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The Oldest Trophy in the World
I know you've all been wondering: "what's going on in the world of the America's Cup lately?"
Well, exciting things have been going on, that's what.

It all started at the end of the last challenge, when the Swiss team Alinghi (of Societe Nautique de Geneve) successfully defended the cup. Shortly after, Bertarelli (the billionaire owner of team Alinghi) declared that Club Náutico Español de Vela were the challengers of record for the next cup. A club, that only existed in paper, and which he controlled. The set of rules that came out of those "talks" were so controversial, that Larry Ellison (the billionaire owner of team BMW Oracle) took them to court.

As it has so many times in the past, the New York Supreme court sat and heard arguments, consulted the Deed of Gift, and precedence. Eventually they ruled in favour for Oracle and the Golden Gate Yacht Club, and the challenge was set. Of course, given that they each have tons of money, and many lawyers, there have been many, many suits since that time. Bertarelli (aka the cheating bastard) has lost nearly all of them

In the meantime the design specifications that Oracle put forth, rather than being a complicated set of rules and walking away from the old formula:

Was ridiculously straight forward, it had to fight in 90' by 90' box, essentially, a baseball diamond.

Well, this is how you advance the world of sailing, give two of the top 100 richest men on the planet, carte blanche to build a fast boat. Here are the results:
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Boating in Canada

Taken in Toronto, of all places.
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Why have I not heard of this before?

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Ikea: on path to own world.

I don't understand people's obsessions over this store.

Also, KingCasey introduced me to this great show called Flight of the Conchords, I suggest you guys check it out!
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Hollywood's first strike against Iran meets heavy resistance
I was going to invite Maryam to see this film with me, but now I know better.


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Beautiful Music
I highly recommend this Artist. She used to live here in Montréal, in fact her song 'Love this town' is about this city. The problem is is that I don't think that she has any published works yet. So I need for everyone with a myspace account to listen to her music, pass it on, and write many encouraging messages to her to get her to put out an album.

Natasha Bouchard

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Sulu, the gay activist
In his own way.

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But the future is now?

I love it.
Finally we are safe.
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Montreal to Hollywood: "Bring it!"
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Too much information..
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Let there be dancing!
I can't decide if I like the bunny hop best, or Marc's intensity!

Thanks Maryam, I had fun!
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Way beyond thunderdome
There's nothing like the ULTIMATE Showdown!
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Sure I grew up here, and no I don't know this city!
Alright, I'm sick of my old haunts. Looking for nice bars, ideally with a terrasse to hang around and be able to have conversation, all within walking distances of the Plateau.

Where do you guys suggest?
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I like his show. He can be a little on the preachy side, but since I usually agree with his politics I'm cool with it. He does crazier shows such as his fingers in fruit episode, is responsible for the earth sandwich project, has a degree in pseudoscience.. I mean neuroscience (sorry KingCasey) and has a cute obsession with duckies. He appeared at the TED conference as well. Still not entirely sure what the conference is about though...

I recommend this daily video blog, what are you guys watching?
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Passing the torch
Manhunt update:

-This Saturday the National Press (don't know who) is coming out to play, please come and show them how it's done! 5pm, back in Carre St. Louis.

-Adair is leaving the country, and I'm lazy. As such the organizing duties are being passed to Amy Luft.

-This Saturday there will be a grand celebration at PhilAdair's place. Celebrating the passing of the torch, and wishing Adair a fond farewell. Please come and join us!

Join the Hunt!
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