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MPROV: The 5th Montreal Improv Festival
Posted by Chronomorph on October 4, 2010. Tagged with


The Bitter End

The Bitter End is at Mainline for another two nights of its last two live improv shows. Sept. 25th and 26th at 9pm for $8. We have a great Mirror cover story and the first internet webisode.
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The Bitter End

Only four more shows left of the Bitter End, an improvised sitcom starring Dan Beirne, Brent Skagford, Etan Muscat, Vanessa Matsui, Kirsten Rasmussen and Marc Rowland. Its at 8pm everyday until sunday at Le Gymnase (4177 St-Denis, corner Rachel) as part of Zoofest.
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The Bitter End
Dan Beirne (the one you know and love) put together a trailer for the improvised sitcom that we've been performing at Theatre Ste-Catherine on thursdays. You can check all the episodes on The Bitter End website.

The Bitter End - trailer from daniel beirne on Vimeo.
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Improv Classes
Last month, Brent Skagford and I taught an intermediate class at the OFF space on St-Laurent and put on a showcase where our workshoppers dazzled the audience with their incredible improv skills. For late summer/early fall, Iím organizing a BEGINNERS class, so if youíre interested in getting on board the improv train, now would be a good time. You can check my website for more information.
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This Made Me VERY Happy
I found this article about Sunday Night Improv on the TSC website. So awesome!
Posted by Chronomorph on February 5, 2007. Tagged with
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Space Jail
Hey guys,
I may be in London, but I still know that you should check out Space Jail at Theatre Ste-Catherine. That's what I'd be doing, if I was around. Jeez, you guys.
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Children Of Men
Go See It...

Posted by Chronomorph on January 8, 2007. Tagged with
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Nice Final Fantasy Video
This is a pretty good video for Final Fantasy's This Lamb Sells Condos. I'm not sure who made it, but it is rather cool.

Posted by Chronomorph on December 29, 2006. Tagged with


Wikipedia Graffiti
I was looking up Salamanders and I discovered a blatant bit of defacement. Contrary to popular belief, salamanders are not mammals!!! But, when I checked out the edit page I couldn't figure out how the change was done. I'm no hacker, so can one of you computer-types solve this riddle for me?
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