Dear God I Hate Bell Canada

On tuesday my phone number will change. This is because in the 50+ years that bell canada has had a monopoly on the canadian phone system they have maintained the same local exchange routing system. So when I move to my new apartment which is a 15 minute walk away from the old one I must get a new number.

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I work for Bell Canada, and can honestly say it is the worse job i have ever had. I hope a large company merges into Ontario and wipes Bell out.
   comment by anonymous on January 1, 2004

I sure wish AT&T, Sprint or whoever... would provide residential services so Bell cannot monopolize the industry. They are the rudest and most pathetic scum of the earth.
   comment by Dan on April 1, 2004

I worked for Bell. It was the worst place ever!! The Network Access Fee is a SCAM! The CRTC would not allow Bell to raise local rates, so they invented the Network Access Fee, Bell will tell you it is to upgrade the telecom system, it only "upgrades" shareholder dividends this company is wicked!
   comment by anonymous on September 14, 2004

Bell Canada Call Centres - Stay away from them, they go through employees faster than you use toilet paper. Marnie Biga-Wadstein and her "menians" in London are the most EVIL bitches you caould ever meet. Flipping burgers would be a step UP!
   comment by anonymous on September 14, 2004

Ex-Bell employee here. The Network Access Charge, you've seen it on your bill. It is a scam! The CRTC disallowed Bell to increase the fees on LOCAL Service so BELL devised the network access fee "to maintain the network" Maintain the network? That is what your local service fee is for! All the Network Access Fees do is maintain shareholder loyalty NOTHING ELSE, cancel your long distance and buy pre-paid cards. Your just throwing money away paying the Network Access Fee. If you want to throw your life away, apply to work there. The are the most immoralized, dehumanizing, bullying bastards around - especially the LONDON CALL CENTRE, directed by "MARNIE" the QUEEN of ALL BITCHES and her merry MENIONS!!!!
   comment by anonymous on September 14, 2004

Now, now, everyone hates Bell and all of their fee scams. But be nice to Marnie, whoever she is! As a Bell employee, she deserves sympathy. And besides, she would have good reason to sue you for defamation (and I'm guessing she probably has a good idea who you are, sunshine), unless you can prove that she is indeed the "Queen of all Bitches". I certainly didn't vote for her.
   comment by chrisdye (#15) on September 15, 2004

You don't get to vote for the Queen. I think you could have a credible argument that they get appointed by the people (in these modern times). Thus Marnie could very well be the Queen B.
   comment by dustin (#1) on September 15, 2004

The Queen "B" has ruined so many peoples lives, she wouldn't know where to start! I was pitched at the beginning of her ten year rein of terror, I've been out for a long time, but I keep in contact with others.
   comment by anonymous on September 16, 2004

Bell Canada is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with. For whatever reason, they are three months behind on sending out their invoices, and in the past week, I have attempted to call "Customer Service" 17 times and not once have I got through.

I e-mailed them asking for some one to call me and Marc replied, "As stated in our previous correspondence, we wish to clarify again that our mandate at the Bell Mobility Internet Customer service department is to respond to our clients via the same method used to communicate with us, by e-mail ... Consequently, we regret to inform you that we are unable to contact you by telephone."

Apparently Bell Canada, the largest most sophisticated communications network in the country can't forward an e-mail to someone within their own company to give me a call using a telephone. Un-fucking-believable!

I feel your pain.
   comment by Daen on September 28, 2004

Bell is the largest gang of inbread, overpaid, paperbrained morons i've ever had the chance to make montly installments to. They've climbed to the top of my most hated corperations simply because nobody can answer my fucking calls when i call them. It seems that incompetency must be a corperate policy.

I also feel your pain.
   comment by Myself on December 7, 2004

When I was still using analogue modems and dependanton bell for my internet , my modem was hijacked ,and I was stung on my phone bill for $285+$100 ,for "services", during an evening I was not even home.
In 2004 , a class action lawsuit was launched
against bell canada for allowing a kinglet in a tropical
forest to levee these fees on bell customers.
Unfortunatly, I threw those bills away a couple of years ago , and it is beyond bell's ability to retrive them for me after 18 months elapsed.
I strongly believe that if I still owed bell cash,
they would have copies of the original invoices for
their own perposes.

The company is scum and are hurting this country
deeply, my hands are shaking just typing this out ,
reliving that christmas a few years back.

I cannot wait to see that company disappear .

PS I use 3.4Ghz licenced broadband that is nowhere near under bells evil rule , so can make the claim
of not needing them anymore.

   comment by anonymous on February 14, 2005

i wonder if googles "BELL CANADA" + "LOVE" it MUST SHOW THIS PAGE !!!
   comment by LOL on February 24, 2005

How does one find out the access codes for low rate phone calls with-in the bell system . Do you know any of the 10.10 numbers. One is supposed to give youan unlimited call for $0.50 .
   comment by Meggie on February 28, 2005

didn't know there eas a page to voice your views on this monoply. I thought monopolies were illegal.
How did you get the 3.4Ghz licenced broadband?
   comment by Meggie on February 28, 2005

As an ex-Nexacor employee I can tell you that there are lazy morons running the show and the system is hopelessly broken. The system, and the company is hopelesly dysfunctional to the point where they file and lose the same invoice 10 X over and pat themselves on the back when a contractor gets paid within the year. Thats this year, last year was better...some at least get paid in 6 months. I hope more contractors sue the shit of that dumb ass company.
   comment by ex - nexacor on June 30, 2005

Over 6 months ago Bell told me (and my neighbours) that ADSL was now available on our phone lines. After months of screwing with pinheads I have now received notice from the Bell Canada Executive Office that not only do our phone lines not support ADSL but there are currently no plans to upgrade the lines. Unfortunately all my hours and hours of troubleshooting were only worth $5 in Tim Horton's coupons to Bell. Thanks for nothing douchebags.

The worst of it is that I live 10 minutes away from Kanata, Ontario which just happened to be an ADSL test site before it was even available to the masses. Nice.
   comment by Dave on October 3, 2005

i hate bell mobility, the reason for my anger is that i wanted to make long distance calls to a county outside north america.i called coustmer service i asked them how much will it cost me per min she said it was 60 cent per min; So i used about 100 mins long distance when i get my bill to supersise i get a bill of 510 dollars. i called coustmer service i find i have been charged 2.75 cents per min which cost 7 cents in a long ditance call. the coustmer service rep was very rude and blames it on me. i am going to cancel my service after this incedent.i am sharing my story with ever one that peope wil not long distance form this the waytheyhave a rep of good cousmr service i set to differ
   comment by smasher on July 19, 2006

i hate bell mobility, the reason for my anger is that i wanted to make long distance calls to a county outside north america.i called coustmer service i asked them how much will it cost me per min she said it was 60 cent per min; So i used about 100 mins long distance when i get my bill to supersise i get a bill of 510 dollars. i called coustmer service i find i have been charged 2.75 cents per min which cost 7 cents in a long ditance call. the coustmer service rep was very rude and blames it on me. i am going to cancel my service after this incedent.i am sharing my story with ever one that peope wil not long distance form this the waytheyhave a rep of good cousmr service i set to differ
   comment by smasher on July 19, 2006

Just wanted to let you know that I hate Bell too, they are the worst company and if you ever want to start a petition against them I would so sign it. Another pissed off ex-bell customer
   comment by Me on October 12, 2006

I have gone through 10 years of problems with those arogant a_ _ 's I just sent a 4 page complaint to their CEO ( If he ever sees it!) and also a copy to the crtc. I am setting up another blog and am looking for suggestions on how to make our points clear with bell.
   comment by Michael A on October 19, 2006

thanks for fowarding this email to me liz, i needed the laugh.
   comment by adam on October 25, 2006

BELL SUCKS!!! They have messed up our bill for 14 consecutive months. I would routinely have monthly calls with them, where I would have the pleasure of waiting on hold for 1 hour +. I have since cancelled my services and they think I am going to pay them $640.00!!!

I recently got involved with another telecom company. They have great service and great customer service. They have 24/7 LIVE customer service (no emily to automated rep). Their rates are 10-15% below the monopoly. There is no contract or connection fee. Literally a dream come true. The transition was seamless, I kept my same phone # and there was no interruption to my service. If you would like more information about this phone company you can email me at Trust me, it's the best thing you will ever do!
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   comment by John on November 9, 2006


Seriously, what the F-ck has Bell ever done for this country?
   comment by anonymous on November 10, 2006

1. around 200.000 people benefit directly from Bell (the bell employees and their families)
2. around 10 million customers (without including the TV/Radio audience) take advantage of Bell services.
3. Stimulates internal economy (all packages are sent by Canada post, all internal voyages are made with Air Canada, all internal provisioning is made by Canadian companies and with Canadian products)

SO, before you say you want Bell to disapear from the face of Earth, take a big breath, use your brain (in the logical way) and then speak.

Have a good one.
   comment by John on November 10, 2006

   comment by John on November 10, 2006

God I hate Bell does not even come close to what I would like to say about them. I have never been so frustrated in my life. They are trying to get money wherever they can. They are scum!!!!!!1 I received a bill from a collection agency for bills I never received and for services I never had. I spent days trying to find out what is going on and none of their 20 agents can answer me; they are good at forwarding the call to someone else in a big circle and at the end they still can't tell me what I am being billed for. I guess that is why I never got a bill from them. This matter is still pending and I urge others to contact your consumer prtection bureau if you are suffering due to bell canada.
   comment by s edwards on November 17, 2006

Theres a better telecomm company growing as we speak. Its priding itself on all that Bell does wrong! Its all about customer satisfaction. If Bell falls, its Bells own fault! ACN is an amazing telecomm company which is growing very fast. They dont have , nor will have, hungry shareholders to keep happy. They focus on the customer! The products and services which are being launched are amazing and exciting..... like Video Phones! Way cool! They have even been endorsed by Donald Trump. You can check it out at
If your tired of Bell and want to try something new and improved feel free to contact me. I can set you up with the services. You wont be dissapointed! 647-801-7180
   comment by Sean Stoeten on January 31, 2007

This is my entire ordeal with Bell Mobility. Let me tell you, I HATE THEM. They have the absolute WORST business practices on earth.

Read my experience carefully and learn from it. Just pay for the entire phone, and go month to month if you're going to go with Bell. It will save you SOOOOO many problems in the end!
   comment by Benny on February 3, 2007
   comment by Benny on February 3, 2007

Who here loves Rogers?
   comment by anonymous on February 7, 2007

I worked for Bell and find it hilarious to read how brain dead we are. Try working there, asshole! You are judged on how much you sell, how you sell it, how long it takes for you to sell it, whether you send an email to the customer about it, how many questions you ask, how long you take in the bathroom, whether you update the customer profile and finally... whether you are a positive team player. This has half the office on stress leave and the other half on the crapper with the runs! All the while, the threat of your job being taken to India (like repair, billing and sympatico tech support already is) and having YOUR Bell payments fund Osama Bin Laden. If you think it's such a great job, yank your head out of your ass and take a breath of real air. Shit trickles down and you can thank Michael Sabia and his self imposed 555% wage increase last year for ALL the shit that happens there. The man earns more than the premier or Quebec, Ontario, the Prime Minister and the President of the US COMBINED. Why not bitch about THAT?
   comment by a minion on February 13, 2007

Aw, c' can't be worse than tot or tt&t in thailand......their adsl (only hook-up besides sat) is worse than the telephone hook-ups 15 yrs ago in mtce, and outages everyday sometimes for hours. Very slow.
   comment by ranman on February 15, 2007

Just found this site and love the fact that so many people hate Bell Canada. If you are or were a customer of Bell Canada or happened to work for them and would like a chance to see them loose all there customers that they have been ripping off for so many years. I'am pretty sure I have a solution for you. Bell and rogers have been in control of the market prices for to long and that is all about to change. Trust me when I say I have the answer to all of your pain. I'am a business owner and would like nothing more than to see Bell Canada get what they deserve. If you are interested in contacting me to see how you can get a little pay-back please contact me at
   comment by shannon on February 16, 2007

Wow... either you guys are incredibly impatient or you really did get the outsourced reps when you called in. I have been working at Bell (notice the capital B) for 17 years and wouldn't trade it for the world. Have had my sympatico and expressvu with them since the first day they became available, and cant stand even watching tv at my friends place with cable. If you actually get someone from Canada on the phone, you will have everything resolved on the one call. We can't stand the fact that customers cant speak to someone who understands english after 6pm either.
By the way... the majority of the people who leave Bell, come back... because we are the best at anything to do with a POTS line... or anything else telephone related. Why do you think the other companies had to get the CRTC to force us to charge fixed rates and install charges so that we could help build their customer base? There's no way Rogers or Primus or ACN (gimme a break) could have managed a couple dozen customers without us helping them....
Suck it up. Bell is the best in product and customer service. I love them and wish I never had to retire.
   comment by bellguy on February 28, 2007


I would like to introduce you to a new grass-roots Canadian Telecoms Oligopoly information and protest site at

What is TeleGopoly?

Telegopoly = Telecom + Oligopoly

A market scenario where there are minimal, dominant, major telecoms companies serving the wireless (cellphone) market. Due to their oligopolistic nature and 'coopetition', the wireless telcos act like monopolies in a ‘competitive’ market. Side effects are minimal innovation and high service fees.

An example of this market situation is Canada where there are only three network based wireless carriers (which created tightly controlled MVNOs to create illusion of competition) serving the wireless market.

The objective is to educate Canadians about the Advanced Wireless Spectrum (AWS) Auction.

Next year, Industry Canada will hold the AWS Auction. Industry Canada set up a call for comments which ran from mid-February to May 25, 2007. Unfortunately the Call for Comments was not well advertised and the only time the press spoke about the process in any really visible manner was near the end of the process. It is now too late to make commments.

The Department will also provide interested parties with the opportunity to reply to comments from other parties. Reply comments will be accepted until June 27, 2007. We as consumers must be heard! It is important to rebutt comments made by business organizations which are acting as defacto lobby groups for the incumbent carriers.

The carriers want "free market" open auctions via which the incumbent carriers will be able to outspend potential market entrants which could bring innovation and competition to the Canadian market.

Visit the site and let us know what you think.


Dave and the team
   comment by Dave on June 3, 2007

I recently switched service providers due to poor customer service at bell (I spell it with a little “b” because they lost the rights to a capital). Subsequent to switching, I have been offered all sorts incentives to return. All my inconvenience (having to change numbers) and Bell’s loss of revenue could have been avoided by the simple loan of a temporary handset while my phone was sent for repair.

Here is the correspondence in hopes that it assists Bell in future dealings with its customers.

My first correspondence to Bell Customer Service:

Dear Customer Service Department,

I have been a Bell subscriber for more years than I care to remember. I recently purchased a new cell phone for $270.00 which failed to work properly from day one. Back in July, I returned to the Bell store where I purchased the phone to request a replacement or repair. I was advised that I was required to pay $25.00 for a loaner phone while mine was sent away for an indeterminate amount of time. This just 10 weeks after purchase. I advised the store associate that I felt the charge was out of line given my long history of patronage, and given the fact that I was sold faulty merchandise that has caused me no end of inconvenience.

The store associate advised that I could speak with a Bell customer service representative, who might be able to have the fee waived. They connected me via telephone from the store. The Bell representative advised me that there was nothing he could (or would) do about the $25.00 charge.

I paid $270.00 for a phone that doesn’t work and I resent being asked to pay more to look into the problem. I would like the phone replaced and would kindly request the $25 fee for the loan of a telephone be waived under the circumstances.


To which I received the following reply:

… My name is Michelle and I have read your message carefully.

I am pleased to assist you in this matter. I appreciate the time you invested in voicing your concerns with the repairs required for your mobile phone. With regards to repair delays, shipping and loaner telephone costs, I am regrettably unable to provide assistance, as these elements are part of the warranty supplied by the manufacturer and not by Bell Mobility. Our in-store agents are willing to act as intermediaries between the warranty holder and the manufacturer. However, Bell Mobility and its agents cannot be held accountable for the inherent costs of exercising the terms of a warranty (shipping and loaner program) supplied by a third party (the manufacturer), which is merely being provided as a courtesy and not as an obligation. In regards to your request for a replacement phone, I suggest that you contact the manufacturer to obtain information on your handset and its warranty. The manufacturer is best qualified to provide you with information on your equipment repair costs. You may contact them at the following coordinates: Audiovox Tel: (905) 712-9299 Toll Free: 1-800-465-9672 Website: Blackberry Toll Free: 1-877-255-2377 Website: Kyocera Toll Free: 1-800-349-4188 Website: LG Tel: (905) 568-6800 Toll Free: 1-888-542-2623 Website: Nokia Tel: (905) 427-6654 Toll Free: 1-888-226-6542 Website: Motorola Tel: (905) 948-5200 / (905) 890-2355 Toll Free: 1-800-461-4575 / 1-800-323-9685 Website: Qualcomm Toll Free: 1-800-349-4188 Website: Samsung Toll Free: 1-800-726-7864

To which I replied:

Dear Michelle,

Thank you for your timely response to my complaint.

Unfortunately it does little to assist my situation. I am fully aware of the warranty provided by LG, the cell phone manufacturer. The fact is that I purchased the phone from your retail outlet and it was unfit for use and not of merchantable quality. Without a working telephone the service offered by Bell Mobility is of no use to me and I will be forced to cancel my service and return the phone for refund. Of course, this is not my preference. My preference would be either: 1) The phone is replaced; or 2) I am provided with a replacement phone at no cost until my phone is returned from repair or replaced by the manufacturer. The problem with the phone is that you can only hear intermittently as the ear speaker goes on and off if the phone is tapped. This problem is likely due to a loose connection or a short, either of which might cause even more serious damage to the phone if left unfixed.

I am aware of the provisions of the Sale of Goods Act and, specifically, Section 15 thereof, which stipulates as follows: 15. Subject to this Act and any statute in that behalf, there is no implied warranty or condition as to the quality or fitness for any particular purpose of goods supplied under a contract of sale, except as follows: 1. Where the buyer, expressly or by implication, makes known to the seller the particular purpose for which the goods are required so as to show that the buyer relies on the seller's skill or judgment, and the goods are of a description that it is in the course of the seller's business to supply (whether the seller is the manufacturer or not), there is an implied condition that the goods will be reasonably fit for such purpose, but in the case of a contract for the sale of a specified article under its patent or other trade name there is no implied condition as to its fitness for any particular purpose. 2. Where goods are bought by description from a seller who deals in goods of that description (whether the seller is the manufacturer or not), there is an implied condition that the goods will be of merchantable quality, but if the buyer has examined the goods, there is no implied condition as regards defects that such examination ought to have revealed.

I believe that the circumstances of my purchase of the telephone from Bell Mobility fit squarely into those under which an implied warranty exists and I would expect, especially in light of the patronage I provide to Bell both personally and through my companies, that your company would wish to comply with my reasonable request.

Sincerely yours, SM

To which I received the following:

Dear SM,

Thank you for using Bell Mobility's Internet Customer Service. My name is Yvonne and I have read your message with care. It is my pleasure to assist you in this matter.

Thank you for your detailed response and for taking the time to investigate this matter further. I am sorry to learn of the problems with the earpiece on your LG 5550. In regards to your request, as stated, as the warranty is provided through the manufacturer and we (Bell Mobility) are unable to provide you with a replacement handset. I appreciate your time and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please note that our return policy states that you may return the handset within 15 days. As you are outside of this window, it will not be possible to return this handset for a refund. I regret to learn of your intention to deactivate your cellular service with Bell Mobility and hope to have demonstrated, during your tenure, how important your patronage was to us. Please contact our Customer Service department by telephone to confirm your request. You may reach us by dialing one of the following numbers: - 1-800-667-0123 from anywhere in Canada - 1-800-667-7626 from the United States - *611 free of charge from your mobile telephone Please note that our cancellation policy requires 30 days notice. I appreciate that you took the time to contact us and would like to thank you Mr. M for doing business with Bell. I hope to have adequately addressed your concerns regarding this matter. Please do not hesitate to contact us again at: I wish you a pleasant day. Yvonne Bell Mobility Online Customer Service Your comments on my reply would be greatly appreciated at:

To which I finally replied:

Dear Yvonne,

Thank you for your response to my email. I am amazed that Bell will not provide a temporary phone while I send my current phone out for repair. I understand that this is standard practice at both Telus and Rogers Wireless -and such a simple thing to save a customer.

Based on your total unwillingness to assist me, I will be canceling my personal and corporate accounts with Bell Mobility, as well as my home and business accounts with Bell. I will be sure to share your response with the customer service representative at the number you provided. I will also be sure to share my poor experience with my friends and colleagues so that they might also consider an alternative provider.



I am now a Rogers customer.
   comment by Stephen on July 4, 2007

Rogers? hahaha I work for Bell and have gotten calls from immigrants and people with foreign-sounding names and heavy accents claiming that Rogers is dicking them around and lying to them about the comapny to get them to switch (racist fucks...Taking advantage of people's naivety to the way things work in Canada in order to extort them.). Bell is far from perfect (Hell, I do my telephony with Skype...They gave me North American long distance for all of 2007 for $15. I heard it's going to be $30 U.S. for the year from now on though...Sympatico's given me 7 good years though...I got my cell with Telus 3 months before starting this job...haha...They gave me the plan that best suited my needs, and while they've screwed up a few little times (minor services broken and billing errors of under $30), the problems were always fixed as soon as I noticed and complained...And to be honest, if I have lots of friends on Telus, I'll stay with them after the contract simply to maximise the proportion of calls I get for free...If I see most of my friends with Bell or Rogers (even though Ted's a fucking shyster), I'll switch.) and there are things I wish I could do for people who call me that the company would not allow (though I always make it a point to make sure that Anglophone customers get English billing if I see it's in French...I wonder if Lucien Bouchard is going to show up at my door and whack me upside the head with his diseased leg?)...Just one piece of advice though: No matter who you are with, look at your telco's bill every month...A lot of people pay for shit they don't need and never use because they've paid their pays for the past years with looking at them...Every day you'll get that person whining about the $15 long distance plan they had added to their account 4 years ago, never looked at the bill since they made said changes to the account, and then stop needing to make lots of long distance calls a year or 2 after subscribing to the plan and wondering what the fuck it is when they bother checking out their bill for curiosity's sake.

So what I was getting at? Teddy Boy and his kiddos are among this country's biggest crooks and you'll get dicked around like mad with Rogers if you're not careful (and as for Telus, stay away from them if you're out West...They treat Ontario customers better because they're not an established brand here and need to compete against the inertia of the Rogers and Bell names...But they've treated people out west nowhere near as well as I've been treated by them...:-( )..And since I'm ranting about everyone, Virgin's decent if you don't use tons of data services...And since I text as often as a racehorse pisses and I'm always online, I need my Talk & Spark.

   comment by CC Chronic on July 7, 2007

Myself,and Dolores have both had our privacy violated.Thay have listed Me in collections when I was Paying, because they lost a money order.There have been multiple billing issues.The Vice President has told us both to take a hike.The executive office has been trying to cover for each other.They have compromised My overall health recovery due to an extreme operation.They have tried charging tax on equitments returns.The worst part is I'm a Paralegal,Financial,and Credit Consultant,and used to be a Branch Manager of 56 staff,and 40 portfolio's.I have also gone to the Media,and CEO,but nothing yet.We have a combined 63 years with Bell that,also substanciates a perfect payment history. Rest assured we are far from done with Bell.
   comment by Shane & Dolores on November 16, 2007

Here is my current answering machine message for the next month:

Hello, thanks for calling, but I have to tell you that this number is no longer being answered. Er, you may want to hang up now.

See. it’s been frozen by too many cold-callers. So we’ve abandoned it, and after the end of this year, this answering service will be disconnected.

You still here? We have already stopped picking up, so if you want to call us, please use one of the other numbers we have given you.

You don’t have an alternative number? Then please leave a message after the tone and we’ll get back to you, but ONLY if you are friends, or family, or one of our preferred business acquaintances. YOU know who you are! And sorry if we missed you when dishing out our new numbers.

If you are NOT friends, or family, or one of our preferred business acquaintances, which is HIGHLY probable, then congratulations, your calls have encouraged us to cancel our contract with Bell. But by now you will have already hung up and started calling some other sucker, so I’m wasting my breath here.

See, we’ve had it with people like the President of Leon’s, who call us and start talking from a computer recording, since they don’t actually want to talk TO us, just AT us. By the way, Leon’s, we will buy NOTHING from you because of that. But you don’t know that because you’re not even on the line. Well, neither am I.

And we just hate it when some shmuck tries to sell us charity ball game tickets, and gets all righteous when we say we don’t want ball game tickets, like “You mean, you don’t CARE about the needy kids in your own neighbourhood??” Give me a break. I just don’t care about ball games, so stop trying to push buttons that aren’t there.

And actually, if you ARE Bell, all of the above absolutely includes you. I was particularly unimpressed by you when I called to cancel this number, and you tried to sell me your satellite TV service during the call. I know that telcos suck, but, really, you guys need to get a grip here. Not that it matters to me. I am no longer a customer, but you’ll be OK, since according to you everyone is flocking back to Bell. Aye, right.

Have a nice day now.
   comment by Al on November 28, 2007

Bell's time is coming, textbook example of a company in disarray. I am not worried about their employees. If their business starts to erode it will be picked up by someone who will need employees. So the 50,000 job loss mentionned above really isnt a good argument
   comment by Jamie Luck on November 29, 2007

Bell is the worst company I've ever had the displeasure of dealing with. My ordeal has been frustrating to the point of laughable. Whether it's the incompetence of the Business Office reps or the incomprehensible English of the technical support in India, I hit the final straw when I recently moved to a new house.

I was on the line with a telephone service rep for 20 minutes discussing my options at the new address. Ultimately this led me to my Sympatico account and of course, this meant I had to be transferred to another agent (by the way, at Videotron one rep can handle everything. Gasp!). Waiting... waiting... waiting. 5 minutes later...

Rep: Hello this is Sympatico Business Services how may I help you?
Me: Umm.. sorry is this for residential internet service?
Rep: No sir, this is for Business accounts, please wait while I transfer you.
Me: No problem.


Emily: Hello, this is Emily, your automated telephone assistant. How can I help you today?
Me: What the f*ck?
Emily: I'm sorry you're having problems. Please tell me what you're calling about and I will direct your call.
Me: ??
Emily: Thank you for calling Bell. Goodbye.


Me: You're f*cking kidding me!

So I quickly called up Videotron, spoke to a rep within 2 minutes who was able to process my order for a new internet account (5 times faster than a sympatico account), a new home phone number and a basic cable tv package (non-existant at bell). Yes, one rep could do it all! And get this...

So after 10+ years of a being a bell customer, I'm out. I'll always remember the good times... like when I was over-charged for hi-speed service for a year and a half in an area where I could only get basic DSL. Paid for two technician visits and was subsequently only offered 6 months credit because they couldn't go further back in my billing history. Or the time that I cancelled my account because of the inferior service and I was still charged $100 early termination. Or the time when I received my final statement for my UNLIMITED BANDWIDTH service and was charged an extra $30 for "bandwidth activity". Oh oh oh.. .and then of course there was the $28.94 I was charged on that final statement for Telephone services from Nov 10th to Dec 9th for my account that was cancelled on Nov 3rd!??!

Good times.

So for anyone listing out there... for the love of GOD and all things holy, avoid bell AT ALL COSTS! Sure all the other companies could have similar little issues here and there, but nothing compares to the all-encompassing incompetence of Bell!
   comment by Paul Southin on November 29, 2007

how many store does the bell company have in canada and through out the world?..Please reply as soon as possible..thank you..!!!!!!!
   comment by defny torindo on December 9, 2007

pple who hate bell i fell sorry for you coz its the best...DEAR GOD I LOVE BELL IN CANADA
   comment by defny torindo on December 9, 2007

Bell the biggest bunch of scammers ever... I have gone through hell with them for the past 4 months. They have been charging me for a line that was suppose to be hooked up and wasnt, yet they do THREE investigations and tell me that code 8 means that calls came from my house so i have to pay for overseas calls to hungry and italy and i dont know anyone from either country. So after all this i do an investigation of my own and find that at the house the line they tell me is there is NOT, and that i have two neighbours tied in there insted. I tap into the lines, find the numbers on the internet and call them and bell with this info. Then i want bell to call me when the tech. comes to the house but no such luck. He just comes there and unhooks one of the lines and finally puts my line on after 4 months, but in the process disconnects an 82 year old women's line that is on lifeline and needs the phone. I go over to her house and try to get a tech out to the house that night and the best the support tells me (in India) is that they will send someone in the morning. The best part is they want to still charge me for the last four months for a line that i never had. So that is now the finally investigation, that i promise. If i could'nt do the investigation myself and findout what was really wrong with the lines, im sure i would be getting screwed over by them still, and i wonder how many people get scammed by bell everyday... If you feel your getting scammed by them check it out. They have NO costumer service.
   comment by James on December 13, 2007

Is there any chance that you can identify shows that are peats during the season, my wife and i are getting older and sometimes watch a show and start watching a show and found out we have seen it before, therefore missing the beginning of another show that we havent seen. A simple R in the guide menu would mean it is a repeat.
   comment by terry Dupuis on December 19, 2007

Ah - who doesn't hate Bell? I did a search for links to my blog and some were sent there by people doing some sort of I hate Bell search on google.
(pulling up this entry
Kate Trogvac's great rant
which inspired mine also motivated others (many, many others) to comment on her blog about their Bell-themed agony (as occured here).

Further proof that yip, Bell sucks.
   comment by Monica Hamburg on December 26, 2007

I fucking fucking fucking hate bell CANADA they are the worst people on earth. I have never wanted to kill anyone before...until now! They keep overbilling my internet by $25
every month, and now on top of that they charge me a bandwith charge of $30 every month. someone should really bomb their headquarters.
Thank you for letting me vent
   comment by JZ on January 6, 2008

Have you any idea how frustrating it is, when you put your phone, internet, and express vu on temporary suspension, to find out that Bell ignores the express vu (this year) and keeps on charging you. I have had problems in the past with Bell, and internet, this year its express vu. I have been round and round on your so called easy website, and finally found a place to complain, not sure if its going to do me any good. I would like you to adjust my express vu, we put everything on temp. suspension from 1 Dec 07 to 31st March 08, and now are being charge for Jan 25-15 Feb 08.
Please adjust my account, and try and fix your website to make it easy to contact you. I'm in Australia and can't call.
   comment by sandra smith on February 7, 2008

To hell with Bell Canada . They overcharged me three times for no reason. I guess people there are all idiots.
   comment by Ethan on March 4, 2008

Bell Canada has the worst service in Canada. They are a true embarassment to our country. To have a manager call you back...takes two days. Does that ever send them the message that they have too many complaints ?? Take every chance you get to change to someone else.
   comment by Jamie on March 11, 2008

if you hate bell canada well i can offer you (by person to person meeting) a better telephone line without all the crap (beavers who talk, answering machine at the customer service center, etc.) with a service that open more hours ( with humans)
   comment by Miko on March 12, 2008

god i hate these fuckers too.....

i hope one day...all of bell canada blows up and all their stupid managers and execs go to fucking hell....

these stupid fucks have had me on hold now for 55 minutes.....transfered from onedepartment to the next...spoke with on poor speaking indian after another.....

really - can someone else please compete with these motherfuckers......

die bell canada ..die....
   comment by Mark on March 17, 2008

Bell Canada is the mother of all fuck ups!
This from a Bell employee, why are they called Bell Canada anyway? 90% of Work Force is in fucking India because they get 1/hour work out of them guys, and fuck everything in between up. FUCK BELL!
   comment by Anonymous on March 28, 2008

Fools - like how they sell me a "Hi Speed Lite" service (512K). Not sure why it shows on my bill as "256K"
But then when the contract runs out I say no way in hell will I sign another contract so I get the "DSL Basic" for cheaper, but still 500K (but the rep says it is slower than what I have now!?). Then I get a pkg in the mail with what looks like a new modem (they never told me about this). BTW not gonna open it... Can't wait to see the screwup on my bill. Oh yeah I did a speedtest and now I'm getting 2.5M service !!! HaHaahahhahaha
   comment by BellHtr on April 3, 2008

Haha... I sent an email to and I got a call back from someone at the corporate office in Montreal within 15 minutes. It looks as though they're taking some of these issues seriously... hopefully some of your emails will make an impact.

I spoke with a guy named Andre Oulimar and he gave me his direct line: 1-866-673-4572
   comment by Matt on April 15, 2008

Hey "John on November 10, 2006"

Bell is the worst company in the entire world and I think you should choke on my c0ck.
   comment by Brian on April 18, 2008

Bell Canada and Bell ExpressVu failed to move my services when I moved into another house 700 metres from my previous house. They lost my orders, failed to connect services, gave me the runaround and even after I cancelled service on one of the phone lines they continued to bill me. They cost me substantial time and money (I work at home and need phone/internet to do business). As a result, I sued them for the maximum allowed under Small Claims in Ontario. I sued them for my lost wages, pain, suffering, punitive damages, etc. They called me today and told me that they were going to put forward a defense.

I believe that their customer service is absolutely terrible and it is a serial problem (happens daily to many people). I believe that we deserve better. Now I need some help. I can prove my case, but I need help proving the fact that they have many other unhappy customers. Please email me your Bell stories at Court will take place in Bracebridge, Ontario (date unknown), so if you are willing to testify it would be appreciated.

Please spread the word.

John de Koning
Bracebridge, Ontario
   comment by John de Koning on April 30, 2008

I cant stand bell, I proudly switched everyone of my services over to bells main competitor here in Hamilton ON.. Cogeco has been excellent so far, I switched my home phone to voip cogeco, and my satelite over to digital cable, and actually I have always had cogeco cable internet (you would have to be a complete retard to suggest garbage dsl over solid cable net).. I finally just ended my 2 cell phone plans and switched them to telus which has been FANTASTIC.. I love telus so far, excellent customer service and support.

bell must be desperate for customers, for the last year they have been hounding me by mail trying to get me to switch back, they also have been calling me trying to tempt me back with lucrative offers. I happily give them a sarcastic F-u with a "I will never f'in go back to bell in my lifetime".

bell Canada is truely a pathetic company, I hope they are dismantled and assets divided up into smaller companies that actually give a sh*t. I feel this is the only way I will get full satisfaction, and if theres anything I can do to help this happen, I am all for it.

bell Canada, please die a slow painful death.. you give canada a bad name, you are the scum of the canadian economy.. Burn in the depths of hell.
   comment by Dave on May 13, 2008

Mysterious long distance charges appear on bill for 6 months running, bell is charging them back but refuses to resolve issue.I am continually harassed by ppl from Generex group of companies attempting to get me to return their calls, and they r behind the charges,bell only wants to sell me more product rather then resolve the ongoing issue.contract over--->hellooooooooo rogers!
   comment by irishone on May 13, 2008

problem ongong.......bell still pushing used toilet paper god help us!
   comment by irishone on June 4, 2008
   comment by SB on July 11, 2008

I never knew how much I appreciated Aliant on the East Coast. Now that Bell has taken over the wireless section of Bell, it has been nothing but Bell Hell.
There is not customer service what so ever, and everything you say or do the only thing they say is "that's Bell's policy".. F*ck off with Bell Policy!!! What ever happened to Customer Service Bell?? I am the customer, I am paying the money and your just the provider!! F*ckin Rip offs!!!
   comment by Trevor on July 13, 2008

Windows Live Messenger and Hotmail are FREE services right?? WHY AM I BEING CHARGED 5 BUCKS A MONTH TO USE A FREEEEE SERVICE ON MY BELL PHONE????
   comment by Trevor on July 13, 2008

I run a business and understand good and honest/decent business practices. There are also those out there whose sole purpose is to rule the world, screw their customers (hey, it's in the contract), screw around behind their wife's back (bcuz hey, it's not illegal) and whenever I think of these kinds of businesses/people, Bell epitomizes them.

I ordered a cell phone several years ago after Bell solicited me and they sent me TWO cell phones by accident. I sent one back and they must have just scanned it back into inventory and flagged it as an early termination of contract (eventhough they sent me TWO phones by accident I was just sending one of them back). So they assumed I was canceling. They charged me hundreds of dollars for an early breaking of my contract (which I didn't) PLUS they were charging me for using the phone at the same time (bcuz I was using the phone that I kept).

I tried to explain this to some extremely condescending bitch named Wendy from one of their call centers and I spent the entire day being transferred from one moron to the next then I finally decided just to bite the bullet and pay the $400 fee. (After all I was going for a mortgage and couldn't afford to have credit rating issues).

"I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do to help you! IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE THAT I CAN HELP YOU WITH?"
   comment by Marc P on July 15, 2008

Then, I canceled my business Internet and Bell still continued to charge me for a year and had collection agencies coming after me for almost $1500 (including the $350 modem replacement fee if you don't bring the cheasy $12.00 modem back to Bell depot). Well, I DID cancel and bring the modem back they must have just never received it or missplaced the label, etc God only knows. Not to mention, it was down all the time, poor connection, etc. My Cogeco connection on the other hand (and knock on wood) has never gone down - NOT EVEN ONCE in 7 years. And I beat on the thing ALL THE TIME because I am a software developer and am constantly multi-tasking on the Web.

I called Bell and they said again:

"I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do to help you! IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE THAT I CAN HELP YOU WITH?"

I paid the almost $1500 out of my own pocket (pocket change, isn't it???).

Plus, I paid it to Bell! Not to the Collections Agency bcuz I was still receiving letters of demand from Bell. Then, the Collections Agency came after me saying that I was supposed to have paid them, not Bell, and that they would have to track it down with Bell and try and reconcile the account.

This never happened so the Collections Agency continued to come after me so I paid them.

I'm putting Bell in my will and want to leave them everything when I die. I love them!
   comment by Marc P on July 15, 2008

I am forwarding an e-mail I sent today to Bell - however I got a quick response statement to contact them on as they didn't have enought information - WHAT A FUCKING JOKE THIS COMPANY IS!!!Today I received your bill for service from July 22 to Aug 21/08. I had given you guys notice over a month ago that I would be discontinuing my service as of July 22/08. I am sure you won't find a note on your file in regards to that as your representatives cannot get anything straight.

At that time I had also asked you to credit my account with the $200.00 you took on my credit card on March 31, 2008. As requested by your representative on the phone that night I sent a copy of proof by fax and a request to ask it to be credited to my account - because you had no record of it!!!! To date no credit has appeared - surprize, surprize!!!!

I can see that customer service for Bell is an unknown word to your customer service representatives as they are yet to get anything right the first, second or even third try! I am surprised that they can get themselves out of bed in the morning, feed, dressed and to work without someone's help! And low and behold - there are never any supervisors, bosses, team leaders, presidents, vice presidents working there as I have asked on several occassions to speak to one.

This letter is to advise the following:

My account with you should be CANCELLED AS OF JULY 22/08.

The $200.00 taken on my credit card on March 31/08 better be put on my account and

any refund due me sent to me asap. There better not be any withheld for service beyond July 22/08 because you cannot find where I called in and cancelled my service!

Let me reiterate - CANCELL MY F---KING ACCOUNT. If the above does not happen as requested and my refund to me within one month's time the Better Business Bureau, my lawyer, small claims court, the press. internet, facebook, utube, blog - anyone and everyone that will listen will hear about my bad customer service with you.

Judith C Smith
1202 McVeety Drive
Regina, Sk.

P.S. Your representatives have called us in the last month on several occassions to see if we wanted to sign back up - I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.

   comment by jsmith on July 18, 2008

   comment by Blair on July 23, 2008

BELL SUCKS...i'm still fucking pissed...oh ya i went out west and they charged me $450 just for roaming i barely even used my phone out there...then when i tryed to get a service out there they said it world cost me $250 for a credit check to make sure i was on the bill and paying it and to switch to sasktell witch is bell Canada for Saskatchewan i got fucked out there and didn't have a phone. so i got a land line..then before i moved back i payed my last bill, got home they i ghot another letter in the mail saying i didnt pay it......FUCKIN RETARDS i had to go back there and pay it.... because they would stop herrassing over 5 DOLLARS thats right only 5DOLLARS...I guess they were going to go out of business or something those fucking jew bags
   comment by Blair on July 23, 2008

Some one at Bell phone to my hom and ask for som extra service, call waiting, internet....I said NO, next month Bell sned me a bill for that service Which I have never been used. I phone Bell 4 times to correct my bill. Bell never and nerver said a word sorry? They are the first company I HATE
   comment by Tom Brown on August 1, 2008

Bell will lost the war soon .All bell coustumers will wake-up and change for a other phone soon / dsl or voip company . Im a sale rep for ACN my self.
Bell it is a big bost all Rusted and will Sinking one day. Fight again the monopolist (friens of CRTC).

Martin Plouffe
   comment by Martin Plouffe on August 10, 2008

I have been a customer with Bell "Canada" since I got my first phone! I now also have Sympatico and Expressview.
I feel that Bell "Canada" no longer operates in Canadians best interest. Call centres are being shut down and putting Canadians out of work. The call centre now located somewhere in East India! Which leads me to my second complaint.
In the past, whenever I neaded technical support, I was placed in the care of a clear english speaking person bases in Toronto or New Brunswick. Now when I call,I am speaking with a person in a country half way around the world who has a problem understanding me and me understanding them! In the end the problem is usually not resolved and I end up figuring it out myself! No thanks to Bell "Canada" and their foreign born tech support!
I live in Kingston,Ontario. There are two Bell "Canada" owned buildings here that for a short time employed lots of loyal Canadians. Now they remain empty, their jobs lost to another part of the world!
We are currently researching other tele-communication companies as we wish to switch all of our services away from Bell "Canada" to a Canadian friendly company!
Shame on you Bell "Canada or wherever"!!!
   comment by André on August 12, 2008

Bell Canada's representatives should go back to school to be retrained in public relations. Bell Canada's attitude towards its customers are arrogant and redundant. They trick you into signing to 3 years contract, without been clear of the consequences.
Terrible service, after 20 years with Bell, I am saying good buy, I hope that fat arrogant organizations and its coward representatives go under, so more customer friendly companies take over to serve the public.
Farther more, I am ending my satellite and my internet service with Bell.
There are better companies out there to do business with.
   comment by Robert on August 12, 2008

to supervice off bell canada take me off you mail list the 2 mont i receved 7 time bils and promotion i had to paid bell two time on june & august i em gating tire and upset if you dont stop sending mail I WILL TAKE LEGAL ATTION
   comment by John fasciano on August 18, 2008

wtf happened to all the english speaking help? oh...been reduced into a slow arse speaking computer named emily. good gawd luva duck help us all.
   comment by marg on August 21, 2008

I hate Bell. Phone broke, they said I had to sign another contract and get a new phone or pay upwards of $500 to end my contract. I STILL HAD A WARRANTY and they finally let me send my phone in to be fixed. THREE MONTHS LATER, still no phone, I'm still paying the damn contract. I tried to end it, as it's up in 2 weeks and they are making ME give THEM 30 days notice!!! HAHA! Bastards now charging me 15 cents per INCOMING MESSAGE!!!?? And they want ME to give THEM notice!? They can go fuck themselves. I'm done with them FOREVER. I hope they go out of business and save everyone a lot of grief. NEVER SIGN A CONTRACT EVER!! I'm going to Koodo.
   comment by Kelly on August 25, 2008

Bell is the worst THEY OWE ME over 1000 dollars in internet fee's :D they keep fuckin up my faxes i cant wait to take these bastards to small claims ..........
   comment by Brad on August 25, 2008

Bell are just as terrible to businesses as they are to consumers.

Get this:

I work as a receptionist for two separate companies - a brokerage firm and a bank department. We have one phone for each company with two separate numbers. EVERYDAY I get Bell customers calling our the brokerage phone in regards to their account. I tell them sorry, they have the wrong company and am always told that one of the Bell call centres or Canada 411 themselves gave them that number to call.

I didn't want to go through endless call centre garbage so I went straight to the 'executive' office at AT and told them Bell was giving out our number as one of their own. I received a reply from 'Dianne' who said that the number in question was a Bell Canada number and that the line was probably crossed and that's why I was receiving Bell calls. She said I should call 611 to get it fixed.

I called 611 and they told me that the phone number in question was registered to our owner but was indeed incorrectly listed as Bell for the company. He told me to call 411 to get it fixed. 411 told me they would put in an enquiry.

I emailed 'Dianne' again and told her 611 had confirmed the number in question was in fact, our number and that Bell was wrong. She replied stating '611 is wrong.' She repeated that it was a matter of a crossed line and that the 'Problem was solved.'

I then asked her what our number was exactly if the one we were using was actually Bell's. She continually insisted it was the number for the bank companies phone and that she 'didn't make herself clear' the 'matter is solved.'

This went back and forth for quite sometime as I tried to explain to her that we were two separate companies and that the wrong numbers from Bell weren't going through the bank phone, they were going to the brokerage phone whose number was listed as a Bell number when in fact it wasn't. She increasingly became more patronizing and rude to me when I tried to explain to her that she was not understanding the situation.

I decided to go back to 611 again and was given a variety of numbers for higher departments - all of which were either for the wrong company or would disconnect when I punched options. I was finally given a number that put me through to a direct, clear-English speaking person.

This woman was very nice and stated yes, something was extremely strange as the number I was calling her from was coming up as Bell. She put me on hold for a while (though not nearly as long as I had been with the other departments) and when she came back who did she want to put me through to?


I told her flat out that this 'Dianne' person had been extremely rude and I didn't want to talk to her. She agreed that yes, there appeared to be some 'miscommunication' and that she had to get some more information from Dianne but that she would absolutely bring a manager on the line if needed. She told me that since it was going to take a while to get the info she needed she would have someone call me back in half an hour.

The only call I got was someone calling Bell about their calling card.

So you see, Bell doesn't even know what their own phone numbers are.

   comment by Kelly D on August 27, 2008

It is amazing that most of you blame Bell, or any other businesses employees' for poor service, and to name individuals in your complaints is in poor taste! (These employees' are feeling the same stress as you are!) No one individual has designed the system to frustrate you! - nor is it a personal attack against any one individual! - I worked for Bell, and it was the most miserable, stressful time of my life, I hated it dearly! (and the stress of dealing with angry people like yourselves, made my life miserable, and my job miserable too!, especially those who keep calling and trying to get something for free because their neighbour did, and call over and over and over again until they get the same credit ten times instead of the one time they "might" have been eligible for!) and Bell, Rogers, Telus, is no different than any other business, Anywhere, whether it is your bank, an auto plant, or a fast-food restaurant.

Your issue is not with any individual that works for a company (and I know Marnie, she is a wonderful caring person - and those of you who may have lost your job at Bell, and while working under Marnie - you need to know that it was always a last resort! - She treated her employees' like they were her own children, and did whatever she could to assist, but as the saying goes "shit flows downhill" - and she was no where near the top!).

Having said that....Your complaints are very misdirected and should be geared at your parents, and grandparents!...You see these companies are controlled by SHAREHOLDERS, and a little thing called "shareholders equity". There is also a generation called the "baby-boomers", the greediest generation EVER to live since Adam and Eve. These babyboomers are shareholders, and are not satisifed with earning 3 or 4 % on their investments - they want 20-30%, even 50% The are the "I want it now! Generation!" --- Or they sell their shares, and invest their money where they can get the returns they desire, and what happens if everyone sells their shares (lets look at Bear Stearns - oh! - that'r right! They go broke!) The only way these companies can satisfy these greedy shareholders is to squeeze whereever they can, unfortunately, moving jobs to India is part of the solution to satisfy the wants of this greedy generation. The full effects of this greedy generation is just starting to surface! The next few years will show just how much our parents and grandparents generations raped our economy for their personal enjoyment (I suggest investing in a tent and a camel as we are well on our way to being a third world country and will envy and dream about the "Indiacan Dream" overseas! Just hoping that someday we can immigrate to India or China for the good life. So, the next time Grandma and Grandpa, or Mom and Dad come home from their six month stint in their winter home in Sarasota - ask them how they became so rich to be able to own more than one home, one in Florida, one in Toronto, and a cottage in the Muskoka's - I'll bet a 1.20 for every 1.00 it was "making good investments!" Ask them how they could retire at 50 and golf everyday, while dining in expensive restaurants at night...ask them how they always have money to bail you out whenever you need some..I'll bet they have money because....they made good investments.

