McCain on the liquidity crisis

Posted by chrisdye on June 10, 2008 with category tags of

No mortal can veto me!
   comment by One Metre Beer (#33) on June 10, 2008

Speaking of One Metre Beer, I recently discovered that if you Google "One Metre Beer" (with quotation marks), plethoric pundigrions comes up on the first page of results, even though I have never mentioned One Metre Beer on my blog. Google has obviously just worked out the connection via my postings on Sillytech. Creepy, eh?
   comment by goodladd (#144) on June 11, 2008

Sorry, by Sillytech I of course meant Blurgh.
   comment by goodladd (#144) on June 11, 2008

Is it Blurgh or Vlorb?
   comment by chrisdye (#15) on June 11, 2008


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