Pop Quiz: Real or Fake

Without looking it up on the Inter-webs, what is the likelihood, from 1 to 10, that this is a real video and not a joke?
1 = As real as unicorns with sqrt(-1) horns
10 = Gunther is in the Grammy runnings
For some reason I am not convinced either way...it's just so rhythmic and catchy...

Posted by Gbrowdy on February 1, 2010 with category tags of

is giving it a 5 a cop out?
   comment by maryam on February 1, 2010

   comment by BJ on February 2, 2010

10. Europeans do not distinguish between "real" videos and "joke" videos. Case in point: Europeans both laughed at the Numa Numa dance AND listened to the Numa Numa song on the radio.
   comment by Yvon Tripper (#15) on February 2, 2010

Someone stole my idea. Dammit!
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on February 2, 2010

Is that Weird Al?
   comment by dustin (#1) on February 2, 2010

Well I finally bothered to look up the right answer to my Pop Quiz. It looks like Yvon Tripper is the winner!



It is the stage name of a Swedish former model/club owner (the best slash description ever!).

Check out his website for a live version of Ding Dong Song, a sneak peek of "Pussycat", and a host of other material that all sounds almost exactly the same!

Congratulations, Yvon!
   comment by Gbrowdy (#55) on February 20, 2010


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