costs of setting up an income trust. Dion is better than Harper, but his promise to restore a big, pointless tax break for Canada's largest companies is probably enough for me to vote for the Greens.
   comment by anonymous (#15) on October 11, 2008

what haper has done has all been really smart.
everyone makes mistakes including you stupid people out there saying"oh well he is a priminister so he shouldnt make ANY mistakes! He's supposed to be perfectly perfect!!!!!"
Canada is NOT failing or going bank-rupt like all the other countries right now!
and do you know why???
Because we have a great leader!!!!
   comment by rachel barry on April 7, 2011

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