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Iran offers free sex-change operations for homosexuals
Posted by vinny9 on September 2, 2008. Tagged with


Who Is The Girliest Sillytecher Of Them All?
Has anyone seen this before?

The Gender Genie

Based on the work of some Israeli linguists, this algorithm looks at a chunk of text and guesses whether or not the author was male or female. In the original study it guessed correctly something like 90% of the time, though the web-based tool has a lower success rate.

A quick rundown of the blogs I tested:

Me - Consistently guessed male
Adrienne - Mostly guessed female, one false male guess
Budman - Consistently guessed female
Sean - Mostly guessed male, one false female guess

I'm not sure what this proves, apart from the fact that Budman apparently has a very feminine writing style.
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