Littlest Hobo MADNESS!!!!!!!!

So, I was studying for tomorrow's bar exam, when I got to thinking, "What were the lyrics to 'The Littlest Hobo', again?" This sent me to this page:

What the.....? A movie? A black-and-white first series from the sixties? ALTERNATIVE THEME SONG LYRICS? The Littlest Hobo that we know and love is a REMAKE?
[cue sound of worldview shattering]

Posted by chrisdye on December 9, 2003 with category tags of

How could they claim that he was the 'littlest' hobo? What about really small kids? OR dawrf hobos? That show had no credibility.
   comment by anonymous on December 10, 2003

I will temper my righteous indignation as much as I can by assuming you've never seen the show. If you had, you would realize that questioning the Littlest Hobo's credibility is just plain immoral.

The Littlest Hobo is the embodiment of what we should all try to be. EVERY WEEK, that dog saved someone in distress, gave a helping hand to someone who needed it, or just gave someone a friend to talk to and a shoulder to cry on. The Littlest Hobo is the standard to which I hold all dogs, always to find them lacking. That show was all good things, melded together in one brief, impossible moment. Saying "That show [The Littlest Hobo] had no credibility" is a nonsense statement. The Littlest Hobo was the manifestation on earth of credibility and every other virtue.

Second, have you ever SEEN a dwarf hobo? Of course not. Why? Because it's impossible for a dwarf to be a hobo. Hobos have to be able to haul themselves onto a train car from the ground. While dwarves can generally do what most people can, I seriously doubt that your average dwarf would have the reach or strength to do that. Those few dwarves that could obviously wouldn't be hobos; they'd be doing something productive with all that arm strength. Anyway, since when are dwarves smaller than German Shepherds? Since never.

As for these so-called "child hobos", they're not really hobos at all, are they? They are properly termed ORPHANS or RUNAWAYS. One cannot attain the status of "hobo" until one has attained the age of majority or has become an emancipated minor. By that time, they've grown larger than German Shepherds. Therefore, obviously The Littlest Hobo was the littlest hobo.

I am sorry if I seem a little rough on you, but come on- dissin' the Littlest Hobo? It's frankly Bolshevism.

   comment by chrisdye (#15) on December 10, 2003

Of course I've SEEN the Littlest Hobo Chris, but if you lie to the audience up front how can they trust you.
   comment by anonymous on December 10, 2003

You make a sound arguments, but don't ever refer to the Littlest Hobo in your closing statements. It might not go over well with the judge.

p.s. Does chrisdye deserve the "most creative procrastinator" award for this week?
   comment by Mirzipan (#99) on December 10, 2003

Wait, the littlest hobo was a dog? I'm confused.
   comment by dustin (#1) on December 11, 2003

You're... kidding... right?
   comment by Mariana (#35) on December 11, 2003

DeForrest Kelley
Leslie Nielsen
Mike Myers
Abe Vigoda
Patrick Macnee
Al "The King" Waxman ...

They were all a part of the hobo legacy.
   comment by Alex (#118) on December 11, 2003

Come on you mates: If there was ever a beloved series,it was the Littlest Hobo.Both the B/W and Colour versions.I watched and loved it as did my kids and grandkids.Whoever owned a dog no matter what breed would see something of him or her in Hobo.My view anyway. PS I own a female German Sheppard.
   comment by Blue Suit In Toronto on March 9, 2004

I used to watch "The Littlest Hobo" all the time, and I find it insulting that Lassie is more famous than London(Name of the Hobo in t.v series). Why is this? It is clear that Lassie was never as smart (in real life) and was a far inferior actor than London was. I'm from the UK and can't find any video's or DVD's anywhere for the series. Can anybody help? Yes I've tried Ebay.
   comment by Steven Hudson on March 29, 2004

Not sure how old you are, Steven, but if you are under 30 or so, fair film quality and b&w instead of color might scare you off. If not, you can order two episodes of the original "Littlest Hobo" series on VHS for $12.99 from . I did and was satisfied with my purchase, but then again, I'm an old fart of 48 and grew up with the original series. Also, if you are from the UK, I suppose you would have to have some sort of format transfer made before you could view the tape. I have most of the original 1958 movie on VHS that I taped off of TBS some years ago, but only about 3/4 of it, unfortunately. The intelligence of London over Lassie is made clear in the movie (which stars one of the cast members of the original "Leave It To Beaver" series!). The film centers around London rescuing a boy's pet lamb from the slaughterhouse. The sight of London pulling a lamb around that obviously does not want to go (likely the lamb was pretty hard to train) is funny in and of itself.

I have inquired many places about the original series and getting it released on DVD, but no luck so far. I did actually correspond with the widow of Ronald Stein, the composer of the original film soundtrack and theme song. She assured me that although it is not available for purchase, it has been transferred to digital. I also have an e-mail into the owner/trainer of all the London dogs, Charles Eisenmann, hoping for some further information on the original series. If you are interested in the 1979 remake, that should not be too difficult to find, but about that series, I could care less until I've seen it and can judge for myself. I only know that Mike Myers was in one of the remake's episodes as a Canadian child star and would get a kick out of seeing that one.

Having been born and reared in NC, I was surprised to see a posting on the Classic TV Archive website of an original TV Guide ad from the series debut in 1963 on WITN, a TV station in the small sleepy town of Washington, NC. Enough to provide the sitemaster with information on the two episodes available on VHS. I believe he is also from the UK and has these two episodes. You can contact him at the site: .

