EA Interview Preparation Info

Ever since I wrote about my EA interview saga I have been getting periodic emails from people. They all basically say "I have an interview with EA on {day of week}. Can you give me some advice on what to do?"

I have answered a few, but I think it would be best to just put my advice here so that people stop emailing me about it =). Here goes:

I wrote most of what they asked my in the above referenced blog entry. I was surprised when they started asking stuff about vectors and matrixes and geometry. Things like finding the normal of 3 points on a plane, doing some trigonometry, matrix multiplication. Nothing too in depth, but it might be worthwhile to do a basic review of such things.

They will also ask you C++ stuff. If your C++ isn't too hot then it is worth reviewing it. Perhaps write a little program to get into the swing of it. I was asked a question to which the correct solution used recursion.

In general I think it is good to talk out your answers, so they know what you are thinking. Even if you get something wrong they can see what you were trying to do. I know that I didn't get all the answers right. Also I think it is very important to interact well with the interviewers. Be the nice and friendly person you know you are ;). The interviewers will be looking for people that they would like to work with. Try and have a nice chat with them.

Also while I am writing this I would just like to point out that EA has been criticized for their labor practices. The 'inside scoop' says that they like to hire bright young students out of university and work them to death. Such a job would still be an excellent learning experience, but you should know what you are getting in to.

Best of luck on your interview.

Posted by dustin on November 27, 2004 with category tags of

Ooo.. I have a follow up interview with EA in 2 days... Ya they asked me C++ questions on the first interview but no math questions.. I am expecting some of them though....
   comment by Thomas on April 5, 2005

I have a interview in EA for QA tester.Please post any aptitude paper you have for EA
   comment by Geetha on August 29, 2008

Beware of UST Global.
Hi Friends please dont prefer attending UST Global interviews...They have recruted 3rd year students from my college in 2006....till now they did not call them.If we ask HR ppls,they were saying due to bussiness reasons they were unable to call the students they have recruted.
Also colleges,please dont allow this company to recruit ur students..they are playing with students life.
   comment by Sowjanya on August 30, 2008

Hi Friends,
I guess the myth seems to be changed now...
I recently got to know the India studio for EA is doing pretty well.. even though the pay package is avg :).... but not bad..
The work load / or the environment seems to be pretty relaxed..
   comment by Anonymous on May 14, 2009

plz send me information how 2 approach d interview.....
   comment by Dara.Premvardhan on January 7, 2010

send me d information on ( EA )
   comment by Dara.Premvardhan on January 7, 2010

plz send me interveiw papers with some tips.
also provide me background of ea
   comment by david paul on January 25, 2010

david, if you don't know ea, you don't belong at EA lmao!!
   comment by Mart on January 28, 2010

I just got a phone interview from EA, maybe these days i will have the follow up interview , i apply for the position of HR recruiter .
   comment by Jim Chen on February 7, 2010

hi friends ...... can any one suggest me how to handle the interview rounds for the position of quality analyst in EA sports.........plzz reply...........my mail id is bharath_catch9895@yahoo.co.in
   comment by bharath kumar on February 26, 2010

plzz give some aptitude question links for EA sports..
and also some interview tips.....
   comment by Akash bhattacharya on March 10, 2010

plzz give some aptitude questions for EA sports....
   comment by Akash bhattacharya on March 10, 2010

hi ..
i need ea aptitude test papper and i also want to know how can i clear the interview in ea.plz help me
   comment by vipin kumar on March 11, 2010

plz help me to clear the interviews in ea sports
   comment by vipin kumar on March 11, 2010

hello sir, i had to face an interview in comming weak. pls help me out
   comment by ashish maheshwari on March 12, 2010

Hello Sir, i have a placemeent drive in our colag nxt week by EA pls tell me wat all shall i prepare to clear the test from begining till end.... pls ds s the life time opportunity for me...
   comment by don on March 13, 2010

hey hoo..ea people r coming 2 our clg for recruitment..can u plz help me out in knowing d pattern of d whole interview..hw many rounds? wt r d rounds? which subjects do v need 2 prepare for both written n intrvw/plzz help me out..mail me at swat.koolgal@gmail.com
   comment by preethi on March 27, 2010

i want apptitude paper
   comment by juhi verma on March 30, 2010

i wanted to know after how many days they will call for the telephonic interview.
i cleared written and technical interview 1 2 minths back.
they called me 2 days back and asked to forward my resume to some email id that they have given.
so, can u please tell me after how many days i may expect the next call.
   comment by Mahesh on April 2, 2010

