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Selling On Sucks !
Have you considered selling on Amazon ?
It Sucks !

Amazon has serious issues with its merchant feedback system. It is completely one sided (customerís side) which only breeds abuse. We have been selling on Amazon (merchants) for a year now and want to call it quits because their feedback system, well, SUCKs!

Unlike eBayís feedback, Amazon sellers can not respond to feedback, so boy can your companyís reputation can get abused under these circumstances.

Amazon has no address verification systems in place. We receive aprox. 15% (one month as high as 20%) incorrect delivery addresses from customers on Amazon. All of which usually results in a negative feedback. How is that the sellers fault! On top of that, the customer gets a full refund for the order, and the seller is out the shipping costs.

If your company has a reputation that you would like to withhold,

you should reconsider selling on Amazon!

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