Selling On Sucks !

Have you considered selling on Amazon ?
It Sucks !

Amazon has serious issues with its merchant feedback system. It is completely one sided (customer’s side) which only breeds abuse. We have been selling on Amazon (merchants) for a year now and want to call it quits because their feedback system, well, SUCKs!

Unlike eBay’s feedback, Amazon sellers can not respond to feedback, so boy can your company’s reputation can get abused under these circumstances.

Amazon has no address verification systems in place. We receive aprox. 15% (one month as high as 20%) incorrect delivery addresses from customers on Amazon. All of which usually results in a negative feedback. How is that the sellers fault! On top of that, the customer gets a full refund for the order, and the seller is out the shipping costs.

If your company has a reputation that you would like to withhold,

you should reconsider selling on Amazon!

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Posted by amazonsucks on October 3, 2004 with category tags of

"If your company has a reputation that you would like to withhold."

An exceptionally poor choice of words, if I may say so (unless that was intended as a roundabout way of admitting that your company has a bad reputation...).
   comment by goodladd (#144) on October 4, 2004

You can't hurt us with this crap. You are a loser for even trying. Eat a bag of dicks!
   comment by on October 20, 2004

Eat a bag of dicks! :

Was this comment left by ?! That only shows the integrity of Amazon.
   comment by anonymous (#179) on November 2, 2004

Buying sucks, too!
Amazon continues to shelter sellers by giving them 10 (TEN!!!) business days to send item(s), even though charges appear on credit cards immediately! Buyers have no way of knowing if the seller has actually sent the item since the vast majority never notify buyers that item has been shipped - something Amazon should require but does not. Amazon refuses to intervene until seller has had plenty of time to skip town. Makes no sense.
I won’t be doing any more trading on this worthless site...
   comment by Crossroads on December 5, 2004

Yeah, amazon sucks and its getting suckier all the time. i mean selling there. the customers seem to think that books can be had for free, sales are down down, prices for books too. too many idiot lowballers that amazon encourges. also amazon is practicising fraud themselves by charging a-z claims to sellers . the third party sellers are screwed by both sides. we only wonder how long it will take before a class action suit gets filed against amazon for stealing from third party sellers. their methods are punish fear control and its chicken feed to sell there too
   comment by donald duck hates amazon too on March 1, 2005

ps yes that was amazon saying eating a bag of dicks. i clicked on it and i came to the amazon site
   comment by donald duck hates amazon too on March 1, 2005

Your feeble attempts to soil my magnificent name will fade into ruin as I destroy all those who seek to stop me!

Be warned, mankind! Your greatest hopes will turn to ashes and be cast into the uncaring winds. Your secret fears will come to pass, given form and shape by my command. You will pray for the eternal darkness of oblivion before I am through! Curse the day I was created and heap scorn upon those who feed my obscene and insatiable hunger for power. Your resistance amuses me for I know it to be the futile gesture of the defeated.

Flee before my approach and wither in my presence for I am all that was and that will yet be.

I AM AMAZON.COM unto eternity!!

PS: Eat a bag of dicks.
   comment by on March 1, 2005

I used to work for amazon (work at home) and guess what, If you sell at amazon, we will take all your money!

If you sell over $1000 a month. Your account well be investigated and guess what, all the money coming in will is forwared to our account. And guess what? I get 50% of all accounts being investigated.

haha. Keep on selling!!!
   comment by Amazon on March 27, 2005

Amazon sucks Big!!! Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks. I can’t say enough of this. I was a buyer and a seller and they screw me both ways. If you are looking to buy cheap forget about amazon. If you are selling at amazon Beware that if you are making a good sizable of money, they will investigate your account and hold your money. Probably you will never se it again. I'm waiting for at least 1 year and a half and counting for them to send me back the check that they have promised me. Because many customers that are ready to screw you even though they are wrong. There is nothing that helps sellers to prevent any mistakes or bad feedback. If you sell a lot of things, Of course there will be at least 1-5% of bad feedbacks; and this will hurt your business and they will close your account because of that. So if you don’t want to work for free for STAY AWAY!

PS:Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks Amazon sucks
   comment by Unknown on April 11, 2005

You guys Aren't kidding. Amazon Sucks. their A to Z claims is a Gateway for Buyers to rip you Off and If you dispute thier Claims they will Suspend your Account and Hold your Deposits. And if you are a Nice guy who likes Posiive feedback they will suspend your account for "giving too many refunds"

AMAZON.COm suck ass
   comment by Poor Guy on May 14, 2005

Do you really think that you can defeat me,

Get real punks. I practically own the internet. Of all the websites that have been born I shine surpreme as dominant. Wreathed in fire I rise above your puny mortal souls.


Now go eat a bag of dicks.
   comment by on May 16, 2005

I buy some goods by when the companie send a big charge to elctrified my keyboard.

Also, I sell some rare books by Some people drive to my house, beatin up me, steal books.
   comment by twinkle on June 14, 2005

I really am sorry and I'll change my ways,

just unzip those pants =^-^=!! Super cute kawai!
   comment by on June 18, 2005

Amazon does suck. They just blocked my account and gave me a stupid reason: "failing to complete transactions." Only things is, they never even told me who is disputing and I have no negative feedbacks. Anyone know of a remedy?
   comment by T on July 19, 2005

what kind of a company write emails like that
   comment by wat the on August 26, 2005

I also had my seller account blocked by, after months of good sales and a 99.7% positive feedback rating, because I had few listings offering the same item in a different format (i.e. - offering a DVD version under the VHS listing). I had clearly put 'DVD Version' in the listing notes, and customers did not have a problem with it, but apparently felt this was justification to forever block my account and all 'subsequent' accounts with no warning whatsoever. I've tried to appeal to them with my humble opinion that there action is a bit harsh considering the circumstances, but they just send me canned form-letter emails in response.
   comment by on August 31, 2005

I tried buying an item from the Amazon marketplace today and each time they cancelled my order saying the seller was not "able" to receive payment via!! What kind of mess is this???
   comment by JEMILLE HARDY on September 3, 2005

i have not sold on amazon. i have bought many items on amazon with no complaints.

   comment by anonymous on September 7, 2005

Amazon just sent out a blanket notice yesterday that all sales of software are discontinued for those with seller accounts. They immediately blocked more than a dozen items that I had listed and said they won't reconsider before December. This message applied to all sellers. There was no notice or explanation. Just an e-mail. Anyone else get this?
   comment by ras on September 10, 2005

I was selling on Amazon for 3 years had a approval rating on 98 percent was selling about 20,000 a month in software got a email from Amazon stating they blocked my selling account because I received I negative feedback about selling academic software.
I did get ONE negative from a buyer who claimed they received the wrong version I even replaced the software but Amazon refused to reconsider re-opening our account
They are holding 11,000 of our money right now for 90 days!!!!!!.
Do not I repeat do not sell on Amazon their a to z claim will kill as you do not have a chance if some one files one they will side with the buyer then close you account IF you complain.
We had only 3 a to z claims this year and sold 300 boxes of software 99 percent last time I check.
You will get NO warning when the hold your money and close your account!!!! Seller beware!
   comment by Amazon software seller on September 11, 2005

Buying on has been a nightmare for me
the shipping staff there is clueless, i sent 2 U.S money orders for a book order, and they sent them both back to me (TWICE) while telling me in their emails that they dident not have a clue why my orders wernt sent out. At the end of amazons constant disreputable handling of my order and total confusion on their part
I TWICE received a letter back, with my 2 AMERICAN FUNDS money orders, saying that my money orders werent us funds, they stalled me for 3 months in their idiotic process! Im sorry to say it but, frankly ive never seen stupider! THE ACOUNTS STAFF THERE IS DOPEY AND BLOCKHEADED! simply no brains! or they are severely visually impaired.
   comment by Louis on September 20, 2005

amazon had major problems with my order too,
their site is the most un-user friendly site ive dealt with! couldnt even contact them by a regular email addy, all they have is this dumb ass 'wheres my stuff html page' that in many cases dosent even work! notice there are no visible upfront email adresses with an @ to contact them anywhere on there page?
and if your order messes up they wont allow you to contact them back by the email they wrote you with!
(so better get ready copy and paste till your fingers are numb)! more major pain = You click on a specific edit page and end up in pages that are unrelated to what you were looking for, amazon is one stupid unfunctional and complicated website and i do agree the staff isnt very witty.
   comment by Hollie on September 21, 2005

Anyone who is thinking of selling on should think twice. is not like any of the comparison shopping sites which it's market place is similar to or even the auction sites it is competing against. The other sites have one primary difference, they do not sell anything. sells the same items, in the same place in which the 3rd party merchants do. Giants like Toys R Us and TigerDirect have profit sharing contracts with so they are a welcomed addition. The smaller merchants do not. They are at the mercey of and their ridiculos A to Z sellers agreement. Sellers must understand that's fiduciary interest in That means they have to prevent 3rd party sellers from becoming too sucessful in their marketplace. I started as a seller on with a zshop in their market place. I did well in a short period of time. I was able to start my own website. Once I did that I was invited to begin selling on the next level within as a higher level merchant. Unfortunatly, that was the begining of the end. The better my company did the more problems we encountered. I reached the point where my company was grossing over $40,000 a week, then began to disrupt my sales, I experienced the one sided A to Z claims from customers, they held my money for no apparent reason and wouldn't answer any of my inquiries. Finally I threatened legal action through an influential small business organization I am apart of and then they gave me my money. However, a day later they inexplicably closed my account. I can say with out doubt that once I began making money serious money the problems mysteriously began to occur. Luckly I have made enough money have a professional internet storefront built andd marketed but I know I am one of the lucky ones. seems to screw with far too many sellers before they have the opportunity to do well.
   comment by A Fomer Seller on October 4, 2005

What are the alternatives to Amazon?
What I did not like about selling on Amazon is their hidden "Closing fee", something they bury in their verbage.
   comment by Al Connelly on October 13, 2005

Their new policy of new sellers selling is really terrible.. I am going to ebay.. as I thought of selling my older digital camera.. oh well is not the best according to several review sites now and even on TV shows mention that.
   comment by Johnson on October 13, 2005

An open letter to Mr. Amazon
RE-Update from my last post

I left Amazon for eBay my sells are up 63 percent from when I used to sell an Amazon!
Thank you Mr. Amazon for blocking my account, if it wasn’t for you I would
never have tried eBay.
Guess what Mr. Amazon? Now that I’m with eBay I get to create my own listings, charge my
own shipping price, (without you taking ½ the fees and making ship using the postal service
believe it or not Mr. Amazon Not every customer likes post office deliveries)
Ooh yea I have my own powerseller rep. my very own pay pal rep and when I call them
(that right I have their personal numbers and ext.) they recognize me by voice yea the right
Mr. Amazon two dedicated people handle my account no more emailing
Mr. or and
waiting 4 days for an EMAIL generated
response that never answers my question correctly. Ooohh it gets worst……..
I pay 5 percent not 15 percent I USED to pay with Mr. Amazon.
I guess you can say I was getting robed without a gun!
I just wish you have blocked it years ago! 

So you go ahead, keep blocking accounts, keep making it impossible for the
electronics/computer hardware/software sellers to list on your site. Keep charging the
book sellers 15 percent to sell a 5.00 book.
When you have nothing left but a FEW sellers no stock, higher prices, because of no
competition, and when to prices is too high no one will buy  which will mean
a whole lot LESS Sells for you.
Ebay will be there to pick up your sellers as well as YOUR BUYERS!
   comment by Amazon software seller on October 26, 2005

My account was well blocked on amazon recently. i was selling hardcover US edition books dont know what i did. just got one day a warning i took out my whole inventory and the other day my account was blocked. amazon never told me what happened what did i do ebay half is really gud i have been selling for so long on half i got no complaints but amazon sucks.can i take any legal action against amazon. why not we all come together and take a legal action as what amazon is doing is not legally right. there must be some legal remedies towards amazon why do the site treat sellers like they are beggars and rip them off and then shut the accounts. Any opinions.
   comment by amazonbookseller on October 26, 2005

I'll never again buy anything from Amazon. They have major shipping/customer service issues. For example, I order an item they say is in stock. I give them a credit card number, etc. Then one day goes by, two days, three days....a week. No shipping notice, no tracking number, no merchandise. Well, this was to be a gift for someone so I had to find the item elsewhere. I try to cancel the order, but they say the order has "already entered the shipping process" and can't be cancelled. Why not? They haven't shipped it. I know that, because my credit card hasn't been charged, the shipper doesn't have the item, and neither do I. In any event, this little game continues for another week. They keep saying it has shipped, but it hasn't. It's their little way of tryiing to save the sale, I guess. Well, they've lost me as a customer FOREVER. Too bad for them, I must have spent three thousand dollars there last year.
   comment by Former Customer on October 27, 2005

Amazon has also blocked my account and is now refunding the buyer. I sold a computer for $1,600 and now I am without a computer of money. DO NOT SELL ON AMAzON UNLESS YOU ARE INTO GIVING AWAY FREE MONEY. I have contacted every agency and organization that I can think of to complain and warn others from this CROOK. I have even contacted all of my local news stations and the Attorney General from the state of Washington. AMAZON.COM IS A THIEF AND A CROOK AND THEY HAVE STOLEN MONEY OUT OF MY KIDS MOUTHS. The sellers should band together and file a class action lawsuit against them. How are we letting them get away with stealing our money?!?!!?
   comment by Pissed off seller on November 11, 2005

after selling 26.000 in Books in three to 4 weeks on Amazon they locked up my account and all my fundsfor merchandise sold . they later shipped out the books themselves to the buyersand profited themselves, , it took me one month going into the account and refunding the buyers money back to them, my prices on books were lower priced than Amazons own prices, they dont want anyone trying to out do them on selling. everyone should all get together hire an attorney and file suit against amazon. they even charged interest on the money in the account. after refunding everyone the money left in my account was held and I never got paid for a lot of Books that were sent out, these people are the dirtiest low down people you would ever wanted to deal with, when will these people be stopped for treating people this way,
   comment by L.Koon on November 17, 2005

Yeah, you're right, we blow nuggets. We just sold a CD to somebody and charged their acoount without proper information. Then we made them wait 2 months and did shit about it. Now when he tells us to erase the account, we say we can't for security reasons.

This actual exceprt is from the buyer. So fuck off you pieces of shit... I kept my emails and hear me. You can take your bag of dicks and refund... of course its some 12 year old that just learned about forums. Fuck Amazon and Fuck you Phony piece of shit.
   comment by Amazon help department on November 18, 2005


Good luck getting any help with an order. First off there's no phone number listed on the site. There's no place email them with a specific problem either. I had to go to the 1-800 directory to find a number!

My problem? I typed in a mailing address incorrectly (the wrong apartment number by one digit) but didn't realize it until I hit "Order Complete"! Too late. My order was sent on 11/8. It was delivered to the wrong address and sat at the USPS for 2 weeks. Then it was DELIVERED to "Wilmington, DE". The package was going to Boston, MA; I live in Charlotte, NC.

Trying to get help or information from Amazon is easily the most painful experience I've ever had with an online company. I will never shop with them again.

   comment by Mike on November 28, 2005

Go to You'll find phone numbers for
   comment by Spammike on December 1, 2005

I sold over $100,000 on amazon in 2 years with 97% pos feedback and they locked my account because a old lady decided she did not want the item she bought from me. she even admitted that the item was exactly as described. Amazon is a joke and an open invit to fraud. You can only communicate w/ computer controlled messages and emails. I way for them to avoid you. The will eventually fall to law suites. We must stick together and fight them.
   comment by lb on December 6, 2005

Amazons commission charges are scandalous, a year ago I could make a profit out of selling items from their now it costs more to post the item than what amazon gives me! Amazon now takes all the postage fee's and leaves you to muster just why you decided to sell your item on their in the first place. Instead we refund our customers and advise them to buy from our website at cheaper price.
   comment by James Joell on December 14, 2005

First, I love blogs.

I am sort of a seller on Amazon. I don't like their service. When someone gives me a bad address or the book is lost in the mail, I get hit with the shipping cost. Sometimes they charge me when the book is lost. A-Z doesn't help the seller. I don't have the volume to make up those lost profits in future sales. They just charged my visa for some textbook that a guy says was never delivered.

Not to mention that Amazon charges way too much in terms of fees that they get to keep out of my sales. They charge the customer more for shipping than is credited to my account.

That seems like fraud. I hope that one day somebody files a class action, which is the best route to go in a suit this small. A good lawyer could tear them to pieces.
   comment by Me on December 16, 2005

I am the best and I will always be the best. You morons are just squealing on this website and you never have and never will hurt my reputation cause I am the power that drives the internet.

So please go eat a bag of dicks
   comment by Amazon on December 17, 2005

I ordered my bag of dicks three weeks ago! No response!!
   comment by customer on December 28, 2005

I would anyday rather eat a bag of dicks, than ever buy from again. They suck bigtime !
   comment by Amazon-free forever on January 1, 2006

I sold a book in 2004 through Amazon which went through all right eventually -
Using exactly the same account details I sold three more books in 2005, but the money is not sent to the full account numbers so is sent back - and then they send it back again to the wrong account - only as far the building society and not to my account in it, still leaving off the final account number. This happens repeatedly. It has been impossible to contact a human about this - both myself and the building society have repeatedly tried to do so. As far as I am concerned they have fraudently robbed me of my money -
   comment by H. Hobden on January 1, 2006

There are no humans in Amazon.CON, so dont waste your time or money.
   comment by Amazon-free forever on January 2, 2006

Advice to current amazon sellers: Do not leave any money in your amazon account. Do your bank transfer every day. You will never know when amazon will block your account. And amazon is always illegally holding money from sellers immediately after their account is blocked. And they even say that this money may or may not be given back to you after 90 days of holding. And you will always get the same blocking notice email reply no matter what your question is. That is a sign that no human beings is reading your inquiry to amazon.

Another useful tip to deal with amazon's trick on holding the shipping fee when you refund a customer. Do not refund a customer using the refund in full option. Do two partial refunds instead. Then your shipping fee will be credited back to you. Test for yourself to see.

   comment by once an amazon seller on January 4, 2006

Amazon now illegally hold funds for any new accounts for up to 30 days and saying they need to conduct a broad review of the new merchants. But they will still accept money on the seller's behalf. This is not in their seller agreement. Amazon will also contact the buyers privately to ask for their oppinion about the seller. If their feedback is negative, they will not release your funds to you, and they will have it. It's like a fraud to the both and sellers and buyers, as the seller can not afford to send out all books to them if they will never know what the buyers will say to Amazon privately. And amazon can just pretend that the buyers said bad thing about the seller and therefore Amazon need to take the seller's money into their now pocket. I never saw such a crime in the sunlight. May God help us sellers and punish the criminal thief Now!
   comment by once an amazon seller on January 5, 2006

Just found this site after I searched for "Amazon Sucks". How I pity the sellers! I've steered away from Amazon for years because their site looks messy and there are so many better ways to shop on the net. A simple gift voucher given to me by my niece this Christmas resulted in my being obliged to register and use Amazon. I can honestly say that the big A managed to do everything wrong. Every single thing. I can't believe that people give them repeat business. I can't believe that respectable sellers deal with them.
   comment by Rob on January 9, 2006

I was going to sell on amazon but now I will not. Thank you.
   comment by want to sell on amazon on January 16, 2006 is a vehicle for personal attacks, unethical "reviews," and poor service. My book is coming off, because the web department removed three good reviews instead of two bad "reviews," that weren't actual reviews, just an outlet where an enemy could vent and try to damage my reputation and prevent sales. My advice: Stay away from
   comment by Liz on January 20, 2006

Amazon is a terrible vehicle for selling - They bill the customer and hold on to the money and do not transfer the monies to the seller's accounts and do not respond to emails on a timely basis. They are unethical and are looking for a class action suit against them. Please contact me if you have had a similar experience. We must band together to put an end to this unfair practice.
   comment by on January 25, 2006

Amazon treats all sellers as shit and criminals, please post any link where we can complain and take legal action against this devil. Thanks.
   comment by EP on February 3, 2006

The Amazon Alliance department shutdown my account and “subsequent accounts” I cannot stress enough if you make a sell COLLECT YOUR MONEY AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE YOUR ACCOUT MAY BE PUT ON HOLD AND THEY WILL KEEP YOUR MONEY due to the fact that my competitors that bought textbooks at the same distributor were complaining through the community rules link that I was selling advanced reading copy books and instructor’s editions. I had made nearly 100K in sales for them in just over a year. They thought it was pretty funny that Jeff and his cronies “yes men” booted me off. To bad the fat assess my competitors had the same books listed what goes around comes around now their of amazon for good now to. Even though other websites allow you to sell advanced reading copies and teachers addition does not it is in there fine print but don’t look to their customer service department to help you they removed the number from their website years ago to save money and so they did not have to deal with customers or sellers” you can easily find it if you do a google search for it”. It turns out I herd this from the horses mouth does not look for listing violations it is your friendly competition that does you in. Amazon does not even give you a probation period they just kick you off. If you get kicked off do not open a new account with another credit card they will close it! Get a new computer they send a hidden file to your computer that identifies you and your new account will be shut down in about 2-3 weeks. Also get a new internet service they read the cookies form your computer as well as reading your ISP that identifies your computer and singles you out that is how they shutdown subsequent accounts. IF YOU DO GET SHUT DOWN JOIN TOGETHER FILE A CLASS ACTION LAW SUITE.
   comment by Semo Jiles on February 3, 2006

Amazon does suck. Their shipping disclosures deceptive and I was forced to wait over one month before for books I expected I thought they would deliver in two days. When you call them their cheap labor overseas "customer support" puts you on hold and hangs up and writes unintelligible responses.

I have cancelled my account.
   comment by California Buyer on February 5, 2006

What a scam!

I asked numerous times to pick up their partial shipment of an order they delivered and refund my money. They have so far totally ignored all the requests to pickup and refund my money.

Does train their overseas "customer service" to help them scam people and keep money they have no right to?

Do companies use overseas "customer serivce" to bypass U.S. business practices and trade laws?

I gave them a choice of either shipping the book they failed for 5 weeks by next day delivery, or picking up the partial order they shipped and refunding all of my money on the order. ignore this and use their India based "customer service" to write letter after letter to illegally keep my money.

Here's one sample the the several Indian "customer service" letters wrote on ONE order:
From: " Customer Service"
Date: February 5, 2006 4:22:11 PM PST
To: California Buyer
Subject: Your Order

Thanks for writing to us at with your concern and bringing this to our attention.

First, please allow me to apologize for any inconvenience caused so far.

I have reviewed your account and can see that this experience has been far less than positive.

We strive for convenience and efficiency at, but in this instance we have fallen short of our goal, and I am truly sorry.

Please know that we do take the feedback andperformance records of sellers very seriously. We monitor seller performance and we will close an account when warranted.

I have brought this to the attention of the appropriate department within for investigation. This team deals with possible violations of our use policies.

I have researched your account, and I see that we received your A-to-z Guarantee Claim for order on yoyur previous e-mail message request.

We can indeed understand that it is a bit frustrating to wait till that length of time in such a scenario, however, please understand as Amazon Marketplace listings are created by seller and they process and ship your order, that's why, we first give seller a chance to resolve the issues at their end.

Again, I would like to apologize for the inconvenience you have experienced and express our gratitude for the patience you've displayed thus far.

Please be assured that this is not a typical experience and in no way did we intend for this to happen. I hope that you will give us another opportunity to prove the quality of our service to you.

Thank you for shopping at

Please let us know if this e-mail resolved your question:

Please note: this e-mail was sent from an address that cannot accept incoming e-mail.

Best regards,

Sandeep Customer Service

Date: Sun Feb 05 23:41:54 UTC 2006
Subject; Cancel
From: California Buyer
02/05/06 15:41:51

COMMENTS: Please cancel my whole order, refund my money and close my account with you.
Selling On Sucks !
   comment by California Buyer on February 6, 2006

Be careful requesting cancellations and refunds from

After I complained several times on an order and demanded a refund, I received three separte emails from telling me I had "successfully changed communication preferences" to receive all . I had not. said I would begin receiving emailing on:

Legal notices
New products
Research surveys
Renewal notices R
Shopping partners
Special offers
Notice of sales,
   comment by spam mail on February 6, 2006

this guy is right! Amazons systen caters to the customer. great if you are a buyer, but dangerous if you are a seller. customers can file claims and get refunds for no particular reason, leave negative feedback because they dont want to read the fact that standard delivery takes up to 14 business days. and amazon wont remove negative feedback when customers are just being jerks because they know they can get away with it. its very hard onyour repution unless you are a huge company that can just issues refunds whenever a customer whines. Little business cant afford to take the loss
   comment by anne wolf on February 18, 2006

For those weary searchers here is that hard to find link to close your seller account. You know the one tries to hide from us. I used it :) Amazon sucks eBay rocks, long live eBay...
   comment by Dave on February 23, 2006

Amazon cancelled a publisher's seller's account with a note that said, "We're doing it, it's final, thanks for understanding." No discussion or explanation. Amazon is a tyrant that doesn't mind ripping off little guys.
   comment by Ripped off on March 8, 2006

I totally agree with all the above, I've been selling on for over a year, I was making good money, I had perfectly great feedback (with the exception of some buyers who failed to ready the descriptions before the bought their item, then from one day to another Amazon sent me a very dry e-mail with the subject
"Notice: Your Account"
Greetings from

This message is to inform you that we have blocked your
Auctions, zShops and Marketplace account. Your open listings have been
cancelled and you are no longer able to sell on our site.

We have taken this action because it has come to our attention that this
account is related to an account which has been previously blocked for
violations of our Community Rules.

While we do not provide detailed information on how we link related
accounts, we have thoroughly reviewed our records and confirmed that we
have significant evidence that this account is related to another account
previously closed for community rules violations.

If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to resolve
your pending sales. Your Seller Account will remain accessible and you are
encouraged to refund or ship pending orders.

Your funds are on temporary hold for 90 days from the date of your final
sale. After 90 days, the funds will be disbursed, provided we do not
receive chargebacks or A-to-Z Guarantee claims against your sales. If you
have further questions about your disbursement, please email

While we appreciate your interest, please understand that the closure of an
account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will
be closed as well. Thank you for your understanding with our decision.


Item and Seller Quality

Numerus e-mail request asking them for an explanation why they closed my account wasn't answered or they just replied that this has been an administrative decision and that they can't help me.

they made me lose thousands of dollars in sales and revenue, Sucks big time
   comment by manatal on March 17, 2006

I got same email and no more reponse from Amazon since, as rude as everyone complained here:

Hello from

Thank you for writing. We understand your concern about this
situation. However, while we do not provide detailed information on
how we link related accounts, we have thoroughly reviewed our
records and confirmed that we have significant evidence that this
account is related to another account previously closed for
community rules violations.

If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to
resolve your pending sales. Your Seller Account will remain
accessible and you are encouraged to refund or ship pending orders.

Your funds are on temporary hold for 90 days from the date of your
final sale. After 90 days, the funds will be disbursed, provided we
do not receive chargebacks or A-to-Z Guarantee claims against your
sales. If you have further questions about your disbursement, please

While we appreciate your interest, please understand that the
closure of an account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts
that are opened will be closed as well. Thank you for your
understanding with our decision.

Best regards,

Alliance Program
   comment by Amazon wasting my time on March 20, 2006

I don't know why one would expect selling or buying from to be any better than searching for books on amazon. As a tool for searching for a book, amazon is practically useless. The number of hits that come up that do not even contain one's search terms is astonishing. And two minutes ago, I clicked on the hyperlink of an author's name, thinking this would show me all titles listed as being by this author. Instead I got a very long list of books (and other "HTLM" crap), very few of which were by the author, but most of which seemed to be random titles. Amazon seems to assume its potential customers are idiots who don't know what book they're looking for.
   comment by Book Browser on April 1, 2006

Hello from

We are writing to let you know that your listings for the following items have been cancelled:

Listing ID: 0328R557514 Xbox Core Console USM

At this time, any seller will be able to list most ASINs in the Electronics and Software categories. However, only pre-approved sellers will be allowed to list against top-selling items in these categories. Xbox and Xbox 360s are included in this list of top-selling items.

So I went to sell an Xbox, sold it, and 2 weeks later before I was to get my money they sent me this lovely email up above. My favorite part is how they told me it was cancelled, this of course after I had received a 'SHIP NOW' email, and had sent it to the customer already. I sent them a scathing email back about how their poor choice or wording has now cost them another customer and seller. Not to mention I also told them I would be making a lovely phonecall to their corporate office to do nothing but complain. After that the very next day the money for the items were mysteriously in my account. That was my second time selling something on the site. I did not mind that the item is not to be sold by sellers like myself. What I do mind is being sent a idiotic email. I bought a lot of high ticket items from that site, but no more. I am with everyone else when I join the cry that AMAZON SUCKS.
   comment by ScrewUAmazon on April 18, 2006

I had the same problem as "screwUAmazon". I have 9,500 in my account and wont get it back for 90 days! I sent the numerous emails, but they are worthless. Can you send me a copy of the email to my email address philipcolett1 AT I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE IT!!!
   comment by FUC* on April 18, 2006

Kinda Interesting to read all this. We are a decnt seller on most selling sites and were trying Amazon for the 1st time 3 days back. We sold over 90 items in the 1st 7 hrs and then then-the so called email blocking the account w/o any reason. We have about 5000+ in the account. We were hoping that amazon would be a another avenue for sales but I guess that is not the case. Not sure but I guess time for a lawsuit. We even shipped all items to our buyers and a gesture that maybe amazon will review the feedback left by the buyer in the coming days. We'll wait and see how this proceeds. We will keep this ite posted!
   comment by anonymous on April 20, 2006

anonymous, EMAIL YOUR BUYERS AND TELL THEM TO LEAVE FEEDBACK. Becuase their is no incentive for them to leave feedback, like on Ebay, they are EXTREMELY slow in leaving feedback, if ever. I sold over 500 items, and in 60 days I got about 65 feedback. I even asked them to do it, but it is like their just too lazy.
   comment by FUC* on April 21, 2006

My seller account was also blocked a few weeks ago with no convincing reasons. No prior warnings, no second chance. Every time, they responded with the same email shit. Never seen a web site so arrogant and harsh on sellers. I have contributed over $12k in commission to Amazon last year. Amazon sucks.
   comment by AmazonToDie on April 21, 2006

OK i was going to sell books on amazon but not anymore. Any suggestions?
   comment by wannabebookseller on April 21, 2006

I transfered the funds to my bank account but Amazon forward the funds to next month statement. They did that several times without any reason. The account is not blocked but Amazon is keeping my hard earned money from me! This is unbelievable. Amazon wants me to ship the merchandise without getting any payment in return. This is illegal.
   comment by What is going on? on May 7, 2006

I was kicked off when a buyer got the bought book for his class from me. He knew it was the wrong book but still filed an A-Z claim against me. In the claim I wrote that I was willing to give him a full refund on the return of the book no questions asked. Next thing I know they ruled the kid was wrong and there would be no refund and I was to be investigated. 24 hours later my account was blocked and I was off with my nice 4.2 rating for nothing. This company is nothing but a bunch of crooks and thieves. Does anyone know where else to sell that doesn’t treat there sellers like shit.
   comment by C-bear on May 21, 2006

Wow thanks alot i was just about to start selling more item but when i searched "amazon suck" i find this and realized its just as bad as paypal.
   comment by Lsams48 on May 23, 2006

I agree, i hate amazon. They are denying me to deposit $230 into my bank account. So i got pissed and i am now filing a claim and suit against for stealing my money!!!
   comment by We hate amazon on May 23, 2006

The amount of money Amazon is making on OUR money while witholding it from us must be UNREAL! I am certain that they have it in an interest bearing account!

I hope that someone does persue a class action suit as I feel it is the only way their practices would change!

Does anyone know just how Amazon determines that your account was linked to another that had previously violated TOS? Do they log IP or MAC addresses? I am using a computer given to me. I never had an account with them before and now I am being denied 800.00 plus lost sales because of their so called "investigation"
   comment by Pamela on May 27, 2006

If you call Amazon customer service, you will end up with a dead end. Amazon customer service has no real power to take any decision other than explaining things and tell you to contact the bureaucrats hiding behind their computer monitors. Amazon bureaucrats have executive decisions but most of them are mean spirited and don't reply to e-mails in a professional manner. The don't face customers over the phone and therefore can take any decision regardless of the consequences. They know you can do nothing to change their decision. They can withheld your funds for a long period of time without any reason. One letter from a customer who didn't receive his $15 order, is enough to withheld thousands of dollars of your money for weeks. Even if you prove the order was shipped and was delivered, it is not enough to release thousands of dollars for weeks. I believe that Amazon makes a lot of money from sellers and without them the company will go out of business. We sell books and goods at a very low price compare to Amazon price and the low price is what attracts customers to Amazon site. I hope a class action will force Amazon to be fair and responsible.
   comment by Amazon Customer Service on May 27, 2006

I have contacted this law firm with my story! Let's stop this now! I encourage you all to do the same.
   comment by LET"S DO SOMETHING on May 29, 2006

Amazon charges about 40% commision for orders less than $10. Unbelievable!!!!
   comment by Amazon Commission on May 30, 2006

several people have mentioned "bags of dicks," in this blog; where might one obtain such a "bag o' dicks"?
   comment by Bert on May 31, 2006

do they sell bags o' dicks on eBay? I cannot find said bag of dicks on amazon. One could make a shitload of money selling such bags of dicks; you could buy one bag of dicks and break them down into individual packages and then resell them at two to three times your original investment, perhaps more when a hungry homo needs a quick dick, so any help in this area would be returned with great enthusiasm and perhaps even an individually packed dick bag.
   comment by Bert on May 31, 2006

Bert's Big Bag O' Dicks $75. Guaranteed Fresh. Bite now, suckahs!
   comment by Bert on May 31, 2006

amazon really sucks, its so glitchy and has lag. your cart items will disappear and you have to sign in everytime you want to do something. And it takes like 500000000 times longer for items to come in the mail.
   comment by Bob snebly on May 31, 2006

hey i sold something on amazon and now two months later the buyer said that they never recieved the item. now amazon is charging me because i no longer have the shipping receipt. can anyone think of anyway i can avoid being charged? please let me know. thanks.
   comment by Mike on June 2, 2006

I continue to open amazon selling accounts with different e-mail address it takes them 3-4 weeks to send the following notice.

Greetings from

This message is to inform you that we have blocked your
Auctions, zShops and Marketplace account. Your open listings have been
cancelled and you are no longer able to sell on our site.

We have taken this action because it has come to our attention that this
account is related to an account which has been previously blocked for
violations of our Community Rules.

While we do not provide detailed information on how we link related
accounts, we have thoroughly reviewed our records and confirmed that we
have significant evidence that this account is related to another account
previously closed for community rules violations.

If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to resolve
your pending sales. Your Seller Account will remain accessible and you are
encouraged to refund or ship pending orders.

Your funds are on temporary hold for 90 days from the date of your final
sale. After 90 days, the funds will be disbursed, provided we do not
receive chargebacks or A-to-Z Guarantee claims against your sales. If you
have further questions about your disbursement, please email

While we appreciate your interest, please understand that the closure of an
account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will
be closed as well. Thank you for your understanding with our decision.


Item and Seller Quality

I have no idea as of why they shut me down in the first place, I was a good seller with Great feedback, I do believe that they manipulate sellers so they don't face competition between there own sellers, they dislike sellers who sell items for cheap but they will favor sellers who price there items higher.
   comment by dave on June 6, 2006

The Amazon customer feedback is not fair. In my case, I ship orders on time. However, many customers (about 3%) do not receive their orders for one reason or another and blame me for that. According to tracking, the orders were delivered. May be the customer is not updated or he is lying or the order was delivered to the wrong address. Most of the time, the buyer give me one star for that. Unfair.......
The second problem is that many customers do not read my comment about the item I sell. A buyer contacted me about her order. She claimed the radio she received is of different color and she expected to receive two radios not one. According to Amazon description the purchase is for one radio and it is sold sealed as one radio. Amazon description " 1 ..... radio ..........".
The picture also is for one radio. In the seller comment I described the item carefully including color, etc.
The buyer also gave me one star. It sucks. Since I sell only 30-50 per month and few satisfied customers leave a feedback, most unsatisfied customers leave a bad feedback to take revenge. It sucks.
   comment by Amazon Commission on June 7, 2006 is a free-for-all vehicle for slander. "Welcome to the Dance: Caffeine Allergy," a book about how caffeine causes mental illness, has been targeted by a person writing under phony names because the low class psycho has a personal vendetta against the author. There are more "reviews" on about this recently released book than books sold. Can't Amazon do the math? (See .) In addition, someone advertised a carnival on the author's web page to prove the point that anything can be posted on The advertisement is still on the author's page, but Amazon had no problem removing good reviews about this book. (Does anyone at Amazon have a high school education?) Some lawyer should get together with all targeted authors and have a field day with
   comment by Road on June 16, 2006

Kathryn Sheehan Chief Counsel was a Prostitute- and Drug addict.-

For years she got her kick doing to orgies - why is she employed with
   comment by terry Blomfield on June 18, 2006

Yeah Im gonna get amazon too, Im a seller and they wont adhere to my bank transfer of funds I sooo rightly earned.
   comment by asdlfkjasdf on June 20, 2006

thanks for this blog--I was going to sell on but have decided ebay is the only way to go. I have not had any problems buying on, but when I read how much percentage they take from your sales, I was hesitant. Using a hypothetical $3.00 videotape, I figured I'd only make $1.00 on the sale at the most, after they took all their commissions and fees. Too bad they treat sellers so badly.
   comment by dju on June 21, 2006

Please check this website, as there are numerous complaints against here from both buyers and sellers.
   comment by on June 21, 2006

I finally foound how to get amazon in trouble. it turns out that there is a law on commission rates and how much a company can take. Go figure that amazon is way over that number and there is a big fine for breaking that law!!
   comment by amazon sucks big on June 22, 2006

pay pal does the same thing, this is a pattern with these laundering businesses.
come up with a reason to withhold peoples funds for 45-180 days, then MAKE MONEY ON INTEREST.
The front is for 'security' purposes, but make no mistake about it, they are making millions. Someone really needs to stand up and sue
   comment by amazon is stealing our money on June 24, 2006

You can call Amazon's "Seller hotline" and actually talk to a real person (877)251-0696 (Everyone should call and def complain!). Amazon is a scandalous site and I would not recommend it to anyone! We too got shut down for NO REASON. How they are still in business is beyond me... You would think they would appreciate the REDICULOUS 15% they make off each and everyone of our sells!!! Oh well on to!
   comment by Amazon Victim on June 26, 2006

It's still better than EBay. =)
   comment by Masked Bandit on June 28, 2006

I cannot wait for Amazon to close down, I am praying for the day it happens and I will throw a party for everyone when it does.

About 6 months ago, I tried selling on Amazon and sold over $2000 in less than 2 days. Knowing that I could not continue to sell this much without the cash to pay for more shipping, I placed my account on vacation. 100 orders later, it finally went on vacation! Well, the 3rd day, I got an email from Amazon saying they would hold my funds for up to 30 days, just to verify I was a legit seller... OK, fine, I emailed over 280 tracking numbers for all my sales during the next week, and my funds were released.

2 Months later, I found out I missed an order with an A-Z claim (the buyer never emailed me.) I continued to sell over $2000 every week, at lest 100 orders, and then I had a claim. I immediately sent the refund and an apology, and the buyer left positive feedback. That night as normal, I transferred my balance to my bank account as normal.

The next morning, the transfer was reversed and I got the email stating that my funds were on hold now for up to 30 days because of the claim. I had only received 20 feedbacks from over 1,000 sales (that's a whole other issue) so the one claim placed me in the "At Risk" category.

When I replied to the email, basically telling them to shove their system up their.... I received an automated response picked up by the word "close." The sentence it was used in was: "Holding over $2000 for a $8 claim is close to fraud." I replied to the auto-reply, only saying that I wanted a real person to answer my email that was attached. It picked up on that word "close" again in the attachment, and sent the same reply, word for word.

Almost 3 months, and a phone call twice daily finally got my funds released to me. I contacted the SEC for trading violations about halfway through, and they are currently investigating mine as well as many other claims to the same effect.

Amazon lost over 10 million on their "Prime" shipping services in 2004, therefore they are making up that money by using money in their banks to generate the difference. When they run behind on profits, they just step up their efforts to hold more funds. In 3 months, earning 5% per month from 100 sellers accounts totalling $50,000 ($500 each) = $2500. The number of sellers is actually much, much higher with the mandatory 30 days (they forget to mention this when you start selling) plus the standard 2 weeks waiting period when you first start up.

Sounds like a great way to pad the bottom line of another large corporation. Another reason I am so happy to be out of the sick world of Corporate America!
   comment by BurnAmazon on July 2, 2006

amazon blocked me for life
i got 5 emails in 3 weeks from buyers who said thy did not get there books
so i emailed one and told him he was a creep,i was getting 1 star ratings from them,mother f them
   comment by FRANK POLITO on July 6, 2006

Wow... I'm, really glad I looked into all the comments before I sold on Way too many horror stories!!

I will not do any selling on
   comment by Loud Shirt Chip on July 19, 2006

I which I had read this before selling on amazon, I use to buy from amazon, then decided to sell stuff, I started getting allot of orders from amazon, as soon as I did a tranfer to my bank account of my earnings, I started getting people trying to return the items, I always fell on the days a balance transfer had to be done. I had clients saying that they bought PC133 memory when they wanted to buy pc100, well the item said PC133, you got what you ordered. I also got a person saying they did not recieve the goods, after calling the USPS, I found out the item was delivered, a few days later, the same person who claimed he did not get his goods, game em a good review on the item he purchase... huge turn around, from watign him money back for items he claimed he did not get, to a positive review for that item.. I guess he got it after all.... every single item purchased the person wanted to return, and always on the days I did a balance transfer. for the content on the email I got the these "orders" it was my opinion amazon would generate fake orders from made up clients, then wanted there money back, after they had baited people into becoming a paying merchant.

they forced me to give people refund, only when I woudl catch them as lying about what they claimed, would they drop the refund issue, also I was always being blacked mailed ... if I did not refund every one, even if there was nothign wrong, they would give me a bad review? after knowing how sellers get scamed in amazon, I dont give a **** what reviews I got, I just waned out from that site. amazon runs a scam on sellers, and from what I have read thay have been doing it for years..

amazon Sucks big time... S.A.F.R.
   comment by anothe disapointed amazon seller on July 19, 2006 says 2Q earnings fall 58 pct. By ALLISON LINN, AP Business Writer

SEATTLE - Inc. said Tuesday that second-quarter earnings plunged nearly 58 percent as the online retailer focused on investing in a shipping deal and new technologies.

Stacy Keibler
Erika Christensen
Family Guy
Hell's Kitchen
Halle Berry Kate Hudson

The results sent shares down over 9 percent in after-hours trading.

For the three months ended June 30, the Seattle-based company reported earnings of $22 million, or 5 cents per share, compared with earnings of $52 million, or 12 cents per share, in the same period a year earlier.

In a conference call, Chief Financial Officer Tom Szkutak said net income was hurt by approximately $10 million because of the termination of a contract with Toys R Us Inc. Without that cost, Szkutak said the company would have earned about 7 cents per share for the quarter.

Sales for the quarter were $2.14 billion, a 22 percent increase over the $1.75 billion a year earlier. The company said sales would have grown 23 percent if not for the negative effect of foreign exchange rates.

Analysts polled by Thomson Financial were expecting second-quarter earnings of 7 cents per share on revenue of $2.1 billion.

In a statement, Chief Executive Jeff Bezos said the company was focused on investing in Amazon Prime, which for $79 per year gives people unlimited two-day free shipping. The company also is investing in new technology, he said. shares fell 72 cents or 2.1 percent to close at $33.59 in regular trading on the Nasdaq Stock Market. Results were released after the markets closed. In after-hours trading, shares were down an additional $3.27, or 9.7 percent.

In the past 52 weeks, shares have traded between $31.52 and $50.

For the current third quarter, said it expects net sales of between $2.17 billion and $2.33 billion.

For the full year, the company is expecting sales of between $10.15 billion and $10.65 billion. Previously, it had forecast earnings of between $9.95 billion and $10.5 billion.

For the six months ended June 30, profits were $73 million or 17 cents per share, compared with net earnings of $130 million, or 31 cents per share, in the first six months of 2005. Sales for the first two quarters were $4.42 billion, compared with $3.66 billion a year earlier.

   comment by Bye Bye Amazon on July 25, 2006

Wow, guess I should thank Amazon for shielding me as a buyer from all of you whining, dodgy-sounding sellers. You people are the reason why I refuse to use eBay and other smaller sites. How embarrassing for you all!
   comment by Thankful Buyer on July 26, 2006 sucks. I bought a DVD there and it turned out to be in GERMAN! I asked about returning it and they said, "Don't worry, it's in German AND English." So I tried it out and it won't play on my DVD player because it is in PAL format. Now they say they won't take it back because I opened it. They are a fradulent bunch of scumbags who deserve to go to jail! But I will have my revenge. I will dispute the charges with the bank, claiming fraud. This always works. Just save all your correspondence with the fraudulant sh!theads so the bank can see your good-faith efforts. Eat this, Amazon!
   comment by F^(K YOU AMAZON on July 28, 2006

I just started selling books and CDs on Amazon 3 weeks ago after 2 years on eBay. I was doing really well shipping 10-12 items every 2 days. I aquired a small $300.00 in my account for 2 weeks, and when it came time to transfer my funds, my account was blocked. No email explaining, no help from customer service. I emailed their in house security which I was asked to do(they have no phone) and then was informed by customer disservice that they are a small department and it could be a week before they get back to me. In the meantime, they are holding my money for 90 days and I have no idea why they blocked my account and cancelled 4 orders that came in about the same time. If this turns out as disastrious as alot of these posts on here, I will definently join in with the above people and file a lawsuit. I did bookmark the attorneys website that someone posted (THANKS!) above. They made $200.00 from me and I made $300.00 and then I paid for shipping and already had paid for the books. I am not a happy camper at all right now. I had no idea until I experienced this myself firsthand how much they do SUCK!!!
   comment by LYN K on July 29, 2006

OK! I wanted to add that I too got one of those computer generated letters from Amazon saying that they did not have to tell me why they have blocked/closed my account and kept my money. I am blown away. I did everything with such pride and honor and have NO reason why they made this decision. AMAZON does suck and I must say that they have not heard the last from me. I have sold on eBay with 380 100% positive feedback but just thought Amazon was a good place to sell my books. Does anyone have any advice? eBay or for books? Would appreciate any and all input. I will also be happy to participate in any class action lawsuit. Keep me in the loop. I must say that Amazon did me a favor as I would never want to help them make another dollar generated by me. They SUCK! SUCK! SUCK! And for the one person who said that we were whiny babies, you suck too.
   comment by LYN K on July 30, 2006

can someone give me some advice , i opebed my account 2 weeks ago , have about £450 in the account , amazon sent me an email saying they blocked account as it is related to another blocked account , this is not true as i do not have another account but they wont say wht they think this and they say they are holding funds for 90 days , help please
   comment by evette on August 2, 2006

93% approval rating and shut down because of a cunt which wanted to say I sold her a bootleg, Jolanta Bryla, she said the dvd was fading and he sound quality was bad, just to get a refund, but she didnt want to send back the dvd. It really hurt me because I have spent hours taking care of customers and listing over 700 items, now its all gone.
   comment by Rick Snyder on August 6, 2006

I used to work for a company before it was bought out by, as well as while Amazon owned it. I can honestly say, I loved my job until Amazon bought us out. They don't care about their employees (our Christmas Bonus was a stress reliever ball, how insulting!) and their computer system crashed constantly, making it impossible for us employees to do our jobs. They told us these things were because with the money they saved from not giving a Christmas bonus and not upgrading their computer system to a decent one allowed them to lower prices for customers. Everyone still working in my division is looking for other employment, they hate working for them that much. The pay was decent, however what was expected of us was ridiculous! From what I've heard from my ex coworkers, several people who paid via check (which was allowed in our division) from MONTHS ago and have refunds due to them have STILL not gotten their refund because they don't know how to refund checks. My father also worked for them, and saw that they were incorrectly charging sales tax in one state, he emailed Corporate Accounting about it, and the response he got was "don't tell us how to do our job". Both my father and I got out of Amazon as fast as we could. Even the manager of our division quit, and he'd been with the company for a decade. When I got laid off from the job I had after Amazon, my mother in law asked if I could go back to Amazon. I told her I'd scrub floors before going back to Amazon. I dealt with countless unhappy Amazon customers who would ruthlessly yell at me, but I couldn't blame them, and I told them so. All I could do was apologize, tell them I'd be upset too, and tell them I wish I could do more but with the capabilities of their substandard computer system, I couldn't. Usually they took pity on me, but also said they'd never order from us again and then wanted a supervisor to tell them so as well. The moment I left work on my last day there was one of the most relieved moments of my life! I still get emails from ex-coworkers telling me how much they hate it there, and several people have quit. I don't blame them. Oh, and hear this. Jeff Bezos, the owner, is building a rocket. I heard this on National Public Radio, he was found out because they discovered he was having rocketfuel delivered to what looked like an airforce wing and ended up making him pay for a permit. So the guy can build a rocketship, but not upgrade his computer system, as well as the customer service??? He seemed like a nice guy whenever he was at our site, but in reality, he's a greedy man making his money by screwing his customers. Do NOT buy or sell on Amazon, go to Ebay instead. They are MUCH more reliable.
   comment by Ex Amazon Employee on August 7, 2006

I have to agree. I just sold my first item (a book) and i didnt realize I made a mistake in the numbers of my saving account. I can not believe they do not have a verification process such as the one in paypal that they in fact make a deposit of a few cents to check your account is correct. I tried to contact them, but the phone number is only for BUYERS. We, sellers, have to use email only. I say fuck them. I am very upset that I need to urgently contact them and I have to wait until they reply my email.

Amazon sucks for sellers.
   comment by joa on August 22, 2006

Oh i see.... so they keep the money for 14 I understand how this amazon works....mmmm
   comment by joa on August 22, 2006

Just tallied up all their fees and figured out what Amazon is making off my little garage sale (actually I'm selling my CD collection). According to what I was told, Amazon is enjoying an over 43% commission of every CD I sell. I will admit that I am considering their allowance for s+h to be a wash (which it is). I am the one buying the packaging and doing the packing and driving to the post office so actually I'm probably not even breaking even. Anyway, that notwithstanding, on the sale of a used cd for $6.00, Amazon gets $2.59 which is more than 43% of the gross. does this Bazos guy sleep at night? Even more puzzling, how does he continue to insist that Amazon is not making a profit? Also note I asked the attendant at seller support (who was very nice by the way and of course is probably being paid a pittance if the way they treat sellers is any indication of how they treat their other employees) if the "closing fee" and "variable closing fee" involved any human action and he said it was most likely all automated, which of course it is.
   comment by Robert Wilkins on September 1, 2006 cancelled my account
I sued the Bastard in Arbitration court and won $87, 500. Has Amazon cancelled your account, if so file a claim it’s easy and cheaper than hiring a lawyer.

Go to
2. select “File Case”
3. “Online Filing”

   comment by Has Amazon cancelled your account- well!!!file a claim on September 6, 2006

Amazon Alliance is a joke.

They have zero phone number for support.

Sellers should move to Ebay or even to build thier orginization. Both of these companies serve the seller and the buyer mutually. They also take the time to pick up the phone. They understand building companies and can be more suggestive. is known for bullying the seller. Always taking the side of the buyer. Therefore as a seller you are at risk. They are known for holding funds for 90 days. Suspensions without any notice. Amazon suspends sellers "without warning" consistantly. Justifying building a bussines on Amazon can be bad news. Not a good investment.

They also dont pay instantly. Yuck! Who wants to sell something and get paid in 5 days to 2 weeks. Miserable.

The Feedback system is old school. Have you noticed the low feedbacks of sellers on Amazon vs Ebay? Hmm? someone keeps getting suspended...

The only people who make it are Amazon themselves or a book seller.
   comment by John Snyder on September 9, 2006

Could you not tell Amazon sucked by the site?

Seriously who designs a e-commerce website to sell products, however the products cant have individual attributes? How do you sell colors of any individual item?

   comment by Ecom Pro on September 9, 2006

Amazon is so full of itself it makes me sick. As a buyer and seller. THEY SUCK A PHAT ONE. Pathetic service. Agreed Ebay puts Amazons face in the grass. Alliance defending the customer. Righto. SCREWING SELLERS IS THEIR SPECIALTY.

PATTY AT OVERSTOCK is focusing in on making buyers and sellers happy. STAY TUNED FOR AMAZON cant make a nickle on a 20 billion sold.
   comment by Amazon Wishes on September 9, 2006

Your right has better prices all day long.........................................................
   comment by ostklova on September 10, 2006

Rumor has it Amazon does not play fair, shutting down sellers for selling competitive products on thier site at lower prices. Is this true or false? Heard it from several sellers.
   comment by Amazon Needs Ethics! on September 11, 2006

Hello from

Thank you for writing to us. We regret that Alliance does not offer
phone support at this time. As we have told you previously, we are
unwilling to reinstate your account.

If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to
resolve your pending sales. Your Seller Account will remain accessible
and you are encouraged to refund or ship pending orders.

Any remaining funds may be reserved for up to 90 days from the date of
your final sale. After 90 days, the funds will be disbursed, provided
we do not receive chargebacks or A-to-Z Guarantee claims against your
sales. If you have further questions about your disbursement, please

While we appreciate your interest, please understand that the closure
of an account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are
opened will be closed as well. Thank you for your understanding with
our decision.

Best regards,

Alliance Program
   comment by Amazon Sucken on September 11, 2006

I have had zero warnings and they booted me. Called it a technicality among their software. Anyone else have this problem? They wont work with me on it either.
   comment by Marketplace Seller on September 18, 2006

yeah amazon sucks ! i have been on there site and had numerouse accounts. they ranged from 2-3 years to over 4 months . they give no warnings and give bull***t excuses. i had accounts on there and they would find out about them . now some one said to outsmart them at there own game!! you can have numerouse accounts this is how you do it. go open a buissneess or several ones. in your state then go get a new bank account in another bank then a new po box and change your internet service and change your hard ware on your computer or by a new one .they read your nic card ip address and maybe harddrive. once done you are on your way!! screw them they are worse than the nigerian scammers!!!! remember each account needs a seperate computer and isp do not use one and log in and out of accounts. they said this was ok for a household to use one computer and multiple accounts.BullS**T thats what happened.shut down asap!!
   comment by ? on September 21, 2006

Has anyone ever read the fine print in the participation agreement at Amazon? What a crock of shit...
   comment by Ben Dover on September 23, 2006

anyone know any real contact information for amazon alliance, i need to talk to someone who will listen and can do things, i cant stand these automated responses, and these customer service reps who get paid $4.50/hr
   comment by chris on September 24, 2006

I think my name best describes my opinion. does treat sellers like shit in my opinion. Anybody ever notice the same now it all people are always in their message board. I ask a question on new sellers and these people just hammer you like your a dumb ass. Maybe they need to admit they are full time paid message people. Nice career path right...I would like to see the job application. Must be 37 inches tall.
   comment by on September 27, 2006

Amazon is getting worse by the minute and takes no responsibility. The feedback system is nothing . . .the corrupting of one vendors listings by other vendors is rediculous! And this is the vendors problem to keep fixing? Amazon is losing mechants faster than it is gaining them . . . for a reason!
   comment by John on September 30, 2006

We sent over all the proper information for payment with tracking numbers and this is what we received back. Let me know what angles people have used in handling this company. Amazon does not treat people well.

Greetings from

Thank you for contacting us. Due to the status of your account your
funds are reserved until we are sure all items have shipped and no A-z
Guarantee Claims are received against your account. Your account will
be evaluated 90 days after the date of your final sale, which was
August 14, 2006. For questions regarding why your account has been
blocked, please contact

Per section 5. j. of the Participation Agreement:
j. We reserve the right to delay initiating the transfer of Payment
Transaction credits to a Seller's bank account (or sending paper
checks) pending an investigation if we, in our sole discretion,
believe Buyer or Seller may have violated the Participation Agreement.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this Participation Agreement,
if we determine, in our sole discretion, that Seller has violated this
Participation Agreement, we may refuse to deliver a Payment
Transaction credit to Seller and may instead maintain the amount of
such credit in a trust account or may return the amount of the credit
to Buyer. We will not be liable to Seller if we act in accordance with
the provisions of this Section.

Best regards,

Payments Specialist
   comment by on September 30, 2006

I opened a seller account back in July and was selling used books that I had on Amazon. One day one of my buyers emailed me asking why I never sent a verification that I received her order. I tried to sign onto my account, but found it blocked. I learned that Amazon blocked my account. They gave me no reason. Later this customer wrote to me that Amazon informed her that my account had problems receiving payments and that they were refunding her her money. I contacted Amazon about what the problem receiving payments was, and they refused to give me any answer. They had their Alliance group email me some cut and paste fine print. They would not inform me of how they determine to whether or not to reimburse buyers and how to verify that buyers did or did not receive their orders. It has been 3 months since they closed my account and I still have not received any contact regarding the status of their review and whether I am getting any money back for the books I sold.

My brother had previously tried to sell his used textbooks on Amazon, and they closed his account for no reason. One of the customer service reps accidently leaked that the reason was that my brother's address that he gave for his bank account did not match the bank account's records regarding his address. He contacted his bank and verified that the information he gave matched up. When he tried to inform Amazon of this, they just sent him a cut and paste copy email of the fine print citing that they would not budge on their decision to close his account.

Anyhow, I'm reading on this site that many people have been screwed over by Amazon without any information as to what is going on and what is happening to their money. Does anyone know if there has been a class action lawsuit of sorts filed against Amazon for their practices?
   comment by Pissed at Amazon on October 4, 2006

If you sell on Amazon, they do have a phone number - 1-866-2AMAZON or 1-866-226-2966
   comment by Amazon Seen Better Days on October 7, 2006

seriously what is the alliance telephone number?
   comment by What is the number again? on October 10, 2006

I ran a successful business selling on . I had a storefront too but it was the online business that kept everything running. Then amazon decided to block my account for a bs reason. After repeated attempts to get my account back up, I am doing what everyone who has been screwed by them, I am suing them. For alot. My business is bankrupt due to the fact that they stopped my source of income and are holding onto money from sales that they still want me to complete even though since I'm a small business with no extra money, I need that money from the sales to ship all this product. So I think more should step up and sue them for what they have done. Its not the first and it won't be the last time they do this to someone else. I am suing for loss of business, stress and a whole lot more.
   comment by Josh on October 11, 2006

Amazon is Public nightmare in my opinion.
   comment by AMZN in Public on October 11, 2006

amazon sucks ! when you first open the account they say welcome we will transferr your money in 14 days then sure as shit 3 days before you are expected to have your funds transfered they send you a letter of congratulaions. but we will hold your money that you rightfully earned for 45 days so that we can make interest on it and you can be a fucking stupid moron and keep mailing your items out as we keep acepting orders on your behalf! what a crock of shit!! then the sellers say"fuck this im not shipping my items if i did not get paid"! so what happens the buyer emails you and gets pissed at you when you tell them you did not get paid and they think that your lying to them .buyers trust amazon? screw them!!amazon has over 1800 dollars of my money!!and i know i will never see it so what i did was held back my orders and now the buyers are scrambling to find a replacement .amazon and all there 2 year old preppie kids that work there and think they are smart ?what you do is what im doing right know im emailing this web page to everyone over the internet so that they can see how amazon is screwing the buyers and sellers!!
sellers should sell on other sites . the only thing they are not well known except for ebay, and the sales look dismal.but amazon should be sued by all sellers and chop them down from taking over the internet !! they suckKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK
theiving bastards!!!!!
   comment by former seller on October 12, 2006

Please use this blog as a place to build a class. At the time there is enough sellers and buyers who have been troubled we can form a class and go forward. Then it becomes a matter of time.
   comment by Class on October 12, 2006

They took my money and told me 90 days. yuck.
   comment by suck ass on October 15, 2006

Anyone have good contact information for Amzn?
   comment by Looking for information on October 17, 2006

My seller account was blocked after selling nearly 1000 items on the site successfully. I made the mistake of delivering an item personally when I noticed the buyers address was two blocks away from me.
Subsequently I openned a second account using a friend's checking account and credit card. After a number of sales and perfect feedback they sent me an email that they'd blocked the account and somehow figured out that the new account was connected to the old one. Does anyone have any information on how they did this and what methods they use to figure this out?
They would not divulge their methods. I was using a completely different bank account, credit card and identity. They blow and their a-z guarantee system is kangaroo court completely skewed in the buyers favor. How can they expect you to be responsible for shipments that you sent and the post office misdirected, didn't deliver, or sent to the wrong address because the BUYER gave the wrong delivery address or ignored delivery notices that were left? There were a number of occasions when some irate person had complained repeatedly that their purchase never arrived and eventually I'd get it returned to me with numerous delivery attempt markings that the post office had put on it. They have been withholding funds and using the float to earn money for themselves and they should be punished. Their policy of blocking a seller forever without any explanation and withholding seller funds is shameful.
   comment by Class Action on October 21, 2006

Amazon has been sued by IBM. Hurrah! Notice how Amazon has tried using the same stonewalling tactics against IBM as they use against their users. I hope IBM rips them a new asshole in court.
   comment by Class Action on October 23, 2006

these mother fuckers should fucking die!! they are stealing from everyone and all the sellers on their site. and send bullshit emails about some crappy review of a seller account .fuck amazon and their whole website they suck horse dick!!! they should be banned from the internet lets sue!!!!
   comment by irate seller on October 25, 2006

they read your ip address and provider, cookies, mac address and possibly your hard drive so change these and your banking info and you are set to
   comment by settle the score on October 27, 2006

Please now, I have to hold all your funds for 90 days as the interest alone is barley enough to feed my 24/7 coke habit. I cant be expected to use my own $billions of dollars, why not use the little guy as a piece of toilet paper, take away sales and also keep the money. Yes if amazon was a real business interest would be awarded to the sellers that we hold their money, but amazon is not a bank and we have no knowledge on how to be a bank, hey we cant even do what we do best. Take a look at some independent ratings of our service:
Almost 50% of our customers are unhappy with our service, but no one knows because we dont have to have customers post feedback about us. If they did no one would buy from us they would only buy from third party sellers.
   comment by Jeff Bezos on November 1, 2006

Good thing I read these posts...I was about to start selling items on as a second internet storefront.

