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Here's the story of how independent board game designer Peter Morrison conceived, developed and self-published his own strategic board game VIKTORY (and now its sequel VIKTORY II). Pretty cool tale I think. I found out about this when Peter emailed me asking if I wanted to become an affiliate and help market VIKTORY II. After reading more about the game I said yes. The game mechanic is pretty unique, and has some lovely consequences.

Anyone who has played a lot of Risk (or Lux) will understand that getting into big battles near the start of the game is a sure-fire way to lose. The other players not fighting will grow stronger and eventually eat you for your cards. VIKTORY's mechanic is totally different, with players who attack (early and/or often) being at an advantage. The worst-case scenario of attacking is that your units get sent back to your towns at the end of your turn (rather then being completely removed from the board like in Risk). The consequence seems to be a fast-paced attack-full strategy board game.

Of course, this is just from reading about the game (and watching a video). I want to get myself a copy and try it out for real. If you feel the same then you could use this link and I'll get a little cut of the sale for my marketing efforts ;-).

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   comment by dfdsf on November 17, 2006

it has to be about the middle east for a school project
   comment by chantelle smith on September 24, 2008

I want it to be like monypoly
   comment by itai on September 27, 2009


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