Sustainable living expo in Vancouver

EPIC 2007 is a buzzword friendly event going on this weekend in Vancouver. I'm in favor of so-called "ethical shopping" and it seems like that's what EPIC is targeting. I'm going to try to check it out.
EPIC is a new kind of exhibition celebrating leading companies who care about the consumer. The community. The planet. And they're making great products and offering exceptional services that don't compromise style or function.

Join us as we introduce the new breed of environmentally friendlier, smart, stylish products and savvy services that allow shoppers to feel good about their purchases in more ways than one.

Posted by dustin on March 16, 2007 with category tags of

I'm looking for a sofa along those lines made in Canada.
   comment by Mirzipan (#99) on March 17, 2007

5 minutes ago I was all set to leave for your event. Then my husband, who has no income, told me it was going to cost $12 for each of us to get in, plus the parking, plus the gas and time to get there from Maple Ridge. You really are going to have to reach the "little people" if you are going to get everyone on board. We are, sorrowfully, not attending.
   comment by Mary Charron on March 18, 2007

Well Mary, considering how it wasn't "my event", maybe your husband could pick you up some reading comprehension tips. Seeing as how he's not encumbered by a job or anything. He could probably use some too, seeing as how it actually only cost $8 if you bought your tickets online.

Mirzi, there were a few furniture companies at the show, but none that I can remember the names of. In my opinion, if you really want to buy furniture in a sustainable manner, the Salvation Army or other second-hand stores are the best way to do it. The usage:energy ratio of second hand stuff can't be beat. That big leather couch me and Nikki had was bought at the Montreal Salvation Army store, which has a big furniture section.

All in all the EPIC show was a mixed bag. There was a number of good and interesting booths, along with a few companies that were more or less slapping "sustainable" onto their products to advertise them. It was worth going to though.
   comment by dustin (#1) on March 29, 2007


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