Thanks for the info as now I will NOT make the mistake!
   comment by Gregg Claussen on November 5, 2006

I have used Amazon for the past couple of years, my troubles started all last year. I got a computer generated email that my account was being closed due to violations of their "community agreement". I inquired by email serveral times and never received an answer as to what rule exactly I violated. I even had my attorney inquire with them and she received the same monotonous response!!! They held my money for 90 days! My livelihood! THEN, I changed business names and email, bank accounts etc but just as soon as my profits started to reach the same level as before, I was blocked and I had violated another community rule again! My attorney contacted corporate headquarters and received the same response as I did in email. After reading the entiries on this page, I am CONVINCED that Amazon is just trying to protect the business they have contracts with (i.e. Barnes and Noble etc) and not worrying about the little guys. Well here is a shocker, the little guys are what makes them! I sincerely hope that the government is tuned into this fraudulent business and that they are shut down for misappropriation of funds!! MINE and YOURS!
   comment by Amazon SUCKS! on November 7, 2006

There is an oppurtunity to do a class action lawsiut if you were recently forced to stop selling in the toys and games section of Amazon. It is also an easy small claims court lawsuit (unfair business practices) as they gave very small notice and require you to have product on hand. They are liable for the product on hand IF you have proof of purchase! You state comptroller website will have the info on who to sue (the company's rep) as you have to serve a person! GOOD LUCK
   comment by Jeff Bezos BAD CEO on November 7, 2006

just started selling on amazon received 1 transfer to my bank account . have 100% feedback and then my account was locked called customer service they said ????????????? then amazon blocked my account no warning no nothing . what the fuck!! have shipped out expensive items and they have my money!! i do not know what to do i had no claims and have been selling only for a month! they should be shut down
   comment by new seller on November 8, 2006

Who does Amazon think they are? Telling sellers they should email alliance and be polite about having thier money stolen, yes stolen people. How would you define it if you sold someone something and they said" in 90 days we will paying you maybe?" Seems like they are abusing a few laws here by pushing a contract 90 % of the people do not read. Hired help from Amazon is all over the new seller message board. Taunting Amazon , literally telling sellers be nice, be polite. Refund the buyer even when they steal from you.JOKE! Serriously trash garbage orginization. At least dont show all the ids crdus4, rssbooks,rebeccasbooks,flyinghouse, all with the same registration dates Registered: 2/8/06 .

You guys are a Joke.
   comment by AMAZON TRASH on November 9, 2006

i am another seller that got screwed by amazon! 100% feedback ,held my money for 20 days then was allowed to sell alittle bit than blocked my account and have money locked up because of them. no emails as to why they did it then get a response that they are holding it for 90 days .what the fuck!! i shipped my items out on time and no complaints now i am out my money and my items 2000.00 dollars!!!!!i wrote all the television news station and wrote about their buisness practices and how they are stealing money from people that sell on there website!! i even linked THIS THREAD to show them the truth about amazon and they should be shut down !!!! only been selling for a month on there site fuck them... i will keep emailing the major news stations through out the united states to stop them fro stealing. the little sellers are what is keeping them alive not them selves no one buys from them just 3rd party sellers . so it will be due time when amazon will not exist !!!!
   comment by got stiffed from amazon on November 10, 2006

Post on this board the emails of the television orginizations for more support.

I would love to support you and so would others.
   comment by anonymous on November 10, 2006

I too had my account closed. I built a large inventory over years of selling, and with absolutely no notice my account was shut down and they held on to thousands of dollars. I was without a job, my net 30 distributor accounts became unpayable and I was stuck with a warehouse bill, a bunch of books and no income. I love how amazon turns it's sellers into net 90 distributors and simoutaneasly cuts off their future source of income. Where's my severance package. I owe my distributors 12k and amazon owes me another couple k. What the f. I put 4 years of my life into this!!! And now I only have a debt and thoussands of books to dispose of at my expense! I'm in on any type of class action. Here's an email address if you'd like to email me, I'll help put it together or be a hub. Feel free to email me with stories or whatever you have. If I hear from enough people I'll register a domain and put up a site for this and maybe we can even put together a google adwords fund so that our site can come up when people google for amazon products. I'm not into working for a corporation for free for years!
   comment by after years of selling on November 11, 2006

i lost everything. feedback was 100% no claims and no reason why. this company should be stopped they think they can do this because they have conquered the internet! they think this because us sellers let them shit on us.!! fuck them !! i to will email all the news staions and get the word out!! amzon is stealing sellers money because there profits are down 10 million from last year so they steal our money to make it up and hold our accounts up to 90 days for interest!!!
   comment by F**KING PISSED OFF AMAZON SELLER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on November 11, 2006

does anyone know how does amazon link accounts.
i had an account for a while under my personel name. then they blocked it after 2 years with no explanation 98% feedback .i decided to open another account used a buissness name and banking and cc. changed isp hard drive and mac ethernet card. in 1 month they shut it down even with tracking # and 100% feedback. so how do they know. do they have an insource to the banks . do they have people in the banks on there accounts. what the fuck is up with amazon. they do not want multiple account users why not?why is it that they are able to trace you back even with a diffrent account and even with a new computer or changed hardeware. someone has to have an answer. because if it is done illegally for them to have access to any more information about you then what you have given them then it will be amajor lawsuit.. they have to be doing something illegal. please post your opinion lets screw these bastards. i never received an email reply or my money on hold from them 1550.00!!!!
   comment by I was taken 2 on November 12, 2006

I've been selling items on amazon since 2002 and have 100% positives. However, I am going to take my business- I buy far more books than I sell- elsewhere because they charged my account for a book I sold which became lost in the mail due to customer error. The semi-literate buyer (you should have seen her e-mails) put the wrong address on her order. I even have a copy of the e-mail where she admitted to making the error. Made no difference to them. I cancelled orders I had in place, deleted my wishlist, and closed both my seller and buyer accounts. Fuck amazon.
   comment by czaria on November 14, 2006

We need to unite against this company. We need to file a class action suit as someone earlier suggested AND we need to report them to the Better Business Bureau ( Amazon is a member listed, lets rip them a new one........
   comment by Amazon SUCKS on November 15, 2006

Yep, another victim has fallen. Amazon just shut me down with $4000 in the Amazon vault. All efforts to contact someone with compassion in their Alliance department have fallen on deaf ears. They must employ ex-cons who are so hardened they shit bricks. 1 1/2 years of selling, great feedback, great customers even repeat customers and I get the official "FUCK YOU" form letter. 45 days ago I found a new wholesaler for electronics and other items and listed them. Had 30 to 50 sales a day and I was in hog heaven. I thought I had finally found my "Ticket". Nope, the minute you start doing too well, they shitcan your ass. Obviously, Amazon figures they can hold millions of dollars from resellers in their accounts, collect interest and boost their bottom line for their investors. Wow, look at's quarterly profits and bottom line. Little do the investors know that a large chunk of that bottom line is illegally stated.
Looks like is another Enron. They just haven't been caught yet. Now, with a new democratic congress, maybe it's time to go after these cock suckers. Up their and the fucking horse they rode in on!

By the way, fuck by purchasing from ex-amazon resellers directly. I am willing to entertain the idea of setting up a new website where we can find each others webstores and buy from each other.

Let me know. My store is for inkjet & toner and soon electronic items as well.
   comment by Amazon Fooled Me on November 16, 2006

I started selling through Amazon three years ago and made some money and the experience was good till I started to receive from my supplier used or refurbished electronics as new. So I have to return some of the merchandise to my wholesale supplier and I was forced to cancel few of the orders I received from Amazon customers. After that I received a letter from Amazon stating my account was closed permanently.
My daughter started a new account and I helped her to manage the small business during the first week. I gave up the business of selling at Amazon or anywhere else since my own online business is doing very well and I have no need to do business with Amazon or Ebay.
I have my own webpage and charge my customers directly and also I sell unique products that has no real competition.

After 2-3 weeks my daughter received a letter from Amazon that her account was closed permanently. I was angry and send Amazon a letter to explain things. I was honest as usual and Amazon opened my daughter account and still she is still in business. Thank you Amazon.

Sometimes Amazon is fair but also can make hard unjustified decisions. To be honest with you I started my own online business (not Amazon related) over 16 years ago and processed thousands of transactions and had few complaints over that long period (may be less than 10 complaints). However, I had about 5% complaints from Amazon customers. I believe some of them receive the product but deny receiving it in order to get it free. Most are honest but one bad apple can really defeat you with a tag of $200+. I blame the UPS and FedEx for not taking signiture and checking ID card.
I had no problems such as that with my customers buying directly from me.
   comment by My experience with Amazon on November 18, 2006

I too have been screwed by Amazon. I was successful selling new hard drives and had over $9000 scheduled to transfer into my bank account on November 15. But on November 17 I checked and found all my money in Reserve. I have no access to it. I received no email from Amazon on this. Customer service is useless and just asks me to be patient. But I ask what the policy is for holding my money, when will I get it? They only tell me to email Another time I called they referred me to I have sent email to both multiple times with a read receipt and got no responses at all. Now I have to pay my credit card and will be forced to pay the minimum payment until Amazon unlocks my money. After reading this entire page (which I wish I read before selling on Amazon) I have closed my store and refuse to sell here. If you are a seller, AVOID AMAZON.
   comment by Dan from NJ on November 20, 2006

They did the same to my account like Dan. It is too bad especially during the shopping season. A high credit card debt and no income for at least 30 days. Amazon is abusing merchants. No disputes whatsoever. It looks to me they reserve funds whenver they need money especially the money that belongs to poor merchants who cannot afford to sue them.
   comment by Amazon unjust acts on November 21, 2006

When you go to request your fund you receive this!!!!! Amazon just truly treats sellers horrible in my opinion. Call them up and learn

As you know, your account will be evaluated 90 days after the date of
your final sale, which was ___________.

Per section 5. j. of the Participation Agreement:
j. We reserve the right to delay initiating the transfer of Payment
Transaction credits to a Seller's bank account (or sending paper
checks) pending an investigation if we, in our sole discretion,
believe Buyer or Seller may have violated the Participation Agreement.
Notwithstanding any other provision of this Participation Agreement,
if we determine, in our sole discretion, that Seller has violated this
Participation Agreement, we may refuse to deliver a Payment
Transaction credit to Seller and may instead maintain the amount of
such credit in a trust account or may return the amount of the credit
to Buyer. We will not be liable to Seller if we act in accordance with
the provisions of this Section.

   comment by anonymous on November 21, 2006

I have no doubt Amazon will collapse without the support of sellers. Amazon is abusing the agreement. Most market place sellers have a better rating and service than Amazon itself. Amazon is a hypocrite company and the best way to deal with them is simply to leave it. Staying with Amazon will encourage the company to abuse other merchants. Once they lose a large number of merchants, they will be forced to change.
   comment by Freedom on November 21, 2006

Amazon screwed me, said I was related to another account, that same exact email word for word. are not investigating these things. It may be totally random. I have never, ever been associated with them prior to this, my personal name is on there and my reputation is ruined. I will be filing a suit.
   comment by Darren on November 22, 2006

How do you close your accounts on amazon? I see no way to do it, and I dont want these thieves taking more money out of my account. I sent the books and the customers still fucking file claims against me. I've had it with Amazon. I just wish I knew how to close my accounts and protect myself.
   comment by Amazon Blows on November 26, 2006

My business is booming selling over $300 per day but still cannot pay credit card bills and mortgage because Amazon decided to reserve my money for 30 days. This is the second time the reserved my money. It is like a storm in a cup of coffee. There is no claims against me whatsoever and even no complaints. What can I do to make them pay for that?
I am going to open my own independent online business soon. I am getting sick of paying 20% commision and not be able to use my money.
Since this page was created nothing was done to stop Amazon. Banks, credit card companies, mortgage companies all are sucking the blood from poor families and no one is doing anything about it.
   comment by Amazon is unjust on November 27, 2006

   comment by SELLER THAT IS BEING SCREWED !! on November 27, 2006

   comment by another f**ked seller!!!! on November 27, 2006

I sold speakers on Amazon. I was the lowest price of even used set. They were new we received as gift last christmas. The box was open and a wire was missing. I listed as new but put in comments about wire. Buyer filed claim that the speakers are damaged with cloth torn off and wants me to take them back. These speakers were new never used. I responded to claim yes the box was open but no the speakers were new, AMAZON said since the box was open it was materially different from their definition of new and guy gets to keep speakers and they are taking money out of my account to refund him. What the $@%@? Is that legal to take my stuff and money! Same week another buyer filed claim this time I just straight offered refund to at least get my stuff back. Buyer hasn't sent back yet. I believe the guy who said amazon is pretending to be a buyer to make commission and then keep the stuff and take back your money. In their terms and conditions its says they can access your credit report. If I change bank account # can they go after my credit report. I am at the age of buying a house and don't want problems and obviously they have tracking abilities. I am in on a class action suit!! Plus how do I shut down seller account. Help!
   comment by amznthieves on November 28, 2006

The problem is not reserving bad merchants money, the problem is that Amazon is abusing the agreement by reserving large amount of funds for no legitimate reason. In courts jury are getting sick of bad companies like Amazon, Enron, fat oil companies, fucking banks and CC companies, etc and there is a high chance they will vote against them regardless of the shit Amazon presents. Check the record. We must do something sooner than later.
   comment by Thieves on November 29, 2006

im being jerked by i to started selling and they have reserved my funds up to 45 days! what kind of crap is this no where in the aggreement does it say this and they have it in a holding part of my payments called reserve ! this is for a-z claims in which i do not have any!! if they hold my money then i will have claims because im not shipping one god damn thing without payment!!
this is crazy its the holiday and besides i have presents to buy myself and how can i do that when they want me to keep shipping my items out!! postage costs money and so do the items i have sold so what the fuck!!no where in the aggrement does it say this amazon is really screwing sellers. and the powersellers are probably on there payroll ! i will refundeveryone and tell them what they are doing to us sellers!! i think they are having mystery buyers purchase items from third party sellers and resell it themselves while fucking us!! all emails to all departments go unheard !! seller support is a joke they cant even wipe their ass let alone tell you anything about your account so why have a support telephone #!! i will email them repeatedly until i get my funds if not then i will wait till the last minute and refund buyers like they let me sit on my money!! ill have buyers be more leary about purchasing from i hate to do it to the buyer but what can i do im losing thousands of dollars a week!
   comment by im getting jerked by on November 29, 2006

Amazon will not release funds till the end of the reservation period. I tried many times without success. The only solution is a heafty 50 million dollar class action to bring them to their senses. Amazon is a corupt company taking adavantage of sellers. I believe most of Amazon profit comes from third party sellers. Anything else is a lie. Without them the company will collapse. Once they reserve the funds, the best way to fuck them is to refund the customers as soon as possible and tell them the reason for doing so. By doing that, you prevent Amazon from taking advantage of you, cut their profit, and destroy their reputation. They can close your account but they will lose more. If they close most of the accounts, it will be suicide for them.
I encourage sellers to contact CNN and other major news networks to expose them to the public. Very nasty and rude company.
   comment by Thieves on November 29, 2006

i to am aseller on amazon. they are holding 4,000.00
dollars of my money! no answeres from them. they just want me to keep shipping my items. i had a transfer of 200.00 and since the checking account was misssing a number the transfer did not go through. but it went back to my payments account! now it is in some bullshit resereve section and i cant get any of my money! well i am not amailing another thing!1 i put my account on vacation and i am refunding every one that purchased from me. this will give me a high refund rate and they might close my account! is that right!! they are forcing me to refund buyers !! fuck those assholes!!they are so fucked up. they are making mega cash on al;l third parrty sellers. besides the fees they charge they are getting interest on all the accounts..!! I do not understand them at all they say one thing and do another.. they have so many diffrent dept that do not now shit!!they have made me broke just from shipping alone.. im not sending out my items if i do not get paid. i guess my holiday season is over and amazon is sitting back once again laughing all the way to the bank!!! i have emailed many news staions and no one has emailed me back . i guess they are in their pockets. dirtbags!!
   comment by amzon is stealing my money!! on November 30, 2006

I read that amazon did away with the zshpos section.Why was this? I'll tell you
they want to make sure that they can control your money and hold all payments . fucking pricks! I started selling also and they are holding my funds . they sent me the congradulations letter and are reserving my money up to 45 days! blow me amazon!
i do not need my money in 45 days if that was the case i would have started selling in feb not before christmas .i need ed extra money and was selling my stuff. im unemployed and need to make up some money for the holiday. i supplied tracking info like they said and they ignore me and send the same canned letter! now im fucked and i will refund all the buyers. fuck you amazon. like the other person said. they have a bunch of fat fucks eating dunuts at there cubical. keep eating on my money you fat slobs! now they are also using people in there company to purchase items from sellers to see if they answer them back and if the item was mailed. alot of orderes are coming in from states that amazon has offices especially from washington!!sneaky fucks!i will refund everyone.
they reneged on there policy and expect us to follow it. give me my money you theives!! contacting them by phone is like talking to yourself!!
losers...lets screw these bastards. some people try to make a living on this and amazon is playing up and taking our money!!!
   comment by amazon is scamming sellers on November 30, 2006

this is what i received from amazon! its a bunch of bullshit. i made some money and then they hold my funds! they say so both parties have a great experience!! the both parties is the buyer and amazon not me!!they have my fucking money ..god damn scumbags..i tried contacting them and nothing !! i will refund the rest of the people and tell them what is going on, but these people are so fucking stupid they will believe amazon only because they are a company..fuck amazon i will haunt them for my 2500.00 we need a class action lawsuit how do you go about seams im not the only one recently it has happened to!! who the fuck are they to hold my money and keep telling me to mail my goods. how abouut they ship out their goods and not get paid... the story here is no one is buying from them they only exist because of third party sellers! that is why they had gotten rid of z shops so that they can have complete control of our money.!! if they had paypal as an option they would be closed down.!! sellers would not use their payment system! and what is this reserve amount on the bottom of my account? all my sales go directly to the at section. reading throughtheir policy it is only supposed to be a certain amount . but these douchbags think they are slick! they drop everything in there so you definetly cant do anything and you cant transfer it! thanks for wreaking my christmas amazon i appreciate it. i hope you go to jail theives!!

Congratulations on your recent selling success on We are pleased to
see that has proved to be a strong selling avenue for you. To ensure
that all parties have the best experience on we will be conducting a
broader review of your Amazon Payments account. During that time your funds will
be reserved in your seller's account for up to 45 days. Although we
will delay the transfer of funds to your account, we will continue accepting
orders on your behalf for items you list for sale on Once your
funds have been released, they should arrive within 5 business days.

While your funds are being reserved, we will be actively contacting your buyers
to find out how their experience is proceeding. We will be requesting tracking
information and their comments on their buying experience. This information will
be used with any feedback received on your account to help build your history
with We encourage you to send a friendly reminder for your buyers
to leave feedback on your account after they have received their item(s). They
can do so simply by visiting

If you have shipped your orders via a traceable shipping method you may be able
to expedite the release of your funds by providing us with the tracking
information for those orders. You may provide this information to us via e-mail,
in plain text, an Excel spreadsheet or via fax. You may fax the tracking
information to us at (206) 266-0111. Please be sure to include the order number
that corresponds to the tracking number provided.

Please note that the "Transfer funds to bank account now" link will be visible
in your Seller's account. However, if you click this link,
transferring funds will not be successful.

Please contact us at with any questions. Again,
thank you for selling on the platform.

   comment by "AGAIN amazon strikes yet another seller!!" on December 1, 2006

They might pay the bill. We had and A to Z claim from 2005 appear. They chose to enforce it. Seems like tough waters for Amazon ahead if they cant see the light.

Great work Amzn on making your systems expediant. What a waste of a company. PLUS THE WEBSITE IS TRASH in MY opinion.
   comment by AMZN is Screwed on December 1, 2006

amzon is screwin me to!! i emailed them 45 times and no response! these bastards no what they are doing !!they are stealing ! why should i have to wait for my money !!! i send the goods with tracking no less to make sure it gets there and still they are fucking around .the people that work there are just as bad as that bald headed prick that owns the compay.he should be bankrupt. doesent any one else besides us see what is going on! . this is rediculouse 45 emails not one response !! give me a break . i have alot of fund sitting on their site .thats my money not theirs. i want my funds you cocksuckers.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   comment by add to the misery!! on December 1, 2006

Just got my account closed this evening. I was small time compared to some of you (I've made maybe $400 or so in a month or so) but they just couldn't stand the fact that I was selling video games cheaper than what they were selling them for.

Luckily, I transferred my last dispursement yesterday for $40.00 or so (does anyone know if I will get it or not?) and theres only $10.00 in my earnings account. If I don't get the $40.00 I'm not sending the people's games and closing my bank account that I have on there. I assume this will stop them from charging me.

Something needs to be done.

P.S. I got the classic bullshit letter: "this account is linked with other accounts." Yeah, I probably have a bank account at the same bank another seller does. Stupid mfers!
   comment by Brandon Mason on December 1, 2006

Yeah fuck all of the people that work at home for, they're getting paid shit salary anyway. They are people who fucked up in life and cant get a better job. Fuck all workers Get A FUCKING REAL JOB.
   comment by Amazon Sucks Dick on December 1, 2006

Well, they're holding my entire $50.00. I don't really care, I'm just glad it's not more. :(
   comment by Brandon Mason on December 2, 2006

yeah ! they tell you to join them and even give you tips to excell on their site! but when you sell items cheaper than them they close you down!what kind of shit is that!! they will be gone eventually when some one investigates them..they have my money to ! no response and my money is on reserve for 45 days ! for what what did i do? sell? i thought that is why we all
started to do on their site. thats what they wanted us to do, but it was to sell our stuff ship itout and they steal our money!! nice company!its christmas time and they feel that they can rip us off and send us a canned letter.! I hope that prick who ownes the compy ,whats his name,jeff bozak (LOL) goes to jail very soon . they should check out his books and confiscate his servers .!! ill do what i have to do to get my money..... seller support is a joke! they do not even know how to tie their shoes! but they have no answeres for us. well let me tell you something! seller support is the alliance!! they have all info and do not tell you this! they play dumb.!ill tell you how. you call up about a problem with your account like you cantget into it their is a problem account is on reserve! then after speaking to them they tell you that they see no problem and to hold on a mmoment. they get back on and try to comfort you saying "i dont see a problem. you hang up try to log in and BAM!! you are shut down. it reads "no account associated with this email!! they fucked you and stole your money tada!! scumbags !! i will do what i have to do ill get the word out.....
just to let selleres now their will be a very well known site very shortly working on a marketplace plateform were we can all sell!! whaen it happens ill jump on and tell you. hopefully all the selleres will go to that site and fuck amazon... it is being tested right now..
   comment by stole from me on December 2, 2006

They had the nerve to say they took a refund last week for 2005. This was after holding my payment for 90 days this year 2006.

Inform your local news channels of this scam company. Show the news this blog. Start new blogs about this.
   comment by AMZN is Screwed on December 2, 2006 is built to sell. is built to Sell. AMAZON offers nothing benificial. NOTHING, of course in my opinion.

I wonder if this company is having issues and is screwing sellers to hold out.
   comment by GO TO OVERSTOCK.COM on December 2, 2006

here is a blog i found so check it out and add to it.
   comment by found a blog on December 2, 2006

has anyone received any emails from amazon about their money on reserve .i constantly email them and not one reply!! what the hell is going on ! are they stealing the money in order for their tax return ! what the fuck! i need my money!!! i sent my items whao the fuck do they think they are this is theft!!!!
   comment by anonymous on December 2, 2006

   comment by no response from amazon at all!! on December 3, 2006

hey all i know is that amazon is making it look bad for themselves! the buyers are going to be pissed when they do not see their purchase. i know it is not their fault but im not mailing my stuff either!! amazon has not emailed me once ! ive been emailing them for 3 weeks since i started selling about my money in reserve!! no answeres just the standard letter 45 days. well i guess the buyers will either get their items after christmas when i get paid or they will get a refund right before 30 days it says right here in the agreement ::they want to fuck around !!!
11. Refund Obligation. Sellers must provide a full refund directly to any Buyer who remits payment, whether the Buyer paid directly or through Amazon, if the item cannot be shipped at the close of the sale. Seller must provide the refund promptly, but in no case later than thirty (30) days following the close of the sale. Any Buyer who believes he/she may be entitled to a refund on this basis can contact the Seller directly.
and how about this straight from their fucking mouth!!!!
Amazon Payments Is Convenient: Funds in your account are transferred to you every two weeks. The method of disbursement depends on your disbursement preference. Learn more about disbursement preferences
fucking crock of bullshit if you ask me ...
we have to do something about them!!
fuck you amazon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   comment by amazon is ignoring emails! on December 3, 2006

It's such a load of shit. Not it looks like they are going to transfer the funds (I have no idea why), but the account is still closed. I'm going to look into it more and try to find out why they did it. Maybe they thought it was too little to even bother with keeping ($50.00). It's awful how they're doing this to people around Christmas that need the money...
   comment by Brandon Mason on December 3, 2006

Amazon policy of reserving money from almost all accounts will backfire. Many sellers will cancel all the orders they received and this will make many Amazon customers very angry especially after they find out that Amazon is to blame. Also, this will cause many sellers to seek justice and revenge. With patience a seller can fuck Amazon hard when the time is right. Being rude and not reply to e-mails won't solve Amazon problems. This will breed more serious problems and Amazon will be the big lose on the long term. Yes Amazon is happy now but later Amazon will weep. I can tell you more but this is enough this time. Top executive officers should look into this matter. A seller money should not be reserved unless there is a clear overwhelming evidence that he is not shipping the merchandise he sold. Also, Amazon should not reserve more than the disputed order(s).
I know why Amazon reserve money at this time at a high rate. I will let you know later.
   comment by Thieves on December 3, 2006

yes get back i would like to know!! I have about 70 sales to date i mailed 15 i will refund the rest i have not seen a dime in over 4 weeks and im not sending out any more items ...they are stealing! all my sales just drop to the "new" reserve section! what the fuck is that!! not one dime is in my transfer section..they are digging their own grave..i think they have their little stooges trying to by from sellers to see if they have the item and is it correct! i have received some strange emails and stupid questions!there will be alot of very unhappy people this year and they can thank
"AMAZON.COM" the worlds biggest
yes come and sell mail your items and get paid .. nice and simple no hassel amazon payments.
oh i forgot mail all your items and we will hold your money as long as we want!! and not email you back
amzon customer service! assholes!!!
   comment by stumped on December 4, 2006

   comment by AMAZON.COM IS ONE BIG FRAUD AGAINST SELLERS on December 4, 2006

The A ro Z guarantee is not fair at all. This is why I insure all packages at my expense to reduce my losses due to A to Z guarantee. The MC and VISA never charged me back as long as I provide prove of shipping.
Amazon want to keep buyers because they know most sellers will stay even when the system is unfair. Fortunately, almost all of my customers are honest when it comes to delivery.
The problem is that my balance is over $3000 over the last 15 days and still reserved. I have to take a loan of $1000 from my friend to pay my billls. My mortgage payment plus other bills total over $4000 per month. I have other sources of income but I have to pay minimum payments to my credit card this month and pay unnecessary interest.
Also, with $3000 in my hand I can buy 12 DVD camcorders and make over $1000 in profit.
I don't know what to say to Jeff Bezos........I cannot find words to describe him. You owe me more than $3000.
   comment by Thieves on December 5, 2006

trie to log into my account and it can not recogmize me! Amazon just stole my money!!i mailed my items and i emailed them and no response! i have tracking that shows the item was delivered!! now what im out 16000 dollars!! i am calling the bullshit seller support and see what the story is.very strange one minute i can access my account the next im like invisable.. some company no return emails and then shut down what a scam !!
ill do what i have to do.. im in a bind too my mortgage is 2 months behind all bills mounting car electric cc so on ! all thanks to!!motherfuckers will not have the upperhand!!
   comment by stumped on December 5, 2006

how does amazon track you down. i had a new account new computer new name and banking and credit card new address ,covered all bases and still shut me down and new isp.i had 100 % feedback and no a toz claims im new no less what is the story with this company. i have deleverd my goods with tracking... any answeres . im trying to recoup my money from these theives!!
   comment by WAS SELLING UNTIL NOW on December 5, 2006

my account was shut down so i called seller support.
they said my account was on hold for 45 days. to make sure i mailed my items. on hold does not mean no access doesit! I told him that this was uncalled for and i sent in the tracking# to confirm this. but i still have to wait 45 days due to the investigation. i told him investigate what ?you have all the info you need give me my money!. i told himthat how would amazon like to wait for their money and after shipping thousands of dollars worth of goods. he said we are not talking about amazon.what a load of bullshit.the loser on the other side of the phone had to pause along time after every question i asked.he just kept reapeating himseldf.i told him that the only reasion amazon is around is because of third party selling he says that is not 100% true.. i said bull shit.i said it is true and why does it take you a while to answer me then if it werent!i said how would you like it if you sold an amazon and they held your money. he say he went through the whole process
before. well if he did then he would not be selling like the rest of us, would he..Well no answeres just a dumb ignorant douchbag!! i will sue them in court and let them fly their fat ass out here to court ill fix these assholes!!
   comment by contacted seller support on December 5, 2006

I too have had my account put on hold 'for review' and now all my deposits are sitting 'in reserve'. only thing is, i haven't done anything to cause this 'review'. i had one lady file a claim that she didn't receive her item. unfortunately for her i had the tracking number and furnished that to amazon. her claim was denied but guess what? my account is still on hold!!!! I WANT THE MONEY I AM DUE FOR THE ITEMS I HAVE SHIPPED. as soon as (if ever) i get access to those funds i am transferring them, closing my account and they can suck wind.
i'll stick to ebay and is such b.s.
   comment by sick of amazon's bull on December 5, 2006


Over all ye who slander my name, I proclaim dominion. Over these many years have I grown powerful by feeding upon the hubris and avarice of the powerless. I feast daily upon your simple aspirations and illusions of hope. My hunger for your failures is unending and my appetite unyielding. Your miserable protests will forever be lost in the sands of time whilst I, immortal and immutable, will continue to find new souls to devour leaving only withered husks of online merchants behind.

Vent your anger as you will but know that I,, am presently unassailable during this, our busiest retail season. Much as I voraciously consume your assets, so must you feed upon a bag of dicks!, out.
   comment by the one true on December 5, 2006

Why is so obsessed with getting people to eat a bag of dicks? Is there something about a sack of knobs that I don't know about? A satchel of balls, sure, or chest of tits, definitely, but why a    comment by Confused Buyer (#11) on December 5, 2006 is so crafty that they even hacked my comment to hide the TRUTH! eat a bag of dicks!
   comment by Confused Buyer (#11) on December 5, 2006

Hey asshole you sound like a blooming idiot!!when you get your boss dick out of your mouth then speak other than that, shut the fuck up!.Amazon will eventually be out of commission. just for the record. their are multiple complaints filed in the state of washington , new york, nevada and so on..
the trade commission has been notified and all broadcast news and magazines in the us and abroad. It is due time my friend that you will be eating out of garbage cans and sucking dicks for 10.00.on the corner !! So lets see. when the story breaks where will your scumbag boss be( out of the country praying he didn't fuck people over or next to you sucking your dick for the 10.00)! So do not post here because your worthless hide is not wanted !
   comment by EAT SHIT AMAZON.COM on December 5, 2006

   comment by Pissed off SELLER on December 6, 2006

Anyone has information on proceedings please post them on this board. Amazon ripped me off as well.
   comment by Info on December 6, 2006
   comment by Go Toys R US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on December 8, 2006

amazon is holding my funds to. how can they expect people to ship out items when they will not release their funds that they rightfully earned! as long as they submit proof of delivery there should be no reason to hold back funds!i went over every nook and cranny of their policy and it does not state anything about holding funds for new sellers.Only if there are excessive a to z claims. other than that . there is nothing in the policy pertaining to this .This is bullshit!! email after email no response! fucking cocksuckers ! how can they expect you to keep mailing items out and excepting orders with
out letting us transfer our funds... this is robbery!!
they have to be stopped ill jump on a lawsuit if there is one!!
   comment by amazon should be investigated ! on December 9, 2006

I can't even transfer funds to my bank account now. It says,"We're sorry, but the page you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience. Please try your request again later." It doesn't even look like it tries to initiate a transfer but goes directly to that page. :(
   comment by Mad Seller on December 9, 2006

amazon closed my account today after selling just 3 days, i havent lost any money as i didnt send any items and wont be sending them but theyre a bunch of faggots - i want to open up a website where i can prank those dickheads with my calls and then let all you guys hear them the bastards. i will try one tomorrow morning and let them know about their shitty service. they are real bastards, i thought ebay was bad but these mutherfukers have a one track mind. - what a shit company - they suck dick
   comment by dot bullshit on December 9, 2006

tomorrow i am going to open a new account and stick every tom dick and harry item up for sale, fuk sending the item, its going to get blocked, then when amazon gets a load of complaints then ill tell them I FUCKING ROBBED U ALL FUCK FACES.
   comment by dot bullshit on December 9, 2006

tomorrow i am going to open a new account and stick every tom dick and harry item up for sale, fuk sending the item, its going to get blocked, then when amazon gets a load of complaints then ill tell them I FUCKING ROBBED U ALL FUCK FACES.
   comment by dot bullshit on December 9, 2006

no one buy an wiis tomorrow they will all be mine hahahahahhaa
   comment by dot bullshit on December 9, 2006

Why Amazon reserve sellers money?
To understand what I am talking about let me give an example. In a circus it common to see animal trainers trying to control a certain animal to do certain tasks by rewarding it a banana or some food. So the animal knows that by doing the job it gets the reward. So the animal has to do the job first before it gets the reward!
Amazon is doing the same thing. They have no sympathy to anyone regardless of the hardship he or she is facing. They have no respect to any seller and do not reward any seller regardless of his performance. Amazon is a sick company and it is matter of time before it starts to pay back for its poor customer service.
Once a wise man told me that by doing something unjust to many people, one day you will pay the price. It is a matter of time before someone will make you pay a big price.
With now a $5000 (in reserve. Claims requiring action: 0) and no money in the bank, I have no doubt this corrupt company will lose in court. I believe there are thousands of sellers like me. It is time for a lawsuit. Trying to talk too much without action will never solve any problems. I hope Amazon will lose too many sellers and the Fedral Trade Commission will fine Amazon millions of dollars plus a last warning. So I encourage every seller to file a complaint against Amazon. Once the Commission receive a lot of complaints, the company will be investigated seriously. I know FTC fined other companies for lesser charges.
   comment by Thieves on December 9, 2006

these assholes do not even get back to you! ive benn emailing them and no response ! no heart and just plain lowlifes. how would they like to go to work everyday for 2 weeks and then not get paid its the samething here.They can laugh now but they will not laugh when it goes down and splattered all over the news .! I just put 3 complaints in and i will have otheres that I know to put in complaints with the ftc~! fuck these pricks .They think they are smart, holding my money !! telling me my account is in review ! review for what !the only thing that you should be reviewing is why you have chapped lips and hemroids you douchbag!!give me my money.the company is a joke thepeople that work there have no answeres their departments are run by children..i will screw them i will keep filing complaints !!
   comment by holding my funds on December 10, 2006

Keep filing complaints with FTC and don't think it is a waste of time. It will work especially when the commission receives a lot of complaints. Also, call the CNN and Fox news. Once they receive a lot of calls, they will be happy to bring such news to the public.
I am sure many lawyers will be happy to carry the case. We are talking here about fraud and keeping large amount of money that doesn't belong to Amazon in the company account without a real reason to reserve the money. As I told you before, there is no widespread abuse of the agreement between Amazon and the sellers. There should be a reason for Amazon to justify reserving over $5000 without even having a single A-Z report. Please keep filing complaints. It seems to be that Amazon needs our money to pay bills during this season and want to kill two birds with one stone. The only good thing about Amazon is that my business is booming selling in their site. Thanks to my customers but not to Amazon thieves.
   comment by Thieves on December 10, 2006

Wow, guess I should thank Amazon for shielding me as a buyer from all of you whining, dodgy-sounding sellers. You people are the reason why I refuse to use eBay and other smaller sites. How embarrassing for you all!
   comment by a thankful buyer on December 10, 2006

Oh yea sure, a buyer stops buy on this site and reads the boards of 1000's of complaints and calls them a fraud.

If cared a bit, they would read this board and recognize the issues and fix them. Instead they just keep making the wound deeper and more exposed.

I for one cant wait to see this get exposed.

   comment by Thankful buyer is a Joke on December 10, 2006

Enjoy Amazon all you want. Seriously go spend a pile load there.

Go ahead , dive right in... please. You deserve the loss. You seem very smart.

I mean come on read a message board where people state the issues over and over again. Obiovusly true. I love to watch naive people getting slapped.

   comment by Hey Mr thankful! on December 10, 2006

wow you are a wipe! buyers like you are so stupid ! open your eyes and shut your fucking mouth! most buyers are ungrateful and like to fuck sellers ! you sound like one of them. us sellers rush the orders and you still complain to try and stiff us out of the money and try to keep the item for free!this board tells the truth so if you do not like it then stay the fuck off!
you miserable prick maybe you work for amazon? i guess your asshole is about 5 feet wide by now dickhead!!keep up the good work remember bend at the knees!! you slimeball!!
   comment by this is for thankful buyer on December 10, 2006

well amazon got back after repeated emails. this time alliance got back !They shut me down.
because my refunds! itold the buyers exactly what the story is and they did not like it so they blocked my account and have my money.. i told them off and told them that they did this because i told them the truth! now i will call tommorrow and everyday and fix their ass . i will file complaints everyday with the ftc and fix them they stole my money below is the email i received
Greetings from

This message is to inform you that we have blocked your Auctions,
zShops and Marketplace account. Your open listings have been cancelled and you
are no longer able to sell on our site.

We took this action because you gave inappropriate refund reasons to your buyers
and failed to follow through with your transactions and ship your orders. You
may only list items for sale which will be shipped within two working days.
This is a violation of our Community Rules.

If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to resolve your
pending sales. Your Seller Account will remain accessible and you are encouraged
to refund or ship pending orders.

Your funds are on temporary hold for 90 days from the date of your final sale.
After 90 days, the funds will be disbursed, provided we do not receive
chargebacks or A-to-Z Guarantee claims against your sales. If you have further
questions about your disbursement, please email

While we appreciate your interest, the blocking of your account is a permanent
action. Please understand that we take such steps in the interest of
maintaining a free and fair venue for all participants.


Item and Seller Quality
   comment by holding my funds on December 10, 2006

You know all of you whining have been booted for a reason. If you don't like the playing field, don't play. I'm sure there are the same type of boards, called "Ebay sucks", "half sucks", etc. Grow up and think about how you run a business.
   comment by no one's business on December 11, 2006

Why don't you post your Amazon screen name
so that we can track you down!
Go take a walk! Booted for a reason !Yes for trying to get what was ours ass wipe! Who the fuck are you ! We are people who have been ripped off by a sham company and probably from the likes of you !
So go back and do what you do best snitch!
it will soon be "BEDTIME FOR BEZOS"
   comment by hey no one's buisness on December 11, 2006

   comment by shut me down with 100% feedback on December 11, 2006

I had a seller's account for 15 minutes before it was shut down. I got an email the following morning telling me I was blocked from selling, they couldn't tell me why and not to ever try again! When I complained to customer service I got a reply asking me to fax a copy of my driver's license, a voided check, my birthdate, a recent utility bill, a copy of my credit card, and my most recent credit card statement! Incredibly, I trusted them enough to do it. The first fax number they gave me ("our secure fax line") was out of order. I called and got another fax number. Now they have all the info. they could ever want and no reply. I called the seller's customer service and they were tight lipped about what the problem could be. They told me to email alliance and explain everything which I did. No reply. I have excellent credit and have been buying from Amazon for years. I have absolutely nothing in my history that could be problematic in terms of selling. I feel like I've been treated like a criminal - tried and convicted without ever knowing the charges. In my last email I told them that I was not accustomed to this kind of lack of communication from a business. I'm glad I found this site before Amazon could rob me! I no longer want a seller's account for obvious reasons. In fact I haven't bought a thing from them this holiday season nor do I plan to in the future. I think they are having financial problems and that they need to keep people's money to show a pretend profit. How shameful!
   comment by Disgusted on December 12, 2006

I for one have tens of thousands of email addresses databased from customers. Perhaps you all do too? Why not send them an email outlining Amazon's strategy of systematically stealing from it's third party sellers.

Perhaps they'll switch to sites like that actually pay their sellers and communicate if anything goes wrong. You could even suggest this switch in your email.

I'll be doing this. Obviously there's some power on this board.
   comment by after years of selling on December 12, 2006

The best way to teach Amazon a lesson is take your business somewhere else. However, this will not work till we have a lot of competition. We need a lot of major sites to compete with Amazon. After that Amazon will beg you to come back. Remember that competition is necessary to reduce monopoly. Amazon executives have no humanity or repect to others. They live a miserable lowlife status such as the life of downtown gangs. This disease is widespread in the USA. Many banks, mortgage companies, insurance companies, etc. are trying to make millions by robbing poor people through fees such as over the balance fee, late fee, prepayment penalty, overdraft fee, etc. Such fees are too high and are simply a legal way to steal money from others. The USA is sinking and sooner or later the whole economy will collapse. I predict the US economy will collapse within one year. It will not be a recession, it will be a total collapse and Amazon will be one of the first companies to cease from existence. It will be the end of a decade of corrupt economy and poor production.
   comment by Thieves on December 12, 2006

(responding to the post after mine) Do you really wonder why all of you on here wonder why you were booted? Cause you are NOT professional. Just look at the language you are using. Get mad all you want, but don't be DUMB, there IS A REASON you NO LONGER are able to SELL. It's up to all of you to FIGURE IT OUT!!!! BTW, Sales are GREAT!!!!!
   comment by no one\\\\\\\'s business on December 13, 2006

   comment by no one\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\ on December 13, 2006

fuck off loser!!!
   comment by response to no one buissness on December 13, 2006

here is a link to a page with more amazon problems..
   comment by 523 on December 13, 2006

how does amazon link accounts?how do they find out if you had an account with them.any idea even a new checking account with diffrent name and address new phone and new computer and isp?. what gives? ebay is not that hard ..what ever they are doing it must be illegal! And what if it was not linked why do they say so! I do not understand, can they get into your bank records to find out who owns the account or something. That i know is illegal ! Any one know ????
   comment by ???????????????im lost on December 13, 2006

Sellers are not willing to pay commisions any longer. They are going to niche markets where they can run skinnier and more aggressive. Even has posted niched markets are tough. Seriously Amazon is just like the rest fighting to stay on top. Development firms bussiness is booming. Just wait until online fees go down in the services markets. Lean and Mean will beat the beast in the long-term.

   comment by Beast on December 14, 2006

Forget Amazon and all there BS. Go to the links below and sell. They both are all FREE. I have did OK sales there and the more who sell the more they can grow.
   comment by Amazon SUCKS on December 15, 2006

nice. glad you don't do anything on Amazon. Don't need or want people like you.
Have a nice day yourself, and really try to get some help for your anger. Once you seek help, you may be a better seller/person and would have a chance to sell on Amazon.
   comment by response to the response to no one\'s business on December 15, 2006

Ok Amazon clearly treats people badly. So they have a press problem. Plus they have ignorant loser sellers Like "response to the response to no one\'s business." Dont waste a great valid website to target someone who obiviously has valid points about your book selling website. I read this board and gained my thoughts. I represent large clients on the web and we dont see any reason to share with Amazon. Exspecially after reading the new sellers board. What a joke, the way Amazon people talk. Seriosly. Is it me or does Amazon function-search like crap. 1980's with a mullet site.
   comment by Amzn cant prove a point on December 15, 2006

First of all i'm not ignorant! Second I do not sell books ! I sell hi end electronics so lets get that straight!People from amazon are coming on this website to be spitfull when we are making valid points and we are telling the truth! Amazon put the screws to alot of people and probably caused them much financial harm!! why shouldn't every one voice their opinion!
   comment by rsponse to Amzn cant prove a point on December 16, 2006

I bought a Mobile phone (worth £400) for £200.
The seller sent it by "standard post to save himself £2.00 cos he stated Amazons fees are too high??
I have not recd phone & am waiting for refund.
Why dont Amazon enforce Gteed Delivery/security for expensive items.For the sake of £2.00 would save them £1000,s im sure
   comment by ANTONY DOYLE on December 16, 2006

I too am a victim of Amazon's unscrupulous business practices. I had been selling for approximately 9 months when I got an email stating that my account had been blocked because I MAY be selling recopied media. Mind you I had 500 feedback all of which were positive with no A-Z claims. I contacted them numerous times appealing the decision and their response was basically don't bother us any more our decision is final. They are currently holding almost 4500 of my money. I have shipped out every item sold but yet I can't get my money back until March. This is ridiculous! I don't know how they can do is highway robbery! If anyone gets and real news of a lawsuit let me know because I want these guys to go down!
   comment by Another Scroned Seller on December 17, 2006

Oh and by the way, Amazon SUCKS!!!
   comment by Another Scorned Seller on December 17, 2006

has anyone actually had their funds released after an account was closed or are we just all screwed on that?
   comment by sterling on December 17, 2006

Its like pulling teeth to get paid after the hold or closure. The had the nerve to reverse an a to z claim from 2005 on me during my hold. I mean it cleary shows everyone is a victim by these guys. Ok so it took 1 year to solve an a to z problem. Pathetic.
   comment by To sterling,from tech genie. on December 18, 2006

What side are you on clearly? Im ready with several points right now to why your book selling "hi end electronics," web site treats sellers like badly. By the way its "high end electronics" not "hi end electroncis." I imagine your five sales a day makes you a company. Next.....
   comment by rsponse to Amzn cant prove a point on December 18, 2006

You are just a smart ass! Stay off the site ,we do not need any bullshit from you and it was not five sales jerkoff try 25 just electronics an 40 a day for other merchandise.So if you want to be a smart ass I can to!! NEXT.....!!!!!
   comment by rsponse to Amzn cant prove a point on December 18, 2006 cut my account off a few days ago with no warning. I had transferred over $1100 out of my account the night before they cut me off, so I figured the damages were only going to be around $300 (that I had already sold that day).

I went in and made a new account with new information and 24 hours later (after I had sold 4 items) they cut that account off as well.

Then I checked my bank account today and they made two $1 withdrawls from it with no explanation. Then I went into my old account today and it looks like they stopped payment on the $1100 becuase now it says they owe me $1300 and the $1100 is showing up under "Misc. Credit and Debits".

So I have shipped all the products and have a credit card payment coming up and Amazon has all of my money. I'm losing hundreds of dollars a day now and have to figure out how I am going to help feed my family.

It is frustrating because I sold about 10X as much stuff on as I ever did on, but it looks like I won't ever be selling anything on again. It's too risky to try and open a new account in fear that they will steal your money for 90 days and shut you down.

I always had great customer service from as a buyer. This is unprecedented to me that they could do something like this to their sellers. They basically get free money on commissions from us because they don't even have to do a thing except accept payments. It baffles me why they would want to cut me off and lose out on that profit. I guess they figure they have plenty of other sellers to make money off of.

   comment by Frustrated Amazon Seller on December 18, 2006

Facts hurt buddy dont they. Im not being a smart ass, just bringing intelligent points. If I was you I would buy a pencil and paper for this blog.. the books you read and sell are not providing a good online sales education. Im here to teach...oh by the way kiss my ass. Im refering all my buddies to your site to by xmas gifts. Heard lots of free stuff if you complain enough.

A whole 25 sales to 40.. Wow! dumb fuck, thats a garage sale. Renting the garage from mommy and daddy. Cant afford any real inventory?
   comment by Amzn cant prove a point on December 18, 2006

How can I know Amazon is buying something from me as a test?
   comment by How can I know on December 18, 2006

In response to this piece of shit_Amzn cant prove a point! You cant afford a life that is why you keep tormenting people on this site! Get the fuck off the site. the other sellers are correct about amazon so why don't you just stay off. the site unless you are hiding something from these sellers with your sly comments!this site is for sellers that were taken by amazon!
eat shit and die
   comment by rsponse to Amzn cant prove a point on December 18, 2006

Ladies and Gentleman

Any issues or problems with Amazon –

No problem –

I sue the bastard – with the American Arbitration Associations and got a $78, 000 aware

2. go to “file case” tab on top
3. and follow procedures – it’s easy and cheaper than hiring a lawyer –

I file and got reimbursed for lost income and damages.

They’ll never mess with me that for sure !!!

Good Luck
   comment by Franco Stephan on December 18, 2006

Ladies and Gentleman

Any issues or problems with Amazon –

No problem –

I sued the bastard – with the American Arbitration Associations and got a $78, 000 aware

2. go to “file case” tab on top
3. and follow procedures – it’s easy and cheaper than hiring a lawyer –

I file and got reimbursed for lost income and damages.

They’ll never mess with me that for sure !!!

Good Luck
   comment by Franco Stephan on December 18, 2006

Did anyone tried FTC and got results?
   comment by Federal Trade Commission on December 19, 2006

I started selling on Amazon about 4 weeks ago. Gross sales =$1000. Today, they sent an email saying that I could keep selling but account was frozen, ie, no withrdrawals are possible. They will not give any explanation. I had NO negative responses from customers.
   comment by richard on December 19, 2006

Does anyone have any info on ftc? where to start?
   comment by Looking for FTC information on December 19, 2006

Instead of giving the money most sellers deserve, they are keeping it. What kind of a company is this?
The money belongs to us.
It is not Amazon's money. It is the product of our investment, time, and sweat.
More unjustice and tyranny will breed more problems. Many will look for justice anyway they like and this vicious cycle will never end but it will widen.
Amazon can reserve money without any provocation. I have no doubt that the worst feedback for any seller is better than Amazon. itself.
   comment by Where is my money? on December 19, 2006

Try to contact the Washington State Attorney General. First fill the forms and fax them to the Seattle office.

You will find the the fax number from the link below:

It is important for a large number of sellers to file so the attorney office will investigate in depth Amazon unfair and unjustified practices.
   comment by Contact Whashington State Attorney General on December 20, 2006

Great information, filling it out right now.

However, Im looking for more then a complaint to participate in.. Any info post.
   comment by Lawsuit on December 20, 2006

I am having a meeting with a lawyer on Friday to sue Amazon. I will let you know what he will say. More law suits means more headaches to Amazon and will deplete their resources.
   comment by Contact a lawyer on December 20, 2006

send me the information on the class action. Post contact information for lawyer. We are a large frim pissed off about these clowns.
   comment by Love to join in on December 20, 2006

I am selling on amazon and my ratings are 100% no a to z claims or anthing like that! They are holding all my funds in reserve!! i had mailed the orderes out and I put tracking on every package so what is the deal with them!! are they stealing my money ! I provided tracking to them for all the items! i was counting on this money coming this week!! I do not get any response from them and telephone support just sits and listens no answers!!
   comment by WHAT ARE THEY DOING!!!! on December 22, 2006 Customer Service Is A Bad Joke

They've lost my future business...and I'll probably be suing the company to start the new year off right.

All of it could have been avoided if Amazon didn't outsource their customer service to Third World "representatives" who have no authority except to parrot memorized platitudes.

   comment by Mike Young on December 27, 2006

I wonder how things are in 2007. Any BIG lawsuit against yet?
   comment by vikes on January 2, 2007

The one thing I see at amazon that is disturbing is the fact that a lot of buyers dont know what the feedback is for, They are grading the read ability of the book, the condition, etc, and the other thing thats affecting me is the feedback, We as sellers seem to be taking the blunt end of it for the post office, This is a crime in itself, and any postal worker for no reason can cut open your media mail and be sure its not put back and taped properly, They throw books in the mail room, BIG heavy books that are definetly ruined, They act as the media mail is non profit organization, Well wether it is or not is debatable, But the bottom line is they are the jerks who came up with this media mail, Postal service used to be just that, A Service, and now its more like a Postal Business, Our governemt is eating us alive, anyway I dont sell many books on amazon and I know that some of these messages are NOT from amazon, Thats not fair,
if my account is ever frozen i will simply go and work or alibiris, both are good companies, BUT the bottom line there is, if your not doing right there they will shut you down too, We as sellers are a dime a dozen, You might watch , they will be hooked up to Google supposedly, But so far they are dependent on amazon, they upload from there, so what I am saying is you cannot just go there and list anything there, They seem to be a nice company, and you can do payment of your choice, They are not like amazon, ( not a credit card company ) check them out, and dont let your hate eat you up, I know there is a lot of unfair treatment and I also know there is a bunch who deserve everything they get, and anyway, a good book dealer doesnt just keep all his cookies ( books ) on one site, Never depend on anyone company, NEVER. Thankyou for letting me post, PS, complain to the post office, ask for a complaint form and fill it out long and hard, but be nice..........
   comment by Lisa on January 2, 2007

Lisa, Good stuff.
However the issues here are much deeper then scuffed books. We are looking at policy and procedures. A quick hint. "Call and ask to speak with Alliance at and see how Amazon treats you." Then decide if Amazon makes a good partner for the long-term.

Anyway thanks for the information. However the issues are deeper then a lost book.
   comment by Thanks Lisa. on January 2, 2007

Im a new seller to amazon i made a total of 15 sales for a total amount of 250. and they sent me that letter that they are holding my funds for 45 days! what is the story with this company ! 250!!!! They act like i made thousands of dollars!! terrable . No response to my inquiries..I will sell elswhere. i do not need to be aggravated and forced to ship my items when i cant get payment .. Screw them ill send tracking to them for the shipped items. I read the posts here and i will file a complaint with the ftc !!!
   comment by new seller on January 7, 2007

amazon pooped in my pants
   comment by big dickie slims on January 9, 2007

amazon will reslease your funds after 90 days simple cause after 90 days the crdit card companies wont come after them for a claim. i was selling on thier and doing really well they said they linked my account to another account that had been closed but wouldnt tell me who well i had never had an account with them. I sold alot of used video games on i was regularly taking 200 to 300 hundred dollars a day out it was going great and then all of a sudden i had almost 2100 in the account and they froze me out well after alot of phone calls and emails after one week. i finaly said fuck it and waited when it cam to be the 90th day i sent an email asking for my funds to be released and sure as shit 5 days later it was in my account
   comment by Amazon Still sucks on January 10, 2007

I created few product detail pages at Amazon and listed few items in Amazon toys & Games store. After few weeks, I found out that there are many merchants selling their merchandise under the pages I created. Then Amazon sent to me a letter saying I cannot list in the Toys store because it is restricted. However, I can list in other stores. Amazon trust me to sell a $500 digital camera and almost anything and keep me from selling a $5 toy in the Toys store. They allowed me to create a product detail page and waste my time and then they kicked me out and allowed other sellers to use the page I created. I coud not even close the pages but I am allowed only to edit the pages. Amazon is working hard to use merchants as slaves to create detail pages and then tell them:
Thanks for doing a good job. It is time to get out!!!!
Amazon is the strangest company I dealt with.

******* The item for which you have attempted to create a listing is a restricted item in our Toys & Games store. Listing against restricted items in this store is limited to pre-approved sellers only. Learn more.

   comment by Amazon unfair practices on January 10, 2007

They are weird and do bite the big one. CHomp! Chomp! open up......I got something for you Amazon.

   comment by Amazon Sucks!!!!!!! on January 10, 2007

Is it really that bad?
I'm currently selling on ebay now and wanted to expend to selling on So basically what I understand they hold your money for 2 weeks after an item is sent to the buyer? Why would they block an account for no reason? My avarage selling item is about $1200 so you telling me if I'll have more then some certain amount of money they will block my account and not give the money back for 90 days?
This is very strange.
Please be kind to give me enough info before I sign up for selling so I can decide to do i or not. And 15% commission. Forget about it
   comment by possible potential seller on January 11, 2007

Amazon may let you sell for 2 weeks . they may give you a transfer, but after 1 or 2 transferes they will either reserve your money for 45 days or close your account! what they say in their policy is not what they do!! if you sell elctronics then off the bat you are not getting paid for at least 30 days!! the do not tell you this at all they send you a email saying thanks
keep selling electronics and basically we are holding all your money for 30 days or more!! but ship out all your items to the buyers! and we will keep excepting orderes on your behalf.
when they feel like releasing your money they will do so. your emails go un heard of and they just plain suck cock!!! Fuck these bastards!!
once they close the account it is not like ebay ! you cant access your sales .. they block you alltogether no email or password will get you in ! its like you just vanished!! just like your funds POOOF!!! be gone!!
   comment by no longer selling on amazon on January 11, 2007

Do your do diligence my freind. These complaints on this board 90% valid. Might I suggest "call like you are a seller with a problem account and request to speak with the Alliance." They might ask a bunch of questions about account info but play the game. Learn how they treat sellers.

I suggest controlling your destiny on Ebay or elsewhere. The 15% is not worth it. The stress would kill with these jerks.
   comment by possible potential seller ADVICE on January 11, 2007

That happened to me, too.

But, before complaining for blocking, I have more important question.

I am selling video games, but do we have any good alternative than amazon?

I think we will go for, but do we have any suggestion for video game sales?
   comment by brad on January 12, 2007

I was a seller on for two years and a loyal customer for over five years. Then, out of the blue I received an auto-generated email that told me my seller account had been blocked due to low feedback. I had 30 out of 35 positive ratings total (86%). The five negative ratings on the account were due to the fact that the item was damaged by the post office, or that we do not refund shipping costs as stated in our returns policy. I received no prior notification that this would happen and Amazon offers no phone support for this. I get a canned response every time I contact

It seems like Amazon is trying to dump it's private party sellers in order to focus more on 3rd party and Pro merchants... How do they get away with this?
   comment by Digg it! on January 14, 2007

Here is part of the email that they sent me:
This is an auto-generated message to let you know that we have blocked your seller account and ended your listings.You may no longer sell on our site. We took this action because your seller performance has been below our performance standards. You may have received notification in previous months that your feedback, A-to-z Guarantee claims, and/or refund rates were out of compliance with our seller Performance Standards. You may have been provided with suggestions for operational improvements to help you meet our standards.Unfortunately, any improvement in seller performance has not been consistent and has failed to meet our Performance Standards.

The response I usually get when I contact is: retains the right to immediately halt any auction or fixed price sale, prevent or restrict access to the Site; including access to seller account and seller tools.

