Skit Shooting

A dumb quicky.

[Group of people sitting in a small room.]

1: And then he says: "I thought you said 'President Chirac!'".

[Everyone laughs.]

2: Can we make the first bear into a robot-bear?
3: Maybe a cyborg-bear with metal parts, kinda like the Borg.
1: Yeah! That sounds good. He can have a metallic voice.
3: The only problem I had with that skit was that I think we might be pushing it with the fetus rolling down the stairs.
2: I liked that.
3: No, the rolling down the stairs part is funny. I guess my problem is that he screams as he rolls down the stairs.
1: Too much? I thought the big problem would be the bear giving Michael J Fox Parkinson's.
3: That was the best part!
2: Totally!
3: Question: Why are they in Paris?
2: Yeah, I didn't get that.
1: Didn't you guys see the Country Bears movie?

[2 and 3 look at each other.]

1: Never mind, if you'd seen the movie, it's funnier but I think it's funny on its own. No? Not funny?
2: Not really.
1: Man, now the "President Chirac" line doesn't make much sense.
3: Change it to "I thought you said 'Eminem'!"

[Everyone cracks up with laughter.]

1: Ok, I think we got enough for today. Let's meet back here tomorrow to think up a title.

Posted by vinny9 on November 26, 2002 with category tags of

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It could be funny, but it's not really clear that they are trying to write a skit. Especially for people that don't write skits.
   comment by dustin (#1) on March 6, 2003, Rated it 3


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