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While thinking about my mom's website I was struck with an epiphany. You see, she has been a writer for a good number of years now. She has built up a large collection of published stories. Right now these stories are sitting on her computer (in microsoft word documents) doing nobody any good.

So I have started work on an automated archival system to take her old stories and webify them. The real killer opportunity here lies in the possibility that once finished I could offer this archival system to other writers in the same situation. An easy way to put your entire body of work onto the net seems like a pretty good service to sell.

I have a prototype working. Hopefully a working system will go up soon for mom. It still has to be run by the boss and everything. The worst thing about this new project is that it's pulling time away from the windows version of Lux. In fact this whole thing is probably just a way of me procrastinating.

Posted by dustin on September 30, 2003 with category tags of


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