This is the generation that wants everything for free, and now their self-serving, selffish and fat lifestyle is draining our medical system as well. this is the generation that built or developed products and put their waste back into the earth, because it was cheaper than to clean their waste before putting it in landfills. These investments paid so well because they were freely able to rape and polute the land and water.

It's tough out there!, especially for the younger generations just trying to survive...but think for a moment for that person on the other side of the counter or on the phone...these people are young too, they are your friends and neighbours trying to get by with what little is left from our predecessors...the GreedyBoomers!

When I worked at Bell the phrase that made me the angriest was "shareholder equity" and we heard it everyday...but I left Bell and worked for an Auto Plant...and guess what word I heard everyday got it.."shareholder equity" - not only is your calls being answered in India, your car parts are being made there too!

And don't even start about the crap of buying a North American car, most of the parts for those cars are made in Mexico or China. 50 years ago, The Ford Rouge River Plant in Detroit had 100,000 employees who clocked in everyday - because everything was made at that complex...that same plant has less than 2000 today because the parts are made abroad and assembled here...all because of the greed of our parents and their "shareholders equity".

So I dare you, ask Grandma and Grandpa, Mom and Dad how they earned their money..I'll bet you it was from their Bell Shares, their Ford Shares, or their shares of some other company that has gone overseas...then bitch at them about the poor service you received from one of these companies whose call centres are in India because of them...Believe me, the Indian employees' hate their jobs and don't want to speak to you either.
   comment by Jeff, on August 29, 2008


said by a poor and tired bell employee

   comment by sam on September 9, 2008

I never use the word hate. But with Bell, I not only hate that company, I despise that company.

They are trying to make me pay charges on 6 receivers. I have 4. I only ever asked for 4.

The tech that came in an installed satellite only installed 3 of them. (they were told this from day one but continued to charge me for 6 receivers.). One day, the 3rd working receiver stopped working so I called them - still trying to charge me for 6.

They are trying to hold me to a contract that I never signed. I was told that I signed into a 3 year contract. I told them I never signed anything so they mailed me a copy of "my contract". Turns out the tech that installed my satellite not only forged my signature, but he also spelled my name wrong.

Been waiting for the boxes to return the receivers for 1 and a half years now - told me it takes 4-6 weeks to receive them. Every time I call they go through the same process - bring up my account, put in an order for the boxes, and say "It will take 4-6 weeks to arrive"

I asked them for a print out of ALL activity on my account from the time it was opened until I closed it. I got sent ONE page bill with NO explanation of the charges.

In total, I have called Bell around 15 times. Each conversation lasting about an hour (Some much longer, some a little less) and EVERY SINGLE TIME I am given different information - no exaggeration.

I don't blame the CSR's - I blame Bell for the poor training that these people receive.

This company is pathetic and should not be aloud to conduct business the way they do.

   comment by Andrea on October 20, 2008

I hate bell Canada with all my heart and would love nothing less but to see them go down. Everytime I see their store and employees, it makes me sick to my stomach, I can't stand hearing about them and I am sorry for the customers who are paying for their services. It's too much an dthey take advantage of it. I have already posted billboards along various citys and in front of malls calling be;ll a scam and sharing everybodys mistakes that they experienced with bell. Also, do customers really want to be transferred to a call centre in India with some one who doesn't know what their doing and barely speaks english?? This is what you'll get signing with bell canada. I have my family already switched with rogers and I still till this day have long aggressive debates with friends on this bull shit company! So if anyone hates bell Canada, It's me. Please have this company stop somehow with their business. Their are innocent people out their who are poor or average and obviously want a cell phone jus tlike anybody and struggle with money to pay bell their crazy fortune! They mad 4 billion in net profit last year and they still charge their customers a system access fee and all that. How much money do you need bell?? I so hope they go down!!!

   comment by Andrew on October 30, 2008

By the way, if theirs war, bell had apart to do with it. They screw economy day by day and have to bring us into different juristictions we don't have to touch! They cause robbing phones, stealing money, poverty, and so much more. Their a total economic crisis!
   comment by Andrew on October 30, 2008

I was let go by Bell after a they had taken over a failed company. Bell placed the management of the failed company in charge. The new management " move forwarded " by 1st removing the old management. Next move was to remove employees who were over 50 disabled or nonwhite.This can be verified by reviewing the HR records of the Bell West layoffs By GT ex management. I had the pleasure of being let go in a public parking lot in front of people going to work!! Nice job Bell
   comment by ex Bell West on November 3, 2008

Bell has no recollection of my $400 deposit paid on our phones it has some how vanished and the $55 credit for an admin charge that I did not authorize although I was promised it never happened so I have $455 Bell is trying to take me for. I have switched providers already and thank god I did. THEY HAVE SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICES we need a new alternative for these scam artist. I do feel sorry for how they're employees probably feel! My question is where is the humanity these people treat they're customers like dirt!!!
   comment by David on November 3, 2008

I understand why you hate Bell. The company has ALOT of communication break downs, and a bunch of BS rules. But before you go call a cs rep. or go into a store remember they are human beings who work there. Who probably feel the same as you and completely understand your fustrations. Bell does not treat it's employees well, they treat them like garbage, making money off of them, trying to brainwash them to sell sell sell. They make huge profits off of us and we get sh$t for commission or pay. Some of us can't get out of our jobs right away so think before you call or go in and freak out and yell and scream at the employees of this rediculous company. We are humans who don't make the rules and can't change the rules or Bell will fire us if we try and debate. If you want something done email the ceo. You can google it.
   comment by name on November 14, 2008

Bell Business Essentials Bundle is Deceiving and Misleading.

I'm into my Bundle for 4 years. Now I'm force to pay $1000+ Early Termination fees cause Bell Auto Renew Contracts after the first 3 year fixed term. Bell now informs me that I still have 2 more years on their contract when I have to cancel.

No where on the website does it inform the customers about the Auto Renewal. From their website, the Legal shows

"Service available to business customers in Ontario and Québec where technology permits. In certain areas, the monthly rate is regulated by the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and may vary according to geographical location; this also applies to savings. Subject to change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offer. Early termination fees apply. Taxes extra. Other conditions apply. (1) Available to new customers who subscribe to One Fixed Line with a 3-yr. contract term, and to Call Answer and Business Internet Basic services with a 1-yr. contract term. The then current monthly rate (now $80.25; subject to change) applies thereafter. Modem rental charge of $5/mo. applies. The following monthly charges apply: 9-1-1 (19¢) and relay (13¢). Municipal 9-1-1 monthly charges (47¢) apply to Québec residents only. (2) Compared to current monthly rates for each service when subscribed to individually, without a contract term for One Fixed Line and with a 1-yr. contract term for Business Internet Basic, with applicable activation or installation fees. (3) Subject to availability. Applies to one search, which includes up to 5 numbers requested at the same time. (4) You do not have to subscribe to Bell Canada's local or other tariffed services. Provided by NEBS to Bell customers. Customer must call NEBS to arrange for printing and shipping. Bell is not liable for defects. Includes printing and shipping of cards, with 2 ink colours and existing logo. Limit 250 identical business cards per account. (5) Orders must be placed before 1PM EST and up to 5 lines installed for a one time fee of $200. Yellow Pages is a trade-mark of Yellow Pages Group Co."

This is the tactics Bell use to deceive their customers. They want to give customers a little savings in the beginning and then hit them big with fixed long term contracts. I hope people read this and not be mislead by Bell.

Bell acted wrongfully and Bell had not sent to me nor had I received a written letter, email detailing the new Bell modifications, terms, agreement to be undertaken after initial agreeed contract.
   comment by sharpie on November 18, 2008

Bell Canada Complaint

Bell Canada will soon charge all its customers a dollar to receive a hard copy paper bill through the mail. If you want to avoid this charge you must use Bell Canada’s ‘Ebilling’ (internet billing) service.

If you wish to have a hard copy of your bill, and avoid the charge, you must now print it out on your printer from your computer by using Bell Canada’s ‘Ebilling’ service.

Is Bell Canada’s Ebilling “free” for it’s customers?

No. If you want a hard copy of your bill you must either pay the dollar to Bell Canada or print it out off your computer. Either one incurs a cost and Bell’s option also subtracts convenience.

I have phoned customer service / customer loyalty twice about this and I was told that this action was for the environment and that as a consumer I still have a choice.

All that I can figure out is that my bill is going to still get printed and that either way it’s going to cost me money to have a hard copy of my bill. There is no benefit for the consumer or the environment. However, Bell Canada saves money, and in fact, earns more money by placing the cost of billing on its comsumers.

Why I print out my bill:

It’s for my business and I need it as a tax record. Either way (sent, or ‘Ebill’ printed) it’s getting printed.

Why Bell Canada’s logic is not for the environment:

If Bell Canada’s intentions for charging money for its billing services is really to save the environment and not a cash grab wouldn’t the amount of this charge be something like $0.65 or $1.23? Wouldn’t this better reflect the cost of material and labour? Why an even dollar?

If you “choose” the paper bill will it be environmentally friendly? Will it be one page instead of at least 3 pages? Will the envelope only contain a bill for Bell Canada’s service or will it also contain separate paper advertisements and offers?

(I asked the “customer loyalty” department about this and they said that they could put a flag in the computer so that I would only receive the bill and no paper advertisements. I asked if my bill now would be cheaper, since less paper would be involved, and he said it that the dollar charge would remain the same.)

One huge problem for Bell:

It’s discriminatory. If you don’t have a computer and/or internet service you will be charged by Bell Canada to receive your bill. You will actually have to pay to be informed that you owe Bell Canada money.

The idea that really hurts my brain:

Isn’t a paper bill the cost of doing business? Would a plumber, mechanic or plumber charge me for the cost of their invoice? Can I subtract the cost of writing a cheque to a plumber, contractor or any other service? Since Bell Canada wants to charge me for a paper bill this logic should now follow:

First, I take note of Bell Canada’s service charges to my business. Second, I subtract the cost of the envelope, stamp, and cheque that I will send to Bell Canada. Third, I write Bell Canada a cheque from my business for its services minus my cost. Now, I mail it to them.

After all why would I want my payment to Bell Canada cost my business money?

Is this a great business plan for Bell Canada?

I found out about Bell’s plans to charge a dollar fee for it’s paper billing while I was upgrading to a Blackberry data cell phone. I was going to buy a new phone (after phone credit, and rebate the approximate cost to me was $120.00), and sign up for a data package (extra $15-$30 per month) on top of my existing services.

Instead, after being flagged in Bell’s computer, I was asked to “choose” between “free ebilling” or a dollar charge for a paper bill. The computer would not proceed with my purchase and addition of service without an answer. Lacking sufficient warning of the change and needing to return to work, I became annoyed, and chose to back out of the sale and the new data services. I will not upgrade my services with Bell or buy a new data phone with Bell as a result of these changes.

So how much potential money did Bell Canada lose as a result of these new paper bill charges totaling $12 a year? How many other customers have become annoyed with Bell Canada and decided to back out of further additional services?

What do you think? Smart business?


Bell Canada’s logic behind charging money for a hard copy paper bill doesn’t hold water. It’s obvious that Bell Canada wants to save money by not only putting the cost of doing business on the customer but actually make more money doing it! It’s not for the environment and it’s not for your convenience. Bell makes money by charging you money to receive a paper copy of your bill. The irony is that Bell Canada could ultimately lose more money than it is saving as old and new customers become increasingly annoyed with corporate greed.

Can you believe that Bell Canada is charging additional money to invoice its customers?!

   comment by anonymous on November 22, 2008

I work for bell and if you think all your pity problems are worth harping over try getting a business account. im a junior business solutions consultant and we do screw people around due to when i take a call i try to be posative but the customers nasty attitude mixed with the rude remarks and name calling topped off the stupidity, after taking these calls all day everyday why do you think we dont call you back and why do you think our all famous line is sorry sir/mamn there is nothing we can do about those charges...and sorry but there is no supervisor available to take the call at this time but i can have a supervisor call you back want in on a secret that call back you get is not a supervisor its just another agent with a diffrent voice. and if you dealt with people like you all day you would give everyone te same run around and when i say stupidity i mean dont call bitching about the charges thats been on your bill seven years ago and when i ask for an account number i mean the account number not customer id number and when termination fee is mentioned due to you beeing on a contract and you ask wheres the proof how about you accepting the terms and conditions is the only way to surf if you select a contract on the internet or how about the reduced rates on your bill every month you dont mind paying the reduced rates that clearly say contract 36 months or contract 12 months thats right i said it when its beneficial to you you dont mind paying it but when its not in your favor you bitch... dont get me wrong theres things about bell i hate too like what the fuck is up with tech support beeing binders from another country its bell canada not bell binder or the other departments in the other countrys they use call centres over seas to save money but im sure after george cope layed off all those people he can afford all canadian employees and for your information bell canada in NOT a monoply and thats because we are regulated by the CRTC toavoid us from becoming a monoply again which is why rogers is so much cheaper which also piises me off when customers ask dont rogers use bell lines why is rogers so much cheaper well no rogers does not use bell line they use coaxle we use copper wire and rogers is cheaper because they are not regulated by the CRTC and im typing this from work so whoever thinks im an asshole for saying this fuck you
   comment by bell employee on November 27, 2008

For Sale BCE….Very Cheap. Includes overseas call center, fleet of rebranded trucks, work force (as is condition), grey and blue suits (some sweat stains underarms - recent), false smiling happy face masks, legal team-some conditions apply (caution not for faint of heart), one chauffer driven smart car - some soiling on seats, one Mobile Phone only used once to call Ted Rogers, koolaid emergency bailout mix, primary school reader “See Boys Jump Ship and Back Paddle”, Emily automated talent not now running BCE Management, billing system fixer upper for handyman, two beaver pelts, one set of false teeth like everything else, will throwin for successful bidder a team of slightly used executives good for nothing but with some work could be useful for simple errands and go by the nanes the Three Stooges, also included a gaggle of yes men and women that could be useful for call center duties in India…shots not included especially distemper shots. A wonderful Christmas Gift for your loved ones or just to laugh at around the christmas tree while sharing good times while talking on your Rogers Home Phone. The gift that stops taking and starts giving.
   comment by BCE For Sale...Cheap! on November 28, 2008

Just had Bell Hell tell me how they were going too, or already had, violate the contract I had with them for service. Had attachments 20MB plus, now some chick from India is telling me I got TEN... I have a written contract like a lot of people, who I fear are too fucking stupid too look for their own balls, or what-ever. I say, "shame we allow this; You shame we, as accept this; I fuck we could give them all of us. Girls please step aside. We keep the pretty ones' in a box. We give the shit the stick it's muck and fuck them all every one of us.
   comment by Mike Bachmeier on December 5, 2008

as a bell employee- this is absolutly hillarious. we are charging people for paper invoices because ITS BAD FOR THE ENVIROMENT TO HAVE PAGES AND PAGES OF YOUR USELESS BULLSHIT CHARGES THAT YOURE JUST GOING TO THROW OUT WITHOUT READING THEN BITCH AT US LATER FOR YOU NOT HAVING IT !!!! read your friggin contract and dont use your phone every minute of the fucking day and you will be able to afford your bill! if you cant afford it, dont sign up for it ! and if you're nice to a rep, they will be nice to you ; )
   comment by Jennifer on December 9, 2008

well of course because of the mass lay-off for this year its just normal that there,s a lot of former employee who will say bad comments about bell canada. well all ican say is that its normal ,,, really no kidding.
   comment by helloness!!!! on December 11, 2008

I am one happy person today. I switched from Bell Mobility to Rogers after they pissed me off twice last week. So I calmly told them I would switch in 3 days, and I'm proud to say I kept my promise. Now I wish to preach what I practiced.

I think its high time we stood for ourselves, rather than complain about being muscled around. We need to muscle things around.

One thing we need to realize is that - "WE AS CUSTOMERS, HAVE THE ACTUAL POWER". And if we all act collectively, we can actually make our voices heard. Isn't that what democracy is supposed to be about?

Fortunately this is not the government where once we elect them, we practically have no voice. Nope this is Bell, and we pay them for giving us a so called 'service'. We do have a choice and can decide to stop payment for inadequate services.

Imagine if 1000 customers switch in 1 month, that's going to hurt the Bell bottom-line by $50,000.00 a month minimum assuming each one of us is paying $50.00 per month of billing charges at an average. This may sound like much but it adds up to about $600,000. That's a big chunk of change. I'm sure each one of us can then get some more people to switch.

Imagine the impact of a
- 10,000 people switch ($500,000 a month/$6m annual) or
- 100,000 people switch ($5,000,000 a month/$60mn per annum)....

Read the driver license story below.....and how 150000 people made the government hear.

Rogers, Telus, Cogeco. I ask you, what would you give to have new customers 1000 or 10,000 of them, at a time, in the next couple of months.

I'm sure if a movement started, and these 3 had to bid for our business, we could get a good deal that would make it beneficial to switch. Keep this line open. I will find out and update this site.

I wish to drive this movement and thus will continue to encourage others to also push this movement any which way possible.

Facebook movements are proving to be powerful ones, see the case on 'driving rules for new drivers under 21' which got reversed because of the Facebook movement.

Early posting caused 77000 people to protest:

See the status now with 150,000 people joining the movement:

I was only talking 10,000 people leaving Bell. Just imagine what we could all collectively do....

I urge my fellow "pained by bell" to go with a switch. Currently Rogers & Telus have a couple of good deals.

If you can get Cogeco cable internet in your area, talk to them. I've heard that they're a good Internet provider.

VOIP phones provide you with unlimited US & Canada calling for a fixed fee ranging from $20.00 to $30.00 a month. There's many a provider. Vonage is okay but not the best. There are some more local ones. (I've personally had some bad experiences with ACANAC and CANACA - both are same companies, shitty service).

Anyone with other suggestions?

Let's start this switching movement here and on Facebook. I know I will.

Bottom-line savings of money and trouble. Bell should hear sooner or later or before its too late.

We can end this monopoly. I want to do my bit by starting.

   comment by RB on December 12, 2008

BCE is already in trouble after the OTPP deal fell through. KPMG did absolutely right by announcing the deal as ‘un-feasible’. I am glad. OTPP would have lost so much money getting something that’s worthless currently.

Bell watch out, my intention is to drive your customers away, so either you mend your ways and start caring or I promise to draw a larger movement to ensure that start noticing that its time that customers are put first.

Food for thought for all concerned:
- Economy is getting tighter everywhere, so will it get tighter for BCE in case of an unplanned revenue loss.
- BCE, we as customers wouldn’t mind paying $10.00 more for something that’s right and good for us. But constant muscling and cheating customers will drive us away from paying even the basic.
- There’s competition coming up in all sections of telecom. I would rather support the underdogs, coz they will go further to gain and respect customers.
- Fine Cogeco may not be everywhere, but if we get them enough business, they will make money and expand. I’d rather help them than you.
- BCE, bring Jobs back to Canada to people who know what we're talking about when we need customer care. Besides this would help Canada now, especially when we need it.
- I am of Indian origin myself, however I am truly troubled to hear some accented Indian voice and name of the other end of the phone who doesn’t know what he/she is doing. Its pathetic. It’s easier getting Wisdom tooth extraction (all 4 of them at once), than to go through your Indian customer service and technical support.
Sorry, Technical What ?

BCE, I'm fed up. I have switched one line for now. I have your internet, office line, office internet. I will not stop till I’ve switched over to someone else.

   comment by RB on December 12, 2008

Hey Jennifer:
FUCK OFF. Show me where I can get my business Access Tandem accounts electronically instead of the 85 page invoice for one account for an $11.52 bill. That is one invoice of 52 usage and access accounts let alone the Centrex invoices that are not electronic. You are the typical Bell employee. Get this through your head bitch you are not a monopoly anymore. Also, a word of advice learn grammar and spelling your education level is shining through.
   comment by Derek on December 16, 2008

Yes ,, I am one of those victims ! Bell Canada overcharged me only in 3 months $400 extra and when i called they just don’t give you any explanation,,, they just wana charge you ,, if you don’t pay they just stop your service,, There is a law , if u r a victim , don’t argue them , call the ministry of consumers and make a complain . Because of the fact that people don’t complain , Bell Canada keeps doing what they are doing . any ways i found other alternative phone service which made me save %90 of what i used to pay to Bell Canada with no mistakes ,,, no overcharge ,,, and no headache !
   comment by epic111 on December 24, 2008

Yes ...... BELL SUCKS BiGGieS !

They are eager to grab your Money, then screw with you in so many ways. They want you to have you Long Distance charges with them, yet as soon as you make ONE call, they charge you like 10 times more than most other places, then to thief more, they tap on a Network fee for another $4, then on occasion, they slap on another hidden "Adjustment Fee".... they for for totally no reason, except to see if you really look at your phone bills, if you don`t or you don`t notice it = More $$$$ for them !

Their Internet fees are all the same.
They Advertise that you will connect at a certain speed, but in the fine print, you will see a little line that says.. "Up To".
So once you are connected with them, you just got screwed again.

Now they have another rip off, where they change you by usage. This is also another of their Bull Shit con games because when I signed up, I did so for UnLimited Service, but somewhere in their fine print, they had a line there that allowed them to change that at any time ! Now if you email often, or often play games online, they will charge you DOUBLE your monthly charge !
My internet was $26 per month, but my last bill, they charged that, plus another $28 in usage Fees.. Like W.T.F. ???
They constantly give you the con game with every service, and to be Crooked like they are is Legal because they had that magic line
in fine print somewhere on page 32 or so, that said ....."Screw Balls Are US"

Calling for Service ?.... Forget it !
All calls are re-routed OUT of the country, to either Malaysia or India, where they don`t even have an idea of where Vancouver is & where you often can`t even understand what they are saying, much less resolve any problems because BELL taught them how to give you the Brush Job !

I recently called to settle an over charge,
I spent like 1 hour trying to get this done.
I was put on hold, then they cut me of twice so I had to start all over again. They then play the Pass The Buck job, transferring you from 1 agent to another. Once I thought that I finally had it all settled, with the over charge taken off, the next bill has the same Rip Off Charges and Nothing changed.
I called again, This time the agent sent me an email to agree to this new price. That was where I noticed another Con Job !

I had to Click & Agree to this, then return that email to Bell, But, Below in that email was where I noticed a clause that said...
"By Clicking here, you agree to all terms, so should you disconnect your Services with Bell in the next 2 years, you will have to pay a Penalty fee = $120 "

I Don`t Think so Screw Balls !
BELL is constantly tried to screw Customers,
it`s no wonder why that they are losing so many of them. Until they change their scams, they will continue to do so, Me included !

If they try to Charge you for B.S. charges,
Do Not Pay !...... I certainly won`t !
   comment by NORM on December 26, 2008

Just left Bell Sympatico for Teksavvy... I'll be saving at least a couple hundred dollars a year for the same speed line but -- brace yourself -- customer service that is knowledgable about the services and there to help instead of upsell you. Teksavvy even has detailed help and tutorials on their website on how to test the speed of your line. They have already been in business for over 10 years and employee -- brace yourself -- people living in Canada! Their website is
   comment by Andrew on December 29, 2008

fuck bell my high speed internet r fucking slow as hell fuck bell!
   comment by John on December 29, 2008

you guys dont know the half of it. those "customer service reps" are just trying to do their fucking jobs. you guys dont understand, yes granted that most of the people in india dont know what they are doing, but the people in canada are great and they really know what they are doing. and its fucking rude to even suggest that we should "shoot" those people, there only doing their fucking job, give them a fucking break, assholes
   comment by Josh on December 31, 2008

oh- and before i forget....
   comment by Josh on December 31, 2008

it's sad that so many of you customers can't tell the entire truth. how many of you are told one thing and don't do it and then blame it on Bell.

shame on you. you should see how many of you people loose in court. the juge can't even believe you guys lie so much and are just plain stupid.
   comment by me on January 4, 2009

Bell Canada is not responding and makes me a target of collection agency from a victim of Identity Theft.

I got a letter from Bell Collections on 22/10/2008 saying that I owed $400+ for a phone number at an address not belonged to me. I had not been Bell Customer since March/2007. I called Bell and was told I had to report the incident to police. It took me 2 days for police to come to my home taking the statement. I called Bell back on evening of 23/12/2008 and was told by staff that that I would not need to pay the money.

However, I started getting call from a collection agency since early Dec/2008. It said that I owed Bell money. I told the agency that I was vicitim of Identity Theft and Bell already told me that I was not responsible for the payment. I called back Bell Collections but got different answers from different staff. One said that my case was closed and she had no idea why I was after by collection agency. The other one stated that my file had been transferred to collection agency. I tried to get something in writing to clarify whether I needed to pay and what was the situation of my case but nobody was willing to do that. I then asked to speak to a supervisor but was told that I had to wait for 48 hours. Yet, still no supervisor got back to me after few weeks. So far, I had sent 2 letters to Bell Collections stating the problem and asking why my name was still referred to collection agency while I was first told that everything was OK and I was not liable to the payment since it was related to Fraud. Nobody ever attempted to reply so far, i.e. after almost a month. In result, I am still bothered by calls from collection agency daily.

I am really angry with Bell's inconsistent and irresponsible attitude in handling this case. Actually, I believed it was because of Bell that my information was used by someone for setting up a phone line in early Feb/2008 since the company lost personal data of 3.4 millions customers in Jan/2008. I checked with Equilfax and found out that the latest contact was from Bell in Feb/2008.

I am not sure what to do now. Only Bell can stop this by withdrawing my file from collection agency but nobody is doing such nor contacting me for a solution.
   comment by Ting Chan on January 9, 2009

Bell sucks! It`s a horrible company that has absolutely no respect for its customers or any amount of customer service whatsoever!! The communication between each agent is ridiculous and inconsistent. I am tired of calling and receiving 4 different stories from 4 different agents!! Its mental. I understand that it isn`t necessarily the agents fault however, when I call in and am being polite to them, then I deserve the same respect and consideration. I just want straight answers!! not a bloody run around that I will AGAIN have to deal with in a month because of the inconsistencies on there behalf!! So tired of this!! Train your employees better Bell!!!
   comment by L.J on January 16, 2009

I have been Bell-free for over 3 years now. I had an issue to resolve every single month I recieved and internet, home phone or cell phone bill. Most Bell employees will blame the customer for the problem but in the last 3 years, I've only ever had an issue with ONE (1) Telus cell bill and never with my Rogers internet bill.

I hate Bell and their customer service. I hate their "pop-up out of no where" fees and the hassles it took to get them corrected. I bet Bell makes a killing off of customers who are just too busy or too lazy to spend hours on the phone with horrible customer service reps from India.

Not only is is annoying to make these calls, but it's even worse when you don't understand them.
   comment by Tim on January 19, 2009

I feel a need to chime in. If, for no other reason, to represent another voice of dis-satisfied with Bell.

-=My story=-

I have been with Bell on a corporate plan for most of the last 10 years. I have been mostly satisfied with my service until, ...
I had the opportunity to go to Europe, and found that Bell is using CDMA. Apparently the rest of the world uses GSM. This means that your Bell phone is a paperweight in the vast majority of international destinations in the world. So I had to start looking for cellphone alternatives. I wanted to be sure that I had a working phone while traveling. I did some research on the GSM networks, and their phones only to find out that I've been a victim of robbery!
There's no 'system access fee' on Fido or Rogers. They both use the GSM network so I can roam anywhere. The phones on a GSM network take a SIM card. That means that I can take my phone to anywhere in Europe, buy a SIM card at my destination, and have a local phone number on MY handset. That being said, you can't roam on a prepaid account BUT you can buy a native SIM at your destination and have a local pay/use cell number.
Bell, by choice or not, is charging way too much money for cell and data service on an antiquated network. Quite frankly, I'm a little embarrassed that I didn't figure this out before.
So, I decide to try to save a bit of coin and drop down to a consumer plan from a corporate plan only to find out that I'm being robbed again! Without informing me of dropped features like call display, name display, message center, and I'm sure I'm missing a few more, ... I switched to the Uber20. WTF!!! I'm so pi$$ed. So the guy I spoke with said that I could save a little if I switched to a consumer account and the only change would be my free minutes. I don't use the phone much so that was okay with me. Now, I'm stuck on plan with no perks, and I have to pay the system access fee. Okay,.. I am saving about $2.00/mo. but if I miss a call I don't know who it is, and they can't leave a message. I would really like to cancel but the early termination fee on a 36 mo. contract is ridiculous.
I understand the purpose of this fee, but I think the service providers should completely do away with term contracts.(you'll still need a service contract) If the customer wants a phone, they can buy one. Let's face it, they're not that expensive anymore. You can get a functional cell phone NIB for $50.00. If you want something nicer, .... buy it, don't subsidize it with a term contract.
BTW, I hate Bell. It's too bad because I used to like her.
   comment by Mark on January 22, 2009

I just wanted to mention, I also detest dealing with Bell, however, in my area, NOBODY has lower latency internet. On local independents and Rogers, if you do a "tracert" you will have more hops / higher latency to your destination than Bell. If you are a gamer, (and I'm not talking about flash games:-P) this matters allot. As for t.v. I have run Rogers PVR's and had nothing but issue's, missed recordings, fragmented recordings, signal loss for no apparent reason and so on, My Bell PVR is FLAWLESS, albeit a little pricey. I understand Star Choice's PVR reboots randomly, sometimes skips recordings and so on. For me, Bell frustration is not technical at all, their products usually work pretty well when compared with the others available to me. My frustration is at the Bell billing office, they seem to bill indiscriminately and if you call them on it, be prepared for a fight, first to understand the broken english customer service rep, then to reason with them. If Bell was willing to drop prices ( LOL ) and employ english speaking people or at least screen their call center employees better, threads like this may not exist. From my perspective :-)
   comment by Mike on January 23, 2009

i worked for that shit company [ bell ] for 29 years as a mechanic and what did they do gave us away to another company {transervice } no severance no nothing but i still work on their shit boxes
   comment by dave on January 26, 2009

I can't understand how a company so large can be so unprofessional !!! the reason is clear to me that their accounting system -
(if indeed they fucking have one????) is seriously flawed in every detail ! not to mention those poor people in India that have to better their English verbal skills by dealing with irate Canadian customers WTF !

It's a complete joke! Thankfully new companies are now entering the market and we have more options.
I just hope everyone on this blog tells as many people as possible about how hopelessly SHIT this company is.

God help us! because the Canadian consumer protection bureau don't give a crap. Personally I canceled all services and closed my bank account , Maybe I should move country LOL Wankers!

   comment by jay on January 27, 2009

i hate bell
   comment by anonymous on January 30, 2009

Here's a copy of a complaint email I sent to Bell...will probably have to wait 1 month to see the promised results:

Once again, after many years of complaints and poor customer service, Bell has proven itself to not honour its promises made by its agents to resolve customer service complaints and to issue the proper credits in a timely manner.

I downgraded my TV services in August and the agent Jube promised me on Aug. 28 that I would receive an $8 credit per month for 12 months to help appease my dissatisfaction with Bell.

To date, 5 months later, I have received no credits at all, which totals $40 now owing to me.

Of course, Bell is always fast to demand that customers pay their bills within 30 days, and yet Bell takes between 4 to 6 weeks to issue credits, as I was told to day by the agent Vincent EX32124. [I am still awaiting another $20 credit promised on 20 Jan.]

It took Vincent 8 minutes to put me on hold and resolve this issue with the 'Retention/Adjustment' Department. What a pity that with Bell's new 'One Bill' service that not everything can be handled by one agent on one phone in one conversion at one time; perhaps that is asking too much from a communications company.

Vincent apologized for the error made by Jube on 28 August and assured me that I will now be granted a larger, 30% discount, totalling $9.60 per month, starting now for 12 months.

He also asked if I wanted to add 'US stations' to my service for an additional $1 per month or upgrade any package immediately during this phone call to benefit from an additional 30% discount.

I expressed my disbelief and lack of confidence in Bell, in that it has proven itself time and time again to not honour its promises made in situations like this and that I would not be adding any services.

I also stated that I am aware in recent press releases of Bell downsizing and emplyees losing jobs which I can only support because of customers like me switching to Rogers after years of poor service from Bell TV, Internet and phone!

The entire phone call took 30 minutes of my time to resolve your error.

Many similar complaints can be seen on a blog "Dear God I Hate Bell Canada"

I am documenting this isue in writing. You do not have a postal address for complaints, therefore I must email this to
   comment by anonymous on February 3, 2009

As a Bell employe I don't want to defend the companie itself but more all the bitching on the employes ... You guys need to realize that in most cases we do the really best we can ... I do understand that most of the time it's frustration after frustration when you have a problem but we are somewhat limited in our powers ... when the customer ask for a supervisor we do go ahead and call them up ... but most of the time they just tell us a couple of things to say back to the customer and ask us to take better control of the call. And I would have to say that ... at least 25 to 40% of the customers who complains about something on the bill is in big part because they just didn't read it properly and just took off assuming someting was wrong even before taking a deep breath and just looking over the bill carefully. As a customer service rep I the front line, I do understad that you may have called us 20 times regarding the problem but cursing at us when we say that we need 1minute to look over the account or that we don't clearly understand os not helpful... you might know the situation by heart but we just heard of it 5 secondes ago ... How would you feel if I was to enter in your workplace or call you up and scream at you and curse you out personnaly for something you're not even sure yet. I understand that you need to vent but god do you really have to take it on us all the time? I always take my calls with the pure willingness to help the customer, as many of my friends at work, but when you scream and curse at us ... we lose the envy pretty quickly... I bet most of you complainig about Bell wouldn't last a week with the type of work/presure we deal with.
No hard feeling, however next time you call ... keep in mind that we do want to help and sceaming won't get you anywhere faster ...

P.S. sorry if there's error in my english ... I'm a francophone so I did my best :)
   comment by Chris on February 4, 2009

I have had 3 interactions that were unsatisfactory. Agents promise a credit and it does not appear. Recently an agent said I would get a great discount and I did not get it but he did renew my contract (and there was no mention of that). When I followed up - yep - contract renewed and - yep - no discount applied. I am waiting to switch to my new carrier. Never to bell again.
   comment by unhappy howie on February 4, 2009

Take Care Bell....
Was a nice..err miserable 30 years..
I have a new supplier @ half the price
   comment by Cut The Cord on February 5, 2009

The worse scenario .......a friend works for them and talks you into signing up....there you are....stuck in a mess. Some friend hey?
   comment by Buddy on February 5, 2009

I regret ever signing a contract with Bell, the service is so f**king crappy.
   comment by anonymous on February 5, 2009

Interesting that bell calls themselves a communications company isn't it??
There is no communicating with that company....none...I was thinking about cancelling my mobile plan with them, but found out it will cost 100's $...and I was petrified to call them and even talk to them about changing my current could take hours!! and frankly, dealing with any of their service reps just sends me over the edge...
I have had bell: cancel services that were never set for cancellation, give me every call option under the sun which I never asked for to begin with on a land line when I moved.. someone would call and some 3 way calling option would pick up and cut me off and then it was the call waiting which cut off any conversations I was having..then there was the stupid and annoying different rings for different calls,,,,NONE of which I signed up for!! all I did was call well in advance of my move and ask for the same number, I was told no problem, apparently it was!!...
So I was w/o a phone for almost 3 weeks, any calls to them was made at family or friends or with my cell. The cell bill was racked up because I was put on hold for so long and bounced from useless twit to useless twit. I was told technicians would have to come and look at the hook ups... sometime between 5 and 9 pm, when they didn't show, I called and was told that technicians don't work past 5, crazy making!!
I was billed time and time again for internet fee's when I didn't even have internet from them! Last summer I asked them to cancel my land line but NOT my cell, what do you think they did??...yeah, thats right...cancelled both and then had the balls to send me a bill for early contract termination. I spent hours on the phone with them, a borrowed phone at that...getting story after story after customer rep. hung up, one was too busy watching a soccer game to even ask for my info, one told me that "well, maybe if you paid your bill on time you wouldn't have your services cancelled".....(belligerent fuck)....another one told me to keep paying my cell phone bill and the system would be reactivated....(oh yeah!! if by magic..and that would imply I had service...)....the list, like everyone else's on here goes on forever....and may I add, everyone of these customer service reps were not in Canada, which I believe makes them all the more apt to just be flippant as they want when dealing with you. They are 1, 000's of miles away!! What the hell do they care if your experiencing all sorts of troubles??
(Thats it bell, feed the Canadian economy by taking your business outside of the country and exploiting unknowing citizens of less fortunate economy's by making them think they should be thankful of their jobs with you. )
So once again....bell Canada is no longer in the communications business...they are in the license to print money/crooks industry...and as for the service reps writing in here and telling us not to whine....firstly, you have a choice to work for this company, and having read all of these complaints is it no wonder we are all angry by the time we actually get to speak to one of you?? and sorry...your job is help us and when you frustrate us this is why we get are REPRESENTING bell...its what you choose to do for a living....and secondly...why are you on an anti-bell site anyway??
I have one more year left on my mobile contract, I am not cancelling it right away like I did all my other services with bell because I do not want to give these thieves one more hard earned dime of mine for early contract termination. It cost me 725.00$ the last time I tried to switch anything with them, their screw up, but they take no responsibility for it!! But I can assure you, when that day comes, May of 2010....I will be bell free... and I simply can not COMMUNICATE it enough how happy I will be!!
   comment by SS on February 10, 2009

Just a note on the roaming in Europe and CDMA vs GSM. Bell is not the only CDMA telco though, they are the only one in Canada. CDMA is also used by Sprint and Verizon and numerous other's elsewhere in the world. It has some technical benefits over GSM that are largely invisible to the end user, as does GSM. If you plan on travelling internationally and want roaming or local access you really should invest in a "global" phone with multi capability.

That said I have many peeves of my own with Bell. Like all effective monopolies, they have become unweildy and unresponsive to both the market and their customers. Unfortuantely or government (regardless of party) and the CRTC seem disinclined to do anything about it. I guess Bell must help pad their pension accounts.
   comment by JDM on February 12, 2009

I am so pissed off, I can't even write my Bell story right now! Seriously, my blood pressure has gone up and I am getting chest pains I am so pissed off with their incompetence, thievery and lies, not to mention their bogus charges! JDM - there is not one part of your story that surprises me. Do all the @##@!$ reps share one dysfunctional brain cell!
   comment by K on February 12, 2009

I hate Bell Canada and I'm not even a customer of them. I receive numerous calls a day from them wanting to sell me their services. I have told the manager of their marketing department to haveus taken off their phone list or else I will sue them for harrassment. It was good for a while but now it has started up again. I will be calling them again and this time I won't be threatening them with harrassing charges, I will actually be going ahead with the harrassment charges. I hope someonefrom Bell reads this. Soooo be for warned.
   comment by Jackie on February 12, 2009

Well Bell TV has been billing me for a service I haven't been receiving and now they've sent it too collections.
I cancelled the TV service several motnhs ago the contract had long expired and they sent me a final bill with Zero. then the next month these cocksuckers send me a bill for lamost $200. for "other Services" like what other fucking services, I call support where some French Canadian Faggot tells me it's not the final bill and it's an error in the billing system. so every fucking month they've been sending me a bill for something that should never have been charged to begin with.
This company is the most fucked up organisation I have ever dealt with, I sure the fuck hope enough people get pissed off at them to do something about it. The 2010 Olympics are coming up and Bell is the sole communications provider for the Olympics.
   comment by P on February 16, 2009

Hi this is a bell outsourced employee...The bell TV service sucks...The Customer service of Bell is good which is based in india. But the policies are not customer friendly
   comment by Kathy on February 19, 2009

Hi this is a bell outsourced employee...The bell TV service sucks...The Customer service of Bell is good which is based in india. But the policies are not customer friendly.
   comment by Kathy on February 19, 2009

Indian customer service people very polite and courtious, but what they can do when they are bound with silly bell policies.
   comment by Kathy on February 19, 2009

I kept getting charged by Bell for their internet service... even though I never had their internet service. Each month I would phone about my bill and each month someone would tell me that it would be fixed on my next bill.

Then there was some discrepancy where I was supposed to get service for only network charges and tax for two months. But they told me they made a mistake and gave it to me for 3 months. So the next month they charged me for two months worth of service. So they didn't make a mistake and give it to me free for an extra month, they charged me for two months of service in one month.

I found this out because I always have to call to see just what it is that they've screwed up on my bill this month. I won't mention that previously they were taking monthly internet payments out of my account for about a year before I noticed that.

When I phoned them to get them to stop it they said they'd take care of it too, except they didn't and continued to take money out of my account.

I had to go to the bank to get a stop payment on it but the bank will only stop payments in a specific amount. When those payments didn't go through, Bell put through payments in a different amount.

It was a big pain in the ass getting the bank to go through with stopping ALL direct payments to Bell.

I can't believe a company with service like this has gotten to be so huge.
   comment by Jackson Dunlop on February 22, 2009

Bell is not only a phone company. The red lights on the streets in Ontario and Quebec, mostly, are operate by Bell technology. Do you know how many Canadians or foreign invest in the far north (Artic) and rural areas? You will get Bell Services every where in Canada. Bell connects people. it's not easy to fight a company on any issues you're dealing with. But you cannot judge it by only one fact. Don't vent because your services were cut and sent to a collection for no-payment. At Bell there are humans who understand other no-Bell employees or customers.
When there is power outage, Bell service will still working. Do you recall when there was an outage in Ontario and part of Quebec? Most of the people could use their phones to call relatives to check on them or to give info.
Do yo recall the ice-storm in West of Ontario and in Quebec, all Bell services were working. Thing about a company which knows better Canada than anyone on the earth. La vie est Bell. Bell is bettER, Bell is CANADA. and I'm Bell Employer and CANADIAN. GO BELL GO.
   comment by Gaspard on February 23, 2009

GO BELL GO....ya right .....GO TO HELL!
   comment by Buddy on February 25, 2009

I switched to Teksavvy as well.
1) Teksavvy is cheaper for my options then Bell.
2) Teksavvy is fair, reasonable, honest.
3) All the anger you feel with Bell disappears when you leave them.
4) Bell right now is trying to get the CRTC to change the law to make it harder to leave them.
   comment by bellsucksleaveforyourpieceofmind on February 25, 2009

bell sucks monkey balls
   comment by bell sucks monkey balls on February 27, 2009

primus deal. 65 bucks for faster better DSL internet and hard line phone line that inclues free unlimited calling all over north america + 18 free phone features. + 1000 airmiles for 1 year contract and then 1 airmile for every 5 dollars spent on your monthly bill + keep your old number.
   comment by bell sucks monkey balls on February 27, 2009

legal free T.V all free legal T.V streamed over the internet right from the source..... get rid of your outdated satilite box's. express yourself and tell bell to go fuck themselves.
   comment by bell sucks monkey balls on February 27, 2009

for some reason bell flyers keep showing up in my mail. I told bell i wanted no contact with thier stupid company. i find it quite harrising to have their propaganda stuffed in my mailbox every week............NAZI'S
   comment by bell sucks monkey balls on February 27, 2009

I can't do no mor E-Mail , no more Hotmail ect......I want to cancell the Aliant Contact Centre.... I think I( will take Rogers instead).
   comment by Denise Marleau on March 1, 2009

Fuck them all. They treat us like maggots treat a corpse.
Time to get rid of all of the pirates and have ONE REGULATED wireless ISP offering wimax and voip.
Fuck them ALL.
   comment by Outraged on March 1, 2009

Bell buys 756 electronics stores from The Source

   comment by Buddy on March 3, 2009

Problem is, they're all like that when things go wrong. I switched my phone to Primus to get a cheaper rate, and immediately started having trouble with my connection. My phone was out at least three days every month, and I had to use my Rogers cellphone (REALLY expensive) to talk to Primus to get it fixed. But they wouldn't tell me when they could fix it, kept telling me that they wouldn't even LOOK at the problem for two days (afterall, it was the weekend when I discovered that the reason I wasn't getting phonecalls was because my phone wasn't working), and I had the most impossible time getting them to reimburse me for days and days of no service. Then for two weeks I was getting the phone calls of another woman in the city, it was like being on a party line. I switched back to Bell, but got them to give me a better rate by asking what they could offer me to get me away from Primus. I've at least had a working phone since then.
   comment by Jean on March 3, 2009

I wonder if The Source will treat us like Bell?
   comment by Buddy on March 4, 2009

I recently cancelled my accounts with Bell and switched everything over to Rogers (not that they are much better) and I was at that time informed of the most bullshit fee ever conceived. What they assured me was in my contract was something called a "cool down fee" which in essence was a fee that continued to charge me for 1 month's service AFTER the date of cancellation. When I asked what the hell a "cool down fee" was for, the agent had absolutely no idea. I asked for futher inquirey to be done to provide an aswer to my reasonable question, and was told that one would be provided.......That was 9 months ago, and I am not holding my breath. Goddam they piss me off, how the hell are they allowed to keep pulling this kind of shit?
I am an enthusiatic new member of the "Dear God I hate Bell" club.
   comment by Denis on March 5, 2009

I just finished switching over my telephone and internet through Costco as a member I have $64.95 for 12 months including my same number, 3 features and unlimited north american calling and unlimited high speed internet.
This is saving me over $35 a month...which I am saving for a rainy day now. We are also shopping around for a better deal on tv as well. I can't wait to be rid of bell forever and I come from a long line of bell employees in my family but the company has past its prime and needs a huge wake up call. Their retention department couldn't come close to matching this offer and insisted that I was now going to "honda" vs. "bmw" morons
   comment by Jacqueline on March 5, 2009

Have you realized that this post has been going on since 2003... funny how many people are pissed off by Bell... I'm about to cancel everything with them, my contract is over since at least 2 years... but didn't get the chance to find something else... hope they won't come up with a charge and I will have to fight with them again
   comment by Chantrick on March 8, 2009

I'm glad almost all my phone accounts with Bell are switched over to a better one, my internet with Eastlink now, and my cable will soon be with Star* Choice!
   comment by Hank Katts on March 12, 2009

you guys are all a bunch of lil girls. oh this is not good, i hate this....shut up and deal with it....not everything in life is perfect, there are ppl dying everyday from starvation, and cancer, and all you care about is oh bell ripped me off, they charged me a nework access fee...take a hike, you guys should all be gassed be death.
   comment by justdontcare on March 12, 2009

A Class Action Lawsuit needs to be in motion against Bell.
   comment by Aunt Roberta on March 15, 2009

Hey All...
Bell is loosing a ton these days no doubt..
Having said that, there are alternatives to save money or even make money in the telecommunication business! I know these kinda of comments get everyone think "it's a scam" instantly! I am the same way!
But here are a few things to think about, Sunday March 22 2009 will mark a moment in time like no other. What am I talking about? Simple do me one favor tune into the Celebrity Apprentice at 9:00 PM EST and you will see what I mean! My website is listed and on it is my personal phone numbers.
And trust me, "seeing is believing"!
In the meantime if anyone wants to get away from Bell there are some great packages available right now. Like how about unlimited long distance in North America, Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico and 17 call features with DSL high-speed internet (5 Meg Ultra) with unlimited uploads and downloads for $69.99!
Anyway i don't want to come off like I am selling something... but it is available! Anyway questions/ comments??? Like I said my personal contact info in on my webpage!
But here is my email just incase,
But PLEASE watch Celebrity Apprentice this Sunday!
   comment by joeyjoey on March 18, 2009

I just want to say that I am a bell employee. For 4 years, I've had a zero monthly fee long distance plan with them (which I never ever used) and one day they started charging me for it. I called them the day I received my bill and asked them to cancel the long distance plan and return my $2 partial fee. I was told NO to the refund and that I need to pay for another month because I need to call them 30 days in advance to cancel any service. I thought that was ridiculous so I asked the customer dis-service rep if they are willing to risk losing a long standing (10 years) client over a $2 dispute. She asked me if I was planing to switch to another phone company, because if I was, she could start the process RIGHT NOW. I just want to add that I was 100% polite during the whole conversation. Within a few minutes I called another provider and switched my service. Now paying $12 less per month for same service.