Mark Welsh
Dallas, TX
   comment by Mark Welsh on April 1, 2004

Hi Friends, It was such a big highlight in my Career to play the role of Sister Ophelia in The Littlest Hobo, 1958, Hollywood, California. I will have my own Radio Program soon..Luv..God Bless..Dorothy and London
   comment by Dorothy Johnson - Actress on June 20, 2004


Four episodes of the original series available on DVD on eBay at present. They're the two readily available everywhere ("Death at 5 pm" and "Little White Liar"), plus two others - "One Last Rose" and "Anniversary Guest".

Iten number is 6311364809, the seller also has a copy of the 1958 movie.
   comment by Chris Keating on July 28, 2004

Hi. I have noticed at the Kevin McCorry website there is mention of a DVD being released in the 4th quarter of 2004 containing the first 12 B&W episodes of 14 from The Littlest Hobo tv series. I have checked both Canadian & American new DVD releases for 2004 and there is no mention of such a DVD being released. So I was wondering if anyone here has heard anymore on this. I would really be interested in any information. Thanks
   comment by trailbuster (#171) on August 15, 2004

I cannot say that being in the Littlest Hobo had made my career. In one of the early 1964 episodes I was playing a baby. My father was the assistant director for the Littlest Hobo at the time and chose me for that starring role.

I have vague recollections of playing with the dogs (London, Torro and the names of the rest escape me). Being a small child they terrified me.

Its kinda sad that I've never seen a single episode. One day I hope to find a copy of the episode I played in and watch it. Until then I would like to thank all of the loyal fans of the show for making it such a success.
   comment by Paul C.L. Fritz-Nemeth on August 20, 2004

i had bet with someone saying that the littest hobo was a german sheppard but he think he looks nothing like one can any one email me with any infomation on it please
   comment by martyn on September 10, 2004

The dogs were german sheppards, but I think they may have some other blood mixed in. You would need to contact Chuck (owner/trainer of the dogs) to get the full story.
   comment by Paul C.L. Fritz-Nemeth on September 30, 2004

The releasing of The Littlest Hobo DVD has been changed to the first quarter of 2005 by SabuCat Productions as stated at Kevin MCcorry Littlest Hobo website.
   comment by trailbuster30 (#171) on October 1, 2004

Hi Friends, I would to know where I can buy a copy of the Littlest Hobo to include in my Hollywood Memorabilia. I played Sister Ophilia in the movie. God Blessings....Love, Dorothy Johnson
   comment by dorothy johnson - Actress on October 3, 2004

Your thoughts Senor? I think you have a lovely Web page! I did not know I was a Senor? Thanks alot for doing your thing for The Littlest Hobo! Muchas Gracias....Hasta Luego! Senorita Dorotea
   comment by dorothy johnson - Actress on October 3, 2004

Hi Dorothy, A copy of The Littlest Hobo VHS tape is at Hollywood's Attic. I sent you an E-mail containing the website.
   comment by trailbuster30 (#171) on October 3, 2004

Well wholly smokes - I can't beleive there is a website dedicated to Littlest Hobo! A lady that I worked with new the words to the theme song and I was jealous so now I am wondering if the words are on this site (I'll keep checking). I am in my early 30's and remember watching Hobo. I loved him and I love german sheppards. Maybe tomorrow...
   comment by carrie cashmore, Barrie, Ontario, Canada on October 6, 2004

Hi Carrie, There is another website called for you or anyone interested here. I also have a webpage that I can send you that has both themes from 63'-65' & 79'-85' that you can actually play and hear and lists the episodes if you want.
   comment by trailbuster30 (#171) on October 6, 2004

Im 31, live in Lima Peru, to read this messages have brought very nice memories!!!
I remember watch the show with my litlle sisters, sometimes they cried watching this lovely dog helping people, the only thing we wanted was a dog like that.
   comment by jose on October 7, 2004

I'm 26 and living in England. I loved the littlest hobo as a kid and came on the net searching for it on dvd or vhs. Surprising how many others loved the show too! Really wanna get hold of something to watch. Help!
   comment by Paul doyle on November 17, 2004

Surely the Hobo was nothing but a Homo? Just thoughts. FOYGC.
   comment by Captain Stewby on November 22, 2004

It's interesting to see how many younger people have loved the littlest hobo. Those dogs were truly remarkable. Too bad no one has followed up on the theme.
   comment by Paul C.L. Fritz-Nemeth on November 23, 2004

The littlest Hobo is on every morning At 6:00am ET on Vision Tv. I was wondering if anyone has the poster of the dogs? I say dogs because "London" was not the only dog Star in that series... I beleave there was 8 dogs in total
   comment by Jeff on November 29, 2004

i turned 25 afew weeks ago and i love the littlest hobo it use to make me cry but yes i definatly remember this programme, and would love a dvd copy of afew episodes if possible anyone know where in NZ to find this. i have the words and tune to the littlest hobo, wish they would play it on tv again.
   comment by Andrea Pilkington Auckland NEW ZEALAND on December 1, 2004

grow up anonymous The littlest hobo was a television programme NOt a documentry!!! its allowed to have things in it that arent completely true. It was a Great show so much better then the shows they play now days
   comment by Andrea Pilkington Auckland NEW ZEALAND on December 6, 2004

i love hobo!!!
though, funnily enough, ive only just started learning about the show......
and i just purchased something off ebay....have to wait to get it soon!!!
   comment by smyleigh on December 10, 2004

I totally love The Littlest Hobo, and I used to watch it when I was child (I'm 23 now, but out of all the memories I have of being a child, its the biggest).
I am DYING for it to be officially released on DVD so I can buy it.

A few months ago I downloaded the theme song online and as soon as I heard it, I burst into tears.

