Northern Voice 2010 takeaways

Notes from day 1 of the 2010 Northern Voice personal media conference...

Bryan Alexander reminds us inject a sense of mystery into our (digital) lives.

How do you Find Your Voice?
Monica Hamburg says "Write, write and keep on writing. Don't be afraid to suck."

Dave Olson says "Take Risks and Hone your Craft with practice. Your voice comes out of your personal experiences."

The Cunting Linguist said "Write for yourself. Create excellent content. Be yourself online and don't pull your punches."

Taylor Loren ended the day with a hilarious take on relationships in the digital age. She had artistic slideshow technique, and maybe works with my cousin.

PS: Lunch chatting with the creator of Get out of Canada!

PPS: A friend of mine recently started a new blog about food and environment issues in Vancouver. I have been quite enjoying it, so check out: None too strong.

Posted by dustin on May 7, 2010 with category tags of

Great takeaways, I missed day one sadly, but have been having a blast getting all the perspective: good insight collection.
   comment by Kemp on May 9, 2010

Cool, Dustin, thank you! Great seeing you again & really appreciate you attending the session. I loved the conference so much!
   comment by Monica Hamburg on May 10, 2010

hey Dustin,
also love from Dave Olson "80% meditation,10% execution, and 10% inebriation"
   comment by andrew on May 11, 2010

So amazing D, I can't wait to attend this next year. I loved your takeaways - I feel like I attended a mini Northern Voice!

Ps: Taylor is incredible and is going to do BIG BIG things in her life. If you aren't already, follow her on Twitter. Your life will never be the same again.
   comment by Carolyn on May 14, 2010

Thank you for the link, Dustin. Appreciate your noting the mystery theme.
   comment by Bryan Alexander on August 22, 2010


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