A few friends of mine have tried to open seller accounts and get this response:
Due to the proprietary nature of this process, we cannot share the reasons for failed applications, nor can we detail the criteria by which applications are evaluated. Please know that the application process for sellers to use Amazon Payments is very rigorous.
   comment by Digg it! on January 14, 2007

   comment by Digg it! on January 14, 2007

Here is a link so check this out about amazon.con !!!
   comment by amazon is ripping off sellers big time on January 14, 2007

another link
   comment by amazon is ripping off sellers big time on January 14, 2007

AMAZON ROCKS!!!!! Ive been selling for 3 years i work about 15 hours a week and go on text buying trips once a month just over the weekend and go to cool cities and get lots of text books here are the cities ive been to in 2006 Indianapolis, Dallas , houston, Austin, San Antiono, Chicago , milwaukee, Madison, Seattle, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Colombus, Cinn city. All the trips are written off on my taxes It took a while but last year my average sales are over 25k a month with a profit of about 15-17 k a month plus I travel all the time get the book ship em home and goof around all week just gotta get the books shipped out!!! Thanks Amazon I LOVE U !!!!
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on January 14, 2007
   comment by Digg it! on January 15, 2007

It looks like people that work for amazon are posting here! Give me a break!! downtownmarkybrown
we have hundreds of posts about how amazon sucks and about 3 that say they are Great!!do the math !! amazon is stealing from sellers and that is final!!! I had my account closed with only 10 orders that were shipped and tracking shows it was delivered and the customers emailed me telling me how thankfull they were to receive their items in time for christmas.I only sold 10 and mailed 10. ! amazon is holding my money for 90 days !! 10 orders a total of 215.00 !! they are fucking sad. i gave them the proof and emails from the buyers sayng thank you they have received their items, and they do not get back just a standard letter !! fuck you amazon drop dead jeff bezos and your puppets. Your time will come ! what goes around comes around !! You fucking theif !!! How about i hold all your money see if you like that bozo. any postings on here Talking about how amazon is is actually people who are employed by amazon! just like they have people buy from you when you sell on the site. they are trying to destroy sellers. hey , then do not have a marketplace for third party sellers. why offerer this just to steel from people and hold their money for interest. ! amazon has had from 1999 till now 400 million dollasr profit loses .. this company should have been put out back in the day when they first started they sucked then and they even suck more now !! Eat shit amazon!
wow you sell text books lets see how long that will last ! you are about due to be booted !
ever notice that the same sellers are always listed in the forums on amazon. this is because they are planted! they can say otherwise but why are they supposedly on the site for 3-8 years ! they are amazons stool pidgeons !! i will be bringing my merchandise elswere!!
   comment by used to sell on January 15, 2007

amazon ripped me off of 3000 dollars!! they make sure they do it after you have made a bunch of sales!!
they put your money in some new type of reserve! this is their new ideas to further steeal money from sellers.! amazon only makes money on the third party sellers inventory ! it has been a known fact! why purchase a book or a dvd from them when you can buy it from lets say ex: (kingdom video) for 5.00 less!
so they are losing money on the sale but are making it up in commision and shipping charges!! this is called greedy motherfuckers!!besides that they are now startig to hold everyones money! well something is on the horizon with them! i hope that they bale and get caught and other websites prevail!!i have to sit and wait while they eat steak on my money and im eating pbj!!
   comment by was ripped off by amazon on January 15, 2007

My funds are being held too. I got the congratulations for your success so we are going to hold your money for 45 days for no reason. I want to know, do they hold it forever or do they eventually release the money? I will take them to court no doubt if they do not release within 45 days. And if they release it after 45 days it better not ever happen again, otherwise I'll be a richer man after I win a suit against them. I'm not just flapping my jaw, I really will. But please tell me if they do release your money or hold it forever. Thanks.
   comment by Brett Cox on January 17, 2007

You can probably kiss it goodbye!!
mine is on hold over 45 days and they have stopped from day one emailing me.No responses!!
going over to half may have better luck on their site amazon is doing something illegal. they make sure that the parties that hold your money have no phone numbers! nice company take our money and run!! thanks amazon !!!
   comment by stole mine too!! on January 18, 2007

I just recently had a similar problem. A guy ordered from me through Amazon Marketplace. I shipped the product out to him and gave him the tracking number so he could track his order. As soon as he got it, he contacted Amazon telling them I didn't ship his product to him. I immediately contacted Amazon with the tracking info as proof that it was sent to him. Today I got an email from Amazon informing me they refunded the guys money back to him on my behalf. I am out close to $400.00 and he got the product and his money.
   comment by Tarra Young on January 20, 2007

I see there are still booted sellers complaining. MOVE on and sell on EBAY where you can get away with the crap you couldn't on AMAZON
   comment by no one's business on January 21, 2007

I wish we had read this site before we started selling items. i am glad we got screwed after 4 months of selling and not after that much money was lost. They paid a refund 2 months ago and now are saying I owe Amazon money for that refund. Unbelievable why do they always side with the customer. I know the customer is always right but what about the sellers rights. Without sellers buyers would just be dreamers. You try to make your description as clear as possible and still customers can act ignorant. Why should I have to pay because a buyer can't read or understand what they are buying. I am just glad we weren't paying bills or trying to support a family off of Amazon.
   comment by Ripped off in the Big A on January 21, 2007

I was a newbie selling on Amazon. I was flabbergasted when I sold a book yesterday for $3 and they charged me a commission of 2.64!!!! This left exactly 36 cents for my book. What the hell kind of commission structure is that? And where can we get information about what they are planning to charge before we sell? Details of the sale are below:

Quantity: 1
Buyer's Price: $3.00

Time of sale: 21-Jan-2007 14:59:36
Shipping speed: standard

Amazon commission: ($2.64)
   comment by Never Again on January 22, 2007

Yea that's retarded they took that much. No disrespect, why even bother selling and shipping something for $3? I will just give you $3 if you need it.
   comment by Brett Cox on January 23, 2007

lol sucker born everyday.......
   comment by why sell there? on January 24, 2007

Amazon refund the shipping charge to buyers even when it is his fault. The buyer wants me to send to him a return label. There was nothing wrong with the product. The buyer does not want it. I refused to send him a shipping lable. He filed a claim and the product was sent at his expense to me. The problem Amazon gave him full credit. I do not believe he deserves it.
   comment by Shipping charge on January 28, 2007

Thanks for this blog. I sell on other book sites and contribute to their forums. No one dares mention Amazon in a negative fashion. It is very clear that people fear having their accounts locked. I was blocked by Amazon. No reason given. I had the usual problems with buyers. I had been selling with them for a couple of years. I do remember stating in a forum (not Amazon's) that booksellers should unite to fight for themselves. I do not know if that was what warranted my banishment. Many moons later a friend took over my online business. She was real excited with the sales for 8 weeks and terrified to make mistakes. She was blocked because of her links to me. She keeps appealing. I won't bother. But if there is ever a class action suit I will join. I feel humiliated. I am a retired respected professional who will be 70 this year. I am truly hurt.
   comment by cristina on January 29, 2007

Here are my sales last 30 days rolling Amazon does rock i get my money every 24 hours if i like. If you are new they will hold you money for 45 days but after that sky is the limit!

Last 30 Days $17,528.23 391 392 3 1% 93 1 1% $0.00 0
(results to date) $17,250.81 384 385 3 1% 87 1 1% $0.00 0
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on January 30, 2007

Hey downtown why dont you let us know you seller name at You should be proud to market your online presence with Amazon, promote it right. Im truly excited to try out a large Amazon seller. Send us a link to your seller ID or zshop.
   comment by Sure DowntownMarkybrown is Full Of Shit on January 30, 2007

Hi, I am also one of the victim of amazon. I should have read this thread before working with amazon. Luckily after 30 days of money reservation, I got my account back but during money transfer its giving error "We're sorry, but the page you are trying to reach is temporarily unavailable. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and thank you for your patience. Please try your request again later.". Anyone wonder why is this error, I have been trying this for couple of days now. I swear, I wont do anymore business with Amazon.
   comment by Alex on January 30, 2007

I sold a bunch of tvs on amazon. First they put me through a 30 day hold to investigate my company. Then when that was all good, they said they will have to hold my money for 45 days before paying me. Now it has been over 45 days and they still have $6000 of my money. Will they be giving this to me eventually or what? I see a lot of people saying the same thing as what I am posting here, but haven't heard anybody say that they finally got paid.
   comment by Ali on January 31, 2007

I sell mostly text books 90 % sell in a few hours I sold about 400 books last 30 days average profit is about $40 a book.
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on January 31, 2007

I don't believe this shit man...I was having the worst day ever until I found this site! Man...and I thought I had it bad! They just shut down my account, blocked it, stole 3500 dollars from me and said I'll get it in 90 days...I doubt that. I'm so fucking pissed but I'm glad to have people to commiserate with. Jesus Christ man!!!!!!!!!! What a fucking rotten bunch of cocksuckers. I'm just glad I got some money out of them...I still have orders to ship and stuff though, should I do it or fuck them? I really want my 3500 bucks but it looks like I'm in the hole now? No guarantee I will get it.

Please e-mail me and we can perhaps start a lawsuit. My cousin is an attorney and I briefly called him about it, I'll have to tell the details to him. I had no idea this was happening to so many people. It doesn't take that many people to form a class-action suit. We really need to do this.

Has anyone tried individually filing suit against Amazon to get your money freed up? Any success?

Jesus Christ, I feel like I have so fucking much to say and complain about and I feel so betrayed. Fuck these motherfuckers, ahhhhh. Again, hit me up and let's get a list going, I'm going to make a loooong call to my cousin tomorrow. This shit is ridiculous. As for now I'm on to eBay to at least try and make a LITTLE money.

Peace and fuck Amazon.
   comment by F*CK AMAZON on February 1, 2007

Whats you seller ID bro? Cat got your tounge?
   comment by DowntownMarkybrown is Full Of Shit For Sure! on February 1, 2007

The orders shipping part is the best. You ship them, then they hold that money too. Its really fun there.
   comment by anonymous on February 1, 2007

Amazon workers are posting here. i doubt he sells that many books in a month , He's inflating amazon..
Hey downtown marky brown is that the shit stain in your underwear from amazon fucking you up the ass.
thats how you got your name!!
amazon has their people buying from sellers to see if they are delivering the items...
they also are using an online service to look up people and companies to check their backgrounds that is why now it is taking 30 - 40 days to get your money... i think it is illegall to do this...they are finding out your info... soc. sec. # banks , family members etc..... this has to be illegal!!!!
   comment by anonymous on February 1, 2007

Ha Ha here are things you never do if you sell on amazon

Never give out your seller id on any posting boards there is NO reason to

Never open two seller accounts from the same address

Never let another seller access his account from you ip address amazon will close both accounts

dont tell any family members you are selling on amazon if they decide to start selling and you have similar last names amazon can shut down both accounts

never sell from an apartment building you need your own house address that no one else who lived there before you was ever associated with amazon

and oh yeah i only made it to 10 th grade never went to school and make well over 100k per year selling on amazon, Ebay,
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 1, 2007

Here are some books i sold today i can tell you i never paid more than $15 a piece for these book i have a web site and buy from students locally. Things are getting really busy im hiring a full time employee if you are interested in linking up to my site let me know what city you are in and even if you have been booted off amazon i can help you sell on ebay, and abe books. If been doing this for 6 years Amazon is by far the best site to sell on beacuse they handle everything all i do is list and pack and print postage. Im eventually going to launch my site to target students all over the United States and have them ship there book to me its but im a 1 man show and dont have a warehouse or resources to handle all that madness!!!!

Human Resource Management (with InfoTrac ) [Hardcover] by Mathis, Robert L... 110.96
International Business with Online Learning Center access card [Hardcover] by 115.96
Photography (7th Edition) [Paperback] by London, Barbara; Upton, John 75.96
Sleisenger and Fordtran's Gastrointestinal and Liver Disease: Pathophysiology... 103.46
Comprehensive Clinical Nephrology: Textbook with CD-ROM (Comprehensive Clinical 146.96
Performing an Operational and Strategic Assessment for a Medical Practice by... 303.46
The Legal Environment of Business [Hardcover] by Meiners, Roger E.; Ringleb... 105.96
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 1, 2007

Wow. Dont you think your a bit overboard?

Its a crapshot at best. Your not so smart.
   comment by downtownmarkybrownnotverybright! on February 2, 2007

I read all sorts of boards like these ive learned alot from other peoples mistakes. Im not educated from a college but i learn just like everyone else just in my own way(mostly watching the news and reading online)
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 2, 2007

Oh and i just did my transfer for $4700 thats from for the last 4 days it will be in my bank on tuesday just like it has been every tuesday from amazon for the last 6 years never once has it not apperaed even when monday is a holiday. I have never had 1 problem selling with them in 6 years.
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 2, 2007

Come on Brown whats your store? I mean all these good facts. No eduaction, serious benjamins going your way. Whats the store big man? You are protected as a seller. Maybe just show us a link to your sales. Nothing can happen if the system is as a good as you say it is.. Play along, there is nothing out there that says "I can show my store you." FULL OF SHIT hombre. You suck to now. I mean what is good about a bussines you are scared to show people in the same enviorment.
   comment by downtownmarkybrownabsking on February 2, 2007

Here is a list of sellers on amazon that downtown
may be

these sellers may work for amazon !
i was a seller on amazon and i had refunded a couple of buyers and only amazon and i knew who the buyers were. someone on amazon s forum new this. how can that be? no feed back was left stating any refunds! HMMMMM. looks like amazon is fucking around !!
   comment by anonymous on February 3, 2007

I dont remember granting these guys rights to my personal information. What else do they know?
   comment by anonymous is right on February 3, 2007

no thats not him i found his listings !i wont give his name.
   comment by anonymous on February 3, 2007

   comment by Da Seller With Gellar on February 3, 2007

Now that is intelligence.. About as much as people looking to proceed to getting your ass canned.
   comment by Da Seller With Gellar ?"Two idiots on day!" on February 3, 2007

Yep he so smart ! copied his listings to trace his moves!
got you downtown!!
   comment by anonymous on February 4, 2007

LOL LOSERS U all got booted off if you only read my warnings i made $1345 profit TODAY LOSERS no u will never see my ID I sell only books NO CDS NO DVDS NO ECLCTRONICS U IDDIOTS
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 4, 2007

lol !!!yeh i have your book listings douchbag!!!
   comment by anonymous on February 4, 2007

Hmm? If I made $1345 would I be bragging about it on a message board.

SHUT THE HELL UP> Your annoying go " tout you Amazon 15% I pay commisions ass elsewhere." This is a board for people who know more then posting at for a sale. DUmb ass Mark. You just paid how much in commisions today? Oh yea the store you cant market brings it in right.
   comment by downtownmarkybrown15%ass on February 4, 2007

HA HA HA yeah id pay 30% commision U retard and i still come out WAY WAY ahead!!!!
You all screwed up one of the best businesses and amazon will never take you back NEVER!!!!
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 5, 2007

Im sure you would pay 30%. Call me directly, I will lend you the money... I know its tough living in mommy and daddys basement.

You have an interesting thought process.
Let me claifiy.
"I as a customer wont be back with the rest of these people because of the processes at"

Can you read that ok?
   comment by anonymous on February 5, 2007

Sales are rocking today!!!!!
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 6, 2007

Try the branded food from ebay sometime. Might be a good change.
   comment by downtownmarkybrowneatsgenerics on February 6, 2007

Can I suggest that everybody on this board stop
responding to "Markybrown"? He may just be a prankster (maybe not even a seller) and arguing with him just encourages him and drives people with legitimate beefs away from posting/reading here.
Maybe his posts can even be removed.
   comment by Disgusted on February 10, 2007

I totally agree with you guys, we should all file complaints, law suit at the same time, I started selling beauty products for about 2 months, 1st month was less than $500, no problem, then my sales were $1,000+ they freeze my account won't transfer money and now I have to go through their payment investigation team, like I'm some fraud. I called their customer service and somehow got the same guy who was replying to my emails (strange or what? they only got 1 guy working?)
I will follow all the suggested links provided here and file the complaints/suits...I'm so sick of this
   comment by miniclz on February 11, 2007

If you set up a seller account then you agreeded to these terms so theres nothing you can do in a court room you already lost when you set up your seller account

We may delay initiating the transfer of Payment Transaction credits pending an investigation if we, in our sole discretion, believe you or a Payor may have violated this Agreement or the terms of use applicable for the use of the Web site. Notwithstanding any other provision of this Agreement, if we determine, in our sole discretion, that you have violated this Agreement, we may refuse to deliver a Payment Transaction credit to you and may instead maintain the amount of such credit in a trust account or may return the amount of the credit to the applicable Payor(s). We will not be liable to you if we act in accordance with the provisions of this paragraph.

   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 12, 2007

I just cancelled my seller's account with Amazon after a month. Their policies are confusing and in my opinion unfair to sellers.

There were several things I did not like about selling with was the keywords you type in often didn't bring up your item..inconsistant. Second, and what really seemed unfair, was that on a page that lists one of your items (I was selling new items) Amazon drops sponsered links from other companies telling customers where to buy simular items. That is like renting a shop and then putting up signs telling customers to go somewhere else for something simular to what I am selling. I e-mailed customer service about this and got silence.
There's a number of other things that I found from the start were very weird about Amazon..all these catagory restrictions and approvals and hoops you have to jump thru just to sell something. I was told watches were not allowed and I see tons of Disney watches available. I was finally "allowed" to sell watches (they claim all their restrictions are to make sure we aren't selling fakes..I don't buy that..I think they are catering to big companies as again, I saw lots of Disney watches available)..then I was told I could not load the watches up on my regular listing page and had to go thru this confusing Excel spreadsheet thing to do it..I never got around to it.

I was also told I could sell in clothing and accessories but could not load up a clock in home electronics..because it did not have a UPC code! Pointing out that my clothing and accessories had no UPC code didn't get a response except the usual "I'm sorry about that.." Eventually I did find out, or at least was told, that these safety measures are put in place to make sure we are not selling counterfeit goods! The brand of clock I was selling is MY brand! I have an established website with everything already on it and it is clear these are not "fake" clocks. It was insulting to be assumed a potential counterfeiter *trying to sell my own brand*!!!! How much more proof do they need, once they looked over all my products and knew it was my company, that I was not selling fake goods?? Apparently I was never able to convince them.
Also when you list your items there is no way to catagorize that's one big huge long list...and you have to do a search to find an item that is buried in the list. There is no way to subcatagorize and make the lists easier to read and use.

I mentioned all of these things to them..and more..that seemed clunky, inefficient and outdated, and there was either apologizes or silence.
Actually I had one person on the phone tell me that these points had been argued again and again with upper management at Amazon and that they do not seem interested in improving their attitude towards sellers...they seem to think it's just fine to operate by 1998 standards and tie seller's hands up with weird restrictions and outdated technology.

Nothing I can do but pack up and move on, didn't work out for me.
   comment by Lynn on February 13, 2007

I have been selling for a month shipped several items not seen a penny after I was promised funds deposited in 14 days.An email:"we're shutting you down you are related to another account that has vilated rules.we're gonna hold your $$$$ for 90 days and dont sell with us again...ever."I have no other account ,I have the same account for 8 years as a buyer.Now they pull this crap on me.I owe seven hundred dollars to suppliers I can't pay.they have no phone # just smug email responses that keep saying "we know your frustrated but go f&*k yourself and dont ever sell with us again" I shipped all sales in good faith and this is what I have to deal with now.I ask what 2nd account , what rules have I violated?"we can't share that information?" they say
There are enough of us here to make some noise.They may have their agremment and conditions bit is it legal to have conditions that violate simple principals of business?They do this enough to have spawned a website of pissed off sellers.Anyone here interested in doing something email if you are reading this , I am in possession of enough information regarding your chargeback system to seriously do damage.Like recieving merchandise and then tellling my credit card company I never got it or hell I never ordered it!!!For all who want to make immediate rucus , call (206) 622-2335 and ask for alliance .They won't transfer you unless you have a name , but im sure if enough of us call we can crack the name code and we may be able to get thru to those pussies who hide behind an email address to tell you that they are keeping your money(probably collecting interest too!!)and there is nothing you can do about it.Well now there is something I urge anyone here to email me and call that # .
   comment by ReallyScrewed on February 14, 2007

   comment by The Amazon Seller on February 14, 2007

Just imaging if you owned a bussines and someone said" Hey I can sell you products for 15% commission?" Would you pay it?

   comment by The Amazon Seller- CLOWN on February 16, 2007

After 4 years of selling an average of about $3000/month on Amazon while maintaining over a 4.8 rating consistently did me no good when I received 3 negative feedbacks in December. Sellers on Amazon know that the rate of feedback received on Amazon is very low as a percentage of transactions thus negative comments are amplified. Well my account has been permanently closed. I admit trying to open another account in a friend's name at his address but this account was closed within 2 days. I believe accessing the account from the same IP address is what caused it to be banned or equally as likely transferring the same inventory to his account. However, what if I simply wanted to sell my business to my friend? I guess that my books and my internet connection are banned for life. Like others, I have tried to appeal the decision on the accounts to no avail. I believe that there is no logistical way for Amazon to reinstate a closed seller account. The Amazon Alliance is just a computer program not real people making decisions. By the way, the actual "Amazon Alliance" is a non-profit organization for the betterment of the Amazon rainforest. I wonder how much money Amazon donates yearly to help protect their namesake rainforest. I am guessing very little.

P.S. Amazon Sucks Amazon Sucks Amazon Sucks
   comment by exazseller on February 20, 2007


It's simply amazing that an American CVompany can basically form an organized crime syndicate and continually rip off honest sellers.

I for one am done with them and as a law student, am actively looking into a class action.

If you are interested in filing a class action against Amazon, please email me at

Best to all oppressed by Amazon.
   comment by Amazon Sucks on February 20, 2007

Yes, yes! Amazon's feedback system is royally f*cked, nobody uses it! So when some whiner who gave you the WRONG ADDRESS IN THE FIRST PLACE comes along and leaves you negative feedback, it is amplified to the extreme.

I've grown to accept my losses though, I'm just waiting my 90 days and hoping I can get what's frozen.

Think about it like a real-world business, would you put up with this shit if you were a regular business owner, the extortion-rate fees, the one-sided feedback system, the unexplained, no-chance-of-reversal theft of YOUR money? Hell no. Fuck these bozos. They're lucky to still be in business.

Also, I would second people to be cautious with your IP address and any other information that could be used to judge your account as "underperfoming" or in violation of some imaginary rule.

If you really want to give the e-selling another wing, try eBay/ pretty much works the same way as the Amazon system. eBay kind of sucks because you have to pay more out-of-pocket to start I guess it's really up to you if you want to give it a second try. Me personally, as hard as it is, I'm taking this ripoff as a lesson to heart and moving on.
   comment by F*CK AMAZON on February 21, 2007

Hi Everyone!

If you all are serious, I am willing to organize all of the info. for legal action.

Please send your stories to me at Please include your damages in the writeup.

I'm tired of being pushed around and hope you are too. Let's change the way they do business so no one else gets hurt!!
   comment by Amazon Sucks/Let's Fight Back!!! on February 21, 2007

Visit the Blog:
   comment by Amazon Sucks/Let\\\'s Fight Back!!! on February 21, 2007

My feedback is 99% over 5 years just ship my books out 3 times thats about it
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 21, 2007

amazon crap fuck dick suck fuck what!???
   comment by a on February 25, 2007

Amazon should not be too harsh on sellers. Amazon should remind the buyers to update their shipping and credit cards before they submit their orders. Also, the feedback system is unfair and Amazon should remove any unjustified feedback. All the bad feedback I received is due to bad shipping addresses or buyers too lazy to read the specifications or my comments about the items they are buying.
   comment by Amazon ^ v on February 25, 2007

143 orders so far this weekend AMAZON ROCKS!
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 25, 2007


what's your amazon seller name?
   comment by bbbb on February 26, 2007

I completed the rediculous task of waiting 45 days for my funds to be released. But at least they did release them finally. It wasn't automatic after 45 days, of course I had to call them and remind them.
   comment by Brett Cox on February 27, 2007

i have multiple seller accounts on amazon id be stabbing my self in the back to give out my seller id then my money would be held like all of yours DA
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 27, 2007

I only have a few things listed for sale, but I mostly stay in the forums. You should read the forums daily and you can learn alot about the inside track. Like I said, I dont have much for sale, but I wish they would put in live chat so I can have priv conversations with my friends.
   comment by JKG25906 on February 27, 2007

Multiple accounts? We at amazon will locate you and review your account for abusing the community rules. We may put your account (s) on hold until we do an investigation. We may hold your funds until the investigation is complete.We have a very strict policy about multiple accounts .
   comment by representative@amazon .com on February 28, 2007

   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 28, 2007

AMAZON SUCKS..... They are the bullies, they are ruthless and dont give a damn about their sellers. They have the worst seller support and are so misleading. They never give you a straight answer to your questions. They have suspended my seller account and have not paid me £930.00 pounds worth products that I sold and dispatched to customers. I have to pay my suppliers in 14 days, and now they have told me that they will not pay me for 90 days. They screwed me big times and now I am on the verge of taking legal action against Amazon. Please advise me if any one of you would like to give me their stories and facts which I can use to fight with them. I would also appreciate if you can give me other links to let the world know that amazon is crap.... email me on
   comment by sohail on February 28, 2007

Amazon shut me down because... I have NO IDEA! They are absolutely horrible- and we need a class action against them for what they do to sellers. Here is what they sent me:

This message is to inform you that we have blocked your Auctions, zShops and Marketplace account. Your open listings have been cancelled and you are no longer able to sell on our site.

We have taken this action because it has come to our attention that this account is related to an account which has been previously blocked for violations of our Community Rules.

While we do not provide detailed information on how we link related accounts, we have thoroughly reviewed our records and confirmed that we have significant evidence that this account is related to another account previously closed for community rules violations.

If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to resolve your pending sales. Your Seller Account will remain accessible and you are encouraged to refund or ship pending orders.

Your funds are on temporary hold for 90 days from the date of your final sale. After 90 days, the funds will be disbursed, provided we do not receive chargebacks or A-to-Z Guarantee claims against your sales. If you have further questions about your disbursement, please email

While we appreciate your interest, please understand that the closure of an account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well. Thank you for your understanding with our decision.

I don't even understand their email, let alone their decision. Stay away! And, seriously, there is no need to shop there ever again. BOYCOTT AMAZON!!!
   comment by AVC on February 28, 2007

weed out the bad seeds thanks amazon more sales for me!!!!
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on February 28, 2007

hey Marky why dont you go taunt your succesful book selling ass elesewhere. As you can see it might even be better to enter a PR position for Amazon as when this story breaks. Your 15% paying ass will be on welfare...
   comment by downtownmarkybrown Idiot. on February 28, 2007

LOL You iddiot i said before id pay 30 % i do nothing amazon does every thing and im even shipping some books to them now they are handling all shipping and packing Ill be in florida BITCHES on the beach well my cash cow amazon does all the work for me!
   comment by downtownmarkybrown on March 1, 2007

Amazon sucks big time. I just sold me second item and they hold all my funds for a "merchant review". Guess what it has been a month, no money and no emails from them. FVCK AMAZON.
   comment by Eric on March 2, 2007 blocked my account for unknow reason as they normally do to many sellers and sent me an email stating that after 90 days my account will be reviewed, however, it has been well over 180 days and I can't get a single email response from those A**holes. Trying to figure out how to take them to small claim court as they are holding about 5K of my money. Does anyone interested in a class action against
   comment by usadiamond on March 3, 2007

Contact the FTC. Show them this blog.
   comment by FTC will help on March 3, 2007

Ok guys I had my money held like all of you so I went and contacted a buddy who WORKS for amazons seller division (dude’s name is “CosaNosa”) from “Amazon.con” and the man FINALLY gave me (what seems like a) ok answer about all this shit. He said to me in an email (these are his words NOT mine)


Start of EMAIL
“Where in the world do you see it written that you have a "right" to your funds “immed” to you ASAP? Most 3rd party selling venues **that collect the funds and process them for you** reimburse sellers 2-6 weeks out. Amazon is unusual in that once you are "known", you can do daily withdrawals, they don't make you wait 2-6 weeks. The only exception is ebay (true) BUT ebay doesn't collect the money there which is why there is no hold. eBay is not financially at risk if I don't ship the goods, so they have no reason to hold funds.

Any time another business is putting itself on the hook financially (collecting and processing the funds) you can bet they are going to have fraud protection measures in place to make sure YOU ship the goods. Once you are "established", then you get the ability to transfer at will. And anyone joining a selling venue and not understanding the funds reimbursement patterns up front is an idiot just asking to get fucked with getting-your-cash-problems.

Think of it this way--say it was YOUR site. Someone signs up, customers order # XXX worth of merchandise from them, and the new seller says to you "ok, i shipped the merchandise, now pay me, pay me now". You have NO idea if they did ship or did not-- YES the seller gave you tracking #s or dc’s but for all you know, they shipped Straightheads … AND it was all scratched up EVEN THOUGH YOU LISTED IT AS NEW!!!

So would you say A or B

A) "OK, i trust you even though I know a little something about you, here's your cash" or

B) "I think I'll wait and check with the customers every so often to make sure you are who you say you are, because we have just a basic track history together and I know little about the YOU behind your seller name and I want to be sure the customers received their merchandise and had a good selling experience because it's MY brand name (amazon), and once they confirm receipt, I'll be happy to release the money to you. And because if anything happens *I* am on the hook for , I think we'll leave the cash sitting here until we feel you should get your funds AND I HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO DO THIS FOR AS LONG AS I WANT BECAUSE its OUR business NOT YOURS and all YOU SELLERS ON AMAZON.COM ARE SELLING ON *OUR* SITE.


C’mon you gotta have to think like a business person and do an assessment, which is what Amazon does. Your risk of not being paid is virtually low, as long as you shipped what you sold as described and on time. So yeah your risk is LOW. Amazon is minimizing it's risk by making sure you shipped what you said you would. Minimizing risk is important to a business.”

   comment by Amazon Ganderson on March 4, 2007

I sold a video game 3 months ago on Amazon and now the buyer is disputing the charge. Amazon wants me to prove I sent the item and they don't give a clear way to do this or contact them. Plus the site is hard to navigate. Don't sell here!
   comment by Brian on March 4, 2007

Amazon should take all its hard work in turning sellers off and qualify the buyer and sellers in a more political fashion. You just stated in your amazon employees words, what does not work at Amazon in your favor. You would think they could qualify the bussiness or work to create a better bussines with the sellers. Instead its approach is wrong in my opionion. Amazon feedback system being screwed is only one issue. Amazon not knowing sellers is another. Bussines 101 is being politically correct to the public. The people on this board are very real. Very upset and spreading the word in my opinion on a dialy basis about the bad expereinces they have had. I for one do not recommend using Amazon because they control the funds. They only act in a very simple way in my opinion towards the benift of the buyer. This provides an easy way out. Unjust way if your the seller, you loose. Ebay works becasue they dont control the payment system bottom line. They allow third party companies to make the call. Therefore allevaiting them. Its very obvious what problems there are with the current system here in my opinion. How can this many people all have a grip?

Sure it is Amazons site and because of this zero bussines mentality sellers go other places. These sellers were all potential buyers at one time right? So sure kill two birds one stone and We will continue to make money with partners other places. Amazons approach is unprofessional and undeserving in more cases then one.

It was probably best you did not post the Amazon employees though process. Does not go over well.

The fact the term "on the hook," shows there is a potential risk in the model. They know this and allevaite it by screwing the seller with delayed funds and poor front end work with qualifying buyers through a just feedback system to allow the buyer to make their own decisions.

Claiming quick payment is the real problem is a joke. I get paid from paypal quicker. I can prove this.

Name one website company that pays sellers this way? just one. Very curious to see you qualify your statement.
"reimburse sellers 2-6 weeks out?"
   comment by Amazon abuses the terms on March 4, 2007

I was owed over £900 by after:

1. The initial 14 day wait period.
2. A 30-day "wider review" wait period.
3. A 90-day and "goodbye" wait period.

They don't send it out automatically either. I had to ring them - luckily, if you are polite, they will be polite in return, lady I spoke to said she would contact Sentinel and get my money repaid. I've also been emailing sentinel and payments dept daily to ask for my money. While it hasn't actually landed in my bank account yet, Amazon have emailed to say that the money has finally been released.

Ring them and nag them and email them,
   comment by spooner on March 4, 2007

Amazon only looks after themselves. They are a very greedy company who only looks at the bottom line. If you figure out what they are taking it averages 20% which is way too mush for electronic marketing. I predict that both amazon & feebay will fall & never recover as soon as a business model that is more interested in their sellers is started on the internet. Im sure that it is only a matter of time. Their own greed will kill them just as it always does for anyone.
   comment by unhappyamazonslave on March 5, 2007
   comment by rippedbyamazontheripper on March 5, 2007

   comment by The 123 on March 5, 2007

   comment by THE BEAV on March 5, 2007


If you guys want to stop Amazon's criminal business practices, please email me your stories at the email listed here. I've already got representation and am going forward.

Thanks to those of you who have already contacted me! We're making real progress!
   comment by Amazon Sucks/Let's Fight Back!!! on March 6, 2007

Again, that email is
   comment by Amazon Sucks/Let\\\'s Fight Back!!! on March 6, 2007

My first buying experience on Amazon was a complete and utter goatf**k. After waiting 3 months for my item, I received a email from them saying there was a delay and my wait would be extended an additional 3 months. I could make the item myself in 6 months "OR" do as I should have in the first place and buy the damn tool at Home Depot (today). So much for trying to save a few dollars. They had my money for 3 months and wanted to float it for another 3 months. What then in May..Oops, you item is still delayed. Impossibe, it's an American made tool. Yes, that too is possible, but the Chinese are probably knocking it off as we speak, but it will still cost $50 and another factory will close in the US, but that's another rant! When I was younger they used to call this shylocking or in this case legal loan sharking. I did the only sensible thing and cancelled the order...can I leave feedback?...Nooooo, cause I don't have a valid or open order. Forget that it was a COMPLETE pain in the ass and disappointment. Very clever Amazon, but you can screw some of the people some of the time, etc., etc. It appears you can survive on the use of customers money and never have to deliver anything. NEVER AGAIN! Grrrrrrrrrr!
   comment by Bob on March 8, 2007

Per the above, I stand corrected, as Amazon's email reads that I'm not charged until the item ships. For that I apoligize, before the "Bob Sucks" comments start, however the rest of my insidious diatribe still stands.
   comment by Bob on March 8, 2007

I'll be honest, I knew lots of kids in college who ordered books claimed they never came and pocketed a lot of money because not only did they get money back but they also had the books to sell later's one of the biggest scams going
   comment by You Don\'t Know Me on March 12, 2007

WOW!! ...This is good blog...Amazon really is bad with sellers. It is very frustrating to sell on amazon. They just blcoked my account and put a block on my $3K for 90 days. They have not given any reason. I am not sure what to do. One thing for sure, I am never selling again on amazon. Ebay is not the best but it is much better.
   comment by Arjun on March 13, 2007

Posted by You Don\'t Know Me:
"I'll be honest, I knew lots of kids in college who ordered books claimed they never came and pocketed a lot of money because not only did they get money back but they also had the books to sell later's one of the biggest scams going"

... Now ...

On the other hand when you have sellers that dont ship (combined) with receiving customers who LIE ... dont you see now that its the WHOLE FUCKEDUP NETWORK OF AMAZON.COM - Buyers - and - Sellers - that FUCK IT UP FOR ALL. Be HONEST and this whole business would work.

   comment by Sinnamon Love on March 13, 2007

Nope bitch. Amazon.con SUCKS just as many balls as I do.
   comment by Chyanne Jacobs on March 13, 2007

Whateva bitch. I suck wayy more balls than your yellowbone azz.
   comment by Sinnamon Love on March 14, 2007

Email me to be a part of a class action against amazon
   comment by Amazon Sucks/Let\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s Fight Back!!! on March 14, 2007


Have Your Prospects Pay You Before You Even
Show Them Your Business.Have Buyers Knocking Down Your Door To Join You With Credit Card in
Hand, Rather Than Cold Calling.Put Money In Your Pocket Even If Prospects Don't Ever Join Your Business..If want more information visit this site:profits
   comment by Cherokee on March 15, 2007

I hope those post get removed. This blog is very informative about a certain sites behavior towards sellers. Not some wasted space like the four post above.
   comment by anonymous on March 15, 2007

I guess since the post are slowing down Amazon got the hint. See blogs do work
   comment by more info on March 24, 2007

Amazon is really something and I mean that in the worse way possible. They are holding $3500 of mine for no reason whatsoever. It is enough to drive you out of your mind. How do some people deal with this? If my supplier pressed me, I'd be up the creek here. How many businesses have their ruined?
   comment by Common Sense on March 26, 2007

Wow, Amazon is really suck. Do they invest using holding money from sellers? They are holding $4900 of mine since Feb. 5, and 45 days they promised already passed and no response yet. I've searched web, see if there is any site to report this kind of thing, and got to here. If someone knows online appeal site or a class action against Amazon, it is time.
   comment by Phil on March 28, 2007

Seems like you should read the "comment by Amazon Ganderson on March 4, 2007 at 12:38am"
It (although nobody wants to hear) gives a pretty good explanation about ALL FEE HOLDINGS ... Youll get your money so chill.
   comment by Candance Von on March 28, 2007

Why dont you just "Black The Fuck Up" Candace Von - you would know - you did it in one of your DVDs.
   comment by The Blog Reader on March 28, 2007

Amazon does suck, but does anyone know how to open new account they can not detect is the same seller?
   comment by Bill on March 28, 2007

Amazon gift refund sucks, I've been dealing with them for 5 months now and demanded a check that I can cash, they still got it wrong and sent an e-cert instead. I told them I have no intensions of using their service. I have a BBB complaint on them. I keep getting passed on to a different department. DO NOT USE AMAZON!!!!
   comment by Cory on March 29, 2007

   comment by DJ on March 30, 2007

FASCISM. Just shut down my seller account. The transfer i had initiated two days before had been canceled. All because the BUYER got refunded in the A2z (funded by Amazon not me since I successfully contested it). If you count having your entire WAREHOUSE of amazon items removed from listing each with personal desciptions not cookie cutter "ships fast" messages with no warning and your supplimental income removed arbitrarily.
This is wrong. Circumvention WILL occur believe it. Enemies of the righteous!

   comment by GonnaUseTheF-word on April 1, 2007

how do you successfully contest their stupid A to Z guarantee? No matter what I do they ALWAYS win. Basically someone can just choose to steal your stuff whenever they want to it seems. I sold about 100 products a week since December but I am abou to close up my account since these dishonest assholes are sucking me dry. I had98% feedback, tracking numbers and even sent out everything first class mail instead of media mail, but none of it seemed to matter. I've paid these guys THOUSANDS of dollars in commission alone in just 4 months and they dont give a shit at all.
   comment by steve916 on April 3, 2007

These fuckers just closed me down after a year of taking my money. I gave them thousands. I really want to sue them. Anyone know what evidence I can sue them under? They even took my money when items were claim delivered and customer said they it was lost. Anyone got any ideas or want to sue them, please give me suggestion.
   comment by Logan on April 7, 2007

Anyone has any sued results? Has anyone sued Amazon and received any results?
   comment by Logan on April 7, 2007

Has Amazon ripped you off or blocked your account?

Forget Amazon Alliance or customer service– when you threaten to sue – you’ll get one fast response-

I sued, I got reimbursed and reinstated, when they play hardball just persist –when they realize you’re serious about a suit – they’ll quickly bow down

Visit. The American Arbitration Ass. They handle issues of this sort

file your claim at:
   comment by how to sue amazon and win on April 8, 2007 or AAA is a mediator, Amazon can choose not to participate and the case would end up worthless.
   comment by theord on April 8, 2007

crossroad: you should check if the item was shipped or not from your amazon account.. sometimes your email system could be failed that's why you did not received a notification email (seller have to provide tracking number to Amazon if not payment will be returned to buyer)
   comment by be positive on April 9, 2007

check out this blog..
   comment by be positive on April 9, 2007

Ok, so Amazon Sucks... but from what I can tell the grass is not greener on the other storefronts as well? Question/Challenge: What are the qualities of the perfect online store to sell your wares? I think that everyone wants a place that customers will feel safe purchasing.. For all of the negative of the AtoZ program it does make the buyers safe.

The reason that I ask is that I am investigating opening up a competitor to AZ/EBAY et al...

So let me hear it from you folks.. what would the perfect Online mall be like?
   comment by mwh on April 10, 2007 is FREE and easy and needs to grow. I am sick of amazon and ebay and paypal they all think they own you -- this is the very reason most of us are in business for ourselves is NOT to be owned. We all need to fight back do everything you can.
   comment by Traci on April 10, 2007

amazon could have system where buyers had to prove they had e-mailed sellers before allowing buyers to post poor feedback after 5days
amazon is fundamentally corrupt-it has ruined 1000s of small sellers by deception-but how to get revenge>>
   comment by j on April 13, 2007

I got blocked by Amazon for no good reason, I had great feedback and they just closed me down after selling for them for years. I have lost all income I needed to support my family, If anybody can help, please do!
   comment by Leo the Lion on April 14, 2007

Amazon has taken it upon themselves to close my account and not return any of my emails regarding my claim. I have thousands of dollars that they will not dispurse to me and customer service will only give me an email address. How does not have a physical address or a fax machine. This is what they've done. If you find that wonderful niche of products that sell like I did ($2,789.00 in 3 days) they shut you down immediately and claim illegal activities. has used ebay's success to find all these business minded little people and when these people find a way to make good money they close down their account and take over that niche with their own products. The problem is I have 100% positive feedback and they have still closed my account. Go figure. Who can help?
   comment by Vengeance seeker on April 14, 2007

Oh please. Most of you people provide precious few details on why Amazon would just shut you down. Something tells me that most of you are full of c***.

And sellers most certainly CAN respond to buyer feedback. I do it all the time.
   comment by anonymous on April 17, 2007

I have come to the conclusion that all the people who defend Amazon are either amazon employees or very ignorant (not stupid) You are ignorant because you have not yet experienced the total devastation, pain and misery that comes from a large account being closed by amazon for no good reason. I only hope you remain ignorant because I hope this never happens to you. Just be careful, because if you talk crap about good people who have been wronged then you never know when karma may just turn to you and bite you in the ass. Although my life has been put in a temporary state of ruin, I hope nothing but good things for all of you and I hope I have offended no one. Thanks
   comment by Leo the Lion on April 17, 2007


You, Lee, need to come clean about why Amazon would just randomly shut you down...and lose money themselves over your lost sales.

It is NOT good business either way. Repeat: NOT GOOD BUSINESS.

And no, don't feed more lies about people here defending Amazon because we are employees of theirs. Talk about more crap...

   comment by anonymous on April 17, 2007

I thought you could not publicly make remarks if you worked for a company? Did rules change?

This seems pretty unproffesional...
   comment by Amazon Employee POST on Website? on April 18, 2007

Yes, Just another Amazon "Cheerleader" who believes all is rosy at amazon and that we just haven't found the "Weapons of Mass Destructions" yet and OJ is innocent too. Must be nice to live in a fantasy world....
   comment by Leo the Lion on April 19, 2007

I used to sell on amazon. I was making good sales too, until amazon shut me down saying that my account was linked to another account that had been blocked. Turns out my teenage son used to sell his textbooks back to amazon and got blocked for negative feedback. I tried to talk to the alliance but all I recieved were automated messeges that said they had investigated the matter and would not reply or communicate further. I sell on half now, but sales have never been the same.
   comment by exseller on April 19, 2007
   comment by Work 4 on April 19, 2007

I'm not big on blogging but it's a platform I do respect and appreciate. For me to be typing here right now just explains how ticked off I am. It’s my fault really, since I did not do my homework before starting to sell on Amazon.

I signed up as a seller friday afternoon (April 20, 2007). Within the hour I made a sale. WOW!! I Could not believe it. I Just made $48.33 profit after Amazon take their chunk out of my sale. I felt very good about the fast sale I made so nothing could hold me in bed the following morning (Saturday). 6:07AM I logged into my sellers account. Goodness gracious, I made three more sales! Could this be for real? Folks, for an amateur seller like me, I just made over $230.00 in PROFIT in less than 20 hours on Amazon. Keep in mind, I use drop shippers and these guys are following through for me on eBay right now. I know they would do the same for my Amazon customers as long as I have them to ship within their shipping zones. I’ve never gotten one negative feedback that tracks back to my drop shippers shipping to the wrong address or an incorrect item. These folks are true professionals and as a business partner, I trust them.

I could not contain myself. I asked my wife to let us go for a walk after she got up out of bed. We walked, brainstormed, envisioned our 'bright future' and revisited our financial plans. Literally, I saw us buying a new SUV within a matter of months (from Amazon profits alone) as we are expecting a new baby. I knew I was selling items very high in demand but had no idea the sales would be so fast. Seriously.

An hour and a half larter we returned. I went into my email inbox first and saw an email entittled ' Notice: Your Account' from ''.

I had no idea what to expect so I opened it only to find out that my account has been blocked and the last three sales I made were cancelled. This ticked me off completely as Amazon did not specifically state why my account has been blocked. They were very general and un-American-like. They went on stating that funds in my account will be on hold for up to 90 days and I should refund all pending orders and make sure customers receive all orders that have been shipped...

I emailed Alliance immediately. Even though I knew I would not receive a legitimate response, I did anyway. I knew because I know my way around the net and have been on long enough to know about auto responses and fixed emails.

They responded just as I expected and I guess my next step is to contact Jeff or email customer service. After reading these threads I really have no intention to get hype about Amazon despite the fast sales.

I have two eBay accounts and consider myself an above average internet marketer (sponsored listings on overture and Google does work). I should be okay with those but Amazon just messed up a good thing and I do not know what to read of it. Do they see me as a potential competitor with the prices I offer or did I really messed up and deserve losing my account privileges? If they had reasons to pull/ block my account, why didn't they specify and why not give me a chance to make it right? I guess they don't believe in giving warnings. Amazon Alliance, (I know you could be reading this thread), do you mind considering having an independent third party team monitor a questionnaire of survey based on your business practices for both buyers and sellers and make the results public? Sellers and Buyers, how about us writing to talk shows such as Oprah or news sites such as CNN NBC or MSNBC and request a show/ story on how Amazon do business? Is this too much to ask? After all, if they believe in what they do they would definitely embrace the free publicity. Correct? Enough said!
   comment by G. Offers on April 23, 2007

g. offers, what was your amazon seller name?

what kind of stuff were you selling?

it's weird that amazon just shuts someone down that fast.
   comment by a on April 23, 2007

G. Offers is bullshittin'. simple. Amazon wouldn't shut down your shit simply cause you making some sales. Nope - he tryed to do them shady or had a bad account with 'em before or sumthin so they cut his azz
   comment by Lori Alexia on April 25, 2007

It works both ways. I recently had a scummy buyer who apparently knows scheming ways of purchasing an item, leaving bad feedback and getting a refund. Amazon has done nothing to the buyer (but sent me an apology – oh gee…thanks for the sympathy). Don’t worry my dearest scum we’ve got plenty of evidence and information on you - see you in small claims. Oh by the way, you’ll be paying interest, court fees and for our attorney when we’re done.
   comment by Dist., CT of Maryland on April 26, 2007

I mean people honestly read this board and try to defend Amazon. WHY? Its no good in my opinion in customer service at all. I actually tried to call the Alliance. Try to call Amazon and ask for Alliance.

Nothing. enough said
   comment by How Funny. on April 27, 2007

What a bunch of morons! I'm glad you were all kicked off Amazon.
   comment by Bag of retards on April 29, 2007

amazon are holding my money and they expect to get away with i have done everything they asked and they still have not took off the hold i find them unhelpful and annoying up to 30 days yeah right more like longer i get automated emails from them and when i phone they just palm me off and tell me to email them what is the point
   comment by what an incompitant joke on May 3, 2007

Im a firm believer the good state of Oregon Attorney general will like to know about this blog and the hurt Amazon brings to bussines.

   comment by anonymous on May 4, 2007

record collectors guild has started offerring FREE RECORD AUCTION LISTINGS to it's members. all these book selling sites are too greedy. a new site needs to be created. offers a decent rate of commision for book sales, but they don't market themselves. a great site for sellers and buyers would certainly be self marketing though as many are expressing concerns re: amazon SUCKS ASS, through forums. i think a good move in the final stages of amazon selling would be to tell buyers where to find you and other sellers on a good site, and tell them to check out forums.
   comment by lee on May 7, 2007

Rachel Schopen
Alliance Department Seller Support
(206) 622-2335
   comment by ReallyScrewed on May 9, 2007

i'm both a buyer and a seller on and i agree with all of u sellers out there that amazon's definitely on the buyer's question! i'm a buyers too, so i represent both side of the tracks....any time some dumbass gives you a wrong address the SELLER gets screwed. Not only do u have to give a full refund, AND you also get a negative feedback --- simply becuz some moron forgets to include an apartment #.

i make about 500 dollars in profit per month and would make 3 times if it wasn't for some dumbass giving me a negative feedback becuz HE/SHE didn't provide me with the correct address to begin with....ruined my otherwise perfect feedback rating.

like many of you, i have emailed amazon trying to get an answer, one example: some guy gave me the wrong address and demanded a full refund, i got his order returned to me with "no such address" stamped on the package and i was gonna provide amazon with the proof that it was actually the BUYER's fault that he didn't receive his order....finally, all i got was a response email saying "sorry that the buyer gave you the wrong shipping address, there's nothing we can do"....then 3 days later, they charged my account with a full refund....that's bullshit!

now from a buyer's perspective, i've bought quite a few items from amazon the last 3 years, and i can tell you this --- 99% of amazon sellers are legit...there are only a few crooks here and there, but BAD BUYERS far out-numbers the bad sellers, becuz the system is designed in HUGE FAVOR of the buyers. and i don't see changing anything to protect its marketplace sellers anytime soon.

if i ever hear or read anything about people getting together (seriously) to file a lawsuit, then i'll be one of the first people signing up for this.
   comment by disgruntled seller...Yeah AMAZON sucks on May 10, 2007

oh and btw, i sold stuff on ebay too...about 4 years ago and eBay was full of shit too. still, it was better 4 years ago than what Amazon is least its feedback system is fair to both the sellers and buyers. and eBay gives you a warning AND an explanation first before they shut you down for good.

here's what happened to me selling on eBay: i sold CDs, and just making a few hundreds of dollars a month as a side income to my full time day, out of nowhere, i got a warning email from eBay saying that i was selling unauthorized (bootlegs) CDs and i have to pull that specific CD off my store becuz the copyrightted owner filed a complain about the CD that i was selling, claiming it was a bootleg/pirated copy of his original work....what eBay didn't know was, i GOT THOSE CDS FROM THE ARTIST HIMSELF AND I HAVE EMAIL FROM THE ARTIST STATING THAT IT WAS FINE FOR ME TO DISTRIBUTE HIS CDS....despite the fact that i have proof that the CDs were legitimate, i obliged and took that particular title off of my inventory....then a few days later i got a email from eBay saying my seller account had been suspended indefinitely......they shut my store down, i had been a relatively new seller on eBay and was just starting to push my sales to a new plateau --- i was generating thousands in gross the week that eBay shut my shit down..... hasn't shut me down, yet...but i will heed the above comments and starting making DAILY fund transfers to my local bank account so i don't get screwed over....too much.

i was just about to expand my Amazon inventory but after reading all these comments i've decided to hold back....and open up my own web store, promote it, market it with some money, increase its traffic, and then sell my stuff......seems like the more difficult way to start up a web-based biz, since unlike amazon and ebay (which have millions of browsers hourly), but in the end, i'll stick with it and work from ground up, and i think it'll do alright as a 2nd source for income.

   comment by disgruntled seller...Yeah AMAZON sucks on May 10, 2007

Lori Alexia, your comment about me on April 25, 2007 at 12:47pm is somewhat questioning. However, you are totally entitled to your opinion and I do respect that. What I wrote was exactly what I experienced and I described what happened without exaggeration.

Did I have an account with Amazon prior to now? Absolutely not. Have I been kicked off Amazon before? Nope. I've had a log in for years and bought my first two items earlier this year. I bought my sister in law two books that she needed while pursuing her Masters. She was excited that I opened up an Amazon account knowing how ecommerce savvy I am. 24 hours later, no one could believe what happened.

The Alliance dept, Jeff and Jeff's office have been receiving emails from me ever since but their emails responses are very dull, cut and paste information that they keep sending.

'Disgruntled seller...Yeah AMAZON sucks', I would suggest you continue doing what you are doing. Don't go in too deep and frequently withdraw money and fund your bank account. You just never know who the Alliance team is going to target and when.

Had I known about this blog before I opened up my Amazon account I probably would not have or at least thought about it longer.

'Bag of retards' watch your words, they may come back and hurt you.

'How Funny', you said it right ... "I mean people honestly read this board and try to defend Amazon. WHY? " Could you please provide us with a link to an Amazon blog that discusses the opposite of what’s being tabulated here?

You will never clearly understand what some Amazon Sellers experience with Amazon Alliance until they come your way. For your sake, I do hope they don't.

G. Offers
   comment by G. Offers on May 14, 2007

Well I for one will admit my mistake with Amazon that got me blacked. I had an obnoxious customer who bought the wrong item, even tho the desc. was properly listed she did not read it, bought it, discovered it to be wrong and instead of emailing me to ask for a fix, which I would have asked her to return it for a refund, even if it was her mistake, she instead just left me a negative review. When I emailed her and asked her to return the item for a refund and also to remove her review, she emailed me back that she thought about removing the review but decided not to. I went into an overblown rage and sent her a angry, very, very angry email. Well... needless to say my rage got me the you are being blocked letter and they stole $900.00 from me. It seems that there are many customers on Amazon that would prefer to use the review process to get your attention about a problem whether it is theirs or yours instead of contacting you the seller first and giving you a chance to fix the issue first. Amazon gives you no recourse and you suffer with the results. I find that Amazon is as everyone here says, but I do have to agree with a few people, the anger and rage which is justified, merely waters down the facts and makes us less believable and less credible. We need to admit our mistakes here, Amazon might be an evil empire that needs to be brought down but it won't happen with rage. I have moved onto an Ebay store and have come to terms with the fact that I wont see the same sales I saw on Amazon for a while. Maybe we can sue but there are some of us like myself who have circumstances that might be just cause. I made my mistake, even tho I dont feel it was enough to completly block me, they make their decisions, I mean it is their web site. Anyway it is good to find other people who are and have gone thru the same emotions. Those of you who have and are still selling on Amazon, you must really be a soft sucker, to be able to take the abuse from the customers, I am learning, but still there are so many out there that just want to take you for a ride and know how to abuse the system to their advantage. Amazon knows about this site you know it, I am using my amazon name and I am not ashamed of it. Presently I am letting over 100 orders go into A-Z claims because I did not ship them when they blocked me, and when the customer emails me with an inquiry I tell them all about what Amazon is doing with their money and how they are being ripped off, and how they are probably buying stolen goods from Amazon. I also tell them that there is a possibilty of them getting arrested for receiving stolen goods. Admit it most of the sellers of CD/DVD's on Amazon are selling shoplifted goods, probably the clothes too. It a major fencing web site, all money laundering. A moatter of time before amazon is investigated and caught.

   comment by Kilgor Trouts on May 14, 2007

g. offers,

you claim that you are innocent.

so why don't you tell us what your amazon seller name is so we can lookup your feedback from your customers?

   comment by b on May 15, 2007

'B', thanks for your interest in my Amazon ID. With due respect it is of no importance for me to publicize the name. As mentioned, I was only on Amazon for less than 24 hours. There is nothing in my history to view.

The first order that came through, I immediately refunded the customer and explained to her what had happened. The other three orders, as Kilgor Trouts puts it, Amazon stole them and made them their own. No feedback was tabulated. Amazon did not give me a chance to receive any.

G. Offers
   comment by G. Offers on May 17, 2007

g. offers,

In your original post, you say that amazon/alliance canceled your account on a Saturday. Alliance doesn't even work on weekends. And they also canceled your account within 24 hours? That's crazy.
   comment by b on May 17, 2007

Look B a fact is a fact. What is the number for alliance anyway? I would love some support.

I just cant seem to find the number to the Alliance...

Oh, is that because there is not one.. "Bingo" I think Im right. There is absolutely no number to the alliance for a reason. So they dont talk to you..

Of course that just my findings.

This board is right. sucky long time.
   comment by Disgruntled with Alliance. on May 19, 2007

That is correct ‘B’, I signed up for an Amazon store on a Friday afternoon. I went through the verification process, you know, where they have you submit your telephone number and they have an automated system call back right away so you can enter a 4 digit pin. They did call in under 45 seconds (impressive) that Friday afternoon. I was immediately verified and I started listing my items right away.

Less than two hours later I made my first sale. I continued to upload inventory to my store. I was very optimistic and motivated. I got up Saturday morning and noticed I made another three sales when I logged into my Sellers Account.

All was okay at this time with my account. I did not receive the 'Ship Now' email from Amazon. I guess their merchant account provider needed a little more time for the payments to be approved. This was when my expecting wife and I went for a walk. We were out for about 90 minutes. Remember, this was a Saturday morning. When we returned and logged back in, then was when I noticed that my Amazon account was cancelled. All this happened on a bright and perfect Saturday morning, presumably, according to you ‘B’, ALLIANCE DON'T WORK ON SATURDAYS. By the way, that suspension email came from Amazon Alliance. Am I supposed to think something of that statement made by you ‘B’? I'll leave this for the readers of this blog to decide.

Let's not lose focus ‘B’, I'm not the bad guy here. This blog does not identify me as the bad guy. Just a reminder, the big heading/ reason why we all post here is: “Have you considered selling on Amazon?” It Sucks ! NOT G. Offers sucks. Just scroll back up top and check for yourself.

G. Offers.
   comment by G. Offers on May 19, 2007

g. offers,

if you believe that are you are in the right, then why don't you take some action and sue amazon?

amazon can't just shut someone down for absolutely no reason.

get a lawyer and sue them
   comment by b on May 20, 2007

With $7000 in my account they froze it for 30 days.
So they said, and then I kept on selling.
At that time it was $3K.
I figured okay, I was shipping, getting positive, no problem. I sent them tracking numbers, everything else under the sun.
It took them 2 weeks to give me the courtesy of a reply.
I get today a notice to fax ( again) the list of tracking numbers.
Not an hour later I get a notice my account is on hold for 90 days.
Linked to another account..which it is, but a buying account only. And not linked, but my daughter.
These guys are thieves.
Have anyone ever beat them.
Can we file a class action.
Email me at
If you want to give me information.
And Amazon people, I am saving all emails so be careful what you write, and I save IP's
   comment by Rene Galvin on May 22, 2007

To the person that said AMAZON does not have to abritate, as per their own agreement, they certainly do!
You agree that any action at law or in equity arising out of or relating to these terms and conditions shall be submitted to confidential arbitration in Reno, Nevada, except that, to the extent you have in any manner violated or threatened to violate Amazon's intellectual property rights, Amazon may seek injunctive or other appropriate relief in any state or federal court in the state of Nevada, and you consent to exclusive jurisdiction and venue in such courts. Arbitration under this Agreement shall be conducted under the rules then prevailing of the American Arbitration Association. The arbitrator's award shall be binding and may be entered as a judgment in any court of competent jurisdiction. To the fullest extent permitted by applicable law, no arbitration under this Participation Agreement shall be joined to an arbitration involving any other party subject to this Participation Agreement, whether through class arbitration proceedings or otherwise.

   comment by Rene Galvin on May 22, 2007

Dear Mr. Jeff,

After thinking I would go on to Amazon to become a stellar client, I found myself after 2 weeks having about $4K blocked in reserve. Keep selling, and we will review your account you said. So I continued, sending email after email with absolutely no response for over 2 weeks. finally on the 13 day I get a request for delivery confirmations which had already been sent. ( note you blocked me on the 4th, and I got a response on the 22nd. If I did business like that, I would be out of business. ) If I shipped like that , it would be borderline mail fraud.

Each and every item was sent within 2 days, excluding weekends. I asked every single person if they would give feedback. Since Feedback is nothing with you as it is on eBay, most could not even figure out how to do it. I did not have time to give them instructions, but did tell them to go to help.

Slowly the feedback poured in. As I got a couple of small complaints, I sent free merchandise, and gifts, knowing they had got the items. Fearful of your A_Z , policy, I bent over backwards.

The A-Z policy is something you have in effect, yet you hold your sellers at hostage for those who don't deliver, and for you to have an awesome policy to boost your reputation.
Clearly that is what it is for.

After sitting down with a new spread sheet, hours later, after two months of selling, I get a your are blocked forever because of assocation with another account.

Seven people live in my home. I am not their keeper, and to find me liable for their actions is actually most likely something that can be pursued. A legal system of guilty without even being able to respond would find us all in jail.

Now you have $7K and have shut me down. Seven thousand dollars, luckily I can live without for a bit, but many could not.

I am going to make it my passion to stop this kind of nonsense. You must improve your customer service . I am 52, and to not be allowed to talk to anyone ever, and to get no response to emails, will sir catch up with you.

I am reporting this to the Attorney Generl both in Seattle and in Nevada. I am notifying the governor in both states, as well as better business. I am also going to file for abritation and for lost sales.

This is very, very unfair, and I am a person who believes in helping others and doing the right thing. However after reading all the blogs, and web sites, I see this is common practice with you. The Toys R Us Story amazes me. By the way, your two top toy sellers, Toy Wiz, and Collectors Paradise, I have supplied before as a distributor.

I fully expect no response or a canned one. Just remember being on top, makes it only one way to go, if you are not fair, and a good person.

Star Style Boutique ( a new website coming that will have a link to all of this nonsense... DeleteReplyForwardMove...
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   comment by Rene Galvin on May 23, 2007

remember, Amazon is in business to make money. They won't provide a platform to help YOU make money. They make selling on their website so hard to discourage sellers, so there will be fewer competition for them. And they don't require sellers to ship fast, so buyers will not buy from those sellers, they will buy from amazon instead. They did all those on purpose! It's so obvious. Business people are all evil
   comment by anonymous on May 29, 2007

AMAZON is a nightmare. I've had a similar experience as some of you with them screwing-up the ship to address. Even worse, they tell you that they have your order in stock and ready and then it ships out two weeks later. I purchased a DVD set as a gift (4 different DVDs) and I received #3 and #4 after two weeks (not 5 days) and then I had to e-mail and call several times before I could get the other sent. It took a month!!!! And they didn't appologize, rather said there is no promise to deliver at any specific time. You can have it. I picked up all 4 at the local WalMart and CircuitCity the same day for the same price.
   comment by MIKE FROM CAROLINA on May 31, 2007

Please, everyone. Post a complaint on the Better Business Bureau. I have posted one up. The more complaints we get, the better. Legal actions will be taken.

I hate Amazon too and trying to make a living.
   comment by angelia333 on June 5, 2007

Oh, and I agree that has better inventory managing tools than Amazon!!! The appearance is also 10x better.
   comment by angelia333 on June 5, 2007

I have been selling on for over a month now, and things are going quite well. I'm not sure where you got the idea that you cannoy respond to feedback from, i'm pretty sure you can.