The kick-in-the-pants came the very next day when I got into work and received (along with the rest of my co-workers) one of those yellow wrist bands with the word SERVICE engraved in it. It was to remind every single Bell employee that Bell is committed to making customer service its #1 priority. I placed it in a very safe spot at the bottom of my garbage can.

Bell squeezed the $2 + $5 (next month fee) from me for a total of $7. I paid it. My Bell phone bill was $53/month and that was 2 years ego so Bell lost out on $1275 so far for their bad customer service. They will lose thousands more cause I will never go back.

People, you have the power. Switch providers. That is where it hurts them the most. Lost customers = Lost revenue = Shrinking business. Simple.

Bell Canada...You will run out of your base customers, those people who signed up when you were still running a monopoly and who pay their month bill without actually looking at it. You have about 20 years of leaching off them before they move to a retirement home. I don't know who hires/filters your customer service agents, but that person needs to be fired, today. Actually, they should have been fired years ego, but it is never too late.
   comment by anonymous on March 19, 2009

I am an ex employee of Bell and I have never been treated so poorly in my life. They lied to me then character assasinated me in the press. They told me I was laid off and then I found out I was dismissed with cause. If anyone has also had this kind of problem let's talk class action.
   comment by anonymous on March 19, 2009

If you want to get back in Bell, do it the right way not to mention the best way!
Take customers away from them by reselling all of Bell's products, you can offer customers the exact same service for WAY less money!
And yes it is 100% legal, and super easy!
Not to mention, make great money!
   comment by joeyjoey on March 19, 2009

I don't know what to say. I got a terrible service from bell Canada. I got this long distance plan and I was told that it has Europe and Canada and US. But, I was lied to it only had Europe and I got a nice big bill. I talked to them and they told me that I was misinformed and apologized. I mean I also work in a call center and I dont misinform the customers like this.
   comment by Kisha Harris on March 20, 2009

I am filing a small claims suit against Bell for over billing and breaching a contract (promise by phone and Email). I will, I hope, be filing the claim today and serving this evening or tomorrow. If anyone can post info that I can somehow substantiate, it would be much appreciated.

What I mean by 'substantiate' is 'prove'. Although the burden of proof is more relaxed in small claims court, I expect Bell may mount a vigorous defense and claim that all the 'screen scrapes' from websites are simply hearsay and should be given no weight.

I am looking for stories similar to mine, over billing, broken promises, endless run-around (I spent more than 20 hours on the phone with dozens of people), constant hang ups when certain questions are asked (for instance, I asked someone in Billing what they were going to write on my account, since so many things had NOT been written on my account and they promptly hung up), promises of refunds and then claims the promise was never made, promises of certain services (say, Internet speed) that were broken and disavowed, having to give 'name rank and serial number' over and over again on the same call, etc.

Please send the most presentable information you can put together to

By 'presentable', I just mean coherent and with at least some information to show that the note is genuine -- reference numbers, dates and other particulars would be good. I expect Bell to be very aggressive defending this suit and I would like to have so much evidence at my disposal that the Judge just won't believe them.

Note that the above Mail ID will only be used for this and to prevent SPAM it may become inactive after May 25th.
   comment by Bob on March 23, 2009

I love the product of bell but the service is just some thing. I also work for bell and I see other reps are so misinforming.
   comment by Kish on March 24, 2009

I have put up a site on that domain to allow people to use a contact form and so they can see what is happening:

   comment by Bob on March 25, 2009

I resell all of ALL Bell services under ACN independently! The same company featured on the Celebrity Apprentice March 22nd. You may have heard of them. We have all are own customer service reps (no computer)!
We are ALWAYS cheaper then Bell, and we pay people a percentage of the customers bill for the lifetime of that customer!
If you are an ex Bell employee, or anyone for that matter and want to make extra income please contact me...! I promise you will not be disappointed! In the meantime the link with the info is below.... My contact info is on it also.
   comment by joeyjoey on March 29, 2009

god do i hate bell....billing me for numbers that dont exist and telling them that my phone number has been fraudulently used,almost begging them to change my number but they couldnt guarantee that my new phone number would end up the same fed up with them switched over to i boycot anything related to bell like ctv,the bell center you name it i boycot it...GOD I HATE BELL..have a good one
   comment by luis on April 2, 2009

Hello, I also work for bell tv and I love the product. It is the customer service that some customers are given is unbleievable. I mean bell canada is misinforming customers of bell tv promotions and lying on their faces. Listen I have to deal with those customers and believe me that I feel so embaressed that I want to just give it all to the customer of what a lie they were told. So the moral the story is dont lie to the customers and please transfer them to the right department to get right information.
   comment by Kisha on April 3, 2009

Also, 90% of Bell Canada is in INDIA. I am not racist but some rep there can be off track to help the customers.
   comment by Kisha on April 3, 2009

Hey All
Hit Bell where it really hurts....
Take customers from them!
Get a license to resell telecom in 21 countries and make an extra income doing it!
You will be licensed by the CRTC in Canada and the FCC in the US! We can tell you how, it is easier then you think!
   comment by joeyjoey on April 4, 2009

Bell's bullshit contact,customer service and cancellation policy will lead customers to stay away from Bell and finally company will collapse for sure in next five years.
   comment by RB on April 16, 2009

I can have you converted and saving at least 10 % in about 10 minutes.
Just email me.. or call me 416 389 9517
BTW Our customer service is do by live people based out of Montreal!
Thanks to everyone else on here who contacted me and helped me out by trying the service and yourself out by saving money..
I owe you all beers!
   comment by jeoyjoey on April 17, 2009

Thanks for all the calls and emails...
Your welcome to everyone for getting you setup!
If I have not contacted you yet, I will get to you ASAP!
   comment by joeyjoey on April 27, 2009

Bell wrote terms (Deactivation fees and Early contract termination fees) in very small letters. Therefore, terms in the contract can be considered hidden. I switched to Primus which advised me to notify bell a month early for internet disconnection. I did that. But Primus did not alert me to do the same for home phone cancellation.
Now bell charged me $25 for deactivation and $75 for early contract termination. I did not pay the bill yet. I need some kind advice about what to do. Thank you.
   comment by Md Alamgir on May 3, 2009

Almost all of us here have in one way or another been affected by the evil monopolizing Bell beast ranging from their hidden fine print 30 day notice cancelllation fees to their outsourced, overseas customer service reps and their lack of integrity or ability to provide you with anything more than a long wait followed by a series of tranfers and or disconnections. Bell is now introducing a "Throttling" action called "Usage-Based Billing" upon their wholesale ISP customers such as Teksavvy that will ultimately mean the end of "unlimited" plans for consumers and huge penalty dollars for those using an ISP that exceeds the new imposed cap. Just one more way to tighten the grip and put on the strain as this unforgiving giant needs to feed and is taking a huge bite of the soon to be rotting carcases of independant suppliers...Be afraid if you are using an ISP as this action was to take place May 1 2009 and has now been pushed back to May 31 2009 pending a few lies that Bell has to work out with the CRTC but it is going to happen. Call your provider and find out what your cap will be and just how much per gig you'll pay upon exceeding that and the shocking, scary truth will set in... The reality of a service created by your tax dollars, put into the hands of free enteprise for sale to the public and then controlled by one company means....GOD I HATE BELL CANADA!!!
   comment by Sinful519 on May 3, 2009

hah, this is a joke...everything. I am a Bell employee at one of their call centers, and i have a few things to say to everybody who 'hates bell canada'

1) Pay your bills in full, you probably wont have 'extended billing issues' After such fact

2) Bell is the only company that has a network to maintain, so YES it costs more. But we can fix it.

I have spent hours being bitched at, yelled at, demoralized. If you treat people you're talking to at bell like we're a part of 'THE MAN' we probably wont take you sereously

I have worked for the man since 07

i now no longer have faith in humanity

..I understand that alot of people do have valid problems, but about 40% or more of the people replying to this probably think bell fucked them over

when it was a completely legitimate charge. (as well as half of the indians you speak to are canadian citizens based in toronto HAHAHA)

you're assholes, you scream at us, you treat us like garbage. the job itself is not easier the longer you work it, its harder, because one human being can only handle so much harrassment, indecency and stupidity before going insane.

i've been spoken to inaporopriately and blamed for wanting to kill off old crippled women because a charge is valid.

if your getting a contract for a year, and a credit for six months...dont call in after six months to cancel your service or ask for more money.

everyone believes that bells a huge company so they can give you whatever you want or believe you deserve for compensation, however if everyone got what they wanted ie. 2 months of free service, 200 dollar unjustified credits because they were put on hold, then bell would be bankrupt, and people would have no phones.

if something happens like say maybe a mass service disruption, whos responsible to have it fixed? It sure the hell isnt youre wounderful resellers, its bell canada.

now, i have to end this because i must go...sleep then work my shitty job for bell again tommorow

and love it

because its 10 dollars an hour that i NEED and WANT, and i enjoy laughing at you thinking i can wave a fucking majik stick and turn youre shit on asap...theres processes, and timeframes douchebags
   comment by anonymous on May 5, 2009

knock knock, whos there another stupid customer. guess what retards call 310 bell and bitch at us and no surprise we treat you like shit. I am so sick of stupid customers calling telling me how to do my job. Well guess what, if you knew how to do my job you wouldnt be calling so much. Heres some tips when you call have a bill handy because you know were going to tell you to go get the bill. Heres another tip treat us like shit if you want but remember whos calling who looking for help. You want my help dont treat me like shit.Tip number three when you call 310 bell and you get the IVR (Integrated Voice Recording)aka Emily dont press 00000000 untill someone answers the phone then yell at them. Most likely they cant help you they need to transfer you because you pounded the 0 button too many times and now your in the wrong department and if you are in the right department than treat us properly because it takes you like 5 minutes to get to an agent than 5 minutes to explain your problem so thats 10 minutes plus im going to say im putting you on hold while i look into this for you. that will only take me 30 seconds but im keeping you on hold for another 10 minutes while i talk to my co workers about my weekend now 20 minutes of your life is gone and you treat me like shit so i hang up on you and dont put notes on your account so you can do it all over again where the last caller who was nice was off the phone in 5 minutes problem solved and i even gave them a 5 dollar discount for the next 6 months for there troubles but guess what your not getting shit but more grief because you thought you would yell at me call me names and treat me like shit then have the balls to ask me for help. Yeah i can see that happening. here you go best ways to avoid problems with bell READ YOUR BILLS.......PAY YOUR BILLS ON TIME......GO THROUGH THE IVR PROPERLY it really can save you 10 minutes if you go through it properly.....TREAT THE AGENTS WITH RESPECT IF YOU HONESTLY EXPECT US TO HELP YOU.......HAVE YOUR BILLS AVAILABLE BEFORE CALLING US INCLUDING PAST BILLS.....INVESTIGATE YOUR BILLS INCLUDING PAST BILLS BEFORE CALLING US......Bell really is not that bad...Your problem is you have bad experiences with Bell but your every experience with bell is no diffrent than your experience with anyone or anything....Its only what you make it.
   comment by bell employee ex30641 on May 7, 2009

Last month I set up internet service for my parents so that I could keep in contact with them.
They live in Ontario and I live in Manitoba.
I set it up so that I would get billed directly to my credit card.
Well they ^%^*% that up and billed my parents.
When I called to try and rectify the problem they informed me i was not authorized.
Let's see, I can add a service to an account I ma not authorizes on but when I try to pay I can't!!!
This company is so inept it's a wonder it's still in business.
   comment by Gaetan Girouard on May 9, 2009

I work for bell. It sucks. I'm tethered to a phone with a headset. My calls are monitored "live" by my boss sometimes. The rest are recorded. I have to meet daily stats. Sell Sell Sell. If I spend too long in the shitter I get a written reprimand. If I don't sell enough my Team Leader threatens me with dismissal. All this before I mention the pissed off customers taking their emotion out on me. It's hardly worth the wage. I know, I should quit. And I'm looking.
Most of us hate our jobs. They cut our hours now so the compensation isn't even worth it. People call in sick regularly. Probably due to burn out. Feels like a boiler room.

If anyone wants to hear about things from a human perspective 'behind the headset', leave your contact info, I'll contact you.
   comment by Call Centre Rep on May 17, 2009

For anyone having problems with internet services from Bell Canada or ay other ISP for that mater, you can file a complaint with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services Inc. (CCTS) at the following address
   comment by Gaetan Girouard on May 18, 2009

All of the phone techs I have spoken with universally pan Bell Canada as being the absolute worst to work for, or with. But like all monopolies, they sure die hard!
   comment by Reverse Lookup on May 21, 2009

I live on a border city between Canada and the USA and Bell Mobility are absolutely ridiculous when it comes to their own stupidity. I use my phone around the city and in some parts of the city my phone gets picked up by American towers (even though my phone settings are "home only") and when I told Bell this, they just said you shouldn't use your phone in that area then! HELLO I LIVE HERE!!!! I end up paying an extra $10 per bill on nothing but stupidity. I cannot wait till this bloody contract is over!

PS> Automated Voice "Emily" is the most useless thing ever invented by man
   comment by annonymous on May 26, 2009

I also "love" bell because they screwed all possible service I can use from them.

1. I got Bell Mobility HTC Touch and was told that I can use it as a wireless modem for $60 per month. I signed up and got a bill for over $1,200. They paid me back, but told me that they gave me a wrong plan. They gave me another plan for the same internet, but for $100 per month. Just because of wrong type of phone. So I’ve been paying them $100 instead of $60 because I need Internet and have a 3-year contract.

2. Bell charges monthly network charge of $5.95 even for a basic long distance plan. They also charge 20c/min for any long distance from mobile phone. So now I disconnected Bell long distance and use calling cards (I’m getting CiCi from Not so convenient, but I can use form home and mobile, no monthly fees, and it’s only 2.5c/min.

3. Bell sent me a good offer for Bell DSL Internet, I signed up, spent a day waiting for a technician, technical came and told me that no service in my area. No comments….

I didn’t tried Bell TV. Probably should be "good" too.
   comment by lovebell on May 27, 2009

apparently when you call a bell custumer service person you are calling somewhere like in indaia or pakistan because the wage is nickel and dime they should have kept it all in canada but they want things cheap but charge us to the max
   comment by dardar on May 27, 2009

fyi - phone Bell and say you're cancelling and yoyur rates go down.
   comment by brad on May 28, 2009

If you cancel Bell internet (or other services of thiers) PLEASE make sure you dont continue to be billed by them. I'm not the greatest at looking at my credit card statements... so I didnt notice until a year later that I was being occasionally billed by BELL after cancelling my service (twice... because they screwed up the first time) and moving to Alberta. I had to call for at least the third time and tell them I wanted the account CLOSED!! They werent going to give me all my money back but after I said that was unacceptable (and being put on hold for 10 min) I was told that I would get a full refund.. around 400$. Why the hell is it so hard to close an account.. and if it was open, why was I not billed every month? Weird. I have to say thier service during the period when I wanted it was good though.
   comment by Steve on May 28, 2009

i just cancel bell bussines internet and phone and
home bell simpatico internet and bell phone.
i got cheeper phone line and fester internet from akanac- service is good .BELL IS WORST COMPANY. i hate BELL.
   comment by michael on June 2, 2009

Several years ago, my phone goes dead on a Friday morning. I call Bell, the lady says we can't get anyone out to fix it till Tuesday next week. I freak out - Tues??, you've got to be kidding. I give her an ultimatum, you have 24hrs to fix my phone or I take my business elsewhere. That very afternoon, not more than 3hrs later a van shows up to fix my phone. With Bell the squeaky wheel gets the grease. BUNCH OF STUPID, LAZY, INBREAD MOTHERF****S. They hire people right off the boat who can barely speak English to answer phones for customer service.

Now i'm having trouble setting up my mother for Pre-authorized payment. I phone to inquire, end up talking to one person who is more stupid than the previous. Nice way to treat a elderly widow who has been with Bell for 50yrs+, WHO HAS ALWAYS PAID HER BILLS ON TIME, NEVER BUT NEVER MISSING A PAYMENT.

   comment by John on June 4, 2009

yes acn is growing fast. but bell customers think about this. how can a company do what acn is doing and not have stocks or a board of directors or share holders. just think about this. i think that it is very clear that acn is a subsidary of bell canada. and you people in ontario beware bell is offering the same service as you are getting but for half the price in quebec. especially the internet. all you have to do is go on the home page and pick quebec and you will see what the prices currently are as of monday. i think that you will be particularly surprised
   comment by stan on June 9, 2009

Bell Canada.. Hmmmmmm.

Wow people are talking about you everyday. your service is amazing. And your new CEO has changed this company already. keep up the amazing work. And lets all remember this. Bell Canada is the only Canadian Company that is running our 2010 winter Olympics. Lets support Canada!!!!!! ....
   comment by anonymous on June 10, 2009

MY mistake 100% coverage that we view from the Olympics. Great Job and keep up the hard work!!!!
   comment by anonymous on June 10, 2009

Bell mobility sucks you don't take their extend warranty on a new phone so you get a 30 day warranty from the manufacture,40 days after you get the phone it shuts off sometimes ,they say to bad ,you have to pay for a rental for up to amonth and all cost to fix it,blow me,thanks for taking my money and my 3year contract.
   comment by mike morris on June 14, 2009

Yes I've yelled at you call centre morons and belittled your little jobs. Glorified data entry - that's really all you are. You don't even need to finish high school for that! I'm not sure what's worse a telemarketer or you?

Please understand that I'm really not a mean person and don't have the time to waste on you low lifes. But I do have a limit to my patience and when the same $%^& thing happens every month costing yet more money again and the csr before you supposedly fixed it and made all kinds of notes on my file, what the hell am I supposed to when it happens again!??!

To bell CSR underlings, if you did your job correctly then their wouldn't be so many problems would there? So you don't like being told how to do your job? Well then, if you had any common sense then we wouldn't have to connect the dots for you. And that includes that managers too.

Keep in mind that it's you losers who are living in a pathetic world. Your numbers are coming down, and who knows maybe you're next to get a pink slip. That would be thanks to us, the customers who you admittedly treat like sh!t. We leave in the tens of thousands every quarter. And when you lose your jobs which is always an eventuality, you'll be thinking back to all the times you've had a "coffee break" at our expense.

By then it'll be too late, your E I would run out, bills pile up and you'll be looking at foreclosure and maybe even a divorce.

Eventually I'll come across your resumes in my line of work, and have the power to put an end to all that misery. Unfortunately for you, I have a pretty good memory about who's taken my calls previously and choose to probe a little deeper during the interview and reduce you down to the little knat that you are.

It's happened a few times already. I'm making it into a sport.
Karma is a bitch!
   comment by Apple core on June 22, 2009

I do not feel I should have to contact Bell at all regarding a contract that is expiring. The onus should be on Bell to determine if a consumer wishes to continue with service. Further to have a service agreement which is not reconciled with a contract is counter intuitive and designed to manipulate and cheat consumers. My recent experiences with Bell have been extremely poor. The phone associated with the number 709 690 2486 developed functional problems in February. It was under warranty so returned to Bell for repair. It was going to take at least one month and they did not have access to a loaner phone. I was informed that this is not Bells' responsibility but the contractor Down East, yet another example of Bell relinquishing service. I asked them to suspend the account for the duration of the time the phone was in Bell's possession, of course this could not be done under Bell's "policy". They did agree to reduce the plan to a basic one to reduce my costs somewhat, although I still paid for a phone that Bell had in their possession. It was returned three weeks or so later, the repair had damaged the battery and it had to be returned again for repair. This time a loaner phone was obtained, and the contract was returned to Fab 10 with all associated elements. This is what I thought until I received a cell phone bill with $51 worth of text charges. Apparently it is not Bell policy to renew the suspended contract as it originally existed, another policy designed to cheat consumers. In May I received a bill showing a credit balance. I was puzzled but assumed Bell would discover their error. The bill was for the period ending May 28. On June 22 Bell phoned to say my account was in arrears, it wasn't, and that they would be suspending service on the cell phones. They did not acknowledge their error, send me a new bill or in anyway attempt to rectify the mistake they made, rather chose to phone and threaten regarding an account not in arrears. It was during my call to clear up this confusion that I indicated that I would not be renewing the contract only to discover Bell had found another way to cheat me. I will be canceling the contract on the 709 690 2486 number as soon as the contract expires. Please take this as your greater than 30 days notice. I will be posting this complaint on one of the many I hate Bell websites. I also plan to send it to the new CEO who declared consumer satisfaction was his priority. I will be sending an edited version to the Globe and Mail and my local paper. Perhaps the customer will get some changes long overdue in the cell phone regulations in this country.
   comment by Karen Kennedy on June 24, 2009

Gosh you guys grow up and stop whining. You really think Bell is the worst? check out the other sites and u will know better
from what i know Bell has the cheapest plans possible and also some of the best hardware...You guys think just by switching fone companies you wil be better off? let me give u a suggestion. its really easy...go to and type in i hate rogers or i hate telus and see the results. Trust me guys all the fone companies are the same. Atleast with Bell you are not paying a fortune for your monthly plans. Everybody makes mistakes so what? you guys think you are ohh so purfectt? yeah rite....the poor rep who is trying to make a living does the best he can to help you so I dont know why do you guys act like bitches. GROW UP!!!
   comment by FUCK YOU ALL on June 26, 2009

Bell has got to be the worst company out there. When rogers got into the landlines they started putting bell into there place. I remember when I was with bell and I had a problem with my phone they told me too bad that I had no choice but to wait. So I said one day someone would go up against bell and 3 years later came sprint canada which was then bought out by rogers. They told me they would take care of all the switching details and in 7 business days I would be switched over. I ended up getting a call from bell telling me not to switch because they were not an established company, but I told them I dont care as long as I'm not with bell anymore. Over the years sprint was bought out by Rogers, the service is much better. I have all my services with them they give me a nice discount every month and in return I give them my business. Eery so often I will get a call from bell telling me about there great packages the have and I tell them that I am with rogers and I am very happy because I know they dont like to hear that. I told them to stop calling me I don't care even if their prices are lower than rogers I will never go back and I always remind the person who calls the problems I had you know " too bad I have no choice" In the end all I can say is I know rogers is not perfect but they at least make an effort with their customers. GO ROGERS GO and I hope they put bell out of business. As you can see I HATE BELL CANADA.
   comment by Tony on June 26, 2009

go and check out Telehop VOIP Provider and tell me what u think
   comment by ronald lewis on June 27, 2009

When my phone line got disconnected by Bell (for no reason) 3 years ago I ended up having to threaten to disconnect the entire apartment building before Bell would agree to send someone to reestablish my line...I then ended up paying for over a month's worth of phone and internet service that I had no access to. When I moved a year later Bell never showed up on the day I took off for them to hook up my phone line. But that time I was so fed up with getting dicked around by Bell I switched to Primus. Since then Bell has called so many times to try and get me back I've put them on my call block list. True; no company is perfect, but it's beyond rude to charge people through the nose for shoddy service.
   comment by Ambrosia on June 29, 2009

you guys hate Bell??!!! While I worked there I was almost a victim of a mercy killing by Qadeer Abdul and his crew. This guy is a manager there! This is not even a joke. You have to be really careful when you work there cause there are a lot of brown guys and they are really insecure about their culture. This guy almost killed me and cops told me they arrested him afterwards. Then afterwards guys like Rahim Vastani and that Sally Yassir taunted me and called me a rat goof. If I did anything they immediately told security and got more people. It was a nightmare.
   comment by Ex Employee on July 7, 2009

thats honour killing not mercy killing
   comment by Ex Employee on July 8, 2009

I have a bell account and I've never been disappointed by them. Mind you, I have used their services once for a basic landline and this time for a Smartphone. You can complain about Bell all you want but you don't think that every other big name provider works the same as bell?? Rogers, Cogeco, they are all out there to get your money. However, Bell has great customer service whenever I've called and I ALWAYS use cheap calling cards from the corner store to make my long distance.
   comment by Bell Customer on July 9, 2009

Hmmm...some moron above me who likes Bell. (God I hate gulliable people). I thought I was the only person who hated this piece of garbage snake-oil-salesman outfit. I had to get internet with them - Cogeco needs two-weeks and some jackass hooking up a modem.(another backwater Mom-and-pop outfit). i have way too many horror stories to comment here.

No competition though - The Canadian way.
   comment by Me on July 10, 2009

Pay. Pay and pay - The Canadian Way.
   comment by Me on July 10, 2009

Also, i take great pride in knowing that I'am now starving them. i only have a land line for $24 with tax a month. no frills. no long distance. no nothing. they used to get over $100 every month...they reconnected my touch-tone service after i cancelled it telling me it is a safety issue. and i didn't know they cared so much (sniff)...
   comment by Me on July 10, 2009

look whos a hate Bell and you are still paying $24 plus taxes? fucking hypocrite!!
   comment by smack my bitch up on July 19, 2009

$200 to get out of my contract, my phone busted and they cant do do anything to help me. had to get a cheap phone....the only one was 119.... cause I cant be without a cell and got one,,,,,customer service girl barely looked at me was rude and didnt smile at the Oshawa store in five points mall. Wouldnt recommend bell to anyone. Someone needs to start a new cell phone company that can take all the other companies business. If they want to improve their business and keep customers I suggest getting people that know what customer service is. They will be losing my business at the end of my contract. They have already lost out on my business with TV, internet and home phone.
   comment by i hate bell on July 20, 2009

Try calling 310 Bell in Toronto - you wont be disappointed. I was with Bell for 4 years and was so pissed with their services the d/c everything and went to Rogers. It was horrific - literally! so switched back to Bell. i told them im with Rogers and they gave me the BEST deal on this planet. listen to this - not only i got their home phone choice + unldt LD package for $45/month, as a local winback i got gr8 discounts for internet and tv with them along with BUNDLE savings!!!! i absoutely love my decision on return to bell.
   comment by Leena on July 29, 2009

I just received my bell from bell and it was approx. $600.00. I see that there is a new number early cancellation charge of $400.00.
What kind of trick is this, I did order the bell internet stick and was told very specifically that there is a 15 day return policy with no additional charges.
I ordered it with the understanding that only if I kept the phone for a period of time, will I be locked into a contract. I was very specific about that question, since I was locked into one of your damn even after I told them that the sales person misinformed me of the ability of the phone. It had none of the features that he mentioned except for the obvious functions like calling and texting. As for connect to the internet in landscape, the ability to sync the phone with outlook, the ability to back up my data on my own. This information was totally fabricated by the rep. It seems like after the sale was done I was screwed.
Furthermore, regardless who I contacted about being mis-informed I was met with the same response, “Oh I am sorry, would you like to buy a new phone?”
It is funny because when I tried to return the phone, I was told that I would have to pay 1600 to cancel the whole contract, even though I only had the phone for a week.
Now I am given this BS bill indicating that I owe and additional $400.00. I didn’t even use the stick at all. I sent the stick back the same day that I received it. I have spoke to a few people that used your services and they advised me that you guys offer poor phone service and will attempt to rip the customer off whenever possible.
I should have know better, but the temptation to get great service on the road with my notebook overtook my better judgement.
I will not pay this bill, I will attempt to have this removed from my account and will look into how I can get out of this agreement with my existing phones. In my humble opinion, BELL OFFERS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE THAT I HAVE EVER COME ACROSS. I will repeat this story of the shady service that Bell offers to anyone that is STUPID enough to consider using your service.
   comment by anonymous on July 30, 2009

I went to a bell store called Bell World in Bramelea City Centre, Brampton Ontario, Canada...let me say most horrible service I got. I gave them my cell phone so i can get it repaired by LG and they were not paying attention to me at all and customers were already complaining to this man before I even got to him. I was being nice and poliet to the gentlemen until he was being ignorant. In addition, I knew more information then they did. I called in Bell for technical support, the lady said they didn't even send in a Repair Order into the manufacturer, which they were apparently supposed to make the day of. They didn't even give me a loner phone to use for a whole month that I'm paying for, which i'm paying alot too for bullshit. I called in about my phone, and my plan about like 12 times..I've only had my phone for like 3 months. I have 2 more years with them, and I cannot wait till its over.
   comment by M on August 1, 2009

I went to a bell store called Bell World in Bramelea City Centre, Brampton Ontario, Canada...let me say most horrible service I got. I gave them my cell phone so i can get it repaired by LG and they were not paying attention to me at all and customers were already complaining to this man before I even got to him. I was being nice and poliet to the gentlemen until he was being ignorant. In addition, I knew more information then they did. I called in Bell for technical support, the lady said they didn't even send in a Repair Order into the manufacturer, which they were apparently supposed to make the day of. They didn't even give me a loner phone to use for a whole month that I'm paying for, which i'm paying alot too for bullshit. I called in about my phone, and my plan about like 12 times..I've only had my phone for like 3 months. I have 2 more years with them, and I cannot wait till its over.
   comment by Marie on August 1, 2009

I dont understand what is wrong with bell with these commercials get than rogers for less than rogers. What the hell is up with that, if they were a smart company they would not have to do these commercials. All they do is make themselves look so stupid like usual. Let the people decide not these dumb commercials, top it off when they do suck you in everything seems to change GROW UP YOU POEOPLE AT BELL MAKING THESE DUMB COMMERCIALS.
   comment by Tony on August 4, 2009

Bell Canada is the worst. I agreed to a 2 year satelite contract under the pretense of a bill around 75 dollars - not once has my bill been under 100. I want out now and theyre telling me the once 100$ disconnection fee is now 250$. Obviously I dont want to pay this as I 'misinformed" (as they like to call it) - so they put in a 'quality investigation' -- that was three weeks ago. I'ved called back 4 times and the response? Keep waiting. Finally I called again yesterday and after being on hold for over 30 minutes - "Theres no investigation, I don't know who told you that". The communication between this company is horrendous !!
   comment by Amber on August 8, 2009

I just want to say I've been a Bell customer for many, many years.

I hate them, but I just haven't pulled the plug yet. Next year, when my cell plan runs out, it's IP phones and someone else for me with my cell.

What I hate most about Bell is this: threaten to move to some other service, get angry with them for their terrible service, and all of a sudden there's a new plan to tell you about that will save you money if you stay with Bell.

I find this borderline criminal (as in bait and switch) and it's certainly unethical.

If Bell has computers that can do an analysis on my useage and offer a new plan to me through a sales agent, why in hell can't they just charge me the lowest rate based on how I used my phone that month?

But no, Bell is content to gouge me month after month after month until I get mad, and only then will they give e a better rate. It was there all along, but they would rather have people pay more than pay fairly!

Disgusting business practice; much as I have no love for any of their competitors, they couldn't possibly treat me worse than Bell has.
   comment by JR on August 10, 2009

I HATE BELL!!!!! I am currently waiting on hold, again, to speak with a representative (I believe this is the 6th one today) about bills that we keep receiving even though we cancelled our services in May. The answers that they have for the charges are that we need to pay disconnection fees. We had paid them in the previous bill. No one seems to understand that since we have paid the fees already, we certainly have no intention of paying them a second time. I actually had a representative hang up on me today and I wasn't even uttering the death threats that were running through my head. :) I didn't yell or swear, I treated her with way more respect than she deserved.
I suppose I should have known better than to get involved with them again. Rogers was a much better choice. :( Still on hold. :(
   comment by Sue on August 10, 2009

People !!! Anyone who doesn’t realize that Bell is the biggest scam and the worst choise that you can make , I must say they either don’t know anything or just stupid idiots and the deserve to get ripped off. If you like to get shity service and learn Pakistani language so you can understand what they saying on the phone when you trying to resolve constant issues and over pay for all that? Well that makes you an idiot or if you prefer loser :) I am not going to go to the hundreds of cons about Bell, just don’t want to waist my time . As for those people who doesn’t know alternatives, I will help .
Don’t go to ROGERS ! Not much better ;)
As for Ontario Canada :
Internet and home phone sevices :
3web(CIA),Velcom,Acanac,TekSavvy and so on....
For mobile I use FroggiTalk its the best long distance service specially if you have free incoming calls on your mobile phone, and the quality of call is excellent.
You will pay much less and have no limits (internet), Long distance is much much chipper . Dont be stupid and save your money for your vacation instead of paying those ass wipes vacation that they don't deserve!!! ;)
   comment by Boris on August 12, 2009

I am in a two month ongoing battle with Bell. I have been with different companies including Rogers and am currently with Telus. I am sure every company has its faults; however I have found Telus to be the most satisfying so far. Yes they have made mistakes, however they have fixed them promptly. That not only makes me extremely happy, it is miles ahead of Bell. In a nut shell I had a two year mobile contract with Bell and they marked me down for a three. Luckily I still have my original documentation. KEEP YOUR PAPERS PEOPLE!! I have faxed it to them several times and they have lost it several times. Once they finally entered the correct information into their systems I decided to end my contract as the date was past for the two year contract. The slammed me with a termination of contract fee in excess of $250.00. I complained for the last two months, including phone calls, letters to the company as well as with the Better Business Bureau. They have admitted their mistake, but have yet to return my money!!!! Is this any way to run a business??? I think not. I have to pay my bills promptly to them, and I ask for the same courtesy! I am totally disgusted with their customer service.... in fact, this episode has proved it is non-existent!!!
   comment by Melissa on August 12, 2009

I hope Bell disappears from the face of the earth for all who said not may they disappear too.
   comment by Talal on August 19, 2009

A Bell technician once came to my apartment and couldn't figure out how to install my phone line. He left but he ended up leaving live wires sticking out of my wall. He came back THREE DAYS LATER to finally finish the job.

The ONLY WAY to bring down Bell and Rogers is to stop giving them your money! There are plenty of other teleco's that are smaller, resell via the Bell network, and offer waaay better service. I use Diallog Telecommunications (, they haven't let me down (or left live wires sticking out of my wall).
   comment by Plutarch on August 19, 2009

I hate bell with a sincere passion. They are the most inept, incompetent company EVER. I just moved, so I got a new number. I paid for a specific phone #. They made a mistake and gave me the wrong one. I called up to make the change, to fix it, and was hung up on twice while having waited 10 minutes each time. No one called me back. Finally, they fixed the number. The number I got had around 10-15 fax machine calls every day. It was driving me crazy. Bell could do nothing about it, they said. Finally, a customer service representative changed the number, to fix the problem. I had already paid to select a special number, which I did again and guess what? They gave me a wrong number AGAIN.
UGH!!! I hate bell. this, honestly, is only one example of a fiasco i've had with Bell. There have been MANY other. MANY.
   comment by Moshe Daniel on August 26, 2009

I called Bell regarding all the extra charges on my home telephone bill. Got Emily first Press 1 for French Press 2 for English. I Press 2 finally I got a life person in India that could not speak English.
I am finished with Bell
   comment by Finished with Bell on August 28, 2009

Had an email problem that went unsolved for 12 months even after 3rd level Sympatico AND Hotmail tech support. Xpressvu tv service was down constantly and I spent as much time rebooting the receivers as I did watching tv.They finally pushed me to the limit and when I canceled both services I was advised to return all tv receivers and the crappy 4 year old modem. With the modem they mail a label for return prepaid shipping by post but you are responsible to package it and if it is damaged on return they bill you full replacement cost. Oh yeah don't forget the 2 foot ethernet cable or the phone filters either. The tv receivers are a better bet as they send you an empty pre-labelled box for return by Purolator. When returning them It is your responsibility the wait all day for courier pickup or to waste time and gas getting to one of their depots. I got 3 of the 4 boxes I needed within a few days of cancellation and since then I have called once a week for 6 weeks to try and get the last box. No one can seem to understand there is a problem with their system and now I fear I will get an invoice for the full cost of the last PVR receiver. Talk about insult to injury after I canceled internet and satellite services because of terrible service and hundreds of wasted hours on the phone with support staff who had NO clue. And NO you cannot return the items to one of those snazzy Bell stores and in fact I was advised that many of them are now under private ownership so the service while likely become even worse.
I was a loyal 4 service Bell customer for many years and thanks to their terrible service (most of which is off-shore) I will become a one service customer and that only due to a cell phone contract.
   comment by Dennis on September 3, 2009

I HATE BELL CANADA, so i cancelled all the service i had with them and went to another companie. fuck Bell
   comment by MOi on September 6, 2009

all i wanted was a cell phone.... i lost mine... bell wont let me renew my plan... its gonna cost me AT LEAST 99$ ( and thats for a crappy phone) to have a new phone... or i could drop out of bell but that would cost 300$... but i guess it all adds up with the 10$ fucking fee we have to pay every month to activate the thing.... ALL I WANTED WAS A CELL PHONE!
   comment by anonymous on September 9, 2009

Wow, I see I am not the only person frustrated with Bell Aliant service. I bought a Blackberry and when it was 6 months old it needed to be sent away for repair. That was 5 WEEKS ago. Today I asked them to give me call display for free until they fixed my phone so I could re-enter my contacts more easily. They said NO!!!!! For what would cost next to nothing to shut me up they said no. I wish I had bought an iphone instead.
   comment by Anna on September 15, 2009

HAHA this website is AMAZING!! i hate bell to my very CORE! I recently had my 3 year contract renewed without my consent - is was apparnment a glitch in their system which they have NO control over'. No biggie, right? AND since i am done 1 year of my 3 years contract, my old moto razr has died. i need a new phone. ALL of bells non-contract phones are $250+tax and up. i look and see they have a prepaid site! yipee! ill buy prepaid for $130 and activate it on my contract, right??? so i 'chat' online with a rep and she say i cannot do that 'because it is not viable'... WTFFFFFFFF. okay, shes gets me to call this rep in toronto, shes nice and tells me 'yes i can buy prepaid and activate it onto my contract, i will simply activate the prepaid phone first on a prepaid account, then deactivate it. then activate it on my contract'. okay not a problem, ive done it before for my mom- on ROGERS.
but anywho, she puts me on hold for no reason and comes back 3 minutes later saying she is 'unsure about what she told me and would like to make sure she says things right' so she transfers me to another rep, i wait on the phone...rep says 'hello blah blah blah im from the prepaid department' so i explain my question AGAIN to this 'prepaid rep' and shes says 'im not joking, i am being serious *giggles* but i will have to TRANSFER you to our 'royalty department' because she doesnt NOT know how she can help me' i go 'okay, ive got time'.... tada! i press '2' for english and this fucking french shit starts talking in FRENCH to me and i laugh and say 'i pressed english', he made a scuff sound and start speaking in his HORRIBLE ENGLISH ACCENT.HORRIBLE PEOPLE.I MEAN WHEN PEOPLE PURPOSELY TALK WITH A HORRIBLE ACCENT IN MOVIES TO MAKE PEOPLE LAUGH.well not fucking funny. and i ONCE AGAIN, explain my situation... he says "yes yes you can buy ANY bell phone and activate it on your contract", i go "okay, so your SURE i can buy prepaid and activate on my contract?" he pauses. huffs angrily. then replies "non madamne you can only buy phone with no-contract, no prepaid." at this point im like "okay, forget it.bye *hangs up*"
sooooooo i googled my question on google and found that a women posted my EXACT question on a forum for a local futureshop in my city. The futureshop rep replied "you can buy ANY pre-paid bell phone and activate it on your contract.thats it."

SO heres what im thinking... BELL IS A FUCKING LIEING, SNEAKING, BASTARD FUCKING RETARDED SPEAKING SHITSTICK WHO WILL TRY TO MAKE YOU BUY A $300 PHONE INSTEAD OF THEIR OWN $130 PHONE BECAUSE PREPAID IS NOT 'viable'. ah shit. as much as wish bell to hell, i still have 2 years left on my contract and i will have to buy a cheap $130 phone and activate on my contract. otherwise i have to pay $500 in cancelling my contract, which i dont have that money. so here i am. bell will purpolsly confuse you AND waste your time so that you pay $300 instead of $130 for the same fucking phone.

bell reaks in shit.
   comment by Julia on September 17, 2009

Official I Hate BELL forums, please join!
   comment by Midna on September 19, 2009

i called bell to ask a simple question about my phone and t.v. bill and it was all kinds of secruity question about who i was. hey bell, i am PAYING A BILL, not asking for your MONEY or trying to get information about someone else. too many fucking question as to who the fuck i am. maybe i will switch my phone,t.v. and internet to someone. else
   comment by ron on October 1, 2009

there is a company that saved Bell's butt.. and they don't have call centres in India like Bell.. they have optimal customer service.. and don't charge this network fee that I saw on my bill.. before switching to this other company.. it freaked me out.. and the company I am with now.. when they lower the prices.. they automatically lower them for everyone.. so you don't have to experience.. the shock after 2 yrs of paying regular price, when you find out that Bell has lowered the price for new customers.. infuriating..!%^#&@*^* u guys make the choice.. to be scammed or not to be scammed that is the question.. u know the answer.. if you want the information about my telecom company email me.
   comment by Alexia on October 4, 2009

The Bell Canada "Punjabi" telephone company makes me sick. They are the most scamming operation in Canada today.
   comment by John Newton on October 4, 2009

I moved to Bell TV(ExpressVU) from Starchoice when someone who I thought was from Bell contacted me with a better deal. since then nothing but trouble! First, I found out that it was not Bell I was talking to, it was a telemarketing agency working for Bell. I was also told by Bell that the deal I was given is not a Bell deal and they charged me $50 more, but I am still stuck on the 2 year contract.

At that time I was very angry, but still wanted a good relationship with Bell, so I tried to be nice and work it out with Bell, but the trouble continued. Next I got hit with a $50 installation fee I was not told about and the $59/month I was promised (cheaper than Starchoice) turned into $72/month(More expensive!). Bell completely gave me the bait and switch!

Then they began screwing me on my phone bill and i have been a loyal phone customer for several years! First they did not put a long distance block on my phone, even though the idiots had it on their computer, but when I called to cancel my service they signed me up for a two year deal I never agreed too and dinged me with a $150 early termination fee! When I asked to prove that to me the guy ignored me and just said he could tell me when the contract was added. Then, when he looked that up the usual Bell computer problems happened. He had to look it up manually, whatever that means, and he first told me within a month the contract was started, then said it was August for sure, then finally mentioned March. He could not even tell me who gave them permission, he just said, "someone in your household". FYI: I am the only one allowed to speak on that account.

Since I started with Bell TV(Expressvu) in June I have paid out several hundred dollars and now, with $350 in early terminations fees, I owe almost $1000! They just kept on pilling on more fees all the time and I just could not keep up. Also, I hated how Bell people kept on telling me to go to their crappy website. It is slow, unsecure, and very buggy and I hate the feeling that they don't want to talk to me. Bells computer systems seem to also be completely down. Almost every time I phoned Bell they had a problem with their computer systems. That is ridiculous for a telecommunications company selling Internet service.

I have many more problems with Bell, I am so sick of them, there are so many problems I can not list them all in one post.
   comment by Scott on October 8, 2009

I HATE BELL. I've switched my home phone service to Rogers. I am so relieved. I've also saved a lot of money and they've given me GREAT discounts. My friend also switched from bell to Rogers. She had long distance charges on her phone when she was with bell. She had her long distance blocked. The phone calls didn't even generate from her home phone! After four hours on the phone with bell...and being cutting off more than once...actually 14 friend and I counted and wrote all the rep names down and their ID numbers ..bounced around all over India..finally got a rep in Canada! who removed the long distance charges from her bill. After switching to Rogers she got her final bill with bell. Guess what? Those long distance charges are back on the bill. We called bell yesterday and spoke to someone at the executive office. We made sure we spoke to someone from Canada. The long distance charges were removed. My friend and I both got a card in the mail from bell asking us to come back. We both starting laughing so hard. Unbelievable! We ripped those cards up. Thank God for Rogers. Every single time I speak to a representative with Rogers..I speak to someone in Canada. THANK YOU ROGERS! :-)
   comment by Barbara on October 9, 2009

Been a bell customer for years as well, since at least '78-79.
My accounts, always in good standing.

Moved last year, BELL made this sweet deal, the TRIO deal, where you sign on for 2 years, with discounts applied to each service you included.
Phone, TV-satellite) and Internet. ( around $120 /mo)

So 14 months on and we get this huge bill around $900 under "previous balance" on the invoice right out of the blue!!

So needless to say, my experience is much like everyones above so I won't bore with details.
However, I cut them off as I had a bad feeling about how they were treating this crazy charge, being evasive and not at all what I expected. ( more like dealing with the government LOL )
We've always paid all our bills as they came in

So we went with Primus with the phone and internet, excellent deals. Saves us much more than with Bell.
And trying SHAW DirectTV for a year, so far getting about the same deal as bell and others that I checked but at least my money's not going to Bell.
So far we'll save from the $190 per month that Bell was charging on their so called trio deal to around $130 per month.
One bell rep stated that we didn't order enough extra TV programs in the last year to qualify for the trio good bye to bad rubbish.
They really pushed to have access to credit card and bank accounts in the last year...we always refused, mail the bill and we'll pay it.
So glad we did, can you imagine? They'd have helped themselves to our money...even had a call once saying they couldn't access my credit card, I was confused at we don't do business that way... but I just stated finally, "well that's good to hear" and hung up the phone.

Thanks for the rant space Dustin.
My Bell Hell is going to end soon!

Now does anyone know how to get them off my wireless? They've put a block on it, it seems....
Install, uninstall, reinstall all day no luck...
(I'll hold their modem hostage until they send the unblocking information :~) )

(p.s. If in QC, videotron is the tops.)
   comment by Louise in Ontario. on October 11, 2009

This latest nonsense over the 'local tv' programming charges baffles me. Ma Bell, who already captures billions of dollars in profits actually had the nerve to write to me and complain about what the television companies are doing and then threatening that they will have no choice but to have the customers absorb the costs! Can't the CRTC just say no to it all? Nobody gets any more money and nobody gets charged anything more. Period.
   comment by anne on October 12, 2009

BASTARDS,, shit Eaters, Azholes, Mother fuckers..
   comment by kandaswamy on October 14, 2009

I suggest everyone go to the better business bureau and file a complaint against Bell, send letters to the CRTC and send your nightmare experiences to the media, or maybe even join or organize a class action lawsuit against Bell.
After being a happy loyal customer of my Telecommunication Company for 25 years Bell has bought them out within the last year. Now I am being scammed and screwed on a regular basis and when I call to sort it out I get transferred by employees that are not properly trained except to pawn you off to the next employee that eventually will hangup on you. Then when you go to their website it to try and sort out the mess, it is extremely slow and eventually crashes or information that you are looking for is not available due to so called temporary website problems which seems to be a constant problem with them. Bell can't even run a proper website yet they are one of the largest telecom companies in the world, what is wrong with this scenario and why does the CRTC and the government continue to let so many taxpayers to get screwed. Is someone getting kickback?
Bell has obviously set up a system that is designed to scam you from day 1 and hope you don't have the time to sort through their bullshit and just pay them for their scams and incompetence.
As soon as my home and business contracts are done with Bell, I will never go back, unfortunately the CRTC/government has allowed a monopoly of being able to choose from Rogers or Bell so they can do whatever they want because of the lack of choice and competition, so I will have to choose from the lesser of 2 evils. So Rogers is going to be getting my business and my companies business until the CRTC fixes this monopoly. And I will be doing everything in my power to make people aware of Bells scams and lies, you should do the same or other forms of industry will go the same route.
   comment by Sparta on October 15, 2009

We had Bell phone, internet & Satellite...We called(Bell) and told them that we were moving. told them when and they gave a date in which it was going to be disconnected...Guess What it didn't get disconnected for a month and a half after the date that they orginally gave us...And now it is collection.They want us to pay for that extra billing..guess what I tell everyone that are talking about getting a phone go with someone else cuz Bell is a ripe off ..
   comment by Janet /Donald Matthias on October 15, 2009

bell canada may die hard BUT DIE THEY MUST!!!
   comment by Jo Bador on October 26, 2009

If I wanted to ask someone in a different country a technical question about my phone I would call China where it was made . I sure as hell wouldn't call a country that still uses a piece of string and 2 paper cups. Not only can you not understand these off shore idiots but it seems a fax machine is way beyond there grasp as well.
   comment by Ron on October 28, 2009

Possibly the worst monopoly cooperation on the planet
next to Rogers,the cousin.I have been with Teksavvy solutions for almost 3 years now and have never had a problem.I have internet/home phone and pay less than $70 a month.Can't get better than that. Bell can shrivel
up and croak for all I care.BTW with Teksavvy it's straight to the customer assistant.No prompts!
   comment by R Brentnall on October 30, 2009

so now if you sign a contract with bell, and you try to leave them as they gouge you out of all the money they feel entitled will be forced to pay them and stay with them as they will then have control over the line even with your new provider...
I really feell for folks signing anything with them since the CRTC decided to abandon Canadians and help a major multi conglomerant making billions, by dumping Canadian jobs and hiring out side the country and have foriegners help them rip us off.
(oh and got that wireless issue fixed, great computer guy helped me ou)
Pox you all
PRIMUS is like Teksavvy then, so far their superior to bell
SHAW direct has been great thus far as well.

