Time Out -- Say What?

This Time Out New York article describes how cool and hip Montreal is.

Thoughts? Responses?

Here are some items that I particularly enjoyed:

a) Who the Hell stays at Hotel Godin?
b) The ONLY neighborhood they describe is Mile End...wtf?
c) Casa Del Popolo = "relaxing jazz"?

Posted by Gbrowdy on February 21, 2007 with category tags of

Yeah, the Casa Del Popolo one made me laugh. I've only ever seen punk or noise bands when I've been there. Mile End is pretty 'in' right now though, I'm not surprised they focused there. They're right about Dieu du Ciel serving good beer too.
   comment by LePhil (#198) on February 21, 2007

Saturday night I was supposed to watch a friend's Spanish band play on St. Laurent out there and forgot the name of the place. When I saw Casa Del Popolo, I only assumed. I paid 8$ for the wrong show! There was some rock band that reminded me of Sloan. Thankfully the place I got my money back and the place I wanted to be at was 2 doors down!
   comment by registeredname (#141) on February 21, 2007


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