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Grotere kaart weergeven

Posted by dye! on April 20, 2009 with category tags of


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5,193 km - 2 days, 20 hours

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5,770 km - 3 days, 5 hours

How long were yours?
   comment by Gbrowdy (#55) on April 20, 2009

Heh. Look at the name of that country: "You are gay."
   comment by goodladd (#144) on April 20, 2009

Europe: 4.820 km ca. 2 days 0 hours
N. America: 5,789 mi about 4 days 11 hours
(cheating somewhat because you have to take the ferry from Nova Scotia to Newfoundland)

   comment by dye! (#15) on April 20, 2009

Actually, this is better for Europe:
5,695 km ca. 2 days 13 hrs

Grotere kaart weergeven
   comment by dye! (#15) on April 21, 2009

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