Please please please can someone send me any information on some Hobo websites, coz I haven't managed to find very many.
Also, where can I find more information about this supposed DVD release?
   comment by Laney on December 11, 2004

the littlest hobo theme song has been covered by several bands. I found a version by the Vaginal Croutons on lime wire. I plan to cover it with my own band soon
   comment by youth jihad on December 15, 2004

The end of the planet. This is the Littlest Hobo. Yes! Shoving me into the bathroom closet! Watching the Littlest Hobo with my fucking pants down! Littleset Hobo ruined my life.
For all you donkey fearing motherfuckers out there who think this dog did anything good for mankind, you are sadly disillusioned. The littlest hobo saved FICTIONAL PEOPLE, while I was prodded with a rubber mallet by my father. You all make me Sick.
Murno Gladst
   comment by murno gladst on December 15, 2004

murno gladst...... I do believe statements like that are really uncalled for!
I'm sorry about your personal problems, really, but there is no reason for you to take that stuff out on us JUST because we like the littlest hobo!

What does a telelvision dog have to do with your problems anyway???
Please, leave that stuff elsewhere, we come here to leave friendly notes about a television show we love, not to come and hear someone criticising us and saying stuff like that!

We KNOW the show is fictional, none of us have ever made claims to say otherwise... why can't you just let us like the things we like, and keep your negativity to yourself!

And you say the dog didn't do anything good for mankind?? I'm sure there are plenty of people in the world, who after watching that TV show as children decided to be nicer people as they got older.
I for one am only the kind of person I am because of that TV show, I had a crappy childhood, a lot of people did, but I used the resources I had to keep me sane.
Watching the littlest hobo for me was an OUT of my miserable life, I watched that show, and for at least half an hour, was taken away from my troubles as I watched that dog on the screen, and at the end of every episode, I would say "I want to be like that, helping people!"

I do help people now, I work with disabled people voluntarily, and I don't think I ever would have if it hadn't been for the childhood I had watching Hobo, so please don't take your negativity out on us. We don't need it. We just come here to share a love of an old television program.
If you don't share that love, please don't post here!
   comment by Laney on December 18, 2004

Hi Laney. The DVD is to be released Jan.25 2005 it will contain 2 DVDs and have a retail price of $29.99 from VCI home entertainment. You can Pre-order it now at for $20.99 and save $9.00. It should also be available wherever DVDs are sold next year.
   comment by trailbuster (#171) on December 18, 2004

Hi trailbuster, I went to that site and had a look, but I couldn't see it listed there...
I had to do a search and I found "Little Hobo 1: TV Series (2pc) (Full B&W)" which is sad, coz B&W would mean the original 50's series, which isn't the one I watched as a kid. I watched the 80's remakes, but still, will be getting this set so my dad can have a trip down memory lane!
   comment by Laney on December 20, 2004

Hi Laney, Sorry I forgot to mention that you had to do a search first. The b&w DVD is from '63-'65 and is the one I remember. If you have never seen it I think you will like it. The original theme is the best as it was meant to be a folk tune and really adds to the show as the original London comes riding to town in a boxcar. There is a site it is owned by Sharon and is all about anything related to Hobo. She also likes the color episodes.
   comment by trailbuster (#171) on December 20, 2004

By the way, I just thought I would let you know that the spirit of the Littlest Hobo is alive and well in Turkey. I was trying to find my hotel in Istanbul, when a stray dog started following me. Normally not something I would like, but then after about two minutes he walked ahead of me and then stopped at the street where my hotel was. This prompted me to sing the Littlest hobo theme song right there on the street.
   comment by chrisdye on December 21, 2004

That's so cool chrisdye!
The last time I started singing the Littlest Hobo theme in the street however, people asked me if I was insane...
I said "Yes indeed I am crazy... Crazy about the Littlest Hobo" and they REALLY thought I was mad... though of course, the only reason I was singing it, was because I saw a stray dog who I thought looked kinda like London, and it came up and was playing with me, and I sang to it.
The dog didn't seem to mind very much!

I actually named my pet cat London 2 years ago because of The Littlest Hobo (my dad wouldn't let me have a dog, so I used the name as best I could on my cat!)
   comment by Laney on December 22, 2004

Wow, nothing gets the kids talking like the Littlest Hobo.
   comment by Reverend_Jerry (#40) on December 27, 2004

You can purchase a CD with a remake of the Theme song sung by the original artist (Terry Bush) of the 79-series

Bottom of the page (Purchase)

   comment by StuckInThe80s on January 3, 2005

The new Littlest Hobo DVD will have the first 3 episodes in color from '63 for the very first time ever. Also as an additional bonus it will feature the original theme song "Road Without End" from Ronald Stein and sung by Randy Sparks as a seperate selection.
   comment by trailbuster (#171) on January 4, 2005

The New Littlest Hobo DVD Collection 1 is on E-bay. Check search for The Littlest Hobo DVD.
   comment by trailbuster (#171) on January 22, 2005

For those who are curious. The original two Littlest Hobo dogs also starred in a full length feature film "Silent Friends" also known as "Dogs to the Rescue". Here is a link to some more information:
   comment by Paul Fritz-Nemeth on February 11, 2005

The littlest hobo was the modern jesus.
   comment by anonymous on April 25, 2005

Wow I didn't know The Littlest Hobo spirit is so alive. I thought I was all alone thinking about the show that has made such a big print on my life! I'm a true dog lover ever since watching The Littles Hobo in the early 80s. Big cheers to all fans! Hope all of us can keep on writing....
   comment by Nelson from Singapore on May 4, 2005

Wow...and I thought I was the only one. I love the show (I'm old school, the B&W for me!), and I just found a site with a sniglet of the theme. I've been searcing for years for it. Even the little bit made me tear up.

