The Dark Ages Maps

The Dark Ages - Northwest is the first map in a seven-part series exploring Europe in the Dark Ages, created by Lux Delux map-maker SunTzu.

Along with the Northwest, there's maps of the West, Southwest, Southeast, Northeast, and Central Europe during the Dark Ages.

Their forms combine into a truly stunning 1541x1269 Europe in the Dark Ages map.

Posted by dustin on February 6, 2007 with category tags of

Wow, that's really nice. It actually looks like it was drawn on old-fashioned paper.

Not to poo-poo mbauer's work...
   comment by Mariana (#35) on February 6, 2007

An excellent peace of work, though i should say that you could use a different colour for the borders or the rivers cause it gets a bit confusing. Nonetheless it is very good!
   comment by thanasis on June 11, 2009

ths suxx..
   comment by -_- on October 27, 2010

   comment by Butt-smeller on March 8, 2011


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