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Fox News reporter gets shot at.

It's long, but I really like the banter when they cut back to the studio every now and then. If you don't want to watch through the whole eight minutes, I've transcribed the funny sections after the jump.

(Though it is worth watching at least until the guy gets shot at.)

Anchor 3:
[haughtily] Shooting at the press, too. I mean, he's wearing a flak jacket that says 'PRESS' right on it.
Anchor 1: Yeah, but, uh.. if you're somebody who's a long way away, and you just see something, who you're not sure who it is, you just start shootin'.
Anchor 3: Really?

[later on]

Anchor 3:
I still don't understand, they have-- it says 'PRESS', that's the colour, it's international...
Anchor 1: Sometimes bad guys shoot at ANYTHING.
Anchor 3: Right. But it's Israel.
Anchor 1: Completely shifting gears, are you a rotten speller?

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