When I wish I cold get a dog, I always wish it was a German Shepard, andit dawned on me today why...

Train hoppin', town to town, driftin'...

   comment by Littlest Hobo 4-Ever! on July 19, 2005

I have watched the littlest hobo movie every year along with the wizard of oz and the ghost and mrs. muir. those were the movies that you just felt good after watching them. i sure wish i could find that movie the b/w 1958 littlest hobo. thanks
   comment by mjan54 on July 23, 2005

Hi mjan. The company that owns the original '58 movie also owns all 65 of the original '63-'65 TV episodes from The Littlest Hobo. 12 of the TV episodes are currently available on a new 2 disc DVD set. the fate of the original '58 movie as well as the rest of the episodes being put on DVD depends on how well this 2 disc set sells. Dan
   comment by trailbuster (#171) on July 23, 2005

I am trying to find a copy of Littlest Hobo movie of 1958 or any of the posters or movie cards that have my picture on them with the star of the movie London and myself with fellow child actor Buddy Hart.
Please contact me if anyone has anything for sale.
Thank you,
   comment by Wendy Stuart on July 24, 2005

The Movie "Silent Friends" otherwise known in the USA as "Dogs to the Rescue".

I just noticed that this film was wrongly identified as originally shot in French and then dubbed into English.

Actually the film was originally shot in English, all the Romanian actors having learned the lines in that language. In order to change some of the cadence by the actors in the film, it was redubbed into English in Canada. (Actually the most difficult re-dub was Chuck Eisenenman who played the detective. He was the one of two English speaking acotrs in the film. The other one was Tony Kramreither.)

The film then was translated into French by the distributor, Rock Demers from Faroun Films, as it had to be in both language for Canadian release.

How do I know all this? I was the director of the film and the lady who coached the Romanian actors to speak in English became my wife.

I hope this may have cleared up the misinformation. Sorry to have been so late, but I just came across this information. July 28, 2005.

Paul and Mariella Fritz-Nemeth (Damboiu)
Verdun, Quebec, Canada
   comment by Paul Fritz-Nemeth on July 28, 2005

The Littlest Hobo was an amazing series and i loved watching it. Unfortunately I didn't ever get to see the final episode at least i don't remember seeing it. So I have one question if anyone could answer it. Did he ever find home?
   comment by Michael on August 4, 2005


Sadly the Littles Hobo never found a home. He was doomed to wander for ever, once he solved the problems of the people he got in touch with.
   comment by Paul Fritz-Nemeth on August 12, 2005

Did you guys see the legendary unbroadcast final episode, in which the Littlest Hobo saves loads of stray dogs from a meat processing plant in which they're about to be packaged? He sacrifices himself and ends up being turned into 104 cans of Pedigree Chum (Pedigree Chum sponsored the episode and ran a brief "eat the littlest hobo" promotion, in which several cans were actually manufactured using dogmeat)

The final segment of the show featured the usual theme music, but instead of trotting wistfully off into the distance, the 104 cans of Pedigree Chum just sat on the sidewalk. They were later to feature in a new series, "Return Of The Littlest Hobo", in which the 104 cans of Pedigree Chum would show up and save someone or provide a helping hand or give someone a shoulder to cry on, and then roll off down the street.
   comment by Robb on September 19, 2005

Does anyone know if the newer episodes are on DVD? of if they are currently being shown in syndication anywhere (I saw where vision TV was showing them, but not anymore).
   comment by Karl on October 17, 2005

Hi Karl. The newer episodes of The Littlest Hobo are not on DVD yet. But you can get some of the newer episodes on VHS at:
   comment by trailbuster30 on October 18, 2005

thanks! Do you have them on VHS? Shoot me an email at if you want...
   comment by Karl on October 18, 2005

Does anyone have a VHS copy of the original 1958 film, "The Littlest Hobo"? I have wanted to see this film for nearly 30 years.
   comment by Michael on November 16, 2005

I just saw on CTV that they are going to start rebroadcasting Littlest Hobo episodes on TV again!!
   comment by chrisdye (#15) on November 21, 2005

Unbelievable, I've asked hundreds of people over the years if they remember ever seeing The series The Littlest Hobo. Only one ever remembers it. It was my favorite show and I cryed after every show. I used to give my father the hardest time, I wanted to go get London so he had a safe and happy home to live in, My father said it took an hour after every show to calm me down. I always thought he was lying and didn't want to go get him. He could not convince me that it was just a show. Oh how I loved it..... I also would love to find, a DVD or video of the series. What a wonderful memory. Thank you
   comment by Linda on November 27, 2005

Oh how nice to find you all. I started telling my kids about the Littlest Hobo when advertisements for the new Lassie film came on and was like 'He werent a patch on the Littlest hobo' ha ha ! I do realise how sad that sounds! Oh the theme tune got me going every time with him running off into the distance and unknown! What a top, top show!
   comment by Kat on December 17, 2005

It seems that they have finally released 12 episodes of the 1960s series on DVD.
   comment by chrisdye (#15) on January 14, 2006

What studio owns the rights to the 1958 movie? There must be some legal problem with releasing it on DVD or VHS (cause it never has been released). At least I can call or write them and ask if there is a chance in hell that this little movie will ever be shared again with the public...or will it only be a very distant memory? (along with the great theme song).
   comment by Rick Cieply on January 17, 2006

VCI will be releasing Vol. 2 of THE Littlest Hobo DVD later this year. It will contain more of the TV episodes from the '63 season.
   comment by trailbuster30 on January 21, 2006