DON'T forget Canadians, WE paid for Bell's development with the overpriced long distance charges passed along directly to us customers for decades...while BELL sucked up huge profits from their business accounts and now they have all the provincial government offices's accounts...and yet they seem hell bent on to ripping off us little guys...still.
All those Canadian jobs lost....
   comment by Louise in Ontario on November 13, 2009

Customer Service is a thing of the past. There is no such thing as Service anymore when it comes to communication companies. Don't know if this will help anyone or not , but here is a couple of tips when calling a call center. On the very first call, listen for the name of the speaker, repeat the name, ask them for an employee number, and ask what call center they are in. Tell them your problem or issue, if they are not able to resolve it immediately, which they never can, ask to speak to a supervisior on duty. They will tell you thereis not one available, but all call centers must have a super there at all times. At this point most of the workers will hang up on you. Call back and ask to speak to a supervisior right off the bat. Insist on it. When you get a super, they are going to be ticked because they would have to get off their chair, click their headset into the station you reached, but that is okay, that is their job to do that. Give your account number and ask the supervisior to read out to you the last comments the server you spoke to typed into your maintenance file. They all have maintenance files..... The supervisior is going to more than likely tell you there are no comments there. Let the super know that you will repeat to them the questions and tell them you will expect them to read the comments back to you, and that you will likely call back to make sure it was done. You can also request that a copy of the comments be emailed to you. You are paying so much money out for services that do not really exist, begin to make them actually work for those dollars. If you forgot, make sure you ask the supervisior for their name and number as well, make sure to write it down and repeat it while you are writing it down so they can hear you doing it. You are not guaranteed to get better satisfaction, but you will get better service if they know you are documenting your call. It would be good to even tell them you are recording the call , for better service and quality, just like they tell you before you speak to someone. Also, when you get someone unable to understand you or you are not able to understand them insist agian to speak to a supervisior in English, they are there. One last hint, if when you first call, there is a slight chance you will not get caught in the "your call is important" loop, if you do not press anything. Most automated answering systems are set up to go directly to human, if no numbers are pressed. I know this can not change the crapy way Bell does business, or the other large business for that matter, but, it can maybe make the suffering seem less. Have a nice day :)
   comment by AuntSadie on November 13, 2009

Wow!!! I understand how you all feel. I make a living with people unsatisfied with bell. I work for Selectcom Telecom.
You dont need to be paying ridiculous rates for your long distance and business lines anymore. I save my customers on average 40% on their Bell Bills. When it comes to customer service our clients speak to a human
not Bell's "Emily" Robot.

If you need my assistance I can be reached by email: or cell: 514-967-2015

Best Regards
   comment by anonymous on November 16, 2009

Bell TV Sucks. Bell a fake company.

I was lured to join bell TV ( I had Shaw earlier). Looks like it was the most stupid thing I have done.
1. Nobody in Bell knows what is actually in their package. Many hidden things are there, when you join they pop up. E.g. The bell shop in Burnaby Metrotown said with HD essential package for $59, you will get 6 Digital theme packs plus 4 HD theme packs. When I joined they start charging $26 for 6 Digital theme packs and $10 for 4 HD theme packs. When I called their customer service they agreed to it and promise to correct it but was never done. Next time when I called it was still the same charges. Same story goes on and on every time you call.
2. When I joined the bell I choose to buy the HD receiver from "Source at circuit city" and I told Bell this. They asked me to give credit card no. (I thought bell was a reputable co. so I gave them the no.) They immediately deducted $112 as price of receiver. Also they start deducting rental fee of $10. I phone them to rectify this as I bought the receiver they asked me to send the purchase receipt by fax which I did. After one month when I called them they said we received your fax ‘today’. After two months has passed still they cannot understand or decide if to refund $112 and stop the rental fee. What a malicious company.
3. This is the summary of several conversations with them, its mental torture. Customer service at Bell is not for helping customers but to grab your money. Customer service never connect or let you talk to their supervisor.
4. Don’t believe on Bell’s promotions it’s all fake and something hidden inside. Don’t waste your time and money.
   comment by VANBC on November 22, 2009

The way to stop bell canada is to rant, rant and rant. They need constant ridicule.

I will tell you though... all telco's are crap :) With no monopoly you just get a choice who screws you! Take mobile you choose cheap and intermittent signal OR rip-off prices and pretty good signal with an arrogant telco.
   comment by dccrowley on November 24, 2009

I have had a Bell cell plan for 4 years. My only complaint is that they sold me a phone for which there is no case. My first 3 years at Bell were fine so I signed up for another 3 year term.
   comment by Joan Arque on November 24, 2009

I am SO FED UP with Bell Canada. Today I asked to have my Call Waiting cancelled. So what do they do? They cancel all my features. Now I have to wait until next week to get my features back. Every single time we call for service, they screw up. Now our internet with them isn't working well. We're thinking of going with Videotron. Any probs with them??
   comment by Debbie on November 27, 2009

Outsourcing to INDIA? I spent literally 2 hours trying to talk to someone at Bell,, going through 4 employees trying to find someone without such a strong accent so that I could understand them. I was hung up on, transferred back into que and even told that I could not speak to a manager or be given the phone # to the main office. Its a monopoly or I would have given up Bell many years ago. Where is our Parliament when we need them? Please contact your local MP and put in complaints. They need to hear from us.
   comment by Barrie Fletcher on November 28, 2009

Absolutely worst tele comm company in Canada, the worst part of all this, bell internal system is so bad, as an employee u know the service that ur offering or telling the customer is not right and if poor customer get the service and God forbid, get any problem with the service and unfortunately with the billing then he is realy screwed as half of the cust service dept will bounce the cust from one dept to another till the cust with frustation hang up the phone, the only time rep will be nice if he get the sale from the call, otherwise his all concern will be to end the call, as bell has a directive for all the employee to shorten there call and control on there talk time. Bell website always not available, I only get time in the night to check online billing, but I never ever get online service working as it is not available, I hope so somebody in bell get this in there head, they will loose there cust eventually one by one if thats how they operate.
   comment by Mohammad Siddiqui on November 29, 2009

I tried to return my satellite receivers to Bell Aliant because we no longer have service with them and I was tired of paying to rent the receivers that I was no longer using.. Called Bell to figure out how to return them, lady I spoke to told me that I wasnt allowed to return them and that I had to keep paying a monthly fee. About 2 months later, I see these boxes outside my old apartment. (god only knows how long they were sitting outside for..) After telling me they wouldnt let me return the receivers, then send packing boxes to my old apartment.. Now I just got a $90 bill in the mail for "service"! These things arent even hooked up and I sure as hell dont get any kind of service from these idiots!
   comment by Anonymous on November 30, 2009

Here is a tip....Go with Cogeco....They only charge 29.99 for a home phone not the 50.00 + bell charges. Bell is the worse company there is. Even after canceling all my services with them I am still having to pay cancelation fees even when they voided the contract. Their excuse was that the phone number is not part of the contract and needed to be canceled separately. If that is not the biggest scam...What ever happened to providing a service that actually worked and had good customer support? these Bastards need to be shut down. The whole Mobile telephone is a scam. the only reason they charge so much is to pay their bloated salaries and the stupid marketing ads.
   comment by Ken C on November 30, 2009

Bell Canada is a disappointment. I call Bell Internet to renew my contract. Guess what they did - the moron did not renew my contract but disabled my Bell virus security instead. What if I didn't notice? I could have gone without any virus protection and not know it. With so many people hating Bell Canada I'm surprised they still have a business... oh I forgot, they are a monopoly. I love Canada - always looking out for their greedy companies instead of their citizens.
   comment by Bob on December 2, 2009

Bell Canada.. where to start...
well if you are looking not to renew your mobilty with a new cell phone
or you lost your phone,
or it was stolen & of course that will mean a new contract! Youcan buy Bell phones without a new contract, go to
they are in Pickering Ontario, the ship out same day, they have fairly new models to choose from, at a fraction of their orginal price they stand behind their products.
What else.. hmmm I know I'll have the same problem for the TV, box to be sent to return the Bell TV box, and remote and smart card. I know it will mess up! I just know it!
On top of that, I have (stupid me) ordered the turbo stick, hmmm I think sure .. sounds good, NO NO NO still haven't received it, and still I've been charged for something I don't even have! argh!
Skin is going to rip and it won't be mine!

Happy holidays...hohohoho

   comment by leslie on December 6, 2009

   comment by Ivan on December 8, 2009

i hate bell so much, i call them up and tell them "FUCK YOU BELL!" over the phone and hang up
   comment by logan on December 11, 2009

oh my god i hate bell. they charged me ridiculous bills for overusage.... but i was away in europe for two months and I live by myself and its secured internet. so how could that ever be possible. they cant prove it. also i pay by td online and they say they havent received it for two months and charged me late fees. holy cow i hate em.
   comment by olala on December 15, 2009

I HATE BELL. They are absolutely the worst company to deal with in the world. Bad customer service, rude representatives who obviously hate their job and customers. They simply do not care. COGECO IS 100 TIMES BETTER COMPANY AND DESERVES OUR BUSINESS. GOODBYE BELL
   comment by Jenna R on December 16, 2009

All the communication co's suck and don't care about customers in Canada. I wish I could have the $$$ to dump BellTV (what happened to ExpressVu???) and get my old c-band dish going again. If you own an older tho expensive BellTV receiver, you are 2nd class to them.
   comment by Eddie on December 20, 2009

This just in:Bell Canada still sucks,and projections show that they will continue to suck well into the 21st century.
   comment by Update on December 29, 2009

Bell is insensitive and they are the worest service provider I have even knwn. Sonner or later they are doomed to go down!
   comment by George on January 2, 2010

How about being charged for Last Call Return(*69) every month even though they turned that function off....every month I call them to reverse the charges and I have the same conversation...WTF...i guess nickel and diming your customers works......
   comment by Paul on January 5, 2010

that bellguy way up there is fucking kidding himself when he said that bell has excellent customer service. I'VE NEVER HEARD SUCH AN OUTRAGEOUS THING IN MY LIFE. they've been fucking with me for 11 monthes now, will I ever get my iphone? Thanks for nothing bell, you seem to have some misleading idea that people enjoy being treated like shit. I'd love to punch your corporation in the face quite frankly.
   comment by Amber on January 7, 2010

I dont understand why these idiots cant get it through their heads that we want customer SERVICE!!!
   comment by James on January 9, 2010

I've got the best job at bell. as long as all of you keep complaining then I've got a job taking care of your complaints. ;-)
   comment by content with job at bell on January 10, 2010

I HATE BELL too!!!! I LOVE Videotron and have told them so. I'd marry them if they were single. Actual human people speak to you on the phone when you're having a tech problem and if they can't solve it they actually physically come to your house like when doctors used to make house calls. It's unreal! However, I am unfortunate enough to work for a company that uses Bell for all its services (blackberrys, phone, internet etc.) but that's about to come to an end too. Even my boss can't take it anymore... being put on hold for 20 minutes only to be hung up on - it's beyond ridiculous. They're the worst company in the world - the utter, absolute worst. I got rid of them entirely out of my house for everything, internet, phone etc. and got a package deal with Videotron and have never been happier or had better services. Each and every week for the last year I've received a "come back to Bell" letter which I don't want to tell you what I do with it... it's probably illegal, but I can tell you that there's lots of laughter involved.
   comment by jojo on January 12, 2010

hi, i have just recently decided i will be sharing my experience and that of others, in newspapers all across southeastern ontario, bell has promised two days in a row now to install my tv service (expressview) and they havent even come closem the second time around since i was already pissed, they told me i would be recieving 10 dollar discount on my service, and that i wouldnt have to pay their phony and illegal deposit (creative billing) and that would be installed the next day... well guess what, they ever showed even though i threatened the better business bureau against them along with my newspaper campaign, i cant believe i found this amazing site and im here to ask for your help, please email me any information you can about your experience with bell, bell cant keep fucking with people and families, especially those who live pay cheque to pay cheque, i have three kids, and live in a 3 bedroom apartment, i live pay cheque to pay cheque like most families and i cant keep affording to take time off work for their broken promises and i hate to see it happen to others, im not going down with out a fight, i hope you wont either, please email me at
   comment by ashley raposo on January 14, 2010

I hate Bell too, although Rogers is no different. Have fought with both! I was with Bell internet and phone, I was moving so they persuaded me to switch my tv from Rogers to them, offering me a very good bundle price for having all three. I was happy with the Rogers TV but this was a good temptation, so I agreed. Unfortunately, after moving, they never did bundle the accounts and therefore I was paying the same for the internet and phone and now I was paying more for the TV than before. After calling them several times and being assured it would be fixed, I cancelled. I was also told that they would not charge me the cancellation fee of around $250. I even re-iterated to them what my final bill was and re-iterated that they had said I was not going to be charged the cancellation fee (since they did not uphold their end of the contract). Alas, I get the final bill amd am charged the cancellation fee.

I emailed Office of the President etc... and everyone else I could think of. No response!!!! Then they put us into collections. We cancelled it about a year ago (end of 2008) and still nothing. Collections won't touch it as it's in dispute with Bell and they are waiting for a response. Every now and again someone from collections calls and we send them all the info. and it is on hold again. Now every time I call regarding a billing issue with my home phone, I am automatically put through to collections!!! who obviously have nothing to do with my home phone as it is not in collections. They aren't trying to get anything from me for the TV as it's on hold pending Bells response.

Today I was on the hone for 2 hours trying to get hold of someone to be able to discuss my home phone bill. I was told that this automatic transfer won't happen again. We will see....

I guess I could be stuck in this vicious circle black hole forever.... I am fed up with dealing with it but won't pay due to the principal of it. We break the contract, we pay, they break the contract (or never actually start it!), we pay too... Where does it end????? Also, how long will this take? 5-yrs, 10 yrs, 20??????
   comment by Chris on January 18, 2010

has anyone else had a problem with a phone being out of stock in the oshawa centre bell store?i decided to take the blackberry leap and renewed with bold 9000 and a fairly good plan,relatively speaking,because luckily my contract was up.january 6th was when this saga began.still no blackberry?!apparently i can get one shipped from bell for 99.99 but not my 'free'one.i have to wait for the store to get stock and no one there seems to know when this might be.the source,wich is directly across the hall ,and a bell holding, has 7 units according to the sources online ordering system.another online comparison site has the 9000 discontinued with bell!?
anyone else waiting?
   comment by gougedbybell on January 20, 2010

My Wife called into the customer service center on 01/15/10 and was told we had a 200.00 x 2 credit towards new phones and signing a 3 year contract. So we went to the Bell store to get our upgrade to our iphone 3gs X 2. At the store we were told that we would still have to pay 199.00 per phone - 300 was a store credit + 200.00 being a Bell loyalty credit leaving a balance of 199.00.

Now if a new client gets the same phone for 199.00 on a three year contract, how can you call this a loyalty Credit when you give the same credit to new clients? So I called in and spoke to Amy and Leanne in the retention dept and they both stated they could only give us credits

towards our plans of 695.00 per phone spread over the three year contract. I countered the offer with applying a 200.00 credit per phone saving Bell 495.00 per phone and having a happy customer. since we got what was offered to us in the beginning. Leanne said that was not possible.

Then my Second Counter was to bill the 199 per phone to our account and let us pay it off over three months and we would waive the 695.00 per phone thus saving Bell 1390.00 for not paying out the credit + the 400.00 for the phones and have a happy Customer. Leanne said that also was not possible.

So what I got from the conversation was that Bell is to big to care about its customers. So what if they leave the Bell Family and go to another Provider. Well Shame on you Bell. What happened to the 'customer comes first' philosophy? Maybe you are to big to think that way anymore.

Every satisfied customer is likely to tell three friends about your business. Great! On the other hand, every unhappy customer will gripe at everyone they come in contact with. Yeah, angry people let off a lot more steam, so it’s important to have a handle on dealing with them effectively.

Best Regards,
Steve Mann & Debbie Hollihan (Mann)
35 Riverbirch Rd SE.
Calgary, AB T2C 3M4
Tel: 403-266-6533
Cell: 403-483-5531

   comment by hateubell on January 21, 2010


"If it's extra, I should have the choice to refuse it"

I have two land lines, 1 residential, 1 data. We have no HS net where we live and no alternatives either! I wanted BELL to give me rotary service on my data line. My modem is able to mimic an 'old school' dial phone, thereby saving me $2.80 + tax on the second line. Sounds easy, huh? NOPE! The first Bell rep. changed the wrong line over the same day as the request. It took 5 days to restore the service (to tone), now , I was assured the other line was switched. It was not...
Another call to customer service, this time I was told this request was impossible, as it could not be done... since 1993... I explained it had just been done on my home line... "IMPOSSIBLE!" I was told. Even though I had 5 confirmation numbers from qualified customer service reps I had spoken with...

My gripe, I am charged $2.80 for the extra privilege of tone dial service, if it is extra/additional, I should be able to remove it, if I don't want it - you would think! NO!
We have had tone service since the late 1960's, why are we still being charged?

True dial service is available, BELL charges everyone about $40.00 a year EXTRA!

I am aware that tone service is almost a must for all those automated menus we have to deal with (to be accidentally disconnected after the last number is keyed in...). However, that's another rant...

BTW - I use Yak for long distance - 1015945 or 1010100 (1.6 cents / min in North America)

Something must be done!

Ross, Lachute, Qc

My comments are protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms of the Constitution Act of 1982 section 2, clause b.

   comment by Ross on January 25, 2010

Got off of Bell internet because of the false promises they made ( sales people ). I was told numerous times because I was a good and loyal customer, they would give me a good rate. Three months later, my bill almost doubled. Nobody knew anything about my plan and I was told they would never give me a plan that cheap. This happened three times to me and every year had to re-negotiate my contract. I am now with TekSavvy. No contract and more bandwidth for less money. Bell will NEVER get my business again and the CRTC can go f!@# themselves as this government agency is tied in with Bell.
   comment by Mario on January 26, 2010

There is not enough storage capacity on this website to list the number of problems and lies I have experienced with Bell Canada. They are without a doubt the most deceptive pond scum of the Canadian business community. PLEASE discontinue any business you dowith them. There are alternatives and your life will become just a little bit happier every day knowing that they will not play a direct hand in screwing with your life.


Help us extinguish their evil life force - switch to Teksavvy now or a similar company.

I have seen the beast and it is called BELL CANADA!
   comment by Ma Bell's Illigitimate Child is Stephen Harper on January 26, 2010

I'd rather do without tv , internet or telephone if they were the only ones offering these services.
Bell sucks big time. For all you current Bell employees, I feel for you. Remember, don't take what you learn from Bell to other jobs in your future. Just look at your experience with Bell on what customer service should not be.
   comment by jimbo on January 26, 2010

John, what the fuck are you talking about man?, 200.000 employees where?, in india?, fuck them and bin laden!

First off when they disapear another one will take its place, its not like they're supporting this country, its this country that is supporting it!

Stimulating the economy doesin't make it right to steal from everyone!, but if YOU like to get screwed in the ass while getting screwed by your services then thats YOUR business!

Bell had the chance to grow, they didn't....
Bell had the chance to respect their customers, they didn't....
Bell was warned about having competition coming, they didn't listen and still treated their customers like shit because they though they'd always be the only ones!.

The competition is here, you and your "monopoly" are getting fucked, royaly...... accept it, its innevitable, reisitance is futile ;), and oh, we told you we'd fuck you up if we had the chance!


you like that? ^^

fuck off retard

   comment by Mart on January 27, 2010




   comment by Mart on January 27, 2010

hey bell employee ex30641, if you'd answer the fucking phone instead of surfing on the net we wouldn't bitch at your ass!

Its not our fault if bell is too cheap to give you more than minimum wage and that YOU TOO are getting screwed!

Wake up, go finish your 6th grade and get a job that your not sitting on your ass all day like a fat sob, you'll see, its less depressing then working for the owner of the death star ;)

If i were you i'd look for a new job right now because judging by the number of complaints (even you can't handle it anymore) bell won't resist for very much longer, don't bitch at us, were not the ones whos giving the bad service ;)

If your employer wouldn't screw us so much i guarantee you that people would respect you more..

get it? or do i have to get my account number?

   comment by Mart on January 27, 2010

Funny stuff here. A bunch of likely legitimate concerns, a bunch of whiners with an axe to grind, a bunch of sad-sack ACN MLM pushers (hey, you guys check back in a few months from now, tell us if you still have any friends or relatives returning your calls after you've tried to push your crap on them). A few boosters, and a few disgruntled underappreciated employees....And, oddly, a bunch of really people with really oddly directed homocidal tendancies .
Reality is that BCE would have tens of millions of accounts, between phone lines, cell phones, internet, television, business lines and so on, generating tens of millions of bills EVERY MONTH- so even if there were THOUSANDS of complaints here - and there are not - it would be a drop in the bucket to the hundreds of millions of interactions Bell (and Rogers, and Telus) provide.

If you really want to save some money, get yourself a couple of tin cans and a big ball of string, and set up your own network - it'll be free to call, and so long as the cat does not chew through it - you'll be saving large.
   comment by reality on January 28, 2010

Lolo yep, but if we would always do what you think (shut up and take it in the ass) no one would ever get what they deserve, get it?

I dont know, maybe YOU like it up the ass, its not my business, but we don't ; )

Sooooo not like the usual canadian (who likes to take it up the ass instead of speaking their minds) we, like probably millions, not thousands like you say are tired of a company in wich we have trusted screwing us from behind and laughing at it because they think their the best, but i guess not :)

Here they got sold to a bunch of jews investers, you think its gona get better? i think fucking not!

You see "reality", the reality is that once the agressors knows you are weak and defenseless they keep on coming to take a hit at you but what if you yelled?

Cmon reality you can yell and stop taking it in the ass!, well, that is if you dont want it but then again thats you business....

were not playing,, this IS reality,, wake up buddy ; )
   comment by Mart on January 28, 2010

I truly am frustrated to the brows with BELL over a $300+ bill I owe. Bell 'collections' has been hounding me with "when are you going to pay" for over 2 weeks now. This bill isn't due for another 10 days. When I try to explain this fact to them they cut me off and ask how and when I'll be remitting the amount due. I've been on the phone with them for up to 35 minutes at a time, only to be disconnected, and then, forced to start all over again with the 'press ones and twos'. Paying the bill isn't the problem, it's the harassment I've endured at the hands of incompetent staff.
Does anyone know WHO to complain to other than BELL 'customer service'? If so, please let me know. It's come down to the principle of the matter at this point.
   comment by kd on January 28, 2010

First you make a complaint to the BBB "Better business bureau" then you call the cops and make an harasment complaint, this is what i did because THE SAME thing happened to me last year when i was with them.

1- Record your message, but before you do you must inform them

2- Be as polite as you can be, this will make them look like idiots

3- ASAP call the cops

Hope this helped

   comment by Mart on January 30, 2010

i have had many years of ongoing problems with bell on my business line as well a residential. i have had no or very little help but more than1000 promises that my line will be repaired but it never happens or it seems only for a day or so. now along with noise on the both lines im getting charged for and internet service i have never singed up for. lately every time i have call to get repair or to find out about additional charges to my account i get the reply they are unable to access my account. this is an ongoing issue for more than 12 years. i receive calls from customer satisfaction asking how or if i am satisfied with the service. i explain that the problem is ongoing but nothing ever gets done.
   comment by Richard Z on February 3, 2010

Hey everyone. Did you hear that Bell Services cause cancer? I didn't hear that either, but it does explain heightened blood pressure, greying hair and physical violence.
Too bad the olympics are being hosed-ted by Bell. I guess it is thier opportunity to show the world how to screw a demographic!
I have recieved emails from thier billing claiming to be an employee of mine, I have had my phone service hacked for longdistance; and can now speak fluent punjabi. WFJ!

Remember; it not a conspiracy if it is policy.

hate you later Bell, best to the rest of you sufferers, may you find a connection that is not a disservice.

Statistics are only 50% accurate, because when they are wrong, it's 100%.
   comment by Chucklles on February 7, 2010

Well... I have read most of your comments and i can honestly say I don't feel alone!
back in January I had a bad break up and for personal reasons I had to change my phone number! So I called bell and had no problems in doing so. Finally thought my life was back in track... three days later i tried calling a friend outside of my area code and realized that some how i was only allowed to make local calls... i let it go for two days ... wake up late for work pick up the phone and NO DIAL TONE... i owed nothing to bell just reiceived my newest bill the day prior and I was like WTF... called bell after work and no one could help me stating the department i need to speak to is closed and will re-open the next day at 9am meanwhile i have no phone, no internet and my alarm system in the house is also out! The next day i call during my lunch hour at work and they tell me i owe $17,000.00 worth of long distance bills and that i have to pay $2,000.00 if i want my line back on .. i was wtf are you talking about i just received my latest phone bill and it didnt' state anything of what you are talking about ...i don't know anyone in Africa or Germany etc.... they were like "well these calls were placed from you home" well i live alone so go fig.... I was so stressed out i couldn't understand what the hell was going on and top it off they stated these calls had been going on since SEPT of 09 and that made me even more confused cause none of my bills or my online account stated anything of what they said... bell responded with " well we have up to a year to charge you for long distance charges... IS THAT EVEN TRUE?
   comment by Unhappy Customer on February 10, 2010

So its been a week and my phone is finally active... It took almost a week for bell to send a tech to my house to check my box... and what i think has saved me is the fact that the calls continued to be made after they disconnected my phone... Bell has been a huge pain... depending who i speak to they still tell me i am making these calls and that i am responsible and now yes there is a nice lady that seems to actually believe me ... but it doesn't change the fact that i am still very stressed out! BTW i am yet to see this bill they say its coming next bill cycle and I just can't wait :(! So they finally sent someone to see my box and found nothing ... now i hear that when bell gave me my new number .... the number may have been recycled at a wrong time because the account which this number was attached to MAY have not been cleared... so what now i am responsible for someone's unpaid bills? why do i have to suffer for bell's mistakes... why do i have to be blamed for calls when i as a loyal customer told them several times it wasn't me - look at my track record for all these years... how can you blame me without investigating ... accuse me of ranking my bill without even listening to the customer... HELL how can you let it rank up without contacting me or EVEN how can they block my line ... disconnect my phone without even contacting the customer and letting them know what is going on ... I lost count how many excuses i have heard from them ... how many ideas for the problem... no one is yet to be confirmed... they do say they will call me but never do! I am sooooooo tired of BELL its crazy! You would think i would learn from the first time they were in my home to connect cable and phone... the tech ... was so lazy didn't want to fix my line so he ended up taking all my 21 jacks and 11 cable hook ups... removing them telling me they weren't working ... leaving me with only two jacks and one cable hook up... now i have to ran wires in house... to top it off my alarm system tech told me that they had made a mistake in taking all the wires... cause all it was as a loose wire in the basement... just my luck ... did i mention i had to pay extra for installation! I REALLY DON'T like bell and as soon as this matter is fixed I will be changing companies .... Anything is better than BELL! BTW yesterday my phone was reconnected but the day before Bell had sent me a notice stating i owed them less than $300.00 for long distance charges ... WTF another charge for what? so i called bell they stated i owed them nothing... my bill was up to date... I was so confused... so what happen to the $17,000.00 i owed bell? OH i don't see that in your account you may want to speak to a dif department... well off course that dept was closed... next day ... i called well i still owe that much money but the good news is that they told me to ignore the last notice... WOW this company is messed up! I AM SOOOOOO PISSED!
   comment by Unhappy Customer on February 10, 2010

I am a HUGE BELL HATER - my term will be up in December and i will NEVER EVER use Bell for any service - stopped using them for phone/internet/cable over a year ago - will have an I HATE BELL CANADA party in December when i am thru with them once and for all. I really feel sorry for people that work for them - they must take so much shit from customers - I always try to apologize to them - it is not their fault!!!
   comment by dip on February 12, 2010

Went to the bell/aliant store in the Regent Mall in Fredericton, NB to purchase a prepaid Samsung Reclaim phone. Website (bell) says it's 99$. Salesperson said store was under new management, and was charging a $20 service fee. For a phone I can set up myself (using the web). What a ripoff.
   comment by FrederictonUser on February 16, 2010

well I love bell's products but I hate the service.. There is so much lying going around.. That you cant believe.
   comment by Kish on February 17, 2010

I cannot believe the Olympic commercials regarding how many Canadian employees as BELL just unemployed 192 Canadian first line workers in Thunder Bay,Ontario to now provide customer service from an offshore location.The site in TBay was rewarded for the highest customer satisfaction and now the Teacher"s Association,(Who own BCE) are now saying.To Hell with the people who supported us,we only care about US.Send the Ontario jobs to India and Costra Rica,Thunder Bay,the centre that is the best we have company wide has to go.Please never support these GREEDY BASTARDS,and Jim Myers is the biggest HYPOCRITE of all time.BELL is not a Canadian company..................It is BELL INDIA.......................and it is So SAD
   comment by I will be fred on February 20, 2010

oh,and believe me,the IDIOTS I have to deal with from the offshore sites,as hey have no knowledge of CANADA and how courteous we are just results in us in Thunder Bay,Ontario,CANADA resolving the issue to the best customer satisfaction,They are so inept they end up transferring well meaning customers to Thunder Bay,Canada to resolve the issue and provide REAL Customer Service.I understand that the bottom line is all the Ontario Teacher Association is concerned about and their selfish pensions depend on their investments but how can THEY be so selfish to rob the Canadian people who supported them.How would these SELFISH BASTARDS feel if we as Canadians brought in Teachers from India to take their jobs at MINIMUM wage.Hey smile.not only did they discard us,they cut our hours so our EI benefits are about $600.00 a month.Is this The Canadian Way I ask you,You as Bell customers will now have no ability to speak with Thunder Bay and not only that,we will not be here so an inept offshore CSR who cannot answer your questions will not be able to transfer you to a quality agent in Canada who can provide you with the service you deserve.I was honoured every day to speak with you and provide you with the best service possible.even though we did not agree.however.we had an answer.We in Thunder Bay,Ontario,CANADA,thank you for the opportunity to serve you to the best of our ability. P.S. We requested to send you a PUNJABI dictionary,however,we were declined. Good Luck BELL INDIA and The Ontario Teachers Association......................OUR TEACHERS....................STAND TALL IN what.......
   comment by I will be fred on February 20, 2010

I see that these comments have been going since 2004... Amazing! It shocks me that Bell is still solvent, considering the groundswell of hatred they have generated among current and ex customers.

I too am an ex Bell customer. I abandoned ship after being stung for 1200 bucks worth of phone calls I did not make. (last time I checked, I didn't know anyone in IQUALUIT!!!) The callous, uncaring attitude of the so-called "customer service" types I dealt with was exceeded only by my difficulty in finding someone who did not speak with an unintelligible East Indian accent. Needless to say, I got nowhere with these boobs, and would rather have my b--ls dragged over a mile of ground glass than ever deal with them again...

All of which has not stopped me from receiving at least 3 pieces of junk mail from Bell a week (cleverly disguised by not putting the company name on the envelope, therefore forcing you to open it to check the contents). Then, there are the constant telemarketing calls begging for my business , which always seem to come when I am eating my dinner, or at 9PM. A call at 9:30PM on a Sunday was the last straw; I emailed Bell last week to complain. I consider Bell in the same category as those idiot automated calls trying to sell me bogus car warranties, or telling me I have won a "free" cruise. It felt wonderful to tell them so...

Odds I will get a response? The phrase "Fat chance" comes to mind...
   comment by Dave T on February 21, 2010

I found this thread by typing "I hate Bell Aliant" into Google and clicking "I Feel Lucky".

I hate Bell Aliant. I live in Halifax, NS, and I must say, their digital cable craps out all the time, I must have to reset my TV box at least once a week, usually more. My internet craps out for about 20 minutes every single day, usually during daytime hours. I can't wait to switch back to EastLink (used EastLink while I was in Truro)... Faster, more reliable internet, more reliable digital cable, and cheaper all around.

I can't wait for EastLink to start up their cellphone service, hopefully they'll blow both Bell Aliant and Rogers completely away!
   comment by Karai on February 25, 2010

Work for Bell, hate Bell, they scam every customer, internet says one price, phone CSRs say another price, and brochures another price, yet they still charge customers another price and its always more and always have hidden fees, Bell is a scam of a company.
   comment by Anonymous on February 25, 2010

I moved to Ontario and made an unfortunate decision by choosing bell as my internet provider. It turns out this was my only option where I am living. Bell hooked me up and from day one nothing has worked. It has now been 22 days and I still have no connection. I asked to have the service discontinted and they are now forcing me to pay a $150 cancellation fee. Unbeleivable! I am unfarmiliar with the laws hear but I am now serionsly considering leaving this province and returning home. I would rather leave ontario then deal with bell where I live now. Shame on Ontario for allowing such a company to operate.
   comment by sad bell customer on February 27, 2010

Please write you MLA and request the government investigate Bell and its tactics. It is sick how this company operates and continues to discrace the telecom industry. If the goverment is willing to investigate Toyota they should also investigate Bell. It has been well over six years and Bell continues to operate unethically and under false pretenses.
   comment by anonymous on February 27, 2010

Bell is the worst run company out there and should be put out of business
   comment by Tony on February 27, 2010

hey JOHN who commented on November 10, 2006, why don't you leave you name and number and I will contact you. We can set up a time to discuss your post in person.

   comment by anonymous on February 27, 2010

Had the joy of dealing with Bell tech support for internet today. I tried to get help from bell andgot three support people from India. None could speak english in an understadable fashon. None could even transfer me to the right people. 2 out of the three times they hung up on me. Cancelled my service after 5 hours on the phone. DO NOT PIC BELL.
   comment by anonymous on February 27, 2010

I work for Bell. We are taught how to scam customers and are encouraged to do so. Please save your hard earned money and do not pick bell.
   comment by anonymous on February 27, 2010

I totally agree that Bell Sucks!! I don't have my phone with Bell (we got cell phones so we don't have to deal with them). But my parents are with them and I am still apalled by what they tried to do to them. When anyone called their home line it would go staticy and then just hang up. But they could still make calls out, they just couldn't receive any, so we knew it was a problem on the outside with the Bell line. My parents called and were told if the problem was on the inside there would be approx $80 to $100 charge. My parents said they just wanted an appointment for the outside line to be fixed. The guy came and tried to go in but was told "No, fix the outside." He then told my parents that it probably isn't the outside line so he will probably have to come in. While the guy was outside my mom called me to get me to call her and check if it was working. I called a couple times: still not working. Then she called back. One more time: It was working fine. My mom then said she'd call me back, the guy was at her door. When she called me back, she told me this:!!!! He then told my parents that the problem was on the inside and he had to come in. My mom said no that it was now working. He told her now way, couldn't be. He had to come in. My parents said no way, they were not paying for something that was now fixed. He said that it wasn't and that their line would stop working!! It still works. And as usual, the problem was on the outside. I just want everyone to know. I can't believe (well I can actually but) that just because they are a big corporation they can get away with scamming the little people out of their hard earned money!! How many more people do they do this to?? How many people do not even know that their line is already working before they even come in to pretend that they fixed it in the inside so they can charge you a huge fee!!!
   comment by anonymous on February 28, 2010

I dont know how bell is still in business look at all these bad comments dont people get the message. Til this day bell claims to have the greatest service out there. They will never get me back and Im sure others feel the same way about them. Now there talking about they're internet service that is so fast (bullshit). What fast all I hear from others is nothing but complaints. It has been over 14 years Im not with bell and my life seems to be fine where I am. You people out there maybe you should consider finding a different route, because bell is terrible I wish they go bankrupt, cause I hate them with such a passion. I hope rogers takes them out.
   comment by Tony on March 1, 2010

I live in a rural area and every goddam time snow melts or it rains, Guess What no phone.

Sample service Call to bell:
Chose what service you need blah..blah
(1 1/2 hours later)
Hello, Jasmine Bell Canda (Heavy Accent)
Yes Where I'm I calling
Sir, you are calling the Pill-up-pines
Can I get some one who speaks english with out an accent
Sir , Why are you be racisit? This will not help you
(2 min later)
Fuck off,


Let's all fuck bell and use PC to PC Skype Which allows free global calls provided both user have a free skype account.

PS : MANY Other Companies provide internet for Skype
   comment by Matthew on March 2, 2010

BEWARE!! BELL are scammers! I moved over to bell expressvu and as soon as I got my first bill the price went from $40/mth that I was offered to $80/mth. All the channels are the same and the specialty packages are crap! The service has gone down 3 times in 4 months and it hasn't even been a bad winter!! DON'T USE BELL!!!!!!
   comment by Marissa on March 3, 2010

Why do I despise Bell? why am I going wireless? Because having a bell line allows them to legally tresspass on your property and use your trees as phone poles because their aging system has never been upgraded.
   comment by anonymous on March 10, 2010

I talked to to a few of their workers and none of them were helpful. They just don't care about their customers. Don't ever pick bell, you'll regret it no doubt.
   comment by anonymous on March 11, 2010

The problem is Bell is so big they don't need your business. Whats a few thousand dollars to hold onto customers when they make millions. This means they don't need to need to help you, care for you, or be a company of Integrity. They can just role over anyone without a care in the world. The only thing to do is wait until some American company's come and become a competitor. This will draw lots of buisness away for them and hopefully they will start to treat people right.
   comment by Ryan on March 19, 2010 - $1.49 per phone line, and 1/2 a cent per minute for all calls. Saves me a huge fortune, and I can call iqaluit if I want to, for super cheap!..

Virgin Mobile recently got swallowed up by Bell but they are the cheapest if you want a phone that can work in an emergency, and by the way all cellphones are reportedly able to dial 911 if you need, so you don't need to even have a plan, just thought you should know. Pay as you go, virgin mobile is currently the cheapest and still gives Bell very little money.

My internet is with DSL-non-Bell, a fact I dislike but it is still the cheapest and I don't give Bell more than I need to while still getting not bad service. All DSL that isn't Bell is wholesale which means Bell gets $22 per line. Bell totally is screwing all wholesalers by not giving them the same speed plans as they are using, in fact the fastest we get is 5mbit, but 5mbit is fine for unlimited, no BS surprise charges. Still, if you want more, Acanac is offering multiple lines - 2 dry loop lines for 65 bucks a month (cheaper if you have phone lines attached to 'em), or 10/1.6 service, and they offer a way to bypass Bell's throttle on filesharing.

Still, I give Bell a max of 400 per year for my cell and internet, and nothing for my phone (out of necessity I am stuck with Bell wholesale). A dollar a day to maintain the lines - WAY less than most people. I suggest everyone switches to voip service, specifically is very good, they have servers in Toronto and in Ottawa and the latency is very good. You may need to set your router to give priority to voice traffic, that's what I had to do but the quality is very acceptable.
   comment by Jim on March 19, 2010

Bell took 3 trips and a total of 21 hours to set up my internet, phone and cable. Digital cable is also complete crap on one of my TV's, it wasn't set up right. I called them to complain several times, they say: "We will get back to you in 24 hours", then call me back 6 days later, leave me a message on my answering machine that says something like: "Hi, this is Cindy at Bell calling about your complaint, blah, blah blah... please call me back at...." then the machine cuts her off so I don't get her number. Wow, some of the worst service I've EVER HAD ANYWHERE EVER!
   comment by Jean on March 20, 2010

Put $20 on my kid's prepaid phone and while the charge went through on my credit card, the credit did no show up on the phone and it didn't work. No customer service over the weekend for prepaid. I went into a Bell store in West Edmonton Mall and the sales rep said I was wrong, there is 24 hour support for prepaid. He called Bell tech services while my kids and I waited for 1/2 hour. He calls us over and says there is no customer service for prepaid over the phone. He said we should have bought a different Bell service.

Speaking with their customer support is a complete joke. ALWAYS ask for their name at the beginning of the call as the next moron you talk with is much more interested in "who told you this" than in helping the customer solve their problem.

Honestly, I thought Telus was brutal but Bell is much worse.
   comment by Bob on March 21, 2010

I was a loyal Bell customer for over 30 years but unfortunatly because of there twisted greedy ways that will change very soon.I recieved a call from a representitive from Bell about switching to high speed Internet and thought the deal layed out was great.I was told it was a 2 year contract and I told the guy I was talking to I did not want a 2 year contract only 1 year and was told ok that is what I would get; hahaha he must of been laughing at me saying another sucker!To top it off they raised my Internet cost by 11.90 gee I thought we had a contract!! Well once this 2 year contract that I did not agree to is up I will get the last laugh because I will be changing my Internet and Bell TV service...I would change my home phone too but we have no choice with this in Northern Ontario.Beware everyone do not agree to contracts with Bell Canada because they do not honor the contract and will raise your payments at anytime they want and get away with it!
   comment by Laurie on March 22, 2010

Here is my latest experience with BELL HELL!!!

I called Bell Mobility in the last week of January. I needed some help as I was getting ready to move to Nunavut.
I wanted to get a number for the local area I was moving to, and to make a long story short....
After an hour on hold, being transferred etc. I was told that they have NO SERVICE out there!!!
I was transferred to another agent "FLO" which was quite rude and offered me a HARDWARE UPGRADE??!!
What a dummy!! I am moving away and trying to get my phone set up before I go and this broad has no offer but a renewal of
contract. I refused and stated that if my phone will not work where I am moving to, I will have NO NEED for the damn thing.
Anyways, an hour and half later I was finally offered to cancel my line with no penalty because all these companies charge for cancelling a line. I was told that I will have to provide 30 days of notice to them so there goes another 100 dollars but I was happy that it was done and over with. I just recently came back to Ottawa as my whole family lives in the Ottawa area and I wanted to visit! I was handed a FINAL BILL from my father as BELL had gone ahead and charged me another $300 for switching the line off. I called them back right away, so much for being happy to see my family. The next hour of my life was yelling and screaming at the CLOWNS that work at BELL. Anyhow, again I am explaining what happened like a month ago, and what was PROMISED!! The first agent said "Yes, I see the note on your account and I will transfer you to the right agent, they will waive the fee". Next agent that came on the line mentioned that no such note existed. To be honest I have never been so rude on the phone with another human being but I was so angry for being lied to and felt so helpless. The rep was quite upset too and I told her "imagine how I feel, 2 hours plus of my life in the gutter due to slow and horrible service". I asked for a supervisor and "Nick" is the next clown I spoke to. He was as useless as any retard you would find anywhere in the BELL world. I had to explain everything again. It is so hard to keep your composure when you have been promised something verbally, it is not granted and then you are talked to like an idiot. All I can say is that I will never ever go back to Bell when I move back home to Ottawa in the future as this one experience is one that will never be forgotten. I have been in network marketing for 10 years and have thousands of contacts. You are not a contact but you are hearing about it too.

BELL HELL, is how all my friends refer to these clowns as now. One mad customer will tell many, happy ones tell few.
I hope they lose all thier clients to all the competition out there. LONG LIVE ROGERS!!!!!


Ali Rafiaie

   comment by Ali Rafiaie on March 23, 2010

Lets be clear - bell owns the CTV network; and sympatico internet, and satellite, and phone and mobile - does no one see a monopoly and conflict here for customer choice/service? They are setting up for TOTAL control of multimedia - do you know the power that holds? Think about the current "Local TV" ads. bell sits on both sides and rest assured the whole argument is a CASH GRAB! They want local TV gone. Its lowers their overhead and raises profits! Doesn't matter which side 'wins' the consumers WILL LOSE! And don't think for a second that they care about employees or people that may be out of work - the bottom line of all business is THE BOTTOM LINE.
Stop bitching here and send all the bell BS to your MP and MPPs!
   comment by anonymous on March 23, 2010

Look at the recent CTV coverage of the Olympics. Only certain events were on the 'main' network. Other events, popular ones, were on the sister stations - don't have them, subscribe today! Why do you think there was a high number of bell ads?

Want to see all the power bell has and is positioning?
BCE Operations Does this not worry anyone? This isn't only about TV. Think of the influence they hold, as the only source of information and news. Think of how that can effect elections and policy! Bitch loud NOW!
   comment by anonymous on March 23, 2010

hey everyone send your complaints to the following email addresses seeing as i fucking hate that company after they fired me. (CEO of Bell Canada and BCE) (Senior vice-president of residential services)
and if you need the email of any other ass wipe at bell canada, if you get their first and last name ie. a letter sent to you. remeber it's most likely their first name . last name @

   comment by >><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><<>><< on March 24, 2010

Moved my business in December. Switched to Eastlink, Bell Aliant didn't want us to keep our number (thought it wasn't a big deal) apparently something to do with 835 going to Sackville? Calls way down despite heavy advertising, only to find out Friday past, Aliant kept our number locked in their "Noctel"?? Local Aliant customers would receive a message " welcome to Bell Talkmail and Message Manager Services". We had no idea for almost four months we were missing all these calls and lost business. This despite repeated calls to Aliant to fix the problem. No one there knew how to fix it till this past Friday. Have sent letter to them but hear nothing. They have lost me thousands of dollars in business. We are so disapointed about this. I've had to start antidepressants and almost ready to lay off my staff. Almost sitting here in a state of shock at this point.
   comment by Anon on March 29, 2010

After canceling my service with bell and having had to fight with them to get my refund. They owed ME money. They kept on starting to call me to come back and sent me letters after letters to get my business back. I called them and said " Why didn't you give me good customer service when I was still a customer?" They sure didn't know how to respond to that. I asked them to take my name off their calling and mailing list. They still tried to say they had better customer service than Rogers (whom I am with now and am very, very happy with Rogers I'd like to add). I said that's BS and hung up. Haven't heard from bell since and Good Riddance!
And to ALL those who like/love bell you ALL need your brains examined. Seriously.
   comment by Barbara on April 1, 2010

It really pisses me off when a company like Bell charges you an extra $2 to send you paper bills, and say its going green but do they use that money to buy more efficient paper no, do they donate that money? No
   comment by Steve on April 5, 2010

I originally wrote an elegant and coherent yet brief summary about how Bell has dicked around with my. But fuck that.

When you downgraded my services then charge me extra because it wasn't 'part of my package', I have a right to be pissed off.

When you send creditors after me because of someone else's delinquency, and don't even have the courtesy to give me a phone call or a fucking letter, then yes, I'll be angry.

When you change my fucking contract without me knowing then tell me I agreed to it over the phone, you deserve every kick you get.

When you have the audacity to hang up on me, I'm justified in calling you fuckers on it.

