Tired of the same old bored games?

It's an add. For, like, wacky bored games.

It would be easy to add more games as well. It could even be split into one game per ad or sumting.

[The scene is of a family (mom, dad, two kids called billy and jane) playing some crappy boardgame]

[Billy rolls the dice and moves, then mom does the same]

[Enter a pseudo-scientific looking guy. Picture the Glad commercial guy]

Is your family tired of playing the same old bored games?

I guess.

uh, who are y [gets cut off]

[boxing announcer style] Now introducing X-treeeeeeeeeeme bored games!!! Like 'X-treeeeeeeeme Snakes and Ladders'!!!!

[A whole wackload of big snakes start slithering into the room. They go for the family]

Quick everybody, climb the ladders.

[He points to the ladders that are on the other side of the room]

[The family looks started for a second. Then they all run for the ladders. The mom helps her kids get up, and the snakes coil around her]

And 'X-treeeeeeeeeeme Operation'!!!!

[Cut to a scene of the dad strapped down to an operating table with a gag on. The glad-man picks up his scalpel and makes an incision]

and let's not forget 'X-treeeeeeeeeme Battleship'!!!

[Cut to the glad-man in the command center of a battleship]


[The battleship's big mounted guns go off]

[Cut to close up on billy]

You sunk my father.

[Cut back to glad-man]

Only from Milton Badly.

[The End. Written by Nikki, Alice and Dustin]

Posted by McImprov on April 13, 2003 with category tags of

I like this one alot. I have alot of similar ideas.
   comment by brien (#76) on April 30, 2003, Rated it 5

I think that "you sunk my father" could be changed. You need something a little catchier but I don't know what. Maybe a pun...
   comment by Chronomorph (#11) on May 14, 2003, Rated it 3

hmmm, I really liked "you sunk my father". I picture the kid saying it really heartbroken-like. I mean his father was just killed! Then cut to the ad guy really happy: "Only from Milton Badly" with a thumbs up or something.
   comment by dustin (#1) on May 14, 2003


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