Trapped on the Escalator

We've all heard of people being caught on elevators but what if people were to be trapped on an escalator (original idea by Maryam).

[Two men and a woman are riding the escalator in a building when all of a sudden the escalator just stops]

Man: What the?

Woman: Oh no! What’s happening.

Man1: No big deal, just walk the rest of the way.

Man1: Are you crazy!?

[Man1 grabs Man2]

Man1: Are you trying to kill us all?

Man2: What are you talking about?

Man1: If you move the cables might snap and this escalator could fall.

Woman: Oh god! We’d all die.

Man1: Don’t panic, we just need to stay here, be calm and hope someone finds us.

Man2: Um, excuse me, I don’t know what’s wrong with all of you, but aren’t you over-reacting?

Woman: I’m claustrophobic, do you think we’ll be here long?

Man2: We’re in a wide-open space? Are you two high?

[Man1 slaps Man2 across the face]

Man1: Dammit man, you’re not making this easier.

Man2: Alright, alright, say I play along. Do either of you have a cell-phone so we can just call for help.

Man1: We’re on an escalator, no way we’d get reception.

Man2: This is insane, an escalator can’t fall, we’re in no danger.

[Woman starts to cry, reaches for a photo from her pocket]

Woman: These are my children. I love them so much. I don’t want to die.

Man2: We’re not going to die!

Man1: That’s right, because we’re just going to stay put.

[Just then a janitor walks by the top of the escalator]

Man1: Help! Help us we’re trapped on the escalator!

Man2: Can you please just tell these people that there’s nothing to worry about and we can just walk off this escalator?

Janitor: Just stay where you are. Whatever you do don’t move! I’m calling the fire department. Don’t move or the escalator cables could snap and you’ll all die.

[Man1 hugs Woman]

Woman: oh God I hope we make it.

[Hours later the people have been saved and a news reporter is talking to the woman]

Reporter: You have just been through a harrowing life and death ordeal. Is there anything you’d like to say?

Woman: I’d like to thank God, and Jesus. I was so scared. Why couldn’t we just have had some non-alarm like being stuck on an elevator?

Posted by Reverend_Jerry on October 20, 2002 with category tags of


Good premise, and funny dialogue, but there could have been more to it, the end seemed sort of a cop-out... maybe another scene of them, hours later, with cannibalism or something.
   comment by Mariana (#35) on October 20, 2002, Rated it 3

Yes, agreed. Cannibalism is absolutely called for. By the way, I was just watching TV, and I learned that the Ottomans used cannibals to breach the walls of Constantinople.
   comment by chrisdye (#15) on October 22, 2002

   comment by anonymous on February 9, 2003, Rated it 2

Very classy. Anonymous poor ratings on three of my skits. None of which provide any constructive criticism. Bravo
   comment by Reverend_Jerry (#40) on February 9, 2003

the person who wrote sigh is the gayest person in the whole world
   comment by gktfdrdjrtjrd on February 23, 2004

the person who wrote sigh is the gayest person in the whole world
   comment by gktfdrdjrtjrd on February 23, 2004, Rated it 3


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