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I don't own an iPhone, but this is a pretty sweet new feature:
There's a new feature [in iPhone OS 3.0] called Find My iPhone. . . . it will allow you to see on a map where your phone is. . . . You can send an alert tone to your phone that will play, announcing it's lost. It will play even if you left your phone in silent mode. . . . If your phone is really lost, there's a remote kill switch to wipe your phone of all your data.
I'm also super-stoked to discover that Leopard users will be able to upgrade to Snow Leopard for a measly $29. Hello, new iMac!

Posted by goodladd on June 8, 2009 with category tags of

Yeah, the upgrade price is not too shabby. Go, go, Canadian dollar!

Things I liked in the announcements:
- autofocus on the iPhone
- video capture on the iPhone
- 6GB smaller footprint of Snow vs Leppard
- TomTom GPS app
- 13" MacBook (now Pro) price drop (well, all price drops)

And, WTF, another 10$ for iPod touch OS upgrade? We Arrr going to find another solution.
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on June 9, 2009

You use your phone to locate your lost phone? I guess that IS impressive engineering!
   comment by Mariana on June 9, 2009


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