My last post was May 2005, its been almost a year, but once in awhile the thought of the littlest hobo would just come by...and i'm sure it's gonna live in me forever!!!
   comment by Nelson From Singapore on April 21, 2006

One of my all time favorite shows. The "title song" is one of the most powerful themes ever written. Imagine that, a song and a show that teach moral values.... " VIVA LA HOBO!!!!!
   comment by chris duncan on May 27, 2006

I feel like an alchoholic finding the AA group for the first time!!! Here I thought (like many of you Im sure) I was the only person alive (aside from the rest of my hobo lovin`family) who had ever heard of the littles hobo! Hobo was a part of my life from the beginning. In fact my earliest memory is throwing dog food on the ground for our own little hobo (his name actually was Hobo, named after the famous character). we had to leave our hobo when we moved across Canada when I was 2 and until I was about 12 I always thought The Littlest Hobo was my long lost dog trying to find his way home!! As i grew up the hobo song became the theme song of my life as I drifted throughout Canada, America and now Europe. And like Hobo I always used my drifting as a way to help new people.

The song, along with the image of hobo running along in all his glroious freedom (which always made my older brother weep after every episode!)has always stayed with me.

And as a coincidence to that "hobo meat" story: when we left our dog Hobo in Alberta my parents told me he went to the pound, and in my toddler mind I rreally thought my hobo was on a conveyer belt where he would be pounded by a huge hammer and turned into dog meat!!! I was relieved to see him on TV saving people and doing good thigs with his life!!!

Keep hope alive everyone and never let the Hobo spirit die!!!

"Until tomorrow the whole world is my home."
   comment by jozie on May 31, 2006

Littlest Hobo fans, check out Barrie radio station They have a campaign going to have the german shephard, in honour of the littlest hobo, named the official dog breed of Ontario! How cool is that.
   comment by Darrell MacInnis on June 8, 2006

Anyone wanting to keep track of dvd releases for the Littlest Hobo should know about an amazing website,

If you register, you can vote on the shows you would buy if they were released, and the studios pay attention to this site. The site also lets you sign up to receive email updates about upcoming releases. Oh, and I am not affiliated with the site at all. [Just one of its biggest fans]
   comment by caelie on June 9, 2006

Hi caelie. That is a great site. The company that has in its possesion the 65 b&w TV episodes and will be the first to release future TV episodes of The Littlest Hobo is VCI Home Entertainment. If you go to their website: and click on "New" at the top of their webpage it will show you 3 to 4 pages of what they have that is coming out soon. When volume 2 of The Littlest Hobo comes out later this year it will be listed here first.
   comment by trailbuster30 on June 10, 2006

I still read a lot about the TV series - and I'm sure it was great - however, there still seems to be minimal attention around the 1958 movie - whose theme song is quite different from the TV theme show.

Again, anyone out there know of any plans to release the 1958 movie on DVD?
   comment by Rick Cieply on July 5, 2006

Rick, the producers and distributors of the 1958 movie is Allied Artists ( ). You could write to them (contact info on their website) and ask them if they have any plans for the movie.
   comment by chrisdye (#161) on July 5, 2006

Hi. Rick if you want to hear the original movie theme song that was also sung by Randy Sparks it's also included in the Vol.1 DVD set. It's featured in the first color episode "Trouble in Paris".
   comment by trailbuster30 on July 5, 2006

The Littlest Hobo is a great show. I wish UK tv would rerun it. I never knew until today that it was first made in the 60's. I would love to see these episodes. Lassie was far too lame for me. Check out for a 'Maybe Tomorrow' tee shirt
   comment by nothingmuch1978 on July 28, 2006

Wow. I can't believe this site. I'm not sure how I got here but I'm here. I wrote and sang the theme
"Maybe Tomorrow" for the '2nd' version of the Littlest Hobo that aired in the 80's. I had no idea that so many people loved that show. I've really enjoyed reading through all the entries here and thanks for the kind comments about my theme song. Very humbling. Cheers from Ajax Ontario ! :)
   comment by Terry Bush on November 11, 2006

Update: VCI now states that the Vol.2 DVD of The Littlest Hobo which contains more of the episodes from the '63 season will be released sometime next year.
   comment by trailbuster30 on December 11, 2006

Hi, I'm Tammy Coughlan, from Fredericton, New Brunswick. Canada. Awesome show, and an awesome theme song, too! Long live, The Littlest Hobo!
   comment by Tammy Coughlan on March 13, 2007

Wasnt there a song that played at the closing credits for the Littlest Hobo also? How can I get ahold of the lyrics or the song?
   comment by Vickie on March 26, 2007

Hi Vickie. Here is a website that includes the 3 versions of "The Littlest Hobo" theme song. It has the lyrics from the original '58 movie as well as the lyrics from the 2 TV series '63-'65 and '79-'85.

