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You know what? I assumed that the intention of this video was to be sarcastic... "Celine Dion is amazing! (...and here's why)" Ha ha.. she's so lame! Let's all laugh at how much celine sucks.However, it did manage to convince me that she IS amazing. Here's a person who is not afraid to reveal herself in her goofiness and uncoolness in an industry predicated on image. That is so much more valuable when costrasted with whatever would be considered Cool: some contrived Gangsta Rap pose or some hipper-than-thou bullshit. Fuck Cool! Cool is just an invention used to sell you soft drinks, sneakers, and cigarettes.

If this was meant to be genuine rather than sarcastic, then bravo, because this painted the most human and compelling portrait of Celine Dion i've yet seen. It's almost a minor point that I still get no value from her music.
   comment by Alex (#118) on January 12, 2008

Alex, you may well be channelling the author of the video — the accompanying blog post says:
watching this stuff, I felt high because I could not believe that boring old Céline was capable of being such a ball of weirdness. Her M.O.R. reputation is hilarious because she is, in fact, all over the road...

I'll never love Céline Dion's music (except "It's All Coming Back to Me Now" and "Think Twice"). I'll never be anything but reluctantly appreciative of her voice. But her persona speaks to me on such a basic level that it might as well come with nutritional information. This right here is chicken soup for my soul.
I agree that the sheer ridiculousness of these clips is quite charming, though I must say, I did wonder about the "nappy head" thing.
   comment by goodladd (#144) on January 12, 2008

Sadly enough I had to go see in concert a few years back with my mom (she forced me to go).

It was so damn cheesy, that during "My heart will go on" (from the Titanic Movie) a railing popped out from under the stage, and a fan dropped down from the ceiling so it looked like she was hanging over the railing of a ship on a windy day.

She also had conversations with pre-recoded video clips of Barbara Streisand and The Bee Gees.

Oh god! The awful memories!
   comment by registeredname (#141) on January 12, 2008

As gilda radner used to sheepishly say, "... never mind."

As far as the "nappy-headed boy" is concerned, she's singing Stevie Wonder not Don Imus, so it makes sense in context.
   comment by Alex (#118) on January 13, 2008

Holy crap, that was awesome.
   comment by alice (#60) on January 13, 2008


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