Mac Update

In point form:
- Camino is still awesome. Why, oh, why won't they add RSS support? Jerkasaurus!
- I tried to disable AppleSpell (I'm not a 12 yr old) but every damn app kept harrassing me that it couldn't find AppleSpell so i turned it back on even though it eats ram for no good reason.
- I ditched bitrocket and went to azureus. The ability to cherrypick files within a torrent is too awesome. Any other osx clients do the same?
- iMovie is so easy to use. I've only abused it once with the grace of a knitting hippo but plan to have more fun with it as the kids get older
- iPhoto hasn't choked on 5000+ photos. Not too shabby.
- Quicksilver. Greatest thing ever. Like a command line for a GUI.
- Tinkertool let me tweak a few more things in OS X that were bugging me.
- NeoOffice is working well. Good conversion of OpenOffice.

Next up: Garageband for podcasting...

Posted by vinny9 on April 27, 2007 with category tags of


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