The Son of Sam Sitcom (part one)

He doesn't care if you're a kid or a geezer... He'll chop you up and put your head in his freezer...

The Son of Sam Sitcom
{In using the name "Son of Sam", we do not imply that David Berkowitz was involved in this skit. It merely happens to be the name of our serial killer in the following story. Thank you.}

(Theme song plays to a small amount of video footage)
**He doesn't care if you're a kid or a geezer...
(scene is in a kitchen, as a man puts a large knife back in his drawer, then begins walking to the fridge)
**He'll chop you up and put your head in his freezer...
(the man nears the refrigerator, and as the words 'head in his freezer' are said, he swings the freezer door open revealing a small child's head, along with an old man's head. They are alive and they sing:)
**(Young kid) I'll be (old man) DAMNED!!
(Door slams as the man walks, with a smile on his face, to the doorway and turns around for the camera.)
**it's the Son of Sam.

(The show resembles an old Leave it to Beaver-style television show. The only difference is that the protagonist is a serial killer who is not quite right in the head.)

(Scene opens with a mother washing dishes. A cutting sound is heard in the background. Either a chainsaw or a grinding hacksaw noise, it makes little difference.)

Mother: Harvey!! (Yelling) Harvey!!!! (Yelling very loudly) HARVEY!!!

Man: (In the distance) What, Mom?!?

Mother: Why don't you come here and give me a hand in the kitchen?

Man: Coming.

(The man enters the kitchen and as his mother turns to greet him, he gives her a hand he has just sawed off of a fresh corpse. His mother looks at him with more amusement than disdain and shakes her head.)

Mother: Oh you.

(The man smiles at the camera and gives a thumbs up with the severed hand. The final line of the theme music plays as the scene fades out.)

Posted by WolfpackNumber10 on August 9, 2002 with category tags of

Good but needs more (part 2 maybe?).
   comment by anonymous on August 10, 2002, Rated it 4

Oh my god this man has too much talent. Somebody better get this skit before it gets huge
   comment by anonymous on August 11, 2002, Rated it 5

The concept is fine, but there's no actual content to this scene, just a pun (a groaner at that). If it's a 50's style show, make it like one. Have him get an afterschool job, or a crush on a girl, and use his serial killer-ness to make it funny.
   comment by anonymous on August 18, 2002, Rated it 1

I agree with the first reply. It has a great beginning, but it just needs more. It's pretty funny though! It just needs a bit of polishing and more, that's all.
   comment by anonymous on December 26, 2003


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