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I taught a guy how to factor polynomials today. I didn't remember how at first, but it all came back as I was doing it. The credit goes to my high school math program and teacher Fraser Simpson in particular. It's true that you don't often need to factor polynomials in real life, but that's true of so many things as well. Better safe then sorry.

My new favorite song for the now is Come Into Our Room by Clinic. It's fecking awesome. You should download it right now. After listening to it over and over and checking out some reviews I went and bought the album that it's on. Which turned out to be a let down. Some other songs are good, but they all seem to be a pale imitation of Come Into Our Room. Ah well, you win some and you lose some.

Posted by dustin on June 4, 2003 with category tags of

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dude, that's because "walking with thee" is a stink album compared to "internal wrangler" which is way way better. i've been trying to find a used copy of i.w. around, but keep running into copies of fucking "walking with thee". there is a reason for that.
   comment by Sean (#34) on June 16, 2003


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