Fuck you and die Bell. I hope you and your ilk are the first against the wall when the next revolution comes along.
   comment by Anon on April 5, 2010

I fucking hate bell i renewed my contract and asked for a 1 gig data plan, they signed me up for a pay per use data plan at $8 per meg and i had no idea untill i got a $500 bill in the mail. Now they are offering to reduce my charges by $100 and tell me by contacting them i am responsible for all the charges.
   comment by Marc on April 10, 2010 is full of morons. Here's the incredibly fucking stupid conversation I had before hanging up with one of their reps. I don't blame them; it's the fucks running the place . . .
A chat representative will be with you in about 0 minute(s). Thank you for waiting.

Chat representative Helen has joined the session and is ready to help. To start, please provide your name and home phone number.

Helen: Hello, thank you for visiting How may I help you today?

You: trying to locate monthly billing costs for my internet i have bell mifi

You: i'm billed by use; am looking for page tha t gives rates of use by mgbtes

Helen: Thank you for being a loyal customer to Bell – I would like to ensure that you get the appropriate attention you deserve. I would like to provide you with the right contact information of the department that will be in a better position to assist you and offer you options to resolve this, is that ok for you?

You: fine

Helen: I am going to send you a link which will lead you to a page in the Internet support section.


Helen: Please click on the chat button on the left side of the page. Once there, you will be prompted to select a reason for the contact and then click "Continue". After you enter your first and last name, B1 or service phone number simply click the "Start Chat" button and a Bell Internet agent will be happy to assist you.

You: i thought i'd already done that withyou

Helen: I am sorry all the billing issues are managed only by the above department. I would request you to contact the above department.

You: it's asking for user id--no idea what they want

Helen: 1. Dial *611 on your cell phone (Free of charge) 2. Call 1-800-667-0123 from any phone line

You: i dont' have a cell pone

You: who/why am i calling anyone

You: i'm just looking for a page on your site!

Helen: Please call the above department if you don't have an appropriate answer from the Internet department.

You: i have no idea what you're telling me to do; i wasn't talking to the internet dept--you're the only person i've talked to

Helen: I am sorry I cannot help you with your request. There is a separate department that deals with this issue and I have given the numbers of those departments.

You: i don't want their numbers--i want their location on your website---

Helen: I am sorry I don't have an information on that.
   comment by mmmm on April 11, 2010

i am thoroughly amazed, though not surprised, at how many people have had negative experiences since 2004 (!!!) with this multi-million dollar bloodsucking uncanadian corporation.

my experience has left me feeling like a victim with no protection - and really, as canadian consumers, we are being bullied by this sub-par business, and harrassed by their incomprehensible and terribly rude employees. all of this with no protection from our own government - whose hands are in whose pants?

i could bitch and vent here ad nauseum, but ultimately complaints have to be made to people who are listening and have some sort of influence with their voices.

i plan to contact my MP. and although i don't anticipate any sort of prompt or satisfactory response, perhaps if we all, as a collective consumer, commit to taking down BELL THE SCHOOLYARD BULLY we can help to bring about change and a communicative revolution in this blasted country.

and f yah, i hate bell.
   comment by Anon on April 13, 2010

I am an ex-Bell employee working for their IT team. Bell Canada has the WORST working environment I have ever faced. Ths is where you will see slave drivers and mongrels watch you burn. This is also where you will see leads not taking ownerships of the issue and blames it on the poor subordinates or whoever is in the lowest chain. I hope they can change that.
   comment by anonymous on April 14, 2010

I have never ever ever dealt with employees so rude as Bell customer service employees. I was 1 MONTH behind my phone and the next bill was coming in and I got a call from an employee call Julio regarding my balance and I explain to him that I am a student and that if he check I pay the bill every 2 months that the most i can do at least its paid right I then proceed to tell him that on a certain date it will be paid in full 236.00. This Julio from Bell told me that they would prefer to disconnect my phone services instead of having me as a customer, reply disconnect me and do it right now. He did not do it then...few days later another call same thing I then proceed again to tell them the same thing. Finaly they disconnected my phone. Now I am with another company and the service is excellent. I informed them that I was a student and that I would probably be paying every 2 months and they said no problem we will have this info on your file and we will never bother you before that. Now that is service.
   comment by Deb on April 15, 2010

All I have to say is:


All the haters here represent less than 1% of our client lists.
So you had a bad experience: suck it up and do something about it. Fight for your money! Call the BBB! Call your MP. Writing on this little tiny blog won't get you any attention!
So you think we're a monopoly. Go out and build you own company then because in fact, if you had anything better to do you would go out and learn that there are more than 30 individual telecom companies in Canada. Wait... How can there be so many AND Bell is a monopoly?
So you worked for Bell and got your ass fired. It's your own damned fault because it's pretty hard to get fired from there.
So you're sending messages to the CEO: well not really, any hate mail is filtered by another employee so he's not even reading it.

Look, I've been a consumer long before working for Bell. The only was to get what you want from large corporations is to do it the long and hard way. There's lots of red tape and divisions and people to go through.

Once again, this blog means nothing to us.

PS. We do refund money. I know because I work with the girl who cuts the cheques. You have 12 months from the incident to fight it. Get writing!

   comment by A proud Bell employee on April 16, 2010

I cant comment on those who work there, just on my experience.

We were promised $200 off for the purchased PVR credit, and another $10 a month for 12 months for switching. Now they refuse to give us the $10/month credit.

Not sure how they can lie like that, and then refuse the credit. The woman we spoke with refused to listen to our original call, and gave us a "miss communication credit" (or soemthing like that) of $20. If you ask me, not giving us the promised credit is a breach of contract.

Oh well. Unfortunately it is cheaper to stay with these liars than to switch, as switching involves buying new hardware.
   comment by Scott on April 19, 2010

To proud bell employee:
You're full of shit.
You lie and BELL lies ha ha ha.
And lies and lies and lies...and lies some more.

It's now bell.punjab to me, not a canadian company and only since we booted them out completey, owing them a small amount ha ha, have had excellent telecomunications services with their competitors and no problems - I could care less about the 'collection' listing...just save me from worrying about identity theft! LOL
Besides IF I need a loan in the next couple of years all I have to do is take in my huge thick file with 5 differrent account numbers for one home phone/internet/tv package...and the crazy billing that went up and up;
they pulled the whole way.

If Bell was getting better then the amount of comments of this thread wouldn't be half filled up by just the past 12 months.

Think of all the times they pulled the same routine on us when they screwed up phone or internet lines, almost monthly...."please unplug everything and plug it all in again" with someone I can hardly understand due to thick accent who constantly puts you on hold as you are stuck with this dog and pony glad I'll never do that again. 7 months in with new providers, no down time, grief, lies, or a willy nilly $1,000. of sudden 'extra billing' on any of the services.

   comment by Very happy NOT being a bell pussy. on April 20, 2010

@A proud Bell employee "Once again, this blog means nothing to us." Well... Congratulations whoever you are, I was looking around today to dig up dirt on cell phone companies and try to make my decision of who to sign with and I came across your little comment which pretty much backs everything in this blog about how Bell really just doesn't care at all about people.

I am surprised you even know how to use a computer, your probably 50 years old and have a pretty sweet job with bell. Do yourself a favor and go read a little book called "groundswell" written by the good guys over at Harvard School of Business and you will realize how you just hurt your company more than you could possibly imagine.

WIND MOBILE - they have a blog on their own website that is not controlled, they own up to their responsibilities and deal with customers problems. You may have a bigger network and a nice paycheck now.. but just you wait and see how powerful these little meaningless blogs can be.
   comment by thepatweir on April 20, 2010

You want the BBB rating Mr "proud Bell employee" sure, here ya go -
BBB rating for Bell Canada

(For those that don't want to check it out; its an "F", the lowest/worst rating given)
   comment by anonymous on April 20, 2010

Bell Canada and Palm Pre really need to get together and figure out a way to help the unfortunate customers that purchased the Palm Pre. In my experience one company is putting the blame on the other. It all comes down to Palm should not have released the Palm until it was more reliable; Bell Canada and all other service providers should not have accepted the palm to sell without knowing that is was reliable.
   comment by MyaMac on April 22, 2010

Just moved into a new subdivision, promosed phone, internet, satellite on the 1st.. NOBODY showed up, nobody phoned, 40 minute runaround on the phone with a rep that really didnt have a clue and wouldnt put us thru to her boss.. then they were supposed to get back to us on an ETA, didnt.. we did get the satellite, but after spending yet anothe day waiting - no - they said technical difficulties.. We've spent at least 6 hrs on the phone with various Bell people.. they really dont have " an act ".. so they cant get their act together.. we are going to cancel ALL our bell stuff. and go with rogers...
   comment by looloo on April 22, 2010

I'm a Nortel LTD employee. Given the thousands of posts thought it prudent to get away from dial-up and hire on for something that in the long run could not afford, so ordered the Turbo Stick. It does not work here and Bell has acknowleged that this area does not have coverage however to date I have had close to $500 taken from my bank account. No amount of argument changes their approach of screw you. Bell Canada just as Nortel did. This is your chance to kick-ass to get out and support the political drive to this home. Going to bed and start the fight again tomorow.
   comment by Pepperpest on April 23, 2010

Scewed yet again....
   comment by Pepperpest on April 23, 2010

I really hate Bell Canada - paid almost $500 for stick that doesn't work
   comment by Pepperpest on April 23, 2010

Hi, after absorbed so many arguments about the Bell Canada and their nice employee, I'm just wondering if there is any telephone company in the land of Canada is not evil dominated. Name one, please.
   comment by shopping for a Phone Company on April 23, 2010

If your looking for an alternative to bell canada across Canada for business services dont complain just switch.. There is a new option for internet and phone line BUSINESS services not residential... Frontier Networks.. email: ... save, money better service smaller company.. and national..
   comment by royalist on April 26, 2010

Bell has no respect for any of their clients..
I was having them hook up phone and tv for me, and the guy came and didnt buzz my apt number, and i saw him out the window leave...
he stayed for about 1.5 mins and left.
Like really they mess up, and expect you to pay lol
All they can say is sorry about this inconvienece
then they basically say kiss our butts because you took the afternoon off of work and you will have to do it again. HAHAHAH
   comment by unknown on April 28, 2010

Anybody interested in listing alternatives to Bell? Let's see here...

Mobile (cell) alternatives:
- Telus [] (poor coverage)
- Rogers [] (worse customer service than Bell)
- Solo [] (Owned by Bell)
- Fido [] (Owned by Rogers)
- Koodo [] (Owned by Telus)

Television alternatives:
- Rogers (worse customer service than Bell)
- LookTV [] (very specific coverage and line of sight only)

Internet alternatives:
- Rogers (worse customer service than Bell and they block ports and they traffic shape)
- You can buy ADSL from almost any ISP in Canada, consider bandwidth, monthly caps, and customer service when comparing

Additional Internet related notes:
- If anyone in your household plays online games, don't bother considering any kind of wireless ISP, the latency and reliability of wireless communications is simply not as good as "good old wires".
- Voice Over IP phones have a similar requirement and will perform significantly better on a wired connection.

Home Phone alternatives:
- Rogers (worse customer service than Bell)
- Vonage [] (VoIP)

Additional Home Phone notes:
- I have had a Vonage phone for years and while it works fine, I wish they would implement simple features such as a blacklist so you can block phone numbers you do not want to hear from.

Anybody have any others they might like to add to the list?
   comment by Dave on April 29, 2010

Bell Canada is by far the worst company I have ever dealt with
   comment by anonymous on May 8, 2010

I had dealt with Bell's high fees for a few years, when we decided to switch to Cogeco, for combined phone/internet/cable. Within days of the switch, Bell started calling us every day, 3-5 times a day (as evidenced by call display and the number that appeared checked out as Bell on reverse look-up). However, there was never anyone on the line when we picked up. We wanted to talk to someone to tell them to stop calling, but these calls seemed to be nothing more than harassment for cancelling with Bell (we were not in arrears to them in any way, either). This continued every day for over a month. I finally found a feedback form at this site:

Choose your province, then "home phone", then "email", and click on the "email us" link that appears. Choose "long distance calling" in the category, and "Coming back to Bell", in the topic. Proceed to fill out the form from there, with your complaint in the comments.

I calmly but emphatically described the situation like I did above. I emphatically demanded (with no bad language), that they remove my number from their calling list IMMEDIATELY. I said I NEVER wanted to receive another harassing phone call from Bell EVER again. I got a little letter back ("valued customer" and all that crap) to apologize, and we haven't received a call from Bell since.
   comment by Allie on May 10, 2010

Sick to death dealing with Bell Canada. After purchasing a 9242 receiver the year they first came out, and having to have it replaced last year with a refurbished one because it died, they are now starting to charge me rental fees, because they want me to prove that I purchased it!!! Got rid of mobility in February 2010 and paid 420.00 early termination fees because I was sick to death of paying for no service ie 2009 3,650.00 for family plan, when we did not use the phone service but had to pay for it, we had the 10-4. Bell could have cared less, why would they, they enjoy putting the screws to its customers. Today I spoke to a supervisor from Costa Rica, Bell Canada again outsourcing jobs that should stay in Canada!!! Well if this problem is not solved in the next week, I will be taking all of my services, internet, home phone and television services to another competitor. Customer service sucks at Bell! I will be looking to see where I can get my moneys worth, I am not going to support Bell Canada, when the majority of the call centers are outside of Canada.
   comment by Amber Larimar on May 11, 2010

Sick and tired of the corporate BULLSHIT....
I used to be a LOYAL BELL customer till I got screwed over by the corporate crap they dish out!

Was in Europe and received two bills, one in Jan and one in March..No Feb bill...
Bills were for $845 and $956.....Proved to the Asses that they were double billed from the European Phone Company>>>but they don't want to hear it, even though I have the proof..They say theire system is correct and that's that>>>too bad is the final response>>>
I',m in the proicess of cancelling all services...Home, Internet, TV, Cell...
Going elseware...and staying away from Rogers whereever possible>>
   comment by Rob on May 17, 2010

Fuck Bell in the ass, with a hot poker.

I called 'em last night to get help setting up my new email client (Thunderbird 3). Which I had to install only because they broke the support for my old one. The guy honestly tried to be helpful, but you can guess the end result after wasting nearly an hour on the phone: "Sorry, not supported".

Buncha Microsoft cock sucking Jews. I'm cancelling my internet service as soon as I find a viable alternative.
   comment by anonymous on May 20, 2010

In response to "A Proud Bell Employee"
Are you serious? *rolls eyes* *yeesshhhh*
"All the haters here represent less than 1% of our client lists. (really? typical bell employee response...bunch of thieves and liars, very rude, lacking customer service skills, tell me something how come so many people are leaving bell? answer that question! I bet you don't have an answer)
So you had a bad experience: suck it up and do something about it. Fight for your money! Call the BBB!"
(New flash for you, the rating for Bell at the BBB is a big fat F. I have fought for my money, thank you very much, I had to threaten legal action to get my money back and I did call the BBB about bell)
Also called the police to make bell stop calling me to get my business back (after requesting that my name and number be removed from the calling list), calling me at 3 in the morning! That's harassment, plain and simple.
Am with Rogers Wireless now too. The BBB rating for Rogers Wireless is A+.
I predict the end of bell and I say GOOD RIDDANCE!

   comment by Barbara on May 22, 2010

Bell is the worst shit I ever experience with. I put "Bell Canada love" into google search and guess what? I would be surprised if you can search with any search engine and find anyone said they love Bell. If you do, then those people are share holders (not employees because they also hate Bell). Greed son of a bitch.
   comment by FuckyouBell on May 24, 2010

A friend and i got the same phone around the same time. 2 years later, both screens would hardly show conveniently 1 year before i can stop paying for it. I blame mine for getting wet one time, but my friend's never got wet! So i got a new phone and they tried to make me pay $20 a month for the internet even though i never use it!!! The truth: THe phone locks so it cant "accidentally" go on the internet. Ive never been on it more than 5 seconds at a time yet according to Bell mobility Im on it for 2hrs 6 sec at 12 am TWICE A MONTH! Then Im supposedly on for 30 sec twice almost everyday. I like the phone but CUt the crap BELL! Im paying so much it shouldnt be a problem to get the right technology that wont add fake internet use. None of my family and friends are EVER going to use this again.
   comment by Bell is corrupt on May 25, 2010

Mobile (cell) alternatives:
- Telus [] (poor coverage)
- Rogers [] (worse customer service than Bell)

Telus has good coverage - never had a 'no signal/dropped call' issue and I'm in, and travel the boonies! Rogers coverage sucks, unless you are in a major centre.
   comment by anonymous on May 29, 2010

Lets face it. Society has travelled so far down the road of marketing BS that we are numb. The corporate world can do whatever they like knowing they will always have customers - What choice do we have. You say switch to XZ company but guess what, they all play the same game.

Look at the oil companies. No need for prices to remain high - but once up they stay up, even if the price of a barrel drops. We used to get a guy in uniform asking to check our oil, wash our windows and lights and if we'd like a coffee - then they went self serve, provided NO service, had us pump our own fuel and make us feel good about it!

Another big cash grab trend - hitech toys! People do we REALLY need all this crap? They sure make you think you do.
Now the biggest 'crock o shit' marketing scheme is the Green movement! "Go paperless' isn't to save trees - its to save them paper/printing/mailing costs!

Companies ONLY purpose is to make money AND SERVICE COSTS money - get use to it people. Business is the largest legal pyramid scheme out there!
   comment by anonymous on May 29, 2010

"Companies ONLY purpose is to make money AND SERVICE COSTS money - get use to it people. Business is the largest legal pyramid scheme out there!"
No, we're NOT going to get used to it, we're gonna fight back! >:-(
   comment by bellSUCKS on May 31, 2010

Yes. fight back. But you'll have to fight 99% of the businesses out there, not just Bell.

This is probably the reason the anti- G8/G20 groups are getting larger, more people are waking up and getting pissed.

Good luck to us consumers.
   comment by anonymous on June 1, 2010

i know that everyone needs to make money and lots of it i guess, but if you have to lie to your customers to do it, there's a problem. Raise the price so people don't get fired, fine, but when you have so many customers and can make so much money with a simple, inexpensive device, why lie and add more? why make people pay for internet on their phone they dont use? why add an extra fee for a feature that doesn't exist? and why be so rude and make it difficult for customers to get satisfied?

i hate bell, but don't bring God into this.
   comment by anonymous on June 2, 2010

I hate bell with an unnatural seething hatred. If they offered me free service for the rest of my life tomorrow I would stuff it down their throats. I have never despised a company as much as I despise them - hell, I have never hated anything this much. I don't have to go into the "whys" and such - we all know; we have all had our experiences. I vow to you, mighty internet, that no matter what "program" they embark on to improve their name I will always be a zealous disciple against Bell Canada.

..... Ash88, proudly NOT a BELL customer since April '08
   comment by Ash88 on June 4, 2010

Just changed my home number to an unlisted one. Rogers waived the fee. A call trace was done and guess what?! it was bell who calling me constantly to get my business back and at 3-4 in the morning! Charges are pending. This is another reason why I hate bell and for a very good reason. Bad customer service and now they resort to harassment! Proudly NOT a BELL customer and NEVER AGAIN. Thank Goodness for Rogers.
   comment by Barbara on June 6, 2010

I've hated bell for 3 full years now.. my moblie contract with them expires next month and there is no chance of me re-signing. Their "loyalty" offer for being a customer who paid every month for 3 years? -A $200 credit that cannot be used. They want me to pay the same amount for a new phone and 3 years of hell as a brand new customer would.


Do what I did and go with telus.. way better for mobile.. they got my postal wrong and I missed my first bill so they gave me 3 free months!

What's that bell? Go sodomiize yourself with a retractable baton.
   comment by NoX!d on June 6, 2010

I'd sell the bell shares while you can!
   comment by stuff on June 6, 2010

Bell sucks, I have never had worse customer service in my life. If you have an issue with anything they just brush it off that they are not responsible and blah blah blah.

If your phone is STOLEN, they wont help you out with a replacement noooo. they just charge you the same monthly charge as before.. yay bell you really need to get your customer service skills in order. I dont know how you guys even keep in business.. Oh I know you rape everyone ....
   comment by Cristina on June 8, 2010

Bell can kiss my ass! Seriously I paid 125 a month for a turbo stick that a sleazy bell representative said would only be 40$ unlimited! What the fuck! And I bought a new laptop Mac OS 6 and they said it was not compatible with their stick.... really!? macs are the latest computers..... why wouldn't it be? So i try to get out of the contract on those terms and they are still charging me 400 and 30 day notice period. NO COMPASSION! There whole section about consumer committment on their website, compleeete bullshit! I have insurance, phone bills, car payments, university tuition and 125 or more a month internet. THAT is PURE BS! I have never wanted to hurt anyone more than I do whoever puts their name on the company BELL.. I want to make them go bankrupt... so they can feel my pain... any ideas?
   comment by brianna on June 9, 2010

yaa Brianna i can feel ur pain, thats what they did to me too.
   comment by Bani on June 11, 2010

Be careful what you wish for AT& T or the other carriers are just as bad or worse than Bell. My dad had to wait two weeks to get his home phone repaired in Sarasota , FL. So I urge you to count your blessings
   comment by adam on June 12, 2010

I've said what I need to say about Bell on another site, but I just want to lend whatever sympathy I can to others screwed by Bell.

Anyone who hasn't learned the hard way, I encourage you to switch away from Bell phone, before you end up like the rest of us.
   comment by Randy on June 15, 2010

I noticed in one of the replies it said "Rogers (worse customer service than bell) " That's NOT TRUE. I have had excellent dealing with Rogers for all of my services. And the reps are in Canada. bell IS THE WORST! How about this? being bounced around from rep to rep for 4 frickin' hours! and then cut off and the same damn thing happens over again! that was with bell. If you'd like to dump bell permanently (as many of you here have done and are going to do so) do go with Rogers you won't be sorry. And for those "proud bell employees" that post here. You are NOT convinicing us!
   comment by Barbara on June 15, 2010

bell: Hi jun, welcome to Bell Internet Services, my name is Kalyani (SCI). By looking at the option you have selected, I see that you have questions regarding your account, how may I assist you with this?
me: hi kalyani
bell: Hello , How are you doing today?
You i have just cancel a mobile internet services with bell. but i need home internet. they told me it's 2 different department.
bell: Yes..
me: there's 400 in my cancellation charge, i want to see if theres a way to transfer it to a home internet services.
bell: it's a win win situation. i have have internet at home, you will have a custommer
Kalyani (SCI) Okay, let me check with that Jun.
me: thank you very much
bell: You are welcome.
bell: Thanks for being online.
me: thanks for trying
bell: Jun, I checked with the issue you contacted us and see that there is no way of transfering $400 to home Internet.
bell: I apologize for that.
me: too bad, it's ok
bell: Is there anything else that I can assist you today?
me: is there a higher department i can try my luck. to me it only make sense to transfer. it's all bell, no?
bell: No Jun, there is no chance of getting the balance due transferred to another account, I have already checked with my supervisors and answered your query.
me: alright then, thanks kalyani, you have a nice day
bell: Thanks for choosing bell.
bell: Have a nice time. Take care . Good Bye:-)

*will i choose bell? no way!
   comment by jun on June 17, 2010

I hate bell so much that I cancelled their internet service and went for cable internet even though I had to pay for cable installation fee. I now still have bell's phone line and a TV contract because the bell rep misleading me with false advertising/promotion to have me signed up and after I signed up, charged me with higher prices. I had to call bell many times to correct it. Bell also altered my service without informing me and when I called to question, bell rep threaten that I have to pay back all the discounted I got since the contact started if don't want to stay on the contract. And if I cancel the service, I also have to pay for the early termination fee. BELL IS THE BIGGEST SCAM! WHY THE GOV DOES NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT THIS UNETHICAL BUSINESS????
   comment by BELL IS HELL on June 17, 2010

michael sabia should be shot with a ball of his own s#!t
   comment by anonymous on June 22, 2010

I agree with all things Bell, i moved to Primus and Bell call mke every week and on the same day they call me my internet goes down and they throttle , dont tell me theres no connection here, totally illegal.
   comment by anaomo on June 25, 2010

Despite us being on the National No Call List, Bell Mobility called last night and were going to send us a phone. Wife hung up. We have NO Bell products or services. I made a complaint with the National No Call List, as they were is direct violation. We'll see were that goes but I suggest that EVERYONE add their number(s) to the list and make complaints whenever violations occur - the more the better.
   comment by anonymous on June 30, 2010

I've had worse service with Bell than any other company I've had to deal with, they've repeatedly given me wrong information and have taken no ownership of their mistakes; I'm starting to think $400 to get out of my contract may be worth the cost to not have to deal with those liars anymore. If Bell were investigated for it's business practices they would be shut down.
   comment by anonymous on July 4, 2010

Why and how is this company still in business? It's obvious that they simply detest their customers.
   comment by anonymous on July 5, 2010

True story.

Around march, I this bell flyer by the mail with a interesting bundle of telephone + fibe 10 (10 mbps) all for the price of 62$ /month. They gave me the phone number I was originally supposed to have. I recieved a call a couple of days later telling me that I have a new number.... ok cool.

APRIL 15th.

The big day finally arrived! The tech came home & installed the internet, tested, all worked fine. He started to pack his things [hey, where the hell you going? What about my phone line?] {Phone line? The request here says only for the internet.} He then called up the company with his cell, negociated for hours to try to find what the f is going on here just to learn that apparently, no requests have been found for a phone service. WHAT?!?! ARE YOU FUCKING RETARDED YOU PIECE OF SHIT!

That's not what I really said plus I knew already she wasn't the one to take the bullets for BELL ( I mean who the mother fuck would right? ) Then finally found something about a phone service, but from the OLD phone number they gave me which was never to be active (never did anyways)

--At this point, my internet bill was technically seperated, so no more bundle rebate and would have to pay the full price of 50 something. Got a call later the same day and was told that the phone line would be installed with my new phone number in a week and that they will deduce a week off the bill. But for the next 2 months, I would have two seperate bills.... still remaining at 62$ but all up until now, WTF .

May and June went by, no issues so far except for the frequent maintenance which disables the internet for a long period during the night, when I WAS ACTUALLY WORKING from home, but meh no biggy, it only did that for 3 weeks in a row.


I made a request two weeks before july 1st to have my INTERNET + PHONE, basically MY FUCKING BUNDLE , in other words, BOTH SERVICES LOGICALLY. Why would I leave one of the services behind like a retard?... Ok It might happen sometimes in certain case but I REQUESTED FOR MY BUNDLE!!! AAAAFUCK YOU BELL.

Anyways, it was supposed to be transfered for July 1st, got a call from an agent telling me that the previous owner's service would be cut off on july 1st and I'd get the services (BUNDLE STILL) on the 2nd of july. I then called (by fluke) to discover that no requests have been made for the move of my internet service (NOW THEY FUCK ME WITH THE INTERNET SERVICE)

I kept my calm, the fucken agent kept apologizing {i sincerely apologize sir on behalf of bell blablabal} WHAT?!?! Don't fucking apologize for Bell are you fucked in the head? did your parents voluntarily smacked your head to a fucking brick wall or something?

He then "reconforted" me by offering me a free month of internet for the next month and that I would get the service on monday. I calmed down, ok so I'm getting it Monday plus free month? Alright you're worth my smile sir.

So I moved in new apartment, phone service jumped in, still no internet fibe 10, well atleast no 10 mbps.

I called up bell only to wait on the line for 30 minutes until I reached some other cocksucker. When Identifying me he referred the OLD PHONE NUMBER that was given to me..... WTF IS IT STILL DOING IN YOUR DATABASE YOU FUCKTARDS! Then tells me to do certain tests, the regular basic shit they always tell you to do which I already did 30 minutes before the call.
Then put me on hold for another 15 minutes just to come back and tell me {ok now ill contact this other dicklicker to ttell him ill suck his cock or something} .... not really but did say he was going to call another person. Another 10 minutes passes by while I tried to figure out a way to bomb BELL's offices in montreal in anyway possible! =D ( just kidding of course, you can bet im fucking angry )

Comes back finally to tell me to call 1 877 252 7199 which is the highspeed central offices or something.... so wtf number did i just dial to call you?

I then called them, waited another 15 minutes, just to be told that the move request was blocked for absolutely no reason whatsoever at all none zilch FUCK YOU BELL!!!

THen told me i had to call back around 5pm later today to check back with the status because she "said" she updated the request and eveyrthing should be cool.... but that i might lose both of my services for couple of days until they FINALLY " move " everything.....

Up until now, I have lost faith for BELL, I moved from RadioActif which is actually a subcontractor which cheaper rates and unlimited bandwidth. >>>BEST CHEAPEST ISP IF YOURE IN THE AREA OF QC!<<<
Moved to Bell because I trusted them, even paid the full price to and that's what I got.....

{Now I don't know if this part is actually credible to my complaint since July is is the busiest moving month of the year.}

note: You can tell by this text that I was and/or am still pretty pissed off.

final thought: you can blame bell for all you want, even their employees, but as long as everyone gets they $$$$, slacking off is just a nut-bust away.
   comment by Benjamin from Montreal on July 5, 2010

Can ANYONE recommend me ANYTHING that makes sense to deal with this? I'm in Montreal by the way.
   comment by Benjamin from Montreal on July 5, 2010

My mom (she didn't knew what the fuck she bought...) bought a turbo stick from bell.

Worst idea ever. OVERPRICED <- Teh key word.
At first i was paying 200 bucks for what? 6-7 gb of upload/download. While the other internet company offer 150 gb for 90 bucks. Now im the ''Flex'' contract type - 5 gb for 80$... owait. Aaaand that's whitout the fees around, useless fees i have to pay.

Turbo stick from bell is a scam really. It has a CRAPPY connection, it's fucking slow and overpriced.

   comment by Hyrianeth on July 6, 2010

Call this number to complain to Bell: 514-495-7521
   comment by Joe Canadian on July 6, 2010

For those that are interested in making Bell eat their words, here is their
Bell Canada Code of Business Conduct An interesting piece of fiction.
   comment by anonymous on July 7, 2010

Signed up for Bell TV this week. First they said NO CONTRACT! I sign up and what do I get in the mail a day later? A 2 year contract! Yey!

Today I had to be transfered to three different people to get my proper account number and billing date. All of them repeated the same cheesy lines. What a bunch of tools.
   comment by Steven on July 12, 2010

I can't fucking believe how pisspoor Bell is. Frozen texts, going down every 2 motherfucking days, more frozen texts, no signal ANYWHERE. I swear I could be standing next to a bell tower and get no service. Stupid bunch of cocksuckers.
   comment by FedUp on July 14, 2010

I hate hate hate Bell. I was their customer and also their employee. I am no longer their customer and I will never be, and I am no longer working for them. I used to work in Scarborough call centre, and I clearly remember that the couple called in to cancel their cell phones because they were moving to UK. I was still in training and I was told by manager to ask them to keep their phones ( I was like, are u fucking retarded), she insisted and I had to do it. Now imagine, asking people who are moving abroad to keep their cell phones so they can pay 500 $ monthly. I was so embarrassed and the customer start laughing in my face, and after that I just walked out. They scam lots of old people, I have also witnessed that. I felt so bad. Bell is the worst company ever, somethings gotta change soon, but for me doesn't matter, I am never going back. I am happy Sprint Canada customer, if anyone looking another provider, they are really good.
   comment by Anona on July 20, 2010

That's what happens when you purchase services from a company that isn't BBB accredited.In fact their rating was an "F", the lowest rating on the scale.Telus on the other hand was "A+".
   comment by anonymous on July 21, 2010

Yeah, u r right. Telus is good, I had nothing but problems with Bell. I am hoping that some big company will buy them out soon.
   comment by anonymous on July 22, 2010

I big fat f- bomb hate bell Canada...last month I choked on my bill not that I didn't choke the previous 5 months since the day I signed with them and got cattled called in with so many others into believing their math .. but it is bill after bill ever changing and my services have remained the same.....After doing back n forth with them they reduced it 74.00 I am got a bill that is almost double..and had to correct my name 3 times because who wants to be called honda's Rhonda ..I don't understand how Canadian Tax payers can allow Our Canadian Goverment who are so good at controlling and taxing almost every aspect of our lives except thinking and breathing..can just allow this bullshit to keep being fed to us ....Regulate it Regulate it ..It's like communication and entertainment is the new addiction and these cmpanys are dealing it and OUR GOVERMENT IS PIMP...there ! I feel better now :) Let them eat cake hmm?
   comment by R donnelly on July 23, 2010

1- I fought for almost 2 weeks to get my phone and internet fixed when they went down and when they finally got around to it, they would not reimburse me for the time I had no internet and phone.
2- I am sitting here right now with satalite problems and of coarse it is like pulling teeth to get Bell to fix it.
3- To that idiot that loves Bell so much and had to come on this website to bitch at the people who have had problems with bell. I would love to see Bell disappear and no canadians will be out of work because in case you haven't figured it out or have been on another planet, the majority of the people Bell employs are in India and the Phillipines. They have already taken canadian jobs away and sent them over seas to save money because they don't have to pay a normal wage to the people in these countries. In fact they only pay them a few cents per phone call. If these people don't take any phone calls then they don't get paid. They are taking work away from Canada and using people in third world countries. Another reason to hate bell. Wake up John
   comment by Robbi on July 28, 2010

I currently work for No&^%$, one of those companies Bell outsources to. We are the ones who have to CONSTANTLY make apologies for Bell's seemingly endless string of mistakes. It's the worst job I have ever had to endure. It's mentally draining trying to keep up with Bell's/No^%$#'s constant bombardment of inter-office political crap, micromanagement, and incompetent administration/team leaders/ops managers. The customer may not always be right, but you know what? They deserve a hell of alot better than what goes on behind the scenes at call centers like ours. It's a disgrace. I'm glad I have a job, sure, but I hate the job I have to do. If you can, leave Bell before you're caught up in their web of misinformation and complete disregard for the poor souls who make the mistake of signing a contract with them! Never in my life have I been so mentally drained by the end of the day. No morale = shitty customer service, ever notice how poor the service is? There's your answer. 90% of us are tired as hell and currently trying desperately to find a new job that pays a little more than the minimum wage that we earn. Thanks for listening. Had to vent...
   comment by Phillips on July 28, 2010

The fucking asshole telemarkers keep fucking calling me dispite being on the no call list. You can't make a complaint because they hang up on you when you ask for their number, which is needed to make the complaint. More than once they called the same day. It's very difficult for me cause i have MS and sleep during the day when it is too hot. Today, they called once again while I was asleep. And of course, they hung up again.
   comment by John on July 31, 2010

My God - 7 years of complaints on one thread!
I came across this site because I was looking for a 'high-up' customer service person to complain to after another dreadful 'customer service' experience. TO call it 'service' is ironic. After sending out technicians twice to fix my jacks, and still not managing it (total of 6 hours work so far), and charging me $99 for the privelage, I've just been told that because THEY haven't worked out the problem yet, and I can't get the service I pay for, I will have to pay AGAIN to get a technician out!!! And then, after I explain all this, I get some snooty customer service employee asking me "can I speak now?". Unbelievable.
   comment by Jason on August 2, 2010

My husband and I cancelled our service with Bell, owing nothing, To this day we get bills for a line charge, we have cable phone and internet. Today a telemarketer representing BELL call,again after telling them at least a dozen times to stop calling I have no interst in Bell, they called . Once again I re-iterated I wish to be placed on there Do Not Call list, with in the hour I had recieve 5 calls from a 416 number always different but always a delay and a heavily accented person trying to sign me up with BELL. Canada wake up, and protest the monopoly Bell has and the abusive tactics they use to promote their "services", which sucked and why we chose to change our provider. We do pay more but the service is perfect and stress free.
   comment by Karen Collins on August 4, 2010

I bought a really expensive Sanyo from Bell because it looked rugged + industrial + I thought it would last for years. It didn't. After a few months some little dealy bob rubber thing broke off so I could't mute it or change the volume of the rings or turn it to vibrate. I brought it back to the Bell place, downtown Montreal + was told it would cost 400 DOLLARS to fix!!!!! I wasted an hour trying to make them realize the damn thing was less than a year old, still under warranty, etc. etc. + as loyal Bell costumers (3 cell phones, satellite, phone + internet) this really really sucked. They were sorry blabhalbhabh + gave me 50 dollars off the next phone. I still had 2 something years on my plan so I didn't quit altogether...but really. What is a warranty worth? Absolutely nothing.
   comment by edith in Montreal on August 4, 2010

Ok. I came across this site and HAD to post my experience(s) with Bell.

I had originally signed up with Bell six years prior, for a 3 year contract. Not a problem. Zero dollar phone, really good rates / offers, let's do it. Sign up, and the plan was part of the "Extreme" bundles offered at that time : nights and weekend starting at 6pm, unlimited texting, 200 any time minutes, voice mail, and caller I.D, all offered for just under 60$ a month. Perfect for what I needed at the time. And to be honest, the first 3 months were awesome. Bills on time, for the correct amount, etc. THEN, the three month mark hit and my bill jumped from 60$ to over 300$. The reasoning : Even though my contract and my bill both stated plainly that I had access to unlimited texting, voicemail, and nights and weekends starting at 6 pm, I was being charged for a texting package, plus all my calls after 6pm were still costing me. Ok, maybe it's a mistake. No. Apparently, even though there was nothing mentioned in the fine print of the offer, the store rep mentioned nothing, customer service didn't mention this, and my contract didn't say a word of this, my plan was apparently only good for 3 months, after which I would have to pay for each and every service included. Great. How do I sign a 3 year contract with a plan good for 3 months? Why was this not explained? And why would there even be a 3 month offer? So I call.

This leads to my next experience with Bell. The discovery of a vast phone network, used only by Bell, which seems to be the same size as a nationwide network. I have spoken to more people than the total population of the town I live in (and over 6 years, that is not an exaggeration, that is fact), and whom 80% of them are so heavily accented (India / Pakistan), that I have to hang up because I can't understand them. I have found how ever, if I want someone who speaks English, tell "Emily", to connect you to the French speaking department. Ironic. I'm a Canadian Anglophone, calling a Canadian company, and to get someone whom speaks English clearly enough so I can understand, I need to call the Francophone line. Awesome.

So, at this point, I call, and supposedly get it all sorted out and switched over to a new package offer that is ironically part of the "Extreme" bundles again, and I'm supposed to be credited a little bit for the misunderstanding. Ok, well I can deal with one high phone bill. Maybe things aren't properly explained to the reps who sold me the phone. Maybe I didn't understand the offer (which I have read my original contract, and original bills, and not a word is on them at all about the offer expiring). So ok. Let's do this again. From that point on, I would have to say 10/12 bills per year are still in the 200-300 dollar range, at which point I call and have to go through the hoops to get it solved again. And at this point, I no longer get credited or receive any compensation for my time, efforts, or the fact my bill is 3 - 4 times the size it should be. So I get stuck paying these huge bills, with an ever changing rate plan to try and match what I was supposed to have, and I'm afraid to switch companies because I have heard most others have done similiar things to people.

Now on top of this, I have how ever switched from Bell DSL service to Teksavy. Bell's DSL was slow, prone to disconnects, and I had it crash for approx. 3 weeks, and was still billed for that entire month. So, my room mate convinces me to switch. So far it's been awesome. But, never again will I go to Bell for DSL.

And finally the satelite service. My parents are pretty smart people, (Dad's a university graduate 3 times over, not exactly a typical consumer), and they wanted to get satelite television. Ok, they are long time Bell customers with their home phone, let's try Bell. Currently they are discussing cancelling the service already, less than 1 year into it, for the fact that they signed up for a bundle, and only received the basic package, as well as they sometimes get randomly assigned a pay per view channel, or sports channel or some form of channel they do not receive in their package, and get billed for it, without ever ordering it. (Why would my parents, who are 50 years old+ EVER want to watch Jersey Shore or other shows along those lines that most of the channels they are getting billed for separately, carry?).

So in short, Bell as a company is attrocious in their ethics, and methods of doing business. I don't blame the employee's as I have worked in a call center, on the same floor as Bell, working for a horrible company who provides service in the U.S, only to be ashamed and astounded as to what Bell considers ethical treatment of their employee's. The training is short and pointless, the pay is a joke for the amount of stress and anxiety their reps go through, and the over all atmosphere of that department was one of anger and frustration. Side note : I had a friend work there while we were in college, and in his early twenties he was already starting to find grey hairs due to stress. It was that bad.

I don't care if there is a class action suit, or a monopoly charge brought up, I don't care if they go bankrupt or flourish. I just had to share this as another little anecdote to make people laugh about the day to day financial rape that we all go through when ever we take that step in telecommuncations.
   comment by Anonymous on August 5, 2010

"they sometimes get randomly assigned a pay per view channel, or sports channel or some form of channel they do not receive in their package, and get billed for it, without ever ordering it. " Ohhh, now that sounds like a Classic Bell scam...

You get a bundle with channels 1-12 (example only). Then one day channel 13 pops up. Oh, they must have added another to the package, so you watch it but it wasn't added, you are now billed! Even if you come across it via random channel surfing!
This is reminiscent of their 'forward billing' scam. We'll randomly add things to your bill, if YOU don't tell us to stop - you're billed! (and good luck with stopping and not paying)

One more thing about Bell billing, they always bill forward. Your bill comes in July and you think its for the previous is and for August. You quit Bell and they say you owe them whatever...PLUS they screwed you out of a month you never used!
If you insist on using Bell keep a very close eye on your bill and charges! They'll try to slip things by you!
   comment by anonymous on August 10, 2010

Well I love bell products it is the way that the product is presented. The customer service some times sucks... I resent calling bell canada. I always e-mail them.
   comment by None on August 11, 2010

Bell Canada does have services that we can all benefit from. The problem is that they truly do not understand how to treat a customer. They can learn a thing or two from their competitors. Quality guidlines are soley focused on selling products to thier clients, not taking the time to listen and truly resolve thier customers concerns in a respectful manner by taking full ownership and not passing the buck. They telemarket way to much and will continue to lose customers as fast as they try to gain new ones . Why not focusing on retaining the customers they have by treating them fairly. That builds loyalty and loyalty builds business. The call center agents are directed NOT to credit for anything, even if it is a Bell error, its like pulling teeth to have something corrected on the bill. They will fix it now but to go back is a nightmare. The only things I remember about bell in the 15 years I had thier services were bad customer service experiences. When I think about the products and prices they have , they are a good value. I just do not understand why a company does not value thier bread and butter. THE CUSTOMER!!!! Bell, I date you to do some focus groups with customers, do online surveys and really focus on the feedback you receive, there are many solutions to the day to day problems that customers face. It could truly save the company money, by reducing the amount of customer inquires and problems to customer care. That is where you need to focus on profit for the stakeholders. Be proactive not reactive!!!! This is the win win situation, not a transition to sell on every call!!!!!
   comment by Sickend by Poor Customer Service!!!! on August 11, 2010

"When I think about the products and prices they have , they are a good value." Are you kidding? I needed a new phone and thought I'd take a give Bell a chance. I walked into a Bell Centre, I saw the prices - wow - not $49 but $150++ and then the contracts, you can have that phone for that (high) price IF you also get a 3 year contract! Before a snotty rep came over I was outta there! Haven't regretted it and never looked back!
   comment by anonymous on August 13, 2010

Well, alot of people think that Bell monopolizes everything phone related here... when it honestly is regulated by the CRTC in Canada.

Aside from that, I worked as a customer service rep for the business side - god damnit that sucked - the customers suck, Bell's software (which you have to use like 40 programs to do your job!) is horrid and programmed by 14 year olds, and the whole fucking system SUCKS: not to mention that the rep-work is outsourced to StarTek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   comment by JRL on August 13, 2010

Satan owns Bell Canada. The long distance number that I have used many times is 10 15 945 and it always works.
Bell and Tim Hortons are scum. Bell is FAR more evil.
The pricks at the top were rejected from politics and fit right into the role of Head Assholes in Bell.
Die you sick engine of greed and power.
   comment by rodney on August 14, 2010

I have 2 I phones with Bell. A total of 150 a month. They have the worst customer service I have ever dealt with!!!! Please choose a different provider - I wish that I had. They always make mistakes to my bill, they always overcharge, and their reception on my phone always says NO Service! After having my car window smashed, I had to make an emergency call - guess what - No Service! I was in the middle of a large Canadian city. They never reimburse you, and taking to a supervisor is futile. I am going to leave my contract early - I'll pay the fees. I will never deal with Bell again! They are truly awful!
   comment by Bell_hater on August 15, 2010

during todays storm, the satalite sygnal was lost

at 4.15pm,,,,now , at 9.00 there is no signal and y
our telephone has been constantly busy....
iwas unable to see the golf final...the tennis final and the ball game;;;;;;;by the same twist,my back door neighbor,who also has bell satellite ,saw them all
   comment by r.g/edgeler tel 416 261 5910 on August 15, 2010

i am so frustrated and fed up with bell, I have been in contact with television and newspaper personnel, both seem very interested in exposing all the trouble, I would love to be able to email you back and forth to see if you would like to jump on the bandwagon so to speak,, you have my email, please let me know ASAP, thanks
   comment by Matt on August 17, 2010

This is the best one yet. Bell tech is up a pole in the back yard working on the line for a neighbour, I am on the phone, phone goes dead while he is working, then he leaves, all this is on Sunday August 15th. Still no phone as of Wednesday, they have told me first its a problem in that area, then they are working on it, now they want to charge $87.00 to fix the problem inside the house. Wow I wish I could drum up work like they can, they broke the line now I have to pay, awesome service.
   comment by Ron on August 18, 2010

I have been looking into why I have an additional fee on my TV bill (some stupid Canadian Television that makes it to the people who need it) so I login to to submit an email asking WTF and am prompted to provide a PIN...did I mention I was already logged I login and you ask me to verify I am who I say I stupid...every link on is a takes you to the flashy buy me section or a generic version of your bill for instance...I get me detail from the eBill I get then I can get when I log stupid...if I had a good alternative I would be dumping Bell in a heart beat...
   comment by JB on August 20, 2010

Bell's FOUR step escalation process suggests we contact the Senior vice president of customer service M. James Myers for top level escalation. His email address is here for all of your convenience. . I suspect it's a bogus email address because I've not received any response to THIS email.
Dear Mr. Myers,

My mother has been without phone service at 905 877 **** for three full days. She is 72. This is dangerous. We, and countless other seniors’ families RELY on phone service as a necessary link with essential services. I shudder to think what might happen if she were to fall, hurt herself or fall ill without any way to contact emergency services.

I am writing as I sit on hold (It’s been 20 minutes now on and off) for the THIRD day in a row with your abysmal customer service department.
I have called three times. My mother has called at least twice from neighbour’s homes and we have had three communications via email. Each time we have been promised a tech and each time no one has come. Today your computer says someone was at my mother’s home at 9am yesterday. I can assure you no one was. At 72 she is home full time and believe me, she’s been on the lookout for the technician.

I’ve spoken with three first line support techs, three repair department people, three supervisors and nothing has happened each day same story, we’ll get someone to you tomorrow. It was unacceptably slow on the first day it is negligent on day three. It is for this very reason that I personally left Bell and went to Rogers for all my communication needs. I am very close to counselling her to do the same thing.

In my last conversation with the final supervisor who has put me on hold for now 25 minutes I told him I’d just stay on the phone and chat with him until someone showed up at my mother’s door. There was no response. He hit the hold button and I’ve been listening to the same 45 seconds of music loop for 25 minutes.

Do you not have a check back in rule? I’d be delighted to give you his name and employee number as stated in your 4 step escalation instructions but HE WOULD NOT GIVE THEM TO ME.

Are you TRYING to drive yourselves out of business?

A friend of mine recently moved and was given 6 months FREE local phone service, internet and satellite Television. I wonder if you’d be willing to extend this offer to customers who have been with you for well over 45 years and who are left to languish unserviced and on hold with a looped muzak track for now THIRTY MINUTES.