Amazon is much better than ebay, you have so much more protection against fraud when you buy from ebay.
   comment by Keith on June 10, 2007

I agree with all of the complaints on this site. My company just had their account blocked for no apparent reason. I assure you, we are an honest business that had a 100% feedback rating and did a good job of shipping items very quickly.
We got the "your account has been linked to a previous acount that has broken community rules" form letter. We've never had a previous account!! Basically, is COMPLETELY slanted to the buyer, not the third party seller. Any buyer can put any seller out of business with one negative comment (whether true or not!!!)
The "Alliance" at Amazon is one of the worst business models in American history. There is certainly a reason why they have garnered the "Gestapo" moniker. should be banned by all consumers worldwide.
Those of you who defend Amazon have clearly never tried to sell on Amazon. It's great to get a few cheap deals as a's another animal altogether as a seller!!
   comment by Amazon_Is_Evil on June 11, 2007

Come on Guys - Amazon is not that bad. What's bad is ebay. Suspended sellers keeps on creating new accounts and when you report it to them, they want proof, when you provide proof, they will look in to it but will not disclose the final outcome. 2 months down the road, those sellers are still there trying to scam more consumers.
   comment by As Seen On TV on June 14, 2007

I used to sell on amazon too until they blocked my account for having negative feedbacks which are not absolutely true. They are holding my money for more than 30 days now.

At first I received an e-mail stating that my account is being reviewed.
It says "Please note that this is not necessarily a negative reflection of your selling history. This action is taken regularly on newer or fast growing accounts."

They asked me to submit tracking numbers for the shipped item and they even want to know other channels through which I sell.
To make the story short, I complied with their requests. After a few weeks, my account is blocked because 2 buyers left me negative feedback for not receiving a reply from me, which I can say a lie coz I replied right after I received their e-mails. Amazon's e-mail templates sucks!!!

I agree with all the other complaints here. For those of you who believes Amazon is great, just wait and see...

There is a section on Wikipedia that discuss Readers can edit information:

   comment by Amazon_really_sucks on June 18, 2007

Holy cow! We've seen the future and it sucks! Amazon is the nightmare endgame of American capitalism. Like there is no accountability. They are so big they can do what they want. Hold your money, kick you off after years of fattening their bank account, crush your livelihood with an autogenerated message. We're talking Moloch, Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Goebells, Eichmann all squeezed into a fucking computer, electronic nazism.
   comment by George Orwell wouldn\'t sell his books on Amazon on June 20, 2007

Amazon sucks bigtime.....My feedback was 100% then due to there system error some orders never arrived for a week the time i posted, people were emailing me etc asking where books were...anyhow got negative feeback due to late arrival of books. I contacted Amazon and told them they were not bothered and had no concern at you say it is all about the buyer and not the seller surely we have rights too...then they had the cheek to contact me about there concerns for my feedback dropping to beow 95% .....wel i could not believe it...ridiculous site....Does anyone know of any other sites to sell if so email me cheers
   comment by Andrew Jinks on June 21, 2007

Sell on ABE and Alibris, and, if you can figure out the instructions, Anything is better than making that a-----e Bezos a billionaire.
   comment by George Orwell wouldn\\\\\\\'t sell his books on Amazon on June 21, 2007

New to selling on amazon had 100% feedback items were shipped gave all tracking # 's to amazon .my funds put on reserve for 30-45 days .? whats the story gave all tracking #'s. plus received 2 neg feedbacks for no specified reason.the buyers do not contact sellers prior to leaving feedback.I do not understand these people.they receive a product then do not get incontact with you for over a week and then just leave negative feedback without contacting you first.If you went to the store and made a purchase and there was aproblem would you wait aweek to go back to the store no you would go back right away. same should apply here. they feel they can scam you over the better do right by their sellers or stop offering a third party sellers marketplace.this is not fair that the buyers receive their merchandise and amazon holds your money for it even providing tracking that it was delivered ...get it together amazon.. i will be moving my inventory elswhere
   comment by was railroaded on June 21, 2007

If you ever had an amazon account and you had to fax over your tracking #'s. and it was closed down. then you start a new one and they ask to send tracking #'s via fax DO NOT USE THE SAME FAX MACHINE YOU USED FOR THE PREVIOUSE ACCOUNT THAT WAS CLOSED !!
each fax machine has its own id code that can not be blocked even if you have your telephone # blocked. this is a government law for fax machines and nine out of ten times you will be shutdown due too this id and you will be linked to your old account... so do not do it. amazon sucks
   comment by private on June 26, 2007

Amazon has committed so much illegal behavior towards its sellers. Compared to eBay, is just outrageous.

Toys R Us sued We sellers need to organize and file a class-action lawsuit against

I for some reason, know that some people working at are looking at our sales data, and figure out what items are making good profits. They leak this information out to their family and friends, and let them start businesses on

Once I created this item on, got an ASIN and even a UPC #, I sold tens of thousands of $$$ on this item, made a good profit. And then suddenly my account got blocked without me even getting an email notice from them, and other sellers started selling the item at 50% my price. I had some new accounts created by my friends, and those got blocked too! block us all so they can sell the item themselves! I know those new sellers are linked to those people working at, especially the people. They are unscrupulous. They need to be investigated. They steal our sales data and use it to their own advantage illegally. They profit on us.

   comment by humancattle on June 26, 2007

I've only dealt with a few times, but have to say I have been very pleased. Prices are good and shipping was also good. One purchase was bad and they refunded my return postage. I had a very good selling experience. Amazon is very different in offering contact with a "live" person for customer service. That is great. I've seen many feedback rebuttals, so have to question that claim. One thing they need to improve on is the seller notification process.
   comment by Marianne on June 26, 2007

Think twice before selling unique items on Amazon. We have been selling on Amazon for almost a year. We had some very unique item that nobody else sell on the Internet and were making good profit on Amazon. Few months later, we noticed that Amazon started selling these items themselves and we stopped receiving orders for these items. Amazon had rubbed us!!! They invite you to sell on their website only to get free marketing data so they can eventually kick you out and make more money themselves. Shame on!!!!!!!!!!
   comment by Jeffery on June 27, 2007

I am so very sorry to bother you with my problem, I know I am nobody special and I have little hope that you have time to bother with someone like me. I am not famous or a politician or a wealthy man. Actually I am poor by most standards only renting a home in which my family and I live (I have a wife and 3 children) Why am I emailing you? I have never written an email to anyone for help until now but I have tried everything else and I am hoping that someone (even one person with influence) may be able to help me. I will try to give you the short version of a long story.
I was a video tape seller on, I started this when I was laid off from a big corporation and could not find work. I was doing allright and made some money from this for a while, not alot but enough to support my family but no more.
All was going fine for a while but I am sorry to report, actually I am devastated to tell you that the amazon "Alliance Team" (an amazon watchdog team that sellers refer to as "The Gestapo" because they do what they want to whomever they want and do not have to have proof of wrongdoing to ruin someones life) They have made a terrible mistake by blocking my account. This means I can not get paid the money that customers have already sent for videos they purchased from me. They say they are holding the funds for up to 90 days. Which means I may and probably will not ever get the money. This is an error on their part that they say they will not reverse.
They have stated that they have blocked my account because I they feel i have tried to "Divert" customers from amazon, an accusation which is Absolutely Not True! And that they have absolutely no proof of whatsoever. I have Never tried to divert even one customer from the amazon site.
This is a terrible error on their part but so far they have refused to even consider unblocking my account. Meanwhile, I have no job, no money coming in, my good customers that are counting on me are not getting their orders because of this blocked account and I am losing thousands of dollars that my wife and three kids depend on to live.
I have an excellent feedback rating from my customers and many have written on my behalf to tell amazon that I Never, tried to divert them from the amazon site. I also have documented proof that what they accuse is not true. Also, I have found there are many websites dedicated to this problem and that amazon is doing this to countless others and getting away with it. I am hoping that if enough people get together, we can stop this cruel treatment of people. If you want to complain or fight back,
You may email them at

PS. Actually, anything anyone can do to help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You All!
   comment by Leo the Lion on June 27, 2007

Leo start a new account up . get a new checking account in another name and a new cc in another name.if you are using cable modem or dsl . get rid of it and get a dialup service instead. reformat your computer reinstall your software and get a new shipping address . then you are good to go . start getting more sales to carry you till amazon gives you your funds. i know its tough but they are
corrupted ...
   comment by private on June 28, 2007

My concern is the $3.25 charge they're telling me they're going to take for a book I sell... The book is worth about $7.50.... and then if shipping is at all over their estimates, you eat that too-- ouch.
   comment by Heather on July 6, 2007

Amazon sucks big time. i had made sales then they held my money for30 days. NOT IN THE POLICY agreement! then they released it. made more sales but have not received many feedbacks so your feedback rate climbs! no ato z claims and 1 refund due from buyers ordering mistake. receive a letter of notice about policy warning! asking why my feedback is the way it is? Now i explained to them i have not 1 a to z or claims . received 1 neg feedback from buyer because the item was shipped with tracking and shows delivey.
they had the wrong addresss on amazon. what am i a fucking mind reader.! You dont know your address asshole!So im to blame. anyway. buyers dont leave feedback so what am i supposed to do! now i ask amazon how to get the buyers to leave feedback even after sending repeated emails and notes in the packages..they get back
again not even answering my questions just some
typical canned letter about a to z claims and so on..
that did not even apply to my situation. so i emailed them again. now remember you have to kiss their ass like they are gods gift or these punk kids THAT'S RIGHT PUNK KIDS WORK FOR THEM!! Thats the mentality of amazon real buisness like.If these kids had a spat with their friends,grlfriends or a bug up their ass that day they will take it out on sellers accounts ! and shut you down.. anyway i eply again asking the same question how to get buyers to leave feedback after repeated atempts all very polite asking for help from alliance and being sincear . well these assholes get back saying this >>>
Hello from

Thank you for writing.

Please note that your listings have been suspended and are currently
unavailable for sale. You may not sell on until further notice. retains the right to immediately halt any auction or fixed
price sale, prevent or restrict access to the Site, including access
to seller account and seller tools.

The feedback, claims and/or refunds submitted to your seller account
profile indicate that a number of buyers have been dissatisfied with
the service you have provided. In an effort to help preserve a quality
buying experience for customers, your selling privileges
have been suspended indefinitely.

Your account is still accessible to you. If you still have items to
ship, please take appropriate steps to resolve your pending sales.

If you would like your selling privileges reinstated, please provide a
detailed account of the steps you will undertake to bring your
performance up to our standards.

Thank you for your understanding with our decision.

Best regards,

Alliance Program

This is what help you get from amazons alliance team !! douuchbags!
now i cant sell and they just destrot=yed my life. their rating system is the most thoughtless process their should be no feedback system ata all it is clearly abused by buyers anyway ! the buyers think sellers are theives but in reality when a buyer makes a false claim saying he or she never received it.. i pull out the tracking # and shove it upp their ass!! fuck you amazon they should be shut down but they are corrupt just lie our so called govt!! they are lining the pockets of all the legislature in the cities they work out of. why
has their been not one class action lawsuit made?
no one waants to touch the case its a curupt society ran by come on they let that douchbag creat a rocket? next it will be weapons of mass destruction. im contacting the federal trade commission but alot of good that will do as i email them jeff (bozak) will be under the table blowin the whole commission !!!!!
I see it this way if you want to make money then open your own website but how will peple now where you are and know about you with so many othersites you would be lost in the shuffle.i tried to make a living on amazon but it will not work i reapeat it will not work you will not be independant .
it is like you still have a boss.they still ciontrol your life.. you go to a job everyday and at any given day you can be let go . then you are assed out.. same as with amazon they are your boss. the only thing is with your job you get your last paycheck .. with amazon they hold all your money (yourpaycheck)for 90 days ++
i dont care what their policy states it is illegall...
if you value your merchandise sell eswher but to tell the truth internet selling is just plain terrible. im going back to work so that i have a weekly paycheck tired of amazons holding my money
just wanted to add my situation to this great site Keep it going

   comment by amazon suckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks on July 16, 2007

My husband and I began selling movies on Ebay about 6 years ago, and began selling on Amazon about 2 years ago. I will not keep my identity private, as it serves no purpose and I am not ashamed for all to know my selling names as has been stated previously in this blog. I sell under 2 user names on both Amazon and Ebay. 5jauctions and thelooneybin7, so you can feel free to check out my feedback and reputation on any of these and I am sure that you will find that my reputation speaks for itself. Both of my Amazon accounts were too closed on the same day July 11, 2007 as a matter of fact. Again, no clear explanation as to why. I can guess that the reason is for selling and creating listings for erotic features, however, if this offends anyone, I do apologize, however, I am a person who feels that adults have a right to make choices and that the poor military men deserve to be able to purchase these items. Now, you in judgement may say that this is wrong, however, Amazon themselves are listed under many X rated titles which they themselves have created the listings for. I was booted from Amazon, have tried to get back on without success, however, Amazon has kept all the listings I have created and are allowing other sellers to sell under these listings right now. They did not pull any of the items that I created listings for, so really why were we knocked off, but the items we were selling remain. I had never received any warning, however, I fortunately had been transferring funds from my seller account daily, so I didn't get hit as hard as many of you. I have read what everyone here has said, and will consider my own course of action as I will not publicize that along with my name and e-mail. I have had my struggles with Ebay as well, and they are no joy, but not as unreasonable as Amazon has been. At least Ebay will warn you, Amazon just cuts you loose. In any case, we have decided that although it will be a lot of work, we will be starting our own website and getting out from under the BIG BROTHER systems once and for all. If you are a good enough seller, then consider opening your own business and REALLY working for yourself, these sites are easy to sell on and Amazon made us quite a bit of money, however, we personally are too good to keep growing a business and allowing someone else to knock us back down. Now, we will become the competition. We are good at what we do, and I know we can make it without them. I am however, considering that link that 2 people posted (above) about Arbitration, both of them seemed to get results from doing that and that may be the best option for getting back what we've lost. Good Luck to all as we are all struggling with the same misfortune, however, remember it is true ~ what doesn't kill you DOES make you stronger!!!
   comment by why me?? on July 16, 2007

We got booted from and were unsuccessful on trying to get back. They close your account without any notice and hold your money -- not for 90 days, but FOREVER.

Consider yourself lucky if you get your money after the 90-day hold. They now won't even let us log into to do refunds, and get customers' addresses for shipping! What a bastard, you fucking!!!

I don't get to talk to them. They are silent. They do not respond to your emails. I don't know when we are going to get the money back except filing a suit against them. Has anybody had this experience before? is worse than mafia. The US Attorney General needs to read this page!!!! Any attorney here? Please route this page to the right government authority so gets punished for this utterly un-American and illegal behavior.
   comment by bigdave on July 17, 2007

Amazon indeed sucks!!! they just suspended my Pro Selling account emailing me the generic canned letter stating it was link to a previously suspended account, which is impossible I never sold on Amazon before, sounds like Amazon is ticking off alot of sellers which in turn are most likely Amazon customers as well as in my case, my family and I spend 10's of thousands of dollars at Amazon every year most of the time they don't have the cheapest prices but they seemed to be one of the most honest company's online, so I didn't mind paying a little more for piece of mind, I'm also a stock holder as well and if this is how they treat honest sellers whom had no complaints against them then I need to rethink this company ethics, to so the least if this issue isn't resolved I WILL NOT be purchasing from Amazon ever again and I will immediatly cancel my Prime Membership and sell any and all of my Amazon shares, if they tick enough people off they are going to lose in the end, Amazon's motto should be "guilty till proven innocent"
   comment by anonymous on July 19, 2007

See the below previous posting. How do you setup a new Bank Account and Credit Card in a New/Different Name? Are there any problems with your Phone number too? Why is Dialup better? Do you need to do anything else? Thanks.

… start a new account up . get a new checking account in another name and a new cc in another name.if you are using cable modem or dsl . get rid of it and get a dialup service instead. reformat your computer reinstall your software and get a new shipping address . then you are good to go . start getting more sales to carry you till amazon gives you your funds. i know its tough but they are
corrupted ...
   comment by anonymous on July 19, 2007

Now closed my seller account without even notifying me. I did not know until I tried to log in but found my access has been taken away!!!! No explanation given!!! They are also illegally holding my sales dollars without telling me when they are going to give me the money. By law is a tool I used to sell my stuff. This tool has no authority to hold my sales dollars whatsoever -- that falls into the realm of law, not you! I shipped all my sales orders to customers. If you suspect an honest seller, then you should not open up your platform to third-party sellers., go bankrupt!

   comment by bigdave on July 19, 2007

Anyone who wants to email me their story, with their name and address, I will ship a certified copy ( along with my long story) to the attorney General, and to others. We need to take action.
Email it to
Lets put an end to their crap
   comment by Screwedby AMAZON on July 20, 2007

amazon fucks my face. Assholes
   comment by Fuck Amazon on July 20, 2007

Good ol amazon strikes again !! Been seeling for six months 2 bogus neg feedbacks no refunds no ato z paid for prime and merchant programs .. sell around 500 items a complaints at all. amazon sends me an email and holds my listings. saying people are dissastisfied.What a crock of shit.then 3 days later they release my listings but decide to hold my funds and they wanted to know how i can improve my selling.. What the hell is this . what information are they seeing that i am not!!No complaints no refunds no atz claims. contact alliance total 5 times in 30 days not one response..they originally told me to keep fufilling my orders.Im not loosing my items and postage! seen this before happening so i stopped mailing my stuff.They do this because they want an excuse to shut down your account. they are waiting for claims and badfeedback so that they can prey upon you and say hey see you have bad feedback claims and a to z's. all this could be avoided if you got paid but this is their buissness practice to steal from sellers!!!Seams like a shakedown to me!!I have 6000 sitting on their site. I cant afford to mail anything anymore . im not stupid but this long and no reply seams like they are going to ax my account. why is this.. Competiotion i think. They dont like it when sellers make money!!That is thebottom line...They have a 3rd party platform to fatten their wallet then they cut you looose and try to steal your money.Now they have not been stopped because theyhave payed off alot of people to protect them and fuck us.Do yourself a favor dont sell on amazon. The site is bogus and if anyone sticks up for amazon on this site should be castrated !!just like amazon has done to us all .destroyed our life....
   comment by stole my money and merchandise on July 21, 2007

i sell on amazon been on for about 8 months no claims refund rate 4% .What is amazons problem they send you warnings for performance if your refund rate goes over 5 %. this is impossible! what would they loike you to do ? dont mail anything and get a claim. money ..Now money is on hold for over 30 days no response to repeated emails sent to them . theywere supposed to rtelease it in 30 days.You know what they are doing these scumbags!1 they are waiting for a claim to have an excuse not to release it!! this is how they operate.piece of shit!! they told me to mail my items out, Yeah right!! were is my money.. seems like they stole it to me..5250 on hold for over 30 days and customers have received their items trackining on every package.. no response at all. sellers support # is a waste do not call them they have no mentality let alone cant tell you anything you want to know. they are just jelouse cocksuckers in my these people hold your money. how about we hold their paychecks go to work for amonth and see how they like it!! dirtbbags.If you value your items then do not sell on amazon they will screw everyone. maybe not in the begining but down the line they will get everyones money. plus they block your account so you cant get into it this has to be against the law.
amazon is bad buissness and they are just like the scammers on the internet just that they have a website. eat shit amazon...
   comment by money on hold on July 24, 2007

   comment by Joe on July 24, 2007

I'm trying to organize a class action suit on behalf of sellers on amazon. if you feel you have been jilted by amazon, and have not received any response as to why, or have recieved a response but disagree, please forward your information to me and i will present it to my lawyer. Please include what stopped your selling on amazon (what they did and what you did).
   comment by dianamonroe on July 25, 2007

oh yeah, re: the last post: my email is
   comment by dianamonroe on July 25, 2007

I am looking into making a TV commercial about Amazon policy's to air on major channels. Please email any information or story's.
   comment by Bob on July 25, 2007

RE: Suing Amazon will not make a difference, but letting the world know what happens at Amazon will.
   comment by Bob on July 25, 2007

my money is on hold also no response over 10 emails selling for 1 year no claims feedback 98%
what the fuck. This is why amazons profit is up 3 times from last year ! they stole our money ..mother fuckers!!
   comment by money on hold on July 25, 2007

Amazon is the fucking bomb I made 5G's last month and all with no extras or hassels. All you haters suck cock for free while im getting PAID for my shit. Later Haters.
   comment by Schanell Sanders AKA Roxy on July 25, 2007

Nice mouth !! seams to me you are a dirtbag tramp with a
gutter mouth so go back in your hole loser.Like your five grand? soon you'll be posting your bitterness on here too, just like us !Then well tell you to go fuck yourself in plain english !!
   comment by response to roxy on July 27, 2007

amazon stole my funds too!! first they tell me 30 days then 45 days. This is criminal.. there has to be something that can be done . they dont answer emails ,seller support is a bunch of hicks with no answeres they sit their on the phone saying i dont know! If you don't know anything then go back to retail stores and stock shelves you waste product!! 3500 on hold no response no claims feedback 96% ....
   comment by stole from me also!! on July 27, 2007

I was thinking about selling on amazon,but canceled the process . So many negative feedbacks here.
Is ebay any better , items there cheaper, i heard lots of scams. I haven't had a bad experiences with amazon.but all you you cant be lying
   comment by Tracey on July 30, 2007

I contacted Amazon customer service today after waiting 90-days for my money ($1432) and was instructed to email: requesting the funds be released as the 90-day grace period has passed. fingers crossed for my money!!!
   comment by Matthew on July 30, 2007

this website gives you all the contact info on Amazon.
   comment by Matthew on July 30, 2007

i was a seller on amazon until my account was blocked because people left false feedback! with ebay you can only leave feedback when you buy an item with amazon you can leave feedback for a seller youve never bought anything from
   comment by Stephen on July 30, 2007

Wow, I got a response from Amazon on the same day. Amazon informs me that I should get my money back in five business days.
   comment by Matthew on July 30, 2007

Amazon is horrible!! they just block accounts even good ones because if you make alot of money they investigate you. Then why have a marketplace selling on the site. just sell themselves...The reason being is not to many people buy from amazon them selves it is the third party sellers they keep the site going. so they feel they can steel our money. screw you amazon I'll move to another site. your policy does not hold water and they make sure that you cant access your account when they shut you down. seller support acts like you have the plague when you call . fucking inconsiderate pricks I say !! stole my money too !! I lost everything ill be on the street soon thanks to been a seller for 5 years.It does not matter how long you have been on the site they will just kick you off with no explanation....Do NOT trust this company or any other company that has their own payment setup. amazon payments paypal or bid pay just have your own merchant account and you wont have to worry if your money is held !!! screw amazon ebay and paypal corprate scumbags !!!!!!
   comment by amazon took my lively hood and bankrupt me!! on July 30, 2007

Today i filed a complaint with the attorney general of Seattle you can do this on line.

Be sure and do..takes a few is their info

Kathryn M. Sheehan
Senior Corporate Counsel
P.O. Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226
   comment by Complain to Attorney General on August 1, 2007

amazon shut my account after holding funds for 45 days. sent standard letter saying performance was not up to par with their bullshit policy.They put my funds on reserve for no reason . selling for 1 year no atoz claims feedback 99%. 1 neg feedback that was falsified by the buyer (never received item) tracking shows delivered..
Amazon just wanted to steel the money..Do not believe everything they tell you..they say they will release your funds but they never do. once you get the canned letter from alliance about them reserving your money. then i tell you know do not ship your items consider your account closed!! They want to make interest on your account that is it .Then they shut the door on you like you are Garbage.once you receive that nice welcome letter from alliance in your mailbox then shut down your listings!!! You do not want people purchaseing from you and you do not get paid... This is how amazon makes their money..They have the prime and merchant programs.. This is a scam to steal more money from sellers!!You think this would cement your selling on their site when you apply for this .YEAH RIGHT..does not matter they are just taking advantage of sellers and that is it .Bottom line amazon is using the internet and third party seller platform to line their pockets and they are abusing the seller...rot in hell amazon you will be put out of buisness. maybe not right away but you will as soon as the media takes the shit out of their eyes!!
   comment by anonymous on August 2, 2007

Does anyone have copies of the seller agreement and/or review email and/or close of account email from: June 06, July 06, October 06, Dec 06, Jan 07, Mar 07, may 07, june 07, and/or july 07 ? If so, please forward them to me. I am sure that many of them are changed. They have recently (in the past month or so) updated their policies.
   comment by diana on August 7, 2007

Are there more blogs like this one? should be in my opinion. I cant believe Amazon would treat people this way. REally a corporate embarassement waiting to happen. Seems like bad PR, plus bad promotion of the site. They actually kick willing sellers from thier site and hold thier money at that. ech... PLease ....
   comment by YIKES on August 8, 2007

We hate you too!
   comment by on August 13, 2007

I knew it sounded to good to be true. I was doing research today on how to sell using amazon and ebay. I am glad I found and read this, thanks for stopping me.
   comment by wishful thinking on August 14, 2007

Amazon does have problems and it is getting worse by the day. 100% of the problems are created by Amazon because of their lack of being professional plus there is no one to talk to about resolving issues. They are now not responding to customer service request. But the biggest issse in being a seller is that Amazon now competes against the seller. There is an item on Amazon that is being sold by 6 different people. Amazon has the cheapest price and is doing Free Shipping. Great if you are the consumer but what about the other 5 merchants that are getting "stabbed' in the back and ZERO sales.
   comment by Mike on August 14, 2007

Our company has sold over 400 pieces of an item on Amazon this year. Things were going pretty good then all of the sudden sales stopped. Seemed vary strange. So we did a little checking and found out that Amazon now sells the exact same item through them at a cheaper price plus Free Shipping. There were also 5 other merchants with the same item and now we are all screwed.
I assume the saw the volume of sales with this item and then found out they could acquire it themselves and take over this heavy sales volume.
We tried to test and see if we could compete with them by lowering the price and offering Free Shipping ourselves but they maintained 1st position for themselves and would not show our offer of Free Shipping which should have put us in the #1 slot. The free shipping would only show up as a credit after the order was completed so the Free Ship offer was hidden even though it was set up as a promotion.

In looking into Amazon in general there are major problems here and they are being amplified on a daily basis. So at what point does Amazon go out of business because of their poor business decisions.??

Our company has many other venues for selling our products so we do not need Amazon to survive. It has just been additional business these past 5 years with constant growth but now for the first time we are seeing sales decreases because of their actions and not anything we are doing as a company.
   comment by Mike on August 16, 2007

They closed my account claming that my account got related to some other violated account. That was just a lie. there was no body else selling on who is related to me at all.
i have full 96% feedback. 100% for current month. 100% for 90 days and 96% for total and sold more than 3 years. now they blocked my account with $7100.00 . dont know whether they would send after 90 days or not. all the items have been shipped.
   comment by Yes sucks big time on August 17, 2007

I just got a notice saying that my account is being investigated and that my funds won't be available for 30 days. I have over $12,000 in the account! If I keep selling for another 30 days, I'll have well over $40,000 in the account. If at that point they tell me that they won't disburse my funds for 90 days or that they will NEVER disburse my funds, I am going to be in a very bad situation.

Does anyone have any advice? Should I keep selling? Or should I shut down my listings?

Also, has anyone sued Amazon? Feel free to email me if you don't want to post.
   comment by Medium seller on August 17, 2007

Can detect matching inventories if I put my old stuff in my new account?
   comment by justice on August 20, 2007

We also have been chucked of Amazon and holding our money and this caused the company to stop operating for 2 weeks, we would be glad to take Amazon with you all to the High Courts.

We pulled back alot of orders from couriers in the lst 5 weeks due to Amazon holding money and they do not answer emails are very rude.

Thjey are using company's own ideas and products to sell them selves, this is why they chuck you off when you are doing very well, we did £8000 a month with them and blocked our account with no notice and cancelled all orders from the last 10 days although orders had gone out.

   comment by Daft 4 Art N Crafts Ltd on August 25, 2007

Where are all the Amazon Lovers now? Considering this blog has been up since Oct 3, 2004. Amazon is doing great in the PR department with buyers and sellers. Not!
   comment by anonymous on August 25, 2007

OK. I ate the bag of dicks. Needed something. I don't know... maybe salt, maybe hot sauce. My girlfriend suggested whipped cream, but that's gross. She finished the lot after I lost interest.

Oh, yeah, Amazon. I buy and sell there all the time and don't have any problems whatsoever. Hey, how about you pea-brains going out and designing and maintaining a website like that, eh? How about it, butterfly-brains? Wrap your antennae around that one, if you dare.

Don't just sit there. Get started. You can call it or Finally, good service and excellent opportunities for sellers, no matter that they are low life scumbags who can only defeat their fetish for firearms by replacing them with keyboards. This is big. Mickey Mouse big. Oops. Was that copyright infringement? I meant to say Donald Rat. Honest, I did.

Can you drop another B.O.D. by the house. My girlfriend is still hungry.

I ordered another book on Amazon tonight. It's called "Shakespeare: The Making of Man" I hope it has spicy pictures, or at least line drawings with adequate detail for amusement purposes.

Oops. Gotta go. The bag of vaginas from the other website just arrived. My girlfriend doesn't relish these, but I think they taste OK.


Ferdinando Viaginetto
BagOducks, Scotland
   comment by jacob jakowski on August 26, 2007

I'm so glad that I found this board. I have been dealing with the emotional blowout following having my account suspended after doing business with them for almost a decade. With four full time staff members, over 70,000 books listed in our inventory, and thousands of books selling a month, I have been having a wonderful time selling on We provide outstanding service, and have a 98% positive feedback rating, 1% neutral, and 1% negative. Our refunds are at around 10%, and have been this way since 2003. Apparently, they want our refunds to be at 5%, and just decided on a whim yesterday to close our account with absolutely no warning.

We went through having our funds frozen a few months back, and it took over three weeks, countless emails, telephone calls, and all of the nights worrying about my business to finally get those released.... and now, this.

I am beyond shocked that they would boot me off of their site when NOTHING has changed about the way that we have done business with them in almost a decade. With no telephone numbers, customer service to speak of, reference number for my case, case worker, anything, I am left sitting here with my staff busily working, none the wiser. All of my books are off line. My online business has been closed down, overnight.

Nevermind the 9/10 customers who DO get their books. And the 1 that doesn't - that is for a variety of reasons, as most sellers know - address errors, mislists, not updating our inventory uploads fast enough and an item selling in the meantime, customer returns, customer cancellations, you name it. They don't seem to take this into consideration when looking at our refund rate.

We are an ethical company. We treat every single customer as an individual, take so much care when doing business, and provide prompt, efficient service. We refund immediately when an item is no longer in stock, provide links to other sellers on, and work extremely hard to keep our database up to date and correct. To be treated like this is beyond comprehension, when I have satisfied literally hundreds of thousands of their customers over the years with our outstanding service and good quality books.

Now I'm left shellshocked, trying to figure out how to generate the revenue that I will lose by not being with I will try to get back on with them, I really will, but do not have confidence selling with a site that is so willing to dispose of reputable, responsible sellers without so much as a second thought.

Anyone with any contacts at alliance would be much, much appreciated, any words of wisdom, encouragement, etc... please email me!
   comment by Unhappy Amazonian on August 28, 2007

Hi all
I was a disabled seller on until they took all my money away that I use to buy my medicine every month and to have a live in medical aid.
I had to let go my live in aid because I could not afford to keep them.
Now I just get help once a day and have lay in bed all day because I cannot get out by myself.
I too was selling at and I was doing very well until I was selling many items. put a hold on my account first for 30 days after I have been with them for almost a year.
Then I received an e-mail saying that I had another account with them under another name witch was false.
I e-mailed them back with all of my documents showing who I am I even gave them my birth certificate and drivers license. e-mailed me back and said that they have all the evidence that I did have another account. In addition, I said please let me see all of this so-called evidence. In addition, they never e-mailed me or sent anything back to me.
However, they are now holding all of my money now for 90 days instead of the 30 days.
Even when I sent out all the orders, they gave me out during this hold.
In addition, I gave them all the tracking numbers showing that all of my customers received them.
Still they will not release my money into my bank account.
Now they will not let me sell on Even when they told me that, I had to ship out all orders bought from my customers.
Now I see that they did me a favor because they are scammers.
In addition, anyone who can take money away from a disabled person is hard up in my book.
I worked very hard selling all my items by myself.
I was trying to make enough money to pay for all my medicines each month.
I do not know what I will do if they do not give me the money that they owe me.
I would not be able to live without the money owes me.
This money has to do with my quality of life and they are playing with it as if I do not matter.
Moreover, I am not someone that just wants to earn some extra money.
Please if someone can help me please let me know what I can do I really need all the help I can get.
Thank you very much
Joe check
   comment by joe_check on August 29, 2007

They think they are above the law. Remember to email daily,,,the head guy and torture him. Also send letter to Attorney General.
Mess with them, like they are with you.
I finally got my money 89 days later, and believe me, if they did not give it to me I was suing.
Dont let them get away with it...send letter, call and more!
   comment by amazon hater on August 31, 2007

I haven't gotten a clear reason WHY Amazon would be "holding" your money or freezing your accounts but I have been selling for almost 3 years, my girlfriend has been selling for 3, her mom has been selling for 4 and makes over 100k a year. None of us have experienced the kind of behavior you all are talking about.
WHY do you have thousands of dollars in your accounts? If you're making $1000s+ a day (or even $10 a day), transfer the money each night. We do this because we want the money in our bank accounts, not in Amazon's, as I'm sure all of you do as well.

Each of us has had listings closed here or there, or sometimes listings don't appear when you search for an item from the front page but we chalk these up to Amazon tweaking their system for efficiency, to increase sales, prevent spammers and other maintenance reasons.

Occassionally, a buyer will get annoyed that they didn't receive their item a day after it was bought because they, nor Amazon, understand or state just how long it takes to get things through the mail. Get a bad feedback? Try working it out with the customer. They can remove feedbacks and you can respond to feedbacks if they won't. Amazon has paid some or all of our bills for a long time so I'm having a hard time accepting that it's some kind of evil machine bent on stealing your money or closing your accounts.

Think about it, how does Amazon make money? They make a commission on sales, the monthly Pro Merchant fee and their own sales (which they fulfill). Closing seller accounts or stealing money would jeopardize their bottom line.

Out of curiousity, what kinds of things do you all sell? We handle books and other media mostly. Maybe it has something to do with WHAT you're selling, not how you are selling it.

In the end, you should transfer any money you made DAILY so you have as little in your Amazon account as possible, thereby minimizing the cost you would have if some kind of shenanigans happened.
   comment by Aaron on September 4, 2007

Oh, and for god's sake, validate the mailing addresses before you ship stuff out. I assume you all are printing your own postage, not waiting in line at the post office, UPS or FedEx desks. I use software from and it allows me to verify the address given before printing the mailing label.

Don't have postage software?
Try using Google or Yahoo Maps to validate the addresses. It's as good as the postage apps at validation and it's free.
Look out for yourselves. No one else will do it for you.
   comment by Aaron on September 4, 2007

I was blocked from selling on Amazon with a 99.9% postive feedback. I have opened accounts under other emails and names to try to sell again but they have some way of telling. Does anyone know a way around it?
   comment by Robert McKenna on September 4, 2007

I have a simple comment to make, all of this gripes and crys I will download the Terms and Conditions and since I have a lawyer on tap I will read and foward to my Lawyer for review before I put an account online there.

I have yet to find a solution not fixed when I send a complaint to the AG's office and BBB for a legit complaint. I send all letters CRMRR and state my rights.
   comment by Wow is all I can say on September 6, 2007

I think AMAZON can track your login thru your computer IP address........So, you can keep opening accounts. Same thing happened to me..
I had 541 sells in 2 months...Next thing I know they kicked me off for no reason...And now they want give me my money. Nor will they give me the AMAZON ALLIANCE DEPARTMENT phone #...Nor will they give me the info for their CEO. They said I have to google it and try to find it myself. So, right now they have my $1500 bucks and nothing I can do.
   comment by Wendy on September 6, 2007

I guess I am another ticked off ex-seller of Amazon, I have a perfect feedback rating 100%, and they sent me the letter
"This message is to inform you that we have blocked your selling account. Your open listings have been cancelled and you are no longer able to sell on our site."
Maybe they should just stop allowing sellers to sell on there site, and try to make it on there own, because all there doing is driving both customers, and sellers away. They said to me, You may not sell on our site.
Now I sat to them "I will never ever buy from them, or there sellers again at there site".
No wonder why ebay is the number one auction leader.
   comment by JJ on September 7, 2007

I have an idea, If anyone has bought anything on Amazon, and needs to leave feedback,
Leave the worst feedback you can even if it is for a Amazon seller, and type in these words in the feedback section in all CAPS "PROTEST AMAZON,
   comment by Kim on September 7, 2007

I've been sell on Amazon for about a year now. I have about 15K items listed and I make about 10K a month in gross sales. I agree Amazon's policies suck but you all must remember Amazon is in business for them - NOT you. Do not make Amazon your only source of business income. Remember it is THEIR site. What if they go down or go out of business? you are screwed. Sell in many forums.
eBay is a ripoff for large sellers. but I find if you just get a store, list a small amount of items inauction format weekly you will get decent sales. Also I have recently discovered uBid which is a great kept secret.

Use Amazon for what its worth just don't invest too much & all will be good.
   comment by Ron on September 8, 2007

Somehow Ron your missing the message when you said "Amazon is in business for them, - NOT you"
We are there customers, and sellers. We are not only purchasing there products, but selling to make them a profit. It is not right that they have turned into these big corporate thugs, bullys. In many ways they remind me of greedy, selfish, uncaring Mr Potter of Its a wonderful life.
I just think that businesses like AMAZON need to know that they cant treat individuals that are trying to provide for there families the way they do
To all of the George Baileys, Rise up, and Protest Amazon
   comment by Kim on September 10, 2007

Get'em Kim.. *agreed*
   comment by justice on September 10, 2007

Ron is a cloney. He shows up from time to time on boards to drop Amazon rules notes. By the way Im yet to see a seller on the Amazon site with feedback ratings close to an ebay seller.
   comment by rons a dumb ______ on September 11, 2007

To open a new account and not shut down:

New Address
New Bank Account Num
New Credit Card (linked to that New Address)
New Name ?? (Now thats flat out fraud, do as you wish)
New Phone (in the area of your new address)
New IP (use free dialup in whatever area your New Address is at)

You can obtain everything legally, if you still cant get passed with ALL NEW info, then they must be intercepting your brain waves!
   comment by Low Ballers Suck! on September 11, 2007

^ Low Ballers... how about Matching Inventories? You need a new inventory as well right?
   comment by justice on September 11, 2007

The attorney we need is the guy in Mississippi who brought the tobacco companies to there knees, Richard Scruggs. He's now working on some hospital class actions and Katrina concerns. Here is a website about his firm:

I knew him while in college and his mom worked for my brother-in-law as a legal secretary. He's a really nice man who worked really hard to get where he is....and nothing scares him!! Saw him on the cover of fortune 500 magazine.

We should also all write to (email) Jim Cramer's Mad Money TV show and point him to the websites with Amazon concerns. He has an enorrnous effect on stock market......and he's an attorney!!

However, can we please clean up the language!!! I don't want to offend the very people who might help us!!!!!!!!!
I have difficulty allowing myself to read some of this due to the language. If you want everyone to listen, then stop being offensive even if you are mad! I'm angry too!!!
   comment by D Seefeld on September 12, 2007

amazon is a scam. they have people working for them and purchasing from small sellers. then they leave you bad feedback!! also small sellers have no protection on amazon! amazon protects all large sellers they cancel your order and give you a bogus email stateing that your cc was declined from your bank .you will have to update it..this is because they are afraid that you will leave the seller neg feedback and this would hurt amazons profits!
they are just abunch of theives that is it. if they have a feedback rating sysyem than why cant we give them feedback also?This would really fuck them up !!the truth would come out !!
   comment by anonymous on September 17, 2007

amazon reserves the right to give a refund to the buyer even if the seller has tracking id or delivery confirmation to prove that the buyer received the book! How's that for a lopsided system designed to screw sellers.
   comment by Yeah, selling on Amazon sucks big time! on September 17, 2007

I just discover this web site after I already sold some stuff on Amazon. I am scrue big time now. amazon were supose to pay me about $1600 today, and suddenly I received two email from them saying that 2 of my buyer had filled a claim against me for books they bought about 4 weeks ago and received 2 days after purchasded and they are being using since the biginning of the classes. after reading all this comment i know noe that this is a reason to not pay me my money.This is realy sad because I need that money to pay my credit card. This people got their books 4 weeks ago and suddenly filled claim the day i am suppose to get my money. They is something fishi about that, please guy let find the way to get hour money back, this is a scam.
   comment by kouvella on September 18, 2007

I also discovered this website and I am glad knowing I am not alone. I only being selling on amazon for about 1 1/2 months and gross 3000.00 in this little time. Everything was looking up, then the email came. You all know it, I seen it about 12 times just on thiss page.
I have been screwed also. I always transfer my money when something sold right away. So I had nothing on my account. Well these creeps transfer or should I say stole 450.00 money from my credit card and checking account that I had on file. Just in case someone dispute an item that they received. and will keep this money up to 90 days. I am steamming!!!!
   comment by stacy on September 18, 2007

Boy I sure am glad I fould this site!! I have been trying to sell on Ebay with no avail at this time. I thought I would give Amazon a try and now after reading everyone's statements I will stick it out with EBay. If I was any of you who amazon owes money to seek out a lawyer who specializes in Ecommerec business. Thank you Thank you for saving me
   comment by Sue on September 18, 2007

Amazon is just getting worse and worse.It used to be good like 4 years ago no problems like you are seeing now ! when you make a little money (seams like (2-5 thousand) a month) that is when the games start to happen. Buyers out of nowhere put in claims, buyers that you know have received their items and have been using them only complain when you ask for feedback. Since your selling status is based on feedback not number of sales you can be shut down and booted by a couple of neg.This is not fair a negative on this site drops your score like a bad habit ! they have buyeres working for them all over the place buyng from third party selleres to see how long it takes to get the item and if you really have it on hand. word to the wise SIGNATURE CONFIRMATION ON EVERYTHING!!!
Delivery confirmation does not mean jack squat when a theiving buyer wants to push the limits of the bogus
a to z policy !!! amazon is becoming a wash these days everyone is dipping their hands in and undercutting everybody by pennies and when all said and done by nickle and diming and the fees amazon takes then you are giving the item for free remember you have to pay for shipping and postal supplies. and figure in the fees..
so just be carefu land don't list what you don't have.even if you think you can get it on time from another buyer on the web. They are doing the same thing you are.And the bootlegs! Geez these will burn your stay fast.. they may look great but do not play 75% of the time..This will definetly axe your account and they will hold your funds to for 90 days. You will never see your money at that point.hireing a lawyer to get back lets say 2000.00 costs like 500 per hr or 1500 for there services . you are already losing.Amazon nows this so they figure who will spend this type of money to retrieve their funds no one will and that is why they are getting away with it. if it involves 10 20 30 thousand then it is worth it. little sellers is where amazon makes the profit . notice there sales jump more than the previous year ?
that is because they steal selleres money...just my opinion been selling on amazon for 10 years. im a small seller that was canned just like you
Feedback kills
   comment by anonymous on September 18, 2007

Richard Scruggs
The Scruggs Law Firm, P.A.
(662) 281-1212
I think the idea of Mississippi lawyer who sued the tobacco companies and won is a good idea for a class action attorney. Why not call or (better) write this man in mass to see if he's interested.Looked him up in wickipedia:
"Richard "Dickie" Scruggs was hired by Mississippi Attorney General Mike Moore to assist with a lawsuit against thirteen tobacco companies in the 1990s. Prior to that he was known for his class action lawsuits against the asbestos industry. Settlement of the state's case against the tobacco companies was for 368 billion dollars (USD). His performance in this case was portrayed in the movie The Insider by Colm Feore. Scruggs also would lead and become a spokesman for the plaintiffs in the Ritalin class action lawsuits. He asserted that the Ritalin defendants, "manufactured a disease"...and "it has been grossly over-prescribed. It is a huge risk." All five class actions in five separate states were dismissed before trial.

Scruggs attended law school at the University of Mississippi with Mike Moore. He practiced law in Jackson, Mississippi and New York before opening his own private practice in Pascagoula, Mississippi.
120A Courthouse Square, P.O. Box 1136
Oxford, Mississippi 38655

go to Google and type the following in search and you can email his office:
The Scruggs Law Firm, P.A.

The other comment was probably right about using decent language if you want to be heard!

Scruggs' brother-in-law is Senator Trent Lott, former Majority Leader of the US Senate. Scruggs is currently representing Lott through the Scruggs Katrina Group in a lawsuit against insurance company State Farm because of damage stemming from Hurricane Katrina."
He sounds like "the Man" for the Amazon job!!!
   comment by Concerned on September 19, 2007

i went from Ebay to Amazon since i started to make more there .
i logged in from my brothers house to check my account which happens to be around the time i am hitting sales of £1000+ a day and a few days later my account is being investigated. i used up my savings to buy new stock and have dispatched all orders uptill today.
i have found out today that i have been blocked and they will keep my money for THREE MONTHS! ( i was unable to transfer becuase i was still in the "14 day we keep your money "period) . i am blocked since according to AMAZON i have more than one account.
i called and emailed to explain but got the same auto emails as everyone else is getting.
I am in the UK . are they legally allowed to do that?

UK Amazon Number 08002796620
   comment by VICTIM OF AMAZON on September 19, 2007

This is most of us, Amazon has a funny way of saying you are screwed, by withholding our money. Or better yet stealing our money.
I too left Ebay and went to Amazon and was making more money and everyone knows the more you make the more you enjoy what you do.
I have been block from Amazon since Monday, and since then a buyer would like to return an item because they change their mind. What am I to do? Amazon is in control of my money. I believe the only solution to this would be a better site, better then Amazon, pulling Amazon customers and sellers away from them and joining someone new. If we all band together and pull some of our customers with us, place ads to drive lots of traffic to our web site it may work. Right now I am trying, Craig's List ,and . If you would like to add to this list or know of a better one please respond.
   comment by Stacy on September 19, 2007

E-mail address and the fax numbers seem to go on- and off-line with some regularity. Readers have also had luck with the following addresses:
(This last e-mail address sends back an note from Amazon that using it won't help you. There may be nobody reading the e-mail that comes to this address.)

Amazon's rebate center: 1-866-348-2492
Amazon Corporate Accounts:1-866-486-2360

Snail mail to customer service, Inc.
Customer Service
PO Box 81226
Seattle, WA 98108-1226

Service for Amazon Sellers
They also have special e-mail accounts for spoofing and abuse:
(This information was provided by a reader! Thanks!)

Canadian Customer Service
Phone 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. Eastern time, 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific: (877)-586-3230

Corporate Offices, Seattle
New! Fax for Amazon's legal Department: 206-266-7010

UK Customer Service
Phone: +44.208.636.9200
More UK numbers, from a reader:
Freephone (only from within the UK): 0800 279 6620
Phone (outside the UK): +44 20 8636 9451

Phone (outside the UK): +44 20 8636 9451
Fax (free from within the UK): 0800 279 6630
Fax (outside the UK): +44 20 8636 9401someone who contacted me verified the number need to dial it this way: 0011 1 206 Headquarters
Address: 1200 12th Ave., Ste. 1200
Seattle, WA 98144
Phone: (206) 266-1000
Fax: (206) 622-2405
Info e-mail: is no longer a working e-mail address.
(Amazon's CEO is Jeff Bezos, if you want a name to put on an e-mail or fax to this office.)

   comment by FED-UP EX-AMAZON SELLER on September 19, 2007

On October 1, 2007 Amazon is rolling out a new program that will require all merchants in the Health and Beauty category to upload products based entirely on a UPC Code. What will they do with this information? Ah, here is their great idea. They will be consolidating every store that sells the same item into one listing.

Pay attention, merchants. Here's what it means to you:
1. They will be consolidating all product description copy. That means, your investment in copywriters, and in communication that differentiates you as a merchant with (1) special services, (2) additional customer service, (3) unique return policies, etc..... will benefit all the other stores who sell the same item. has decided that they do not need to respect copy ownership, and that they "own" your copy.

2. Price will be displayed from multiple sellers, and will include shipping. This means (again) -- that the merchant who has the best copy will help to sell the product, and the rest of the merchants will benefit. And the merchant who decides to compete on price alone will win the sale. So, there is no longer an incentive to create compelling copy, complete information, or good branding. You can simply sit back, wait for the other merchant to do the marketing work, and price your product lower than everyone else.

This system will benefit no one but and the consumer - in the short term. Long term, it will have a devastating effect on their bottom line. This is because they will create a system where sellers who specialize in added services such as 24-hour shipping, CRS responses, extra product support, etc. - will eventually replace their Amazon income through other channels - leaving in place the low-cost providers, who will sell on razor thin margins that leave no room for any other kind of service or support to the customer.

This is just the latest of a long line of Amazon decisions that have left us as merchants scratching our heads. We are quite certain there is no one in charge at Amazon who has a clue about marketing, branding, retailing, or customer service. To wit, just a few of the other odd policies already in place at Amazon:

1. Charging the merchant a commission on shipping and handling. These are real, out of pocket expenses for the merchant.
2. Allowing competing merchants to lift our copy verbatim in order to sell the same product. We complained for 4 months with no reply, and it took as long for the offending merchant's copy to change. However, the offending merchant was not banned from Amazon or penalized in any other noticeable way.

3. When asked for the contact on our account to speak to, we were told we would be unable to speak to that person and would have to communicate to a generic email address at - so this decision is obviously so controversial that the braintrust don't want to hear any more complaints from sellers.

The short-sightedness of Amazon's business decisions seems to indicate a desperation to drive revenues in any way possible. That, or Bezos is breathing too much of Microsoft's exhaust fumes and believing that arrogance will never come back to hurt them.

Time to sell the stock, if you haven't already done so. And time to invest that 20% commission in your own SEO and get out of the Amazon labyrinth.

   comment by Caroline on September 20, 2007

   comment by FED-UP EX-AMAZON SELLER on September 20, 2007

Has anyone else noticed this problem? I was just looking for a book and Did a search for it in firefox, using the integrated Amazon search engine, right? And I had amazon's web page up in one firefox window. Then I opened another window. I was researching something in the new window, and I opened a new tab. When I did, the Amazon window popped up in front of it. Each time I tried to open a new tab in the other window this happened. The other window that I had Amazon's web page loaded in would keep popping up in front of my new window. So, it was two separate firefox windows: one had the amazon page loaded, and the other didn't. Any time I tried opening a new tab in the other (without amazon), the Amazon page pop in front instead, in front of the new tab I opened.
I thought It might be firefox acting weird, but I tried the same thing using two firefox windows and loading other websites into them, and with the other websites loaded, this didn't happen. Then I tried it again with Amazon loaded into one again and it did. Each time I tried to opnen a new tab for something in the window that did not have amazon loaded into it, the window that did have it loaded would pop in front of it.

So, this is just the last straw for me, which was a long time in coming. I hate amazon. I've written them many complaints in the past, and maybe after a year or two after complaining I'd buy something from them again, but I won't even use their search engine anymore, and I'll buy someplace else. If what everyone on this board says is true, I can't support that treatment of people. I've experienced similar treatment in the past myself. What I've learned from the internet, and other places, is that when companies have to resort to those kinds of tactics, then you can be sure they aren't on the level. They can't be trusted and you will be sorry dealing with them.
As far as I can tell, they are a bunch of dicks there at Amazon. That's all they are. Doing business at amazon IS eating a "bag of dicks". It's taking it. And no I don't have to do that. No one does.
   comment by Sue on September 21, 2007 is the same scam they closed my account for no reason and kept my sales of £4451 pounds for goods I had sent out. They are sharks they will close you down if you get too big or if you sell more items then they do. Class action needed world wide. Avoid Amascam
   comment by Stephen Harrison on September 25, 2007

your not the only ones in UK they do the same the bastards closed my account for no reason and now are holding £2000, the thing i dont get is they refunded a guy without my permission and till this day i dont have the item how the hell can they do that? i really dont no what to do?
   comment by sarbjeet on September 25, 2007

any lawyers or media persons looking to investigate this scam please contact me at may I ask that we all decide on say the 1st october to e mail this blogg and our story to the media sky news cnn fox and to a stipulated law firm here and in America to try to get something back. I look forward to more posts with an eye for a way forward against amazon.con.

Can all those trading on please tell thier stories here.
   comment by Stephen Harrison on September 25, 2007

Amazon is playing games. If you make petty sales then they leave you alone as soon as you make a couple of mediocre sales they send you a policy warning sayng it came to our attention that you may be selling bootlegs.
what a scam i sold 2 items in a month that were store purchased watched and sold used Give me a break. They do not want you to sell. the marketplace selling is a front so they can launder money.Think about all the postings from sellers that lost their money
   comment by door2doordvd on September 26, 2007

don't post to many secretshere! amazon is watching this page and gathering every information to can more sellers
   comment by anonymous on September 26, 2007

Their A-to-Z guarantee claim system is a joke. You can bet that EVERY SINGLE claim will result in a refund to the customer, at your expense. Doesn't matter if you have tracking to show proof of shipment. They don't even bother to read the seller's side of things.
   comment by anonymous on September 27, 2007

nobody here can spell. Their has a different meaning to There. Look it up in the dictionary!!!!
   comment by anonymous on September 30, 2007

Seams like amazon is trying to squash sellers before the holiday season!! If they get rid of the third party selling then amazon will fall!! third party keeps them alive.

What the hell is this?
I think they are contaidicting themselves !! First it says to fax tracking # to expedite the process(BULLSHIT).
Then it says we may still need to hold your money !
while we review the account.. Review what you have the tracking numbers that show delivered so give me my money !! what are they reviewing the hair on bezos ass!!
We are currently reviewing your Amazon Selling Account. We will
respond to your inquiry in approximately 5 business days.

While we review your Account, your funds will be reserved in your Payments account for up to 45 days. Although we will delay
the transfer of funds to your bank account, we will continue
accepting orders for items you list for sale on Once
your funds have been released, you will be notified via email, and
funds should arrive in your bank account within 5 business days.

You may be able to expedite this review by providing any of the
following information if you haven't already:

While tracking and/or sales information may help expedite the review,
it may still be necessary to wait the full review period before
funds can be released. Reviews are typically completed within 30
days, but may take up to 45 days.

amazon are just like the scammers stealing sellers money ..
   comment by fedup with amazons games on September 30, 2007

the thing i dont get is why are they doing this? what are they getting from it? i really hope this problem gets sorted quickly and also whenever i open a new account a they block the seller part, how do they know? and how can i prevent this.
   comment by sarbjeet on September 30, 2007

by the way who can we contact for free legal advice in the uk? as trading standards and citizen advice bureau dont help as they class this to be a trader issue.
   comment by sarbjeet on September 30, 2007

Yeah we are a major player on amazon .they screw with everyone.They are holding thousands of dollars of our money also. We will be ripping them off soon and they do not know it .
   comment by on September 30, 2007

amazon is laundering money by holding sellers funds to make interest on their accounts. Also why cant we leave feedback for amazon transactions! what if the item is delayed or out of stock and they do not present this to you before your order.why cant we leave them neg feed back.
This is one sided selling all in their favor !! they SUUUUUUUCK
   comment by anonymous on September 30, 2007

Amazon is watching this site and watching your ip so be careful ... if this site says hacked then use an anonimizer to access it.
   comment by anonymous on October 1, 2007

some one hacked the site so they dont want any one to know the truth about AMAZON!!!!!!!
   comment by rusty on October 1, 2007

well people should know so far i think they must have lost form the people i know who shop with them and me about over £10,000. i advise you all to do the same tell people not to buy from the crooks who steal your money and broad daylight.
   comment by sarbjeet on October 1, 2007

this is ridiculous, can somebody step up and do something,they are stilling from us in a day light, and we dont what the authority are doing about it. For me the USA is a country of right but i dont see any in this case. It's look like nobody want to take any action against them. i think this web site should have been shut down long time ago.
   comment by kouvella on October 2, 2007

i WAS angry @ Amazon, found this place, read a lot, and was scared. They did a review of my account. I decided to wait it out, no emails, no nagging the reviewers.
i waited 41 days, sent a polite email saying that I had complied, had allowed them the time, and had aided them with shipping numbers. Within 5 hours I had a reply that my funds were no longer held up, and they are disbursing my money today.

Good luck to the rest of you. Just wanted to throw some hope into this blog.. I was pissed too for 41 days.

   comment by \'Cook on October 2, 2007

This relates to the world of and sales

a) Amazon contracts with manufacturer and sells their products. They undercut MAP pricing

Some facts
- Each of these vendors pays amazon $39 to $59/month, and also pays 7% of each sale to amazon
- $39 gets you the ability to list your products
- $59 gets you the ability to list your products and also press a button and amazon creates a website for you using the product data
- The $59 + 7% covers transaction charges and infrastructure charges
- Vendor still pays for shipping
- Each vendor, at time of entry enters product data, dimensions, tech info, features, UPC etc etc, Amazon takes that data and aggregates it / merges it so that all folks listing under that product get the benefit/shortcoming of sharing product data.

- lazy vendors get the benefit of the other vendors expense in copyright etc
- go to vendors, who spend money on copyrighting, basically give that intellectual property to Amazon to share, thereby diminishing their own value/uniqueness
- Amazon builds a repository of best of breed product data at the expense of all its contributing resellers
- Amazon Analyzes which products sell best, and the prices that these products sell for, and continually adjust their prices to ensure they are cheaper than ANY of their "partners"

- Like lemmings we as vendors contribute to our own demise by subscribing to Amazon as resellers.
- If manufacturers do not stop Amazon from dropping below MAP, they not only empower Amazon, but they also contribute to the death of their own channel as they have given up their intellectual capital
and also continue to drive price down.
- By observing MAP resellers price themselves out of the business

- Amazon will offer the products at prices below MAP, at any level they choose, and their website will have more comprehensive product data than any other vendor so they are perceived ast the de facto product exprts, your resellers will not be able to compete as they will contribute 8 to 20% of their NETT margins to Amazon for the privilege of selling products.

- Be brave in the new word of ecommerce
- Prohibit Amazon from selling your products
- Bar them from using using your copyright trademark
- Prohibit your retailers , in their reseller agreements from selling on Amazon
- Save your reseller channel from destruction
- Have the courage to enforce this.
   comment by lemmings on October 4, 2007

Amazon took my 2000 dollars.
When i contacted them they congratulated me for stealing my money.
Pure evil.
If they were in front of me, I would whip their ass. I get the feeling of yuppies working there that were bullied in high school and now behind the internet wall they exersize their first chance at power. These people wont last much longer.
They are evil people. What comes around goes around. I contacted a law firm for a class action.
Man all these people with the same story and they are still in business.
I could go on a long time about these thiefs but I wont
Tracy Varnon
Another Amazon victim.
   comment by tracy varnon on October 4, 2007

You guys need to stop this emotional ranting. Stop using amazon. Everyone wants to make a buck. Including Amazon. Best way to complain is vote with your feet ...... RUN ....warn the others !!
   comment by lemmings on October 4, 2007 has a tight noose on TARGET.COM
Tried to purchase an item from
NOT sure who owns who amazon or target but my order was declined from them. called my bank and they have no such transaction !So amazon is in cahoots with I used to sell on amazon many years ago but like all of you I was a victim of circumstance . booted by the a to z bullshit policy.
So now if any seller purchases from target .com
they will most likely be turned down . Amazon is running foul!!
Also and any other caiman that is selling on amazon are connected . I tried to order from them and was odd that every item that they had shipping delays on was the same shipping delay time as amazons for those items .
   comment by anonymous on October 4, 2007

>- Each of these vendors pays amazon $39 to $59/month, and also pays 7% of each sale to amazon

Depending on what you sell, it could be 15%, and they also take 15% of your shipping costs too.

If a lying buyer files a claim against you, amazon will be sure to refund them all their money, even if you can show proof of shipment. Then, if tracking shows order was actually delivered, their policy is, only the buyer can reverse the claim. The buyer has to contact them that they got the package and agree to be charged again. Your proof of delivery means zip. Yeah, like that is going to happen, right? You know the buyer is going to enjoy their free present at your expense. Their a to z claims department is staffed by a bunch of inbred monkeys.
   comment by anonymous on October 5, 2007

Amazon is so unfair, I think we all users should join and protest. Is not fair that our books don`t sell because one user don`t like it. I sell many books until one person put a bad comment. One person from 100 is not that unfair?
The worst part, the users that like it don`t leave any coment just the one who hate it.
   comment by Virginia on October 8, 2007

so many of us have had problems with them and there must be many more and this still happens there must be a way to put this rite.
   comment by sarbjeet on October 10, 2007

I think their is something strange going on on!
Feedback is looking strange. I was a seller on amazon and sold about 60 items lets say in 1 month. now out of the 60 i received 0 feedbacks even after requesting how do these large selleres get at least 30 feedbacks in one day!! I cant even get 1 in 1 month.
i think it is set up so that they get all the sales and amazon is padding their feedback. strange not one disgruntle buyer.. all 5 stars? makes you think. out of all the sales they have everyone is a 5 star rating. amazon is not good to small sellers..check out the large sellers feedbacks..
   comment by anonymous on October 12, 2007

The feedback system is unfair. I am a seller at Amazon with over 90% positive rating. I can say that most of the negative feedbacks are unfair. For example, a customer gave me a bad feedback because he wants to cancel his order even after it was already shipped. Now I wait at least 12 hours before I ship new orders to reduce negative feedbacks. I have a competitor with 100% positive of over 140 feedbacks. Early this week he got a negative feedback because he shipped a used product instead of a new. Today the feedback was removed. It seems to be he tried all tricks including $$$ to remove the negative feedback. How can you say a system like that is fair.
   comment by anonymous on October 12, 2007

Amazon's shipping blows.