All the series including the '58 movie played the themes during the end credits also.
   comment by trailbuster30 on March 27, 2007

Hi,im also a big fan of '' The Littlest Hobo ''. Been
one since the early 60's. One afternoon,around
1983,i was able to record and capture this elusive
1958 movie. I did my best to weed out all the
commercials and although the station logo appears
throughout,i've been able to enjoy this movie for
23 years. Watching it this past weekend,it now has
some snowy lines running near top of screen. It
comes and go's through the hole movie. Still i did
not move from the time LONDON gets off the train
and until he returns to it with his hobo pals.
''The Littlest Hobo'' is a small movie with an awfully
big heart !
   comment by Carmine Finamore on April 2, 2007

Any word when the 79 series will be released?
   comment by Iain on April 7, 2007

Hi lian. CTV a Canadian television station owns the rights to the '79-'85 Hobo series and has no plans as of yet to release the series on DVD, however there were 8 out of the 114 episodes that were released on VHS and are available at:
   comment by trailbuster30 on April 7, 2007

Hi lain. CTV a Canadian television station owns the rights to the '79-'85 Hobo series and has no plans as of yet to release the series on DVD, however there were 8 out of the 114 episodes that were released on VHS and are available at:
   comment by trailbuster30 on April 7, 2007

Here's a pretty good cover of the theme song:
   comment by chrisdye on May 6, 2007

Actually, the 1979-85 series has been released on DVD already. I am thinking of getting it. Here is a link for more info on this series

and here is a link to Amazon where you can actually buy the DVD. They also have the original series. you click on the link for more info this links you to the same IMD page that shows that is was run 1979 - 85 and if you read the listing of episode titles you can see it is the same one. My personal favorite was Little Girl Lost. Enjoy!!! This was such a wonderful series and I remember watching it as a kid and echo many of the sentiments I have read here.
   comment by Wolf Eyed on May 10, 2007

Hi Wolf Eyed. I was told by the owner of VCI that they are the same early '63 season episodes that were originally released in '05, just sold seperately and re-packaged.

Robert Blair at VCI also said the Volume 2 with more new episodes from the '63 season will be available sometime in the Fall of '07.

SabuCat productions who owns "The Littlest Hobo" TV series from '63-'65 and who are having VCI distribute them, said that they do not own the newer '79-'85 color series.

   comment by trailbuster30 on May 10, 2007

Travelin' around from town to town...sometimes I think I'll settle down...but I know I'd wonder to be free...rovin's the only like for me...I'm traveling, the world is my friend...etc. etc.
   comment by beau on September 17, 2007

I was just wondering if the 79-85 series has been released yet? I have a little dog who wakes up every Saturday morning in time to watch Hobo, he lies very still in front of the tv watching each move. My fear is that they will take the series off of CTV and my little dog will not be able to see his beloved Hobo any longer. So I am hoping I can buy the DVD set somewhere.
   comment by Marjorie on October 20, 2007

The Vol.2 Littlest Hobo DVD set that contains more episodes from the '63 season that was supposed to be out this Fall, has been delayed and is now updated to: (pending conformation).

VCI from the email that I received is still in the process of selecting and
transfering more of the episodes to DVD.
   comment by trailbuster (#171) on November 18, 2007

Update: The Littlest Hobo Vol.2 DVD set has been canceled for the time being due to poor sales according to SabuCat Productions the owners of the TV series.
   comment by trailbuster (#171) on January 11, 2008

my family and i are littlest hobo fans and are interested in purchasing the whole tv series on dvd- all episodes, how do i go about doing this?
thank you
   comment by angela gingrich on February 4, 2008

Hi angela. Do you mean the the newer color episodes from '79-'85 or the original B&W episodes from '63-'65?

If you are looking for the newer ones from '79-'85 they have never been released on DVD and only 8 episodes were ever released on VHS you can find them at and for the original episodes from '63-'65 you can find the first volume DVD set that contains 12 episodes on 2 DVDs (and it looks like the only one that will be made) at Ebay, Amazon and various other retailers online. There is also sometimes listed at Ebay and regularly available at Movies Unlimited 2 B&W original episodes from '64.
   comment by trailbuster (#171) on February 4, 2008

Any updates on the fate of the 1958 movie?
I'd really like to see it hasn't been on
any of my tv stations for decades,
but like everyone else on this site, it has
had an indelible effect on me in my life,
and so, if it's not possible to
own a copy, I'd at least like to
watch it again, somewhere.
Is there a copy in a film library somewhere...
someplace like a
'National Archives' for classic movies,
where one could go and make
arrangements to view a movie
stored there?
Thanks for any and all help.
   comment by jmittra on February 22, 2008

I haven't seen the 58 movie since the 60's. I never realized that the movie was made into a TV series until I started searching for the film these past few years. The original movie is a Family Classic. I guess I'm off to buy the series....but dreaming of the day
   comment by Vivian on May 3, 2008

God, so many comments! I watched the show when I was a kid, totally forgot about it, now by way of the Internet and I listened to Terry's wonderful song once again and BOOM! All the good memories started to come alive once more. I so want to get to watch this wonderful show again, and hopefully get it (the 80s version) on DVD so I can watch it with my kids as soon as I get them!

This show taught me about helping others and a love of dogs I still keep to this day!

Terry, you made such a great song... I still tend to cry every time I listen to it. You really put so much feeling into it..
   comment by Rafael on October 13, 2008

I am looking for the 1966 episode Sniff Me a Robber. My father Ken Belcher was in the episode and was his only TV appearence
   comment by Brian Belcher on November 26, 2008

Hi Brian. The original b&w TV series of The Littlest Hobo only ran from '63 to '65. The episode that you are looking for "Sniff me a Robber" along with the remaining episodes from the original TV series has not been released and has been canceled for the time being. Only the first 12 episodes from the '63 season are available on DVD "The Littlest Hobo" Vol.1 that came out in 2005.
The early episode that I'm hoping that they will release also is "Smokey Ridge" which starred Tommy Rettig from the original "Lassie" TV series.
   comment by Tim on November 26, 2008

The Littlest Hobo 1958 copy. $15 includes s&h.
Not perfect,but watchable
Commercials edited out.Vhs only. Sold as is.
Collector to Collector. Thanks again to those on
this great site,that contacted me in the past for a
   comment by Carmine on February 8, 2009

