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Google Alerts are a good way of tracking things on the internet. Set up a watch on a word and google will tell you whenever it finds a new page using the word. I have some set up for "Sillysoft", "Lux Delux", etc.

Here is my feature requests to google to make their alerts even better:
- Let me set domains for my alerts to ignore (to avoid Sillysoft alerts whenever a new page goes up).
- Give me a link in the alert email to report the page as spam or phishing or content theft.

Thank you, oh mighty Google.

Posted by dustin on August 27, 2007 with category tags of

Sadly, the latter isn't very likely. Any such link with Google would just send you to their DMCA page. You'd still have to fax or mail in the notice. They seem pretty intent on not making that process remotely easy.

Sad but true.

Otherwise a great idea!
   comment by Jonathan Bailey on August 28, 2007

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Verify google alert requests
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