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Never Anger a Judge in Quebec
"A declaratory judgment of death produces the same effects as death."
- Quebec Civil Code, artice 95
Posted by YvonTripper on October 14, 2013. Tagged with


Quebec Election Prediction project
As is Sillytech tradition, it's time to predict the Quebec electoral outcome. Rules are simple, fill out this form:

Party- vote% - seats/125


Winner receives rumcake. Good luck!
Posted by chrisdye on September 3, 2012. Tagged with
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Super Québec Vote Plus
My Québecois compatriots,

My newest project is Super Québec Vote Plus, a guide to this summer's Québec elections. This will provide you with unique insights into the vote. From our headquarters in Bermuda, rest assured that Super Québec Vote Plus' coverage of the election will be free of all of those nasty restrictions imposed by Québec's elections laws and all 100% tax-free. Join me every day until September 4 at www.superquebecvoteplus.com
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Yvon in Montreal May 16
Dear all:

Please note in your calendars that I will be appearing at Montreal Improv on May 16 to provide you with my views on many important things.

Further details to follow.
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Radio Free Québec first quarter report
* radiofreequebec.com has cracked the world's top 25 million most popular websites, according to Alexa
* Radio Free Québec's Youtube channel has received over 58,000 views and nearly 18 positive comments.
* The number of fans on RFQ's Facebook fan page has increased 900% since it was first launched in January.
*RFQ is pleased to announce the hiring of Steve Penny as financial analyst, to guide listeners through the recession:
Posted by YvonTripper on March 19, 2009. Tagged with


I realize nobody cares, but...
May I please have your projections for tonight?

P.S. There is an election tonight.

Lib-76 PQ -47 ADQ-2
Posted by chrisdye on December 8, 2008. Tagged with
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Election Information
Radio Free Quebec has prepared a series of advertisements by the political parties to inform you, the voter:

Parti quebecois:

Posted by YvonTripper on November 28, 2008. Tagged with
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Radio Free Québec
Good news! The Gouvernement has agreed to increase its funding of TVQ Television and to create a new public radio service, Radio Free Québec. With its new budget and staff, we hope to greatly increase our current broadcast schedule.*

Here is a clip from Radio Free Québec's coverage of the Québec election.

Both radio and TV services can be accessed at radiofreequebec.com
Posted by YvonTripper on November 13, 2008. Tagged with
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Cultural Differences Can't Be Far Behind
Quebec Margarine can now be yellow

Posted by vinny9 on July 9, 2008. Tagged with
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For some reason, this commission has difficulty getting anglophones to sit on it.

Posted by chrisdye on February 28, 2008. Tagged with


Policemen inciting riots?
Here's a CBC report (video or text) about police dressing up as anarchists and trying to start a riot during the recent SPP protests in Quebec.

The boots of the provocateurs match those of the police, and the men fled behind the police line to escape. The police refuse to say who the men were, and no other protesters recognize them. You can watch the full union footage on youtube, which is where the CBC got the story from.
Posted by dustin on August 23, 2007. Tagged with
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A short TVQ documentary on Laval, which can now be accessed by métro.

Posted by YvonTripper on June 2, 2007. Tagged with


Doh. I Wish I Knew This Earlier
Hydro Quebec offers rebate on switching to CFL bulbs .
(5$ per 10$ spent before taxes, up to 25$)
Posted by vinny9 on May 18, 2007. Tagged with


Gambling with our Future
DEADLINE: Sunday 11:59 pm.

Our current national election has been the most boring one in our history. To spice it up a bit, I invite you to wager in the Election Outcome Pool. Guess the popular vote of the five parties, and the number of seats that they will win. Fill in this ballot in the comments section:

NUMBER OF SEATS (out of 125): LIB: X PQ: X ADQ: X

For every percentage point and number of seats that you are off, you get one point. The person with the fewest points wins.

Bonus: if you predict that the Greens or Québec solidaire wins a seat, and they actually do, you get 50 points deducted from your score.

Posted by YvonTripper on March 24, 2007. Tagged with
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Classy newspaper

The director of elections in Quebec recently stated that women who wear the burka or niqab are allowed to vote without revealing their faces. This caused a firestorm of protest and the director has since reversed position. (Somehow what was legal one day was illegal the next.)

It's nice to see that the Journal de Montreal could be counted on to address the issue with taste and courtesy for both sides. (See top of newspaper)
Posted by Bryan on March 23, 2007. Tagged with
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