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Just a short ad. Enjoy, and be sure to visualize as you read.

-[A redneck is digging a hole at night. Next to him is a body bag moving as though someone within was struggling. All of a sudden, the redneck drops his shovel, unzips the bag, and gives his prisoner a hand up. They proceed to walk off camera]

-[A firing squad of ten has their rifles trained to a man tied to a post, blindfolded. Rather then shoot, they all drop their rifles and walk away]

Prisoner: Hello? Hello?

-[A group of surgeons are operating on a man, who suddenly begins to convulse.]

Doctor: Heís flatlining, paddles!

[A nurse hands him paddles, he rubs them together]

Doctor: Clear!

[Before contacting the patient, the doctor drops the paddles, he and his surgical staff walk away, the patientís electrocardiogram goes flat]

-[A SWAT team is involved in a shoot out with heavily armed robbers. All at once they drop their guns and begin to walk in the same direction, one man trips on a body, but quickly gets up to keep pace]

-[In a graveyard, zombies begin to rise from their tombs. They all walk in the same direction, slowly proceeding off camera]

-[Amid a raging storm, a man with prosthetics is on a boat, aiming a harpoon cannon at a large white whale. Just when he has the whale dead in his crosshairs, he takes his head away from the scope]

Ishmael: Yarr, me whale can wait. Get us to America

-[The screen is broken into 6 equal parts depicting all the people headed on their way. In large white letters is printed "Drop everything to go watch Foxís new fall season."]

Posted by Reverend_Jerry on November 3, 2002 with category tags of

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It seemed too much like an ad you might really see.
   comment by TANK (#89) on July 27, 2003, Rated it 2


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