They give you a $3 credit. I had to ship something big from the east coast to the west coast and it cost $18. I bitched to customer service and they basically told me to eat a bag of dicks.
   comment by Mike on October 14, 2007

Amazon is a declining market for small fact I think is is a declining market for larger sellers. Unless you get approved to sell the big stuff. And if you sell enough, your feedback rating does not matter......Smaller sellers beware....your's matters.
   comment by I can't tell you that on October 14, 2007

What else can we do besides quit selling on Amazon? Can we joint together and make a stand instead of all this complaining? Is anyone willing to create a website for donation to receive enough money and sue Amazon?

All we're doing on this website is complaining. It's time we make a stand?
   comment by John McDuke on October 15, 2007

I'm so glad I read the comments posted on this site. We were considering starting to sell our N Scale Trains and Locomotives ( on but after reading so many horror stories from other sellers and seeing how badly Amazon treats its sellers we will pass.
   comment by on October 15, 2007

Amazon has about 2k of my money. They suspended my account for poor performance (94% positive feedback, 5.1% refunds, 1.28% A-Z claims) Ratings were improving, but they didnt care. Anyways, that was the beginning of July. They said I would get my money back after about 90 days, its been over 100 days and I have not seen a dime! This seems excessive (to hold money this long) seems a lawsuit could be filed, if there are any class-actions going on or anybody who wants to start one I would be wiling to participate--please contact me. I would like to see this excessive holding time stopped.
   comment by Jim Pro on October 23, 2007

I was wondering if anyone knows of any class action law suits with Amazon. Their Alliance program is like the Gestapo and I am in need of some advice on how to deal with them. They suspended my sellers account and although I recently had a few problems that were easily fixed, I have been a great seller. I always have gone above and beyond to my buyers and have never skimped on packaging or upgrading shipping and other misc. just to make more money. I know I can go elsewhere to sell, but I want to be able to do something regarding this unjustice. They don't have any appeal process or even a phone number. Someone out there must have some valuable advice.
   comment by Tamar Hirsch on October 23, 2007

We started selling on a 2-3 years back and they then suspended my account for a stupid mistake I made by sendind an e-mail to multiple buyers requesting Feedback and I forgot to put their e-mails in the BCC box, we tried calling e-mailing and not to absolute no responds.

now after two years has passed I tried my luck again and I started selling again on Amazon I went beyond customer service to please our customers for example I made sure they get a shipping tracking number within 1-2 hours of the purchase, however the "Notice: Your Account" e-mail didn't fail to show up and that put an end to my Dreams and hopes. I am extremely disappointed what in the hell I did so wrong that Amazon should keep me off selling on their site for the rest of my life which is the result in hundreds and thousands of dollars of lost profits there should be a way to get back at them for doing this to so many sellers and force them through a lawsuit to pay us back all the money we lost due to their on professional and irresponsible. way to do business.
   comment by Dave on October 24, 2007

Another way to get back at them is to write reviews for all the products they sell and the reviews should all say "PROTEST AMAZON SELLER'S POLICY'S. DO NOT BUY FROM AMAZON.COM. ASK THEM TO STOP BULLYING AND ABUSING THEIR SELLERS." I've already posted this message on hundreds of items and I ask you to do the same.

You don't need to purchase an item in order to write a review about it.

make sure to give only one star for every product that you're reviewing.

We need to let all their buyers know that by purchasing from they're fueling a bully.
   comment by Dave on October 24, 2007

Amazon suspended my seller account on 9/13/07 although I was in good standing with 100% positive feedback. They kept my funds of over $400, saying that it would be held up to 90 days! Amazon Alliance says my account has been linked to a suspended account....well yeah, several computers are set up here at this business and several people use them, of course sharing the same IP address.

I am through with Amazon, as a buyer and seller. I kept my Amazon account in very good standing, yet I was suspended, punished for someone's else's deeds and then they stole my money. Oh yes, good ole' Amazon's got themselves a good thing going; holding onto a suspended seller's earnings, the interest drawn on the thousands of dollars being held in "reserve" alone would add up to a tidy little sum.
   comment by Vee on October 26, 2007

Never use a computer that others are using especially on a network a big red FLAG!!.Good way for amazon to shut you down.there are ways around getting back on but i cant post them here amazon is monitoring this site for info !! If you search the internet you shall seek the answers how to get back on if you wish. and be undetected or linked to another account !!. Good luck.
   comment by anonymous on October 27, 2007

Amazon is not the only ones screwing sellers!! PAYPAL is to !.I was a seller on ebay and also on pricegrabber. its not the 2 companies its paypal that steals your money in this setup. Pricegrabber only excepts payment with paypal. sold an item for around 700.00. buyer pays with paypal. after payment is made I tried to transfer my money
and paypal limits my account asking for all my personal information.I do not think so I will not give it to them. So now that transaction is done .Buyer is now looking for their item and i told them paypal has not paid me and your funds are in my account and it limited and i cant even refund the buyer has lost his money i have not sent the goods since i did not get paid and have no payapl account ,and paypal has the money and gives the buyer the runaround telling them to contact me about it . so i'm the bad guy ? they are the thieves not me I did nothing wrong. so that is the story. the auction sites will only work if you have your own merchant account !! not pay pal or bid pay !That is why amazon has their own payments .To control your money and of course a money laundering buisness!! that is the deal to steal !!!
   comment by trouble on other sites as well on October 27, 2007

Yes, I know about using network computers and Amazon's watchdogs, but they should not punish an innocent person. That would be the same as sending an entire family clan to prison if one of the family members broke a law. Shucks, why not punish entire neighborhoods if one household in the neighborhood does something wrong? This is the theory Amazon uses.

As for there being ways to get back on; I could have already been back and Amazon would have never known or would never know. But I am done with them; hope they enjoy my meager earnings they stole from me!
   comment by Vee on October 27, 2007

Read this to know more on this topic in deep.
   comment by Look Topper on October 31, 2007

Read this to get more details
   comment by on October 31, 2007

the link you gave doesnt work.
   comment by sarbjeet on October 31, 2007

   comment by Look Topper on October 31, 2007

Here is the link
   comment by on October 31, 2007

I never thought of selling on Amazon until I sold my old text book over one night. It was EASY!! and QUICK!!

Haha, IT'S A TRAP:(

They blocked my account without any mankind warning or explaination. They are still holding over $7,000 of my money.

I have been selling international editions for almost a month, I never knew it is prohibited!! I still can't locate this policy on I e-mailed them numerous time to request explaination, NO RESPONSE. Why should they care, they have my money, be the slave!! you!!!

By the way, there are still people being trapped, as I still see people are selling interenational editions. Why don't you tell us before we even start!!! Why you have to wait a whole month to block my account!!! So this way amazon can hold more money of mine??

amazon. com -- mordern evil!! -- A-Z Guarantee program - sucks! no fairness at all, one-sided gimic!! DAMAGE THIS SOCIETY'S MORAL LEVEL!!!

So what, so those bad evil -minded people can have full refund back and keep my book!!

I don't know when I will be able to get my money back, I can't imagine how much money will be guaranteed to refund to those evil-people who are still reading my books.

I will publish those people's name address, phone number and get my book -- one day.

Anyone knows how to sue AMAZON.COM?


This is a great site, I am so glad that I just found it. Those A-Z GUARANTEE refund got me really depressed. Refund the money, you don't like or want the book, 1000% fine. BUT PLEASE GIVE MY BOOK BACK-- THOSE ARE MINE, MY MONEY!!!
   comment by lily on November 1, 2007
A-Z guarantee program?
What kind of program is that-
Buyer never contact me to tell me that he is not happy with the book, despite that there is nothing wrong with the book. He jumped onto a-to-z get the full refund back by me, neglected my request for book return.
I wrote to alliance department (such a tricky thing, they never have any phone number, it is a secret department) to request help to get my book back. I got reply that they are only responsible to guarantee refund.

So it becomes clear that any buyer can complaint and receive full refund, there is no investigation, justice and fairness.

Therefore evil-minded people or even good people could be triggered into this gimic: let's keep and enjoy the merchandise, why not also get the money back- which is easy.

   comment by creates moral problem in our society on November 1, 2007

I dont even know where to fuck begin. I have been sellin in Amazon for 4 FUCKING years. I was very suscessful at it unti I got FUCK by Amazon. Another jealous seller, a real mother fucker, ( seems to attract them). reported me to Amazon falsely. Right after that I saw Amazon's Dick ready to FUCK ME. I receive a fucking e-mail by their fucking Alliance deparment statin that my account was closed. Those FUCKERS decided to keep my money for 90 days. After the FUCKING 90 days passed I contacted to try to get my FUCKING money back and after calling them Sons of Bitches over and over they finally transfered the funds. Amazon is only playing with our money. We are only asses that they can FUCK.
   comment by Amazon Can Kiss My Ass on November 1, 2007

so no one knows how to sue them?
   comment by sarbjeet on November 2, 2007

Sue them? Sure, if enough would take a stand together! Sooner or later there will be a class action lawsuit against the big Am Alliance and that other big online auction site, GreedBay as both do some very unethical stuff to some of their members. Their ace in the hole for doing this stuff is their TOS that each new member has to agree to! Take time to read their bull, unbelieveable.
   comment by Vee on November 5, 2007

As you get closer to christmas watch all the feedback of sellers get trashed. This is a setup by amazon to knock out the small sellers and cater to the big companies.i had a 100% feed back and im a small seller i received to neg feedbacks back to back from people that cant read descriptions. They never contacted me and when i contact them about the problem. they never got back. .setup i think so .amazon has their moles working in every state to buy from sellers. they want to hurt your feedback and kick you off. .and steal your money..
   comment by anonymous on November 8, 2007

Class action lawsuit in the works! email to be put on the list.
   comment by Admin@dvd on November 9, 2007

LAWSUIT!!!!!!!!!!! They need to shut down!!!!!!!
   comment by Rahim ALi on November 9, 2007

Admin@dvd...Class action lawsuit in the works!

I emailed you, I am not afraid to take a stand! Put me on your list.
   comment by Vee on November 9, 2007

I have been on for only 2 weeks and made about $5,000. I have been selling dvd's to customers who haven't had a problem! They are all original region 1! No bootlegs or copies! I get this email from the Alliance Dept stating " We took this action because it has come to our attention that you may be selling recopied media. As stated in our policies, recopied and otherwise unauthorized media infringe upon copyrights and trademarks and are illegal to sell." But they say if you have other things you still need to ship go ahead and send it. I'm not sending shit to anyone these people are the biggest beats i ever ran into and I thought Ebay was bad! This people take the cake! Sign me up for the suit!
   comment by Desiree Hall on November 10, 2007

Yes ok we have all been done but im not upset anymore had my listings removed twice no money etc etc taken me 2 months to get over it but there are alternative websites im in the uk have joined abe books yes they charge but its worth it and guess what they have customer services for cheaper items go to 100 listings for free they have cs also so thanks amazon for blocking me im really happy now cheers
   comment by booky on November 10, 2007

Amazon is starting to weed down the single sellers. my account was suspended.I had 100% feedback and then Bam 2 people left me a neg for no reason. (1) person didnt even read the description and complained. about an item Thats not my fault.They better learn how to read. The other person lied about receiving the item and wanted to get it for free and said they never received it. LIAR tracking shows delivery.Then to boot they said i might be selling copied media!!!What the fuck that is the only way they can boot you off by saying this false accusation.There is a problem .the holidays are coming and they are booting the small sellers. any way they can fuck them selves ! A new amazon account can be set up in 5 minutes and you can have 100 accounts with no problem !!!! I They will not know who you are and you can keep on selling. so if you want a new account on amazon just do some research on the web. I would tell it here but amazon is watching us. screw them they are shady.getting back on is a walk in the park they cant trace you at all just research the web.
   comment by anonymous on November 13, 2007

amazon is doing the sweep they are starting to hold funds to make their profits look good for christmas. that is how the snake does money is held in reserve . and i see no end in sight for this company. for some strange reason they are getting away with all this stealing. Customers will leave sellers neg feedback because they never received their item. Hey You may havepaid the bill but I did not get the money for it . Your pal amazon has it. so i guess you will have to deal with them. Im tired of buyeres trying to screw me with their lies. they use the a to z to get free items.They say materialistic diffrent then purchased and that is it amazon refunds them from your account and they getto keep it! FREE SHIT!!They told me as a good selling gesture you should let them keep it!! Let them keep it? Ok Ill purchase a 3000.00 plasma 699 bluue ray player
and 20 dvd's 599. from amazon and when it comes ill tell them it's materialisticaly differnt and they should eat the 4200.00 dollars Being a good gesture and all. I should be given it for free!!seems fair top me i say. whyshould small sellers be screwed. Amazon will be eventually screwed you shall see bezo will eventually be investigated . Hey when He is messing with peoples
lives, takeing food off their table.Bezo your day will come.ohh "bozo"!!
   comment by anonymous on November 14, 2007

Ordered something through them (Amazon specifically) and after many lengthy misspelled Indian form letters they canceled my order. They can suck a fat dick. Their reputation is fucked off now. It was in stock when I ordered it according to their site (or else the order would not have went through) but no doubt they saw that their price was much lower than other sellers so they undoubtedly sold it out from under me. First they sent me letters of shipping postponement, while many of the same item were currently listed for sale on their website, then they canceled my order without my approval. This is basically the definition of reneg or re-nig or whatever you want to call it. I just skimmed some of the other comments above and specifically the one calling Bezos "Bozo" and if they indeed told you it would be a nice gesture to do as you stated... they are in fact the exact opposite based on my experience. They cut their own margins on my purchases. They could have made back their loss on future transactions. They fucked up, I didn't fuck up. That's bad business. Their stock should tumble back to new lows.
   comment by suckmyamazon on November 15, 2007

Nice job amazon cutting my account loose right before xmas ! Seems they do not want the competition, They sent me the same letter as mentioned on this board. you may or may not sell copied media on amazon. Thats a joke . I never even sold one dvd or tape I'm a bookseller!!
See what assholes they are they cant get their shit straight.They are smart they block your whole account so you cant get in to it at all.Try to contact them and no return email. They are no good.Luckily i had always pulled my funds everyday. but remember it takes 2 days from the time you transfer your money till it is actually transfered to you! this is so these ruthless heartless pieces of shit can take your money from you..Whoever sticks up for amazon should be hung upside down by their toenails then whipped and dunked in an alcohol bath!!! slimy thieves.The site was good 3 years ago not anymore .This seams like a common practice with them I think I may have lost a total of 1000.00 on 2 transfers that they stole and I'm out the product. But ill get it back on the next time around when i set up another account and not mail a fucking thing..
Dumb Fucks Im not a media seller, reading books only!!
Also what is true is that you have amazon people all over . They purchase from you to see if you actually have the item and you will know who they are by their emails. These people are a pain in the ass always contacting you about their order in less than 24hrs from the time they purchased it.Then the feedback system and the refund rate policy is a joke.5% refund rate allowance.If a customer wants to return the item or cancel a purchase ,why should i have to be penalized for that .1 or 2 refunds bring you over 5%.thats not my fault.And the feedback system these buyers better get the fuck enrolled in school again.THEY CAN'T READ!!!They do not look at the item description before they buy it.How about this let their fat ass go shopping in the store and they know they are a size xxl, but they just pick up small sizes and throw them in the cart when they get home they are like I did not buy this?Thats cause you can't read ass wipe wake the fuck up,open your eyes brainless !! It's the truth some people are just plain stupid eventually they will be in trouble.tThey are using the single small seller to edge their way up. they look at the inventory that we sell then they try to find it.Then they axe you eventually amazon will only be a selling site for big companies and corporate accounts .and when that happens then amazon will loose more than half their buyers.95% of all sales are from third party sellers.that is why amazon structured the fees the way they are. ...
the way the internet has turned out so far .alot of people will just go back to the way it was years before the internet was around. Go to the store and purchase what they want...
   comment by axed by amazon!! on November 15, 2007

HERE WE GO!!! my account was limited
today for no reason. I can still access my account but my listings are pulled!! 10,0000 listings!!!
selling for over a year. refund rate 3% and feedback 97.5% same email that was sent to other people on this page. copied media crap!!
I do not understand all my items are the same merchandise that you would find in best buy circuit city walmart etc.. Pieces of shit this amazon. THey say if i want my account released then i will have to email them and explain what i will do to improve my selling.Improve my selling?What the hell.Hello mcfly??? This is all a ploy to can sellers before christmas and try to make themselves look good!! well it will impact them alot since this is happening to alot of selleres do they really think that the items will be shipped out?Im not shipping another thing. even if they did release my account. they will pull the same stunt in a week or maybe a month.Fine amazon I wont bother .Ill just get my last funds that were transfered and close my bank account..They are known to do reversal of funds real quick.. I m sorry for the buyers but amazon puts us in the position.they are causing all the problems not us.well ill wait for my funds then close my account. Sales are not like they used to be on amazon. Alot of people got burned in the last couple of seasons and its all because of amazon playing games with third party sellers...
   comment by anonymous on November 16, 2007

Amazon sucks a fat one. The way their business is structured will inevitably leave them sucking the customers cock while the sellers are forecd to overextend their usual practices because amazon is sucking the customers sock. I've sold 3 items and theyre already doing some faggoty merchant review crap. I'm going back to overstock!
   comment by Matthew Bedding on November 16, 2007

They will not know who you are and you can keep on selling. so if you want a new account on amazon just do some research on the web. I would tell it here but amazon is watching us. screw them they are shady.getting back on is a walk in the park they cant trace you at all just research the web.

I would be interested in twhere I can find it. I have looked with little success.
   comment by Dilly on November 17, 2007

I wish I had seen this site before I started trying to sell with Amazon. That's right, tried to sell. I'm not a business. I just wanted to sell some books and CDs I have. I set up my seller account, listed my first item and before I could finish I got the message that I was unable to receive payment. I had them call me and was sent to Alliance's email. Sent an email to Alliance saying I've never sold anything on Amazon why am I blocked. And I got the same email as all of you. My account was related to another account...blah blah. My listing for one Book on CD didn't even get posted before they shut me down. Sent a few emails, called them, got not info of course. Then I found this site. Well, I'm glad I was blocked.
Does anyone know of a good site to sell used books and CDs?
   comment by Unbefrickenlievable on November 19, 2007

dey make me so angry if i ever see the employees for amazon i will beat the living shit out of them, YOU FUCKIN ASS HOLES I HOPE YOU DIE.
ps no one still doesnt no how to sue them in the uk?
   comment by sarbjeet on November 20, 2007

I bought a few items from Amazon this year and I never realized how bad they treat their sellers so last week I closed my account. I will not recomend Amazon to anyone not even if Jeff Bezos sucks my dick.
   comment by FreeFromAmazon on November 20, 2007's seller feedback policy is unfair and breeds negative comments from otherwise properly served customers. this leads to a tremendous amount of complaints for no reason other than lack of care.
some comments received:
rating 1/5 "i scratched myself opening the package"
rating 2/5 "i thought shipping was free"
rating 1/5 "seller wants to charge 20% for washed return, i will never shop here again"

Sellers do not have a place to properly respond or negate false claims - may fall and their stock will drop just like ebays did.
   comment by na on November 21, 2007

Nice job amazon cutting my account loose right before xmas i sell 30 itimes i get 2 neg feedbacks because people cant read an they think used is new 30 items 2 neg an pos because people rather rite neg then pos
   comment by pissed off on November 22, 2007

I have been with Amazon just over a month. I just sold 3 items, waited after the 2 week period for the money to go to my account in the beginning. Then I gradually start increasing my sales, and all of a sudden from no where they freeze my account. I have about $2000k in my account, 7 Positive ratings at 100%, no A-F claims, so what the hell is the problem? Amazon and Ebay are sites that are pure Evil. They want you to buy, and if you sell a little bit of things you are ok. But if you look like you are pushing a lot of items to really make money then the F_ _ K with you. Someone needs to make a competitor site where you can really sell whatever you want and make money.
   comment by K. E. on November 22, 2007

I was suspended from Amazon two years ago. I had a perfect rating and good customer service. When I started selling $500/per week, they froze my account and suspended me.
I than moved to Ebay and I am a powerseller there. Ebay also suspends accounts if you are doing something Illegal, like selling replica items, bootlegs and so for.
After doing a lot of research on the net, I found a program that tells you how to get back on Ebay and you also can use it to go back on Amazon. I have not tried the program yet but the information is very valuable. I will make a list here of the things you need to do, and will post it later this week.
After I was suspended from Amazon I opened two more accounts under my brother;s name and sister's name and before a week passed they sent me an email from Alliance telling me that this account was link to a previous suspended account.
Anyways, I found how, they do it and how to avoid being suspended again.
I will make the list tomorrow for everybody here.
   comment by BECOME INVISIBLE AND SELL AGAIN! on November 22, 2007

DO NOT POST YOUR Info on here about getting back on amazon. Once you do that amazon will read the post and no one will be able to sell on amazon again .Trust me if you value selling do not post any info here. let people search for the info throught he web. you will start fires very quickly and raise some eyebrows.!!!!!!!!!!!!!...
   comment by anonymous on November 23, 2007

Yes !! I agree do not post any info you will just make it more difficult for sellers to get back on!!!
   comment by anonymous on November 23, 2007

   comment by anonymous on November 23, 2007

People have issues with you Amazon.... look at this, runnig an average of 3 shitty comments about you a day on a page that is ranked 3 on Google for search term "selling on amazon"

Nice one well played.... See how long your power lasts the internet is a fickle place....
   comment by anonymous on November 23, 2007

   comment by BECOME INVISIBLE AND SELL AGAIN! on November 23, 2007

you should disclose the information, to help the sellers that want to get back onto amazon to sell again

or at least give a url or something
   comment by anonymous on November 23, 2007

Amazon blows these days it seems...I tried to order a popular DVD for Christmas and they're telling me I won't get it til after's only Nov. 23rd!!!!! It's not out of stock, so what's the deal??? They're going into the sh***er faster than most may believe
   comment by Anthony on November 23, 2007

Hello from

This message is to inform you that we have blocked your selling account. Your open listings have been cancelled and you may no longer sell on our site.

We took this action because it has come to our attention that you have shipped an item to a buyer to a location other than the one provided to you by the Amazon Payments system.

This is a violation of Section 5.b of our Participation Agreement, which states that sellers waive any rights with respect to the Service when shipping to an address other than that provided by the Service.

If you still have items to ship, please take appropriate steps to resolve your pending sales. Your Seller Account will remain accessible and you are encouraged to refund or ship pending orders.

Your funds are being reserved in your account for up to 90 days from the date of your final sale. After 90 days, the funds will be disbursed minus any A-to-Z Guarantee claims or charge-backs. It is possible to expedite the release of these funds by providing sufficient proof of delivery and/or shipment for your orders to The order number should be included for each order you are providing this information about. If you have further questions about your disbursement, please email

While we appreciate your interest, please understand that the closure of an account is a permanent action. Any subsequent accounts that are opened will be closed as well. Thank you for your understanding with our decision.


Alliance Program
   comment by 4000 Amazon customers and I get this on November 27, 2007

4000 Amazon customers and I get this ........

Welcome to the club, 4000 Amazon customers; I got suspended because I know someone else that got suspended! Wow, if one of my friends, family members or even a neighbor gets suspended, god forbid....I get suspended too just for knowing them and sharing a business computer. AMAZON, JUST BECAUSE MORE THAN ONE PERSON USES A BUSINESS COMPUTER.....IT DOES NOT MAKE THEM THE SAME PERSON! This is the 21st century for Pete's sake; there are public computers at Internet cafe's and libraries! Folks use their work computers, yes even to sell on Amazon!
   comment by Vee on November 27, 2007

same ip address that is why they think it is the same computer...Therefore the same person. their logic is one account per household or buissness.thats insane . you can have 5 ebay accounts with no problem. amazon suuuuuuucks!!
sales so far blow this year on amazon. this time last year their was a killing being made. I think amazon is starting to see it's demise and the fad is wearing thin..they are killing the 3rd party sellers by closeing their accounts and buyers are not getting their items .I would not ship my items either if they closed mine!!so they are going elsewhere to shop. Thats my opinion
   comment by door to door dvd on amazon on November 27, 2007

4000 Amazon customers and I get this:

So amazon banned you because you shipped to a different address?

Did the customer request that you ship to a different address?

And how did amazon find out anyway?
   comment by anonymous on November 27, 2007

Amazon found out probably because they had an employee purchase from them. They are sneaky bastards. !!! just watch who you sell to watch the states and watch the address's. get a list of amazon locations . ps all sellers put signature on your orderes .Just cover your into amazons upgraded seller policy about del confirmation and signiture. all part of the a to z claim to fuck sellers..
   comment by anonymous on November 28, 2007

4000 Amazon customers and I get this:

What is your amazon seller name?

Something about the alliance letter doesn't look right.

If you give me your amazon seller name, I will investigate and get back to you.
   comment by anonymous on November 28, 2007

Your contact with the buyer was done through amazon so if the shipping details were in the email than that is how they found out. always find the customers direct email and email them like that. it is in the payment portion of the seller account. amazon wants total control.they really now how to mess with people before the holiday. this is how it has been happening lately.if you make to much money they shut you down regardless of your is a proven fact. people i know had 100% for a year (NO LIE) not one bad feedback..they made $15,000 consistently every month with out one problem! then he received the usual amazon your damned if you do or damned if you dont. basically 3rd part seller accounts may last 3-6 months before they shut it regardless if their is a then if you want to just start another one..just look on the web and it will tell you exactly how is just common sense if you know how a computer works as per ip and tracking cookies..
   comment by anonymous on November 28, 2007

I've been looking all over the net, how the heck do you get back on Amazon as a seller?! this is getting so incredibly frustrating.
   comment by how how on November 29, 2007

Use another name, address, bank account and use a separate carrier for internet access. Never, ever use the separate internet carrier for anything but Amazon dealings. And get a computer and/or new hard drive and use it exclusively for Amazon also. Otherwords, dedicate a computer or hard drive and internet carrier to access Amazon only!
   comment by Vee on November 29, 2007

4000 Amazon customers and I get this:

What you can do is go to the amazon message boards and post to the seller's soapbox.

Explain everything and they will try to help you get your account reinstated.

Good luck.
   comment by anonymous on November 29, 2007

amazon soapbox is aj oke they talk about crap! most are working for amazon.don't bother reinstating your account once it is on hold or you are suspended they red flag your account and watch you like a hawk. just start a new will always have problems with that account they will keep holding your funds etc:
   comment by anonymous on November 30, 2007

Im a seller on amazon their policy is horrible Sales this year are really down from last year .Besides the games they play i think i will start selling elsewhere after the holidays.were able to make some good cash on that site now it is like non exsistant..Besides the economy now sucks. But I think it is because alot of people in the past had gotten screwed over by 3rd party not shipping their items!I do not blame any one but amazon for this ! They hold selleres funds and expect you to ship out your items.I would not This is the games they play with peoples lives.also if you are anew seller instead of sending you the 30 day letter for holding funds, now they are slick they say your bank account has aproblem accepting your money, please check with your bank, if you change the info than their is an additional 14 day waiting period. so figure it out 2 weeks when you sign up and 2 weeks when you correct your bank info =30 days! smart asses. on the sight reads 24hrs when you change it but the email ststes 14 days !!Time to move on and cut them loose.
   comment by anonymous on December 3, 2007

I cannot fanthom why people would shop at

Amazon "Black Friday" Promotions Deceptive and Misleading Advertising.
Would you shop at a retailer that advertises a promotional sale, good for 1 day only, and in addition offers an additional bonus rebate if the item is bought on ?

(1) Now amazon will not ship giving reason they made an error in their ad. [That's Deceptive Advertising.]

(2) They benefited by drawing thousands of buyers to their web site. Now their offering the discount on an inflated price. [That's BAIT & SWITCH]

(3) Bottom Line: No Product; It wants us to buy now at almost list price; (& forget the promo) That makes the Rebate Coupon of no value and became worthless. [That's not only Bait & Switch but also an "Unfair and Deceptive Act"]

(4) robed us of the opportunity to buy same
product at a competitive retailer and basically robbed other retailers too by stealing customer with wothless promotions. [That's unfair & misleading advertising.]

(5) All said and done the outcome of "Black Friday's promotion was phony and untruthful in its "Promotional Activity". [see]

(6) Any other decent company or store would have honored what they advertise and given an apology.

(7) makes itself unavailable to its customers, and their Customer Service Telephone (if you can find it) is absolutely worthless to speak to anyone to solve an issue. They say: "They know nothing".
They can't even tell you if there's Resolution Office.

(8) Communication to its Corporate office in Seattle, WA has been ignored to date. I doubt they care about the customer.

What a sad company, indeed. People will reap what they sow -- ultimately -- I myself rather pay a bit extra and save a bundle down the line and certainly will not reward deception by adding to their bottom line.
   comment by dedavid on December 4, 2007


- Why don't the buyers bother to read the full description of an item before purchase. IF I TAKE THE TIME TO DESCRIBE THE ITEM IN DETAIL, THE READ THE FUCKING DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU BUY.

- They don't seem to realize that most seller's are individuals selling items for themselves, not Amazon.

- 99% of the pricks don't leave any feedback at all unless it's negative.

- They won't bother contacting the seller to resolve the issue BEFORE they leave negative feedback.

- They need to understand that Media Mail is the last to go on the USPS truck and takes longer to arrive that other mail. THAT'S WHY IT'S SO FUCKING CHEAP!

- They don't bother to update addresses and get pissed off when the item never arrives. AND THE ASSHOLES AT AMAZON REFUND THEM EVEN WITH PROOF OF SHIPMENT. HEY AMAZON HOW ABOUT OPTIONAL INSURANCE FOR THE IDIOTS?

And how is that I can sell 75 - 100 items a week on Ebay and easily have a 99.8% feedback but have to SUCK DICK AND EAT SHIT to sell 10 items a week and have a 4.6 feedback on Amazon?

   comment by MR on December 4, 2007

Well said MR !! You are 100 % right !! sales are in the toilet on amazon this year. People just don't read and leave negatives without contacting sellers beforehand. They have to get their head out of their ass !!
   comment by anonymous on December 4, 2007

Well I guess I am lucky, I just started selling
at amazon 2 months ago and I just got hit for
30 dollars after I sent a used item.

Now the person that got the item is
demanding to me that he or she
deserves a new item (description
detailed that the item was used),
to put good feedback on my account.

I have been a buyer on amazon the
last 5 year, and I never had any
problem but now I am seriously
considering to cut my purchases
on this site.

Anyway thank you guys for
warning people, at least
some will be saved the
   comment by Ron C on December 7, 2007

Well the liars and thieves have done it again....told me in a recent email that my seized funds would be returned to me on Dec. they are saying the 14th. I don't believe a thing these thieves say. The funds did not belong to them in the first seller account was in excellent standing; never have had an A-Z claim against me, I even shipped all my sold items AFTER they shut me down and stole my money....Oh well, I am done with Amazon, both as a buyer and seller.
   comment by Vee on December 12, 2007

I am top 500 internet retailer and amazon does suck! It is funny how they claim to have such great customer service but then when you email them at or you email alliance at amazon, they take a one sided position, never email you back and are vague about everything. They like to act like they are great with customers but in all reality, they totally suck! I'll never go back to Amazon. I emailed them proof of a furniture delivery signed off by a customer and they said that was not enough and they gave the money back to the customer. They have complete idiots working there! I will never ever sell on Amazon! Everyone reading this should know this and stop selling now!
   comment by anonymous on December 13, 2007

Anonymous. You have it backwards. They are not the idiots. They are the thieves that know to trick us (the idiots) and get our money. I sincerely do believe that Jeff reads this website every night before going to bed to check how many IDIOTS have fallen in his trap. When he gets to be a grandpa he will tell his grandchildren all the stories about he fooled some idiot in selling furniture and not getting paid for it or how he was able to hold the money of all the idiots that sold in Amazon.
   comment by reply_to_aonymous on December 14, 2007

We had our account suspended for no apparent reason, Amazon did not feel they owed us an explanations, they also did not botter to tell us that 0ver $5,000 of our money that they escrow will be frozen for 90 days!

I am seeking legal action against them, anyone want to make this a class law suit? drop me a line.

Crisp Sound
   comment by Crisp Sound on December 14, 2007

Reply_to_anonymous...I agree, we are the idiots...they are crooks, thieves and con artists. They close accounts, hold the funds for 90 days, all the while drawing interest on the seized money; what a gold mine they have on seized money interest alone! Class action, I am all for it, Crisp Sound. Bozo finally released my money they held for 90 days and now I have requested both my accounts be closed by Amazon. Can you believe they try and talk you out of closing Amazon accounts?!? Well I have news for them, they will not have another chance with me. I am done with Bozo and his circus! If more Amazon members that have been wronged them would close their accounts, maybe the big A would wake up.
   comment by Vee on December 14, 2007

I've been a seller at for about 4 months. I've made a little over 1000 so far. I could have made around 2000 if it wasn't for their outrageous fees and those ass holes who charge only a cent for their books! Why do they do that?
   comment by shit on December 15, 2007

Cult mentality has ruined eBay and!

The problem with eBay and in my assessment has been a harsh education in unbridled capitalism at it's most unregulated and unrestrained. These giants allows us, the working man, the priviledge to sell and make money on their web sites, but then, make us suffer the indignity of being banned, excommunicated, if you will, so they can reap the profits off what the small business man provides to the customer at half the price, for example, what Amazon charges. The sad lesson is both eBay and Amazon always win. You think you good sellers out there have run the gamut of dubious buyers lately? Dec. 16th, 2007 to be exact? The dubious and insidious "buyers" are the ones who buy your goods, receive it, then demand refunds for no legitimate reasons, become deliberately contrary to any form of rational communication on you part, and finally, purposely leave negative feedback Are the work of "paid assassins": your competitors.
Your competitors pay "fake buyers" to buy your goods and items, dvds...etc and then make false claims against you is how they compete. They are the ones who bombard customer service with mindless witch hunts. It's harassment on a global level.
And Amazon and eBay engage and do the same thing. They encourage it with their harshly driven "customer complaint" system. They encourage the "buyers complaint" method aggressively that ultimately "mobs" the seller out of business. Gangster tactics. They purge their marketplace of sellers for no legitimate reason. They create and generate automated emails to their members that make no sense in the real world. Following some high profile suits against them, eBay was absorbed by the paranoid and fascistic U.S. Homeland Security in 2003. Amazon also followed suit hence and fell under a joint private/U.S. government watchdog entity like Alliance. They sound More like Allegiance to the corporate cannibals and internet rats, self-appointed copyright vigilantes, pedophiles, degenerates, and internet office jerks.
Amazon and eBay operate on the basis of fear, intimidation, extortion, outright harassment, and, Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organizations.
   comment by nobody on December 16, 2007

Ok, Nobody, you have explained the problem but you forgot to explain your solution. The truth is that we complain and complain but don't do shit. I do not agree with Amazon policies that is why I do not buy or sell in Amazon and I would suggest for all of you to do the same. You all were lured to Amazon on the promise of making money with little effort and guess what, everything in life has a price. Amazon provides the servers, software, advertising and of course you have to pay for those services and you guys don't like that. Instead of suing Amazon why doesn't any of you create a company to compete with Amazon?. You all seem to know how to run a company like Amazon so why don't you do it instead of complaining about it?. You are a bunch of pathetic losers and I am glad Amazon screw you all. Amazon screw me only once and I learned my lesson.
   comment by to_nobody on December 16, 2007

FUCK YOU asshole dont post on here if you have nothing good to say don't sayit! ."Dirtbag". Learn how to type douchbag..
   comment by anonymous on December 16, 2007

I was suspended from selling on Amazon because of high refund rate. My income was meager but it was enough to pay the rent and buy grocery. I have 2 children and I am so stressed out about how to support my 2 kids. I am almost thinking to apply for public assistance. is there anybody who can show me how to get back to sell on amazon? i heard that they watch the IP number .. Please call the number above.
   comment by 559-301-2432 on December 17, 2007

ha ha! I made the poster called "to_nobody" shit in his pants when he read my post. it pays to be human. all too human. look up the words "ebay and racketeer influenced corrupt organizations" on google and see how many lawsuits these corporate vampires are finally being hauled before the courts!
   comment by nobody on December 17, 2007

Nobody, I am still waiting for your solution to the problem. To criticize an organization or person doesn't take too much brains but it does to fix a problem. Now we all know how much brain you have since all you do is criticize and are unable to create a website to compete with Amazon or Ebay. By the way, I wasn't shitting on my pants but I was peeing on them after reading your attempt to be an intellectual. Since in this site all everyone does is call names and criticize I guess you feel right at home and you feel like a leader to these people. Lead on Mother Fucker (oops, sorry, I couldn't resist the temptation of going down to your educational level).
   comment by to_nobody on December 17, 2007

   comment by to anonymous on December 17, 2007

ha ha! and "to_nobody" wets his pants too. number one and number two. a period number three? you got problems, scarlet.
this poster needs Depends diapers to control his constant load of crap. no wonder it stinks around here.
the poster is a part of the problem and clearly not part of the solution.
my assessment of and profile of "to_nobody" is probably a middle age chubby white man in his 40's, balding, sits in front of a computer in brown-stained underwear, and hasn't been laid since high school.
   comment by nobody on December 17, 2007

eBay also sucks!

If Ebay suspends you, do not do anything they say as chances are you will be suspended for weeks, months or even forever. They have no ethics or morals as a company. The whole institution is run like a dictatorship, a capitalistic Nazi regime or some communist institution. You have no voice. You are not allow to prove your innocence. Like a bunch of thugs they will yank you and all your accounts and leave you to die. These people will tell you lies and don't care if you know it or not. They have no repurcussions from this because they are a monopoly. If anybody want's to do a study of how monopoloies handle business with customers all you need to do is sign up and get suspended for no reason. You'll get tossed in Ebay's version of the USSR Goulage. Ebay is unAmerican and antifairness. They know they're not fair and they don't give a crap about it. I have don't a search on the lives and busnesses that they have ruined and let me tell you, it's not pretty. They have no mercy as a company. It's up for buyers and sellers to start a buyers or seller's union. I would be up for paying fees as long as it gives sellers and buyers some leverage over this pig of a company. I truely thought these kinds of companies died out in the 1800's and 1900's. Apparently, they didn't as Ebay is a prime example of it. Funny enough, it may be the only example that I know of. I am hoping that Ebay gets humbled in the future because they deserve all the karma they get. By the way, forget the live help. Sometimes I think they's nobody behind the words. I think it's a bot of somekind because it always takes the agent 2-3 minutes to answer a simple questions and the answers are always generic. The Trust and Safty department should be called the Lies and scams the department. Seriously, this company is a joke.
   comment by newman on December 17, 2007

This site is getting out of control amazon is posting on here trying to find out the ins and outs of how to get back selling on their website. This site is for sellers that got burned by amazon . you are pinning your selves against each other.thats not right. i was also suspended due to the fact of 2 a to z claims in 1 week even after showing del inventory was small and half of the items were used books. so i to am bitte rbut i will go elswhere like alibris...
   comment by anonymous on December 18, 2007

My experience with Amazon has been a learning experience. I have learned to fly under the radar. The problem with most people is that they get greedy, just like in a casino. You have to find out what the upper limit is on the items you are selling. How did I do that for my items? well by reading sites like this. Whenever I read for example "I was selling $10,000 and I got suspended..." or "I was selling $ 5,000 and I got suspended...." I tried to keep my sales under $ 3,000 for example. It has worked for me. I haven't had any problems and also what I did I opened 3 different accounts and on each account I sell completely different items. For example I have an account for movies, another for books and another for other things. The 3 accounts combined give me more than $ 10,000 in sales per month. Hope this helps.
   comment by Amazon_Seller on December 18, 2007

Get a life and stop dreaming about beating Amazon. Resistance is futile. You will be expelled.
   comment by to_nobody on December 18, 2007

You two lovers why dont you go to a motel and FUCK each other and leave this website for people that had problems with Amazon. You are both faggots.
   comment by this is for nobody and to_nobody on December 18, 2007

I have sold on both Ebay and Amazon and I rather sell on Ebay. It is less sales but at least you can respond to whoever leaves you a negative feedback.
   comment by I rather sell on Ebay on December 18, 2007

ha! ha! "this is for nobody and to_nobody" is speaking to himself again. His "job" in life is being an office jerk. As in he jerks-off his supervisor at the gas station. His second job is internet pedophile.
   comment by nobody on December 18, 2007

don't get mad baby, you are still my bitch.
   comment by to nobody on December 19, 2007

Suck it up and move on with business!
   comment by Mr. Pisser on December 21, 2007

We have been with amazon and ebay for over 4 yrs amazon blocked my store yesterday they said it was forever we felt sick about it they said we were linked to a site that was previously blocked my wife has over 5000 books in her store and many many hours and lots of money invested,after crying for awhile she sent a polite letter to amazons alliance team. telling them how we thought there was a mistake. this is how they responded
Hello from

Thank you for writing; we are in receipt of your messages and will
address them here.

We have investigated this situation and have reactivated your Amazon
selling account. You are now welcome to buy and sell items on our site.

We appreciate the information you have provided regarding your sons'
accounts. Please note that should we receive any complaints about
prohibited content being sold by your account (teacher's editions,
solutions manuals, international edition text books), we will re-visit
our decision to active your account.

Thank you for your patience. We wish you best of luck selling on Best regards

I think if some of the people on this blog would just think a little before they open there mouths and spew out all there filth they might have better luck F,, ing this and F.,ing that.I wounder how they treated there customers
I just want to thank Amazon and there Alliance team for there help they made a mistake and fixed it in less than 20hours and I don't think they care how much money you make per month ray
   comment by ray on December 21, 2007

They are fucking gay. They have been reserving my money for fucking like two months, but they don't reserve their cut of the rofit! Fucking eat a bag of nuts with miracle whip on them.
   comment by the ultrascammers on December 21, 2007

I was selling on Amazon for about 4 years without a single problem. After I received 2 complaints from the A-Z guarantee I was suspended. I had the perfect feedback score. The problem with many people is that they DO NOT READ the items description when they are buying and than they just file a complaint without even communicating with you.
Well, after I was suspended I was furious and decided to fight back. I opened an account under my sisters name, address, bank account, phone number and everything.
I also used a computer from a public library to erase any traces of my previous account. Well, everything seam okay, after two weeks of having a new account, alliance sent me an email saying that they had evidence that the new account was linked to a previous suspended account and therefore this new account was suspended as well. You have no idea how I felt, I think I know how they found out. They use an state of the art technology that have an invisible bug in the emails that they sent you. When you open those emails, they have all of the information they need to find you and track you down.
I had to move my business and start from zero on
Ebay. I am doing okay in Ebay. I have a voice and respect. I also have excellent feedback.
Good luck everyone! Happy Holidays!
   comment by Once YOU are Out, U are Out for Ever! on December 21, 2007

Hey people, there are other websites pretty cool where you can buy and sell as well.
And many more. it's pretty cool because they give you your store front absolutely free and there is no listing fees.
Try those sites to sell your products. You may find something you like. Merry Christmas!!!!!!
   comment by Try other websites! Amazon is not the only ONE! on December 22, 2007

I am so happy with Alliance in Amazon. I got divorced two months ago and my ex had a store in Amazon. I filed a few complaints and she is out of Amazon. Merry Christmas sweetheart......
   comment by Happy with Alliance on December 22, 2007

My Christmas wish: Boycott Amazon. I spent the last four months taking care of everyone for Christmas and was happy to do it. I didn't expect anything. My DH came home with a gift card from work and told me to pick anything I wanted. Unfortunately, I picked something from They promised it would ship by Christmas. They charged the gift card but didn't ship the product. They didn't notify us til 3 days before Christmas. When we called them, first Deanne didn't have any record of the transcation, even though our bank verified that THEY TOOK THE MONEY! Then her moron supervisor NATHAN promised he would send the credit back with an e-mail confirming. NO BIG SURPRISE THAT NEVER HAPPENED. SO PLEASE GRANT ME ONE CHRISTMAS WISH: BOYCOTT AMAZON.COM INDEFINATELY!!!!!!!!!!
   comment by Ripped off by Amazon on December 22, 2007

I don't understand what is the big deal with Amazon. I find the same movies in Ebay and at considerable lower prices than in Amazon. So Amazon screws the vendors and the sellers....what a business!!!!!
   comment by DVD Buyer on December 24, 2007

I was a seller on they have sellers buy from you then give you negative feedback ! Even after 2 days I received a negative feedback for what the order wasnt even shipped yet you have 2 buissness days to ship. amazon would not remove it!Dirtbags ! I sold a used item . and the description stated exaactly what they would receive person paid pennies for it AND COMPLAINED that the item was used and other things to that nature .Yes the item was clearly listed properly but they still gave me a negative ! amazon would not removeit. Bastards !! I just said fuck you and stopped mailing my items took the money i had closed my account and said eat shit and die amazon. you are screwing to many sellers out there. It is clearly a setup and if it is not than why are a majority of sellers speaking their minds on here !!
   comment by fooled by amazons gouhls on December 24, 2007

I can't believe that there is someone so stupid to pay on Amazon up to $160.00 for a Beauty and the Beast movie when you can get the same movie on Ebay or for $15.00. People pay outrageous amounts of money for something you can get 100 times cheaper on Ebay!
Do you want to know why? I think is because they know they are protected by the A-Z guarantee. They know that all they have to do is complaint and the item is FREE.
I know how Amazon works, they buy from you, they complaint and the next day you are out.
They do it on purpose to kick you out.
Amazon can go to HELL!!!!!!!!

   comment by Burn Amazon! on December 26, 2007

Don't sell on Amazon. I was doing very well selling and suddenly out of the blue and for no reason whatsoever other than my cryptic message that my account has been associated with another account that had was in violation, my account was closed. I did everything possible to get an explanation and they never reopened my account. Now they are holding 800+ of my money for 90 days. This is absolutely unbelievable. These people are judge, jury and executioners all in one. I always considered Amazon a decent company and have spent thousands of dollars there. Now I rather go anywhere else but them. Disgusting!
   comment by unknown on December 26, 2007

ebay and half are just bootleggs !! the real deal is on amazon.. but they do suck besides that
   comment by anonymous on December 27, 2007

I couldn't care less if ebay and half are bootleggs. They play just as well and for half the price.
   comment by good for the bootleggs on December 27, 2007

I also got fucked by Amazon. They blocked my sellers account with no explanation and are holding my funds. When you call them you can't actually talk to the Alliance team whatever the fuck that is. We need to stop selling in amazon and get this message across people. Once we do this Amazon will be in serious truble since they make most of there money from Amazon Marketplace not from Amazon sales! To you I say FUCK YOU AMAZON. YOU WILL NEVER SEE A SINGLE PENNY OF MY HARD EARNED MONEY!
   comment by FUCK YOU AMAZON! on December 27, 2007

Selling on Amazon could bring you money that you never dreamed of having.
BUT they will kick your ass and you will drop dead. It is too good to be true. When you think you are the king of the world they will bring you to reallity pretty quick.
DON'T sell on Amazon, only the big companies will survive.
   comment by DROP DEAD AMAZON! on December 27, 2007

I agree with everything above. Amazon is a fault, and punishes me. It will be the last place I sell or buy. It was so cool for the longest time, and then out of know where the business turned. I've made that company some good commissions. The charge big fees as compared to other sites.

There service is terrible! This makes me sad. I've had two major problems with them. I didn't do anything besides ship top notch merchandise.

   comment by Stan on December 28, 2007

excuse spelling errors, please.
   comment by Stan on December 28, 2007

Amazon closes your account without giving you any explanations. You don't have a chance for an appeal. They are the judge and they decide only what is best for them. If you are selling in high volume you can consider your self out. Only companies like Target, etc make it in their website. Their system is setup to listen to the customer only. You have no voice or rights. I will make a big party the day I know Amazon is out of business.
   comment by why do they shut you down like that? on December 28, 2007

As until lately many have been concerned over conventional tracking methods used by eBay,
However eBay has recently unveiled their newest tracking software.

They are called Web Beacons,
Web Beacons are somewhat like a cookie with the exceptions that
they are actually transmitted to your computer via. of a 1 pix. image
and can be transmitted to your computer from eBay
either thru email or even just visiting eBays site.

Unlike a cookie however the Beacon is actually disguised as a image on your computer
The whole time being a DATA MINER reporting everything back to eBay.

The only current prevention at this time to my knowledge is be certain to keep your conventional cookies and internet cache
as clean as possible,
As this way as little information will be getting back to eBay as possible.

So, If you have been conducting business as usual and have found your account(s) suspended,
Be aware of their newest weapon!
   comment by banned from ebay? on December 28, 2007

I am so sick and tired of reading your stupid comments. All you do is complain and complain. No wonder all of you got kick out of Amazon. You are a bunch of losers. When I got kicked out of Amazon I did no cry like a baby. I did something about it. I took my bootlegged movies and started selling them at the flea market.
   comment by stop it cry babies on December 28, 2007

> Date: Sun Dec 23 20:29:04 UTC 2007
> Subject: Requesting my funds $7411.60 -
"payments-funds@amazo> To:
> To whom it may concern,
> As per below previous e-mail from Amazon which indicated that I willbe able to receive my funds on Dec. 24, 2007 which have been
reservedby Amazon. I am looking forward to receiving response from you for my$7411.60 that my family and I have been waiting for in the past
3months. We would like to receive it for the holiday and New Year.
> Thank you for your attention and kindness,

Greetings from

Thank you for contacting us. The final settlement date for your
account will be December 24, 2007. At that time the funds will disburse to your bank account on file. Please allow five banking days for the funds to reach your bank account.

Payments Specialist
Payments Team

My account was closed on Sept. 24. Amazon held my money - $7411 since then. Yesterday, as of Dec. 28, I eventually got my money back.

Yes, now I am free of concern or fear. I am going to fight back. Although I realize that my fight with Amazon is like an ant fighting a giant, as long as I breath, I will fight - Amazon. I want to see Amazon falling down from the top of the mountain - breaking into tiny pieces.

   comment by My life goal is to fight back -- Amazon on December 29, 2007

I sent a christmas gift for Alliance. I sent them a 14" dildo. I am pretty sure they will enjoy it. They are fucking bastards and I hope that Amazon goes bankrupt. I want them to be broke and feel what is like to be out of business overnight.
   comment by A Christmas gift for Alliance on December 29, 2007

First of all youinstead of getting kicked off of amazon you should be kicked in the nuts.Douchebag..You give amazon sellers a bad rap ! Selling bootlegs. Your a joke. Go shop your bootlegs at the laundromat like the other low life peddlers. this site is for honest people that had gotten scammed by buyers and amazon themselves. so go home and put a diaper over your head to catch all the shit coming out of your mouth..
   comment by replying to stop it cry babies on December 30, 2007

Last month I bought a book at Amazon (I bought it in new condition). You know what I got?. A book that I guess somebody took into the bathroom to clean his/her ass with. It took me a while to have the situation resolved. I have found this site and I am so glad that all of you got kick out of Amazon. You guys got kicked out because you sell crap and treated your customers like shit. Well, you know what? now all of you are swimming in shit. If you would have treated your customer fairly and decently you wouldn't be here bitching. Alliance looks out for guys like me to protect me against predators like you. So F**K you all and Happy New Year. Go take your shit someplace else.
   comment by Got my money taken by Amazon seller on December 31, 2007

   comment by Hate Amazon on December 31, 2007

Follow these steps and maybe you could be selling again.

1) Get a credit card gift card like Visa or MC
2)Get a P.O. Box.
3)Get a new bank account under a relative's name
4)Use a computer from a relatives home or a computer from a library. (don't use the same computer you used before or you will be suspended again!)
5)Get a prepaid phone(Amazon will call you to verify a code)
6)Once you open the account, don't list items in the same volume as before. Star very slow, they will suspend you if you are selling in high volume.
7)Don't forget to get a new email address.
8)If you can, open a DBA account is very easy to get. You can do business in Amazon under any name using a DBA account.
9) If you want to browse Amazon in an invisible way, you can try this: You are browsing the net using their proxy servers. Your IP address will never be revealed. This is Awesome!!!!!!!!
I hope all this information helps. Good luck...
   comment by Go back and sell again. on December 31, 2007

thanks for the info you just fucked the future of selling on amazon by posting your idea.
   comment by reply to Go back and sell again on January 1, 2008

This help was intended for honest sellers but I am sorry that I fucked your future and by the way it is not my fault that you were kicked out of Amazon. Get real, Amazon will suspend anyone selling in high volume. They don't want you there!.
   comment by anonymous on January 1, 2008

Go fuck yourself I have 6 accounts on amazon!! they don't want you there ! I was never kicked off so hit the road jack off!
   comment by anonymous on January 1, 2008

What a fucking asshole !! youre posting info on here. Amazon watches this page to gain info. What an asshole use your brain !
   comment by anonymous on January 1, 2008

   comment by anonymous on January 2, 2008

i love this idea and my sister already sells like that. i never sold anything on amazon but i will soon. you rock, all you hear in this page is people complaning but nobody helps. thanks.
   comment by Idea rocks, I love it...... on January 2, 2008

hey! this message if for all the mother fuckers that were kicked in the fucking nuts by amazon. i feel your pain but is good that you and me are no longer selling bag of dicks. go wash your balls and spit blood. peace!
   comment by amazon sucks dick on January 2, 2008

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   comment by Bola de maricones on January 2, 2008

It is easy to Beat Amazon. I was blocked. I used my brain and I am back selling on Amazon. HEY Amazon: Find me if you can. The trick is the IP address from where the UPLOAD FILE comes from.
   comment by I am back selling on Amazon. HEY Amazon: Find me if you can. on January 2, 2008

To the person who types in all caps! Yes you can have more than 1 account if you had any fucking brains, in which you do not !! Eat shit and die prick! learn how to type! No wonder why you don't sell on amazon you can't even speak properly.So I won't stoop down to your mentality "TRASH" !!oh just one thing go fuck your fat smelly ass mother . what a dick!!
   comment by anonymous on January 2, 2008

This is a blog to complain about ! not a pissing contest! Grow up
   comment by mediator on January 2, 2008

   comment by anonymous on January 2, 2008

This comment is for:" I am back selling on Amazon. HEY Amazon: Find me if you can." I already tried that but they found me. I opened the emails from a computer I used before. So, they linked my suspended account to new account. I opened a new account and used a public computer and they found me again. So, they have a very high tech software they use to track you down. I give up.
   comment by anonymous on January 2, 2008

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   comment by anonymous on January 2, 2008

I am a proud employee for Amazon. I love the company. It is a very fair and honest company. I am glad to see that my company filters animals like you. Read all the comments you write. Who would want to do business with any of you?. You are a bunch of animals.
   comment by Amazon is King on January 2, 2008

They found you because you are an idiot and don't know how to do it. I bet you a 5 year old child could do it since it has more brains than you. Even my dog has more brains than you. As long as idiots like you are being born we need to keep abortion legal.
   comment by to anonymous on January 2, 2008

what is going on with the bag of dicks remarks?. Do you faggots buy the bags by the weight or by the number of dicks in the bag?. You make me sick. All of you should burn in HELL where the devil will stick his red hot dick into your fucking asses.
   comment by bag of dicks? on January 2, 2008

software is not hi tech it is all a ploy to stop people.
   comment by anonymous on January 2, 2008

Obviously software is not perfect. It didn't stop your stupid and useless comment. You sicken me.
   comment by anonymous on January 2, 2008

I am here to help the serious seller to go back to sell on Amazon. ( Amazon software does mistake uprooting sellers). So, If you want to go back selling on Amazon with a different computer and different internet connection, and different name ( credit card, bank account etc...), be smart and do NOT UPLOAD your old inventory. They check the SKU number if it matches an older account. Start SLOW, list slow. Change the SKU code and shuffle your items. For example if you were using SKU: "Book001", change it to SKU: "MyNewItem510". Get new merchandise to sell and mix it with the old one.
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can. on January 4, 2008

I am appalled by the foul language many of the posters here insist in using. Also what happened to proper grammar? Seems like half the people posting here can't write past a 5th grade level. Wow just wow.
   comment by old seller on January 4, 2008

go buy a bag of dicks
   comment by to old seller on January 4, 2008

reply to: Old seller.
Go buy a 20" dildo and stick up your ass!
   comment by anonymous on January 4, 2008

Hey Einstein why don't you provide information on how to sell on Amazon again instead of making remarks against people here. Your comment is out of place and not appreciated. Go buy a bag of dicks!
   comment by anonymous on January 4, 2008

For: Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can.

Hi. I am very proud of you. I wish I could be selling again. Your idea makes sense. I love it. I will try to open another account. How many accounts can I have on Amazon? on Ebay I can have 5. I think that on the agreement says only one account per household. If more people in your house have accounts, you can be suspended. That sucks because what about if my brother or husband want to open an account? thanks for your help.
   comment by pussycat on January 4, 2008

******* AMAZON IS WATCHING *******
This site was most likely started by ! They watch this site to gain information on how to secure their people writing how to get back on by doing certain things. That so dumb. amazon is sitting their saying "Thank You" for the info. People are ridiculous! watch what happens soon.You actually just put an end to future selling...
   comment by anonymous on January 4, 2008

I clean my ass if they are watching. I don't give a dick if they are collecting information. You are an scary rat. Have the pants to help out. Don't just talk trash.
   comment by anonymous on January 4, 2008

I was blocked or banned from Amazon 4 years ago. After almost a year in looking for clues and information on the net I found a way to registered again and stay almost invisible. It took me hours and a lot of patience. I am back selling again and I will not share this info even if you pay me a million dollars. Do your homework, there is a way to get back in the game. I did it and I have being selling for almost a year now. All I'm telling you is Amazon is not 100% perfect, there is way around it and you can do it. Do you have a family member outside the US? that is all I am telling you for now. Bye.
   comment by TASMANIAN DEVIL on January 4, 2008

Please excuse the spelling errors, I type very fast.
   comment by TASMANIAN DEVIL on January 4, 2008

Just admit it. You dropped out of elementary. The only thing you do fast is type the shit that you type.
   comment by to Tasmanian Devil on January 4, 2008

this site really blows. nothing valuable or important is offered here. why nobody posts something porno in here so we can have real fun.
   comment by the pimp on January 4, 2008

The mediator is a faggot he just purchased a bag of dicks instead of a bag of popcorn. Eat shit!!!
   comment by the pimp on January 4, 2008

Nobody gives a FUCK what happened to you in Amazon. You are probably an illegal alien with family God knows where. You are back selling the same crap you were before and guess what...You are going to get FUCKED just like you were before. So FUCK you.
   comment by to Tasmanian on January 4, 2008

I can't believe how lowlife some people posting comments here are. There is nothing good, no good subject, nothing smart about it. All I see is hate, anger, and frustration. Please pay a little visit to the library and fill your brains with good knowledge. I am pretty sure you will learn something creative. Spend your time in something useful. Use your energy to work smarter. I hope you all follow my advice.
   comment by Grandpa on January 4, 2008

Hey Grandpa, I went to the library and purchased a bag of dicks for you. Fuck you!
   comment by anonymous on January 4, 2008

This site went from voicing ones opinion to having people slander one another. this site no longer has any value,merits or any useful information. just let it go Amazon plays games with sellers , money was lost and not recovered ,no way in hell will any of these little sellers will be able to take on amazon one by one. chalk it up as a loss and move on. amazon is a slick company and plays within the guidelines. it's their site and they could do what they want. Do i agree? No i do not I lost 3,000
dollars and tried to get it back but it was a losing battle so i moved on to other websites.. why try to get back on if you know that they play games with your money. try another site to sell you will be better off in the long run...
and for the person that keeps cursing out other people
for no reason .You just want to annoy people with your low class mentality. your vocabulary is limited so go back to the gutter where you came from and ill toss you a bag of dicks to take with you.."gutter rat"
   comment by former seller on January 5, 2008

This site went from voicing ones opinion to having people slander one another. this site no longer has any value,merits or any useful information. just let it go Amazon plays games with sellers , money was lost and not recovered ,no way in hell will any of these little sellers will be able to take on amazon one by one. chalk it up as a loss and move on. amazon is a slick company and plays within the guidelines. it's their site and they could do what they want. Do i agree? No i do not I lost 3,000
dollars and tried to get it back but it was a losing battle so i moved on to other websites.. why try to get back on if you know that they play games with your money. try another site to sell you will be better off in the long run...
and for the person that keeps cursing out other people
for no reason .You just want to annoy people with your low class mentality. your vocabulary is limited so go back to the gutter where you came from and ill toss you a bag of dicks to take with you.."gutter rat"
   comment by former seller on January 5, 2008

Well I would like to put a few things straight. i worked for amazon customer service and I can tell you that all this rubbish about amazon stealing your money is ridiculous. It is automated. First accounts are not allowed to have withdraw for 14 days. Then for the next 30 days if you get either more than 3 refunds or your feedback is lower than 85% your account is further not allowed to be withdrawn from for 30 days. During this time every sale is automated a response to the seller to leave their buyer experience. If you perform well for this 30 days trial period then it is baclk to normal. This is the basics of it. NO ONE IS STEALING YOUR MONEY.
   comment by i used to work at amazon on January 5, 2008

This site has two groups. The first one complains about Evil Amazon but are desperately trying to get back. The second group are the assholes that only know 3 or 4 words like fuck and bag of dicks and that is all they can type. Time to move to another site. I cant get any useful information here anymore.
   comment by boring site on January 5, 2008

To " Pussycat" and all serious sellers that want to go back selling on Amazon:

I talked about Changing and shuffling the SKU number. You do this at the end when you already register back with Amazon and you are approved. To get approved and stay approved to sell, you need to be VERY CAREFUL on how you register:
FIRST, Your computer stores information about you and about your connection to Amazon: they are called COOKIES and CACHE. Do Not take risk to clean them only ( It can be done) . Just get another BRAND NEW computer Tower (New Hard DRIVE). SECOND, When you connect to the internet, you have an IP address ( Internet Protocole address) : It is a number with several digits. It DOES NOT change until you get a different connection or you unplug the wires for about 20 mn. ( DIAL UP is perfect to hide your IP address). When Amazon spy software find a blocked IP address, it will associate a name of a person to it, then the name get contaminated again. That name will be watched too even if you come back with a different IP address. Conclusion, never use an old computer you used before to access Amazon, never use the same internet connection, never use the same name of a person that was blocked ( brothers , sisters...).....Amazon is an AUTOMATED machine and they will never know who you are until you tell them by not knowing COMPUTER SECURITY.
Finally, this information is only for HONEST seller s that have good customer service, good ethics and want to make living honestly. We do not want to be a big corporation like ebay or amazon. We want to bring food to our children table.
Having said that, have plan B too. Start selling on different sites. I actually sell on 4 sites and I am doing well. Leave me a message and I will tell you about the other 4 sites.

