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I think the idea behind One Book, One Vancouver is great. It's "a book club for the entire city". I'm hereby expanding it to be One Book, One Internet, so everyone can play along. All you have to do is read the book.

The book that has been selected is There is a Season, the memoir of Patrick Lane. I requested the next available copy be sent to my local library using the funtastic VPL online system. It doesn't seem like my regular fare, but I shall read it when it comes.

After a spate of heavy reading in Jan/Feb I haven't finished any books in the last 2 months. I got stalled half way through The Corrections by the crazy scat visions and haven't been able to get back on the reading wagon since. One Book, One Internet to the rescue!

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Neat idea to start up One Book One Internet! I'd like to know more about why you like the idea of One Book One Vancouver (especially as I'm not a Vancouver resident, though I'd love to be). Why does the VPL put it on? What kinds of people show up? What do you get out of it, or hope to get out of it?

My interest, I have to confess, is both personal and professional. On the personal side, I'm a completely voracious reader - one of those kids who read under the blankets, in the bath, in class under my desk - and now I'm grown up there's nothing more enjoyable than reading a good book and having time to discuss it with other people. For me, there's a particular type of pleasure that comes from sharing the experience of reading.

Professionally, I'm part of a research team that is looking at reading and reading events, so we're interested in these One Book events that have popped up in various places around the world. We're trying to understand what kinds of things they achieve, and what kinds of differences there are between One Book events in different countries. We have a blog of our own, in fact, and a questionnaire for anyone in the Vancouver area who is a reader - even if you've not taken part in any of the events. We'd love it if people who live in Vancouver and the surrounding region could share their thoughts with us on One Book One Vancouver, & post over on our blog too.

   comment by Anouk on May 18, 2006


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