Animated Robin Hood

Searching youtube for the old animated disney Robin Hood turns up a lot of cool music video mashups. Shown here is No Easy Way Out and I also liked Devil May Cry, Not Gonna Get Us, Bitter Sweet Simphony, I'm Too sexy, I Like Big Butts, and He's A Pirate.

As for clips straight from the movie, I found the songs Oh De Lally, Not in Nottingham, The Phony King Of England, Love, plus the amazing brawl scene.

Posted by dustin on October 16, 2007 with category tags of

Some friends and I decided this weekend that this animated Robin Hood was the spark for the development of 99% of today's Furries. Discuss.
   comment by alice on October 17, 2007

They are a seriously hot pair of foxes. Rawr.
   comment by dustin (#1) on October 17, 2007


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