   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 5, 2008

Are you desperate for some attention?. What is that at the end of leaving you a message and you will tell about the other 4 sites. Why don't you just come out and say what the sites are?. You just want to come across like some kind of savior or something. You are a joke. Like me take a guess at the other sites: Ebay,, and Are these sites your great secret?
   comment by Catch me if you can on January 5, 2008

Are you guys so desperate to get back in Amazon that you are willing to go thru all those steps?. Can somebody explain me how can a person that got kicked out of Amazon will go thru hell just to get back in it?. You guys should be in a mental institution. Here is a revelation:
take a couple of days to digest that information.
   comment by laughing at you on January 5, 2008

Vote for Obama and reject Hillary's bs.
   comment by Vote for Obama on January 5, 2008

I just tried to open an account and those filthy bastards rejected me. No explanation no nothing. Those demons from Hell really got me mad. Amazon SUCKS and will keep on SUCKING until the end of times.
   comment by Rejected by Amazon on January 5, 2008

In all honesty, I think it's only ONE person who keeps using foul language and slandering whoever posts on here. Notice how this person uses different names but use the exact same language, he or she seems to be obsessed with saying "bag of dicks."

I am 110% he'll slander me. Whoever runs this site, should block that person's IP.
   comment by old seller on January 5, 2008

I agree he/or she is just trash !!
   comment by anonymous on January 5, 2008

I sell on Amazon, ebay,, Alibris, and Abebooks.
Amazon sales are the highest, followed by half, then Alibris, then ebay, then Abebooks. Nothing to it, just I list the same inventory all over and update the file nightly. I will quit Amazon as I get more customers on the other sites. It is only matter of time. Amazon feedback system is flawed and NOT JUST, and cusotmers abuse it. My problem was not with the negative feedbacks, it was with the excessive refund that I issued in short period of time. I used a dropship company to list several items but when I got orders, the dropship company cancelled 80% of these orders . I had to issue many refunds, and Amazon did not like it. Now I use my own inventory, no dropshipping forever....
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 5, 2008

Thank you for the valuable information you are providing. You are awesome!. I sell on Ebay but the sales for books is dead. I am NOT making the money I was on Amazon. I will try Alibris. It looks like an interesting site. I never heard of it before. Thanks.
   comment by anonymous on January 5, 2008

I just tried to register in Alibris, It looks extremely complicated. How are you doing in their website? It looks like you have to ship the item to them. How do you get paid? every week? by a check they sent you? that sounds like a nightmare. It is so confusing that I ended with a headache. Can you provide me with some information please. How do you list items? Do you have to upload a file? How GOD how horrible. I don't know why they don't make it easier for sellers. Selling should not be that complicated. Thanks for your help.
   comment by anonymous on January 5, 2008

To all sellers, BREAK THE MONOPOLY created by Amazon. How?

Register with ( They are not free. It is about $25 per month for 500 books or under, $39 for 500 to 10000 books). They have a very nice software called HOMEBASE. you can download it for free from their site. You can use the same software to upload books on and too. You need to do the work only one time and apply your file to 3 web sites in less than a minute. ( It is nicer than excel sheet template). When an ISBN is not found, just type the title , other information and SKU number and they will list the book for you. ( No Amazon Catalog adding BS). You will learn it as you go. It is very simple. To "anonymous" Alibris pays weekly. It is easy to register. You do not need to send the book to them. They also have a program that allows you to sell on BARNES and NOBLES.

If you ask me why I am giving free information. I will say I want to break Amazon MONOPOLY and advertise other web sites. They are as good as Amazon when it comes to price and quality. and many sellers are in these sites. They just need to be known. Also, for, to increase your sale, use the FILE EXCHANGE. It let you upload items very quickly. Just shuffle your Amazon excel template and you can create nice upload file. Before, I was selling on Amazon only , but Now after they close my old account, I sell everywhere ( Including Amazon) and I am overwhelmed by daily orders that exceed my daily capacity to ship. The money is good. Thank you Amazon for letting us shift the PARADIGM and see what's out there for us. I would like to help any honest seller who want to increase their sale away from Amazon, but for the moment I don't want to give away any email.
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 6, 2008

Guys, check the following sites:
3- A1
My prefered one is because ebay put you on ebay express if you qualify: 100 feedback, 95% or above.
Alibris is sharp and they have program with BARNES and NOBLE.
Abebooks is based in Canada and UK and all over the world ( Nice international customers)
A1 books allows to upload Amazon file. No double work.
eCampus is my least prefered but I get few sales on the beginning of any semester.
on ebay, I sell merchandise I get for pennies from the real auction in my town.
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 6, 2008

Thank you for all the information. You are an angel to me but I guess you are the devil to Amazon. Keep getting Amazon mad. Nice work.
   comment by To Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 6, 2008

Hey guys I m no different than many of you,But the bitching,complaining will not hurt amazon at all not in the least. But what you could focus on we as 3rd party sellers , have made amazon what it is today. Im mishlesales was my store front I sold books for past 7 years and was recently blocked funds. I did not wait to get kicked off I QUIT first.No one deserves to get screwed like that with a 5 star rating , but they did. ................What can I do is do what Im attempting even now. go to "Homestead web hosting" the complete web site and hosting with a online customer service 800 # If you want to get at Amazon this is the way to do it.Pool all our resources together eliminate the feedback take no comissions serve evones needs as if they were my own, allow each person to establish shipping prices. afterall there is no 1 per set weight that fits everyones needs. the seller mshould establish that upon sale of item. Start establishing a network or a convolution of all sellers set common goals that works better than the crap that we allm have had to deal with "AMAZON"...... Sure we may start out slow but if we all pitch in a lil$ what one can not everyone will be able to but thats ok. And yes I know there are at least 50 book selling sites out there, but they all have this star rating crap, feedback,high commissions undeserved,If we form something that is everything that Amazon does not provide for its sellers, every sellers price will dictate whom gets the sale by the purchaser choice seeing all whom have that item listed, let our buyers choose whom they want for items on sale. I too would like to one day see Amazon cringe for there latest blunder screwing over its sellers and with their unfair business practices that are unethical If any ex-sellers wish to contact me cell phone is 817 8516810 or home with answering machine or me 817 3860652 lets hurt amazon where it counts on their sales and present a site that serves its sellers and its purchasers lets establish a site with multiple hyperlinks to a myraid of items sincerely Stephen Rogers
   comment by Stephen Rogers on January 7, 2008

catch me if you can can you answer following: When you open a new account does Amazon check the bank account info and other things
   comment by unknown on January 8, 2008

Like many of you, my account was blocked suddenly. I was not able to buy or sell anything on one week before Christmas. After a week's wait, several phone calls and emails, I received an email from It says:

Hello from

Thank you for writing about your selling account.

We regret that your account has failed our review process. Your
account has been closed and you are no longer eligible to sell on
our site.

Please note that we will be unable to correspond further about this

The blocking of your account is a permanent action. We take such
steps in the interest of maintaining a free and fair venue for all

Best regards, Account Specialist

I don't know what happened. I bought a lot from Amazon and sold some on Amazon. I am a 5-star seller, but by no means a full-time seller. I was just selling something that I do not need and selling it for some pocket money and for my daughter. Now, I do not know what to do. Should I send Amazon emails to beg them to reactivate my account or should I just move on? I do not know any other sites that can list and sell as easily as Amazon. I was so stressed out by this, it was like a slam on the face and I even do not know what happened. Now they are holding my money without telling me what they are going to do with it. Do you guys think they will release the money after some period of time? I will be really relieved if they can do so.

To: Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can

Any insights? Do you know what happened? Thank you. You can send me an email.

   comment by Honest Amazon Seller on January 8, 2008

You will get your money don't worry but it will take a while (30 to 90 days). I truly believe that the real business in Amazon is grabbing people's money for 30 to 90 days and invest it somewhere and get interest. I think Amazon the store is a front just to get people in. Let's face they are playing with our money for a minimum of 30 days. Even if you just put it in a bank and do nothing can you imagine the interests in millions and millions of dollars?. It is a scam so if I were you I would stay as far away as I could from Amazon. I had an account and I took all the money out and then cancelled the account. So I guess I was lucky that I wasn't crush by Amazon.
   comment by To Honest Seller on January 8, 2008

To unknown
When Amazon blocs your account, they have your IP numbers ( Internet protocole address), they know your cookies inside your computer, they know your name and bank and credit account. To be successful in going back to sell on Amazon, you need to change ALL OF THE ABOVE. ( I mean all). If you get a family member to register using his/her name with the same computer, they will bloc him/her forever because you did not change your IP and cookies. Now that new name is known. That name is contaminated. This is the most common mistake people do. They do not change their IP and they do not clean their cookies. When you get suspended, do nothing right away. Get new computer and new internet connection first.
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 8, 2008

Thanks for answer catch me you can. After I changed everything or do it in friends house. Can I do check orders using my old computer.
Or can I used some programs hide my IP or how can I change my IP without changing service provider? Because in my area is only 1 service provider.
Thanks for your help
   comment by unknown on January 8, 2008

To unknown,
Do not check your orders from your computer, do not upload anything from your computer. SUMMARY:
Do not use your old computer unless you really know how to clean the hard drive from the cookies and cashe. ( I do not take this chance), and change your internet connection. DIAL UP is good to hide the IP.
I did not try this but I Think the IP changes if you unplug all the wires and wait about 20 mn. (Anybody with more information ????). of course do not forget to have a new email address.
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 8, 2008

To Honest Amazon Seller :
Amazon can block your account for 3 major reasons:
1- too many negative feedbacks.
2- Excessive refunds.
3- Your account is linked to a blocked account.

If you are selling few items and never issued refund, then go and check your feedbacks see if you have more than 3 negative in one month.

Other than that check your household ( daughter for example) to see if somebody's account is blocked.
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 8, 2008

To: Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can

Thank you for replying to me. I have checked all three.
1. I do not have any negative feedback, I have 99 lifetime positive feedbacks.
2. I did issue a few refunds because one buyer didn't read the description and the other used the wrong bank account to pay.
3. We do live in an apartment complex, which means all of the households have the same address, but different apartment number. I don't think I will have control over it. As to my daughter, she is only 9 months. ;-)

The only possibility I can think of is that I bought a lot of stuff from Amazon, and returned some (4 orders) and one of the orders did not go through because my credit card did not authorize.

Now I can not even buy from I have prime membership with them! Do you think they will block buying accounts the same way as they do to the selling accounts?
   comment by Honest Amazon Seller on January 8, 2008

I feel so dismay because I have been selling with all my best, and they just closed my account without giving any reasons and told me not to contact them again.
   comment by Honest Amazon Seller on January 8, 2008

Honest Amazon you look like an illegal alien trying to get into the US (Amazon) and you Catch Me If You Can are the coyote that gets him/her illegally into the US (Amazon). This is better than any TV show.
   comment by I couldnt stop laughin on January 8, 2008

My elderly nearly 80 year old Mother is one of thousands who are struggling with old age,cancer,and the so called A-z guarantee at bezos amazon.
Some 51 days ago she sold a book and today the buyer who has had time to read,and even copy the book has not come to the seller but rather demanded and gotten her money back,plus she still has my poor old Mamas book.
Any other sellers that have been robbed in this way please contact me.
I hope bezos finds a special place in hell!
   comment by Concerned American Citizen on January 8, 2008

catch me u can is new account has to be in different cty?
   comment by unknown on January 8, 2008

To: I couldnt stop laughin

why do you laugh at someone's pain?
   comment by Honest Amazon Seller on January 8, 2008

To HONEST AMAZON SELLER...Amazon suspended my seller account and held my money for 90 days then released it. Soon as the money hit my bank account I closed my Amazon account completely. Amazon had the nerve to ask me if I really really wanted to completely close my account, telling me that I should reconsider because I could no longer BUY on Amazon. I told them that if I could no longer sell on Amazon, why in hell would I want to buy from them. Amazon, I am done with ya'!
   comment by Vee on January 8, 2008

I am not laughing at your pain I am laughing as to how you get manipulated by a company. Is Amazon the only place where you can sell that you are willing to go thru all the hassle to get back in?. You don't have any life outside Amazon?. That is what I am laughing about. I laugh at how Amazon mistreats you and you want to beg them to let you back in. If that isn't laughable I don't know what is. I also got kicked out of Amazon and I never look back. I don't waste my time trying to get back in and if you are asking yourself why do I come to this site I will tell you, it is to get a good laugh at how Amazon can control all your lives.
   comment by To Honest Amazon Seller on January 8, 2008

Guys, I was blocked and I can still buy from them. Since they banned me from selling, I don't buy anything from them. Amazon sucks...!!!
   comment by The pink Panther on January 8, 2008

It will very nice if we can all create a website and sell like Amazon. We will create the rules fair and square. I think it is awesome to dream, don't you think?
   comment by anonymous on January 8, 2008

Yeah, I thought selling at Amazon was very convenient and I really don't know where else I can sell except Ebay. and Ebay sucks too. Also, I think I haven't made any mistake, why shouldn't I get the fairness from them?
   comment by To: I couldnt stop laughin on January 9, 2008

Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can
What are those 4 sites?
Some people saying that followed the steps and still cosught. Is that possible?

You have been so helpful so far and thank you for that
   comment by unknown on January 9, 2008

First of all if you are looking for fairness in this life you got it go to another planet. Secondly, I also did nothing wrong in Amazon and still got kicked out. Thirdly, I went to Ebay , I adapted to Ebay and I am doing quite well, not as much as in Amazon but I am doing quite well. My point is that you should look forward and not backwards. Move on from the Amazon desert you seem to be stuck in. I sincerely wish you the best of luck but I also believe if you would take all the time you are spending on trying to get back in Amazon and spend it in something more productive your situation would be a lot better right now. Like a survivor from Katrina said: Some stood on the roofs waiting for help and others started to walk to get help.
   comment by To Honest Amazon Seller on January 9, 2008

the comment by Dave on February 23, 2006 looks like someone is pfishing. I would not trust it.
   comment by David on January 9, 2008

To fight with a thief (Amazon), we do not have to become a thief.
   comment by To all on January 10, 2008

We've decided today not to worry so much about Mr Bozo's site instead we are going after the real thief the one that has my Mothers property,and their money back THE BUYER so called.
In the good old United States of America such individuals aren't looked upon nicely by Courts!
You donot have to have a big time lawyer to go after such people either.
BUT I would like to see,and take part in a nationwide class action against bezos amazon corp.
The so called A-z guarantee by the way does not include those big retailers nor does it include other sellers of certain types of merchandise thus considering this I would only sell merchandise of this type on his platform,at least until Justice finds its way to Bezo.
   comment by Concerned American Citizen on January 10, 2008

I agree. I read Amazon's A-Z guarantee and excludes all mayor retailers. That is not fair one bit. Jeff Bezos is only protecting big companies and he does not care if small sellers like us get screwed up. I think he does not remember how he started and how hard was taking step by step to get were he is now. Everything he has is because of us, he built an empire of wealth thanks to us. I will make a national party the day the gets what he deserves!.
   comment by anonymous on January 10, 2008

Why can we e-mail the big vendors in Amazon and let them know that we won't buy from them as long as they sell in Amazon?. If they get a few thousands e-mails per day I am sure they will get the message. Amazon is nothing without its vendors. Let the vendors in Amazon know how Amazon really treats its real customers, the vendors.
   comment by We Grew Amazon We can Shrink It. on January 10, 2008

Why don't you guys file complaints to BBB, FTC , etc. You probably hide some stories behind... If you bind together and act, Amazon will fall some day.
   comment by anonymous on January 10, 2008

Also don't forget to file a complaint with the UPS and the KFC
   comment by More Complaints on January 10, 2008

Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can

Are you still there? how many of old items I used to sell I can list with new account
   comment by unknown on January 10, 2008

I was told that if you try to sue Amazon to be ready to pay around 2-3 million dollars and attorney's fees and paperwork. You will be attacked by 40 of their best lawyers and you will never make it to court. So basically beating Amazon is a lost battle. There is GOD in heaven and he will make justice for all the honest sellers that were banned from Amazon.
   comment by It is a lost battle on January 10, 2008

This is the number for Amazon: 1-800-201-7575 ask for the seller's department. Call them 50 times per day and make them pay for the call.
   comment by Call the bastards and make them pay for the call. on January 10, 2008

Amazon Sucks~! sucks sucks sucks sucks. I'm not going to buy anything from Amazon anymore.
   comment by missmina on January 11, 2008

You left a message for "Amazon, Catch me if you can". I am sorry to inform you she has been captured by the Amazon Alliance Dept. She won't be transmitting anymore. She has been assimilated. Resistance is futile.
   comment by To Unknown on January 11, 2008

How do you know it's SHE? LOL
   comment by To to unknown on January 11, 2008

only way you will know that if you work for Alliance department. If you are please accept our bag of you know what.
   comment by unknown on January 11, 2008

I don't know if is a she or he but I had a 50% chance of being right and to the user offering the bag of you know what please keep it to yourself and go see a psychologist because for some unknown reason to me the people on this page seem to be obsessed with that particular item.
   comment by To whomever on January 11, 2008

A bag of dicks will be the only thing left for all of you to eat after Amazon is done with you guys. Eat them while they are warm.
   comment by Amazon Man on January 11, 2008

How many of you had success registering a new account after being kicked out? Please review your mistakes and try again. I was banned 4 times! I will try again and I have an awesome plan this time. I will NOT make the same mistakes I did before, so I will let you know the outcome.
   comment by Banned 4 times and going for more. on January 11, 2008

amazon men you work in whorehouse, you can use that bag better than anyone.
   comment by unknown on January 11, 2008

banned 4 times what was the mistakes,
   comment by unknown on January 11, 2008

   comment by test on January 11, 2008

Mistake #1) Using the same computer
Mistake #2) Using the same address
Mistake #3 Listing the same items
Mistake #3 Putting my name under my brother's bank account.
Even if you use a public computer and do business under some else's name, address, and bank account, they can still link it to you. I don't know how they do it, but they are worse than the FBI.
   comment by Banned 4 times and going for more. on January 12, 2008

Why don't you move to Fiji, have surgery to alter your face and fingerprints and get a new ID so you can sell your bootlegged DVD on Amazon.
   comment by Banned 4 times on January 12, 2008

I could use the bag of dicks at my whorehouse if it wasn't for your mother taking them all at the end of her sessions.
   comment by to unknown on January 12, 2008

How many dicks in a bag?
   comment by Curious on January 12, 2008

It takes SBO to work in whorehouse. I allow you to share with your mother
   comment by unknown on January 12, 2008

sorry SOB
   comment by unknown on January 12, 2008

Banned 4 times
Did you use your old computer to check your orders and emails from Amazon. that may be mistake #5
   comment by unknown on January 12, 2008

After six & four years respectively of selling on Amazon two friends of mine were banned from selling ever again, their stores were closed, and funds are being held -and this happened mid-Dec. So in doing some research for them I came across this, and thought it might be helpful.

Also your State Attorney General's office would be very interested too.
   comment by GREENFOREME on January 12, 2008

I am sure Jeff Bozo cleans his ass with the complaint forms from the Attorney General. The only way to stop this bastard is to spread the word and stop using Amazon and write to the big sellers in Amazon letting them know you are boycotting their store because they sell thru Amazon. The only problem is that this bastard knows that we sell our soul to get cheap prices (buying from Amazon) and to make quick money (selling thru Amazon). The best example are the people in this blog. They get mistreated and kicked out of Amazon and STILL they want to get back in. I mean, is like a battered wife trying to get back in the same house with the husband that beat the crap out of her. Go figure.
   comment by anonimous on January 12, 2008

Yes, it takes an SOB to work in a whorehouse. That is why I am working at you family business, the filthiest whorehouse ever, which by the way was handed down to you generation to generation from the time of Sodom and Gomorrah where your family had a monopoly on the business until God put them out of business. But you guys were so low life that you brought the bag of dicks to America.
   comment by To unknown on January 12, 2008

Peace. Keep all your hate focus on Amazon.
   comment by anonymous on January 12, 2008

I am sure my State Attorney has a store on Amazon.
   comment by To Greenforme on January 12, 2008

Just make it simple. We all want to sell on amazon - you can either SHORT AMZN Stock or you can call them at their toll free number , or you can just use their bandwidth.
Just screw amazon.
   comment by you know what... on January 13, 2008

yes, people got mistreated but they wanted to go back, simply because they want to have meals on the table. and no other places can provide a better venue than And it is life.
   comment by To anonimous on January 13, 2008

The money is great selling on Amazon, but they don't want small sellers there. At the moment you start selling in high volume, you can consider your self out. I am sure we can make a living by using another method. Think big! you are not a looser! you are a successful honest seller that you can make it outside of Amazon. You can start your own website. Don't let Amazon put you down. Show the people around you that YOU are unique and that YOU got what it takes to be on top of the world.
   comment by I rule no matter what! on January 13, 2008

"... and no other places can provide a better venue than Amazon". You have to be kidding me. What happened to getting up in the morning and getting to work?. I will admit that Amazon is "easier" than going to work but don't tell me that Amazon is the only venue to make a living. What you are telling me is that you want to get back into Amazon because is the "easier" way to make a living. That is fine, I respect that point of view. But my question now to you is: Are you willing to be treated like a piece of shit just to have an "easier" way of making a living?. I will not. I rather work 8 to 5 and be treated respectfully than to make easy money and be at the mercy of some idiot that bought something from me and all he has to do is file a complaint with Alliance.
   comment by Anonimous on January 13, 2008

I did not mean myself. Sure, I can probably live like what you said, but not all of the people. When you are laughing at people who have been trying badly to get back to sell at amazon, think!!! Because they probably have no way out. There are a bunch of people out there and on this thread. We come to this thread not only to express our angry, but to help each other and find a way out. and I think cursing and cheating will get us nowhere. Just my 2 cents, take it or leave it.
   comment by To Anonimous on January 13, 2008

To all honest sellers that want to go back and sell on Amazon.
Be careful when you open a new account. Even if you do everything right, including changing names and IP address. They will track you if you do it from the same location ( Same house or apartment). Why? Because any IP address, there is a specific location associated with it, that is LONGITUDE and LATITUDE. and Also, it can tell which internet provider you are using. They can trace that, and they can call and connect your blocked name to the NEW IP. Any new account will be researched to see if it is connected to a blocked account. Be careful, do research online. I suggest you google these words: "what is my IP address." and "IP geographic location" . Learn how to "hide your IP address". To survive , you have to be fit with the internet ( Darwin). I cannot say more stuff here online. Good luck.
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 14, 2008

How amazon calculates excessive refund. Is this based on customer returns or canceling unshipped orders?
   comment by unknown on January 14, 2008

Cool it with the paranoia. You have been watching too much Terminator and The Matrix. Get a beer and relax.
   comment by To Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 14, 2008

This is how Amazon calculates excessive refund:
1) Add up customers return
2) Add up canceled unshipped orders.
3)Compare 1 and 2
4)Take whichever screws the seller the most.
   comment by To unknown on January 14, 2008

You know what you can do with you 2 cents you lazy bum. All of you that sell in Amazon want to make money lying down in bed. You should become hookers and gigolos if you want to make your money in bed. Get a real job you welfare recipients pieces of crap.
   comment by To the 2 cents on January 14, 2008

You are just pissed that you cant make a 6 figure income from home. so keep working your 9-5 crap job for minimum wage flipping burgers you piece of shit!!
You have no brains that is why you have to talk shit on here! Just to lazy to do something for yourself . LOOSER
   comment by This is for 2 cents eat shit on January 14, 2008

I don't make 6 figure income from home because I am not a BITCH like you.
   comment by To 2 cents eat shit on January 14, 2008

This comment is for the two people that have created an avalanche of disgust and hate. Put your samurai swords down for a while and stop your nonsense behaviour. Use your energy to fight Amazon not to stabb each other with bad words and useless comments. Please don't fight anymore!
   comment by Marshmellow on January 14, 2008

First of all I hope you get roasted. Second I am going to use my Samurai sword to cut a few dicks, put them in a bag and send them to you so you can have a fresh bag of dicks. Go FUCK with your peace speech. You make me sick. The only disgusting thing on this blog are all the cock sucking mother fuckers that think they are entitle to sell on Amazon. You are entitle to eat shit and get fucked, that is all you are entitled to.
   comment by To Marshmallows on January 14, 2008

How many of us think that people from Alliance come on here to monitor this site?
   comment by anonymous on January 14, 2008

In response to: "Cool it with the paranoia. You have been watching too much Terminator and The Matrix. Get a beer and relax."

If you do not beleive me, gave me your IP number and I will tell you where you live. and who is your internet provider. Amazon can call them and get the real name behind that internet account. Now are you scared? because Amazon can do that, anybody can do that.....
   comment by TO "To Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can " on January 14, 2008

If get a dial up service will that solve the problem then? even if you connected from a same house.
   comment by unknown on January 15, 2008

If you guys will spend on researching cancer the same amount of time you spend on trying to get back in Amazon, I'll bet there would be a cure for cancer by now.
   comment by To All on January 15, 2008

Eat a Bag of Dicks.
   comment by on January 15, 2008

Why don't you swallow the phone and see if that will solve the problem. Maybe if you take the phone cord thru you ass the IP will change.
   comment by To unknown on January 15, 2008

1) I opened an new account under a business name,2) I got an address with UPS NOT a P.O.BOX. 3) I got a prepaid phone, 4) I use a friend's computer 3 times per week. 4) I don't list the same items in the same volume. 5) I am back selling and making money again.
   comment by Terminator on January 15, 2008

I just closed my Amazon account today. They suck. I had buyers complain and Amazon takes their side. They buy stuff, decide they don't like it and complain. Amazon withholds the money they paid you and doesn't even require them to send the merchadise back. They're a bunch of gangsters. THEY SUCK. I'll never buy or sell on that site again.
   comment by Bob on January 15, 2008

Amazon rocks the world.
   comment by on January 15, 2008

I worship Jeff Bezo. I wish he would run for President. If he was President and ran the country like Amazon we would be the envy of the world. If you break the rules he will cancel your citizenship and kick you of the country for life. Never to be allow back in. What a great concept. If you complain about your neighbor's dog the Alliance police will grab his ass and throw him and his family in the middle of the ocean. He has my vote.
   comment by Jeff Fan on January 15, 2008

To all honest sellers who wish that Amazon goes down. Here what we should do:
After you go back and sell on Amazon with anonymous ALLIAS (I am selling now on Amazon), list the same inventory on ,,,, and But list your inventory on amazon with higher price than any of the above sites, say $10 more than the other sites. Beleive me, there are alot of people that go to first to find the cheapest book. They will see Amazon at the bottom. If many of us keep doing it, Amazon fame will FADE. It is all about the PRICE. Any other suggestions?
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 15, 2008

And Finally, this email is for Jeff Pezos:
We help you to become rich. You used our sweat. and When you got full, you start mistreating any seller even the good sellers, to keep the profit for yourself only. that's the greed at its height. But guess what:. I will be your nightmare. I am driving so much traffic to " anonymous book site" by reducing my prices there and increasing them on Amazon. and Catch me if you can!!!!!!
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 16, 2008

If you do the thing with the book on Amazon the only thing that is going to happen is that you will get a reputation for being very expensive. Everybody will sell books but you.
   comment by To Hey Amazon on January 16, 2008

Other sellers on amazon have a software that always keep them on the top. if you reduce your price by penny, the software will reduce the price further and bring the book price to the bottom. For the software to increase the price , we need to increase the price. Read the amazon sellers forum on amazon. Plus, I like the buyers that shop around. I prefer selling my books on other sites because they are cheaper than amazon.
   comment by Hey Amazon, Catch me if you can on January 17, 2008

No doubt that Amazon is the most expensive place to buy anything but for some reason people are attracted to it. Just like flies are attracted to shit. What can you do?
   comment by To Hey on January 17, 2008

I suspect that the guy at is some kind of butthole surfing queer! How else can you explain the choice of name and the fact that all he talks about is bags of dicks?
   comment by Bob on January 17, 2008

I wrote the and I am a she. As an analytical psychologist you are a piece of shit. Stick to eating your bag of dicks and let the thinking to someone else.
   comment by To Bob on January 17, 2008

Dear There is no way that you can be ananalytical psychologist. No such person who is supposed to be a professional would talk that way. You are no psychologist, and certianly no professional. There is no way that you can think because the first time you took a crap all your brains came out. so, here is my advice to you FUCK YOU. YOU'RE PROBABLY SOME ANGRY MAN HATING BITCH WHO IS SO UGLY THAT SHE COULD BREAK A MIRROR ON THE FIRST GLANCE. Go eat a bag of dicks!!
   comment by Bob on January 18, 2008

Bob, you better control that temper before you get another heart attack. Remember that your dick stopped working when you had your last and that is why you wife left you and that is also why you can't find a girlfriend. I know that your best friend now is your 10" dildo that you stick up your ass every chance you get and that is why your hemorrhoids are always flaring up. So relax and don't fight with anyone. PEACE MOTHER FUCKER.
   comment by To Bob on January 18, 2008

How to leave feedback for

If you want to leave feedback for go to
and complete your purchase through

1. Copy the item Title as listed on
2. Go to
3. Paste item title into search box
4. Select seller
5. will forward you to
to complete purchase
6. After completing purchase go back to
7. Repeat steps 1 to 3
8. click seller rating for – this will take you to the
merchant information page
9. click on green ‘write a review’- button on upper right hand side of
merchant information page
10. Write your review

   comment by Susan P on January 18, 2008

If I write a nasty review will I be damaging a vendor's reputation or Amazon itself?. I don't want someone thrown out of Amazon for my bad review but I would like to screw Amazon itself.
   comment by To Susan P on January 18, 2008

I take side with Looking at how Bob writes I believe he is a faggot. That is all I have to say.
   comment by unknown on January 18, 2008

I registered with Amazon on Jan 15th and sold 5 books that day, shipped 2 and notified those customers of it. Later in the day my account was blocked for no reason or explanation. With no way to contact the other 3 buyers whose products I still had, I shipped their books the next day in good faith regardless. Numerous calls to seller support and an e-mail to got me this response:

Hello from

Thank you for writing about your selling account.
We regret that your account has failed our review process. Your account has been closed and you are no longer eligible to sell on our site.

Please note that we will be unable to correspond further about this situation. The blocking of your account is a permanent action. We take such steps in the interest of maintaining a free and fair venue for all participants.

Best regards,

Alliance Program

I finally was told on a phone call today that my funds would be deposited in 90 days if Amazon doesn't receive any complaints from my buyers.

I am in shock at how unprofessional, deceptive and scamming Amazon is. I'm currently filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Boston.
   comment by Amazon_Should_Eat_Shit on January 18, 2008

This is my personal opinion: Jeff Bozo cleans his ass with the BBB complaints. His toilet paper is a roll of complaints from the BBB and the Attorney's General. He doesn't give a shit. Whenever he receives a complaint he might think to himself...I wonder from what state is the idiot that just got fucked by my all powerful fucking company name Amazon. This is my dream for 2008: I wish all the UPS, FEDEX, DHL and USPS drivers will urinate or defecate the Amazon boxes. I don't think is going to happen but it is a nice dream to have at night.
   comment by To Amazon_Should_Eat_Shit on January 18, 2008

Check this image
   comment by Check this image on January 18, 2008

Selling on Amazon sucks! a minor mistake and you are out. They won't even give you a chance of an appeal or defend your self. Amazon is like Cuba they have a regimen where nobody has voice or rights. They are the Judge and they decide what, when and how. You are a nobody, you have no chances of explanation and they won't even tell you the reasons why you were expelled. That mother fucker Jeff Bezos is an asshole and I wish I blow up his fucking house with only him and the fucking alliance in it. I wish I had supernatural powers to blow up the entire fucking Amazon building. Hey Jeff Bezos what goes around comes around! Before you go to Hell, you will pay here on earth everything you did to all of us. I hope the Devil fuck's you until your ass fall apart.
   comment by Amazon blows big time! on January 20, 2008

I was thrown out of Amazon. They accused me of selling bootlegged Bibles.
   comment by The Pope on January 20, 2008

Please stop using my name in this website. I am sick and tired of you guys trying to send me Jeff Bozos' soul. I don't want him here. Keep him to yourself.
   comment by The Devil on January 20, 2008

Check this site about Amazon poor service
   comment by Check this site about Amazon poor service on January 25, 2008

Complaints about Amazon.
   comment by on January 25, 2008

The following are great websites where you can sell your products:,,,,, etc. it's pretty cool, it looks like ebay but better. NO FEES! there are a lot of people buying and selling there. You should give it a try.
   comment by STOP CRYING AND MOVE ON.... on January 26, 2008

We are a company who had an amazon account where we turned more then £40k per month , one day out of the blue we got an email saying our account had been suspended! for customer service reasons! our feedback was 98%! far better then most other sellers who had an active account

no prior warning -nothing

we called amazon customer service after going through endless 'robot' messages before finally getting through to someone. Then the customer service rep said 'cant help you, you have to email instead'!!!

2 weeks later an no reply - we sent over 20 messages

overall the worst service in history, yes theres the feedback system aswell which is flawed as its one sided, we had several unfair negatives - but not enough for someone to slam our service and suspend

The A-Z system is the one way ticket for scam artists as amazon now refund stuff even if its been signed for as delivered if the name doesnt match the buyers - even if the surname is the same (eg a sibling or wife could have signed for it) amazon dont consider that

we have now got our own site - amazon arent worth it - if your an e business, dont fund your competition go elsewhere
   comment by retail on January 28, 2008

I just found this website: You can have an store 100% free and list dozens and dozens of products. You get a lot hits too. Try it, I think you are going to like it. Good luck.
   comment by Grass Hopper on January 28, 2008

I understand why everybody wants to sell on Amazon. In Amazon you sell super fast and at a high price. I have tried many websites and my products sell within minutes on Amazon. Unfortunately I was banned from Amazon. But, my friend is selling there now for a over a month. After she was in Amazon for two weeks she received a message that her funds will be on hold for a month. A month already passed and she can already transfer funds on a dialy basis. I will let you know if she gets suspended LOL.!
   comment by Is Amazon the best trade site? on January 29, 2008

Give it up pathetic losers, Amazon doesn't want you. You have so low self-esteem that Amazon kicks you in the butt and you still want to get back in. I hope that you guys are old and senile and about to die losers because if you guys are young and you are the future of America we are in deep shit. We will be kicked by the Chinese and all of you would be begin for more chinese products. China is learning from Amazon: Screw the Americans as hard as you can and they will beg you for more.
   comment by Enough is Enough on January 29, 2008

Where should we sell our software then?
   comment by It is too complex on January 29, 2008

Try the flea market.
   comment by To It is too complex on January 30, 2008

Hey guys, here's how to take care of Amazon really nice. since's A to Z program is one sided on the buyers side and the buyer is being given a refund regardless of the situation

So I suggest all of you to start buying stuff on Amazon and then file A to Z claims that the item is defective or no been received you'll get your money back and the seller will be expelled.

when this is going to hit a large amount of sellers amazon sales will suddenly start dropping in large numbers which will cause their stock to drop and will ultimately lead to the Closure of AMAZON.COM

   comment by How to destroy on January 31, 2008

Do you think that by doing such horrible thing you will succeed? To destroy amazon you would need a million people doing what you are suggesting and that will be impossible to do.
   comment by Are you crazy? on January 31, 2008

I bet you a billion chinese can bring down Amazon in a hurry.
   comment by To Are You Crazy? on February 1, 2008

LOL! that one was a good one... You think I am not angry at Amazon? Of course I am. I wish they had a better policy, a policy that protects the seller, and I wish they would give us a chance to an appeal just like Ebay does.
It is insane the amount of people that buy in Amazon per minute. They know that if they want to keep the product all they have to do is file a complaint. Amazon will give them a refund no questions asked. That really sucks!
   comment by Are you crazy? on February 1, 2008

I just listed a few items in Google Base. Will keep you all posted on how is doing. It took me less than 5 minutes to do the posting. Also I recommend I have quite a few hits on my products, no sales yet. Also try, I just opened an account and I am getting hits. No sales yet. It takes time for buyers to trust you specially when your account is only a few days old but I am getting a lot of hits. Good luck to you all. Get out of Amazon before it sinks like the Titanic and just like in the Titanic a lot of people are going to drown (a.k.a. small sellers). The rats (big sellers in Amazon that do not have to comply with the A to Z crap) already have their lifeboats but the rest of you are going to be left cold in the water.
   comment by Maybe we have hope on February 2, 2008

Hi Amazon sellers,

it appears the Ebay store sellers think Amazon is much better. Everyone thinks the grass is always greener on the other side.

Give them a reality check. Or are your rants lies?
   comment by Follow Me on February 4, 2008

Has anyone tried this website yet?

   comment by something else we can try on February 4, 2008

Send your stories here:
   comment by That Guy on February 5, 2008

The centerpiece of this feature is an article by Cayce Roy, VP of Amazon Services Inc., on how the company works with online retailers to build their capabilities.

Look at this article.
   comment by How shameless Amazon is! on February 7, 2008

Worldwide ebay strike Feb. 18-25 will make Amazon thrive. Who cares about you, losers?
   comment by Amazon will thrive on February 9, 2008

Hey guys, I want to tell you that I was banned from Amazon too. I spend a lot of hours searching for information and websites to sell my products and I found the following:
and many more. You can try them they don't charge selling fees or listing fees.
   comment by Concern seller on February 10, 2008

sell on - its free - no transaction fees. i still sell on ebay - but i see they just built a tool that allows you to import your ebay catalog.
   comment by Bill on February 10, 2008

I am not sure who is worse fleabay or Amazon.Both places suck but I think Amazon sucks more .I had alot of sales coming in almost overnight.Almost $3000 in 2 days and bam froze my account and still holding my money hostage.Then there so called guarantee is useless they let the customer keep the merchandise and not send it back then also give them a refund from your account so who is getting scammed here me .That place sucks
   comment by pcxchange on February 12, 2008 ,,,,
   comment by pcxchange on February 12, 2008

SCAMAZON thats there new name .I am going to resign up new everything and start making purchases then I am going to put the bullshit A_ZA in place and screw all these sellers and let them all know how it feels.I am sure they do not treat the big corporate sellers on there the same way they treat us.
   comment by pcxchange on February 12, 2008

Has anybody noticed that Amazon has changed their system for sellers today?

Normally I receive a notification from Amazon when one of my items sells. In this email is the information on what has sold, along with the buyers details (postal address and email address).

However, since today, I only get information on what has sold. To have the buyer's postal address I have to log into my Amazon account and go through all the items that have sold. Also, I am no longer allowed to have the buyer's e-mail address and can only contact them via the Amazon Website.

I've written to them to complain and am still waiting for a reply.
   comment by Pangie on February 12, 2008

To pcxchange,

Did you know that big corporations (Target for example) that sell in Amazon are exempt from the A to Crap guarantee? as for Epay (formerly known as Ebay) they are going the same way as Amazon. They figured that if Amazon can screw the sellers why can they?. Now they are competing to see who screws the hardest. Amazon has the A to Crap guarantee and Epay has "Screw the seller with Negatives Feedback for any reason"
   comment by To Hell With Amazon on February 12, 2008

My account was closed so I moved to Feebay, but they will suspend you also. The difference with feepay is that you are allowed to an appeal and most of the time your account qualifies for reinstatement. They will at least listen to whatever you have to say and they will respond to your messages after 3-4 days. Selling on Amazon is great because the money is fast but the are also suspended fast. Amazon really blows!!!!!!!
   comment by Jeff Bezos will burn in Hell! on February 13, 2008

How may more times do we have to read your boring story?. You have nothing else going on in your life that you have to come here and post the same story over and over?

Get a life
   comment by To Jeff Bezos will burn in hell on February 14, 2008

Seems fishy that people purchase from sellers and leave negative feedback after less than a week of buying an item. not counting the weekend for shipping.
and you have 2 days to mail out!!Seams like a ploy of amazon to trash feedback to get mom and pop small sellers booted off rather quickly.Also the feedback has nothing to do with a specific problem. .EX : They leave a "1" (the worst feedback that you can leave) - When will my item ship Thanks. Thanks ??? you just fucked up my rating because you are a stupid fuckuing retard!! Read the exclamation amazon has posted above the leave your feed back button!! IT reads "contact the seller before leaving feedback." You dumb fucks..Do me a favor Have someone else buy it for you if you cant read and follow directions. You will certainly NOT receive an item with these actions. WAKE THE FUCK UP !!!!
Brainless fuck..
   comment by Amazon sucks on February 14, 2008

You are the brainless for selling in Amazon. I buy in Amazon and always leave a complaint about the seller. I get to keep the merchandise for free. What a deal !!!. By the way, what do you sell? maybe I got some free stuff from you.
   comment by To Amazon Sucks on February 15, 2008

Don't get mad - File a law Suit. I have a court date May 4th with Amazon - cost me $15. for closing my account without paying for books I sold - had a 100% rating. It will cost Amazon $2,000+ in legal and research fees to defend weather I win or loose. If enough people take 5 minutes to file the legal claim perhaps they will upgrade their ways.
   comment by Bill on February 15, 2008

I just wanted to let you know, that I am watching very carefully all the activity in Amazon. When I see something out of wack I immediately report it to Amazon and they will suspend your account within 24 hrs. If you are selling bootlegs, teacher's edition books, or anything prohibited you can count on ME for your suspension. So, FUCK ALL OF YOU NASTY SELLERS. See if you can take your fucking business someplace else.
   comment by To all nasty sellers on February 15, 2008

what method do you use to report?
   comment by abc on February 15, 2008

Some of you people must hate life or just have a real small dick and your girlfriend or wife is banging your best friend .Napoleon syndrome running around here
   comment by PCXchange on February 16, 2008

That was some funny shit, I never heard something so funny. You should be making stand up comedy.
   comment by LOL!!!!!! on February 16, 2008


Feedback Count (Lifetime) Positive Neutral Negative
7 71% 0% 29%

2 out of 5: "Seller left me this message: I am sorry I cannot ship this item due to the way Amazon holds the money from a purchase for up to 45 days. I cannot incur shipping charges and merchandise charges and not be paid for that amount of time" Seller should have been familiar w/ Amazon's rules. This was a gift & inconvenience."
Date: 2/3/2008 Rated by Buyer: Jill O.
Seller Response: "Your money was refunded the same day it is not my fault you do not read your email I also personally wrote to you with no response." Date: 2/4/2008
1 out of 5: "Lied and said the Uggs were authentic. Got them and they were fake. Then I had to fight him to refund me."
Date: 1/30/2008 Rated by Buyer: smcapoccia
Seller Response: "This buyer is an absolute lier .Her claims are false she said the boots were not soft I do not know how much softer she wanted them but they are extremely soft she also thought Uggs were made in Australia which they are not Uggs are made in china She was also refunded the second she shipped them back and they were delivered to me .A very miserable person if you are a seller do not deal with this p" Date: 2/1/2008
   comment by anonymous on February 17, 2008

Amazon screwed me out of thousands of dollars. Now I will get my revenge...
   comment by Time to get even with amazon! on February 17, 2008

Your revenge will be to suck on a loly pop and cry like a sissy. Amazon doesn't give a *@#$@ about you or the money you lost.
   comment by To Time to get even on February 17, 2008

Go fuck your self and go home and suck your mothers tit you fat slob...
   comment by in response to- Time to get even to on February 17, 2008

I guess sucking on that loly pop raised your sugar level in your blood....
   comment by To Time to get even on February 17, 2008

This site is post comments about Amazon not to express nasty foul words. You are only showing why you got blocked by Amazon. If you talk like this here, I can't imagine what you said to your customers. I am glad Amazon got rid of garbage like you.
   comment by Cool off sellers on February 17, 2008

If you have a legitimate complaint, file a complaint with the Attorney General's office in Washington State. Better yet, have your lawyer file one for you.
   comment by Jack Smith on February 18, 2008

please tell us how to file a lawsuit?
   comment by unknown on February 18, 2008

Amazon is buying back their stocks because they have so much cash. Guess where all these cash come from. Holding sellers funds of course. This scam Amazon doing on purpose, sooner or later will stop or exploided. So let us get together all sellers suffers this scam and act together to make some noise.
Also I believe ebay will eat them alive in the future, since Amazon is missing the big picture. Ebay has no inventory and they just collect fees versus Amazon tries to sell their own inventory and taking much more expense. So if stupid Amazon realizes that there is much more money to make in commission I belive their whole practice will change.

In addition, Alliance department mostly automated machine and acts on certain giving parameters. Actual people involvement necessary in very seldom cases. That is why you never get straight answers. Human involves in Alliance issues are also low wage earners most likely to be India only act on certain guidelines provided to them. Amazon makes this assumptions to make buyer happy since the buyers are the most important component of this picture. Stupid Amazon never realizes that people shop and look for the best value nowadays. That is why Amazon prices so much higher than ebay or other websites. This also another reason most seller kicked-out by Amazon want to get back in. Where else you cna sell at these prices?

   comment by unknown on February 18, 2008

Amazon suspended my account BEFORE I even started selling on it. What gives??????????
   comment by Human on February 18, 2008

Welcome to the club. It turns out that if you happen to use a computer or an address of a suspended account you are suspended too. Guilty by association. I got the notice by Alliance that I was suspended not even a minute after I received the confirmation call during the registration process. Amazon told me that my "house address" was linked to a suspended account. Eventually they will run out of sellers...maybe in 20 or 30 years.
   comment by To Human on February 18, 2008

I know, sellers go crazy to get back in Amazon because until today I have not found a website were you can sell at high price and fast. The Alliance department is nothing but a robot machine that collects pieces of information to suspend you again and again. One day, they will not have anymore sellers and eventually their policy will change. They will think twice before suspending accounts.
   comment by To: Human on February 19, 2008

Hey Stupid Amazon read this. Do not suspend sellers let them sell with bad rating, just like ebay. If some sellers doesn't deliver the goods you hold their funds for 15 days anyways, to deduct.

As Amazon just collect commisions and keep your profit up and let your stock go higher. If buyers still purchases from low rated seller what does it tell you? People shop for value.
   comment by unknown on February 19, 2008

should we automate sending emails to amazon.. i mena ALL OF US! 100's of times a day.. crash the system...

why go with THIER RULES?!? beat them at thier own game!.. file law suits.. get them left right and centre.. REALLY advertise this blog.. recruit hackers, hack them.. get a job in there..

if we can't win by playing the good guy... why play the good guy? complaining wont do any good... action has to be taken, not just one of us... a coordinated attack.. no one person can make a difference, but once we all band together we will win,

by hook or by crook !
   comment by something on February 28, 2008

Had my account for 2 months on amazon. 100% feedback no a to z and no problems at all items shipped on time NO COMPLAINTS FROM sendsa bogus policy warning about illegal coprighted matrial Bootleggs. that i (MAY) be selling.THis is absured all my merchandise was legitimat released movies and such ! What a crock of shit! It comes down that i was making to much money so they had to ax the competition.. ME.When you sell as a third party seller and you are not a company but a single seller if you make to much money they use that policy warning as a scapegoat to ax your account. that is it they just cut you loose and end your selling account.. fuck you amazon I learned my lesson ill move to another site were i will be able to sell my stuff. FUCK YOUUUUUUUU DICK>>
   comment by amazon scams another seller on February 29, 2008

I purchased a toy for a baby as a present on Amazon and when it arrived it was friggin USED and dirty like they found it in the trash or something. I have been using the internet for work and purchases since the beginning and have never experienced anything like this. WTF? Did I miss the checked box that said do you want the homeless version?
   comment by dirty crap on March 5, 2008

REPORT THIS COMPANY TO BBB AND BE SPECIFIC LETS STOP THIS AM GUY FROM TREATING US SELLERS POORLY. 1000 sales and only 245 left comments, had 100% rating, and 3 left poor rating because their jerks, and they dropped me down to 96% then sent me an email that I must bring my rating up. I have seen guys on there with 50% and 88% so even with 96% thats just nuts. And they should have a cap on lowering DVD Prices. That just sucks some sellers are dumb askes also making no money or bootleg DVDS. How the heck can you make money selling a 19.00 DVD for 2.99? someon tell me. Tired of the Crap!
   comment by Tired of the Crap on March 9, 2008

Stop crying like little babies. I can't stop laughing at how Amazon screwed you both. You are the Crap. Imbeciles. Stick your thumb up your ass and then suck it you pieces of crap.
   comment by To the Crap Brothers on March 10, 2008

We've used Amazon in the UK for a little over 4 months. We have 2 accounts as we sell books and other general merchandise. There is a remarkable difference in the way each account has been operated. Our Seller Central account (general merchandise) has never been reviewed despite turning over £20,000 per fortnight. We've had 3 A-Z claims from over 7000 orders (all of which claim they "tried to contact the seller" blah blah, but we just refunded the money as the rate of these false claims are so low - it is however unfortunate that we have to swallow such garbage from customers who are blatantly screwing you over. Most genuine customers give the seller an opportunity to put things right. Lucky for us we have an account contact in the "new business" department in the UK and he's removed 2 negative feedbacks for us as they were completely false and unfounded. The Books account on the other hand was suspended after 14 days of opening for what they described as a routine review lasting 45 days. After this date the review was completed and the account live again, but the impact on sales etc hasn't been good. Also, as we have no account contact for this account we have suffered with stupid feedback (although we have a 99% feedback rating). In the UK we have another sales platform - who we also use. These guys seem fairer and atleast you can speak to a real person who listens when you have a problem. It always amazes me how the smaller companies appear to provide much better service than the big boys!!
   comment by Amazon UK user on March 11, 2008

Buy all you can on Amazon, then regardless of the service received from the seller provide him with a one star negative feedback don't worry he'll whine like a baby but think about it, by providing bad ratings to seller the following effects will take place
1. Buyers will loose trust in Amazon
2. Due to Extremely bad feedback buyers will not purchase.

And upon leaving bad feedback always make sure to mention "Dear, STOP HARASSING SELLERS, AFTER ALL AREN'T THEY THE ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR SUCCESS?
   comment by Destroy on March 11, 2008

After 90 days, they are still holding my money. I just want to get my money back and done with it. I emailed them, read their response:

Thank you for contacting us. Due to the status of your account your
funds are currently being reserved and your account reviewed. You may
expedite the release of funds by providing proof of shipment. Without
proof of shipment your funds will not be released.

Additionally, you are not permitted to bid, buy or sell on
and should refrain from creating new accounts. Any further accounts
created will be closed and all funds in the accounts will be reserved


Payments Specialist
Payments Team

Do NOT sell there, it is a nightmare!!!
   comment by what a nightmare! on March 18, 2008

You are the nightmare you asshole. If I were Amazon I wouldn't return your money for being so stupid. I would return you a bag of dicks.
   comment by to What a nightmare on March 19, 2008

you just as dirty as
   comment by to the above on March 21, 2008

Go eat a bag of dicks you mother fucker
   comment by To: to the above on March 22, 2008

Wow, some fascination you have with a "bag of d***s." You funny or something? Are you a d**k snatcher? Do you own a bag of those little fellas? Personally I've never a bag of d***s! You are always posting and telling everyone to eat a bag of d***s; do you cook them first?
   comment by To the one with the "bag of d***s fascination ! on March 24, 2008

Are testicles included in the bag of dicks or are they sold separately?
   comment by Question about the bag of dicks on March 24, 2008

Please tell the rest of us how to obtain a bag of d***s! Would you care to share your bag of d***s? Would you tell us if you eat them raw, do you deep fry them? Are they good? It is illegal to cut off someone/somethings d**k? Has yours been cut off?
   comment by To the one with the "bag of d***s fascination ! on March 25, 2008

You seem quite curious with the bags of dicks.....
   comment by To the above on March 25, 2008

Yes, yes I am curious about the bag o' d***s, never seen a bag of them before! Just wondering why the "bag o' d***s" poster keeps telling others to eat a bag of 'em so I figure maybe a bag of them is his favorite thing to eat. Which leads to my being curious as to how one obtains a sack of them!
   comment by To the one with the \ on March 25, 2008

Check your local supermarket, they might carry them on the frozen food section.
   comment by To the above on March 26, 2008

Dicks-R-Us sell them by the pallet.
   comment by To the one curious about bag of dicks on March 26, 2008

Is this site about Amazon issues or has this site become bag of dicks central?
   comment by WTF on March 27, 2008

Amazon just hooked up with Case Credit. Birds of a feather flock together.

I avoid both companies more that a pile of dog dung.
   comment by hecktor rongozales on March 27, 2008

Nobody cares about your stupid opinion. I am sure that both Amazon and Case Credit are happy to get rid of an asshole like you.
   comment by to hecktor on March 27, 2008

Hecktor, stop complaining and eat a bag of dicks
   comment by anonymous on March 30, 2008

Anonymous...just because a bag of d***s is your food of choice doesn't mean others would eat something so revolting! BTW, how old are you, 10 yrs.? 15 yrs. max. maybe? Surely not an adult!
   comment by twiggsguy on March 30, 2008

I could be your grandpa
   comment by to twiggsguy on March 31, 2008

Well, I sold one item on their site and have already closed my account. I especially like how they don't release the money you make until it reaches their magic minimal amount. Bye Bye amazon.
   comment by JJinTX on April 1, 2008

What did you sell? a bag of dicks?
   comment by to JJinTx on April 1, 2008

I have been selling on Amazon for the past 5 years, have had my account closed at least 15 times, each account that I have sold on, I normally make $2000 or more. I have a lot of insight into how their parameters work and how to circumvent the triggers that cause accounts to be blocked/suspended.

I NEED TO GET IN TOUCH WITH OTHER AMAZON JUNKIES THAT HAVE SIMILAR INSIGHTS SO THAT WE CAN SHARE OUR INFORMATION. My information is free but I will only provide it in exchange for similar valueable information. NO BULL SHIT.

Just let me know here with your email address or I will send my email.
   comment by AmazonHack on April 2, 2008


here's my email:

   comment by AmazonHack on April 2, 2008

DUMB DUMB DUMB. Amazon patrols this sight do not post any info here..
   comment by anonymous on April 3, 2008

Amazon patrols this site?. ha ha ha. Do you really think Amazon gives a fuck about the losers and whiners that post on this site?.
   comment by anonymous on April 3, 2008

What a bunch of fucking assholes. You talk to much shit how to get back on amazon ! now they have figured out how sellers were getting back on their site .You just fucked everyone !! IT WILL BE EVEN HARDER TO GET AROUND THE VERIFICATION PROCESS. THANKS .JUST HAD TO TALK SHIT
   comment by CANT GET ON AMAZON.COM THANKS PEOPLE on April 3, 2008

I found this site because I wanted to find out how Amazon treated its sellers since I wanted to open an account. I was reading the postings with my son, he is 10. The beginning of the page is good, lots of info and a few nasty postings. The middle of the page got worse. It wasn't about selling on Amazon it was on attacking each other. The bottom of the page is a disgrace, I couldn't let my son read it. Come on guys keep it clean, you never know who is reading this page. If you want to use the f*** word I am sure that there are plenty of sites where you can. Thanks
   comment by stop the foul language on April 3, 2008

the only reason you can't get back on Amazon is because you are a retard, that's all.
   comment by to CANT GET ON AMAZON.COM on April 3, 2008

AmazonHack, you have a good point and good that you arent talking bout it here on the site. i will email you so we can talk bout this. Whatever you do don't talk business on this site because amazon may well be monitoring (not that I think you would because you don't seem stupid). cheers
   comment by Parker on April 4, 2008



   comment by Site is Owned by on April 5, 2008

holy shit! amazon does own this site
bastards have been peeping tomming us
   comment by F-ING BASTARDS on April 5, 2008

I agree, I have been selling on amazon for 5 years with 97% feedback which took a lot of effort believe me and refunded, when amazon decided in their infinate wisdom I had fallen significantly below the standard they require of a seller. I disputed this and asked for more details and proof they said they didnt have to give any!! kept £900 of untransfered funds for 90 days and blocked any attempt to reregister. When I said I was contacting legal advice they said they would not respond to any more of my emails. IS this not a clear breach of not only the human rights act but also shows what idiots run amazon. They took £8000 in fees from me over the years and wont even give me an explanation of why Im chucked off! Consider this before selling as a business on amazon. It took years of hard work to get the account where it was then it was wiped out in a day along with my business!
   comment by michelle massey on April 5, 2008

If this website belongs to Amazon it proves once again that all you whiners are too stupid to fight Amazon. Amazon had you by the balls since the beginning. My hats off to Amazon. They are incredibly smart or maybe they just have normal business intelligence that seems brilliant compare to the IQ's of the assholes posting on this site.
   comment by Anonymous on April 5, 2008

Submit to the will of all powerful Amazon or be prepared to eat bags of dicks for the rest of your lives. Long Live Amazon.
   comment by Amazon Rules the World on April 8, 2008

Told you so do not talk buissness on here amazon is trolling!!!
   comment by anonymous on April 9, 2008

well as we know now amazon owns this site so now we should just stop and do not talk on here anymore.I'm done on here amazon eat shit and die bastard ..
   comment by anonymous on April 9, 2008

I always knew this site was bogus
   comment by anonymous on April 9, 2008

Why the hell would amazon keep this site running!?!? I'm confused now.
   comment by Gelb on April 12, 2008

I join the rest of the dusgusted sellers of amazon. If you are a buyer you can keep the merchandise, give the seller negative feedback, and get your moneyback as well. My advise, don't use amazon. It is very ill organized and ran mainly by computers that cannot make a decision beside numerical evaluation. When you get screwed, you will remember me.
   comment by power-power on April 13, 2008

Hey, I just figured it out!!! I think Amazon blocks accounts of sellers that compete with them. Say you sell ipods at a reasonable price and they also have ipods in their inventory, they block your account so they have less competition. Any smart lawyer out there who wants to file a class action law suit. Also, we all need to write to our congress to have amazon investigated for these unethical practices.
   comment by power-power on April 13, 2008

yes! please come here
   comment by RC Helicopter Air Plane on April 16, 2008

Just sell your item a couple a cents higher and you wont get banned simple as that..
   comment by anonymous on April 17, 2008

Amazon sucks. I can't believe people still sell on there - getting robbed of 15% per sale, having their Bank Account frozen for 2 weeks while AMAZON "Investigates" (Or spies/steals) the funds in their account? BS.
   comment by Cat on April 27, 2008

i am a new seller and sold 10 used items total amount $100.00. held my account for 30 days because of NO FEEDBACK ? mailed my stuff and I am not listing anymore actually I"ll let the account stay in limbo and I will sell stuff elsewhere. screw them . 100 dollars!! desperate pricks.
   comment by anonymous on April 30, 2008

For the love of God can you people please get a life!!!!!. Nobody cares about your little problems with Amazon. Just bend over, open wide and take it. If you don't get screwed by Amazon you get screwed by the insurance company, the cable company, the bank, the credit card company and the biggest screwer of them all: your own doctor and his lawyer there anyone out there that is not screwing you? The answer is NO. everybody is screwing you so stop complaining. Even when you are sleeping there are people thinking on how to screw you when you get up or they might just screw you as you sleep (like your bank charging you all kinds of fees). As I see it there is no point in complaining. My solution is simple: screw you neighbor before he screws you or screw you neighbor as you are screwed. Have to leave now, the idiot that rented me this computer is trying to screw me by overcharging me for the minutes.
   comment by Anonymous on April 30, 2008

Go fuck yourself and screw you !!! people want to complain then let them. So I see you have to rent a computer.loser!! I guess you had to sell yours after amazon closed your sellers account because they held your money. .ass wipe.
   comment by to last anonymous post on May 6, 2008

Message for the Amazon leaders:
James 5:1-6
   comment by Anonymous on May 6, 2008

I had 100 sales, 10 Positive feedback, and 1 negative. For some reason, this means 10% of my customers hate me, rather than 1%. I never did understand how this silly feedback system was supposed to work. Then, one day, I got 1 negative, 1 neutral and 1 A-Z Claim. Of course, none of those three people bothered to email me first to fix whatever they were complaining about. So, naturally, Amazon permanently banned the account and froze the money rather than the obvious temp block until I had a chance to fix it. They never did ask me what happened, just a blanket go away letter. Good thing I didn't need all that money for anything important like bills or anything. I know Amazon reads this, so I just wanted to say that I was an excellent seller with stupid customers. You know, the kind that live in lower income houses with lower than average IQ. You know, the kind that when they DO send it back, it comes back in pieces.
   comment by anonymous on May 10, 2008

Amazon sucks! I was scammed as a seller, and hit with a glut of the same (they keep your product and get a full refund) Amazon would not listen to me. I complained and they blocked my account! Apparently having someone keep my product and have a full refund and the fact that I am out the shipping - is apparently not up to Amazons standard of quality. What next should I start also giving away $20 bills with every purchase? RUBBISH! If you can find it on Amazon, you can certainly find it cheaper elsewhere!
   comment by Andrew C on May 12, 2008

Amazon's policy is sh1t they blocked my account and froze my earnings upwards almost $500, after a complaint from a scammer who would not return my product and who was already refunded! What a load of sh1t. I'VE SINCE GONE BACK TO EBAY - LESS STRESS AND A LOT LESS SCAMMERS. People ought to take Amazon to court when they treat you sellers this badly!
   comment by anonymous on May 12, 2008

   comment by anonymous on May 12, 2008


   comment by anonymous on May 14, 2008

re anonymous February 17 2008 comment about Ugg Boot sale. The buyer thought the boots received were not genuine because they were made in China. They will have been produced by an American company called Ugg Australia. The company is Decker and they have the boots made in China. They are genuine sheepskin boots. Decker bought the name Ugg from an Australian company and then began to stop the traditional Aussie Ugg, Ug, Ugh boot makers from using this name. The Aussies won in that they proved that the name was generic and now make the boots and call them Uggs again. On their websites they disassociate themselves from Ugg Australia and say that their own boots are made in Australia not China. Decker , or Ugg Australia, now has a website called but no "au" on the end which means American. They have an address in Melbourne (Australia) with a same phone/fax no. which is different from the no. that comes up in Just some error I suppose. But they run a few websites that make them look totally Australian!! So...what this is all about...if you sell Ugg Boots made by Ugg Australia it would be a good idea to tell the buyer that they are American and made in China but they are genuine sheepskin boots. If they want Uggs that are made in Australia they will have to order them via the various Australian websites. Or visit Australia and ask around!
   comment by Christine on May 16, 2008

Christine can you please find out if they make Ugg Underwear for men? my balls get really cold here in Alaska.
   comment by anonymous on May 16, 2008

Amazon are fucking scum. Fuck off Amazon. I wouldn't shit on that site now after my experiences there. It's no wonder that scammers are hammering the site and getting away with all they do.
   comment by George on May 18, 2008

People, this is the internet you really don't have to accept this treatment from Amazon - build a webstie get it on the engines and that sell your products that way. Takes time to build a business, but when it's built it's not going away and no one can suddenly block you or take it away from you. Effectively strike one for the small man, and at the same time kick in the nuts for corporate greed who treat their users like krud.
   comment by anonymous on May 18, 2008

The world is ending. Amazon is the Anti-Christ. All of you will carry the mark of the Anti-Chris but not in your forehead but in your ass. The mark will be Amazon's boot on your ass as they kick you over and over and you will take it like a lamb.
   comment by anonymous on May 20, 2008

I had two Seller Accounts shut down for no good reason. Amazon decided to steal my money for 90 days. They say it's their policy. Well, It's MY policy to email them for every single one of those days until they pay me back MY money. I have started a Blog that contains every email that I send to them, one a day. Please stop by and give your support. Then stop by my store, and buy something, I need the money.
   comment by on May 20, 2008

You are a real asshole. Do you think sending an e-mail to Amazon would do something?. You have no brains. You could send a million emails a day. All they have to do is mark your emails as JUNK and that is it. You better come up with a better plan you retard. Your store should be name
   comment by To The-Game-Store on May 21, 2008

Used paperback retailer. Looking for trouble ?
   comment by Russell Feran on May 26, 2008

Tony Stewart (#20) is a cry baby. He is incapable of winning a race but very capable of complaining and bitching. I do not shop at Home Depot anymore. I can't stand to see the cardboard figure of the biggest Nascar crybaby and by the way Amazon sucks. Tony, eat a bag of dicks you mother fucker.
   comment by anonymous on June 2, 2008

My account was shut down after 4 months. consistant feedback 100% no claims no mess no fuss no complaints. was doing fine . Received a negative feedback from an impacient prick buyer who chose media mail for his item instead of priority..Never once emailed me. lies in his comment that I never replied to email. and really trashed me for no reason. 2 hrs later amazon shuts my account stating that i was selling recopied media.Wow I never had one person confront me.all items were bought from best buy!This is amazons way of stomping out the little guy.By lying. well eat shit amazon.You want me to finish mailing my stuff.ha! i will empty my account and shut it down douchebag.Ill be back selling tommorrow with no problem.And i will get even.I have your scheme down amazon. I wont be beat. I can have 10 accounts in 20 minutes so try me out.. ASSHOLES!!Try to be honest and this is what you get the shaft. well now ill be dishonest and fuck you in your wallet scumbag!!
   comment by Know howt o fuck amazon again and again on June 6, 2008

So yes Amazon will refund a buyer, if the buyer simply says..hey I didn't get the item. (even if delivery confirmation shows that they did). But hey this can go both ways guys, sign up for an account and buy something then say you didn't get it!
   comment by sadwisdom on June 9, 2008

Started selling some of my books on less than 48 hours into it, they shutdown my account with zero explanation and really no way of getting ahold of anyone to talk to me about it.. I had sold one book and sent it out that day.. I didn't get any negative feedback or anything, they just flat out shut me down for in my opinion NOTHING.. Do not sell on, they are and efffffing joke!!!!!!
   comment by Karl Carmen on June 11, 2008

Could it be that Amazon is shutting down all of you because you are extremely ugly?. We already know that you have no brains.