Purchased the littlest hobo 1958 vhs copy from Carmine. What a fabulous find!!! Good quality, just a little "jumping" on the top of the screen, doesn't distract from this wonderful movie!!! A MUST SEE MOVIE! It's so heartwarming, and is the "pilot" movie for the series! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!! Thanks again to you Carmine, for offering this fabulous movie to Hobo fans! You're just a wonderful guy to care about us that way...THANK YOU!
   comment by Pamela on August 31, 2009

please post a torrent if you can. so many looking for this, and also many episodes of 63 and 79 series
   comment by cindy on September 2, 2009

can someone please post in any torrent site the episodes now shown on the web as CTV blocks access outside Canada. if anyone needs links to torrents already posted let me know.
   comment by cindy on September 2, 2009

When have a chance to watch the program it
brings back memory's when i seen the dogs in person they were a smart bunch of dogs. I've
even had pictures of all the dogs he owned,but the pictures went missing somehow. in one instince he would tell a command & he would open a file cabnet drawer open. That was some site to see, i wish i could get some of those pictures it would be nice to see.
   comment by Gale on September 13, 2009

Hi Gale. There are some photo's of London on the "What is a Shiloh Shepherd" website, about half ways down the page.

Here is the address
to the site:

   comment by Tim on September 15, 2009

I guess everyone knows by now that full episodes are available to view on the CTV website.
   comment by chrisdye (#15) on October 8, 2009

Looking for the Littlest Hobo-1958 on DVD for Dad's christmas gift. Can anyone help?!?!
   comment by Emily on December 11, 2009

Hi Emily. The '58 movie is still not available on DVD. Carmine above does have a copy of the '58 movie for sale on VHS tape.
   comment by Tim on December 12, 2009

awesome cover of the littlest hobo themesong here:
   comment by claire on December 16, 2009

Lilyest Hobo: a Lily Allen/Littlest Hobo mashup
   comment by chrisdye on December 29, 2009

Hey freaks, the littlest hobo is now on twitter!
   comment by dustin (#1) on January 29, 2010

it's coming out on DVD on the 26th April ..check out
   comment by anonymous on February 26, 2010

Amazon UK doeen't say whether or not this is from the new TV series ('79-'85 that was in color or the older B&W TV series ('63-'65). Two clues that it might be from the newer TV series is 1. The studio is Mediumrare instead of VCI. 2. There are 4 DVDs in the set instead of only 2.
   comment by Tim on February 27, 2010

Just found out at that this new DVD boxed set is to the newer Littlest Hobo TV series from '79-'85 and contains the theme song "Maybe Tomorrow"
   comment by Tim on March 2, 2010

Hi. I was randomly surfing the t.v. and to my surprise, ..
The Littlest Hobo was on!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't believe it.
I watched this show when I was kid, the theme song still brings tears to my eyes. I love it and the little Hobo himself. Anyone knows how the series ends or what happened to him???? Thank you.
   comment by onehobofan on March 14, 2010

I just got the movie from Carmine.It is just great!Very watchable in quality.A little streaking at the top of the screen at first,but it clears up.Thanks Carmine for sharing!
   comment by Dave Scudder on May 12, 2010

I am thinking of recording a version of the theme song with my band, does anyone know who has the publishing writes? I want to do this through the proper channels
-Cheers, Chris
   comment by Chris Lyne on June 12, 2010

LOVE this cover of the littlest hobo theme:
   comment by Jim on June 17, 2010

Just received the Littlest Hobo season 1 from the '79-'85' color TV series. Those of you who live in the U.S. and would like to know this DVD set is region free (as stated on the back of the DVD case), so no need for a Multi-Region player. My DVD player will only play DVDs marked region 1 or 0.
It also works great on the ATSC/NTSC format TVs.
   comment by Tim on July 16, 2010

i have better than a poster i have a 1963 or 65 picture of all four hobos in black and white with london on the far right with his paw print under him.given to my dad by charles eisenmenn to me.cant find anything on the net about it or if its the only one.
   comment by frederick harper on August 22, 2010

Littlest Hobo '79-85 season 2 is now out, but just because the first was all region doesn't mean season 2 will be. Is there anyone out there who has purchased this one?
   comment by Kay Kidder on September 10, 2010

The release date for season 2 has moved to Nov. 10. If there are any UK or Australian fans on this site, you could help us US fans by looking at a copy, turning to the back, on the lower right side (under running time) and seeing if it is all region and then posting this info on this site.
   comment by Kay on September 10, 2010

My great uncle Chuck Eisenmann passed away on Monday Sept 6th, 2010 at the age of 91. I have many memories of Uncle Chuck and his boys as he would visit us twice a year and he always found the time to come our schools and do demonstrations for all the kids in the gym. We will miss him dearly.
   comment by Jon on September 10, 2010

I wish there was some way to get his books, unfortunately they are out of print.
   comment by Kay on September 12, 2010

Hi Kay. Over at EZ DVD an online DVD retailer for Australia they just listed the 2nd season set as also being an NTSC set and playable in all regions.

Canada as far as I know still owns the rights to the series so actually the DVD sets are region 1, but are made region free while they are lending them to the U.K. under special licensing.
   comment by Tim on September 13, 2010

Just received the 2nd season DVD set of "The Littlest Hobo" today and can now confirm that it is also a region free set as stated on the back of the clear/case, as well as being in the NTSC format.

It also plays perfect on my standard equipment here in the U.S.
   comment by Tim on September 13, 2010

That's great news, Tim - the Nov. date I read must have been wrong - I will immediately go place my order on
   comment by Kay on September 16, 2010

Hi Kay. The Nov. date that you saw was correct it's for Australia only.

