Bring Your Own Mini-Bus Transit

Large portions of the world have a bring-your-own mini-bus transit system. Where anyone who has seats can pick up people waiting at transit stops.

The government could enable some form of this here by giving taxis the ability to pick up multiple passengers. Taking it further, ad-hoc carpooling at transit hubs could eventually fill many of the empty seats in cars on the road.

This post is based on ideas raised at Vancouver Transit Camp during the session Private Alternatives and Curb Rights.

PS: The government should also just buy more buses! Instead they waste our money on disastrous mega-projects like the Cambie line.

Posted by dustin on December 9, 2007 with category tags of

disastrous mega-project? They scorned Skytrain, they ridiculed the Surrey extension, they said the Millennium Line would never find its ridership. The only disastrous component of the Cambie Line is that it's not done yet.

As for the buses issue, sure, But the operating costs probably matter more than the capital costs. The major cost saving in the short Community buses was the opportunity for the bus company to define driving them as a separate job, so they could pay the drivers less than the big-bus pilots.
   comment by Ryan Cousineau on December 10, 2007

More bus service operators can also mean more frequent service. Or stop-to-door service. I think that there's a way of using some of this in Vancouver. I like the idea of just letting taxis take multiple fares at once (for a discount on them?). I think it could turn out to be quite effective in moving people around better.
   comment by dustin (#1) on December 10, 2007

Also, re: "The only disastrous component of the Cambie Line is that it's not done yet." I feel the need to point out all the businesses on Cambie going bankrupt or moving as a disaster. Whoever made the cut-n-cover switcheroo should be tar-and-feathered.
   comment by dustin (#1) on December 11, 2007

I like the idea, but in all honesty we've still got the safety issue. Being a woman, I wouldn't opt to hitch a ride with a stranger. It's probably all in my head as fear pervades every corner of mass media and therefore the psyche, but hey- the fear is real.
   comment by sam on December 11, 2007

Taking a taxi is hitching a ride with a stranger. But you have some assurance that they have been vetted.

Taxis a providing a form of this service now. They could be doing more though.
   comment by dustin (#1) on December 12, 2007


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