Groundhog Day Pizza Extravaganza?

That's what my note says... Marianopolis alumni (the Marianopolitans as Maryam likes to say) are all invited to this 'groundhog day pizza extravanganza". To me the name seems overly long, and maybe even a little showy. But I'm not in charge of these things. It begins at 6pm, on Thursday night. I think they want people to RSVP with the Marianopolis alumni association.
Last year there was free beer too. The note isn't specific, but here's hoping.

Posted by Reverend_Jerry on January 24, 2005 with category tags of

I like Vinny's partys better, cause his are always in Chipagamou or some place like that where it costs little or next to nothing to register just about anything. And you don't have to worry about being sent to the actual place they call hell if you don't get to work soon. Too bad it's not that nice where I live. If I was smart I could probably use this as an excuse to blame Canada, but unfortunately I'm not. Bummer
   comment by trckands (#152) on January 25, 2005

Isn't groundhog day next week?
   comment by alice (#60) on January 28, 2005

That's just a rumour, Alice. Marianopolis lets people think that to keep the riff raff away from our party.
   comment by Reverend_Jerry (#40) on January 28, 2005


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