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I use flickr to publish my photography online. It's a good service, but not perfect. Here are my feature requests to Flickr:

1. On individual photo pages, the meta description and keywords should be about the photo, not about Flickr. Yahoo runs a fricken search engine, you'd think they would get this right.

2. Give me a nice view into the referrer logs. Where are people coming to my photos from? Who's inlining it into webpages? What photos got viewed the most recently? etc. This would be the perfect place to build a Google Analytics competitior.

3. Expand the API to include sets. And keep expanding it from there.

4. Enable HTML links in photo descriptions on my photostream pages when they're showing small photos. Why don't they work here?

Finally, a flickr-related feature request directed to Google: Get an API or scraper set up to read the title, description and tags on flickr photo pages. Then use the info in your Google Image Search algo. I've started searching for images at flickr first now, because experience has shown I often find better images direct from there.

Posted by dustin on September 28, 2007 with category tags of

I sent my list to flickr via their feedback system. The auto-reply shows their entertaining character:
random dude,
Just a quick email from Team Flickr to let you know that
we've successfully received your recent Help by Email query
and we hope to respond shortly.

We'd also like to take an opportunity to remind you that
one query is sufficient and multiple queries regarding the
same issue make the Magic Donkey cry.

Lastly, you may not be aware that our FAQs and forums are
full of help goodness:

The Flickreenos
   comment by dustin (#1) on September 28, 2007

I agree with your first 4 requests, especially the 2nd one. I'm a stats nerd and would love more analytics.

As for the your final request, Flickr has no reason to improve its search results from Google. Yes, Google has the largest search engine market share, but its a direct competitor to Yahoo!. And most people know that Flickr has better images than those that appear in Google Images search (nevermind the ability to filter on CC licenses), so why would they want you to bypass the Flickr mainpage to use Google Images instead?
   comment by Chris on September 28, 2007

Flickr does have reason to improve its search results from google: it would make their paying customers (me) happier with the service. I understand there might be some BS corporate reasons for not doing it, but it's just hobbling the service. Same situation goes for google better indexing flickr pages; it would make google image search a better service, so they should do it.
   comment by dustin (#1) on September 28, 2007

Hey, the one thing I want is to be able to get directly to the medium-size image from the photo's homepage, since that's the one I inevitably end up needing for blog posts.
   comment by Ryan Cousineau on September 28, 2007

It's not the best but searches through all kinds of sites for photos and a few times I got stuff from flicker, so check it out.
   comment by registeredname on September 29, 2007

Another email reply from flickr:

Thank you for contacting Flickr Customer Care.

Although these featuree are not currently available on Flickr, your
feedback is an important part of how we decide which features to add to

The best place to submit ideas for Flickr is the Flickr Ideas Group.
Apart from putting your ideas out there for everyone to discuss, Flickr
Admins patrol all the forums regularly, so you will be heard!

See forums at:


Thank you again for contacting us. If you have any other questions,
please feel free to reply to this email.

Flickr Customer Care
   comment by dustin (#1) on October 4, 2007

I started a thread on the flickr idea forums about the META issue, which had been requested and promised years ago. Trying to raise some ruckus about it...
   comment by dustin (#1) on October 4, 2007


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