This letter will be posted on as many blogs as I can find until this problem is resolved and suitable recompense is proposed.
   comment by sharloo on August 20, 2010

i got a cell phone for my wife from bell and we didnt go with rogers/fido because they didnt have android phones...

I figured its 2010, they must all have their act together...well long story short it sux! dropped calls, no reception in downtown toronto...Bell still sucks, decades later

fuk bell, u incompetent kunts
   comment by yepfukem on August 21, 2010

Sim card went on my phone today. No service all day. Drive all over trying to find a Bell store, and after doing everything that i did, the service rep agrees and says they have had problems with my sim card model. goes in the back and guess what? they are all out and no shipment to arrive soon! No phone, but I'm being charged for service! I hate Bell!
   comment by Bell_hater on August 23, 2010

I hate Bell Canada. They couldn't hook up our new internet and phone and they weren't even able to cancel our order properly when we moved. They kept billing us until we called for the SIXTH time and DEMANDED to speak to a higher up. I will never, ever use Bell Canada ever, ever, ever again. They're the absolute worst. We switched to Rogers and couldn't be happier.
   comment by Grrr...Bell Canada on August 24, 2010

Tried to change my local service (not the ones below) from $45/mt to $29 but my provider says that NorthernTel - owned by BELL - won't allow the extended area coverage. Apparently they aren't allowed to 'block' it (CRTC rules) but in typical 'Bell bully' fashion are fighting the competition.
   comment by anonymous on August 27, 2010

I hate Bell. I called them in may 2010 to ask when my contract finishes. They say July 10th. So I cancel on July 10th, and I get charged 100$ for breaking the contract. I tried to explain that this was the date I was given, and NO ONE when I canceled the line told me that I was breaking my contract. Of course the guy on the phone kept insisting that I was wrong. I asked to speak to a supervisor, and of course he never called me back. I paid the 100$, good riddance, I am now a happy Videotron customer.
   comment by EX-Bell customer on August 30, 2010

They are brutal. Simply brutal.
   comment by anonymous on September 2, 2010

ARGH!!! I don't know why I chose to go with Bell to set up internet...but I did and I'm regretting it. A technician came to my place yesterday and couldn't find the connection to set up the internet because it's located in the unit below me which I don't have access to. So, he set up the internet temporarily through my bathroom window - the wires are on my toilet and the modem is on the bathroom sink. He said that someone would be by the next day to set up the internet permanently. Nope, not the case, nobody has shown up and to top it off they are now trying to charge me $90 to have a technician come by. To make matters worse, I've been juggled between the high speed internet department, to technical, back to high speed. I asked to speak with a manager and was transfered to a non-functioning line. I have now been on the line with Bell for over an hour and a half and have gotten nowhere. Wish me luck! If you have any advice on how to get somewhere with this company let me know.
   comment by Phoebe Stephens on September 4, 2010

Such an awful company, hard to know where to start. Why isn't someone doing something about this? Are there any politicians taking them on?
   comment by Bell Hater in Vancouver on September 4, 2010

I used to use Bell but was so fed up with the service and high prices that when I moved to my new home I switched to Videotron (they are great! no complaints).. however months after moving I get a call from Bell collections department asking me why I hadn't paid my internet bill in months...

my first reaction was ummm because it's cancelled and I haven't lived at that address for 6 months...

the Bell employee told me that I had only cancelled my phone line and not my internet... when I asked her if it were logical that when I called to cancel my phone I would also have cancelled my internet at the same time!?

She actually agreed this was logical and very probable but since I hadn't kept my confirmation number I was just shit out of luck... if I didn't pay the $200 I supposedly owed them, they would send my file to the credit bureau...

I told her I wouldn't pay until they at least sent me a bill by mail! and guess what THEY CHARGE YOU 5$ PER BILL PER MONTH!!! so I have to pay $30 just to see my bill?? due to BELL'S INCOMPETENCE?!?!

The insanity has go to stop people!! PLEASE CHANGE PROVIDERS!! VIDEOTRON, ROGERS I DON'T CARE WHO!!! Let's run Bell out of business!!!!!!
   comment by disgruntled on September 4, 2010

After 40+ years with Bell. I have had enough! Please Canada can we get some one to give them a run for their $$$!!. After calling to find out if there was something we could do to lower our cell phone bill, because we are now retired, we have gone through so much bull crap, we could start our own farm! They told us we agreed to a NEW 3years contract with them. We don't want it!! So now in order to stay with a lesser term we have a losy 50 minutes a month for $20. No call display, no text - NOTHING!!! Please don't call Bell for questions or you could end up like us. Praying to be done with them soon.
   comment by Fedup! on September 14, 2010

My frustration with Bell is never-ending. I needed to purchase a new cell phone as the one I had basically did not work. It was sold as the HTC touch by Bell but as it turns out it was on an HTC touch at all. It was an HTC Vouge and never really worked. Despite my efforts to have the issues resolved I gave up and bouth a phone outright.

One feature that I really needed was email. The phone I bought has email and it was listed as an available feature on the bell website. It is a year later and I still do not have email on my phone. I called every month for about 7 months until I could not longer waste my time fighting with agents who did not even understand how their own billing works.

Here are just a few things I was told:

I can put you on hold and pretend to help you.
I don't have a supervisor or a manager (good to know I was talking to the highest up in the company. what a great guy for answering customer calls)
Why did you add email if it doesn't work?

this list goes on and on.

My favorite thing with bell is their billing. My billing date is the 12th of the month. It is now the 20th and I cannot see my bill online. I would guess that 3 out of 5 times I go online to check my account their webpage is down. You would thinking they would at least have the whole website thing down given the nature of their business.

I am just riding out my contract until there is a better player in Canada and their will be......
   comment by TM on September 20, 2010

You guys DONT!
Suck It Trebeck!
   comment by Bell Guy on September 20, 2010

"My favorite thing with bell is their billing. My billing date is the 12th of the month. It is now the 20th and I cannot see my bill online. I would guess that 3 out of 5 times I go online to check my account their webpage is down"

Think a minute. What would that really mean? You get the bill late, thanks to them, and they add interest to your account! Further, as they are moving to paperless - NOT TO SAVE TREES - they save on printing and mailing, get the same income from sales and therefore increase their bottom line...and don't forget the late fees!
   comment by anonymous on September 22, 2010

Bell is getting worse every year I am with them. But for me they are the only game in town. So sad.
   comment by Joe on September 22, 2010

We finally called to cancel the tv, as every single bill had a different charge, some weird packages, and channels that we never agreed to.
Now we have to pay them $150 as a cancellation fee because apparently we had a verbal 2 year contract with them!
Anyone ever heard of this?!
I don't remember ever agreeing to anything, or anyone mentioning the 2 years contract when we signed up.
   comment by jelena on September 23, 2010

I have finally rid myself with anything to do with Bell. I am so dissatisfied with Bell gouging every penny they can from you. I was told from customer service on numerous occasion about my bill and expected to see my final bill being around $160. I received a bill for $265 because there was errears in the system. Liars, cheats and my son wanted to keep his same number when he transferred and they said he couldn't. Low and behold, they lied again. I took it as a threat for leaving. All my friends will hear this.
   comment by Jerry Gagne on October 2, 2010

Hi, I am a first time writer/complainer. here is my beef. I just purchased a car charger for my phone from the Bell store in the Westshore plaza in Victoria BC because I could not find my old one. Lo and behold I found my old one that same night. Went to return the one I had just purchased 2 days ago in the original packaging with the invoice to another Bell store at the Bay Centre downtown. I was told I could not return it to their store I had to go back out to the original store where I purchased it. I read the back of the invoice and there was no mention of this, when I called Bell I was told it was a store policy and not up to them. when I called the store I was told it was a company policy and not up to them. What kind of ass backwards company has a policy where you can only return items to the original store where you purchased them at. I will never buy an accessory from Bell again and will not renew my contract when it expires. Tell your friends about this as it was new to me. This is just Bad customer service.
   comment by wade greenwood on October 2, 2010

After many years with Bell, we decided to move, so we cancelled our sat. dish (at the end of contract) and we were told we had to pay $150 for disconect fee. Upon cancelling our phone service we would have to pay $50 disconect fee.
We paid $13 per month for equipment rental and still these charges. What a bunch of CROOKS.
   comment by Marlene Charlebois on October 4, 2010

Is this Bell sponsored? They know they are terrible, no horrible and perhaps one of the worst companies on the planet. Customers and employees say so.
   comment by peggy on October 4, 2010

And so it starts. Mr Crull, currently in charge of Bell Residential Services (or lack thereof) will be the new CEO of CTV next year once the sale is complete. I said it before, if you think Bell phone/cell/sat services are bad, now they will control a MAJOR network...and have you noticed the number of commercials has already increased - its getting as bad as US TV.
   comment by anonymous on October 6, 2010

You guys DONT!
Suck It Trebeck!"
Are you completely brainless? or are you paid by bell? (probably both)
The church I go to is switching from bell to another provider for their internet, fax and phone service. bell kept on over charging them and by thousands of dollars. DISGRACEFUL! They cheat their residential customers, business customers. I pray that these evil underhanded people are put out of business and PERMANENTLY!
   comment by Linda on October 17, 2010

Fuck Bell Mobility and all there training to fuck over customers to pad there own pocket. Must be worth the 8 bucks an hour they get!
   comment by Pissed of Bell Customer on October 18, 2010

Bell is evil, I bought a smart phone June of last year under a 3 yr contract & also paid for the smart phone warranty.

Well my phone stopped charging, brought the phone in only to be told I had to phone else where about the warranty. Their solution was to send me a crappy $100 phone to replace my $400 smart phone, & then charged me $50 to get it. EVEN though it's under a $399.95 replacement warranty.
The phone is a piece of crap which never came with anything other than a charger & they also want my $400 smart phone back.


God is my contract up yet????...Never again.
   comment by I hate Bell/Aliant on October 22, 2010

Bell stole $42.22 from me.
My contract expired, but Bell kept billing me.
I hope all Bell employees die painful, horrible, disfiguring deaths. Especially the executives. But especially the call centre assholes.
Thieving douchebags.
   comment by art vandelay on October 23, 2010

Bell is the high priest of the government-sponsored state religion: FRENCH ! Quebec wins, beacuse Bell is Quebec-based, and corrupt, like Quebec is corrupt. Wake up Canada. The French tails is wagging the English dog. And English Canada makes up 75% of the realm ! THIS IS DISCRIMINATION !
   comment by John in Kingston on October 25, 2010

I recently used the seasonal suspension option for my cottage telephone number and was assured the suspension would take place last Friday. As someone with a disability, my telephone is a necessity not a luxury. Yesterday morning my neighbor knocked on the door to make sure I was okay as my home phone had a recording saying the phone was suspended. Due to the fact that no Bell employee on this side of the Atlantic works on Sunday, I needed to wait until today to contact Bell. Using a borrowed phone I started at 8AM to attempt to resolve the issue. 3 calls and 5 transfers later, they were still telling me the earliest the line could be reinstalled was tomorrow and that if I wanted to escalate this any further, they would have to call me back. Since I do not have a working phone, I couldn’t understand how they were going to call me? After screaming at him, I was then connected to his boss….
2 hours and 20 minutes after starting, he promised to have the line up and running today and would update me via email. He gave me his email and told me I could follow up.
Guess what???????
He gave me a false email!!!!! I am so gullible!

It is now 3:44 PM, no follow up and no working phone.

F*ck Bell CANADA!

How many Bell employees does it take to create a simple problem?
Any one of them!

How many Bell employees does it take to solve the same problem?
There aren’t that many employed world wide!
   comment by FedUp2Here on October 25, 2010

Bell is without question the #1 worst company in the country. They are not even worth my energy to explain the details of their incompetence over the past 12 years. I would be here for days detailing all of it and they have probably already sucked up numerous days of my life with all the countless calls, minutes on hold, etc. All I can say is please, under no circumstances, don't sign up with Bell. There are other options. Whatever credit, offer or discount they give you will not be worth the stress and aggravation they put you through. The bogus charges they "don't know where they came from". Even worse is that they don't know how to make them stop or how to adjust the bill properly either.

We are now with Cogeco and are thrilled. Keep looking for a company that services your area. They are out there just may be hard to find. Oh, and one more thing. Don't sign up with a company like Primus, who rents their lines from Bell because then they are at Bell's mercy and disposal and become just as incompetent as Bell.
Cogeco owns their own lines. They run on cable.
   comment by bell hater on October 28, 2010
   comment by Bell hater on October 29, 2010

Bell.Hell sent my trumpted up bill to collections, so fine I say to them great, sue me. Went from 4 hundred to 9 hundred back to 5 then now back at 9 hundred.
For services I ALREADY PAID FOR!!!!
Our consumer laws favour these big sucking corportate scum bag's while they roll in profits.
I'll stand on my own merit.
So...they are now sending my phone number to telemarketers who wake me early in the am and phone and hang up on me.
I now have serious health condition and as typical canuck I'm stuck on a waiting list.
Liars at Bell.Hell and company - you should know this...I'm ready to take one of you with me....big and spashy like the media loves...can't decide what to yell on the way down..."allah ackbar" is so over used these days, any suggestions? Can't get health care, can't get a job, allowed to be harrassed by big corporatoins...
Beyond fed up.
I was a loyal customer for over 30 years, always in good standing on my accounts, always.

PS IT's now been two years since they've been getting away with doing this phone fraud, three times of this kind of harrassment. And we are on the DNC list.

   comment by ready to kill ma bell hell on October 29, 2010

   comment by Alan on October 29, 2010

I really dont like bell Canada (phone service) because of the network fee because I have long distence and fuck I pay more with my long distence and that shit network fee is CRAP. I hate it. Bell Canada really have to learn to appretiate their long time customers.
   comment by KKK on November 1, 2010

dont know where to start-lets say this blog is very entertaining and i dont blame anyone especially since it is the worst place i have ever worked
just imagine the employees treated worse than the customers-you're lucky you have your soul when you leave
for the people saying that bell is good and they have done lots-fuck off-
they dont care because most of their money comes from the people who are scared to call in and complain and that is why their employees are treated like shit-because they dont give a fuck

food for thought-tv is a luxury and no one likes to hear the word cancel-also u dont have to renew-why the fuck would i want $40 to renew-i kno u want my business u dirty assholes
   comment by anonymous on November 2, 2010

F u Bell!!!! worst cell company every!!! cheaper for me to pay out my contract than to keep gettin it up the ass from them every month!!
   comment by anonymous on November 8, 2010

F-ing Bell employee tricked me into signing up for two contracts for one phone and am now stuck paying for two contracts for the next 3 years!!!!!
   comment by PSssssssD off on November 8, 2010

I left Bell Home Phone and internet service last year because i was fed up with the billing issues and poor customer service. They tried billing me cancellation fees 3 times over. Even billed me for an entire month that i did not use. Trying to get someone to fix the issue over the phone was exhausting. I was transferred to a different department a ridiculous 15 times! Then, they hung up on me. Fuck em. Never again will i sign up with Bell. Never again. Prior to Bell, i was with Rogers and let me tell you that they are just as bad! Rogers always repeatedly throttled my bandwidth (just like Bell) and then eventually cancelled my service! Then, they have the audacity to call me and ask me to sign up with them, a month after they cancelled my fucking service! Unreal. Please stay away from both of them. I now live in an area where i am serviced by Mountain Cable (Shaw) and i couldn't be happier. There are no surprises on my bills, customer service is good, and they even cancelled a late fee for me.

I hate Rogers and i hate Bell. We need to open this market further. For my cell phone, i'm with Telus, but that's only because Telus is the lesser of 3 evils (i don't get any of the new services in my area like Moblicity or Wind, etc.. ). Telus is a rip off, but i'd still go with them over Bell and Rogers because they have some semblance of customer service. sigh.
   comment by Bell&RogersRscum on November 9, 2010

complete fraud! they let ur bill rack up and u have no idea. At least rogers and other companies allow you to see your usage online. Bell cant even access AT ALL! let peoples bill rack up, dont let them know until they hit a 'spending cap' and even then when you call in they cant tell you whats up. then make u pay it all. complete scum. anyone that works there must be suicidal
   comment by Bellrscummybags on November 13, 2010

$1400 for 3 hours at a hockey game .. when i didnt use the phone once

i should call the cops

i figure their customer service would be better anyway
   comment by Brian on November 17, 2010

I hate Bell mobility, i was a former employee who was terminated from my job because of politics...if u want to keep your job...Do Not VOice Ur Opinion... I have worked with the company for over 6years as a part time employee and after I was never given a full time status but all those who started 2years ago already got full time, this is because I choose signed a CEP card to have them represent us as employee as most of us dont have a voice of our own, therefore my 2face team lead terminated me for quality not met..basically I verified customers information before giving out any info but according to them I didnt note that the information was verified..Yep I was terminated, but we all know it was because i made it clear i supported the union, but I guess my vote wont count now as i am no longer employed by the company...way to go bell too smart...ahhaha go ahead fired again.
   comment by anonymous on November 18, 2010

yes working for bell is chalenging. I take complaints for bell and i realized that they are ok with loosing customers. if they get more customers to take new accounts than the customers they loose they don't really care about you. I have seen processes that clearly cause pain for the customers and if you try to chalenge this you will go no where in the company. also the staff are very often told that they accepted the job and if they don't like it they can go elswhere. Some older bell managers will even have you writen up if you attempt in contacting them. if you are not their tier level you better not bother them. imagine for a second that you see a major issue in your department and want to flag it... don't try you will be fired. so ya working at bell does suck
   comment by private on November 23, 2010

Every month I have to call Bell to fight with them over something they wrongfully have charged me for. GET YOUR FACTS TOGETHER!! I hate it, and I hate bell you people are the definition of high blood pressure!!!!
   comment by I am fuming on December 1, 2010

I hate bell 3hrs on the phone and all they can say is "sorry" someone or you may have made a mistake
   comment by anonymous on December 1, 2010

God! I hate Bell nothing but the run around! they breached my privacy by giving my account info to a unknown to me email account. I got a "sorry you may have made a mistake" FU Bell!
   comment by anonymous on December 1, 2010

ya! FU bell nothing but crap
   comment by anonymous on December 1, 2010

I hear you all bell sucks staight up
   comment by anonymous on December 1, 2010

I had to deal with them today, soooo rude
   comment by anonymous on December 1, 2010

They think they own the world. but I will be there laughing when they go down
   comment by anonymous on December 1, 2010

Bell is the worst company I have ever seen. The same mistake on the bill for three consecutive months, charging me for crap I don't even know. Every time I go through the painful process of correcting this online with their "CHAT CHIT" team, because no one would answer the phone, and it just sucks. They give you wrong information, and throw you between departments in efforts to get rid of you, They lie...and they don't care...they'd lie again to cover up for a previous lie, and keep giving you wrong information flawlessly and when you challenge their wrong information they lie even more and stubbornly continue lying. They simply do NOT CARE
   comment by King Tut on December 11, 2010

Our landline phone is down.

We called Bell about our dead phones, and they left a message later, on our voice mail, [because they couldn't get through to our dead phones] to say that our phones are working. I had to use the cell, because the phones are dead, to get through to pick up the message that the phones were working again which they weren't....

   comment by Mike on December 15, 2010

To that jackoff "John" defending bell cause they "employ 50,000 employees, hey dickspit, so does organized crime only diff is one has a license to fuck people, the other does it on the downlow. Google "BELL SUCKS", 25,000+ replys, google bell rules you stupid ignorant fucking douchbag, YOUR ALONE!!
   comment by Kelly on December 18, 2010

Good News! Bell charged $1.3 Million for breaking the No-Call-List! Finally a small goal but lets hope there's more!
   comment by anonymous on December 20, 2010

I just got Bell internet after being stuck with Rogers for sometime, I honestly don't which is worse. Both companies are equally messed up, on the first day of having my service up and running with Bell I lost internet connection after 3 hours. Spent an hour with their tech support I spoke with 2 people, one of them was a technologist yet neither could offer up a conclusive fix. Either about my 2wire modem or their own fucking network?! It took them two days to send someone out to fix the problem, what did he do you wonder? Replace the modem with a new one!

Moral of the story I signed up for a Fibe12 line and they gave me 1.2mb line because they don't know or are unaware if they even support my neighborhood.
   comment by Meh on December 21, 2010
'Public Proceedings' for BCEs (Bell Canada enterprises) application towards the purchase of CTVglobemedia (CTV). Public input must be submitted by January 11, 2010! ACT NOW at the address above and STOP BELL from becoming larger - especially - from television broadcasting! Look at their BBB rating Its an F!
While on the CRTC site check out Bells fine for disregarding the No-Call-List!
   comment by anonymous on December 23, 2010

It's not by accident that Bell submitted so their application came up during the Holiday period with fewer eyes on it.
   comment by anonymous on December 26, 2010

My cousin work for them, he's tech guy in our town, good thing. We spended 2 days here trying to figure out, we wired the whole house anew together, I live 700km from the Server, and my internet still SUCK, he cant explains it, the only thing he know is, that everyone is experiencing the same issu IN TOWN.
   comment by Joe on January 5, 2011

I am new to Bell home phone, and WHOOPS what a mistake it was signing up with these bunch of retards. Does anyone remember a couple years ago when the president of Bell came on TV and promised to provide Canadians with the best service they could? And then he thanked us for 'coming back to Bell" WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT. Is this the best they can do? They outsourced all their call centres to somewhere is Asia, which is a major piss off. How can one company screw up a simple bill so bad? Why doesn't anyone in the higher ups do something about this crap we call Bell Canada. I just got off the phone with them, and now I'm in a shitty mood for the rest of the day. Thank you Bell wait, FUCK YOU Bell Canada.
   comment by Piss off Bell Customer on January 8, 2011

A drop of water just completely fried my Bell satellite box. This is the second time in under 6 months my box burnt out the first time was because it got too hot. Not to mention they're crappy channel bundles and no on demand viewing.
   comment by Corey on January 15, 2011

I am writing as a current Primus customer who is now being forced to pay a higher internet fee as a result of Bell Canada Complaining to CRTC regarding unlimited Internet Service. This horrible company is not interested in service or innovation or progressive offers...They enjoy price gauging their customers. and complain to CRTC in order to avoid competing in the market place fairly like everyone else. PLEASE SHARE THIS EMAIL WITH YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY. PLEASE BOYCOTT BELL...the horrible Canadian Monopoly company that feels it has a license to price gauge its customers and treat people like ATM machines.
   comment by PRIMUS CUSTOMER... on January 17, 2011

stop calling my home....or I will report you for violating the DO NOT Call List so that you can be fined again millions of dollars for ignoring federal law...
   comment by PRIMUS CUSTOMER... on January 17, 2011

Complain about the No call anyway! See - Here
   comment by anonymous on January 17, 2011

Agreed with the higher internet fees (BTW - wondered when that was coming). Switched over to Primus almost five years ago and it's been absolute bliss until this.

Bell still owns the infrastructure and our service goes out at least once a year due to infrastructure problems - land line, internet, everything. Was told three times by Bell that the infrastructure is at least 50 years old and degraded. "They're putting in a service request." I live in downtown Toronto for crissakes but I'm not holding my breath. Guess Bell is too busy buying up television networks. This company ought to have their licenses pulled. Dear God - they're evil.
   comment by Another Primus Customer on January 19, 2011

Its really toO bad that someone like Clara Hughes is lending a voice to Bell. Certainly the subject matter needs discussing but Bells approach - make a bunch of long distance calls and send text messages - at the regular rates - and they'll make a contribution. Now with Bells known, and questionable, marketing methods I ask you - who is going to count the calls and ensure that a donation is made for EVERY call and text sent? Its just another marketing ploy under the camouflage of a 'good deed'. Let's hope/pray that they DO NOT GET CONTROL OF TELEVISION TOO!!! Don't sit back or give up, keep complaining to Bell and the regulator! Let's force them to deal fairly - the consumers have the power if they choose to use it!!
   comment by anonymous on January 20, 2011

I hate bell, they want me to pay for a bill that they have not mail me as of today...why should I pay for a bill that i have not received..just because they said so?
I asked them to give me the details of my long distance charges over the phone or to email them to me asap and they refused.
and they have the nerve to call me to ask how was the service that I received today!!!!
I am changing to cogeco
   comment by vm on January 20, 2011

Companies are switching to paperless billing, Bell too. Here's the new marketing (profit grabbing) ploy. You go paperless 'for the environment' - they save millions in postage and paper without lifting a finger. You still want paper? They charge you for the 'service'. Paperless YOU have to remember to check in for the bill - forget and its overdue with interest! And if THEY send you a notice the bill is ready - THEY send it late.
   comment by anonymous on January 21, 2011

My neighbour switched to Rogers for her phone services after bell sent her a bill over $400 for services she hadn't ordered! I helped her when she was talking with's bell executive office. The charges were removed after spending(I am not kidding) almost 8 hours on the phone! She has now has Rogers home phone with five calling features and 1000 long distance minutes, no connection fee. She changed her number after bell kept on calling her to get her business back. Rogers employees are ALL Canadian. They've given me and my neighbour FANTASTIC discounts. bell employees were fixing bell phone lines in our area and cut through a cable. My neighbour and I and others who have Rogers home phone had service, the people with bell had no service for five days and weren't given any discounts or rebates on their accounts. WTF!! (pardon me, but, that really makes me mad) Now my neighbours, twelve in total, are switching to Rogers for their home phone service. They used to think that I was foolish to switch from bell to Rogers. Now, they realize that I made a very smart move by switching to a better phone company and absolutely hate bell and refuse to absolutely have nothing to with them anymore for the rest of their lives. Anyone who likes bell is in my honest opinion, totally insane.
   comment by Barbara on January 21, 2011

Anyone else HATE that Microsoft IE / Hotmail defaults to - a BELL company on log out!!!!!
   comment by anonymous on January 22, 2011

I have every intention of cancelling my Bell services. I currently have a home phone, a cellphone and a satellite dish through them. Imposing internet metering is a joke. I'm glad I don't have their horrible DSL service. You are the absolute scum of the industry and you do not have the consumers best interest in mind.
   comment by anonymous on January 31, 2011

We are a Bell reseller for DSL and I have more HORROR stories then all of you put together. Bell really does not CARE for your business the small guys do but Bell is trying to put us all out of business and the CRTC is helping!

Bell is one of the most SCREWED UP companies and they should die a painful death along with the antequated CRTC.

If you dont know already your internet bill is about to go up if you use more then 25GB of bandwidth. You consumers MUST sign petitions against this. Bell (and Rogers) are in a conflict of interest as Bell (and Rogers) are in the TV business and are trying to squash IPTV so that it does not cut in to their TV profits. How about the fact that it's anti-competative as well, ins't that illegal?

Go view these websites and help the fight against the MONOPOLIES.....

This BLOG wouldnt let me post the websites so you will have to fond them yourself... one is saveournet dotca

Lucky for my company who has now moved into the Business VoIP phone services and we do not rely on Bell at all to provide out customers with good quality services at an average of 50% savings.

   comment by A. Bongard on February 1, 2011

   comment by anonymous on February 3, 2011

"I HATE BELL, IT HAS THE WORST INTERNET CONNECTION EVER!" Ahh. But now that they have installed fibre nation-wide to carry even MORE bits and bites, they want to charge for each one of those bits instead of a flat rate, and they throttle it so that they can squeeze even more (they hope) customers into the pipeline - can't be that bad (kidding of course)
   comment by anonymous on February 7, 2011

FUCK bell canada and their UBB
   comment by William Adam on February 8, 2011

It's about time UBB was enforced, Cheap fuckers who don't want to pay for what they use
   comment by Matt on February 10, 2011

BELL CANADA is the worst company to work for, ask any employee what they think of the company they work for. It will not be good. BELL also wants Canadians money for their services yet does not want to employ Canadians.
   comment by Dave on February 13, 2011

I so much hate Bell it’s the pure example of organised crime. I had a phone with them I was supposed to pay 40$ a month, but I have never paid less than 100$ Each time their stupid customer service torture me and invent a story behind the hidden fees. I’m only a student ,I never call outside my province and I don`t even talk much ,but they continued hammering me with 200$,300`,400$ a month. When I try to quite they threaten me with cancelation fees. On the end I have decided its enough, they charged me one final 400$ they said because I have cancelled (imagine another cold 400$ profit at once ) .
Now I’m with public mobile I have unlimited talking in the whole Canada with full options for 30$(no hidden fees at all ,I pay 30$ each month) ,just imagine the difference 300$ a month vs. 30$ a month for the very same service and the very same talking minutes.

This is to Bell : I’m only a student ,all I wanted is a fair service that you will make some profit and I will be able to connect sometimes with my colleagues in school ,I want nothing more than that. Making 10% profit is your right ,making 20% profits is amazing, making 50% is very ingenious ,but making 200% profit is robbery. You tricked me to sign the contract with tons of hidden fees(the trap) and you kept scamming me afterword.
Yes you earned some huge profit from me during 2years ,but guess what ? you lost me forever and you lost my family and friends forever and i will always be a very bad publicity for you,and write on blogs about my experience with you. This all because I feel that injustice is bad and I don`t wish anyone else to suffer from you.

   comment by jean on February 20, 2011

I deserved what I got!!!! I went back to bell (don't deserve the uppercase) after a 3 year absence (left in bad terms). I rationalized going back cause I really do like the satellite channels. I hooked up with bell on December 11th after an extensive discussion with a rep agreeing to an amount that I could afford for internet and TV service. My first bill came in for only internet $10 more then the agreement (was not the tax). Second bill was for both $146.19 (agreement was $85 tax include rep reassured and reassured me. Called the rep said well we can't honor the agreement eventhough I had the girls employee #. The discounts he said will show on your next bill. Second bill $143.95 WTF called again the rep explained that the one item had not been removed from my bill and that all the other discounts would come off the next bill, HERE WE GO AGAIN. Lost it $@#$#@%$#@$ no swearing just angry, she hung up on me. Called back PUERTO RICO Emanuele answers I have to clear this up to reduce my bill so calmly I explained the deal and the offers I was to get and now getting charged for them he was helpful but said he would remove the item from my bill, give me a $10 discount and the other credits would come off on the next bill. OH for heaven's sake when is this going to end!!!!!
I'm in a 2 yr contract and can't wait to drop them and will never look back.
   comment by Lina on February 25, 2011

they do all kinds of supportive things to help other businesses, but if the customes right they they ignore him or her in hopes to help the other party especially if they are worth money , this all seemed to take place when bell joined aliant on this east coast, i have a bunch of bill collectors nagging me over someone else is bill or or because im elderly and they think im stupid senior dont worry were on the side of the young too.good luck with them if the calls dont stop we will have the phone disconnected and the internet as well and we will have no good word for them,i was told by my brother that he heard from some big construction wheels (bosses ) that make buildings that in new brunswick there was going to be a special call center put up to monitor all call in the atlantic provinces so i was to watch what i said but im not going to ill say what i please and if it bothers somone too bad i have my own opinion and i have rights to feel the way i feel as does everyone
   comment by me on March 2, 2011

I left Bell Three years ago because they screwed up transferring my phone when i moved to a new house.
After they Fuc*** up they where not able send some one out for two weeks, so i changed to Cogeco.
Their service isn't to bad but they started doubling my internet bill for over usage.
So i talked to Bell, the sale man gave be a good rate.
So far they have missed two appointments to hook up the service.
Two day Fuc*** up because they cant tell you when they are coming.
"Between 8am and 5 pm"
So now i have missed two days of work and done have a phone.
I will be so Fuc*ing happy when they go the way of the Dodo Bird
   comment by Marc on March 5, 2011

Two years ago I asked Bell to add a second name to our home phone listing. Agreed to the $2.20 fee and forgot about it. Last week I thought to check whether the listing was ever modified. No it wasn't. Called Bell, they rep checked and agreed I wasn't listed. Asked if I still wanted the listing. Yes. How will you refund my payments. He says that Bell will give me a $20 credit. Wait a minute! I paid $67 dollars for a second listing that I never got. Ok,he offered $25. Let me speak to your Supervisor. Another interminable wait. He comes on. OK, they'll give me $5/month for 12 months. I say I'll accept only because I've been holding for over 90 minutes and was tired, but I do point out how ludicrous I find it that Bell can only refund me 90% of what I paid and then they can only refund on an easy-payment-plan. Said that I would be unlikely to forget this soon. He anties up another $20! How do they come up with this?
   comment by dumbfounded on March 7, 2011

A bell rep came to my door. He sure got an earful! I told him outright I HATE BELL and the reasons why and under no circumstances I would go back to bell. and told him to get off my property immediately or I'll call the police. He persisted in trying to get my business. Guess what? I called the police and when they came he was escorted off my property by two police officers and charges were laid against him for harassment. I also the bell executive office and told them what happened and to remove my name and address immediately from their files or I would take legal action. The police also called them and told them to stop harassing me. They (bell)sent me a formal apology letter and I haven't heard from the scumbags at bell ever since I got that letter. bell doesn't have customer service! they have crooks! liars, fraud, con artists!
   comment by Barbara on March 11, 2011

haha - way to go, to bad we can't do that with their Execs! And now they have television (CTV) too! Thanks CRTC!
   comment by anonymous on March 11, 2011

First they sent the modem to the wrong address three times. Then there were no cords in the box. I sent it back and canceled the service. They kept billing for the service (the finally got the address right for this). Six months later after many phone calls and long waits on hold, things were straightened-out. Then I got a bill for ZERO dollars and laughed. Some of the people I talked to were nice, but judging by the accent, were foreign outsources.
   comment by Amanda on March 18, 2011

I despise Bell. They are the worst company I have ever dealt with. Customer Service is terrible, they are confusing to deal with, and refuse to rectify any problems. If you ever tried to "unbundle" services you will understand what it means to experience serious frustration. If you expect to be sent a bill that represents usage, forget it. They will send huge bills, without cost breakdowns, and charge you disconnection fees, and modem fees, and fees up the ying yang. I just got off the phone with "Jeffrey". I have not used my phone in 10 months. THey keep sending me a paper bill, charging me $2.00 each time they send it. Now they want to charge me for disconnecting it. They cut my service in the middle of a call that I was trying to establish a conference call with THEIR customer service reps to figure out what the heck was going on with this "unbundled" package that had caused my cell phone bill to go through the roof. Of course, talking to other people, they had similar problems. Glad to know it wasn't just me. I would not go with Bell if they were the last service provider on the planet.
   comment by Sheri MacNeil on March 23, 2011

Don't ever expect any help from the CRTC. The #2 man at the crtc is a 17 year veteran of Bell and Rogers.
How the hell does that happen? Leave the fox in charge of the chicken coop? Madness. Bell charges 42% late payment fee. Watch the following
   comment by Robert Wilson on March 24, 2011

I just got off the phone with Bell support and those guys are unbelievable! I had problems with my internet and it was really slow, they said that it wasn't the service, it was the router. But they were trying to help me out as much as they could without replacing it! And they said that it's the channel it's on. I kept saying that the internet was on and off. And they didn't think so. (It was happening as we were speaking!!!!) They finally gave in after and hour and a half of talking because I said I wasn't leaving until I get a new router. "Fine, we'll ship you a new router." Tip: to get the service from them that you want (with any company, really), you must intimidate them. "I will file a complaint to headquarters on the service, I will switch because of this crappy service, etc. Don't be afraid to come right out with it exactly as written. It always worked for me and should with you. And if you want, ask them this "Define Canada's fastest reliable network for me please."
   comment by Daniel De Ciantis on March 26, 2011

So instead of actually telling them to F off, you decided to accept the poor service and stay with Bell? Way to go.
   comment by anonymous on March 27, 2011

i hate bell so much for year they were overcharging us for nothing....we didn t changed our provider because we didn t knew any company at the time but now i am very happy with my new provider.They take 50$ whenever u move or your reopen an acc with them.screw bell.
   comment by Bell hater on April 3, 2011

Bell is a road to hell....One thing they are good at is to make you want to die....again, what a waste of emotion to the moron Bell...
One thing we can do is to stop other people get trapped.
Perhaps, if everyone writes to the CBC or something, we can publically express our great regrets and anger at Bell.
   comment by anonymous on April 15, 2011

Bell Canada are a bunch of harassing assholes. When we were like 3 people on the same account (me and my roommates), it happened a couple of time that we did not pay on time. I'm going back to 2006 there. The account was at my roommate's name, and he moved away, so I took off the account. Since then, we paid on time and we were late it was like 3-4 weeks max. Because of that, they now call me every fucking time the bill isn't paid like a week after due date and even ask me money for a bill I did not receive yet because the month was not even done yet. I'm a student, and I'm billed up to my eyes and I'm doing my research paper, and that bitch from Bell calls me and asks me to throw money right away for the next month and blablabla. I felt just like she was up on my desk, pissing on my computer and books. Also, they keep telling me that my adress is X while I moved from this place like 4 years ago and they still have the name of my roommate's Dad in archive and they tell me if the number's good to reach him....I don't even have his name you dumbass! Anyway. my rant on these fuckers. blood suckers.
   comment by anonymous on April 22, 2011

Bell took 14 hours to install my internet connection. Honestly. 3 techs, 14 hours. Now it cuts out about every two hours, and stays down for 40 minutes or more. One time it was down all day. I call tech support and they go "Oh sir, unplug your modem! There you go, good as new!" and they don't listen to my insistence that I've tried that a billion bloody times. I'm dropping them for Videotron.
   comment by angry on April 24, 2011

200 $ worth over charge and some 10 rude man's later i quit bell.. FFFFFFFFF BELL
   comment by rahul on April 25, 2011

I Hate Bell Fuckin Canada I cancelled my internet and 30 days later i get a bill in the mail. They said i never cancelled and my conformation number could not be found.Was a customer for over 20 yrs. I'v never felt so used in my whole life! Bell Canada i hope u rot in HELL for eternity.
   comment by not a customer any more on April 25, 2011

I was on Primus long distance a few years ago Bell phoned and offered me a 2 cent per minute lower rate so i took it . When i got my first bill they had charged me 35 cents per minute instead of 7. I took 3 letters and nearly a year for them to cancel the charges ! Of course I had since switched back to Primus . Yes they are ignorant liers and crooks. Anyone that goes to Bell for any service will be cheated sooner or later. Call Primus or another company such as Telus and you wont regret it.
We still get letters from Bell even though I told them we will never again sign with them for anything. More garbage ! Need to get rid of the post office and all thoese poluting fliers also. Post office said my "Special Delivery" mail would be delivered in 3 days; well, It took about 3 weeks.?? Compare that with 3-4 days from Califonia with UPS. for a cd I ordered thur Google. CANADA POST SUCKS ALSO.
   comment by LIED TO BY BELL YEARS AGO on April 30, 2011

I HATE BELL!!!!!!!!!
   comment by anonymous on May 2, 2011

I work for Bell as a customer service rep, and as such I have to rant
It's my turn, since I'm demoralized on a daily basis.

1) Pay your bills on time. If you do, you won't owe money and I won't have to
waste time that I will never get back listening to a sob story.

2) Read the fine print. You clicked it; you accepted it.

3) Don't expect a discount on month 7 for a contract that had discounts
for 6 months.

4) We're not STUPID. We know you're lying.

5) Rogers has 30 days notice for cancellation too. All carriers do.
Suck it up. It's not my issue.

6) Usage based billing. You use you pay.

7) If you think that you deserve 3 months free because you had to spend time
on hold waiting to speak to me you're not getting it. When I pump my gas in January I
don't ask Shell for 10 cents less a liter because of my "inconvenience" when I freeze my ass

8) Treast us like humans; we're not idiots.

9) Get a name, rep ID and coonirmation number and dont try to scam us asking for
20$ for unlimited everything and not have one. Again we know you're lying and again
we're not idiots.

10) You're not in India or Pakistan now. Don't expect everything for FREE. If you want to
abide by the laws of the country you were so horny to leave go the fuck back there douchebgs.

   comment by Just a bell rep on May 5, 2011

I really do HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE Bell!!!!

Gosh I feel better....
   comment by Barrington Gator on May 12, 2011

If all you people hate these companys maybe you can help me figure out how to unlock my cell phone since I foggotten how and not charge me for the information please and thank-you dearly
   comment by Danny Tranucco on May 17, 2011

I hate Bell with a passion. I got rid of them years ago, but stupid me I decided to go back with them when they offered me a "deal". Never ever go with their 3 year contract.

I have worked in a call centre in customer service, so I know it is not the agents fault. Yelling at them is a big waste of time, and all it does it demoralize someone that has nothing to do with whatever you're upset about.

The people that need to hear the customer complaints are probably on some tropical island with their feet up drinking Margaritas. The employees get treated like crap, and so do the customers.

If you really hate Bell don't use them for anything. I have once again cancelled my service with them and I promise I will never go back. They don't deserve my business.
   comment by anonymous on May 17, 2011

I made the mistake of getting my services, phone, TV and internet, from Bell. Now I'm wondering how to get out of it without too much disruption. They are the sneakiest, nickle and diming scammers ever to do business. They are worse than Air Transat and they are bad. The people who work for Bell are either taught to lie to customers or they are stupid. I don't know which.

I signed up for Bell TV and they told me they were going to dd a movie channel free for a month and I could cancel it if I did not want it. I said don't put it on I don't want it. The woman said OK. So you guessed it, she added the movie channel, I did not cancel it because I did not know it was added and now I have been charged for 2 months for a service I said I did not want. Two months before I noticed and called them about it. And that's just one complaints.

Bell are liars and scammers. End of.
   comment by Jackie on May 21, 2011

BELL IS THE WORST COMPANY EVER. They are liars and thieves and unethical people who lie outright and I am soooo confused by this. I have never met such an incompetent company. I hate bell I hate bell I hate bell I hate bell I hate bell they are the wost bell sucks bell is the WORST.
   comment by abby on June 1, 2011

Can someone tell me how Bell can suspend your service without telling you AND keep billing you for the suspended service.
   comment by whipped on June 4, 2011

Bell Mobility is certainly known for deceiving its customers and even employees. I work for them and certainly see when employees are being treated horribly by the company , they become incompetent and disinterested in dealing with people ; specially those who give attitude and start yelling.

Read my blog to learn more about how things really work inside Bell Mobility
   comment by William Russell on June 9, 2011

Got rid of everything Bell. Man, what a releaf. Got everything they offer from competitors at much much better prices and service.
   comment by Charles on June 13, 2011

It has taken us six months to TRY resolvoing a problem with receiving paper billing through Bell. We also have tried to have internet at a new location for the last three weeks. (Still not resolved)
I have spoken to people in Asia, the Philipines and Canada. How do I get through to administration??
   comment by Louise Jarvis on June 15, 2011

Well, the customer service rep "Just a bell rep" has a hint of racist/prejudicial attitude towards South-Asians and ignorant of gouging practices and make-belief fees like UBB.

Anyway, I worked for Bell and I can understand all the frustration toward the company, but you guys need to realize a few things:

For those with the 'solution' to switch to ACN, Yak, Primus and so-on need to realize that this still brings money to Bell through equipment rental fees and so on; you can never cut complete ties with the company. When your line breaks, I can grantee you that no one from that company will ever roll out a truck (or even own one). They also did not spend the millions (maybe even billions) of dollars pulling in cable from one side of the Country to the other.

If you think switching to Rogers nullifies any ties to Bell, think again; they also pay to use switches and the equipment. Strange fact: Before Rogers home phone was launched, ironically enough, Rogers was Bell's largest customer (As of recently, they sold all their equipment to Primus+Globility).

So yes, they've been around for ages and has had control over the market for a while. But realistically speaking, it was the only company that was able to buy and install all the telecom equipment needed for this country - ACN and any other 'Joe Shbloe' company could not have done that - ever.

This company is also the only company that is forced to keep competitors equipment in their central offices. Now, in which case could you see or hear of say, Coca Cola being forced to hold onto Pepsi shipments because Coca Cola is the company that has been around longer. Most likely never. Keep in mind that Bell is forced to hold equipment and make room for competitors equipment in their central offices.

This company has great roots in the development of our Country. It has let us expand spatially over this great land and should be commemorated along with the railroad system.

So yes, they are highly priced, but ACN, and all the 'little guys' don't have to pay for 99% of what keeps the telecom system alive. Most of them do not own trucks that go to the customer's house. Almost all do not maintain aerial, buried, underground or underwater infrastructures. Central offices and frames and the cost of keeping them running. Bell is the only company that by law, has to let other companies advertise at a lower price. And to provide competitive prices, they are undercutting many employees (most took a minimum $5000 off their annual salaries - and these are just call centre workers).
So have sympathy for the people that will deal with your issues, like call centre reps, dispatchers, assignment clerks, technicians etc... because these people are just doing their jobs and making the corporate paperpushers richer - IF you're upset about UBB, and network fees, don't take it out on the technician (and believe me, there are people who would call a tech to their house just so they can yell at them), take it out on corporate because they are the ones coming out with nonsense such as UBB and Network Fees. Write letters to the right people; taking your frustration out on the 'lower' end of company won't do you much good.
   comment by abtm on June 20, 2011

No bell hell for almost two years now.
So nice.
Shaw TV is great - rarely lose our signal and if we do it's a reason like a storm - billings are what they say they are.
Same for Primus, they've also been great and no problems in the service they give, phone and internet.

NEVER USE BELL - they'll rip you off endlessly.
They are the new legal mafia.
Bell hell for Canadian customers as they hire less and less Canadians... Fuck
How can you screw up such a simple thing like providing decent customer service, like your competitors can?
Asswipes. I still have their modem, sat dish and etc. and owe them one month of phone/internet plus the "other" $900 that was suddenly on the internet bill! - so I'm waiting out the remaining two years of them having my name in collections then it's clear again!

They say I owe them - I don't they threw my name into collections - fine who doesn't have an issure with Bell these days? Lenders know...keep records and explaine, they accept - you get your loan.
:) THAT loan agent at the bank rolled his eyes when I mentioned it's Bell and I'm opposing it...he knew.
Fvck you Bell - enjoying my new truck!
Think the most vital thing I've gathered from this site (aside from not using bell -period) is:
NEVER LET a com provider have you bank account or credit card never, never.
   comment by NOT a BELL customer - never will be again. on June 20, 2011

Bell Canada is the spawn of Satan. Liars Cheats and all round scum. They even harrass their own customers with telemarketing calls and give your unlisted number out to other associate companies to hound you. To Bell I say GFYYFSbags I will never deal with you again no matter what even if your the only game in town! GO DIE!
   comment by Mathew on June 24, 2011

I have had them for 2 years with no problems but I just got a text saying I owe $150. I knew that I owed around 13 dollars but $150 where did that come from since I barely use my phone. I`ve realized contracts phones are not for me. I guess I try Wind mobile even though I have heard that their coverage is limited but I am a light user and am willing to give the little guy a try. Bye Bye Bell
   comment by Canadian on July 4, 2011

abtm (and readers)- Keep in mind that BELL was once Government owned and that all the infrastructure was put in by the tax payers and that BELL got a sweet deal when the Government dumped it. Sure they have to keep it up but they lie, cheat and steal to do that, and to make their top crooks 'profit'. They should NEVER have been allowed to purchase CTV - you can see the changes already; more commercials and 'subscriptions' for what was once free. They are a mega corporation, with more power than any one company should be allowed to have and HAVE to be knocked down - consumers - SPEAK UP (but they don't listen or care) and LEAVE BELL, force them to change their ways!
   comment by anonymous on July 5, 2011

I had Bell Expressvu for two years but then I lost my job so I am unable to afford such skyrocket bill ($100) for good tv but I only use few channel which you can't get them with basic or at individual price which is BULLSHIT in my opinion. So, I called to change to basic but I must give 1 month notice as per contract (I am at near of contract so I priced out with one month worth of $100 plus rest few months left priced at $80 with basic! since they refused to let me return my HD PVR). I lost my job for god sake!!! They lied to me in first place by not telling me that this was an two year contract.. I didn't know until I signed service invoice when they installed... in fact that paper was actually an contract... little crazy that they had you do this instead having you signed it at store when you bought service..... I find this wrong at many level.... I thought I am ok because I can afford that but sudden... I lost my job.... so.... Bell has been being unreasonable with me.... I am willing to return HD PVR without fee and stayed with basic but they wont because HD PVR is also part of contract which pissed me off... So I cancelled the service then they charged me bunch of fee which topped my bill to $650.....