plzz send me aptitude test paper...
   comment by RAGINI GEED on April 12, 2010

i have clear ea game tester writen test so i want suggetion on technical & HR interview
   comment by pawan kumar on April 14, 2010

i would like to thanks all students who post placements papers and answers. Take care friends u had done a gud job.
   comment by venkatesh mandlik on April 23, 2010

plz send me the aptitude papers for EA Sports campus recruitment
   comment by Vagabond on April 23, 2010

send me aptitude papers of ea games
   comment by manik bansal on April 24, 2010

Well all those people who are asking about the written test paper, Then I am clearing it out that the Apti and English there in the paper is very easy. There will be one picture matching ques also. But there will be lots of ques from Games.Ques based on diff games will be there. So get information about diff games. At the end they will ask you to write one essay on a topic that you have to choose from 3 options thta they have given to you. So all the best for all of them who are going to attend the written test.
I am cleared the written. Now I want help about the face to face interview of EA sports. If any body have any knowledge about the ques they ask in PI please let me know.
   comment by Aradhana on April 25, 2010

Send me some EA Sports interview Questions
   comment by Roshan Sharma on April 25, 2010

Hii evry1,

We had EA at our campus on 25th of ths month...i cleared the apptitude test and the GD round that they conducted...now m waiting fr telephonic round nxt...guyzz apti is very easy..simple maths ques,a passage,it had 41 ques with some games related ones..the had a compri part were we wr asked to write an essay...nd topic wz IPL..concentrate on essay writing..have a good handwriting and no grammatical mistakes...can any1 heelp me out wth d telephonic intrvu???
   comment by xyz on April 27, 2010

4 sections
1st sections : general maths related aptitude
2nd section : english
3rd section : game related
4th section : subjective, where u hav to write a passage on the given topic (150 words)

total 41 questiond
   comment by 313 on April 27, 2010

hello frds...........
i too got selected in written test .they called me and said that there may be telephonic interview in the first week of may . can any one plz tell the type of questions they will ask.... and how the process goes........
thanks in advance
   comment by sushma on April 28, 2010

Guys i got selected for the Q.A. in EA Sports i l receive a call from them plz help to get me some good stuff to prepare interview. PLzZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ>..........
   comment by B.Nagarjuna` on May 6, 2010

I cleared the written. Now I want help about the face to face interview of EA sports. If any body have any knowledge about the ques they ask in PI please let me know.
   comment by sandeep on May 25, 2010

I am a fresher from an engineering college in jaipur (india). I have been placed as a quality analyst (game tester) in EA sports in an open campus recruitment held in our college. Around 2000 students were appeared and after 4 rounds (aptitude, technical, PI, HR), they finally selected 40 students and result was declared after 7 days. This recruitment was done by a third party (some consultancy) .
Now some people says that they won't send joining letters, because they have done this before. Can anyone please tell me how could i check the status of my joining letter ?
   comment by Anurag Tiwary on June 2, 2010

hai i have interview on ea sports for entry level position... can any help me to apptitude for written test...
   comment by ajas khan on June 14, 2010

Please provide information on how to get into game testing with EA including some of the interview questions, etc. I would appreciate your help in this regard. Chance
   comment by Chance Ormiston on July 1, 2010

i m gng 4 the recruitment process as QA TESTER at EA SPORTS.plz tel me the rounds that i have 2 face 4 getting selected and also send me test papers regarding this.plz hlp me out.send suggestions and papers 2 murthy.pingali@gmail.com
plz........ thank u in advanse
   comment by satya on July 7, 2010

Hello frnds...i cleared the written ..and Teliphonic interview allso..and now waiting for there call for futher process..bt now i cm to know that they are not offering development work....they was offering Testing Job and...i am confused and dont know about the future in Testing....and package is allso only 1.2 .....pls suggest me smthing...my email id is.. sourabh.sahu23@gmail.com .thanks in advance Bro
   comment by Sourabh on October 13, 2010

i have a written test for EA tomorrow regarding QA.Please post papers for my mailid vijaykokolu@gmail.com
   comment by vijay on October 23, 2010

Hello Frnds, I have a Interview for QA (Game Tester), If possible plz forward some info on that or some tips.........
   comment by Rakesh Reddy on October 23, 2010

Hi Guys am having intetest on Ea so plz forward me some Tips on The EA.......
   comment by Mani Babu on December 12, 2010

hi guys..i just want to knw something..i cleared the gd round of ea..they tld i am almost in.but there will be a follow up formal phn call........how imp is dat stage.i hav been selected as a fresher for QA.....

