Vancouver bloggers on parade

Vancouver is a high-tech city; tons of people here are bloggers. Here's a clearing house of Vancouver based blogs that have ended up in my RSS reader. I don't actually end up reading them all now, but there's good stuff within.
Vancouver bloggers: please comment with a link to your blog and a description of what you write about. The internets will check it out.

And say "hi" to me at this year's Northern Voice Vancouver blogger conference.

Posted by dustin on February 13, 2008 with category tags of

There must be some mistake. I'm in Port Moody.

Alas, owing to work commitments, I won't be at NV, either.
   comment by Ryan Cousineau on February 13, 2008

hey dustin. good list. thx for including me.
you should add my rss feed to your reader too.
   comment by kk+ on February 14, 2008

2 other quality blogs would have made my list: Darren Barefoot and Shane Neville. Except the authors no longer live in Vancouver. Splitters!
   comment by dustin (#1) on February 14, 2008

Consider rolling to my presentation at NV08 - F*ck Stats, Make Art. Should be entertaining at least ;-).

   comment by DaveO on February 15, 2008

Hi Dustin,

Had seen your blog on Stephen Rees' blogroll. As for Northern Voice, I don't think I'm going. But good luck in your presentation! And as for my blog, it began as an environmentally-focused blog and now I blog about just about everything - movie reviews, restaurant reviews, music reviews, couple of political discussions, lots of Vancouver-centric stuff and a LOT of my random thoughts.
   comment by Raul on February 18, 2008

Thanks for the link Dustin. I am just clicking through my blogroll to make sure all the links work and I think you should consider adding

   comment by Stephen Rees on February 25, 2008

I write about my daily life as a internet marketer and my personal life as well
   comment by Motion Groove on April 9, 2008 site for activists.
   comment by heyho on April 26, 2008

As northern voice 2009 approaches, I updated this list with a few new blogs.
   comment by dustin (#1) on February 10, 2009

Thanks for the list Dustin! Will check your list, I'm sure I'll end up bookmarking some of them. Thanks and awesome blog :)

   comment by ACN Video Phone on January 28, 2010

I have a blog on atving in BC
if anyone want sot check it out-hey and thanks for this opportunity to check out a few fellow Vancouver bloggers!
   comment by bcpowersports on April 4, 2011


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