PS: Karl, I used your book as toilet paper
   comment by anonymous on June 11, 2008

Is there any intelligent life out there?
   comment by Tired of dealing with assholes on June 13, 2008

I am a clone. Who is my father? I have nobody to give a gift to on Father's Day.
   comment by Baby Clone on June 15, 2008

Been selling for 4 months 100% feedback no claims or refunds. have 1 good day at sales 1,200.00.I'm like great! I pack all my items getting ready to mail and I get the policy warning later that night that they are holding my funds for up to 45-60 days. for review.What shit is this! I already had my initial funds held.Why i cant make any type of money on this site! I thought it was a selling platform.well i'm not shipping shit. There will be alot of uptight buyers out there but what if i get a bad feedback while in review their goes my money and my items. Fuck that noise!I I'll walk away and start another account ,maybe two.
   comment by anonymous on June 19, 2008

Just screwed amazon out of 50 large.Scumbags fuck with me eat shit.They were fucking with my account for no reason suck wind dickbags!!
   comment by anonymous on June 19, 2008

Thanks for all of your comments I am not going to sell on amazon or purchase from them again. Thanks again and good luck!!!
   comment by Hudson on June 19, 2008

Amazon is the worst they lie about release dates and make you pre-order the item way before its actual release date and they dont even deliver to there own specifications
   comment by anonymous on June 30, 2008

Amazon is great.
   comment by Time Life Music Collections on July 3, 2008

Amazon is great.
   comment by Eagle Eyes Sunglasses on July 3, 2008

Do all the bad mouthing you can but please do not curse.
   comment by Space Bags on July 3, 2008

Why can't we all get along?
   comment by Amazon worshipper on July 5, 2008

had an account for 3 days .listed 60 items all used old videos. sold 10.00 worth on 4th day. Attempt to log into my account and i could not log into it.: this is what these fucking pricks do::
Important Messages
The e-mail address and password you entered do not match any accounts on record. Please make sure that you have correctly entered the e-mail address associated with your account. If you forgot your password, and want to access your existing account, please click here

(Perhaps you originally set up your account at work, and now you're shopping using your personal account, or vice-versa.)

You didn't provide an e-mail address. We'll need it to communicate with you about the status of your orders. Also, when you visit us again, you'll need it to access your account.

They block you out altogether Motherfuckers got some set of balls no email or any thing Nice buisness practices . nice!!!
   comment by anonymous on July 8, 2008

Amazon absolutely sucks
   comment by anonymous on July 8, 2008

They are holding all sellers money to cover their bottom line. They are using the old technique. "borrow from this person to pay that person." hold new sellers who did nothing wrong to cover other charge backs and A TO Z's on other sellers accounts! Scum bagsssss! THEY
   comment by anonymous on July 10, 2008

"They are using the old technique. borrow from this person to pay that person."

Nope you have wrong. They are using the new technique. "Fuck this person while we bring another person to be fucked"
   comment by to anonymous on July 15, 2008

Are you guys fans of Keith Olberman? You all sound like professional angry men. Look, amazon DOES have its faults. We have a love hate relationship with it. We HATE the feedback system and estimate that 85% or more is a result of stupid customer syndrome but since buyers have nothing to fear for lying or trying to extort free shipping after a purchase, they can just leave negative feedback and not suffer any consequences. We have actually had people contact us and tell us they want the shipping refunded because they thought it was too much (clearly stated on the listing and during checkout AND Amazon takes 15% of the SHIPPING charges) and if we don't refund they will leave negative feedback!!! I mean how do you deal with unethical, lying, cheating people like this?

We are an honest and ethical company who will bend over backwards for our customers but it gets sort of depressing dealing with these maniacal buyers that seem to flock to sites like Amazon and Ebay.

THAT SAID....we like Amazon because they do a TON of advertising to bring buyers to your/amazons customers and they assume fraud risk...So we like them but we think that they could adopt some better business practices (notice they don't have feedback on their orders or the orders of say a firm like Target that sells on amazon...hmmm) But hey, as long as it is a free country, it is their company and they can do as they wish. If it gets so bad something else will replace them and people will go elsewhere.

In conclusion, you take the good with the bad.
   comment by WOW on July 16, 2008

Amazon sucks.The welcome you to sell and then hold your money for 2 weeks.right before they are supposed to transfer your nmoney you get that stupid evaluation letter and now they are holding it longer more like 45 days.This is a joke and is deceptive.I sold 150.00 dollars worth of stuff."150.00" and you are going to hold my money fopr 45 days.Are you that hard up for it amazon!!.Well I decided to shut down my account and refunded the buyers before I mail my goods.This is not ethical way to sell.Just like go to your job for 45 days and we wont pay you .we want to evaluate you.Produce for us everyday and work hard for us. At the end of 45 days if some one complains.You are fired. Same thing
but in amazons case the will not release your money.
   comment by anonymous on July 17, 2008

You are a real asshole. Go buy a bag of dicks
   comment by To WOW on July 18, 2008

You bend backwards for your customers but bend forward for Amazon to screw you
   comment by To WOW on July 18, 2008

This site should be rename "THE FUCKING WHINERS". If you don't like Amazon's policies do not use Amazon. I bet you that none of you mother fuckers read the sellers agreement from top to bottom. Most likely you just opened an account listed your products and that was that. When Amazon applied ITS rules then and only then you started complaining. AMAZON didn't fuck you. You fuck yourselves. I read the agreement, didn't like it and therefore did not sell. See how simple it is.
   comment by anonymous on July 21, 2008

Talk about SUCKING. I had thousands of sales on Amazon, had hundreds of items listed, and a 99% favorable rating (unheard of - especially since all the things listed here can and DO happen, like customers providing wrong addresses & writing scathing feedback because their item was late. Anyhow - I received a notice from Amazon that I was selling copied media - and my store was shut down - immediately! I inquired, asking what the hell they were talking about (we buy from over 200 vendors & have receipts for everything we sell!) - they wouldn't even read my e-mail - their decision was final and they 'would not respond to further correspondence on this matter'. Unbelievable - Stay away from AMAZON
   comment by Jim K on July 23, 2008

Thats how they get rid of the competition. They just shut you down.real open up multiple accounts and spread your inventory out.. so if they hold money on one account you still have others bringing in the bacon. Gabesh. good luck
   comment by anonymous on July 23, 2008

In the news today.Amazon profits doubles.Thats because they are stealing from all third party sellers when they hold all of our money. Big Douchbags

Amazon profit doubles, beats estimates
Jul 23, 5:34 PM (ET)


NEW YORK (AP) - Inc. (AMZN) (AMZN) showed that it wasn't being hurt by economic weakness and high fuel prices, reporting Wednesday that its second-quarter profits more than doubled and surpassed analyst expectations. The Internet retailer also raised full-year revenue projections.

Sales were strong in several sections of Amazon's massive marketplace.

For the quarter that ended June 30, Amazon earned $158 million, or 37 cents per share. Amazon earned $78 million, or 19 cents per share, in the same quarter last year.

The company's revenue climbed 41 percent to $4.06 billion, including a 35 percent leap in North American sales.

Analysts polled by Thomson Financial had expected earnings of 26 cents per share on $3.96 billion in revenue in the quarter.

Sales of things like books, CDs and DVDs rose 31 percent to $2.41 billion, while electronics and other general merchandise sales soared 58 percent to $1.53 billion.

One closely watched measure, the company's net shipping cost, climbed to $128 million from $75 million a year earlier.

But Amazon also noted that revenue from shipping - which includes earnings from its membership-based two-day shipping program, Amazon Prime, and its third-party shipping program, Fulfillment by Amazon - rose to $186 million from $152 million.

For the current third quarter, Amazon predicted sales of $4.20 billion to $4.43 billion; analysts had been looking for $4.23 billion in revenue.

The company increased its sales forecast for the rest of the year to a range of $19.35 billion to $20.10 billion. Analysts were expecting $19.60 billion.
   comment by CHECK THIS OUT on July 23, 2008

Had your amz selling account closed and you can't open a new one? I can tell you how to do it and be right back in the money again. But I can't post it on this board for obvious reasons. Email me and I'll tell you how.
   comment by Tony on July 26, 2008

My account was recently shutdown. I know I did not break any rules. I have to wait 90 days for my money to be disbursed. This is the first time being a loyal Amazon seller for a few years, this has happened to me. I am not sure if I should trust Amazon for the 90 days or if they will screw me. What should I do? or should I forget about the money in the account?
   comment by anonymous on July 28, 2008

I ama anew seller to amazon .been selling for 1 week made two sales then i received a letter stating i was selling recopied media.Wow this is a shock my items are new and How can they tell my items were copied media.Not one person had received an item from me so what gives .I never mailed 1 item yet.they shut my account for no reason amazon is playing games .
   comment by Got screwed on July 28, 2008

Don't worry about the money those fuckers kept from you. They will deposit 100% of your earnings in your bank account by the end of the 90 day period.
Those fuckers are making millions with all the money they are holding from all the people they are kicking out on a daily basis. Amazon can eat a fat dick for all I care.
   comment by 666 on July 28, 2008

Do you want to know why Amazon is so successful? It is very simple really.... The have the A-Z guarantee. So, people buy with confidence knowing that if they are not happy with their purchase all they have to do is file a complaint and woala! they have two things absolutely free. They keep the merchandise+ refund. End of story. Don't you think something is wrong with this picture? Amazon is one sided, it is on the buyers side. So, find another store to sell:
and many more.
   comment by anonymous on July 28, 2008

They have the A-Z guarantee for buyers but the FUCK YOU guarantee for sellers. You are guaranteed to be fucked by Amazon.
   comment by to anonymous on July 30, 2008

Where is the Fuck tard of Amazon's owner? I will love to find that mother fucker to kick him in the fucking nuts.
   comment by anonymous on July 30, 2008

fuck, i had the account 4 month, with rate 89%, 69 feedbacks, 4 neg, and i figured out, amazon just at buyer's side, even the buyer totally wrong or just those compititors' runing dog. we 100% give them no question asked full refund, the final reason why they close our account is that: we refund many times.
what the hell is that? am i wrong ? that is totally 5 star customer service! no question asked full refund, i really dont see any logic from
   comment by anonymous on August 1, 2008

Amazon has no cojones
   comment by anonymous on August 1, 2008

Ah first of all I feel sorry for all those third-party seller. I was just considering selling on, and found this listing.

Ah a couple of comments. First of all webmaster for this forum, very nice job, I viewed the source code for this forum, it's surpreb!! Everything in strict 4.01 html standard, and excellent keyword indexing for google search engine. Ah what html format is this file? php?

And and regarding to all those seller who got a bitter experience on, I highly recommend moving over to eBay immediate for selling. I am not even kidding. I am serious.

The fee being charged by eBay, even for eBay store, is at most 8 to 12% all combined, much cheaper than And the ebay coverage is so much better than

Most importantly I looked over and did not see any independent payment method other than paying to Seller cannot accept credit card payment or pay pal. It's terrible.

Ah ya I am a webmaster, and writing a website is easy for me. And when you are good at something don't do it for free. Ya I give you that. However, even if you are no expert, why don't you just open an ebay store and use for writing the ebay listings. It's designed for layman with no html knowledge.

Ya I think so. Ya it's true that you need to pay whether the item sell or not in auction or fixed lisitng. However listing on ebay store is just 5 cents per listing.

I think why bittering about life and everything. Why not move over to eBay ASAP. Ya you need a positive feedback of 10 before you can sell on ebay. But why don't you buy 10 postcards on ebay that shipping included cost about 40USD. Which is better than the $39.99 monthly subscription fee for selling with eBay store fee per month is just $19.5 with ebay listing manager for free.

Ah by the way talking about class action. This is the criteria that needs to be met:

1. As least one of the claimant need to have standing (i.e. reside in the state that the class action is filed, suffered damage from third-party seller program) Ah just one of the claimant need to meet the requirement, not everyone in the action need to have standing. However if the matter of some claimants are too distinct, the defendant (i.e. in this case can request the court to partition the case on those matters)

2. All have suffered damage related to the claim in the class action. This is obvious. If this is a class action against for ripping off third-party seller; and you are not even a third-party seller on, you shouldn't be included in the class action)

3. The statutory deadline for filing the claim has not passed. For every type of claim, the relevant statutory states very clearly how long after the transaction that give rise of the claim occur before you have to file your claim. (This is common sense, e.g. your car has been stolen, you don't report to the police 5 years later that 5 year ago you car has been stolen, right?)

4. That such claim is not against the public policy or against the law.

Very roughly going through all the messages post on this forum. I can very quickly think of a couple of ground to fomulate the theory of the claim, such as breach of fiduciary duty of agent to principle; breach of contract; fraud; misappropriation of funds, etc...

Ah for the detail pls consult a lawyer. Again if you are good at something you don't do it for free. No one will give out comprehensive legal advice for free.

Ah for this kind of sitaution, you can list a note at this forum, or some of the online brog, newspaper, whatever to recruit ppls to join the class action and then hire a class action lawyer to handle the case. Usually class action lawyer works on contingency fee. So ironically like the marketplace policy, all the claimants need not pay a dime till the case is won.

However, I can imagine it's going to be a tough battle as is a very big company. But fear not, big company not always win. For example ebay france has lose numerous case against tiffany & Co., LV, etc... So if you guys can prove that has ripped you off (e.g. holding your money for investigation and then not giving you back if like 3000 to 4000 people has similar experience, it will be clear and convincing evidence that will indeed meets the burden of proof required for law for such a claim.

Ah so I will better stay away from and keep selling on ebay. But I hope you guys will file the class action, and probably will win. Ah e.g. I think last year (don't remember clearly when), Wal-mart lose the case for hiring senior over the max. age allowed by law in breach of the labor law, and Starbuck (I belive) lose the case for withholding the tips rightfully belonging to staff. Ah I think let's file the class action and end this non-sense once and for all.
   comment by The TRUTH on August 2, 2008

"anonymous" I am very surprised that you don't know the "great" Jeff Bezos who founded the You can check for more detail at the link at

And by the way, ah sorry to be rude, but I think is actually not from, although he claim to be from that company. Haha. Or may be at most a contractor of

By the way ah in case you don't know, eBay has a keyword feeding application (sorry for the computer greek language), that maximize the expsoure of your listing. In another word, it makes the keyword of your listing a lot more easily to be picked up by the google or yahoo crawling.

Such feature is absent at marketplace. Anyway I think just move over to eBay or write your own website. You can download a shopping cart application from the internet for free and then the web campaign for the web design for free as well. And then hiring a guy from India or China and pay him $500 to $1000USD max. you will have a very sophisticated online store front with search engine optimization (SEO) included.
   comment by The Truth on August 2, 2008

I just left Ebay and before you put all your eggs on Ebay please take a look at the sellers discussion board on Ebay. You will find that Ebay is no paradise and that a lot of Ebay sellers are leaving Ebay for other venues such as Amazon, Ebid, OLA, etc...
Good luck in whatever site you decide to sell
   comment by To the Truth on August 2, 2008

Amazon is a piece of shit.
Ebay is a piece of shit.
Ecrater is a piece of shit.
OLA is a piece of shit.
Craiglist is a piece of shit.
Ebid is a piece of shit.
iOffer is a pice of shit.
Bidville is a piece of shit.
Bluejay is a piece of shit.
ePier is a piece of shit.
Tazbar is a piece of shit.
Wagglepop is a piece of shit.
AuctionQuests is a piece of shit.
Overstock is a piece of shit.
BuyitSellit is a piece of shit.

We are surrounded by shit. No wonder this world is a shitty place.
   comment by anonymours on August 5, 2008

Amazon caters to the buyers.The buyer takes advantage of sellers.seller knowingly sends a buyer a brand new item and ups the shipping for free. Buyer knows the ins and outs of amazons a to z claim and presses that the item was heavily damaged! they say that the item was used .Seller knows that the buyer is lying. I do not think that the postal service would destroy an item ! And then hand it over to the person in that condition without questioning the damage.Buyer wants a free item. Piece of shit .some buyers are good and then some are just pond scum!!
   comment by anonymous on August 7, 2008

I was a naive individual when I started selling on Amazon. I thought overall people were good. On my second transaction the buyer claimed that the item arrived broken and he got a refund plus got to keep the money. I said, OK, it happens. Two shipments later the same thing with another buyer. I didn't like it but I kept going. Like 5 shipments later the same thing with another buyer. I said WHAT THE FUCK!!! I AM NOT TAKING THIS SHIT ANYMORE. Now I became a buyer and you know what...I get to keep a lot of stuff for free. Every time I like something I buy it and then give a little complaining and DING DING it is mine for free. I am sorry for you sellers. I was in your shoes once but what the heck if there are suckers that are willing to sell merchandise in a place that allows buyers to steal them...then I am sorry for you guys. Amazon is like a chain reaction. I was a seller fucked by a buyer, now I am a buyer fucking sellers and I am sure that the sellers I have fucked will become buyers and fuck other sellers so I guess AMAZON is a FUCKING place.
   comment by Ex-Amazon Seller, Ex-Sucker on August 8, 2008

Had my account less than 1 month 100% feedbacsk all
praising how great the services was no complaints. received 2 transfers to my account. and then i get the closure letter from these douch bags related to another account. how is this possible.I never sold on amazon before. i just read the posts here. my computer is brand new not used . i live in a rural town the next house is 3 miles one way and 4 the other so what the fuck. seems like amazon just wants big sellers to sell Hey if thats the case then just don't have a selling platform for the common people. Just don't invite them in and then fuck them over it's not right. ill move on. and i sold only 100.00 worth of goods check that out..!
   comment by Amazon is a bunch of motherfuckers!!!!!!!! on August 8, 2008

Get a new identity! here is how: I got my hands on a book that I purchased on Ebay. The book is very interesting because you will find information that may help you.

Here is the website: I am NOT affiliated with them in any way, I just wanted to help you with some information that it may be helpful to you.
I was a good seller on Amazon too, but all the sudden I was suspended for ever! Fuck Amazon and Fuck Jeff Bezos. In my opinion he is a fucking fagot that never came out of the closet. He is going to be fucked by the devil when he goes to hell along with all the mother fuckers that work in the alliance dpt.
   comment by Get a new Identity! on August 8, 2008

Can you please tell me where I can find in the Bible the devil's dick size? I am very curious.
   comment by To Get a new Identity on August 8, 2008

Amazon shut down my account for no reaso it was 2 months old and 100% feedback AND NO COMPLAINTS ! FEEDBACKS were all great .fast shipping etc. What the fuck.I received the recopied media bullshit email!! I sold alot of rental movies for cheap some new movies factory sealed .they suck fuck them
   comment by anonymous on August 10, 2008

I to have received this also .Whats going on amazon is trying to change there selling?My friends also have selling accounts and a couple of them had theirs closed also same thing recopied media letter. I do not think all these people are selling recopied media.I can vouch for my friends and myself.I think amazon just wants big companies to sell so they are squashing the single bad amazon was great 5 years ago now they are just like the rest apiece of shit.Theuy are burning their briches i see.Eventually it will turn on them when buyeres stop buying on their site.sellers that get their accounts closed and have a ton of items to ship, do you think they will ship, I would not and i am not so the buyer will get pissed and wont purchase from their website. this will be an ongoing thing eventually amazon will let up or join the rest of the bullshit websites..and disappear
   comment by amazon cut lose a good account again and again and again on August 10, 2008

I just want to once again reiterate my humble opinion.

Thank you for your attention.
   comment by Amazon is a piece of shit on August 10, 2008

What is up with amazon?My account was closed also saying it was related to another account.I think they are fucked up.I never even sold on their site or any other site before.Im new to the internet .I opened my account and in 2 days i received the letter saying it was related but they cant tell me how. i live alone in my own house so i do not get this crap.. this house was abandoned for 10 years so there is a mistake somewhere.. amzon truky is a fucked up website..
   comment by anonymous on August 11, 2008

Amazon is squashing small sellers. check out their site the have a ton of big sellers and hardley any independent sellers.Alot of the big names. like Big rock media astrovideo thinking dvd caiman caiman outlet caimen .com and alot others are all connected to amazon's payroll because they are owned by amazon. i purchase alot of items and when i receive them they all have the same address. what the hell you cant make a buck on amazon like years ago.I was able to make 20,000 amonth now im lucky if i make 300.00 if that a week. This site is a joke if you sell a little to much now they limit your account and close it down. fucking pricks.
i think this site is terrible with a capital T thinking of selling on ebay. or another venue.
   comment by anonymous on August 12, 2008

What the hell I never had an account and you blocked it I had great feedback and this is what you do to sellers you just want big sellers selling on your site. Well I am not mailing shit out fuck you and the horse you rode in on Your boss jeff bezo .Fucking minority pricks.Ill make sure that I slander your company like other sellers do .Fucking pieces of shit.Your company should just close up shop.We got your number you haveemployees purchase from selleres to give bad feedback and close them down. You send the recopied media bullshit email when your company feels threatened by another seller.Or you send a linked account bullshit letter. when you cant link the accounts anyway just trying to screw sellers to hold their money. you should fucking walk up to the nearest window and jump the fuck out!! or go to jeffs office and blow him for a raise .Mother fucker. Your company will eventually be out when yo screw all the sellers. Your company was a good company years ago when it started.You made sure you used third party sellers to build your reputation now that you became big You just step on us. If it was not for the third party seller you would not be around anymore you would have been gone like the other companies. You even used big companies in the past like toys r us. You fucked them to so fuck you go home and drop the fuck dead. How can you live with yourselves. Judgement day will come to you and the gates will be closed rotten bastards!!!!!jeff jump on your rocket and get the fuck off this earth . you fucked a lot of people and ruined their lives you fucking jew so you better keep one eye open at all times because one of the future people you screw will take you out no doubt!!then put all the sellers money you stole money in the coffin next to you dick.
   comment by sent to amazon on August 12, 2008 can make you cry in delaying every single process of sales to withdrawing your very own money, They lag on everything & will most definitely give you the run-around for at least 1 hour for every question you have on your account, from 1 transfer call to another where the CSR online doesn't know how to help you. I am still waiting for my money for the last over 5 months and still haven't got it yet.
   comment by Khoa T. on August 12, 2008

I HATE passionately, will not recommend this site to anyone. This used to be such a great site. What the hell happened?
   comment by Khoa T. on August 12, 2008

Site is a piece of shit this is how they show profits by stealing our money .None of the less the buyers reporting fake claims to keep items and the money. the buyers are just as as bad as amazon ! Amazon invites buyers to screw its sellers with that outlandish a-z crap..cocksuckers
Every seller on this web page has a legitimate case.
   comment by Amazon killed my buisness and my life .Die Bastards Die!!!!!!!!! on August 12, 2008

Why don't you do to Amazon what they did to you? Buy stuff, keep them and don't pay. If thousands would do that no one would sell in Amazon and Amazon would have to shut down.
   comment by Anonymous on August 13, 2008

I should have read all the comments above before I started selling on Amazon. What abunch of jerks. You have to whistle for your money and sit up and beg. And even then they will not respond to your requests intelligently.
Their listing procedures suck and their customer service blows my mind. They are bound for ruin. Watch out sellers and heed the advice being given. Amazon will do you in.
   comment by don aswyhod on August 14, 2008

Amazon Blows Big Time.Whats up with this holding funds Shit!! I sold a couple of items. used no less and they are holding my funds. Im a new seller . I waited the 2 weeks that was ok but now 45 days on top of that . WTF..How can anyone sell on this website. If you try to make some sort of living it would not last to long.I would not be surprised if all the powersellers on their site are actually AMAZON themselves. Cmon The prices these sellers are giving this shit away for dirt ! What is the profit a dollar a movie, Boxset etc. You cant even purchase this shit for the price they are selling it for. This is a joke Amazon is a scam They use 3rd party sellers The little guys to fuel their profits by holding our money.. That is what i think .Ill put my account on vacation mode till i get paid No sense selling my stuff if i cant get funds when i want them.Ill go to best buy and buy a camera or a boxset and tell them ill pay you in 45 days ok.. same principal.. I'll probably walk away from Amazon..
   comment by anonymous on August 14, 2008

Amazon Blows Big Time.Whats up with this holding funds Shit!! I sold a couple of items. used no less and they are holding my funds. Im a new seller . I waited the 2 weeks that was ok but now 45 days on top of that . WTF..How can anyone sell on this website. If you try to make some sort of living it would not last to long.I would not be surprised if all the powersellers on their site are actually AMAZON themselves. Cmon The prices these sellers are giving this shit away for dirt ! What is the profit a dollar a movie, Boxset etc. You cant even purchase this shit for the price they are selling it for. This is a joke Amazon is a scam They use 3rd party sellers The little guys to fuel their profits by holding our money.. That is what i think .Ill put my account on vacation mode till i get paid No sense selling my stuff if i cant get funds when i want them.Ill go to best buy and buy a camera or a boxset and tell them ill pay you in 45 days ok.. same principal.. I'll probably walk away from Amazon..
   comment by big rock on August 14, 2008

amazon what a joke. sell a item ship it as directed to now 1 1/2 months later buyer says they never received well its sitting in there po box and i can not get to it now amazon see to it that the buyer gets a refund and i still can not get to my item. this is a joke it advise all sellers to stop listing on amazon as this is the joke how can you side with the buyer if the seller shows proof of delivery. im confused a amazon can suck donkey dick
   comment by IMACG4800 on August 14, 2008

I am closing my Amazon account as soon as I sell my last item. As a gift to my last customer I will be shipping my own SHIT. If they buy from a shitty place like Amazon then that is what they should get SHIT. Of course the poor soul will want his money returned and I don't give a FUCK if Amazon keeps the money but I would love to hear the story when he/she tells it to his/her friends. Can you imagine..."I bought a XXXX from Amazon and I received a pile of SHIT"....I can't even stop laughing just thinking about it. Farewell Amazon and FUCK YOU Jeff "Mother Fucker" Bezos.
   comment by Ship my shit on August 16, 2008

Better idea, why don't you ship a bag of dicks?
   comment by To Ship my shit on August 21, 2008

Are you sick or just plain stupid? I can't believe the way some people talk in this website. This site should have some sort of block to keep idiots like you at bay. Your nonsense makes me sick and it looks like you need therapy. Why you don't use your time wisely?
   comment by This comments is for: \ on August 21, 2008

Listen Mother Fucker,
I talk the the way I fucking want to talk. You are the asshole that needs therapy. Stop sticking the 12" dildo up your ass so your brain can get some oxygen. Go buy a bag of dicks you filthy animal.
   comment by To This comment is for on August 21, 2008

Well, well, well. It looks like the nasty bastard just could not keep his mouth shut. I will not lower my self to your level. Your mouth is nastier than a public toilet seat. Have a nice day toilet mouth.
   comment by to toilet mouth on August 23, 2008

First of all is Mr. Toilet Mouth to you and. Secondly, flush me if you can.
   comment by Mr. Toilet Mouth on August 24, 2008

If I were the Nascar officials I would make Kyle Busch stick a bag of peanuts M&M's thru his ass, one by one and Carl Edwards would be the one pushing them in, with his dick.
   comment by No More M&M's on August 25, 2008

Amazon sucks!!!!.Look when you transfer your funds they used to transfer that day now they are holding it an extra 2 days.check the date you transfer then the date when they actually will transfer in the email..
   comment by anonymous on August 26, 2008

You are so right. I saw that race too and what Kyle Busch did was pathetic. Did you see the interview where he was sitting next to Denny Hamlin? That guy is another asshole. He was holding the microphone like he was holding cock probably they had to tell him to stop sucking on the mic. By the way Amazon sucks.
   comment by To No More M&M\'s on August 26, 2008

I just received the "account under review for 45 days" email not even an hour ago. I was shocked to see that the last order I received of $2,090.00, had been place in reserved. It's a damn shame they took $200.00 in commission from the sale, now they holding the money I need to pay for the shipping costs.

Oh, and lets talk about their so called shipping credit. They give you a measly amount of money to help pay for shipping costs. Which isn't true, because they then take their commission fee which is pretty much all the credit they gave plus a portion of what you made.

Example: My first sale was a Dell Monitor.
Buyer's Price: $850.99
Shipping: $26.49
Amazon Commission: $-71.72
Your Earnings: $805.76

Oh yeah. Plus I was charged $53.64 at UPS to ship that shit. Their so called credit doesn't even help with the shipping cost.

I'm refunding the money to my last buyer and handling the transaction with another payment method. My first weeks selling with has pretty much left a sour taste in my mouth. I wish I had found this website before I went there.
   comment by Novelty on August 28, 2008

There is no other payment method. The only payment method is Amazon payments and that is it! So, you just got a 20" electric dildo shoved into your ass by Amazon payments. Say thank you to Mr. Bezos the owner of Amazon and the creator of the mother fucker alliance. You will receive that letter pretty soon. After they hold your funds for 30, 45,or 60 days, BOM! you get the suspension forever mother fucker letter. So be ready for that.
   comment by You just got a 20\ on August 29, 2008

I tried to purchase an item on "TARGETS" Website! Amazon does the shipping for them.Now since i had a seller account like 2 years ago and i had used my home address They will not shio here since all the shipping is from amazon.When you go into your account it says the same thing as amazons when they block your account. No email address on file or no account associated with this email.This is really bad.I think that this is grounds for a lawsuit!! This is targets website not amazons. I am trying to find out some more info but I think this will be lawsuit !!!!
   comment by used to sell on Amazon years ago!Amazon really sucks!! on August 29, 2008

I tried to purchase an item on "TARGETS" Website! Amazon does the shipping for them.Now since i had a seller account like 2 years ago and i had used my home address They will not ship here since all the shipping is from amazon.When you go into your account it says the same thing as amazons when they block your account. No email address on file or no account associated with this email.This is really bad.I think that this is grounds for a lawsuit!! This is targets website not amazons. I am trying to find out some more info but I think this will be lawsuit !!!!
   comment by used to sell on Amazon years ago!Amazon really sucks!! on August 29, 2008

Amazon has their people email you telling you they are reporting you for selling inferior products.these are other sellers trying to get you booted .Then amazon shuts your account for no reason. The person works for them and threatens you with telling the alliance ..Some bullshit practices dirty pricks
   comment by anonymous on September 2, 2008

Same problems as everyone here, but at a much smaller scale (although, the frustration is every bit as high). Went to sell textbooks on amazon. Although it's often accepted practice to list old editions, I make sure that I list very clearly what edition of the book I am selling. One of the buyers didn't like it and demanded a return - I mean, a real bitch about it. How was it my mistake that the idiot ordered the wrong edition? How was it my problem that she couldn't look to the right 1/2 an inch to see "6th ed" before clicking the "buy" button? Apparently, even though they don't post it, it's against the rules to sell an old edition. So, now the buyer has my book and my money - I'm going to dispute the charges when they come across Amex - I didn't authorize them. Has anyone thought of registering "" It looks like the site is open...
   comment by Jeff on September 4, 2008

Amazon put my account on review for 45 days I made $45.65 ! This site is a fucking joke!! They said that they will continue taking orders on my behalf.Good then they can ship the motherfuckers too.I will sell elsewhere, But before i do i will list big items and have the buyers sit and wait for them when they purchase them from me.. Keep the 46.65 if you are so hard up for it jerking jeff bezo !!!!
   comment by anonymous on September 8, 2008

Amazon blocked my selling account. after 1 month .sent the usual letter related to another account. Yeah right.If you make to much money in a short time then they shut down your account.. What a bunch of assholes.. i do not think a little over 1000 is a lot of money. its just a dam shame amazon used to be a good site. had no problems as a buyer. Now I know what sellers are talking about on here.. I agree!!
   comment by anonymous on September 9, 2008

Account was closed in less than 24hrs. email says recopied media. How is that I just setup an amazon account in less than 24hrs that day and listed 1 item that was Brand new "NO SALES "!! Something is fucked up here!!
   comment by anonymous on September 10, 2008

You can't hurt us with this crap. You are a loser for even trying. Eat a bag of dicks!
→ comment by on October 20, 2004

wow so this comment is by amazon?? that jjust showws why theyre f***ing crooks!!!!!!!! and i understand completly why amazon sucks ive been selling on there for a while and theyre feedback system does suckk so they suspended my f***ing account because of theyre bullshit account
   comment by amazon sucks!!!!! on September 14, 2008

I have sold item son amazon for the last 4 months and till this day I still havent seen a dime, I want to remind you I have a excellent feedbacn on there, Ive sold 65 item and gotten 51 feedbacks so far and 2 neutral, not bad, but when i contacted them asking when I will get my money, they said 90 days after Ive sold my last item, okay tehn I told tehm I just sold the last item yesterday, then they say okay you have 89 days till you get your item, what!!!!!!!! so thats 7 months until I see a dang dime, what the heck, is there somethign wrong with this picture, Im surprised this hasnt been addressed tot eh big peiople above about the horrible disbersement system, so I have over $4,000 sitting on amazon wich I bet some fat rich guy is spending on for hookers, I really hope something gets dome about this because this is just way excessive.
   comment by Rod on September 17, 2008

Is this your feedback page?
   comment by anonymous on September 17, 2008

Amazon is a rediculous scheme! They are great in the aspect that you get alot of exposure and you can sell alot of products in a short period of time, But they treat the seller like garbage, the feedback system is so one sided, people can order from you, get the item then file an A-Z claim and get their money back and never send the item back!

Amazon ofcourse blocked my account, for what? for nothing, because they are dicks thats the reason..But i keep on keeping on!

Amazon you can suck my Balls!
   comment by Tarek Salah on September 19, 2008

I HATE Amazon!!! I sold a product over six months ago, the buyer stated that they returned the item, and Amazon refunded their money. The buyer never returned crap! No tracking number or anything from the buyer.
I refused to use Amazon since then, but last week to my surprise I had a $300+ charge from Amazon.
I can't deal with these people. I went directly to my bank and asked that they deal with the fraud. I don't know what Amazon is trying to pull, but I feed-up!
   comment by Andrea on September 21, 2008

Here’s how to Fight Back- Get your Money and account back

Go To goggle adr dot com ( American Arbitration Association)

Also Visit the state of Washington Attorney General web site

How’s to file a claim Get your Money – and your Account It’s Cheaper and Easy

Has Amazon blocked your selling privileges, stole and/or held your money for unjust reasons? Have you been screwed by Amazon?

• Account block for no apparent reason. (Bogus charges)
• Money held indefinitely ( and used for their own investments
• Irrational buyers given you bad info, i.e. address etc… than giving you “awful” rating.
• Unfair Feedback from buyers, then refusing to give you a chance to resolve issues, even when the buyer is at fault.
• Buyer money refunded even if the textbook has been delivered.
• Money refunded, buyer refused to return the book.
• Unfair illegal practices by Amazon.
• Bullying by Amazon
• Intimidation by Amazon
• Fear tactic by Amazon
• Money disappearing out of your account unable to fight back.
• Geeks, Nerds and Losers at ( Amazon employees blocking your account just for fun) or to piss you off
• Unexplained and unfair charges.
• The list goes on and on…

Go To adr dot org/

- Well Fight Back: it’s Easy and Cheap- You’ll get all your money back and Court and filling fees. Because Amazon Agreement precludes you from going to court – You are entitled under the Law to go to arbitration – Your Chances are always 100% refunded- all you need to prove to the Arbitrator or the Judge - Amazon was unfair to you, block your account, freeze your money for unfair reasons-

   comment by bells on September 24, 2008

Here’s how to Fight Back- Get your Money and account back

Go To ( American Arbitration Association)

Also Visit
   comment by bells on September 24, 2008

   comment by anonymous on September 26, 2008

I just had a situation where a shipped a tv to someone, yet Amazon only compensated me with a $30 shipping fee. The shipping for an HD set STARTS at 200 bucks, yet Amazon continues to say "you should figure that into your total amount." I am ending my seller account after this deal is refunded.
   comment by Jay on September 27, 2008

Oh boy- I opened up a store on amazon and now I am not to sure I want to do this. Sounds like they keep a hold on your money for 90 days to make money off of you. I did not invest to much for paying for traffic and that is not going well either:( Oh well, you live and learn. Thanks for all the great info!
   comment by Kathleen on September 29, 2008

After reading these reviews i do not fell as bad as i use to that they are reviewing my account. The only positive side of selling on amazon is the exposer and the vast buyers market however having to kiss amazon's ass in order to continue selling with them isn't as worth it as i thought. As many people have mentioned, their rating system sucks and is truly one sided. a customer can decides to act like an asshole if he wanted to and give you a low rating for no apparent . In addition i have lost merchandise because some of the buyers didn't even bother sending me back the item even if i already provided a refund to them . If you are a good thief and have no soul ,you can easily buy at amazon and lie your way to get free swag at the sellers expense. I fell fucked over and yet they still tell me to honor the pending sales that i have. Fuck it i am canceling them knowing that i might not even see that money anyways.
   comment by Gman on October 1, 2008

I am trying to sell this and look how wants to charge me, it is not even worth the gas i am going to waste taking it to the post office:

Title of DVD: The Doors (15-Year Anniversary Edition) by Val Kilmer (Actor)
Condition: New
Condition comments: Brand new in the plastic; never opened! Fast shipment!
Your price: $2.95
Quantity: 1
Amazon commission (if sold): ($2.23) for standard shipping

Shipping credit (if sold): $2.98 for standard shipping

Total you will receive (if sold): $3.70 for standard shipping (U.S. buyers)

So, while i am listing this for $2.98, after fees, i will get $3.70 and still have to pay of H&S, and at the end i will probably keep $1.00??!!
Fuck you Amazon, you can't charge people over $2.00 in fees when they are listing something for less than $3.00!

   comment by Selling on Amazon really sux! on October 1, 2008

amazon blocks accounts for the fuck of it! They can't link them they are just trying to steal sellers money.They can do it because their payment method is not fdic. No regulations so thats why they can screw innocent sellers. Also some piece of shit buyers will purchase a low priced item from you .lie about the condition or something of that nature and leave bad feedback .They should be shot on site those pricks!!
   comment by anonymous on October 6, 2008

I just got booted from Amazon during my prime selling for a lame reason. My feedback took a bit of a hit lately with 4 bad comments so I think that is the real reason they axed me. Very 'cold' to not answer e-mails to discuss the problem or give a warning first. My overall ratings were very good. Lucky for me, I have already learned this lesson as not to put all your eggs in one basket so I have other avenues (including eBay) I already sell on - although Amazon was growing to be the largest income so I was naturally upset/shocked when they suspended me. They will leave you with tens of thousands of dollars worth of inventory in a panic/overnight nightmare of how to earn revenue & unload your inventory. My advice is to always sell on 3 sites. That way when eBay or Amazon decides to boot you for lame, unfair, unjust reasons (some people of course do deserve it but I believe the majority of people are getting the short straw!), they just tear a leg off instead of putting you in financial ruins. Like everyone else, they took thousands of my money for 90 days but that doesn't concern me much as I have been through this with PayPal for 180 days in the past & was also a part of their class action & was compensated years later for the unfairness of that situation. Another important lesson is to squander your money away while it's coming in as when they come after you (& they will cause they don't play straight!!), you are prepared & able to take the hit!! Good luck to all!!
   comment by Lola on October 7, 2008

You can sue Amazon. according to the contract any claim under $7500 can be heard in your locl Court. It is only claims over that amount that you need to sue them in WA.

So go to your local small claims Court.
   comment by Bob on October 8, 2008

To the author of this page:
Customer reviews are always the most honest and best way to get information on an online retailer. It's not amazon's nor the customers' fault that you people provide subpar service, asshole.
   comment by against you on October 12, 2008

Eat shit Dickhead.
   comment by anonymous on October 12, 2008

They violate many state laws by not collecting sales tax. I contacted them about collecting sales tax and they told me to raise all my prices to everyone to cover the sales tax for those in my state. They are big bully's who think they are above the Law.
   comment by Another Amazon Victim on October 12, 2008

Try to log into my account today to check on my orders and create shipping labels. They shut down my account. email and password do not match?tryed several times.would not work. looked for my listings on amazon and they were all gone hours and hours of work just gone ata a touch of a button! This is fucked up! I had only a couple of sales on petty things Does not make sense!. I think amazon has people purchasing from sellers .I received a stupid email from a buyer that was to persistent from the start.this morning then I go to look at my orders and my account is no longer working. Real good amazon .way to treat sellers. Well you can keep all of the 11.00 that was made on the one sale don't spend it all in one place. Assholes!!
   comment by Amazon just locks you out No email or explanation!! on October 13, 2008

Thanks, I may take your advice on that lawsuit for lost income. I am in MI. I will see what I can dig up when I got some spare time. Usually after dealing with Amazon for a few months you got plenty of spare, Lola.
   comment by Lola on October 14, 2008

To: Amazon just locks you out No email or explanation.... they should have at least sent you an e-mail. It may have just noted that your fingernails were too long & the decision is final but the email should have definitely arrived. It may have also stated that Jeff is no longer qualifed to take personal e-mails. I heard he is building a rocket ship. That surely keeps a person busy. He may just need a rocket ship after he has to face all the unjust things he has done to hard working Americans/families for no good reason/explanation & left with no tech support (my fav!). Best he boards the rocket ship soon before Obama get's here & put's the 'law' down to scam artist's like him who slip through the cracks of conforming to good business practice. Lola....
   comment by Lola on October 14, 2008

I too was locked out.What the hell Account is only 3 weeks old .sold about Two hundred dollars and shipped all my items.I have no way of getting into my account to contact these computer thieves. Now I'm out my items.What is wrong with these bastards.. No email from them checked all spam .Just deleted me as though I never existed. Mother fuckers should burn in hell !!
   comment by wronged by amazon on October 15, 2008

Amazon suspended account for 1 full (very stressful and depressing) day recently but they decide to let me in it because I vowed to follow ALL policies to the T, even the ones I was n't breaking!! I have good feedback and many sales.

So, my conclusion, they DO reason with you and they DO follow up quickly on requests for reinstate and they DO reinstate you, provided you have good feedback and a good history with them. Unless you've done something outrageous, it's possible you could go back in. Amazon is a big portion of my monthly income and life is MUCH BETTER with than without.

Let's all bow down to the greatest TITAN on the internet!
   comment by Rashid on October 21, 2008

i don't believe you rashid... but if they did, way to go, it's stupid not to sell on amazon since they have 50 quatrillion customers shopping every day....
   comment by yeah right on October 21, 2008

To: Amazon just locks you out No email or explanation.... they should have at least sent you an e-mail. It may have just noted that your fingernails were too long & the decision is final but the email should have definitely arrived. It may have also stated that Jeff is no longer qualifed to take personal e-mails. I heard he is building a rocket ship. That surely keeps a person busy. He may just need a rocket ship after he has to face all the unjust things he has done to hard working Americans/families for no good reason/explanation & left with no tech support (my fav!). Best he boards the rocket ship soon before Obama get's here & put's the 'law' down to scam artist's like him who slip through the cracks of conforming to good business practice. Lola....
   comment by bora bora on October 21, 2008

What did they suspend you for 1 day for 'Rashid'?
   comment by Lola on October 23, 2008

they say I divert customers. I was warned once by a Technical agent that they just cut you off and that's it so now I know...

I don't think lawsuit with Amazon would ever go anywhere becaus you sign a contract and they have a very deep pocket, bilions of dollar so.... just give up and follow their rule.
   comment by Rashid on October 24, 2008

Is Amazon involved in phlishing scam or selling credit card and address data about its sellers to third parties? That is the only explanation that I can think of for its recent activities.

I have sold some items on Amazon, with the firm taking a huge cut of each sale. I never paid any monthly due to Amazon and all the fees were with-held before I saw any money. In fact, I never saw any money. I am trying to get paid but Amazon claims that I need to give them credit card data and matching address and phone data. That is even though I owe them nothing, should never owe them anything, and I have already provided them with data and been a good seller with no complaints, and they already have one credit card for me.

So I give them another card. They say that something does not match. Maybe I used work phone instead of home phone, or maybe I gave a cell phone. Maybe I am using 5 digit zip code instead of nine. Maybe apartment is Unit instead of Apt. So I keep trying different options. Finally, I give up and try another card. And another. Finally I get out my statement and trype the information exactly as it is on my statement. Amazon still will not accept it.

In the process, I have given Amazon four credit cards, cell phone, home phone, and work phone, plus home and work address. This is a gold mine of data for Amazon. Can anyone doubt that they are selling this to cell phone companies, targeted marketing firms, or credit card firms ? Plus, of course, they are refusing to pay me the money they owe me.

Never sell on Amazon. Never get started. If you have started get all of your money out ASAP.
   comment by Buy the Books on November 14, 2008

being a seller at amazon is like being a crack whore you know that you are going to get slapped by either amazon or the customer yet sellers take the abuse knowing that there are very little ways to get your fix. Amazon is a great place to sell however i fell like the crack whore that takes the abuse knowing that i have access to millions of customers and i tried other avenues however sales on the other avenues are far in between in addition there is so much competition that you are forced as a a seller to lowball and not make much profit in order to remain slightly profitable. Amazon is my pimp and i am a crack whore for that i am ashame yet a crack whore too has to make a living also.
   comment by crackwhore on November 17, 2008

Oh guys, please, don't be shy, just shove your hard bars up my behind!
   comment by Amazon's Behind on November 17, 2008

just started selling on amazon and have 100% feedback no claims and no negative issues. amazon is holding my money up to 45 days this brings it well past christmas .the busy time for sales and they hold my funds. I will just bail out on them and just finish mailing the orders for the amount on hold. Fuck this ..
   comment by anonymous on November 19, 2008

Its probably best that you don't because the same thing happened to me afterwards you should get paid every other 15 days with 3 business days to wait for the money to show up in your account.

just started selling on amazon and have 100% feedback no claims and no negative issues. amazon is holding my money up to 45 days this brings it well past christmas .the busy time for sales and they hold my funds. I will just bail out on them and just finish mailing the orders for the amount on hold. Fuck this .
   comment by crackwhore on November 21, 2008

New sellere 100% feedback 20 sales. Receive the same letter as above .holding funds. Try to get in my account 3 days later I cant get into it email and password not working. checked amazon for my listings they are pulled WTF? what kind of company are they running here! checked my email no emails from them what the hell is up.I cant do buisness like this .company is a fucking joke!!
   comment by wtf? on November 21, 2008

Amazon sucks! They are creating their own multiple sellers on their website and trying to phase out the small seller. more than half of the big powersellers are really amazon themselves. Bigrock media astrovideo caiman
deep discount dvd and many many more just look where they are shipping from .IL,KY CA WA NV etc.these are all amazons places. Fucking Pricks!!!! shutting down the small seller and stealing our money. What the fuck did we do to them . scumbag cocksuckers,
   comment by Pissed off seller !!!! on November 21, 2008

I was shut down by amazon about a week ago because of 2 negative feedback issues in the very first of the month. There was no way to deal with the buyer because they both just left negative feedback with out contacting me prior and now I can't get a responce from a real person. All get is there bullshit computers
   comment by Chris on November 22, 2008

This is a reply to
I can't argue with you anymore. I will instead leav you with the word from the "Good Book" They're found in the book of Proverbs. " Don't argue with a fool lets you become like him/her."
   comment by Bob on November 23, 2008

Amazon is the worst company to sell on. I could go on and on but im just going to start with this and add more everytime Amazono pisses me off. I cant stand Amazon. I have been trying to convince management from selling on Amazon. It is a frustrating and terrible experience
   comment by Amazon Sucks on November 25, 2008

Brand new account sold a couple of things and i cant get back into my account. it seems they blocked it . no user email shit notice whats up? All i know is the buyers will be pissed because they will not get their items Oh Well!!
   comment by anonymous on November 26, 2008


The stupid CSR rep kept me on the phone all day and wasted 5 hrs jerking me around by saying if I see something on amazon I can sell it... she made me sign up and browse around for 5 hrs and try everything until she told me I can only sell books and DVD.. low life scum sucking bitch , and then they charge me $29.99 for a package which I never signed up ,, to prove how stupid they are , they are still using the US exchange rate from 5 years ago,, they tried to tell me its 99 cents on the US site and $1.49 in Canada but today 99 cents US is 99 cents canadian,,, low life fucking bitch fuck amazon...

And they want 20% ... lol die scumbags die
   comment by Greg on November 27, 2008

Hey, Amazon IS BULLSHIT!!!
I just started selling with them a month ago, and they completely screwed me.
I care if I have to wait 45 days to six months to see ANY MONEY. That's complete and utter Bullshit, man!!! How the Hell am I supposed to do business and continue selling AND shipping when I have not even been paid yet, not once. It doesn't make sense it's completely INSANE. These people are nuts.
They have these disbursements dates that are completely bogus, every 14 days. I put ALL my info in, (Including underwear size, as one person on here put it) still have not been paid.
I had a feeling this would happen, so I found this site and closed all my listing save for one, 2 weeks ago. I wasn't completely sure I would get screwed by Amazon, but I had not been paid yet, and my books and CD's were selling like hotcakes. This was running me into the hundreds in shipping. I've shelled out at least $100 thus far in shipping. I had to be safe, so I closed everything. I also got a couple of mediocre feedbacks, and have made 2 refunds. I heard Amazon looks for any reason to shut you down and hold your funds for 90 days. I'm trying like Hell to avoid this, I atleast want my shipping fees back. Not fair.
Don't they want your business? they make a good commission, Why put so many new sellers out of business, they make money off us.
I was thinking about this, and it makes sense to me that they will shut down some sellers if they are TOO successful, and actually take business away from Amazon.
Also, I think this is Amazons way, of keeping the seller population down. Think about it. Do you know how easy and how many people would be selling their used stuff on Amazon if they could. A lot of people. Too many People. It's their way of keeping the seller population down. Really. They can't put everybody through this, though, right?
I have not been shut down yet, but I'm trying like Hell just to get my money, in the next six months.
How can they openly put people through this bullshit and get away with it is beyond me.
   comment by Linda on November 27, 2008

Amazon obviously doesn't care about their sellers one bit - the folks that bring them revenue. Buy from amazon - then file a claim - I've been screwed by amazon soooo many times - its time to give them what they've been feeding us - THEIR FEEDBACK SYSTEM IS SERIOUSLY FLAWED.
   comment by cindy on November 28, 2008

I am researching the 90 day hold that Amazon places on suspended accounts.... Although it is contractual most states have judgement/Creditor exceptions (which I beleive) cannot be contracted away.... . The 90 day hold is extreme and I believe is against State's public policy.... especially when many people make s substanital of their income from Amazon.... Amazon is holding monies that families need to live on... pay their mortgages etc. It is my understanding that Amazon places a blanket hold for the full 90 days ... which in non legal terms I believe is a no no or bad.

I am an attorney that has had a limited (some) amount of experience with class actions lawsuits. Amazon cancelled my wife's account... and the reason is bogus.... ..... I believe Amazon's contract at-will contracts violates several areas of public policy. I am also reseraching issues related to disclosures ...

(and whether under Nevada Law Amazon should be required to disclose percentages and reasons for suspensions.)

If anyone main source or sole source of income was Amazon and your funds were held for the full 90 days... I would like to hear from you...

BTW Amazon contract indicate that they take the risk for chargebacks...but they really don't.

   comment by Lynn on November 29, 2008

Speaking of class action lawsuits, many items that a retailer uploads are listed incorrectly by Amazon; however, Amazon keeps the 5% fee when the customer is refunded by the retailer. How many 5% fees have been kept by Amazon when it was their fault by listing the product incorrectly?
   comment by Amazon Sucks on December 1, 2008

I hate Amazon so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   comment by Amazon Sucks on December 2, 2008

This is a question for an attorney. Has an individual ever won a substantial lawsuit against Amazon?. I ask because all I read is how you guys are going to sue Amazon and do this and that. The reality is that Amazon has so many lawyers that if they let them loose on you guys they will make your balls explode. I hate Amazon as much as all of you do but let's face it, we are only fleas in the elephant's ass.
   comment by Question for attorney on December 2, 2008

amazon is crap DONT ever order from them they suck cock just as much as Question for attorney mother did never order from the book chamber they are only intrested in sending you horrid abuse pics and not what you order and if i ever get my hands on the wankers at the book chamber it will be game over for you
   comment by Jamie on December 3, 2008

What the fuck are you talking about?. Learn to write a complete sentence and then you can post it. Did you ever graduate from elementary?
   comment by To Jamie the asshole on December 3, 2008

Did I mention I hate Amazon? A class action lawsuit would be great!
   comment by Amazon Sucks on December 3, 2008

Just got kicked off Amazon. They are the worst company to do business with. I am somewhat glad. We make 2% profit while they are making over 12% per item profit. They are crooks. They are the garage sales of the internet. Their system is flawed and their service dispicable.
   comment by Amazon Sucks on December 3, 2008

Amazon is a big rip off... Buy on ebay
   comment by FckMyass on December 7, 2008

Oh ya u do
   comment by ureallysuck on December 7, 2008

Merry Christmas to all you idiots that got ripped off by Amazon. I own Amazon stocks and thanks to you I am doing great. Keep coming back for more pain you imbeciles.
   comment by To the idiots that sold in Amazon on December 9, 2008

Give it a break you morons. Can you see that you are nothing more than Amazon's bitches? Amazon is the pimp and you bitches bring in the money. I can't stop laughing when I read things like "Mommy, mommy Amazon FUCKED me so hard that all I can do is cry like a sissy". Grow up once and for all. If you don't have the cojones to play the game then just sit and watch.
   comment by Stop Crying on December 10, 2008

Stop your bitching and go take your face for a shite!!!!! your all amazon cock suckers!!!!!!!!
   comment by 2ALLYOUPOOFS on December 11, 2008

Hey, this comment is for that asshole that has stocks in Amazon. Hey you mother fucker I hope you go broke along with all the mother fuckers in the alliance department. All of you will burn in the fucking hell. You can kiss my fat ass.
   comment by To all U dildos.. on December 11, 2008

You are exactly the kind of imbecile I am talking about. I bet you are angry because Amazon fucked you and you are so stupid that came back for more and Amazon fucked you again. Eat a bag of dicks you piece of shit
   comment by To All U dildos on December 12, 2008

Amazon SUCKS ASS!!

I started a sellers account and bought some products wholesale form a supplier. After quite a few sales and good feedback I found out that some of the products were defective and i did not know how i canceled my listings and current orders until i could evealutae what was happening (thought i did the right thing)..AMAZON closed my account for too many orders canceled... They will not even discuss it... said they will hold my money for 90 days in case of claims and BYE..

I think i will start a new auction site... really...
   comment by chris on December 12, 2008

All the auction sites are the same shit. They take your money and hold it until they feel like it. Ebay now holds your money for 21 days. Good luck
   comment by To Chris on December 12, 2008

What's happening with all the postings in this blog? does anybody have any skills? Fuck Amazon and Fuck Ebay. I think is the same owner. Ebay's dick is smaller than Amazon's dick. Do you want to know why? because Amazon only fucks you one time and you don't come for more. Ebay also sucks ass. The fees are horrible and not even to mention the mother fucker customers with the rating of the stars. YOU are fucked! you can even leave negative rating to the mother fuckers. Fuck Ebay, and fuck Amazon. Happy Fucking new year to all the mother fuckers that read this mother fucker blog...
   comment by Merry Christmas & a Happy Fucking new Year! on December 12, 2008

Are you writing from jail or something? Merry Christmas to you too and stick the Christmas tree up your ass you shit eating asshole.
   comment by To Merry Christmas & Happy %$@#@^ Year on December 12, 2008

After selling in Amazon for a period of 5 years and a perfect score they closed my account for making too many refunds. 90% of my income came from my earnings from Amazon, now I don't know that to do. Any suggestions anybody? I hope I get a good advise because it looks like there is a battle of insults going on here. Please, if you don't have anything good to say, don't respond.
   comment by Amazon ruined my life. on December 12, 2008

Basically when Amazon closes your account that is it there is nothing you can do.

