Moose Camp 2006 post-game report

Here's my write-up of the self-organizing Moose Camp that happened as part of Northern Voice 2006. Each session lasted for only 30 minutes, running fast and furious...

Personal Media Outlets: We are the Media - John Anthony Hartman
Hartman had some cool multimedia elements in his talk, which was nice. However, in general it seemed to be more basic in its contents then what I was expecting. At a blogger conference I think it's a safe bet that most everyone there blogs and sees the rise of blogging. I would have liked to hear him talk more about where this could lead in the future. Or to flesh out the comparisons between blogging in it's early stages and the emergence of other media in the past.

Real Time Reporting with NowPublic - Michael Tippett
Some interesting views on how fast things are getting reported these days. It was focused on using a particular tool of NowPublic, rather then the more general topic.

We're all journalists now - Mark Hamilton
This is pretty much the same topic as the first session I attended, but it was a totally different presentation style. Hamilton was focused on starting a conversation about the topic with the audience. This is what I was expecting from reading about 'unconferences' on the web. It took a little while to gather steam, but by the end there was some interesting stuff. Preview - Todd Sieling
A demonstration of a style tool that will be released soon. I have started using a little bit recently, and it's good to see that there's going to be some competition and improvement in the social bookmarking space.

Lunch + YOGA for Moose Campers - Sarah Pullman
Ahhhh.... food and stretching =).

(Really) Monetizing Your Blog - Greg Narain
This turned out to be a presentation by a company XPost about how they plan to create a marketplace to resell blog content. It's an interesting concept if they can find a large enough group of buyers. I had been expecting a more general discussion of various ways of making money from blogs.

Community Building with Blogs - Dethe Elza, Nancy White
A nice unconference style conversation about how blogging can create or enhance communities.

Phillip Jeffrey on Discover, Create, Remember, Share: Why tagging works for me
Solid discussion about tags. Their uses and limitations along with the side effects of bookmarks organized with a flat hierarchy.

Room 3: PhotoCamp II - Eric Soroos (it might have been Kris Krug)

Even though the discussion was above my head I picked up some knowledge about shooting in JPEG vs RAW, the use of bracketing, and some other random snippets. The leader did an excellent job of taking ideas from the audience and pushing them to clarify the points they made.

Leadership Hacks - David Sifry
This talk contained some excellent points and Sifry is a very entertaining speaker. After talking for a while he asked all the entrepreneurs in the room to introduce themselves and give a key tip from their experiences. Then time ran out. I would have liked this to be a longer session, it seemed like it could have easily gone on an hour+.

How Big Media Is Fighting Back - Ken Rickard
This was a great presentation about how one US newspaper company is experimenting to better integrate with the net and blogs. They've been testing with the print/web small town "hyper-local" daily Bluffton Today. I liked his phrase "a newspaper to amplify the community not broadcast to it" (actual saying may have been different when said - that's my recollection).

That was the end of the sessions. Whew. After some milling about a large portion of the participants proceeded to a bbq area at 2nd beach in Stanley Park for some Mooseburgers. This provided some great post-session relaxation and socializing. After a while it started getting a little chilly so we cleaned up and proceeded to a nearby bar to continue. I met and talked with a bunch of people throughout the evening, both from Vancouver and not. Huzzah. Thank you MooseCamp and Northern Voice!

Posted by dustin on February 11, 2006 with category tags of

Thanks for taking all these notes.
   comment by Darren on February 11, 2006

Thanks, man. I'm glad you liked it.
   comment by Ken Rickard on February 11, 2006

Thank you for the great (and pointed) summaries
   comment by Chris Heuer on February 11, 2006

There are tons of pictures on flickr. Take a look at me and Dave Sifry or me on GETV. I need to get a haircut...
   comment by dustin (#1) on February 11, 2006

Good notes Dustin. It was great to meet you!
   comment by Lloyd D Budd on March 5, 2006

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