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Man I'm Thirsty....
It's crystal meth in a can:

Posted by registeredname on October 20, 2007. Tagged with


99 Problems
Astronauts were drunk at liftoff.

Employee sabotaged computer due to go to space station.
Posted by vinny9 on July 26, 2007. Tagged with


Mountain Dew Shakes
Caffeine in soft drinks
Posted by vinny9 on July 9, 2007. Tagged with


Sure I grew up here, and no I don't know this city!
Alright, I'm sick of my old haunts. Looking for nice bars, ideally with a terrasse to hang around and be able to have conversation, all within walking distances of the Plateau.

Where do you guys suggest?
Posted by LePhil on September 20, 2006. Tagged with
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