I Feel So Jaded

Posted by vinny9 on July 5, 2010 with category tags of

That was so intense
   comment by LePhil (#198) on July 5, 2010

Of course it's already gotten the autotune treatment:

   comment by Alex (#118) on July 6, 2010

Come on Vinny, that's obviously you talking...
   comment by anonymous on July 7, 2010

I still don't know what it means. *sniff*
   comment by vinny9 (#33) on July 8, 2010

Why is this stoned looser SO goddam loud? why doesn't he learn from his forbears Whitman, Thoreaux etc ... and SHUT THE $%^& UP and write some poetry.
   comment by aussiegillfish on July 8, 2010

He's just excited because it means DOUBLE THE POT OF GOLD!
   comment by registeredname (#141) on July 13, 2010

   comment by vinny9 (#33) on July 16, 2010


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