2 Risk Boards in One

Two Worlds is the Lux Map of the Week. It's like sticking 2 RISK boards side-by-side, with a twist thrown in. It was put together by map-maker Sylocat.

Posted by dustin on March 9, 2007 with category tags of

The twist being that you can travel from one North America to either version of Asia? I like it. B-)
   comment by GBGames on March 9, 2007


It would also be good if you got bonuses for capturing the same continent on both planets simultaneously.
   comment by chrisdye on March 9, 2007

Well, you do get bonuses in such a case. One for each of the continents.
   comment by dustin (#1) on March 9, 2007

we had a similar idea last night while playing
tho we had the idea of using one of the other versions of risk, middle earth or future risk :D
   comment by sunshine on December 5, 2010

We played Risk with 2 boards today, except we had them stacked the other way so like South America could attack the other board's North America. I player with 7 other people, so 4 teams of 2, and we LOVED IT!!!! It was soo much fun!!! It also took roughly 5 hours, but we loved every minute of it!!!
   comment by Grant on April 5, 2012


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