I decided..... FUCK THEM!
   comment by anonymous on July 12, 2011

nice post dear blogger.
   comment by Generic Viagra on July 15, 2011

Bell has the worst customer service I have ever received in my life. It is disappointment after disappointment. Everything they do makes zero sense. For example today, I call bell becasue I have not been receiving bills. I have been using the iphone app to check my balance. The rep tells me I have been charged $2 a month for each bill. For the first while they were sent out but returned. Then they kept printing them and not sending them just adding them to my pile. I confirmed nothing was wrong with my address. The rep claimed they were valid charges and there is nothing I can do.
   comment by another bell customer on July 15, 2011

I called Bell today because I am moving to another area. The "customer service representative" apologized for leaving me on the phone for 4 minutes on hold, then couldn't understand that I no longer wanted their service. I had selected a new phone provider, and he continued to argue that Bell could match or better the price.

60 bucks a month including unlimited high speed internet (regular price, not a special low cost for a year) versus 60 for phone, and another 40 for internet. 40 percent savings without Bell... and 10 free services, and no its not cable (their biggest concern)!

I wish they had tried this hard when I was a customer to keep me happy, as to try and retain my business. They are good at frustrating people, and you have to be good at something in this life.
   comment by Frustrated now former Bell customer on July 19, 2011

I signed up for a $32/month internet plan with a contract of 1 year. Before the year was up Bell increased the cost to $35/month. Their "notification" was placed very obscurely on page 3 of my regular bill a month before they jacked up the price.
Changing the cost of service in the middle of the contract is misleading and should not be allowed.

I spoke with customer service and a manager and they said they did not do anything wrong and tried to trap me into another year long contract with a $5 discount. I declined because I didn't want to be in another rip off contract.

Offered another scam contract.

Reduce the price to the original and agreed upon price.

PS. Limiting bandwidth is a backward and dangerous idea in an increasingly internet service oriented economy.
PPS. Instead of fining the company 10 million, how about we arrest the CEO instead? Then maybe something will change.
   comment by F* bell on July 24, 2011

As soon as this contract is done - I'm done with Bell. I hope they go under for good. I can't believe they're still in business with all of the dissatisfied people out there. I don't care if they built the network in Canada. It still doesn't give them the right to treat people like crap.
   comment by Ellie on July 31, 2011

My god bell pisses me off. For a phone company, I find it laughable (among other words Id like to use) that its so difficult to get someone on the phone at their end. I've been sitting here for god only knows how long and I keep hearing the same shitty song over and over again. I cant wait for this contract to be up so I can tell Bell to go eat a bag full of dicks.
   comment by Arc on August 2, 2011

Terrible customer service. I called 5 times (for the same one problem) the last 4 days, and out of those 5 calls, 4 customer reps were assholes. As a result, my phone hasn't been able to receive calls the last FOUR days and I am changing my phone service.
   comment by Adrianne on August 2, 2011

I bet Alexander Graham Bell is rolling over in his grave! I have spent 2 days trying to correct a problem with 2 phones I have. The first day I was on the phone for over 3 hrs and the second day I was on the phone for over 5 hrs. I am relentless when I am pissed but I have to admit they beat me. So I cancelled ALL services with Bell. They don't care so why should we. I can't wait until they go down when it is de regulated. Then you will hear how as Canadians we should help support such a great canadian company as Bell. If a Bell employee comes to your business for a job, you know what to do!
   comment by Bell hater on August 9, 2011

@ Arc -- LOL with the Louis C.K. reference. But I feel your pain. After coming across this website, I'm starting to question my choice of signing a 3 year contract with them. Put down your raised eyebrow and close your mouth! I can explain. I had an AMAZING deal with Wind Mobile (which is no longer offered). $40 /month. Unlimited North American calling, unlimited data, unlimited text messaging, caller ID, voicemail, etc. etc. etc. Then I moved just 6 minutes west of where I was when I first got my Wind Mobile phone and guess what? Their lack of coverage basically rendered my phone useless. I couldn't use my cell phone at all. Wind Mobile has such spotty coverage that even though I had an amazing deal, at my new place I couldn't use it. Believe it or not, I actually lost a job opportunity because of their coverage. I fought to keep my Wind Mobile but after I lost that job opportunity, my mom asked me the most horrible question a mother could. She asked : Did you *REALLY* save money with Wind, or did you *LOSE* money with Wind? I'm sure you could imagine me mumbling : I lost money with Wind. LOL. I'm 36 1/2, married, father of 2 and have a big mortgage but I can make me feel like a 10 year old all over again. So after having a horrible *incident* with Rogers (approx. 10 years ago) I have since refused to do any business with them at all (no internet, no television, no wireless....NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!). ***SIDE NOTE*** If I am ever contacted by Rogers sales reps, which has slowed down immensely since I implemented a couple of tactics, I do the following : 1) I ask as many questions as I can to the rep as possible (technical, sales, billing, etc.) I drag the conversation out for like an hour if I can and then when they ask if I'd like to sign up, I say "Oh no, I have a three year contract with Rogers." Sometimes they try to get rude and abruply ask why I was asking all those questions. I simply tell them they're the ones who called me, so why wouldn't I ask questions. LOL. and 2) If I'm not in the mood to talk to them, I ask them if they wouldn't mind holding for just a sec., press the mute button, and set the phone down on the counter and go on about my business. The longest a rep. waited was 18 minutes before she hung up. ROFL. Anyways....back to my story about how I ended up with Bell Mobility. So I tried contacting Telus Mobility as I used their services in the past (and was ok with their service back then) but after 3 emails that went unanswered about porting my number over, I said "Fuck it, there's too much competition out there for me to be chasing them" so I went with Bell. And then I see THIS website. I had a hell of a time opening my account with Bell Mobility (which is what prompted my search for "Bell Mobility + review". I even filed a complaint with the BBB. But I got my phone now, and I'm waiting for them to port my number over. They said it would take 24-48 hours. It's a little over 24 hours now, so...hopefully some time today. If not, I'll file another complaint. :) But I will say this; if there's one thing I learned is that you can't make everybody happy. No matter which provider you go with, I assure you...."COMPANY NAME + sucks" in Google will render hit after hit after hit. LOL....I'm just saying. ;)
   comment by Yousaf M. Shaikh on August 10, 2011

Bell sucks!!! I have been charged $250 for a receiver that I returned and they say they didn't get it plus $170 in rental charges for the past 17 months. I BOUGHTa new receiver because I was tired of paying rental charges...that's $420 for their
constant mistakes and I OWN my receiver...can anyone wipe out this poor excuse of a phone company and bring in a real one!!!!!!!!~
   comment by Deanna Dixon on August 12, 2011

bell was still listing me in their directory after I ported my phone number to Rogers. I called them yesterday and demanded that they remove my listing from their database and mailing. They are also going to send me a cheque for $100. I spoke to someone at the executive office. I threatened legal action and the police would call them(which they did at my request) I have an unpublished listing due to harassment and threats. They took this complaint very seriously. I am awaiting the day when bell will finally go out of business and it's about time! Rogers has treated me with courtesy and respect and I am very pleased to say that all the years I've had Rogers their customer service has been FANTASTIC and I get FANTASTIC discounts on all my services. Very happy not to have to deal with the infamous bell company any more. When they go out of business (I hope this sincerely) I say "good riddance!"
   comment by Barbara on August 30, 2011

I work for Bell and although they are not my favorite company I think you're all just too frustrated with your individual issues to actually look at the big picture.
I have Bell for my cell phone and I did encounter a bad experience which was resolved by asking how much it would be to cancel my contract, luckily the person transferred me to loyalty to answer that question, which he was smart to do because I was seriously wanting to cancel it and pay $400 per line to cancel my account. The loyalty department fixed my issue and waived all costs associated. They aren't perfect. Its sad that sometimes not everyone is as eager to resolve your issue as that lady I talked to in loyalty was that day.
I used to work for AT&T and thats how I learned about what customer service was about. But when AT&T shut down the call center in my Canadian City, I had no choice but to go to the call center that had Bell as their campaign because I was without a job and EI does not and will never pay the bills.
My customer service experience at AT&T is the methodology I use as a rep at Bell. "The customer is always right!". I rarely get customers who are upset with me once they see what I'm about. More often than not I get them SURPRISED by the exceptional service they've received.
Also as I said earlier when I mentioned looking at the bigger picture, Bell is far from perfect unfortunately they have A LOT of work to do on their policies, procedures, and targeting the reps that make customers like yourselves outraged at the service they receive. Call center jobs are not for everyone, and unfortunately the ones that are unfit for the job are the ones that end up making customers upset.
My job is very stressful at the same time. My typing skills must remain at an intermediate level, my sales must hit a certain target, my post customer call surveys (when you get that nice little call from Bell asking you how the service was) MUST be above 80% or I face disciplinary action, and this goal is very difficult to meet when there are so many that score based on their opinion of Bell and not the person they were speaking with.
The fact is, if Bell is gone, THOUSANDS of jobs are lost. Installers, call center reps, corporate, contractors, IT people, switchboard operators, directory assistance ... GONE. What will Canada do with all the unemployed? We'd be destined for another financial crisis.
Like I said I know sadly there are people that don't know the meaning of customer service, and they do eventually end up getting fired if they keep treating people the way they do, the post call survey has become a HUGE thing for Bell because they realize that they're pissing people off.
Like any company does, they aim to protect their interests.
Any of you that are having issues should speak with the loyalty dept. Or if you ever get me on the phone I will certainly do my all to resolve your problem no matter how much you yell at me (I'm used to it after all the people I dealt with working with AT&T).
In the mean time I just wanted to write this to shed some light on whats going on behind the scenes. All the other people bitching that say they used to work for Bell and that its the worse company ever probably got fired for mistreating customers and thats why they're probably being bitter.
   comment by Kassandra on September 5, 2011

I work for Bell and have received 4 letters of commendation from customers. However, I still get treated with no respect from loyalty or even most customer service reps, even when I offer a simple solution to help the customer. All I get is "we can't to that or this". As a person who is certified in customer service, I believe in helping the customer as much as possible BUT to be told "NO - can' t do it" without even trying, you question the type of training that is being done.
We all need to be treated like we would like to have others treat us, but when you start with a negative, that is what you are going to get back in return.
   comment by metis on September 8, 2011

Haven't dealt with their customer service, yet, but as a new mobile customer I can say with supreme confidence that I've yet to run across a web site that is slower or less reliable than Jesus Christ, it's 2011, I feel like I'm using a 56k modem when navigating that hell hole.
   comment by Jeff on September 11, 2011

Since Sept 2007 I have been dealing with the complete morons at Bell Canada. The only reason I have kept it for so long is because the package I received was so much better than Rogers... but only after I called EVERY SINGLE MONTH to argue with them to give me what they promised me. I give up now though, they beat me down, I cannot do it anymore... minimum 1 hour per month spent on the phone with utterly useless idiots is enough to drive anyone crazy. I look forward to the call from their retention department and letters with pictures of lonely penguins telling me they miss me and want me back. Good God this company is stupid. I hate them.
   comment by Ben on September 19, 2011

Most frustrating people I have ever dealt with in my life! They misspelled my business name when providing it for the local area telephone books and on-line yellow book. The compensation I received for their error was that they didn't charge me for correcting the spelling. I HATE BELL!
   comment by Done with Bell on September 22, 2011

We ARE looking at the big picture and it's not individual issues. I know someone personally who used to work for bell and that person was unjustly fired and that includes quite a few others. We KNOW the facts about bell. The loyalty department is quite frankly a joke. I will never ever deal with bell ever again and I'm not alone!
   comment by Barbara on September 22, 2011

TORONTO — Federal competition authorities have hit Bell Canada Inc., the country's largest telecommunications company, with a $10-million fine for "misleading advertising" spanning the last three and a half years.
"The (Competition) Bureau determined that, since December 2007, Bell has charged higher prices than advertised for many of its services, including home phone, Internet, satellite TV and wireless,"
bell lies to their customers and charges them with hidden fees. I am very happy that I switched to Rogers from bell. No hidden fees at all on my bills. bell should be out of business ASAP
   comment by Linda on September 22, 2011

I have been a Bell phone customer all my life (I'm 62 Years old) except for the last 3 years when I went with Distributel.....I've always paid all my bills on time. In Aug/11, I moved to the country and Bell was the only provider available to me. I received my first bill last week, called Bell on Oct 3/11 to ask about arranging online payments to them. My payment was not due until Oct 11/11. That same evening I received a phone call from a Bell representative who informed me that I have many new collect calls outstanding (not billed for yet) besides the ones that were on my Sept/11 statement. I did not dispute that and have every intention of paying for them upon receipt of the bill. I was immediately informed that I must pay my bill immediately (was not due till Oct. 11/11) and Bell was immediately blocking me from receiving any more collect calls.
He insisted I give him my credit card # for payment which I refused because I said I will go online and pay my bill. I was later informed that I was unco-operative. Once I paid, I could call Bell and let them know I paid...then I would be unblocked. I paid!. I called the next day and was informed that I had to pay out another $ 227.00 for collect calls that they had not invoiced me for yet. I am still blocked until I pay this amount as well. Once I've paid this....I can be unblocked but they didn't guarantee that I wouldn't be blocked again. I have never dealt with such a fucking, unfair company as Bell Canada. I have EXCELLENT credit...told them to go back and check my credit, check my previous Bell payments and check with Distributel re my payment history from before. They refused to do any of that. It will take 6 months to build a credit history with them. I am 62 years old. Bell Canada treated me like a criminal and treated me as being guilty to not paying my future bills. I DESPISE Bell Canada!
   comment by Marlene on October 5, 2011

I am the phone with Bell right now. Waiting, waiting - for another futile discussion, because of course accounts receivable cannot actually discuss the billing practices with you, so over to customer service. I live in the Northwest Territories, and am totally at the mercy of Bell here. A week ago at a large meeting someone was talking about the top ten for worst customer representatives and ask who was top - well ,there was a kind of humm and as one the hall murmured Bell. Was highly significant. I found it comforting to read everyone's comments here, and wanted to say YES - totally agree. In fact I would buy shares in any company that wants to take on this old useless monster. Funny thing, I lived in Europe, and let me just say, I am astonished that North Americans accept this kind of poor telecommunications and allow themselves to be exploited economically for such poor communication services. I am astonished by this company's behaviour - they do whatever they please. Will gladly join any organization that wants to put heads together on how to show them what customer service is about!
   comment by Charlotte on October 5, 2011

Actually Charlotte, the only reason you have shitty service is because Northwesttel is your service provider NOT Bell Aliant... Bell owns all of the towers so you can get your reception so be thankful that you live in the middle of nowhere and still can actually use your cellphone.. I just moved back east from yellowknife nwt, and I don'\t have one complaint. Bellm and many other cell phone providers are the same. people need something to bitch about, that's why you see all of these people clucking away, and most liekly because they don't like paying money each month. If you can't afford your cell phone, then fuck off and don't sign the 3 year term, otherwise quit bitching because bell is fine and I have no real complaints...
   comment by herbertthepervert on October 11, 2011

Bell Canada is a joke. I was paying 20 every month above and beyond what their website advertises, and that's just for TV! I called with my impetus being to cancel the TV. Naturally they imposed a cancellation of $200 on me. I replied to the CS rep (who didn't speak good enough english to understand she was at the bargaining table and things weren't going her way) - and I told her that if this fee was levied that I would then also cancel my internet service. Option 1) waive the $200 and keep me as an internet customer. Option 2) Take the $200 now and lose me forever. As if drawing a big metaphor for the mentality company, she chose the $200 now, with no foresight. Halfway through the conversation she let on that she was under the impression that I was just wanting to cancel my internet. It's like she was in another dimension for the first fifteen minutes of it. Then she started offering me cheaper TV service, which only pissed me off, knowing they could have afforded to charge me less but didn't. When I moved to Toronto a year ago I knew I didn't like Bell. I didn't like Rogers either, so I decided to go with WIND as my phone provider, and am very happy! Contrary to popular belief, WIND works everywhere. It roams outside the city and is still really cheap to use. I highly recommend it. Bring your favourite phone and go for it. No contract. I decided to go with Bell Fibe though, just to give them a chance, but keep them on a short leash. That lasted about a year, and last night I switched to Teksavvy. They don't false advertise from what I hear. Bye Bell! Your incompetence has lost you yet another customer.
   comment by Marcus on October 14, 2011

Well because of my current circumstances with them and as for the general population, I'm sure it would be nice to see a positive change for once. Gas prices has taken a hike and now just to communicate to family and friends by phone or internet has taken a hike too. Don't let 29.99 per month fool you, add tax plus fees on top of looking at about over 40 bucks per month maybe even more. Think about what you're really paying for on a month to month basis. Sound waves and virtual bytes damn that's pricey. What if every Canadians switched to a reasonable local company and ditched Bell along with the other big guys and never paid them at all? Well that would just vanish Bell for good. Unfortunately, for those that work in customer service overseas would probably be out of jobs.
   comment by gettingrippedofbytheminute on October 17, 2011

With Bell You pay $8.00 per month for Call display
When you make a call and don't want it displayed you pay a fee.then Bell pockets your fee and their fee, and you don't get any call display and no refund from bell
   comment by LWR on October 20, 2011

Where to begin? Bell sent a collections agency after me for an imaginary debt for which they had no record. Some time later their 'technician' left the installation of a second line in a mangled and half-finished condition, leaving me to install it myself. When I called to ask about the future of wireless Internet service in my area I was (after an hour of being transferred from department to department) referred to Bell's PR department - only to discover that Bell doesn't HAVE a PR department; they don't even know their own corporate structure. Some time later I was charged a 'disconnection fee' for the privilege of no longer using their sloppy, overpriced and unethical network. One very angry call to an offshore call centre later the fee was waived, but the damage is done; I'm a lifetime Bell hater. Add to this the cooperative lobbying of the CRTC by Bell and Rogers to allow these two providers to further gouge their own customers AND customers of smaller ISPs, and you've got a corporation in severe need of a legal and ethical enema.
   comment by Michael B. on October 21, 2011

Don't ever take any Bell Canada will get screwed forever.

I have spent weeks( yep noythours but weeks) on the phone trying to resolve issues caused by Bell. It only get worse...

It is the MOST poor service/quality that has ever existed
   comment by Ross on October 25, 2011

I have been working in a call center for Bell for four years now. I actually enjoy my job, but it does have its days. I am not writing this to rant at customers. I am not writing this to complain about the internal policies, calls being shipped to India or any other country and I am not writing this as a pity party for the things that some people say to me on a daily basis, mainly because I fail to see the relevance. I am writing this to say one thing and one thing only: the person who you are calling is a human being. As a human being that person deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. I don't care if that person lives in India, Pakistan, China, Manilla, Korea, or right here in Canada. It is so much easier to yell at someone whom you can't see. But if as customers you can somehow find a way to see past an accent and set aside your ignorance and intolerance for one minute you will understand that the person you are speaking with has rent to pay, a family or even his or her own self to feed, bills of his own, hopes, dreams, fears. So please don't yell, don't curse.
In the four years that I have been employed I have encountered countless different religions, beliefs, and have spoken to some truly wonderful people. I have also encountered some unforgivable ignorance. I remember speaking to a gentleman from Pakistan who had moved to Canada. I remember hearing a child in the background and him telling me his son's name and translating it. The translation was "Strong One" He said that he knew that so many of his people were hated because of September 1th that he wanted his son to know he was from a good people who were strong. I also remember the customer who re-iterated that I was less than human, worthless to society, and a piece of shit who needed to stand in front of a mirror and repeat how worthless I was until I wanted to kill myself. This was because I was not able to credit a valid charge. Sadly I speak to more of the latter type of person than the former.
We know you are frustrated. We understand. But yelling, cursing, demoralizing. None of that solves your issue. If you feel that upset, please wait and call the next day. Some service representatives will remain impartial and give you all that they can. Some will not. I remember one customer who I could have easily adjusted and saved over $300. If I had not have been called a "Useless fucking idiot" she would have received it. I remember another sweet lady who I saved over $200.
Karma gets us all in the end.
   comment by CSR on October 27, 2011

they are laughable., have people i am sure at the top; that there job is... figure a way of screwing people. Our society is basically designed to, do this. I buy something for a dollar and sell it for two... Do you see where i am going.
Corporate greed. How many billions do they need to make anually.
   comment by johnny on October 27, 2011

Hey there, I just wanted to leave my story... I need someone to vent to about how frustrated I am with Bell currently, and this seems like the best place.
SO, where do I begin...
I dropped my Blackberry Bold 9780 on the ground and when I picked it up, the screen was WHITE. It wouldn't let me do anything that had to do with the screen.
I could still receive phone calls, but since I was unable to see the screen I had to guess when I had an incoming call and hit the Answer button. It would still vibrate, make nose, and my alarm clock would still wake me up every morning at 6 am -_- .
I sent the phone away on Thursday, September 29th - It has been over a month since I sent it away. When I took it to the store for them to send away, they told me that it would take 1-2 weeks until I had it back... Seeing as it has been 5 weeks, they lied.
I have called Bell 3 times the past 3 weeks and they are no help. The last time I called, they told me it would take 6-8 weeks! WHAT THE HELL?! Seriously. You work at the same store, why is it so hard to both share the same information with me?
After getting off the phone with the Bell Store, I called Customer Support. I asked them if they were able to track my phone for me, so I would at least have an idea of where it was. They informed me that because I sent it in through the Bell Store they were unable to do so. They then told me that it would take 4-6 weeks to get my phone back... AGAIN, why can they not just all have the same timeline? I don't understand. I would I felt better if they had ORIGINALLY told me that it would take up to 8 weeks to get my phone back, but when you tell me 1-2 and then I don't receive it within that time, I am going to be very frustrated.
I have been checking online because you are able to "Track" your repaired phone, but every time I do so, it says "Transaction closed", leading me to believe that that means my phone is repaired... BUT why have I not received it yet?
ALSO, the company gave me a loaner phone to use while my phone is away. They leant me a "Blackberry Curve 8330". The first one that they leant me stopped working on the 4th day that I had it. I plugged it in to charge, and it froze and NOTHING would work. So, I took it in and they game me the same model of phone. This one does not give me a Browser option, no Facebook, and NO BBM... BUT, I am still paying for all 3 when I don't even have the privilege of using any! Should I call Bell and refuse to pay this months bill? I mean, I don't want to pay for something that I don't even have the OPTION of using.
ANYWAYS... I just wanted to leave my little story of how frustrated I am. Feel free to message me back, I NEED someone to talk to about this.
   comment by Maureen on October 30, 2011

30 years with bell, terrible customer service,I am leaving ,if cogeco is as bad I can always come back,dont see that happenjng
   comment by Dan on November 3, 2011

I love Bell. Awesome company to work for.
   comment by Nigel on November 4, 2011

Okay, so I left a message the other day on here & I have a new one for you all.
SO, I get a call today that my phone s repaired, after 6 weeks of it being sent out for..
When I go there to get it they can't find it... It honestly took them 20 minutes to locate it & then when they do give it to me IT HASN'T BEEN REPAIRED. The screen was no replaced, yet the paper with the damage info says that it was - They had not even changed my screen (my screen protector was still on it) !!!!!!!
SO, they were like "we will send it to this other place, NOT Rim, and we will send it with an urgent note so that you will get it within 1 and a half weeks" and then they told me to bring my resume in tomorrow to apply for a job HA HA
   comment by Maureen on November 8, 2011

There's a reason why Bell donated $$$ millions to the Cantre for Addiction & Mental Health. Bell is likely the main supplier of clients!
Ironically the Labbatt family chipped in big time too. Where's the cash from the distillers who made fortunes over the generations?
   comment by Papster on November 9, 2011

Rogers has messed me up in many ways, but so has Bell.

1. I was given a good phone plan by a rep through the 1800 Bell phone num. When I told the Bell store people about this, they all claimed that this plan didnt exist, and that I was WRONG/DUMB to get a plan by calling a rep. A few HOURS later (with me waiting around in the store), they discovered that there is such plan. No apologies, no nothing. They set up my plan, but did it incorrectly so that I was charged long distance fees for my fab5. Later, I called a rep to fix this mistake. She didnt fix it properly. So I had to call yet ANOTHER rep to fix this mistake.

2. I upgraded my internet. Rep told me that he did eveyrthing 100 percent properly, and that my internet changes would take place within 24 hours. I called another rep the next day to confirm----turns out the rep was wrong, it woudl take my changes 4 days to become effective. (In the meantime, I thought my new plan was already valid, so I was downloading a lot!)

3. reps said that bundle discounts only apply if the customer receives one bill. However, it takes several billing cycles sometimes for the bills to become one bill---so in the meantime, there is no bundle discount!!!!!!!!!! I told the rep that I think this is a serious problem, and people are missing out on their bundle discounts in the first few months. HIS REPLY? 'Customers dont mind not getting a bundle discount'. WTF???????????????
   comment by aggy on November 10, 2011

profits r going up! : ) yee haawwwww
   comment by johhny on November 16, 2011

Does Bell ever get it straight? They are forever causing me frustrations!
Do these complaints listed herein ever go to a human?
   comment by Steve on December 5, 2011

Does Bell ever get it straight? They are forever causing me frustrations!
Do these complaints listed herein ever go to a human?
   comment by Steve on December 5, 2011

Well I have no cell service this morning. Surprise... not really... I have Bell. I have no home phone.. why? I thought I never needed one.. why 2 phones?
well apparently you need one.. to call bell when your phone isn't working... even in the end of the year 2011. When you can facetime across the world. Be virtually there in an instant!.. you can't email, text or otherwise contact Bell Tech support.. without what??... a phone... can anyone else see the problem with that?
Its the chicken or the egg... or perhaps calling the suicide hotline and being put on hold..
Let me tell you about my day... this morning at 6:30am pst I checked on my pocket frogs.. a gift from a gf who now has me hooked.. curse her.. not a problem, forgetting that I get PF with or without service because of my trusty wifi .. The BF goes to check his messages from his brother.. They talk every morning. They are like PF to each other.. And the connection is really spotty.. Although we did see the really funny video of the kids trashing the kitchen when they tried to use reverse psychology on them. But I digress… So we saw the video and then the signal drops… we tried everything.. Turning it off .. Turning it on.. All that crap.. I figured it was just his blackberry.. As my iphone is much superior to his BB .. So I go check on my internet.. No problem.. Again forgetting the wifi.. He heads off to work.. I tried to message him,.. Searching… searching… searching….. ……………………. No service… CRAP … so I go to check on the service online.. Oh wait.. This is Bell… you have to contact them… so I connect via the computer.. HELP DESK.. ROFL what a funny name for such a futile attempt at assistance! First person I get is Lee.. And you'll note that all of the persons names have not been changed to protect their identity.. Also interesting to note all names were of an ungendered variety… coincidence? Perhaps… so Lee I say.. I have a problem my number is 6045555555 my name is Lori my postal code is X0X 0X0 can you get someone to check the tower in MyTown BC?
Lee says… can I have your name please?
As you can imagine the rest of the conversation does not go well from here…
As I try to thwart the "helper" from asking all these useless questions.. It is to no avail.. I still need to go through the script.. Please shut down your phone and restart… have you removed the sim card? No you never asked me to.. But I will … there done and done still not bringing the tower back to life..
Im sorry you will need to talk to tech support… their phone number is…. 1800Idontcare I say but Lee… I don’t have a phone.. If I did.. I wouldn’t need to call tech support would I? I'm sorry I can't help you.. Go call when you find a phone.
So I try again… I get Jamie.. Again he/she declines to help.. Its not their job.. Department.. Day of the week.. You name it..
So I try again.. Stacey answers and is more helpful.. Perhaps because I started off differently.. "Hi Stacey" I say "I need you to do me a favor.. Can you get ahold of tech support either by phone, email, chat, or smoke signal and let them know our tower is down here in Mytown?" they supposedly laugh and say they would but smoking isn't allowed as they are in Quebec… I thought the French made cigarettes cool to begin with… I could be wrong..but in those old movies…well damn they made a ciggy a very cool thing.. Again back to the point.. Stacey says they will let tech support know.. I don’t whole heartedly believe that as I did forget to give them the number… I presume they don’t know or they would have called to begin with.. So I rely on my great friend.. Almost sister Nessa.. I send her a warm fuzzy through facebook… "please, pretty please I beg… call tech support and let them know our tower is broken??" so she is on it… in the words of Titus.. "It's ON!!" .. She tells me, she told them its out.. No expected time of recovery.. So I chat them again.. This time Im pretty sure a chick answers.. Nina… Nina I ask.. Can you tell me when service will be back on? She says.. You'll know when your phone works… GENIUS! Im off to mail them their hero cookies… I message again and get Chris.. Who says it will be up in 48 hours.. Has no idea who I am or where I am… but gave me an answer… NICE.. So message again… I get Jo who says they are deeply sorry about my problem.. I say.. Do you have a home phone? They say they can't chat to me any way but through the chat program provided for them.. If I want to talk on the phone I need to call 1800Idontcare I say no I don’t want your number I want to know do you have a landline.. They say no… only a cell.. Interesting I say… as do I.. And what happens if that phone doesn’t work I ask? They say they are deeply inconvenienced .. Oh I feel your pain… I say…
(Have you got the impression yet that I have a day off work and nothing better to do then to decorate a tree?? ) so I get this person on my side.. They still can't do anything for me however… I say.. Think outside the box for me… I have no home phone and the only connection to the outside world is you… you are my lifeline,.. What can you do for me? Well I can put a message on your account…oh I feel so much better… I still have no cell service.. Its going on 12:00 noon so I have decided to rant… boy wait till you hear what happened when I parked in the parking lot of the gas station yesterday…..
I'll keep you posted…
   comment by Bell customer - stuck in contract on December 12, 2011

bell sucks the big fucking kahoona, they are the worst fucking company in the whole fucking world, who the fuck would be there customer if they had a choice. people listen to me if you have a choice stay way from bell. They will rape u of your sanity and your pocket. excuse my potty mouth but i am pissed.
   comment by Matt on December 12, 2011

"I love Bell. Awesome company to work for."

LOL are you crazy?! or did bell pay you to post this here? Probably.
I wouldn't work for bell if you paid me a million dollars
   comment by Barbara on December 13, 2011

It's 2012. Lets hope Verizon or AT&T or CenturyLink goes up north and gobbles up fucking Bell. Their "call centre" is just a fucking computer voice. And when you get to the actual centre, they've got a fucking accent. Thank god our contract is nearly over.
   comment by Hate Bell on January 5, 2012

The geniuses at Bell have found another way to annoy me. I guess that they aren't meeting their quotas for the number of people they have on hold. They now have an automated dialler that calls me, then puts me on hold. Bell, taking customer disservice to new heights every day.
   comment by Paul on January 10, 2012

Dear Minion; thank you for your comments. I sincerely mean it. I have taken the comments that you have made and incorporated them when I try to communicate with the hell-hole called Bell canada. Believe it or not, we too, the customers, spend days, weeks and yes, months, trying to get through to Bell. When you are done with us, unresolved of course, that's when we, the customers spend the next few days on the crapper. The stress starts when we have to call. I have literally felt like I would throw up when I have to call. But for us, the stress never ends. We don't get to go home. This stuff infiltrates our homes. And don't forget, Minion, we ARE you. We have families, and jobs and lives. You are doing this to YOU!
   comment by thank you on January 13, 2012

/ex30641 - Wow! That's some power trip you're on. You're no different than the security guard at the public library! Now, if you have a REAL job, you wouldn't be needing to push around little old ladies. Way to go, donkey!
   comment by thank you on January 13, 2012

csr; that's not Karma, that's retribution! And you, dear one, have to remember that those of us who call in have worked all day, have families and help to pay your wages. But most of all, you have to remember that most of the time we are calling because of mistakes that you have made and once again bell has stolen our time, shafted us and stolen sweet peace that we will never get back as well as hard earned wages that are being stolen right out of our hands. You also have to remember that once again we have been muscled into a corner by trumped-up charges that never go away, or we are being harrassed daily, sometimes hourly and we can never get through to anyone to make it stop. You also must remember csr that we are parents, grandparents, sisters, friends and have families and lives and that what bell canada, your employer has been doing to us does not border on being criminal, it is criminal. So in my opinion as well, apparently, in the opinion of many others, you have put yourself in the position of being the one who really needs to be the one who is understanding since you are representing the company that is ruining so many lives. The onus for compassion is on you. We too, work for low-paying relentless jobs or are in situations that are less than favourable. So, csr, please remember that before you start adding even more demands to what's already been taken from us without our permission. NO company has a right to do what bell canada has done to many of us. NO company!
   comment by thank you on January 14, 2012

I HATE BELL, they are hiring people from outside the country, I cannot get any help and they don't seem to care one bit.

There is not any effort put into service ANYMORE. I am switching ASAP,
   comment by chris on January 17, 2012

Bell just cut my home phone line off for 67$
I fuckin hate bell
   comment by mandy Burns on January 18, 2012

I recently got fired from Bell while on medical leave for mental health issues... and was fired 5 days before I was supposed to return to work.

and the funny thing is that bell contributed $50 Million for 5 years towards mental health issues. Bell is a major contributor towards mental health issues in Canada but they are a major cause in my recent health issues.

Human Right's will have a field trip with this one. FUCK YOU Bell! You don't even follow through with what you promote yourselves as. I hope this get's through to allot of ppl because justice will be made! They have my word on it!
   comment by Ron on January 24, 2012

I spent many years working for thus company and can tell you that the percentage of staff suffering from mental stress is indeed high due to emotional bullying, threats that someone else will do the job, unrealstic performance measures, etc. Several staff experiencing mental health challenges were ushered out, as were those who took too many paternity leaves too often, who incurred disabilities, etc. There is also wide spread discrimination based on age, culture sexual orientation, and the lst goes on.

What can you do? (since the rest of us have been silenced and exited under a layer of legal restrictions):

Call, email, call. Jam the lines. Employees' pay is partially dependent on the efficiency by which calls are answered. Jam the lines. Holidays and student retun to university are chpice times where customer service levels are already challenged.

If you are ever discriminated against or exploited, tell someone! Don't let them rape you, as ab employee.

Question everything and if you don't get a satisfactory answer, forward tour concern to the CRTC.

If you ever read a positive "we're such good corporate citizen" news release, call to get the details. For example, of the employees leaving the company in the past year, how many were pople with disabilities, who had recently experienced serious illnesses like cancer, who had gireved the loss f a loved one, etc? Go to advocate agencies to share what you find.

Keep them busy, but give them little $. It's time for us to exploit Bell. They've been doing it to us for over three decades.

Keep up the cause. We have te power to make change occur!
   comment by Been there on January 27, 2012

After being a loyal Bell customer for years , bus , iness home and TV I had to cancel my business line because of health reasons, I am 72 , and no longer can continue my business, I contacted them to find out there would be a charge of 786 dollars to cancel , the phone line was 50 a month , The CRTC actually lets Bell dictate what it decides to do re contracts and termiation fees , without any input from the small users. The only people that even attend the hearings are Bell lawyers. The practice of exorbitant cancellation fees has to stop. Bell should not have the right to even sell three year contracts let alone automatically renew them. Please everyone contact the CRTC and raise HELL!!!!!
   comment by Jim on February 12, 2012

I agree they are scum of the ether for what do to people of the community. A pend I hope they lose a lot of people when it comes helping save money they just take money. will they will be losing on Monday I hope!!!!!!!
   comment by Corinne on February 18, 2012

Please write your complaints to (CEO)

I got my complaint taken care of!! (by a nice woman in Mississauga).
   comment by Tovah on February 19, 2012

In 2010 September wanted to get smart phone from Bell and had to sign a contract of 3 years but since I got a smart phone the contract had a clause that I had to get internet ($25/month) for the duration of the contract (3yrs) and if I were to cancel the internet it would cost me $200. After seeing this I told the representative in the bell store that I no longer wanted to sign a contract or get a phone from them, but the representative insisted that it doesn't matter what the contract says if and that If for some reason I do not want the internet I could just call them or got to a bell store to have the internet option cancelled free of charge.

So after having the internet for about year and half I decided I didn't need it anymore since I rarely ever use it so I called bell to have it cancelled and they said if I were to cancel it then I will have to pay $200 even when I explained to them that this is not what the bell Representative in the bell store told me yet they insisted that I will have to pay $200 even after admitting that around the time I got the phone the employees didnt know the new policies of Bell and new laws passed in Canada. When I threatened to cancel all their bell services they transferred me to the retention department and they admitted that the employees in the bell store didn't know about some new law passed in June 2010 concerning cellular charges and if I go to the store where I got the phone they will remove the internet option free of charge. SO I went to the bell store and they said they removed the internet option free of charge and the next 2 monthly bills did not have any cancellations fees of $200 or any charge for internet option $25. However after 6 months I saw an internet roaming charge of $60 so I called Bell to ask how was this possible, they said it was an internet option they add to the smart phones that do not have internet on their monthly plan and to add insult to injury they also said that they will have to charge me $200 for cancellation fee for the internet option I cancelled six months ago.I was so furious I wanted to cancel my contract they told me it would cost me $600. I called the consumer protection agency in Canada and they said since I did sign the contract I would have to pay the fees . I ended the contract and paid $600 just so I wouldn't have to deal with Bell Canada ever. The moral of this experience was for me to NEVER SIGN CONTRACTS if there is something I don't like in it no matter what the sales people say and NVER TO DEAL WITH BELL EVER.
   comment by nina on February 20, 2012

All I want to know isthis: why, when they continue to send me junk mail after I cancelled my service with them six years ago, do they not include a return address or a phone number I can call to have the junk mail stopped?
   comment by lulu on February 23, 2012

Anyone else notice, that now that Bell owns CTV and other tv stations, and have their own mobile network, that cell phone news feeds for CTV and follow the link for more, results in "not found" messages? Only place I can get through to CTV is if its a twitter feed.

Also a lot more Bell commercials on the CTV networks now too.

I KNEW allowing Bell to have a TV network would be bad news!

Watching more CBC now, and following tv shows on their main US network rather than CTV.
   comment by anonymous on February 24, 2012

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   comment by Onetouch Solutions on February 28, 2012

They also know how to do habitancy rally behind him, apparently from the answers. You’ve got here is not to find the obvious.
Canada Business Listing
   comment by Canada Business Listing on March 1, 2012

About the same time I got involved in online activism against Bell and Rogers' lobbying for legislation in support of Canadian telecommunication monopoly, my Bell DSL internet service mysteriously degraded to a frequently unusable degree. Now, I'm not saying that Bell is abusing their ISP position to monitor customers' private online communications and inflict punitive measures against those who rock their happy little boat, but after numerous other pointlessly negative experiences I wouldn't be surprised. Either way, this ridiculous degradation of service is inexcusable.
   comment by Mike B on March 4, 2012

This guy nailed it
   comment by XB on March 5, 2012

The happiest day of my life as a consumer was the day I cancelled 8 mobile phone accounts with Bell after a surrealistic experience that even Kafka could not have imagined.

The second happiest day was cancelling 6 Sympatico DSL accounts for the same reason. In hundreds of encounters with Bell, NOT ONE was pleasant and productive. Their robot employees invest more time frustrating every reasonable request that it would take to simply solve the problem.

Hatred is too mild a word for my feelings toward Bell.
   comment by Major Mobile IT User on March 7, 2012

Please remove all my postings right away. I had no idea your blog exposed posters email addresses (in a manner that would not trick any email harvesting robot).

Thank you
   comment by Major Mobile IT User on March 7, 2012

I worked for Bell. It is definitely the worst company to work for. They seem to only keep shady people with no working ethics. Dirty Dirty company!
   comment by NO NAME on March 15, 2012

I've just gotten off the phone with Bell and am shocked at how bad the customer service was... Was looking to customize my call plan to suit my needs/usage.. but the CRS said NO.. CANT DO THAT..

I called once... was HUNG UP.. called again.. talked and explained to first CRS what was the issue and for what i was looking for help today from them... got transferred to another department after long hold and talked to second CRS.. AGAIN explained everything to him.. I was shocked.. they AGAIN transferred to another department and AGAIN on long hold and had to explain everything... WORSE customer service experience ever... I wish i was not with BELL but cant do anything as I have a LONG contract that they very nicely got me signed promising so many thing that never have been experienced with BELL since I have been their customer..

The customer service representative was rude at times, kept cutting me off, and quite honestly didn't seem to hear a single thing I said AND. I have NEVER received such poor service from any phone center. There was one good outcome of the experience though: I no longer have any doubts about cancelling my Bell service.. wait for the right day i can be FREE from BELL...

Years ago I was told a customer service statistic...I don't know if its true, but I rings so with me. Every happy customer tells, on average, three people about their satisfaction with a company or product. Each unhappy customer tells 27 people about their dissatisfaction. And this time of the Internet...its sure to be exponentially higher. I can confirm that I will tell AT LEAST 27+ friends and family about Bell, warm in the knowledge that I have spared them some pain.
   comment by dptl on March 24, 2012

I need help...I bought a hub and I live in the country and was told I had 14 days to return it if it didn't work. Brought it home and got a good signal and worked well until just after 6pm when it slowed down significantly. This happened the same for the next couple of nights. My wife called tech support and was on the phone for an hour. Final result was being told that their advice was to return the hub because it was not going to work properly for us in our area. Tried to cancel account and was told we had exceeded our 50MB limit of which we were never told about and yes we could cancel it but would be charged $600. No choice the internet does not work at night. Is there any way around the $600???
   comment by steve mclaren on March 25, 2012

It's amazing that this short blog post from 2003 has become the place for everyone to vent their deep hate for bell canada. Here's my story:

I ask to have my internet account cancelled which they "do".

Then a couple months later I see that I still have the modem lying around. I call bell to send me the required things to have the modem shipped back to them with no charge. The agent tells me that the account was not cancelled but was instead suspended. And that they planned to RESTART my account on a specific date without my knowing. "WHEN DID I SAY I WANTED MY ACCOUNT SUSPENDED? I WANTED IT CANCELLED!"

"Sorry, sir our records show that you didn't ask for a cancellation"

"Okay can I have it cancelled?"

You all know what happens next right....?

"Sir, I will connect you to customer loyalty?"

During the transfer to customer loyalty... the call drops. Of course, it's an "accident".

I hate bell canada deeply.
   comment by Kays on March 31, 2012

Well I now have to agree as I was just told by 3 reps- 1- the security deposit on your services was refunded to you showing zero - the next one said I forfeited it even though i paid my bills late plus late fee and never been cut off- when i spoke to the 3rd person manager said its a mistype no security deposit on this account so i said forget it 3 hrs of talk and chat time- I am tired no longer have time to waste on this- Liars cheats - I will never never go back to bell for any services and all this to avoid paying an activation fee- I think I really deserve this my grandmother used to say anything too cheap AVOID......I am gonna shop North American- if jobs outsourced to India I am not buying their stuff anymore if i can avoid it - tanya
   comment by tanya jagmohan on April 9, 2012

bell is shit they charge me extra evry month, like wtf r u doin, they have a bunch of indies telling u that u... didnt cancell or watever, u know wat, just hate on bell
   comment by fukbell on April 18, 2012

Im an ex employee of Bell, and I can confirm that if you don't have a soldier heart, and your a smart person. they will do everything to get you out! this is on the interpersonal level. On the service level, it got much better, and so did there technology. they have not been around for 50 years!
   comment by Disapointed on April 25, 2012

I have been fighting with Bell for over 3 years regarding an IT manager charge that they keep charging me that I never signed up for. Every month I call and and get placed on hold or get disconnected or transferred, over an hour each month. My grandfather was a Bell pioneer, he would not be pleased
   comment by Mrs.Hall on May 6, 2012

BEWARE of Bell's 2yr warranty!!!!- girl at the store said phone is coverered if you drop it, this was bulloney!!!! THEY LIED!! to me just to sell this useless warranty!!!!!
   comment by bell wave suks on May 10, 2012

Dont buy from bell canada or bell mobility the iPhone
Dont buy your iPhone from any carrier as you will not own the device, the carrier will.
even when purchased cash they will own the device and you will simply be carrying it around for them.
Bell mobility and Bell Canada are openly misleading consumers to beleive that the phone is owned by the purchaser, not true.

I think the strangle hold the carrier's have on the Canadian people needs to stop.
I've decided to petition the government on these issues. And I have stronge want to find every and all customers that are or have been screwed by the carrier's who, have been placed into financial hardships becuase of this practice.

