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Upper (Kanye) West Side
Tweets from Kanye West tagged to cartoons from the New Yorker: droll.
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Familiar Photos

Open Link:

Identify second image from bottom, on right.

Zoom in.

Posted by stretch on May 11, 2010. Tagged with
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Natural Fashion
This is what it looks like when an elephant goes belt shopping.
Posted by stretch on March 15, 2010. Tagged with


Its incredible that Matthew McConaughey's yarmulke is only the sixth or seventh most bizarre thing about this trailer.
Posted by stretch on January 21, 2010. Tagged with


Posted by stretch on November 9, 2009. Tagged with


Apples 2 Apples: Pointless

"serving no useful purpose"
"having no excuse for being"
"without rhyme or reason"
Posted by stretch on July 19, 2009. Tagged with
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I need cooler pyjamas
Posted by stretch on March 26, 2009. Tagged with


Great, now there are whole other species that dance better than I do.

Youtube is combining with science to answer a question posed by Darwin. (click ahead to the article on Avian Dancing)
Posted by stretch on December 14, 2008. Tagged with
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Creative Destruction
This won't make my parents feel any better about their retirement funds, but it certainly makes me feel better.

PS. I love when Saskatchewan makes the Times.
Posted by stretch on November 23, 2008. Tagged with
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Vincent Vega + a keyboard called Truth = Terrifying
Posted by stretch on September 12, 2008. Tagged with


Some (more) Assembly Required
Does any know any good Ottawa improv connections? My web searching got me to a workshop that was a bit small, a lot old, and awfully amateur for my tastes.

On a side note, googling "ottawa improv workshop" brings up both Without Annette's blog and Sillytech in the first two pages.
Posted by stretch on September 4, 2008. Tagged with
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Things white people like...
No, seriously, this is just a hilarious list of things white people like.

Skip all the junk about their book, but make sure to see #'s 75 and 78.
Posted by stretch on July 18, 2008. Tagged with


Soccer would be better...
... if it were more like basketball?
Posted by stretch on July 9, 2008. Tagged with
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Parahippocampal gyrus? They don't even pay us!
Study find brain useful in detecting sarcasm. Duh!

Smarmy internet commentators everywhere, unite!
Posted by stretch on June 3, 2008. Tagged with
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Move over Dilbert
Despair, Inc.
Posted by stretch on April 27, 2008. Tagged with


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