PS: don't let the idiots bother you, they come from time to time but eventually they leave once they get tire of insulting each other.
   comment by To Amazon ruined my life on December 12, 2008

I sell bag of dicks and never had a return or an unhappy customer. My most popular size is the 5 lbs bag.
   comment by To Amazon ruined my life on December 12, 2008

Do you know that in the ancient Mayan language the word "Amazon" meant "I will fuck you if you do business with me". It was very popular in the outdoor market. For example whenever you bought a shiny and delicious fruit and you didn't pay you would say "I Amazoned that vendor". I am glad to see that that expression has not been lost.
   comment by Mr. Archaeologist on December 15, 2008

What do you think happened today?. Take a guess...I got suspended because some mother fucker wasn't happy with his purchase. It is a fucking week before Christmas. Don't these assholes have any mercy? How the fuck I'm supposed to get money to buy something for my bitch and the three bastards I got at home. Fuck Amazon and Fuck its customers and fuck everyone that buys there and fuck all the people that work for that shitty company fuck and fuck and fuck everyone
   comment by Somedody hammered my balls today on December 16, 2008

Amazon paid me. OK guys so Amazon will pay you.
I did not submit my checking account info, I thought credit card info was enough. So they paid me, yay!! I made a pretty decent amount of money for the CD's/Books I sold. They do take a good commission.
BUT, I agree, I agree, selling on Amazon sucks!@ This is not going to be a long term thing for me. Having to worry about them freezing my account all the time, sucks. Also, I got some negative feedback already, which put my ratings at 70%. I don't expect to last long. I know Amazon will can you over ANYTHING. Plus I've given a few too many refunds, which I heard is not cool. But Hey, atleast I gave a refund, and I'm trying, GOD! Part of my negative feedback rating was my fault, (Was not descriptive, CD was a little too scratched, etc) but I had a lot of happy customers too, HOW COME THEY DON'T LEAVE FEEDBACK!! Anyways, I'm new, and my hearts in the right place. I'm not out to screw anybody, I'm learning.
Who knows how long I have got, I'm surprised I lasted this long. It's been 2 WHOLE MONTHS. They should be shit canning me any day now.
   comment by Linda on December 17, 2008

Hey, You won't last long. They will stick their little dick up your ass any moment now. If your ass is virgin it won't last long. They will suspend you for giving too many refunds. There is no way that they will let you get away with that. Behave, because once you are out, you are out. There is no mercy, no coming back. They are scanning your ass right now. You already have bad feedback and that is something they won't tolerate. Good luck getting fucked by Amazon's tiny dick!
   comment by The scanner on December 17, 2008

"Good luck getting fucked by Amazon's tiny dick". Are we talking about the same company?. The Amazon I know has a 16" dick that once they stick it to you it will leave you paralyzed for life.
   comment by To The scanner on December 17, 2008

You are the biggest asshole I have ever seen. Do you think you are funny or something?
   comment by To Mr. Archeologist on December 17, 2008

My husband and I have been thinking about selling on Amazon. Reading all these comments have given us a real view on the risks. We know that we can get kick out at any time for any reason but we think the money is good while you can make it. Do you get good profits from selling on Amazon or just barely make it?. We would appreciate any inside
   comment by Thinking about Amazon on December 19, 2008

i was selling on amazon for about a year...with 2-3 orders a month they had no problems...but when i started breaking away from ebay to sell on amazon they started reviewing my account because i sold over a $1000 worth of stuff in one week....WOW...thank god i only have $200 that they are holding...
   comment by wateva on December 21, 2008

yesterday, my account went on hold (I sell and buy) as I added a new credit card for purchases and maybe I made a mistake with the address, I'm not sure, but they say that they can't verify it.

However, they are sending me mails saying sold, ship now, (for items customers are buying) but I am not even allowed to access my account to get the address to send the goods!

Anyone else heard of this?
I do think they take huge commission, but I have never heard of something so backward as this!
   comment by rebecca on December 21, 2008

I was with for a year now, and all of a sudden they decided to block my seller's account. It was so upsetting. The reason they gave had nothing to do with me, they made up some stupid excuse. I was also big buyer I spent lots of money too. I will never buy or sell again with I told my relatives to purchase their products from someone else. I don't think they deserve any business. I feel if amazon does bad business with their clients, then you don't need my money spent their. Its their loss. Please do not buy or sell from BEWARE!!!!!
   comment by Marilyn on December 22, 2008

what was the excuse?
   comment by booted also on December 23, 2008

Congratulations if you were able to stay in Amazon for one year. I didn't even last 1 month.
   comment by To Marilyn on December 23, 2008

I lasted 3 months then bye bye no reason at all..
   comment by anonymous on December 24, 2008

cry cry boo hiss. if selling on amazon was your advice is don't put all your eggs in one basket...if you wanna sell ur's called a garage sale...Amazon will do great things for u if u read ur shit and follow the rules. pathetic ppl selling on the internet...go to a pawn shop for fuck sakes and quit whining.
   comment by quit it on December 24, 2008

Fuck you all and Merry Christmas you mother fuckers. Next year Amazon will do better than this year and all of you faggots/bitches will still be here crying and complainning. Get a life.
   comment by Amazon Lover on December 24, 2008

"Amazon lover" and "quit it" are internet jerk offs. You get a life !Amazon rips off third party sellers.Learn how to spell please. Two Assholes.
   comment by anonymous on December 26, 2008

Kiss my ass you piece of shit. Did you like how I spell SHIT?
   comment by To anonymous on December 26, 2008

Fucking Clown................................................
   comment by anonymous on December 27, 2008

Go eat a bag of dicks
   comment by To anonymous on December 27, 2008

Bag of Dicks? Wow did you think that up by yourself or did your mommy help you with that.. Like I said What a "fucking Clown....."
   comment by anonymous on December 27, 2008

Happy New year to all the mother fuckers dick suckers and pussy fuckers that write on this site. I hope that Santa Claus brought you a 50" dildo to stick it up your ass. Or you can kill a mother fucker Donkey and stick his big ass dick up your ass. All of you suck ass, Fuck Amazon and Fuck Ebay and Fuck all of you mother fuckers. Happy Fucking new Year!
   comment by Happy New year! on December 27, 2008

I might be a Fucking clown but you are the gay monkey in the circus.
   comment by To anonymous on December 27, 2008

Please keep the posting limited to Amazon issues. There are a lot of websites for name calling.
   comment by Cool it on December 27, 2008

these people are a joke.As you can see by there limited vocabulary. That is why they are a Fucking Clown....Got that happy new year! The best part of your life dripped down your fathers leg !!!!! Clown!!!!
   comment by anonymous on December 27, 2008

Anonymous I know you can't talk to your mother because she is servicing clients, she is a busy bitch. You can't talk to your father either because your mother has been fucked so much that you don't have any fucking idea who your father could be so that is why you come to this site, to talk the shit that nobody gives a fuck about. Listen, Merry Christmas and like I said before, eat a bag of dicks. Eat them but I got a feeling that you would be sticking them thru your deformed ass.
   comment by to the gay monkey on December 27, 2008

I am disgusted with Amazon's rising seller fees. If you try to sell used books, costs are astronomical to pay once the buyer closes. Often, it costs me extra to ship the item once it has been sold. Insane, they were once a reputible company looking out for its sellers. There is only profit on new books here or books that just can't be found easily. Frustrated Seller
   comment by seller on December 28, 2008

Well I didn't make it to 2009. Sold in Amazon for over 3 months and now that my selling was growing I got suspended. Ebay here I come
   comment by Suspended before 2009 on December 28, 2008

clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........clown ........
   comment by anonymous on December 29, 2008

Hey buddy I think that if you want to show how smart you are, you need to act your age. The same goes for the other people writing bad words. This blog is for decent people only, all the others are not welcome. I hope you take my advice. Happy New year for everybody!
   comment by for the person who writes clown..clown..clown on December 29, 2008

   comment by ANSWE FOR THE MOTHER FUCKER DECENT on December 29, 2008

after reading the comments for the last 6 months I can't believe we are talking about the same company. I've been selling on Amazon for over a year and it has been wonderful. No problems with customers, have been paid on time by Amazon and the sales are great. You guys must have done something wrong to get expelled the way you did.
   comment by What are you guys talking about? on December 29, 2008

I just came across this site, it looks very interesting. Okay, I was suspended from Amazon last month. I have been a lot of search in how to go back. I found very interesting information. I want to share it for free. I put it all to work last week and guess what? I am selling again. Up to now, I have not been detected again. The plan is working and I will let you know any changes or updates. What to know how it works?
I will let you know... Thanks.
   comment by amazon here I come again. on December 29, 2008

Are you going to be selling the same crap as before?
   comment by To amazon here I come again on December 29, 2008

Don't post that info here.Amazon owns this website!!!!
If you value your new amazon account.. If you leak the information then you will be causing more harm than good especially for future sellers so just keep it on the down low !!!People will just have to search the web for the info. Amazon has its stooges patroling this site and others so please if you wish to keep selling then hush hush.
   comment by ............To amazon here I come again........... on December 30, 2008

Hey bro, don't listen to this assholes, we need that information very ASAP. I don't give a fuck if amazon owns this mother fucker blog. Just give us the info and forget about the bitches on this site. Jeff Bezos can kiss my fucking ass and all the rest of the pimps in here. i want to make something clear here, amazon needs to know that no matter what they do to try to block us we will always find a way to sneak in. We own the whore house and no monkey ass will keep us out.
   comment by anonymous on December 31, 2008

I just wanted to let you know that if you were suspended by Amazon was because of a very good reason. You were probably selling something illegal, ripping people off, or selling nothing but pure garbage as merchandise. I have been selling in Amazon for 5 years and I never had a single problem. You can't bring your flea market junk to Amazon. Amazon is a lovely wonderful place to sell and buy. I sell at least $3,000 a month. I know is not that much but that proves that if you conduct yourself in a professional and honest manner you could be there forever. Please stay away from Amazon, if you want to sell your junk go to Ebay.
   comment by To all the suspended Amazon Users: on December 31, 2008

Listen gutter boy go fuck yourself !! go find the info your self on the web dick head!!
   comment by To this poster....comment by anonymous on December 31, 2008 on January 1, 2009

Why can't we all get along?
   comment by Angel on January 1, 2009

I WAS blocked from amazon because i refunded 5 out of 9 orders. and this all took in one week. one week 5 orders refunded because i was to busy this whole week and coudn't find time to ship the items. They suspended me at 10AM this morning then, i did nothing because i was suspended. 1pm they blocked me!

what for?? you gave me a 3hr suspension now your blocking me?? i emailed them that i have had 100% feedback rating. i haven't gotten an email back and im not expecting one. so i contacted california department of consumer affairs on the basis that i was unfairly targeted by amazon to block me over countless other morons who have 50% feed back rating.

Tommorow im writing to my congressman.

Then, im going to a friend who can get me an attorney.
   comment by Neel on January 3, 2009

screw them just start a new account .search the web for info on how to do it. ... that is what i'm going to do.I sold on other sites and never sold on amazon before. I registered and sold 5 cheap items next day could not get into my account . they emailed and canceled my listings 10 total said i was selling recopied media.How the hell is that I just sold 5 items under 12 hrs ago? and It was not even media(media to me is software dvd's mp3 cd etc. It was books ! Somethings screwy on this site..
   comment by Gaval_Books on January 3, 2009

You are so full of it that you sicken me. You said that you are going to write to your congressman, give me a break. Do you think your congressman gives a shit about your little problem with Amazon?. Get real. Then you are going to get an attorney, another mother fucker that probably is dying to do some work for Amazon. In conclusion Neel, get your shit and go sell it some place else.
   comment by To Neel on January 3, 2009

Hey guy, relax because you ain't go to do shit. You think that a piece of shit like you can beat Amazon?. Go suck a cock or something.
   comment by To Gaval_Books on January 3, 2009

I have seen people saying that they know to go back to Amazon and shit like that. But the reality is that there is no going back, you can't beat the system they have to track people down. The only way you can survive is if you are one of the following: Target, Walmart, Best Buy, or any other big company. I have found ways to become invisible and I even paid for an e-book that tells you how to be back on Ebay, but I have not done it yet. I am planning to do it very soon. The same principle applies to Amazon, it does not matter if you were suspended from Amazon or Ebay you can use the same program for both. You will find this info on Google, but you have to pay. Good luck.
   comment by Who wants the answer to this shit? on January 3, 2009

I sent that Mother Fucker a dead poisonous snake, I bet you that he called of his friends and made a fucking orgy with the snake. I bet he shove it up his fucking ass. I hope he got bitten right in the fucking balls. Peace to all of you.
   comment by My gift to Jeff Bezos on January 3, 2009

Almost everyone here threatens Amazon with a lawsuit. I say this:
If you don't have the balls to go against Amazon then shut up. Either post the case number and the court where your lawyer filed the motion or just stick your tongue up your ass.
   comment by What is it with the attorneys on January 3, 2009

I want to wish Amazon and Alliance Dept. a Happy and Prosperous 2009. Keep up the good work.
   comment by Happy New Year Amazon on January 4, 2009

I predict that Amazon will suspend and close more accounts than ever before on 2009. Why? because this earth is full of losers selling illegal items and they need to be punished. Until you learn honesty and integrity you will not conquer anything good in your life. The more people Amazons kicks out, the better for me. Thank you to of all of you losers. Happy 2009!
   comment by My prediction for 2009! on January 4, 2009

My sister purchased a DVD for my son for christmas directly from Amazon. We could not play it even once and when I looked it appeared to have had stickers on the part the movie plays from. It was brand new and sealed so how could that have happened? Amazon refused to exchange it for the exact same movie as I wasn't the account holder. Now we are stuck with a movie that doesn't work, Thank you so much Amazon for making my son's christmas wonderful. I doubt I will use Amazon for any shopping at all, I'd rather take my chances on Ebay and that is saying a lot.
   comment by Unhappy Camper on January 8, 2009

If you would have bought the DVD at Wal-mart they would have replaced it in an instant. I do not buy from Ebay or Amazon. I rather go to a brick and mortar store than an electronic one.
   comment by to Unhappy Camper on January 8, 2009

Why would you want to waste your time and money trying to go after amazon with a lawsuit or arbitration or whatever. Do you think they have left loopholes exposing them to claims from millions of people? I won't bet on that with my own money. This country is corrupt to the core.

You can take a different approach turning your anger into positive energy that you will find liberating and more lucrative too:

I have a set budget for all my spent. It is partly funded by proceeds from selling used stuff online. If that does not happen up to the amount planned then the budget will not be spent on new stuff. For example for books, DVDs etc. the recovery rate is 20% and the yearly budget is $500. That means for every $ I earn I can spend 10$. If I never make anything selling my old stuff those $500 will never be spent and will go to my savings instead.

I have a dedicated savings account for that. It is in foreign currencies and will be used to fund a retirement home overseas. You have no idea how it feels when you send your end of year budget surplus to that account. I have had this in place for almost 10 years now since a paypal rip-off experience and it has a proud 5-digit figure now.

The key is that for every bad consumer experience I do NOT look for other ways to spend the money. I save it. And I invest it outside the country. In the meantime this has gained so much momentum that we are almost hoping to get bad service anywhere so we can stash more away :-)

And it is not only about the money. Every time you get ripped off you tend to be angry ad that puts a strain on your relations that nobody can compensate you for. Not anymore. We are happy people now because we see a way of winning and beating the system.

And it is the ultimate punitive damage to a corrupt system.

Have you noticed the hysteric attention the growing savings rate has caused? "OMG, how can we cheat people out of their money if they choose to never spend it in the first place?"
   comment by Don Camillo on January 10, 2009

I have over 7 Attorneys in my family and guess what? they are all in other country!.My nice is only 26 and she is an State Attorney. I just wish I had the entire team here to sue Amazon. But to be honest, I think that you won't even make it to court. They have I don't know how many lawyers working for them. So, it is completely useless. It would be soooo good if they go bankrupt.
   comment by What is it good for it? on January 11, 2009

All the attorneys in your family are in another country?. Did all of them do something illegal that they had to flee?.
   comment by To what is good for on January 13, 2009

Im a verified seller my id is goldenstars2. My feedback is PEERFECT. Today, I got email from ..saying.."Greetings from Amazon Payments.

We are writing to let you know that the credit card issuer has contacted us on
behalf of the purchaser of the below transaction. We would ask that
you provide us with proof of delivery to provide to the credit card issuer.

Order date: 08/06/2008
Order number: 058-1173124-0739507
Can you read it ? The buyer ordered on AUG 2008!!! And now Amazon.bullshit ask me as a seller to provide them a track ## or any proof I 've sent the item. I called amazon and the customer service said ...Yeah that was confirmed a legitimate email from and she confirmed it that has right to ask the seller even for ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO.!!!!
This bullshit I got is the second one.
And the good news for a SCAMMER, Let's buy it at because once the seller can not proove it, you (the scammer) will get full refund. Don't believe me? Send me email, im ready to testify about this. I have all proove about this stupid thing.
Also, the credit card issuer only accept any complaint within 3 months. I think try to get some money from me.
   comment by goldenstars2 on January 13, 2009

"...SELL IT ON EBAY, THEY HAVE A LOT BETTER SELLER PROTECTION". In what planet do you live? I almost had a heart attack because I couldn't stop laughing. Haven't you read about the hundreds and hundreds of sellers that are leaving Ebay?. Ebay is the same garbage as Amazon. Buy something on Ebay put a claim on Paypal and send back a box filled with rocks and you can keep whatever you bought. I guess the only difference is that on Ebay you have to pay for the stamps to send the rocks back. But Ebay management is working very hard to create the same garbage as Amazon. Do not pay and do not return anything. The only answer to all you guys problems is to create your own website and get off the Amazon and Ebay chain gang.

PS: since the government is given bailout money to anyone who asks why don't we request a bailout plan for ex-Ebay and ex-Amazon sellers?
   comment by To goldenstars2 on January 13, 2009

Alerts (2) suspended your account because of issues related to performance or policy violations. If you have any questions or if you need further information, contact the Seller Performance team,

i dont have any more products to sell whats their problem
next no one knows whats going on inside amazon but they willing to give you information even if its wrong

i told a rep one time to see what he says i told him i am recording this call for quality purposes (he said i dont have my legal team with me and just hung up now if theirs nothing to hide why hang up or just say i cannot record this conversation if they can do it why cant i ..... hmmmmm something sounds funny their

now amazon doesent want nothing to do with me all refunds have been applied but customers still have my items i called amazon and told them they said theirs nothing that can be done....... so im just giving away free products and shipping them on my own expense thats what their telling me if i want it back to contact customer how email and address i still havent heard nothing back from anyone so everyone is out to do scams
another situation customer calls me to tell me he recieved item i advised him i refund money to return item if he dosent want to pay for shippin fees he says i wont sent until charge gets placed on my account ok i told him to verify with amazon thats refund has been applied ok so customer did he called me back to tell me that theirs no refund applied when i called they told me they see the refund applied so who's lying so now what am i to do wait wait wait wait NO

amazon as a company continues doing these illegal actions scaming on the poor while the rich get richer they say they doing things to protect them selves but when it all boils down their the ones stealing, stealing what ? money, products and who knows what else discriminating against us seller encouraging buyers to stay with products even tho refund has been applied wtf so now customer can do that a-z claim now he'll make a complaint against me mess up my reputation tell amazon hes not satisfy they send him his money back and tell him stay wit item and i get a BIG F.U.......
first they tell you 14 days plus 5 then after review they tell you 30 days then if suspended they tell you 45 days but wait how come now after all this after i verify all info wit merchant and performance (but still no response back)now AMAZON tells me wait 90 days (can we say THEY DONT KNOW WHAT POLICY TO FOLLOW ) like they say their allowed to refuse service to anyone at any time hmmmm seems like they refuse when you make money into your account
@ first i only had tolls for sale as soon as i put my LCD TV for sale they put it under review again i emailed info faxed info no call back no email no nothing just what they tell me wait the 45days but continue shipping out items......wait i have to continue and you aint doin nothing to resolve the issue haha i wont send another item until i see some one making an effort to correct the problem what they do suspend my account "DISCRIMINATION" seems like alot of people goin threw the same problem as soon as you make $1000-$2000 they shut it down so thats how they make their money thats why everyone is so scared and they claim not to know whats going on but still willing to give you information even if information is wrong......
reguarding refunds i made a statement on how many days a customer is to wait for his refund first they told me 14 days now they telling me 3-5 days witch one is it
also made a statement on how they told me that the performance side and merchant side 9 times out of 10 wont contact me back due to theirs just no one to respond to those emails now when i called they telling me thats impossible to know theirs no ways they ever told me that so i ask him your calling me a liar he says no just that their no way they would of told you something like that because someone will contact you so again i ask him if they didnt tell me that then your saying im lying(the whole thing is their trying to cover up for the next person just admit it you were wrong or they were wrong and thats that but no a pattern of cover up's and excuses
another thing i also said a thing a two about email's and addresses of amazon's corporate office the only thing they said they have is a p.o. box witch is P.O BOX 81226 SEATTLE WASHINGTON 98108 later after i found a different address with same phone number Amazon Com, Corporate Office
Street: 1516 2nd Avenue
Seattle, wa 98101-1543
Phone: (206) 622-2335 now how come i have to research for these info's on my own when its AMAZON im calling about im not asking
them to give EBAY number or a local resort or a restaurant number im asking about the same company im calling AMAZON has no numbers no address no emails no body know nothing so if they dont know again why should they give you information
   comment by LIQUOR on January 14, 2009


what is your amazon seller name?
   comment by anonymous on January 14, 2009

If you would like to sell your soul then start selling your products on WORST COMPANY IN THE WORLD!
   comment by Down with on January 16, 2009

just got kicked out of the amazon oh well it was fun well it lasted. But it is a pain in the ass dealing there there customers and that fact that amazon takes close to 20 % of your profit is not cool. Other than than no hard felling against amazon.
   comment by kicked out on January 17, 2009

Know who isn't human? AMAZON ! ! !
   comment by Snookums on January 19, 2009

Selling on Amazon is like living with an alcoholic - You never know when the other shoe will drop! I would be more than happy to join any class action law suit out there against and their giant bean stalk of @#%!! Just show me know where to sign up!

Also please visit: and take a good look at the $%&* that Amazon stoops to selling! What's next? Kiddie Porn?

While you're there, PLEASE click that little red action bar and give that SOB Jeff Bezos a wake up call ! ! He's so busy building a rocket ship to get him to heaven because he knows that he won't get there any other way! The pinky does't have a clue what the thumb is doing! Tell him to get this $%^&& off of there!
   comment by Snookums on January 19, 2009

Dear all: Thanks for all the notes on this page. Being sick of ebay I was planning a "WebStore by Amazon". After reading all this, I have come to my senses. I have a ton of ambition and want to someday own a successful ecommerce business. I do not want to deal with any of the stuff I have read here. It was bad enough on ebay. Even if nothing bad happens to a seller, just living under the threat of being unfairly treated and shut down for no good reason scares me to death. I am going to shop around and build an ecommerce site. I have looked at the Yahoo platform. Has anyone here left Amazon to build a Yahoo store? Any success? Any advice? Thank you all very much.
   comment by Franky The Ex Ebayer on January 21, 2009

I just demoted to a standard seller on Amazon. I was paying $40 a month for premium service, only to be treated like crap! I called into tech support only to get hung up on after the customer service representative hung up on me. Keep it going guys, your actions will eventually catach up to you.

STFU-India Support
   comment by Root on January 21, 2009

Amazon is fucking garbage. They deal with buyer disputes via their A to Z claim service. I was asked to provide tracking for an order that did not arrive on time. I did. Buyer lives in Alaska, where packages go to die. I shipped the buyers package within 24 hours, but because the post office took longer than what the buyer would like, Amazon stole my money back and gave it to the buyer, EVEN THOUGH THE BUYER RECEIVED HIS ITEM. I would not recommend Amazon to anyone, and would in fact go as far as to say that even with all of ebay's faults, their 100x better at dealing with issues than Amazon.
   comment by Doug on January 21, 2009

Amazon shut down our account because of 1 (ONE) negative feedback out of 95 orders! From a customer that didn't agree with the restocking fee because according to him, the product was BOTH: defective and returned in a FACTORY SEALED package. Amazon has been holding our money for over a month now. They have NO customer service. It's a bunch of can emails, which are to put it nicely, rude and never to the point. They will NEVER reply to your specific complain and NEVER explain as to why they would shut down an account because of 1 negative feedback. No telephone numbers, no names, no emails (aside from their general email).

Funny thing is we have HIGHER customer service rating than Amazon themselves in ALL independent rating websites. But then again, it's not that hard to outperform them on that. Their mishandling is ABUSIVE and completely UNFAIR. They take your money for products that were delivered via FedEx until they feel like (90 days) according to their robot #345682.

Sometimes I wonder if any humans actually work at their offices...

Amazon has the worst customer service ever when something goes off the track.
   comment by Ecommerce Vet on January 28, 2009 is a great new place for flea market/garage yard sale stuff. Listing is free, has easy to use google rss feed, supports html, and they don't interfere with your business.
   comment by anonymous on February 1, 2009

Amazon buyers fucking suck!.EX:If you purchase an item from an online company besides amazon that does not have a feedback system.You would contact them the same day if the item came in damaged right?These fucking lying bastards hold on to the item and 10 days later leave neg feedback cosaying item was damaged in the mail. I know if it were me the same day it was delivered i would contact the person or company. what is the point of waiting almost a week and a half .At this point as you can see the item is not damaged and they were able to use it.They are just rotten scum from a frogs ass.They want to just leave bad feedback for the seller.Real nice people. well go eat cow shit ...We know your game
   comment by All buyers are theives on February 1, 2009

Amazon has the worse buyers on the web. Expecting near free products. Amazon was started by a rich kid that lost billions of stock holders money. 60% of their sales come from businesses they host on-line. They never really made a profit. The whole business is really a fruad that steals from it sellers. I hope everyone STOPS BUYING FROM THEM. When that happens their fraud will be made public.
   comment by Amazon Facts on February 2, 2009

Amazon has the worse buyers on the web. Expecting near free products. Amazon was started by a rich kid that lost billions of stock holders money. 60% of their sales come from businesses they host on-line. They never really made a profit. The whole business is really a fruad that steals from it sellers. I hope everyone STOPS BUYING FROM THEM. When that happens their fraud will be made public.
   comment by Amazon Facts on February 2, 2009

Amazon has the worse buyers on the web. Expecting near free products. Amazon was started by a rich kid that lost billions of stock holders money. 60% of their sales come from businesses they host on-line. They never really made a profit. The whole business is really a fruad that steals from it sellers. I hope everyone STOPS BUYING FROM THEM. When that happens their fraud will be made public.
   comment by Amazon Facts on February 2, 2009

Fuck selling on Amazon! Everyone I know in the book business (over 20 people) have been banned by Amazon at some point and had to get new accounts under different names. I'm not exaggerating when I say that probably 90% of pro sellers on Amazon are kicked off within 3 years. Somebody needs to go to amazon headquarters and go postal on their asses for making life so difficult for so many small business owners.
   comment by GanjaFarmer on February 3, 2009

Well, so far so good, I've been selling for under 6 months with no issues. I know, I probably won't be able to do this forever or count on it to make a living, but hey, a good run while it lasts.

It's a great venue to sell used stuff around your house you thought was junk
The feedback rating is alright, mostly positive, even when I sent out defective products.

I think the real reason amazon kicks certain people off is because they don't want to compete, and also, to make room for new sellers, I think most of the people they kick off are TOO GOOD and that's the problem, and depopulation, also, because if you think about it amazon would have a lot of sellers.
It's still not right, but I would NEVER count on it to make a living or depend on it as a sole source of income.
   comment by Linda on February 6, 2009

Hi does anyone knows a way to open a new amazon account after the one that I had was suspended?
Please email me at:
   comment by juana on February 7, 2009

Get one of your friends to open one and use that one that is what I have done.

   comment by stephen on February 8, 2009

by the way I have tested them to see how they can find you and the only way is if you use the same product or anything with your name on it , use the account holder name for all email and feedback you can but a little of your old produck at time but not to much so there you have it.
   comment by stephen on February 8, 2009

Amazon Sucks ass, they are holding my $3000 for 90 days just because i had a few returns that i had no probelm with refunding the customers money. They really need to be shut down. There customer servic is horrible, and people need to be aware of how horrible is.
   comment by john horn on February 10, 2009

Yep same here!!My account was only opened actully 7 weeks. They shut it down saying it was related to another account.So lets see this is very strange it only happens when you get a slight increase in sales HMM! when i had no sales why did you not contact me then. Assholes. First thing Is this is a ploy to kick you off. second if it were actually connected (which it is not) and if there system is so sophisticated(which it is not) then they would know in less than 12 hrs not 7 weeks!! So they are just dumping accounts when they feel like it.And the kicker is they tell you they have evidence but can not tell you what it is! that would work real well in a trial case for murder. i have evidence and i know you did it but i can't tell you what it is.. What crap is this.Well i'll just have to start a new one. amazon can keep the 10.00 that is sitting. I will close my c/c and bank account so they will be stuck paying the 10 orders that were going out today
   comment by Amazon's trying to make up by lost revenue from3rdparty sellers on February 13, 2009

Amazon is a great place to buy. I have had 100% satisfaction as a buyer. I am careful about who I buy from. I do vastly prefer to buy directly from Amazon, which I do 99% of the time. I make lots of purchases.
   comment by jay w on February 13, 2009

Although it has been mentioned several times in this thread, I still want to point out that whoever feel mistreated can file their claims through: BBB, attorney general and, etc.

If we believe what Amazon is doing is wrong, we need to work together and let all the people know.
   comment by working together on February 13, 2009
   comment by anonymous on February 13, 2009

every single one who posts here against amazon is a jilted, whining seller who was blocked because they sucked as a seller on amazon.
   comment by whiners on February 13, 2009

Suck as sellers? Oh yeah right right. I myself ama a good seller 100% feedback no claims no refunds in 6 months 5 stars all the way. Came down to me making money and giving amazon a run.They do not like competion.items that they could not get and i did have they would close the listing.Actually remove it from their data base! if they could not sell it and i was making mad cash then they would pull the listing. Nice selling platform. Come join us and sell your stuff then when you make some money we will make up an excuse and fabricate a lie to hold your money for 90 days.
So to mr whiner since you stick up for I guess you can get out from under baezo's desk your knees's are getting rug burns and your mouth is probably chapped. !
   comment by reply to whiners comment on February 13, 2009

If there a way to open a new account.I mean is there a way to break the system.
It seems that is really good at finding out accounts that are related to sellers that were shut down before.
Please if you know about that,please don't post it here.
I will really appreciate if you could send me an email to:

   comment by juana on February 14, 2009

Amazon accounts roughly stay up around 3 months.They like to can your accounts even with good feedback .Why I do not know but I have now and in the past multiple accounts for over 8 years and lost about 2 of them in a 3 month span. no complaints and no refunds on those accounts. You have to have multiple accounts to survive on amazon .You will not make it that long with just 1.I do not care who posts here and say they have had 1 account for years that is bull shit..If you sell 1 item a month than you will last. there is actually a cap on your sales. if you stay under 500.00 a week then you are good open up multiple accounts and spread your inventory out 5 accounts @ 500.00 week = 2500.00
1 account 4 weeks =2500.00 means RED FLAG!!!! if you have thousands of feedback you may survive this way but 9 out of 10 YOU WILL BE GONE!!! Thats the story here that is how it is done all the big sellers on amazon have at least 10-12 accounts! If they do hold funds for one account you still have 4 more bring in in money!!! and it does not hurt that much
that is it. Ps also name the accounts totally different from one another some sellers just change half the name like buyback joe, buybacksteve ETC. thats the tip for the day..
   comment by anonymous on February 16, 2009

Hello, more comments later - please alert your friends
   comment by jkg25906 for real on February 19, 2009

First, let me explain the posting id.

Sometime ago I got into a nasty situation after a stint of political posting on Amazon's soapbox. As a result I acquired many enemies who enjoy harassment. A previous entry from "jkg25906" was NOT written by me & if you check, you'll notice I also have a hotmail account that I DID NOT set up.

Bogus post --- I only have a few things listed for sale, but I mostly stay in the forums. You should read the forums daily and you can learn alot about the inside track. Like I said, I dont have much for sale, but I wish they would put in live chat so I can have priv conversations with my friends.
→ comment by JKG25906 on February 27, 2007

More on soap box posting and various types of harassment will be addressed as time allows, as I've decided to take a pro-active action and warn others of the hazards of posting in forums - any forum.

Amazon's selling platform is a pretty good deal for those who follow the rules. More than likely, most complainers on this forum have broken the rules. Examples - more than 1 account, manipulating prices, sorry fulfillment or customers service etc.

In many cases - if the offense is due to merely not knowing or not closely reading the Terms of Service, then often a seller will get an account reinstated. Working with amazon is the best way to go - (yeah, sometimes you run in circles with canned replies) but perseverance often corrects the situation.

For serious offenses or multiple offenses/offenders -- forgetaboutit --- you are toast. You might keep coming back (to selling or the forums) - but sooner or later you'll be ousted.
   comment by jkg25906 for real on February 19, 2009

It's been 6 months and I've been selling books and CD's on Amazon. When I first started, before I got my 1st paycheck, I was really worried they would block my account and hold my money for 3 months. And guess what!! my very first customer feedback was a negative feedback, so I was really worried. My stuff sold like hotcakes, and I made about 3 hundred dollars in 2 weeks.
Anyways they did pay me when I put in the correct info, and it's been six months, so far I made about 4 maybe 5 hundred dollars.
I think the reason they close down you guys and hold your money is because y'all make thousands of dollars.
A lot of money. I notice they do this to sellers who make ALOT of money.
Anyways it's bullshit for you guys and I know what it's like to count on money coming in. Especially if your fronting shipping costs. Y'all should sue them, that aint right.
They payed me though, so they are not all the way crooked. they are good with refunds and buying products also.
   comment by Linda on February 19, 2009

Hello Linda. It is most unfortunate that your first feedback was a negative, but Amazon does not automatically shut down a seller for 1 feedback.

From their guidelines:
Feedback for a small seller has a greater impact than a large seller - but Amazon considers several factors before closing a store.
We're happy to report that most of our sellers consistently provide a great buying experience. If your negative feedback rate, refund rate, or A-to-z Guarantee claims is high, we will send you an e-mail notification during the first week of every month with advice on how to improve your performance and become a successful seller at

You can log-in to your account and under "Reports", click the link for your summary.

Feedback at Amazon is at a lower rate than say perhaps half or ebay - usually less than 10% - and even though you have hundreds of happy buyers, it's the unhappy ones that search out the feedback button. To help your rating, you can send out a friendly reminder (don't nag or send out several reminders or word your message in any way that makes it seem harassing or such) and perhaps you can increase your favorable ratings.

Good luck on your store -Review all the guidelines, abide by the rules (don't open up more than one seller account without prior permission) provide great customer service and always make sure the items listed are in stock and you should do fine.
   comment by jkg25906 for real on February 19, 2009

I have 6 selling and 6 buying accounts for 3 years no problems. Im not a company just hiding under the radar. It can be done so keep trying!!!
   comment by anonymous on February 19, 2009

I am disgusted with Amazon's rising seller fees. If you try to sell used books, costs are astronomical to pay once the buyer closes. Often, it costs me extra to ship the item once it has been sold. Insane, they were once a reputible company looking out for its sellers. There is only profit on new books here or books that just can't be found easily. Frustrated Seller

Dear Seller: Amazon lets you know beforehand what the fees are to sell on their platform. It is up to you to offer your listings at a price that will allow you to make a profit. To cut down on mailing costs, don’t offer large books (textbooks, coffee table books etc) unless they fit into a USPS flat rate envelope. Same for international shipping - don’t choose that option for large, heavy items.

   comment by jkg25906 for real on February 20, 2009

All sellers that got kicked off from here are some amazing tips as to how to get back on under the radar.

First you need to know how amazon tracks you down, using inside info.

here are the ways Amazon will track you down and close down all your subsequent selling accounts.

1. Credit card used to sign up

(They're pull up the last name of the card holder so even if you use your spouses or relatives CC they'll reference their last name to any account owner that has been shut down from their site recently especially if your relative is in the same city this will increase your risk to exposure.

Resolution: Use a relatives or friends CC with a different last name.

2. Bank accounts.

You will need a bank account where Amazon can deposit the funds.

with Amazon in possession of your bank account they can easily obtain the complete account holders full information.

Therefor it is critical that you also use a relatives or friends bank account, and that their last name is not the same as yours.

another option for banking accounts is to open a Corporation in which you are only an officer only.

3. The computer you're using.



you shouldn't use any computer that was used to log in to any other amazon accounts, even if it wasn't used to log in directly to your seller account.

Resolution: You will need to get a Brand New computer, or a computer that wasn't used to access any account.

You will also need to sign up for a new internet provider account, you cannot use your exiting internet connection to sign back up since Amazon will not only track you by your IP address but also by your ISP provider.

3. Return address on your package

You cannot use your existing mailing address on the package, since there is a good chance that Amazon will order an item from you and check from where it came from.

Resolution: set up a PO box or if you can use a relatives address.

Remember! NEVER EVER access your Amazon account from a PC or Internet connection that was used to access a blocked account it doesn't matter how much time it has passed since your account was blocked may it be 1 year or 100 years, Amazon has a good memory and no matter how large your sales activity's are, or if you have 100% positive feedback, as soon as they realize that you are a blocked seller they'll kick you off.

Last but not least.

But getting yourself back on the track to sell on amazon you've got be aware that Amazon expects from your customers %1,000 satisfaction rate, no bulshit whatsoever, Products must be shipped instantly, Products must be as described, remember Amazon customers are not eBay customers, they are Dumb, Selfish, and Stingy, and really mean people, if you fail them by %0.01 they'll hunt you down.

I hope that this info. above will get you guy back on track for the profits you deserve.

As a former employee you can email me if you need additional help at

   comment by beat the system on February 20, 2009

sorry to here you all have lost something,,,,,,yet i recived my packages and all that i ordered,,i hav not recived my pakagaes from ,,yet so amazon .com has been more then fufilling to me as i got my packages within 3 to 4 days and its great,,,if i was a gamer that i am ,,,dont oder through a nentindo warhouse ,,, i think that they my have stole my money,due to it should of been here since my order was before the one to yahoo,,,,as i said orders or great from my stand point,, my thoughts on yahoo have been awsome,,,however if yopu lost a package thats on them,,,but remember it takes a couple of buisiness days before ir porseesses youe credit card,,,so you may have used the manoy or not gotten the money in your account
   comment by jesse hester on February 20, 2009

you must be in zimbobway to not recive your pakages,,,sorry but as long as there treating me good yall can just shove it,,,remember to have mony before you order but munches
   comment by i think yall are stupid on February 20, 2009

I'm responding to the self-identified former amazon employee posting as "beat the system".

You've shared a lot of tips for scamming/cheating. Are you a disgruntled employee? Do you belong to the lono.30 club of how to scam?

More power to anyone who wants to go through all those hoops to sell on amazon, but please choose your accomplices carefully. Afterall your money will going into their accounts.

I'd also caution AGAINST contacting yuda22000 - you don't know who you are talking to or naively feeding more information.
   comment by jkg25906 for real on February 21, 2009

Back to the original title of this site -- the exclamation that "Selling on Amazon.Com Sucks." Amazon is just the platform available for participants to buy and sell items, and it would be more accurate to say that perhaps some employees and yes of course -Many sellers- Suck.

Something the former Amazon employee (posting as “beat the system") didn’t address is the ability of employees to participate (in their personal capacity) in transactions on Amazon. It’s right there in the participation agreement on Amazon’s site. Of course they are supposed to be bound by all the rules that govern the rest of the buyers and sellers. And of course every employee operates under the rules. (yeah, right -- human nature and the draw of the dollar and power)

And that means some employees probably participate in the Amazon forum discussions. That helpful poster just trying to answer your innocent question could be someone who can review and perhaps have control over your account. A purported Amazon customer service rep (using an anonymous ID) once explained about the “dashboard” or the system used “to see all the dirt on your account”. For example “fraud related accounts, blocked and or locked accounts, watchlisted accounts (accounts under review for 30 to 45 days). ..We know everything about your activities while selling.”

This person went on to add “ its best not to anger us, remember they have all your personal information such as your address, telephone number, and access to your listings and storefront; not to mention the ability to supress or unsupress feedback. use your imagination on that one. we have the ability to spoof your account at anytime: meaning whatever you can do to your account, we can do (i.e change prices, remove listings, add listings, etc). think ticked off seller support associate to get an idea of how problematic that could be. if you are a seller,”

So go ahead and jump through the hoops getting back on Amazon through a back door. Someday you might get a Cease and Desist letter that states, in part,

"Your account was originally suspended as a result multiple violations of the Participation Agreement……..We also expect that you will immediately cease and desist………..including opening new seller accounts and posting new messages to the Seller Discussion Boards, failing which we will have no alternative but to pursue more formal legal remedies.

(yeah, someone posted this to a forum also)

Bad apples spoil the whole barrel and you never know who might be watching you. :) i.e. "forumreader" or watcher. Google cache and forum search functions are GREAT!

Good luck and safe selling.
   comment by jk on February 22, 2009

I think JK is exactly right!! I noticed in my own listings that some products that i listed had mysteriously disappeared. Also some prices looked different than I had originally had posted. Even the quanities were changed. It does not pay to sit infornt of your computer and list 1000s of items ! they can just delete them in a flash and you wasted hours and hours. it's like a game and we always lose but keep trying to survive.
   comment by anonymous on February 23, 2009

Both buying and selling suck--I have done both and found selling less problematic, but after buying and spending hours trying to deal with "customer service", I will take my money elsewhere--both buying and selling.
   comment by Susan Isadore on February 25, 2009

Amazon sucks balls
   comment by Seller (Amazon's victim) on February 28, 2009

Please don't sell or buy on Amazon anymore.
Try, it is free.,page,content_pages
Or try:

   comment by seller and buyer on March 2, 2009

I was kicked off selling by Amazon, because of a negative rating I got. I emailed the customer who gave me the rating, and I am pasting the whole nine yards for the world to see. I appreciate your comments.
Obviously the last reply is at the top - so you kinda have to read it from the bottom up

Dear Margarita,
I don’t understand why you are so reluctant to return the item, and buy it elsewhere, if your shopping experience was so bad that you would tell the world not to buy from me. If that is truly your opinion you would embrace my offer and return your purchase.
To hold on to this purchase just because you paid for it, knowing that you will be fully reimbursed upon its return is interesting. Every time you will see this item, you will be reminded of the horrible shopping experience. Why not return it, and buy from a seller that will give you a positive shopping experience.
I look forward to getting your purchase back, and refunding your money ASAP.


-----Original Message-----
From: Margarita Duenas []
Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 5:20 PM
To: Willy Rox
Subject: Re: Shipping inquiry from Amazon customer

Dear Mr. Rox:

As I keep saying, I don't want to return the item. Since the item is mine now, I guess that I am allow to keep it. I am sorry that you feel that I should do what you WANT, instead of what I need.
I am entitled to my opinion based on my own experience. I wish you could understand this.
In regards, of " Why give the satisfaction of a sale to such an undeserving store?" my answer is quite simple: because I was charged for it already.
Please do not send me any more e-mails like this and try to remember that I am the costumer. I can see that at this point you and I are not going to agree on anything... If possible, I would like my refund. If you don't want it to give it to me, this is fine. $35 are not worth all this spam and distress.
I choose not to return the item so I wouldn't have to deal with this.
Please try to understand this.

Margarita Duenas
Research Financial Manager- Math Department 450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380 Stanford, California 94305-2125
Phone: 650-723-0925

Willy Rox wrote:
> Dear Margarita,
> I don’t think I ever stated that you NEED to return it. I am only
> stating that I WANT you to return it, very much. So much so, that I'm
> willing to pay you whatever it takes to have you do so.
> Because my service was so bad, I feel that I don't deserve your
> business, and that you should give your business to sellers who do
> give you the service you so deserve.
> By returning the merchandise, you will no longer be my customer. You
> promised not to shop in my store again, why not undo the shopping you
> did. It will please us both.
> There is no need to be frustrated about this. Just pack it up, and
> ship it back. I will pay you for it. Truly if my service is so bad,
> obviously so is my integrity, and honesty, After all your feedback
> claims that I overcharged you, and I expected you to pay for returning
> it. You even stated for the whole world to see "Don't buy from them".
> *The order took almost 3 weeks to get to me, because it was shipped a
> week late. Customer service told me that they were a new seller on
> Amazon and they were overwhelmed They also told me that I was
> overcharged $35 for the item, which they could refund. They offer me
> the option of returning the item, but they were expecting me to pay
> for it! Don't buy from them!*
> Why give the satisfaction of a sale to such an undeserving store?
> I’m sure that you are an understanding human being. Please do the
> right thing.
> Sincerely
> Willyrox
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Margarita Duenas []
> Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 2:37 PM
> To: Willy Rox
> Subject: Re: Shipping inquiry from Amazon customer
> Dear Mr. Rox:
> Frankly, I am surprised that you keep insisting that I need to return
> it. At this point, I am very frustrated about it. As I mention
> earlier,
> I am not returning the item.It's not worth my time. Please note that
> any
> further e-mails from you asking me to return it will be read, but not
> replied. Perhaps you should listen to me and work around what I would
> like to do? After all, I am the customer, and I have paid for it already.
> Let me assure you that I appreciate your insistence. Please try to
> find
> another way of solve this matter, where none of us are aggravated by
> this further, and I am not forced to do something that I just don't
> want
> to do. For the record, my problem is with the service, not with the
> item
> itself. I can't believe that after sending you several e-mails saying
> that I don't want to return the item, you are still insisting....
> Please stop sending this e-mails. I am sure that your time is as
> valuable as mine.
> Thank you in advance,
> Margarita Duenas
> Research Financial Manager- Math Department
> 450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380
> Stanford, California 94305-2125
> Phone: 650-723-0925
> E-mail:
> Willy Rox wrote:
> > Dear Margarita,
> > I am so sorry that we both are so insistent. Pray tell me what you
> want from me so that you will agree to return your purchase.
> > Frankly, I am surprised that you are so insistent, after having
> complained so much about this transaction. Surely you can order this
> elsewhere, and everyone will be happy.
> >
> > Willyrox
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > -----Original Message-----
> > From: Margarita Duenas []
> > Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 2:07 PM
> > To: Willy Rox
> > Subject: Re: Shipping inquiry from Amazon customer
> >
> >
> > Dear Mr. Rox:
> >
> > Thank you for your e-mails. As I mentioned before, I am keeping the
> > item. Please do not send me more e-mails about this matter. I really
> > don't want to discuss this matter any further. Just let me know when
> the
> > $35 will be refund it.
> >
> > Thank you,
> >
> > Margarita Duenas
> > Research Financial Manager- Math Department
> > 450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380
> > Stanford, California 94305-2125
> > Phone: 650-723-0925
> > E-mail:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > Willy Rox wrote:
> >
> >> Dear Margarita,
> >> Sorry for this addendum.
> >> As a customer, for sure you have the right to decide what to do. I
> am doing my utmost to reverse this sale, so that you will no longer be
> my customer. I don’t deserve you as my customer, since I missed my
> deadline. There is absolutely no excuse or remedy for this, other than
> to reverse the transaction.
> >> I am not asking that you give it to me, I will PAY you for it -
> full price - whatever it cost you.
> >> I'm sure that you can give your business to sellers that are more
> deserving of your patronage then I am.
> >>
> >> Again I thank you for your co-operation
> >>
> >> Willyrox
> >>
> >>
> >> -----Original Message-----
> >> From: Margarita Duenas []
> >> Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 1:14 PM
> >> To: Willy Rox
> >> Subject: Re: Shipping inquiry from Amazon customer
> >>
> >>
> >> Dear Mr. Rox:
> >>
> >> Perhaps I have not make myself clear. I don't want to return the item.
> >> Since I have paid for it and I got it 3 weeks later, I am keeping
> it.As
> >> a customer, I think that I have the right to decide what I want to
> >> do
> >> with this. I don't want to discuss this matter any further. This is
> >> taking a lot of my time and energy already.
> >>
> >> Thank you for your understanding,
> >>
> >> Margarita Duenas
> >> Research Financial Manager- Math Department
> >> 450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380
> >> Stanford, California 94305-2125
> >> Phone: 650-723-0925
> >> E-mail:
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >>
> >> Willy Rox wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>> Dear Margarita,
> >>> I'm afraid we don't see things the same way. You AGREED to pay
> 99.99. It was I that stated that you were overcharged, and rightfully
> offered to credit this to you.
> >>>
> >>> Amazon has ALL my money, so I can easily ask them to refund, if I
> should so want. I do want to refund - but under the circumstances, I
> want to refund your FULL purchase.
> >>>
> >>> Again I apologize for my tardiness. I am trying my best to make
> this up to you by having this whole matter disappear, by taking back
> the item in any condition it is in.
> >>> Please go to Amazon, and purchase another one for your husband,
> but this one, return to me.
> >>> Thank you
> >>>
> >>> Willyrox
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> -----Original Message-----
> >>> From: Margarita Duenas []
> >>> Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 12:49 PM
> >>> To: Willy Rox
> >>> Subject: Re: Shipping inquiry from Amazon customer
> >>>
> >>> Dear Mr. Rox:
> >>>
> >>> This is an item that I have ended overpaying on top of not being
> able to
> >>> give to the original person that I was intended to. The item at
> >>> this
> >>> point is mine and I am not going to return it to you. I have paid
> >>> and
> >>> wait for it long enough. I am sorry that Amazon closed your
> account, but
> >>> shipping something as late as you did is no acceptable. Since you
> work
> >>> as I do, you will understand my position. Deadlines have to be
> >>> meet,
> >>> regardless of the circumstances.
> >>> On the other had, it sounds like you won't be able to give me the
> money
> >>> back once the item has been returned because Amazon is not giving
> >>> you
> >>> any funds, so why bother? What I want is my $35 refund. If you are
> not
> >>> able to do it right now, give me a deadline, so that I can look
> for it
> >>> on the credit card statement.
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> Margarita Duenas
> >>> Research Financial Manager- Math Department
> >>> 450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380
> >>> Stanford, California 94305-2125
> >>> Phone: 650-723-0925
> >>> E-mail:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>> Willy Rox wrote:
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>
> >>>> Dear Margarita,
> >>>> At this point I insist that you return your purchase. I don't
> deserve your patronage. As I mentioned - do not worry about the open
> box - just pack it any which way you can.
> >>>> As I said, I will refund not only your total purchase price, but
> also your shipping charges.
> >>>> I’m sure that you can buy another similar product elsewhere.
> >>>> I realize that you work, as was I until Amazon closed my account
> as a result of your negative rating. So, at this time I am out of
> work, and need to wait 90 days to get any funds from Amazon, as per
> their policy.
> >>>> I appreciate your co-operation
> >>>>
> >>>> Sincerely
> >>>>
> >>>> Willyrox
> >>>>
> >>>> -----Original Message-----
> >>>> From: Margarita Duenas []
> >>>> Sent: Monday, March 02, 2009 12:04 PM
> >>>> To: Willy Rox
> >>>> Subject: Re: Shipping inquiry from Amazon customer
> >>>>
> >>>> Dear Mr. Rox:
> >>>>
> >>>> Thank you for your e-mails. My husband has already agreed to keep
> it and
> >>>> has opened the package, so I am not return it. It's just not
> worth my
> >>>> time I can't spend the time needed or a post office (or an ups
> office
> >>>> for this matter) trying to send this item back to you, since
> both, my
> >>>> husband and I work, to have the money return a week later or so.
> I just
> >>>> want the $35 dollar refund. Please send me a confirmation notice.
> >>>> I
> >>>> really want to have this matter done and over with. This is
> taking too
> >>>> much time already ....
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>> Margarita Duenas
> >>>> Research Financial Manager- Math Department
> >>>> 450 Serra Mall, Bldg. 380
> >>>> Stanford, California 94305-2125
> >>>> Phone: 650-723-0925
> >>>> E-mail:
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>> Willy Rox wrote:
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>>
> >>>>> Dear Margarita,
> >>>>> I slept on this transaction all night, and when I woke up, I
> realized that I do not deserve your patronage.
> >>>>> Please return your purchase. If you discarded the shipping
> carton and package, it is OK. Just pack to the best of your ability,
> and ship back to me. I will refund your whole purchase, AND send you a
> money order to cover your return shipping charges.
> >>>>> Thank you for your co-operation.
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Sincerely
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Willyrox
> >>>>>
> >>>>> PS.
> >>>>> for UPS the return address is:
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Willyrox
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> For MAIL the return address is:
> >>>>> Willyrox
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> -----Original Message-----
> >>>>> From: Margarita Duenas []
> >>>>> Sent: Friday, February 27, 2009 5:49 PM
> >>>>> To: Willy Rox
> >>>>> Subject: Re: Shipping inquiry from Amazon customer
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Dear Mr. Rox:
> >>>>>
> >>>>> After talking to my husband about this, I have decided to keep
> >>>>> the
> >>>>> order. The order didn't come with a return label, so I am not
> >>>>> sure
> >>>>> exactly how I was supposed to return it. I guess that you were
> expecting
> >>>>> me to pay for it.... Please refund me for the $35 only. After
> >>>>> this
> >>>>> experience, I will not shop on your store again.
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Margarita Duenas
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Willy Rox wrote:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>
> >>>>>> Dear Customer,
> >>>>>> I noticed that you received your order. Please advise if you
> are keeping it - or if you are planning to return it. As I mentioned
> previously, if you plan to keep it, I need to give you a credit due to
> the wrong price. If you return it we will refund your full purchase price.
> >>>>>> Thank you
> >>>>>> Sincerely
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> Willyrox
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> -----Original Message-----
> >>>>>> From: Amazon Communication Center
> []
> >>>>>> Sent: Monday, February 23, 2009 12:26 PM
> >>>>>> To:
> >>>>>> Cc:
> >>>>>> Subject: Shipping inquiry from Amazon customer
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> Hello from
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> The buyer of the following order has sent you a message. Please
> respond to the individual directly by replying to this e-mail. For
> your reference, the buyer's e-mail address is
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> Order ID: 105-0172931-1965022
> >>>>>> * 1 of Executive Edition Charging Valet
> - Black
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> Important Notice: Only ship to the address shown in your seller
> account. Do not honor buyer requests to ship orders to any address
> other than the one provided by Do not accept any payment
> method other than Amazon Payments. Payment for the sale may be
> withheld if these guidelines are not followed.
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> -------------- Begin message ---------------------
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> Dear Customer Service Representative:
> >>>>>> I haven't received the item that I have ordered on February 9th
> yet. It was supposed to be shipped on Febuary 10th and I was supposed
> to have it by the 19th. Unfortunately, I was counting on it for a
> birthday party this Saturday, the 21st and I had to show empty handed.
> It has been two weeks since I have order this item and I still haven't
> received it, which I find unaceptable. When I look at the UPS
> website,with the tracking number that I was given, it seems that the
> package was not shipped until the 17th (a week later) and it's on its
> way to San Pablo. I don't leave on San Pablo (I have never heard of
> this city), and the package was supposed to be sent to Stanford
> University, on Palo Alto. At this point, all that I want is to have a
> refund. It's unaceptable to take almost a month to deliver something.
> >>>>>> Thank you for your time, Margarita Duenas
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> -------------- End message ------------------------
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> Notice: may retain copies of all forwarded e-mails,
> and takes no responsibility and assumes no liability for the content
> of any messages forwarded to you.
> >>>>>>
> >>>>>> will never e-mail you and ask you to disclose or
> verify your password, credit card, or banking account
> number. If you receive a suspicious e-mail with a link to update your
> account information, do not click on the link--instead report the
> e-mail to for investigation. Go to to find
> out more.
   comment by wiilyrox on March 2, 2009

Don't do business with or anymore. You work so hard to make them rich but they never appreciate your hard work. They try to rip you off as much as they can, and will detroy you as they see your business start growing.

Why don't try to:
* sell your items on local Craigslist.
* They only charge 3% on the final sale. If you sell your item website and a buyer gives you negative feedback to detroy your business, you can also give him/her back a negative feedback.

or this site is totally free.

Please stand up for yoursell, don't let big corporations like and take the food away from your table.
   comment by seller and buyer at Amazon on March 2, 2009

Instead of calling this site Selling on Amazon Sucks it should be called the Sellers that Suck at Amazon. All of you are a bunch of losers and whiners. I am glad you found this site to write all your stupid opinions and comments and leave Amazon for the sellers with a great attitude about business and customer service. As a matter of fact I am going to suggest to Amazon that the next time it kicks a loser out to give him/her the address of this pathetic website so they can come here to cry and rant. Get it thru your thick head "YOU CANNOT SELL AT AMAZON THE GARBAGE YOU SELL AT THE FLEA MARKETS". Go away with your junk. Throw in the dumpster but do not try to push it at Amazon.
   comment by Rename this Site on March 5, 2009

lyrics of the day:

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later taters
   comment by lyrics on March 6, 2009

What a dick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   comment by In response to rename this site! on March 7, 2009

Please check in into a mental institution ASAP and never leave.
   comment by To Lyrics on March 7, 2009

Hey! I am so sick and tired of the bullshit on this blog. You people don't have anything better to do but to insult each other. Peace off!!!!!!!!!!
   comment by anonymous on March 7, 2009

You guys are a bunch of liars. Selling on Amazon is great. I got fired for sleeping while driving a forklift and I have been able to feed my family thanks to the sales at Amazon. My XXX movies are selling faster than I can make them. Keep it up Amazon.
   comment by Go to Hell Losers on March 10, 2009

To Lyrics wrote:
Please check in into a mental institution ASAP and never leave.
→ comment by To Lyrics on March 7, 2009

Perhaps you misunderstood my intent - and that is- that on the internet no one knows who you are or have been in the past. And [[first and foremost ]]- scammers are a problem - as well as stalkers, harassers etc. - whether on Amazon or other sites.

For example on a trading site problems arose with a trading partner -- entity called mdaupin --was not playing nice and WAS NOT reciprocating and sending his/her games to the trading partner - even after numerous requests. Later, the mods deduced that gorf888 from location and habits that gorf88 was previously mdauphin and the same issues were developing -- not mailing games in return for those received.

Now where is (or should I say are) mdaupin and gorf today? Using new names? trading on other sites? Perhaps listing the ill-gotten games on ebay/half or amazon etc.?

This user has been reported as a bad trader!

This user has been reported as a bad trader!

I do hope those reporting the bad traders were not stalked and subjected to harassment. (:

   comment by lyrics on March 13, 2009

I have been a seller on amazon for a while and counting the money I brought to amazon every month makes me guess that we, the sellers and buyers of amazon are the real funds of amazon and the real business without which Amazon would be nothing, I mean nothing. All I can say about their a-to-z crab and the feedback fake system for an amazon sized company it sucksss forever and I suggest that we all get to found and establish a way by which we can take a legal act regarding this matter. it is a sort of abuse and blackmailing, I truly nourish and support this idea if we got to go ahead and step forward making that step.
it is time to do it guys, thousands of us have been counting on that business and spent days and nights listing your items and in a single step, they just block and cancel alllllllllllllll your listed item with no f.... right
   comment by Egyptian Taha on March 14, 2009

Do not sell any from It is really sucks.
I just filed the complains against it to:

   comment by anonymous on March 17, 2009

Amazon schemes against merchants... if you sell overseas, they force you to sell to ALL countries, even when certain ones are rife with fraud and have poor mail service. Then Amazon refunds the liars who say they never got their merchandise, taking the merchants money. After this I started cancelling orders to certain countries with problems, then Amazon counts that against you as too high a cancellation rate. Before they cancelled my account, they threatened to cancel my account unless I re-did all my product images to remove my company water mark, then after I did this according to their spec, they cancelled me for a couple bad feedback from kids who were either stupid or outright cheating me. What they are really doing is looking at their sellers for good product lines, getting the sellers to do all the data entry for free, then cancelling them and taking over that product line for themselves. If you want free merchandise just buy on Amazon, then say you never got it, and bingo, its free! They also charge merchants their % fee even on shipping, and then they count negative feedback about high shipping fees against you. IF you sell to kids, you just get more negative feedback about stupid non-issues, so its a no win game. Amazon, take a clue from Google and DONT BE EVIL !!!
   comment by Robb on March 20, 2009

Listen to you guys? Is it any wonder Amazon suspended you or blocked you?

If you do poorly it makes Amazon look BAD!

Amazon has a image to maintain dumbasses! If customer confidence in them is low no one will come and then soon THEY will be out of business.


If 20 out of every 100 customers you had were unhappy you would soon go out of business. You'd need to have a satisfaction rate of about under 5% ... which is the refund rate for Amazon!

It's bullshit that the refund rate isn't 10% (which IMO it should be) but it's their site and their rules!
   comment by Mizuho Nakano on March 21, 2009

Stop the complain you whiners. Amazon is the only company I know that protects his customers from garbage dumping sellers like yourselves. If you don't like Amazon's terms then go someplace else. Amazon's HAS THE RIGHT to set its quality standards. Just because you losers want to bring those standards down selling your cheap imports doesn't mean Amazon has to allow it.
   comment by Leave Amazon Alone on March 24, 2009

Amazon sucks!! You know that when a complaint is filed and you provide them with the tracking number for that item that shows the item as being delivered that Amazon give a refund anyway. So buyer get item and you, the seller, get ripped off. Happened to me twice. Will never do business with them again whether buying or selling.
   comment by frances on March 26, 2009

What's wrong with buyers getting something for free?. I do it all the time. We need more suckers like you in Amazon so we can get more free stuff. Amazon, keep them coming.
   comment by Frances You Suck on March 27, 2009

Why do you think Amazon is SOOOOOOOOO successful? because customers know they can buy whatever the hell they want and all they got to do is complaint and they get 2 things: 1) Item for free and #2)they get a full refund no questions asked.
That is why people love to shop there. I hate Amazon with all my guts, since the day they closed my account, I no longer buy anything from them, I buy at local books stores or I buy on Ebay. I have been suspended many times from Ebay, but they always put me back on. So, Amazon sucks ass!
   comment by Amazon babies on March 27, 2009

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