one week left

Today I started studying for my exams. I have a week to go and a shitload of reading to do.

On monday I have CS 435: Computer Networks. This has been an interesting course, but we've covered a lot of material. It's an open-book exam, which means we are expected to know everything in the book. Judging by the midterm there will be almost no time to look anything up. Difficulty: hard.

On tuesday is POLI 243: International Politics of Economic Relations. This course had two midterms so I am only behind by 1/3 of the readings. Still, the articles are nooo fun. The exam is only worth 35% though. Difficulty: not very, but damn boring.

On an unrelated note, here's a nice article about writing sketch comedy that sells.

Posted by dustin on April 23, 2003 with category tags of


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