I would like for the people to stand up with me and fight the wrong doings of these corporate giants, who's sole purpose is to extort money from the common poor people.
   comment by A.W.P on May 12, 2012

few months ago, I had a 50 dollar FIFTY DOLLAR extra charge on my bill. I called them super pissed, and they right away told me that it was a mistake, and that I have to pay it, but they would not get money from me the next month.. why do I need to pay more this month anyway, what have I done to deserve to be out of fifty dollars this month? but somehow I HAD to. anyhow, more importantly, it aint a mistake, what kind of a mistake charges someone 50 dollars? it is "bell" trying to rip automatic payement subscribers who are fool enough to trust them. and imagine all those automatic payers who don't check their bills every month...
   comment by Tarik Aybartugu on May 13, 2012

Is Bell Aliant the same company as Bell Canada and/or Bell Satellite? If so the thing is that a week ago we made the switch from Rogers to Bell Aliant and although it's somewhat of a relief that they provide unlimited use for their internet service what I'm personally most disappointed is that they don't carry or no longer carry a Los Angeles superstation called KTLA. When I phoned Bell Aliant the very first time and spoke to a representative he claimed that Bell Aliant previously did carry KTLA but why it's no longer available is because he claimed that there was not a great demand for this network (it got me thinking that even though the customers are entitled to their preferences that I actually blame "disloyal" customers who showed little or no interest in KTLA which makes me wonder why the heck do they have little or no loyalty to this station? I find it most intriguing that the station originates out of Los Angeles.)However on my behalf he emailed the feedback section of Bell Aliant's homepage or web page or website to request that KTLA be relaunched. Finally if there're hopefully any Bell Aliant customers who are KTLA fans and are reading my comments I'd appreciate it and encourage you to contact or at least email Bell Aliant to launch or relaunch KTLA and with your support I figure that it increases the possibility and/or probability that KTLA will end up being launched or relauched (hopefully in the very near future.) Thanks for understanding.
   comment by Nadeem on May 21, 2012

I hate Bell, too...from a good company in the 60's transmuted to a bunch of corporate thieves by the 90's, if you ask me. I could tell you stories. I love that in Quebec they are referred to commonly as Les Gangsters...
   comment by Techie on May 30, 2012

Thank God Bell no longer has a monopoly and I can switch away from them! I am using Ooma and they have been fantastic to deal with, no problems in quality or service. It took me 4 months to cancel with Bell and fighting their billing dept. on overage charges, after receiving the Ooma box it took only 5 mins to hook up. I just called them and had them disable the call waiting beep as I do not like being interrupted... 'no problem' they said, took 1 minute to do the change and then a box reboot, I was good to go.
   comment by Jay on June 7, 2012

After three years of diligently fighting with Bell over an erroneous IT Manager charge every month totalling over $1,100 I think I may have won. Fingers and toes crossed to get the credit... ha !
   comment by Mrs.Hall on June 9, 2012

The service at bell is totally unacceptable, sick to death of their mistakes, soon be bye bye BELL B**ch!!
   comment by Sandra on June 11, 2012

Bell Canada is one of the bigest lier and one of the bigest scams in canada, not that Rogers is any better. They're both the same, sucking peoples blood in a nice way.
   comment by Mohammed on June 25, 2012

bell is the worst I've EVER seen! East link is WAY better. All the same or more amount of channels same quality, faster internet then bell & WAY cheaper!!! bell (dost NOT deserve the capital B) take advantage of customers that have been with them for DECADES, they have NO respect! Treat your customers BETTER! Especially the people that have been with bell from the start! WAKE UP bell!!! Fucking scammers! I hope bell goes to shit! East link all the way! If you work for bell go jump of a them you are SHIT! They treat everyone like OBJECTS, ANIMALS. Fuck bell! Their grave has already been dug. Lets put them in it now!
   comment by Al on June 30, 2012

I currently work for Bell through a subsidiary. I must say it is hands down the worst job i've ever had, but every job I've ever had has been the worst. This company is no worse than any other, but because they're bigger they get a worse rap. Sure they have MONOPOLISTIC practices completely sourced around gaining CAPITAL, hence the reason that the telecom industry is classified within our CAPITAList system as MONOPOLISTIC competition. Every company has the sole goal of creating a monopoly for themselves in order to gain as much capital as possible. Let me tell you which companies I have had personal problems with and you may be a little more enlightened:
Virgin Mobile
All of these companies caused problems for me because they were charging exorbitant fees for things that did not need to be charged, they occasionally made changes to my price with or without my permission, and it seemed like I was just a number for them. Since I have been working at Bell, I have discovered why. The reason is that all these companies are in it to make a profit. The people with the final say on company policies ARE NOT the major shareholders, but rather they are elected representatives of these shareholders. This means that in order to keep their emplyment, these people must make decisions that maximize profit. Sometimes these decisions are unpopular amoungst the clientele, but the people who handle the election and dismissal of the board of directors do not get to see this, all they see is their own bottom line. This means that it is EXACTLY the same with any and all multinational telecom corporations, most of whom have shareholders in common. The fact that you have a better time when you switch from one company to another is temporary, and the second that the new company makes a mistake it becomes public enemy No. 1. So can we please stop with the online forums telling people that Bell is evil when it would be just as easy to create one for any other company. Corporations as a whole are evil, let's stop singling out individuals and take on the problem as a whole.
   comment by Timothy Trudel on July 7, 2012

Bell has approximately 720,000 unhappy clients. This compares to about 200,000 for Rogers and 40,000 for Videotron. Bell has 18,000,000 clients, Rogers 5,000,000 and Videotron 1,000,000. Compare and it comes otu to %4 per company, Bell's just bigger so there is a higher number of complaints.
   comment by Timothy Trudel on July 7, 2012

I hate Bell Canada. I got a Dell computer last year which came with a optional 3 months free Bell Internet service. I opted out on that but I still got a call from Bell. I kindle told the person NO thanks but he just wont leave me alone. I was told its totally free of charge if I cancel it within 60 days due to their 30 days cancellation policy. I finally said fine, sign me up and dont bother me. I got the package and never opened it since I use another provider with faster speed. I called Bell to cancel after approx. 40 days. She told me I have to pay for a month and 1/2 to cancel. I told her its 3 months free and if I can cancel within 60 days, its totally free. She said that is not. She insisted I have to pay. I asked her to explain how its 3 months free when its only after the first month. She couldnt give me a reason except saying its pasted the 3 months. I asked her to explain how the 3 months pasted. She said its how their billing works. I then asked her please tell me the billing date for each month, then she said regardless whoever told me its 3 months free, I have to pay the 1 1/2 month. I told her I didnt even want it in the first place and I never used it and now I have to pay 1 1/2 month when I was told it would be totally free if i cancelled it within 2 months? I asked to speak to her manager, of course no manager was on site but will call back in 3-5 business days. I was pissed and hung up. I called right back. I got to their PR and explained my situation. The girl again told me I have to pay the 1 1/2 month and its pasted my 3 months free period. I was so angry and they couldnt tell me why and how it's pasted the 3 months. She kept on telling me she understood my situation but still couldn't explain why. She finally told me she could charge me the 1/2 month only. I told her this is not the $20-30, its the principle of right and wrong. After arguement with her for an hour, I told her to cancel my homephone as well. Then she finally told me she can waive that 1/2 month. I told her regardless, please cancel both internet and home phone. I needed to pay the cancellation fee but now I am using another provider for 1/2 the price Bell was charging me. They are still calling me and asking me to switch back, I told them please look up my file first before calling me. I will never use Bell in this lifetime.
   comment by G on July 21, 2012

I can't stand Bell. If you ask any technician about some of the older areas (most parts of Toronto), the main boxes haven't been upgraded since they were installed in the early 1900s. This creates hell for landlines and internet usage with constant outages. Their idea of upgrading the infrastructure is to install fiber optic lines in prodding new and existing customers into purchasing higher priced packages that are marginally better. No thanks.
   comment by deman on July 24, 2012

One other thing. I used to be on a contract for internet usage. That was another bell scam. You'd be locked in a contract that they knew no one would read and somewhere in the fine print, they'd insert a clause that they can change the price of your monthly bill. It's time to get our of Bell Hell.
   comment by dman on July 24, 2012

Yesterday i purchased fibe tv line from bell.
Bell sent over 3 technicians
these three technicians "worked" practically all day from 9:30 am to 6pm and when they were done...hours later
I realized that they had stolen THOUSANDS of dollars worth of jewellery and watches from my family (now this is not from a lack of supervision or the placement of the items. they were taken from closed drawers and jewellery boxes.)
I called bell and the police where a report was taken....but not by bell
after countless calls and attempts at making reports and being yo-yo'd from one person to the other finally i got though to head office only to learn that not a single report had reached them.
Bell shows a complete disregard for the action of their employees and i am yet to see any action taken on their behalf.
All in all the ,message i am getting is...too bad so sad.
DO NOT LET THESE PEOPLE IN YOUR HOME and if you choose to then be prepared to spend the day watching closely enough to smell their breath. and you might want to practice being in three places at once considering the number of technicians they send out.
The items which were stolen are sentimentally irreplaceable.
If i cannot get any justice then atleast i can warn other people that they CANNOT be trusted.. because if something this unforeseeable happens to any of you... well...too bad, so sad.
   comment by NET on August 10, 2012

Bell mobility has really made me angry and frustrated. I have a family share plan and needed to use one of my free lines for my neffew. Instead of using a line I already had, little did I know the rep gave me a whole new account with a new line. I didn't realize this for 2 months because I was never billed til then. On that phone text messages started coming in about how the bill is $215 dollars and that we needed to pay right away or it would be cut off. I called bell and gave them the number.... Then they say "oh we'll that number isn't on your account!!" so when they just randomly typed it into the system, then they realized it was separate but still in my name. I was told that I had to pay the balance and then it could be fixed. So now bell says it will be $100 cancellation fee plus $600. I never asked for a whole new line. If you already have a share plan with a line that can be utilized then why would you ask for a whole new one. Lastly they won't even let me lower the data to $20 a month, doesn't work with the plan that I never asked for!!
   comment by Dani on August 16, 2012

I am a new employee at Bell, and let me assure you they pay me way more than minimum wage, for starters.

I get 35% off all my services, and a phone line at 0$ (+40 cents 911 tax). So far Bell has been great to us employees, I've already won an iPod and a McDonalds gift card (lol) in my first 6 weeks.

Bell trains its employees to help out their clients, not screw people out of money. I am constantly at work slicing hundreds of dollars off people's bills for valid charges on their account. We go back and change plans retroactively to the beginning of the month to help consumers who used too many minutes or Mbs on their plans. We are trained to look through customers usage, analyze the accounts, and find out what plan best suits them, not Bell Canada's wallet.

All you complainers on here are the smallest of small percentage of actual Bell clients. For the most part the clients I deal with are very happy with their services, no joke. The problem is that happy people don't search "I hate Bell" on Google then write their "horrible" stories as if any other telecom company wouldn't act the exact same way. Look up all the other big companies, you will find just as many moaners.

A perfect example is Dani, right above me. A case I see all the time. Why exactly did Dani go to the store? Why would she actually, physically, go to a store when all she needed to do was plug her nephew's Sim card into the phone? The answer is because her little nephew also wanted a NEW PHONE, not just the plan, obviously. Those family plans were clearly still under contract and not up for renewal, so the nephew needs a new line if he wants to sign a 3 year deal to GET A REBATE on the phone. Bell subsidizes the price of phones up to 500$ on 3 year contracts, with the clearly stated knowledge that if you cancel or lower your data plan (which is always clearly stated on the contract, which no one ever bothers to read), you have to pay back the remaining rebates on the 600$ phone we sold you for 100$. All of this is clearly explained on the contract, as well as the fact that it is a new line. Take the time to read what you a signing up for instead of complaining afterwards. Hundreds of cases like this a day could be avoided if consumers were not too stupid to read contracts and ask questions.

Obviosuly Bell will make mistakes, and obviously Bell is trying to make money. Unfortunately they happen to excel at both. So anytime a mistake is made, it's so easy to blame the big bad pseudo monopoly instead of realizing that 90% of the time these problems could be avoided by smarter consumers who read their contracts and dont drop their phones in water and demand we send them a new one.

Seriously Dani, why do you think your nephew got an iphone 4 for 50$?!? Bell is so rich we can just give high end pieces of tech away? Next time, read your god damn contract, it will save both of us a headache when you end up calling and compaining about stuff that was clearly stated ON THE CONTRACT, you were just too lazy to read it.

   comment by Too Many Whiners on August 23, 2012

Bell Canada sucks and they know it! I hate this company and everything about it. They charge outrageous amounts of money for very slow internet that isn't even up very often. I hope that Bell goes bankrupt or a half decent company moves into Ontario so that nobody has to give Bell (or rogers) money ever again. Bell and Rogers own a massive percentage of the Internet, Tv, and Telephone lines and towers in Ontario. The Canadian Government needs to stop this BS ASAP.
   comment by IhateBell on August 27, 2012

I moved 16 corporate devices from Telus to bell.
At the same time I asked the bell rep to bring over my personal "no-contract" ipad sim to the corporate account. I.e move from Bell personal to Bell corporate. This is a win for bell because instead of paying $25 a month I pay for $30. They sent me a new sim and told me to phone and cancel the old one. The cancellation department say I need 30-days notice to cancel, they want one more $25 out of me but I am already paying the $30 for the new sim card on the corporate account. No escellation allowed, no consideration to the circumstances. I told the guy if Bell makes me eat this $25 I will strongly consider moving my 16 device corporate account away from Bell in 2 years and that perhaps someone above his pay grade would like to know that they will be loosing a $18,000 /year corporate account over a $25 iPad cancellation fee. He did not care and could not escellate or tell me where I could dispute. I feel like the woman from The Rainmaker movie who got the denial letter calling he "stupid, stuipd, stupid". Their cancellation agents are trained very well to deny, deny, deny but at what cost to the organization. In the end they will loose my account.
   comment by Andrew on September 5, 2012

I too have been a victim of bevus' ,uh what do they call themselves c.s.r. ha,ha,ha now that is the biggest misrepresentation of a word that I have ever heard.!Called them on July 4th wanting to cancel our service of 17yrs. + with them ,we decided to go with telus wireless ,I was so glad that we had not signed onto a three yr. contract so we we're obligated only for the thirty days notice to bell ,I had the uneasiest feeling in my stomache as we sat waiting to see how it all was going to turn out ,August 31st came & we had not received the boxes promised to us to send back the receiver,& we picked up our mail at our box & YES those retarded assholes sent us a bill for sept. for continuing service ,NO they did not cancel our service ,they had the gall to tell us that they phoned back here to our house on july 9th ,five days later ,they say that the representative asked me about the cancellation & that I told him we did not cancel our service and that if we wanted it cancelled that we had to do it again, well so much for getting out of the non-signing of the 3 yr. contract ,they will get it one way or another ,they said that if we did not pay up that our excellent credit rating of 50 some odd yrs. will be shit! That they will be sending the bill to collections ,told them that we wanted the service cancelled AGAIN ,they we're keeping me on the line for nothing LONG periods of nothingness,dead air ,so I just hung up after letting them kn ow I wanted the cancellation ,my hubby comes in from the bush after being out for 12days & I tell him about this ,he calls them to make damn sure they got it ,NO ,NO ,they still had not put thru the cancellation ,they kept him online (phoneline) for 5hrs. plus ,NO LIE!(only liar here is bell!) They told my hubby that they have it recorded ,he told them to bring it to court because before we are going to give them more money they will be going to court!They told him that they we're not able to show or play the recording for court ,guess it is inadmissable,anyways that is what my hubby wanted to do on his one frigging day off after being in the bush for 12 days was to spend it on the phone line with those assholes ,rude ,morons ,I have wrote marketplace ,cctc,crtc,consumer affairs,talked to everyone that I could &will continue to do so until the day I die,if you think for one minute that you are going to get a better deal monetarily with them forget it,they will get you one way or another.You had better watch your bills because I can guarantee you they will be billing you for extras that they have no reason to ,I have a confirmation # ,for when my hubby cancelled and will keep everyone posted as to wether or not the boxes to return thier equipment come or just another bill to continue the service I thought was cancelled in JULY. They got an extra 300.00$ out of us for nothing ,so go ahead ,don't say you weren't warned ,after all these haters email s it would be your own faults if you decide to go with them .
   comment by cindy on September 6, 2012

By the way, the email of the president of Bell Canada is:

Perhaps if we emailed our complaints to him and copied the National Post and Globe and Mail, we might actually get a resolution.
   comment by Ex Customer on September 8, 2012

I cancelled my Bell services after being a victim (ops), I mean customer for 23 years. Bell actually bills all cancelling customers a month of unused service, then credits you a cheque 6 to 8 weeks later after holding your money which they were entitled to in the first place. This is unethical and I believe illegal. I have informed my federal MP in writing about this practice. Your money sits in their account earning them interest while it is not in your account earning you interest. Why? Because they can? Nope. Bell needs a big wake up call. They have become the Canadian institution that everyone hates.
   comment by Joseph on September 8, 2012

I'd like to reply to the Bell employee who posted above as "Too Many Whinners".
You have been taken by the money printing, extortionists at Bell. Yes they train you to find solutions to you customers needs and make them as happy as pigs in sh*t. No doubt that is what they tell you. I bet you have little scrums a the start of a shift where everybody tells warm fuzzy stories about how Sheila helped Bob save $6/month on what the hell ever and somebody rings a bell and Shiela gets a gold star redemable for some useless crap at the Bell store. And, it probably makes everybody all warm and tingly and ready to endure being yelled at for 8 hours for "way more than minimum wage". Good for you guys!
What you don't realize bud bud, is that they are lying to you too. They feed you retards full of crap to spew at customers. They know they are lying to you but you don't know that your rolling the shit down the hill to the customers.
For example, when I singed up for Bell TV, I was offered a free PVR. Sounds like a deal right? I was skeptical. So I got a monthy price for the service I wanted with the free PVR then I hung up and called back and asked for the same service without the "free" PVR. The price difference was $8/month. Someone explain that to me... No one at Bell could.
In the last 12 months I've recieved bell services (TV, Phone, Internet) by monthy bill has steadily increased as follows (in $/month):
127, 135, 135, 149, 150, 150, 163, 163, 158, 167, 184, 184.
No one at Bell can give me any indication as to what the F%^K is going on, they have no clue. I get things like: "I've never seen that before," and "normally we don;t see this kind of credit on TV service," and "I understand your frustration sir."

I hate Bell! As soon as this effin contract is over, I'm cancelling everything.
   comment by Pissed in Petawawa on September 24, 2012

I have had good experiences with Bell,especially with tech. support reps.I would suggest,however,that a lot of the people complaining here about reps with poor english-speaking language skills could use some serious lessons in the spelling of our english language.
   comment by shell on October 11, 2012

Are you for real?
Bet you were paid by bell to post your bullshit post !
And customers aren't stupid. Far from it. We do read things.
bell was also slapped with a HUGE fine a while back for misleading customers...
bell is hated by far more people than you claim and it's a very large percentage, very large
   comment by Barbara on October 17, 2012

bell sucks as we all know. no bell tv -cancelled soon no phone and no more head aches. my life is so much hope is that bell goes under and we will all dance the happy dance!
   comment by andrew on October 19, 2012

I am a new Bell TV employee that just finished training a few months ago. I have worked for Rogers in the past however when I moved to Toronto I found out that I could not simply transfer my job to a Toronto Office as I worked for a 3rd party. Rogers was great to their 3rd party employees. Bell however as I am learning is not great to their own employees. They tie the amount of credits I give to customers to my Key Performance Indicators which affects the bonus and raise I am entitled to at the end of the year. This means that the more credits I give out even if it is Bells own fault I will receive a hit to my KPI resulting in little or no raise and no bonus come year end. Rogers did not do this and I feel this is why so many customers have to call back in month after month for the same credit. Each time the agent will tell them they will give them the credit but in the end does nothing as if they do they will not get their bonus or raise. It is not fair that they tie the amount of credits we give out to our raises.
I wish I felt comfortable giving my name but I can not risk losing my job. I feel like if this was brought out to a media owned not by bell perhaps things would change but I am unsure how to go about that. Ask any of the Bell employees they will tell you that everything I have said is true.
   comment by bell employee on October 24, 2012

A word of caution to all Bell customers:

I have been with Bell Mobility/Cellular since the first year of operations. My current cell number I have owned since 1989, my wife’s since the mid-90s. Currently I am going through a messy business partnership breakup, which was initiated by myself after discovering some accounting and banking anomalies. When I contacted Bell to ensure ownership of our cell phones away from the company plan, I discovered that my ex-business partner had pre-emptively removed me as an administrator from the plan. Because I had clear personal ownership of the phone, via bills, dating back to 1989 and the phone had only been transferred into the company plan in the previous year, and the fact that I am still an equal 50% partner in the company that has the Bell plan, I figured it was just a matter of speaking with the right person. WRONG! Bell has basically taken the position to hide behind policy, even though it is clear that one party is trying to harm the other and a clear path of historical ownership of the phone and company Bell refuses to allow me ownership to my phone. The real slap in the face is that even though they will not provide me ownership, stating that I no longer own the phone, if the bill is not paid for the company account, as a 50% stake holder in that company, I am still liable for the payments! In this case, it is a matter of whoever is the first one to call Bell and remove the other one wins. BYE BYE Bell, you have successfully destroyed the last bit of loyalty I had towards you, and even though I am not a fan of Roger's I will be their new client shortly.
   comment by long time bell customer on November 4, 2012

I just filed a complaint with the ccts, and you can too! Bell has been overcharging me and changed my contract witout telling me so I cancelled and they want to charge me 600 dollars to cancel. File a complaint with the ccts. They are on our side, are very supportive and quick to respond.
   comment by Jamie Green on November 5, 2012

I am so sick of my Bell mobile internet stick. I was told it would definitely work in my area. Its connection is off and on, mostly off. Usually my data usage is low, but every other month it goes way over, and oddly I find on the bill huge amounts of data being used very quickly. Is Bell scamming me on my internet stick? when I first got the stick there was no way to even check up on your data usage. It was a whole hassle involving finding the proper webpage then signing in (they didn't give you your login info). Then the usage you saw was, and still is, "estimation only, not used for billing purposes". which basically means, no matter what data your computer has used, you pay whatever is on the bill. so I can't even check if the bill is correct, I have no official records of my data usage. I CALL BULLSHIT ON BELL
   comment by Byron on November 10, 2012

Bell is looking for a 3 dollar increase for internet service starting jan 1 , I did not receive a 12 % increase on my pension, but these greedy assholes at bell want a 12 % increase on their internet bill every month, if they are willing to loose 25 dollars a month to try to gain 3 dollars from seniors of this province then i will cancel my internet service and bell can drop dead
   comment by david fitzgerald on December 7, 2012

All their employees are hippie stoners.
   comment by J.N on December 9, 2012

buyer beware... You all are forgetting.
   comment by Rambo on December 9, 2012

A friend of mine worked for Bell, the CALL CENTER in VANCOUVER. He and a bunch of new employees were undergoing training before going to the floor and taking phone calls.

If the trainer didn't like you she would get rid of you. The trainer would spend long time talking unrelated nonsense and making jokes rather than teaching. If she didn't like you, if you didn't go along and laugh at her jokes she would get rid of you regardless of your ability to learn and/or do the job.

One day my friend was asked to go to an office for a private meeting at the end of the day and he was told that he didn't pass the exam and therefore he could not stay with the company as per the hiring contract. He asked for his exam to review it as he was sure that he actually did very well in the exam. Well, the staff at Bell Vancouver would not even show him his exam...

By the way, the trainer at Bell call center in Vancouver confessed to the trainees that Vancouverites hate Bell so much that there once was a BOMB THREAT at the call center and the staff had to evacuate the building! ha, ha!!
   comment by VANCOUVERITES hate Bell on December 12, 2012

I fought with Bell for over 3 years to get a refund on charges on my bill that I never asked for, beware and check your bill thoroughly, finally got a partial refund of less than $1,000 for the $1,300 they charged. Hate Bell and can't wait to cancel everything we have but as we are a small business they screw us every month. Call centre, hahahah. big help.
   comment by Mrs.Hall on December 13, 2012

Just wanted to clarify that in all these horror stories about calling Bell's customer service you are not dealing with Bell. They contract their customer service out to third party companies like Stream Global Services and off-shore companies in places like Costa Rica.

I just got fired from Stream for disclosing all the horror stories of working at Stream to Bell while I was on stress leave. Without a doubt Stream is the worst company I have worked for in my forty plus years. Bell's head honcho, George Cope, states on their website that he wants to create "an exceptional customer experience". Yeah, right. Why then are they laying off all the Bell call centre employees and contracting customer service out to these despicable third party companies? They pay the lowest wages. They have ancient broken computers. Even their phone system crashes all day. We were told to lie to customers and tell them "our systems are being updated". The only thing these call centres want is for agents to handle the calls in the shortest amount of time. How is that "exceptional customer service"?

I submitted a lengthy report directly to the CEO at Bell, detailing all of the horror stories I had with their customers. They took it upon themselves to share my confidential report with Stream and I got fired. They lied to EI and EI denied my benefits and I am left penniless. I can't pay my rent and I'll soon be evicted and homeless, thanks to Stream..

The CRTC's new chairman has shown that he will listen to consumers. That's partly why he denied Bell's bid to take over Astral. Go to their website and file a complaint. It's an easy process. If enough consumers file complaints maybe the CRTC will demand that Bell and other big telecoms backup their service with Canadian call centres staffed by people who understand English.

If you think I am overstating the horror stories, here's one for you -

A customer called in to cancel his service because they were moving to an area that could not be serviced by Bell Satellite TV, which was later confirmed by a Bell tech. The off-shore agent they spoke to put them on TPS (Temporary Program Suspension) instead of cancelling as requested. Why? Because they get penalized for cancellations, but not for putting a customer on TPS.

The problem with TPS is that it automatically restarts service when it expires, which is what happened here. Most unfortunately for the customer they were on automatic billing through their bank, so Bell started charging them just over a hundred dollars a month. Of course the customer understood that the service was cancelled, so they didn't bother to give Bell a change of address. They also got their bills online and had changed their email address to their new provider, so they never saw the bills.

It was obvious to me that the customer I was dealing with was very rich, partly because who wouldn't notice a charge of over a hundred dollars to their account for TWO AND A HALF years? He said his wife looked after the books and he would "speak to her".

There was no question that we had royally screwed up, so I started going up the chain of command to find someone who would process the refund. This took me over an hour, but the customer waited patiently on the line. When I finally reached someone senior at Bell I was shocked that he said we could only go back six months as this was Bell's policy. My suggestion that what we had done was basically fraud got nowhere.

When I went back to talk to the customer, well, I knew what was coming. He went from dealing with me calmly and professionally to blowing a gasket. When he calmed down he asked me what to do. I suggested he write a letter to Bell's Executive Office, demanding a refund within thirty days.

Every call is recorded so shortly after the call I was hauled into my manager's office and berated for being "unprofessional" on the call. When I asked how my manager would have handled the call, he had no response other than he would have done the same thing.

Bell takes millions of dollars out of our pockets and we deserve to have responsive customer service provided by Bell. Until they are forced to stop using these scumbag third party companies, especially off-shore ones where agent don't speak English, we will never get the service we deserve.

Don't sit back and bitch. DO something. When you call Bell demand to speak to someone who actually works for Bell. When they answer the call and say something like "welcome to Bell Satellite TV" ask them if they actually work for Bell. Refuse to deal with them. File complaints with the CRTC. It's easy. Write letters to Wade Oosterman, the President, at the Executive Office telling him you want Bell to stop using these call centres that aren't Bell. Send him an email,, detailing your horror story and demand action.

The thanks I got for trying to make Bell a better company was to get fired. I not only sent detailed reports to Bell, but I offered to setup a team here in London to work on all the problems and suggest solutions that would make customer service not only more effective, but do it at a lower cost than using these third party companies. They refused. Mr. Cope's lofty goal of providing an exceptional customer experience will never be realized until they actually start paying attention to customers and empower call centre staff to solve the customer's problems.

In just one month alone I saved $22,000 worth of customer revenue from customers who were calling to cancel. I dealt with their issues properly, unlike all the previous agents they had dealt with. My reward was to be chastised for the time I spent with these customers. No one cared that I had retained them as customers. Bell's only goal is to do as little as possible in the shortest amount of time. That only serves to create all these horror stories posted here.

Bell only gets away with this because Canadians in general are so apathetic. They'll just bitch about things, but they won't do anything to hold Bell accountable. Show them "we're mad as hell and we aren't going to take it anymore".
   comment by Gary Jones on January 16, 2013

I found the litany of complaints very interesting reading. It reminded me to do two things; ask for a response in wirting when I submit a written query, and examine my monthly bills more carefully.
I applaud Gary Jones' comments and advice. I found his input as an insider very valuable, and hope Bell's loss was someone else's gain in short order. It's true that we Canadian consumers are not active enough to hold these service providers accountable. For example, how else are they able to continue to charge us for cell phone calls which we receive? In other countries, cell phone subscribers only pay for the calls they make. It's really up to us the consmer to effect changes, since many of our real problems do not seem to come within the mandate of the CRTC or any consumer organization. committeesGovernment bodies seem
   comment by Valerie on January 21, 2013

I just noticed my pill increased by $ 4.63. I called and asked the reason. The reason was so studpid:
1- We did it with all over costumer across Canada. You are not the only one!!!!
2- Because we sent a notification a few month ego and notify you that we will increase your bill!!!
Their two reasons are very stupid.
- Sending people email doesn't give you the right to increase the bill, especailly as one of its employees, in the beginning, assured and promiss me that the rate never goes up.
- If they have only 1 million costumers, by such a scam they earn/steal more that 4 million dollars.
I am confused why government doesn't do anything about that. Someone should do something.....

   comment by Ali on January 23, 2013

I hate bell sooooooooooo much they are the worst phone company ever I had an old lg phone and wanted a iPhone so I bought one for full price and they charged a 300 activation fee and on top of that a fee for canceling my old plan then after that I get my first bill it was $1000 they just scam you bell needs to be shut down it is scamming money off of people it's not right telus is even way better fuck you bell !!!!!!!!
   comment by Meg on February 4, 2013

Bell is just fucked. fucked. fucked, and more fucked.
Moving their fucking call centres to islamabad and other places a like. you're canadian fucktards, & you're also a decent sized part of the reason our economy is SHIT. Getting rid of canadian jobs, and moving your call centres elsewhere, for what? To save costs? IF YOU HAD DECENT SERVICE, AND QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE, you'd have customers, loyal customers at that. But because your services suck more dick than a hooker wanting a fix, you're losing 10 customers for ever half of one you gain.

   comment by Mitch on February 7, 2013

Bell! what can I say! screw up after screw up! it will never stop. Here is the story:
So my Dad in his late 80's switched from Rogers to Bell for a year thinking he was getting a better deal. He realized quickly that he was actually paying more for less. He ended his service some time later, prob a year. He sent back all the hardware and two months later gets a notice that he owes them $200+ for the hardware. So, being the nice son that I am:-) I started calling Bell for them, it took a few calls to get them to actually look at the right records and issue a credit.
It seemed all solved. Next thing you know, they have some collecting agency - CBV collection to go after him for the $ even though he now has a credit. Nothing happens at Bell unless a billing cycle completes so CBV did not get the right info in time and kept hounding my Dad, almost gave him a heart attack!!
Finally I got Bell and CBV on the phone together and CBV agreed not to call him. Let us see how long this lasts now.
   comment by Sam on February 11, 2013

My family has been with Bell Aliant for almost 6 years. At first, we recieved decent internet speeds, but it was'nt near good enough for what we paying for though. Lately, things went beyond awful. Bell Aliant high speed users are promised up to 7 mbps in download speed, my internet never goes above 30 kbps now. I play online games also, and my latency hasnt been below 1500 in the last two weeks and has even gone up to 6000. I called customer service (they're a real pain to deal with), and they said our speeds were great. If I could I would switch to any other provider other than Bell in a heartbeat. Bell Aliant is definately robbing a lot of people.
   comment by Logan on February 21, 2013

I think Aliant from New Brunswick should take over and wipe bell from the map! They are amazing, they have a 200 year old company, are amazing with customers, are very updated and honest. They also were the first telephone company in the world so they obviously know what they are doing!
   comment by Janice on March 11, 2013

Bell does not even care about its employees, never mind it's customers. If you are disabled, don't work for Bell, otherwise they will cut you off any form of compensation and expect you to keep paying their bills - even though they will not pay you.
   comment by Metis on March 13, 2013

Bell loses class-action case over 911 fees in North
The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, May. 17 2013, 6:24 PM EDT

Bell Mobility Inc. is liable to thousands of subscribers in Canada’s North who were charged for 911 service on their cellphone bills but unable to dial the number in an emergency, a Northwest Territories judge has ruled.

The wireless carrier faced a trial in March in Yellowknife in the case, the first class-action lawsuit to go to trial in Northwest Territories.

The first stage of the proceedings was meant to determine if the wireless carrier was liable; the amount it owes in damages is to be determined at a second stage of the trial. Lawyers for the plaintiffs initially estimated potential damages at between $1-million and $3-million.

The lawsuit was filed in 2007 on behalf of the approximately 30,000 Bell Mobility customers in Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon (except for Whitehorse, which has a 911 service) and alleged that Bell unfairly charged them for a service they could not use.

In his decision released Friday, Justice Ron Veal of the Supreme Court of the Northwest Territories ruled that Bell was liable, but denied a request for extra punitive damages in the case.

Bell argued in its statement of defence that it has charged various fees, or no 911 fees at all, in different contracts with its customers over time. It argues that 911 fees were simply meant to cover the costs of the network that would enable a 911 system, and that Bell is not responsible for whether municipalities decide to set up 911 services, something over which it has no control.

The lawsuit was filed by Yellowknife residents James and Samuel Anderson, who took issue with the 75 cents a month, or $9 a year, they had to pay Bell Mobility for 911 service, despite living in a place where local governments had not set up a 911 system.

The plaintiffs' lawyers said the win comes after more than five years of legal wrangling.

"It was a David and Goliath struggle in which the consumers have won an important victory," said Keith Landy, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, in an e-mail.

Bell spokesman Jason Laszlo said the company was pleased the decision affirmed that Bell was not itself required to provide 911 operators. But he said the company would appeal the decision on the question of whether some customers should be exempt from paying fees charged to others across the country.

"We are pleased the court ruled in our favour on the main issues certified for trial, and found that Bell Mobility is not required to provide live 911 operators," Mr. Laszlo said in an e-mail. "That is the responsibility of local governments."
   comment by Metis on May 18, 2013

I have had Bell for 3 years but I have finally switched to Cogeco. These fucking assholes won't stop calling and calling, our internet kept shutting off so as our cable, they charged us for our services that we canceled months ago. They kept saying we overused the internet and just for proof we didnt use an internet for like a month like very little and we even suspended our phone service and then we kept getting these bills and calls said we were overusing our internet. I had to call them at least 3 hours every month just so those dumb ass people would understand whats going on. So much stress, but I hope cogeco is better.
   comment by Mohammed on May 24, 2013

I would like to relay a story. A true story which happened to me one day while manning the phones at BELL Canada. I had a wonderful lady call me who was paying around 50$ for her satellite television. A 5$ promotion was applied to her account, thus reducing her monthly charges to 45$, minus her bundle. So 41$ She was greedy so she wanted more. So a 10$ promotion was applied. Bam! 50 minus 5$ minus minus 10$ minus bundle ( at the time 4$ ). Of course she wanted more. We gave her 20$ off and BAM again. 50$ minus 5$ minus 10$ minus 20$ minus 4$. A lady paying $11 for her satellite bil ( a very lucky lady since each discount should have overrode the other) calling me up one day saying "OH MY GOD save me some money I cannot...simply...CANNOT afford this bill...."
"Ma'am I am sorry you are receiving the maximum savings."
"My friend received 6 months free."
Me: ( speaking to lady who pays less for television a month than I do for a pack of smokes)
"I apologize, however on your bill I see that you are receiving a total of $35 dollars off your services plus your bundle savings. In reality the 20$ should have replaced the 5$ and the 10$, so the charges should actually be 15$ more however I will leave them and let you enjoy these savings."
"Please, sir. Me no job....."

So I'm thinking less time bitching more time searching...

Me, instead:

"Ma'am, I apologize however I am not able to...."

Enter mid sentence shriek.


So it was 30 days and a lovely cancellation fee that this wonderful lady had to pay.

A lovely $200 cancellation fee

A lovely note on her account stated the following...

"Do not credit cancellation fee."

So a lady with $15 months on her contract could have spent $165 on her services to buy out the contract at $11 a month spent instead $200

Moral of the story: If a small percentage of Bell Canada customers were not the greediest people on the earth, equipped with a you owe me attitude (when we owe you a service that you in turn owe us a monthly installment for) this entire pole may not exist.

I work for Bell. I am proud of my job and the truly amazing people I work with. I am glad to help the people who deserve it. I am also the first person who you will talk to who will note your account as a credit fisher or someone seeking a new promotion.

Honest to patience for greed is non existent.

Think of the families Bell supports with its jobs. Think of the support for mental health. Think of me if you will, with credit cards to pay off a car to keep on the road, rent to pay and a family.

Much easier to bitch and whine and complain because you were charged 30 days to cancel or a legitimate breach of contract fee or you checked your bills 12 months after the fact or you ran a business from your home so OF COURSE we owe you your time back while some of you make in a 6 month period more than we do in a year or we owe you 7 megs per second but you are receiving 5 on a fucking UP TO service.

My pity does not exist

Greedy fucking assholes.
   comment by Bell Rep on May 26, 2013

Bell is the worst company I have ever dealt with. They are the biggest scammers.
   comment by Arv on September 27, 2013

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   comment by tanisha on November 22, 2013

I signed up for bell Fibe 25/10 - first 3 months free, 3 months @ $33 and then $60 after that. They said they could save me $2 a month on my home phone as well, my bill went from $32 to $68 because they added a $30/mo long distance plan which I did not ask for.

Side Note:

Add to this, they included a $6.95 'network access' fee, which they told me they have to charge by law. For those who don't know, these 'network access fees' go to Bell and Rogers, not the government or other service providers. Bell and Rogers regularly collude with the CTRC to enact these fees to force their competition to increase the rates and maintain their margins. They recently lobbied the CTRC to force all ISPs to charge for overages - you'll see why later.

Back to the story:

Bell was having issues with their system on the day I ordered and as a result I ended up with two orders in the system. They installed my service and then tried to install it again. I later got a letter asking me to return the modem that I didn't get or they'd charge me $75. This was shortly followed by a bill for $157 in internet service for the second account. I called and got this straightened out...I thought. Two days later - while working - they cut my internet service, as both accounts were tied to a single data line, which was disconnected with the shut off order. I had to use my cell phone as a wireless hotspot for 2 days until my service was restored. When I complained about that I was told I wasn't paying for internet,

Next up, I get a bill for $90 in overages (not ass!). I found that I was also screwed for another month of overage (another $90) by the time this bill came. They offered me an unlimited plan for $30 a month which I gladly took. This was followed by another bill stating I still owed them $157 and that they would send it to collections if I didn't pay. Anyways...tons of yelling and swearing on the phone and I think I finally have it fixed. I was so pissed and frustrated that I decided to cancel my service, went back to my old independent DSL ISP for $420/year unlimited ($35/mo). The greedy *****s told me I had to give 30 days notice. I told them I would pay whatever it takes to get rid of them.

I was going to move my cable to Fibe ($120/month) and switch another cell phone ($30/month) on top of the Fibe internet ($60/mo). Quick math will show that I would have spent $210/month or $2500/year or $50000 over the next 20 years that I will NOT be spending with BELL. I also talked a friend of mine out of switching his TV and Internet (about $1000/$1500 per year.

BELL is GREEDY, Rogers is Arrogant. I encourage everyone to do what they can to get others to leave Bell. I plan to work tirelessly to reduce my revenue stream to Bell. I include Rogers because they are NOT an alternative, if you want to be treated fairly.
   comment by Drew Curtis on November 30, 2013

While the front-line Bell reps have been fantastic, I also have had to re-evaluate my opinion of Bell Aliant as a whole. My wife separated from me and cancelled the package account at the house I live at with my 8 year old son after I began catching up the account, but Bell Aliant cut it off *after* it was starting to be caught up. It still had a balance on it at the time of cancellation. This means that the address is marked as "bad" in Bell Aliant's system. I guess that's fair... people have someone else in the house get Internet in their name so they don't have to pay the bill, it happens. However I need the Internet for my work when I work from home, which is quite often. I have been trying for weeks to get the service hooked back up again so that I can work and my son can watch his TV. I also wanted to take advantage of a promotion they had on at the time for a TV if you keep their service for a year. Not a problem, I intended on doing that! Unfortunately the credit department, whose phones apparently only work for outgoing calls if money is OWING, not for anything else, kept cancelling the application without notice (ok, once I got a "sorry you are leaving us"... umm I was never WITH you yet, so how can I be leaving??). Sure, they are allowed to, it's their business, however it left me hanging and furthermore makes me wonder how on earth anyone else would have gotten Internet there if they had moved in? I don't have a formal agreement with the landlord, but got us to sign something I typed up, he has called them, I have provided the ID required and to top things off, *I* am paying off my ex partner's balance in a payment agreement with that same credit department! I have NO choice but to go with a competitor so that I can work at home, they have forced my hand. Too bad, at least the FibreOP was working well.

As for Bell as a corporate entity with all the glowing "look what Bell has done for the country" talk, various portions of the Bell group may have made some great strides for this country at various times over the years, however some good doesn't necessarily out-weigh or erase the bad. As for monopoly busting, should I compare Bell to Microsoft in how well a monopoly works at looking out for the customers' needs and rights?

We use Bell at work as well and we have had so many power outages because they cannot get it together to properly design and implement a hosting centre power system that it isn't funny (even with dual power supply devices). Our product has a web-based front-end and we have egg on our face when suddenly without notice, it becomes unavailable. We use Bell Mobility at work for M2M communications and they can't tell us if a service such as Assisted GPS counts towards the customer's data usage or not. We have one spot that has line-of-sight to a tower over salt water (ideal for RF) and we cannot stay connected for data.

Now granted, my Telus data (apparently carried over Bell's towers etc.) is dismal where I live, but their own tool can't seem to report the problems when I use it on my iPhone! Bell Mobility's data connection seems to be reasonably good there.
   comment by Pat on December 17, 2013

I think its complete hypocrisy that BCE is claiming to care about the philological heath of employees.
Ether they are unaware or has turned a blind eye to what was occurring at the Bell Mobility site in Calgary. My wife and I worked for a contracting company that does contracting for Telco Company’s. Last year the lead technician at the Bell Mobility site in Calgary showed her an inappropriate video. A complaint was made to the HR of the contracting company and an investigation was done. They said that the video was not pornography but art. A deal was made that she would not report the lead technician again. Management changed at this contracting company and the lead technician requested the new management for her to report to him again and they agreed. At that time I got involved and informed the new management about the agreement. They now claimed that it was all false and an argument followed. I was then terminated from my job over this issue. My wife was called to the office and was informed that her job was also on shaky ground. After that, she went off on sick leave. Her doctor put her on medication and filed a report to the WCB. The company had responded to the WCB, that the video was showed on the lead technician’s lunch and she wasn’t forced to watch it, she should’ve just walked away. (It wasn’t showed in the lunch room, but on the work floor and it’s not her fault for being there and being a female, where was she supposed to walk away to?). It was a gloomy Christmas, my wife barely got out of bed and our marriage may not survive. I have now filed an Unjust Dismissal claim with the federal government. My wife and I are in the process of retaining a human rights lawyer to take this complaint further. And the offending lead technician is still at the Bell Mobility site in Calgary and is praised by Bell Mobility for all of the good work he does.
   comment by CJ on January 20, 2014

Why is it that organizations such as this are not held to the same standards as their meager customers? Why are they allowed to continue to operate in a way that could be considered unethical and crooked, yet they are never questioned?
Why, can they keep money owed to a customer for months and not have to pay interest? Do you really think that if you were even one month late with your payment that there would be no interest applied to your “delinquent” payment? So where is my interest Bell?!?! You’ve had my money for months already and now when questioned why there wasn’t a cheque accompanying my (credit owing) statement for the February 20th bill date (when the request to cancel our account was submitted Dec. 27th), was told that it would be another 6-8 weeks before a cheque was produced (and then mailed).
Perhaps, just perhaps, it’s time that the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Television Commission) take a long hard look at how these companies are conducting their business and treating their customers. I mean, really. If these are the approved rules, should they not work both ways? Tit for tat, I say…

Take a stand Canada. It's time for us to stop being polite and bending over, without even having been kissed.
   comment by tammy on March 4, 2014

I love that an employee for bell felt the need to tell his story about a greedy customer amid all the negativity toward the crappiest telecommunications company I have ever had to deal with. Bell Rep, every company deals with people trying to get the most for their money, however, every company doesn't have the shit quality customer service that only Bell can provide.
I signed up for a bundle through Bell Aliant for home phone, internet and satellite. Since Bell Canada and Bell Aliant are apparently 2 entirely different companies, a fact unbeknownst to me at the time, I got two separate bills every month.
After the first couple of months I noticed the numbers weren't adding up and I was getting charged almost $15 extra each month. So I called Bell Canada to question it. I was told it definitely was not their fault and to contact Bell Aliant, which I did. Bell Aliant told me the same thing, they were billing me correctly. The first time I spent over 2 hours on the phone, most of which I was on hold for. Eventually, someone claims they figured it out and the adjustments would be made and I would see it on my next bill. Next bill comes and same shit all over again. For 8 months I played this game. Finally, by month 10, Bell Aliant Customer Service Agent 72, finally realized I was getting charged for a product by Bell Canada that was supposed to be included in the bundle. Yay, finally this was gonna be all cleared up. I called Bell Canada to explain what was finally figured out and was told that it wasn't their fault. My account had been set up via Bell Aliant and they were responsible for it since they didn't tell Bell Canada the correct information. So even though I had paid them an extra $150 over the last 10 months for a service that was supposed to be free, they would do nothing for me. At this point I requested to speak to a supervisor and was refused. I had to call Bell Aliant once again. Eventually, Bell Aliant contacted Bell Canada on my behalf and a credit was placed on my Bell Canada account for the full amount.
Over those 10 months, I estimate I spent no less than 6 hours talking to various customer service agents, most of which were rude and clearly hated their jobs, and at least 10 hours on hold waiting, waiting, waiting...
The best part was when I had had enough, cancelling my services with them was just as frustrating. Even though I signed up for all my services in one place, I had to cancel them separately. Both tried to charge me early cancellation fees even though there was never a contract. I spent at least 2 hours on the phone just trying to disconnect. The best part, when my final bills arrived they were, shocker, wrong.
I've spent more than a day, 24 hours, dealing with customer service. Its left the worst taste in my mouth. I'm still under contract with Bell Mobility for my cell phone, but guaranteed, that will be cancelled as soon as its up. I hate Bell! Period!
   comment by val on April 28, 2014

I HATE BELL CANADA TOO. Won't even go into it, I'm sure you've heard it all before.
They treat everyone like crap
   comment by moggy on April 30, 2014

I find it amazing. The majority of complaints are written by those who are unable to write English properly.....
   comment by Me on May 17, 2014

you know what bell does suck. they treat their staff horrible, i’ve seen managers and incompedent people making decisions and they really really don’t care about the customers. trust me. they over work people and the poeple that are actully good employees will get shun away or be littled. and the president is all mental health advocate but he lets his manager abuse agents, over work people for little to no pay trust me. The ones that make money there are the ones that dont care about you. i’ve seen manager hire personal friends as supervisors with little to no knowledge of the customer or infrastracture. And dont go complaining to executives at that company your going to be shunned big time and rediculed. anyhow i’m soon to write a book about my experiences as i think the public needs to know what is going on there.
   comment by soon to be ex employee on July 24, 2014

Hooray for the Bell rep. Sorry but he is right. Dla marde videotron.

   comment by Bell fibe user on September 8, 2014

Still scamming people. Just got my first iPhone and the first month I went to17 gigs on a 6 gig plan cost me 700$. They are lying saying even though I was on wifi most of the time if I don't shut my data off if can still get used while on wifi. Apple says I only used12gigs according to the phone. Bell will not listen. They are all heartless bastards
   comment by John on September 26, 2014

Cancelling my service as we speak. I've has 3 previous calls with them about a promotion that was supposed to be applied to my account if I stayed with them after moving. Obviously, the calls went no where. When asking directly "how much notice do I need to give you to cancel my services?" I was told 48 hours. I'm on the phone now and the supervisor tells me it's 30 days. Unbelievably greedy animals.

My new service costs literally 2/3rds what Bell cost and is also faster and has no download limits!
   comment by Edward on October 2, 2014

Lol, good stuff here. Shades of the old bellcanadasucks blog. I use to work for these cunts years ago until I got fired for calling back customers to talk them out of any services that I would have sold them just so I could sleep with a clear conscience. Management is full of human garbage. Many didn't even finish high school. It's funny to see people with masters and PhD's stuck at the front line being told they're not qualified for their current position or even a promotion. Comments about bullying are true. It's common place, and rather than getting rid of toxic staff, they move them elsewhere or just get rid of the complainers. Their mental health "initiative" was nothing more than a pr stunt, but I don't need to tell any of you that. So my advice for current employees is not to internalize your frustrations with your superiors there. They are no better than you are. If you're being harassed by staff there, put them in their place. Don't take crap, don't play their games, don't complain, get even.
   comment by jack on October 10, 2014

My cell phone was disconnected yesterday. This is from

"Your phone service has been suspended because you have exceeded your credit limit."

• Credit limit: $200.00

• Credit remaining: Over by 0.3500000000026

this is my "Current balance $90.35"

"A credit limit sets a limit on how much can be charged to your account. It was communicated to you when activated your service. If you exceed the credit limit, your phone service will be suspended until you make a payment and bring your balance under the credit limit."

Im not the smartest guy but im sure 90 is less than 200
   comment by John on November 5, 2014

I was a few months away from my contract was due to expire and my phone was stolen I informed them of my phone being stolen and those greedy fucks at bell are charging me 900.00 for a cell bill that was 65.00 and only 200.00 on a remaining 500.00 phone prior to it being stolen the battery to my cell was only giving me only 2hrs at best this dumb stupid useless cunt was beyond rude when I told her my battery was draining fast and she had the gall and audacity to 'don't you think it's high time you accepted responsibility for your phone acting up and instead of being so cheap go buy yourself a new one it's not our problem it's yours' normally it takes a lot to piss me off but this broadzilla drove me from zero to rage under 3 secs. HEY BELL CANADA GO EAT A DICK OR GO IMPALE YOURSELF ON NEAREST CHRISTMAS TREE STAND
   comment by Lynn Sinclair on November 13, 2014


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