Super Happy Vancouver Lux Map

Last week I attended Super Happy Grow-op Dev House, a community hackathon party. It was plenty nerdy and plenty fun.

I went in with the idea of using some time to create a Lux map of Vancouver, since there wasn't one yet. It was a good scale project to do, since I was able to get it (mostly) done and also spend a bunch of time talking with the other nerds there.

I cleaned it up more after the event, and spiced up the theme with creative commons photos from kidcadaver and Jaako. It's now gone through the MapLAB and has been released to the plugin manager inside Lux. If any DevHousers want a copy, send me an email.

Posted by dustin on May 15, 2007 with category tags of

Very cool! And, um, how about a giant citadel of power at 1 Alexander, in the center of the DTES, for SHDH hq :P
   comment by Boris Mann on May 15, 2007

Yeah, I wanted to put in my house of power too. The scale I did it at made it not work though. There will have to be another one that's a close up of downtown.
   comment by dustin (#1) on May 15, 2007

   comment by Jim Pick on May 27, 2007


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