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I just thought I'd brag that my entry, "Neverendum", was selected as Urban Dictionary's Word of the Day on October 24. This is the most public attention for one of my submitted works since Chickadee Magazine published the picture of a park bench that I submitted in 1983.

The person who actually coined the term was Dave Rosen, who published the Quebec Neverendum Colouring and Activity Book in 1996.
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Happy Birthday, 'Friend'!
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Some parting thoughts
When Pakistan was partitioned from India on the basis of religion (Hindu vs. Muslim), both countries were given little enclaves in the other country where "their" people lived. Some of those enclaves themselves have enclaves, so that to walk a kilometre would mean crossing two, three, or even eight international borders.

Click on the map to see the full scale of this sillyness.
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