this is very imp for me......i would love dat job coz am too passionate about gaming.......
   comment by shuvayan on February 12, 2011

plz send me the pattern and placement papers
   comment by alekhya on March 9, 2011

plz send me the pattern and placement papers of EA
   comment by Teja on March 27, 2011

I have an interview for QA (Game Tester) in EA Sports so kindly send me the question pattern for the aptitute test.
   comment by Kunal on April 24, 2011

Hai, i have an interview in electronic arts or ea that is first round of written test in two days can you help me out please.send to my mail
   comment by santhoshi on May 12, 2011

i have interview on this week please send questionson aptitute test.
   comment by hari krishna reddy on May 12, 2011

hai frnds i have a intervw in ea sports plz tell me which type of questions they will ask in techincal rounds plz....... plz send it 2 jamisandeep@gmail.com
   comment by sandeep on May 20, 2011

you are well to provide all type of games
if you are contract with televisions developers
you provide games default then your company gain profit and then is all over india its also even small villages also they should know about our company.It's a one of popularity of your company.

   comment by Gonugunta.NagendraBabu on July 26, 2011

hey frnds!!! i hav cleard d written and GD round of EA as a Q.A.(Game Tester)... nw i m waitin 4 a telephonic interview... Does anyone knw wat typ of questn dey r gonna ask??? plz send ur views 2 my mail id: tanmaya2133@gmail.com
   comment by Tanmaya on October 3, 2011

hey frnds!!! i hav cleard d written and GD round of EA as a Q.A.(Game Tester)... nw i m waitin 4 a telephonic interview... Does anyone knw wat typ of questn dey r gonna ask??? plz send ur views 2 my mail id: vkj1390@gmail.com
   comment by Vishal on October 26, 2011

hi frnds!!! can anyone tel me hw 2 face telephonic cal i hv qualified written n GD.PLZ ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ send ur view 2 my id jjena.pragyan@gmail.com
   comment by pragyan on November 3, 2011

hi frnds....can anyone send me written test patern nd placment papers of EA sports...plz send as early as possible...
   comment by sushma on November 13, 2011

i got selected in written test .they said that there may be telephonic interview . can any one plz tell the type of questions they will ask...and how the process goes...
thanks in advance
   comment by vicky on January 12, 2012

Can u pls help me.Actually i was also selected in apti and GD round and awaiting for Telephonic round.Can u say something about the Telephonic and HR round .
   comment by fyaz on January 14, 2012

i have interview on this week please send questionson aptitute test. and which type of essay writing topics plz send me.....
   comment by birunda on January 20, 2012

hi frnds....can anyone send me written test patern nd placment papers of EA sports...plz send me..its urgnt..i hav intrvw on this cuming week
   comment by sri on January 20, 2012

can any1 send me when is the ea interview is going to held?
   comment by anitha on January 21, 2012

I had final round of interview at EA sports on this friday(09-03-2012).mail came as to bring original documents.
is their any round to be held there?
   comment by umamahesh on March 6, 2012

ya final round.....onlyy
   comment by swetha on March 8, 2012

hai friends, i hv cleared written & gd in EA for QA(quality analyst/game tester). they informed that thy r going to send confrmation email so that we are shrtlisted to the next upcoming telephonic interw in a week. now week became a month left with no reply answerng Tecnical problems. so is that happens regurarly, or it hapend just in our(college) case...
can i have any kind of free advises so that they help me a lot to face my interw, ie, type of ques,ino to b gathered for interw
thanku everyone
   comment by swaroop on March 20, 2012

These comments are painful to read...
   comment by Leslie on April 18, 2012

hi frnz... i attemptd wrtn test perfectly, they told that the selectd cad's wil gt a cl. i knw i'l b 1 in selectd. i need wat the nxt round wil b can any1 sujjest me wat 2 prepare, and can any 1 snd d address of EA cmpny wer it is locatd in hyd.
plzzzz mail at soma.karth@gmail.com
   comment by karth soma on April 26, 2012

i want the EA sports placement papers to my mail
   comment by sowjanya on July 20, 2012

helloooo everyone, I'm going to attend the EA QA Engineer position. Can I know how will be the interview process, rounds, tips and all. It will be really usefull to me. Pls kindly let me know. My ID navu.naughtyfans@gmail.com
   comment by Naveen on August 1, 2012


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