The 2nd season ones that the U.K. has came out on Sept.6th.
I've been told that some of the ones for Australia (I guess by accident) are really region 4 and states this on the back of the DVD case.

All of the ones from the U.K. at amazon U.K. (with the "P G" triangle on the bottom right hand corner of the box) are region free and NTSC compatable.
   comment by Tim on September 16, 2010

Hi, Tim, I went to that Shiloh Shepherd site, hoping to see some photos of London, however I guess they have been removed. It's hard to believe that there are no posters from this TV series but maybe in Canada they don't go in for alot of merchandising.
   comment by Kay on October 15, 2010

Hi Kay. The article about Charles P. Eisenmann (owner & trainer) and photos of London (Hobo) are there, they start about half way down the page just after the yellow 2002 and pink 2005 update notices.

They did make a poster for the original '58 movie that was shot in California (2 different versions were made one from the U.S. and one from Canada) (I have the U.S. one) and there were also lobby cards to the original movie.

I'd keep an eye on ebay sometimes they show up there.
   comment by Tim on October 16, 2010

Ooops! meant pink 2006 update notice.

I also forgot to mention that this article deals with the orginal London and the other stand-in dogs from the '58 movie as well as from the '63-'65 TV series, not Bo who played London later in the newer color '79-'85 TV series.
   comment by Tim on October 16, 2010

Tim, I finally found the Tina Barber site with the clippings from the dogs' appearances all over the country and their tricks. I then went to some of the Shiloh Shepherd sites and I could not see many dogs that had a resemblance to the London dogs with their striking patterns of black and white.
   comment by Kay on October 17, 2010

Hi Kay. That's because Charles Eisenmann combined the diffent breeds of dogs himself to get the unique markings.
   comment by Tim on October 17, 2010

Thanks for sending me the info, Tim - what I am really curious about is whether there are any Shiloh breeders who can produce dogs with the beauty and extreme intelligence that Chuck's dogs had.
   comment by Kay on October 17, 2010

That's something Kay that I don't really know.

It would be interesting if there were such breeders that had dogs with the same kind of markings and took the time to train them the same way that Chuck did.

   comment by Tim on October 18, 2010

Hi Kay,
If you want to know more about Shiloh Shepherds and the Hobo dogs, feel free to join the ISSR community forum. You'll be welcomed there by our members who will be glad to share many stories about their wonderful, "thinking" dogs. Yes, the real-deal Shiloh Shepherds are smarter than any other dogs! You will be stunned at some of their stories! And a few of our members do have dogs resembling Hobo.
This link will take you to a blog about one Shiloh, Kyrie, who looks a great deal like the original London!
   comment by Hannah on November 17, 2010

Hi Hannah. Thanks for the website. I'm a member of: It's a group of us hobo fans that discuss anything pertaining to both the old and new TV series.

The group is free to join.

Both Sharon (the owner of the site) and I welcome you or any other one here at this site in joining our group.
   comment by Tim on November 18, 2010

Thanks, Hannah, for the great site.
   comment by Kay on December 6, 2010

Yeah, great site the dogs are beautiful and some info on Chuck.

   comment by Brad on December 14, 2010

New site for the old Hobo Page.

Simon Christopher Dew interview
   comment by Kevin McCorry on December 21, 2010

i loved the show as a kid and viewing the 12 reissued episodes of 63-65 series i think they are really wonderful. it really was a special show. never forgot the theme,yes i tear up over it sometimes.
   comment by kenny on January 21, 2011

it's me again,i aiso wanted to say i always thought that LONDON was a extreamly intelegent dog,much better than LASSIE, and could do so much more than other dogs,perhaps his owener and trainer as the very best in his field. there are several old tv series i would like to see back,the littest hobo among them! wish the other 53 shows were available. it seems the feelings for this show run very deep,i feel the same way,its a wonderful show! i also would like to see a remastered dvd of the 1958 movie but have found none, i am lucky though,for i did record the movie off wtbs at christmas 1985, its complete! but a bit faded as their copy was! i beleve this was the last time the movie was on tv. also PBS stations did show some of the 80s episodes in the late 80s,but also a few of the origional 60s shows too! hope this info is helpful to you fellow HOBO fans out there.
   comment by kenny on January 21, 2011

Hi Kenny.

I'm more into the older series also because that was the series that I remember. The theme song "Road Without End" was my favorite, being folk music just seemed to fit this particular series better.

There is an episode from '64 that starred Tommy Retigg who played Jeff on the original Lassie series, that I would like very much to see. I only seen a couple of the older series from '63 back in '65 until I got the DVD set of the older series like yours.

I did pick up the DVD sets season 1&2 from the newer series anyway since they're still better than most of the shows they have on TV nowdays. They're pretty good even though they were shot on videotape instead of regular film.

These first couple of seasons feature American actors that were never released on Tape or DVD before.

Being that they were made in Canada they are on the NTSC format and are region free, so they work perfect here in the U.S. on any DVD player, just avoid the ones made for Australia as they are the only ones that are rgion 4 for some strange reason.
   comment by Tim on January 22, 2011

SabuCat Productions is the company that put out the first 12 episodes of the 63-65 series of which I own and they are fantastic.

The sad part is SabuCat closed down in 2009, so I wonder if we'll ever get the other 52 episodes out on DVD. It would be nice.

If anyone knows anything, I'd appreciate the information as I would love to purchase the entire series.
   comment by Brad on January 31, 2011

Hi Brad. I had contacted Jeff a number of years ago who was the head person in charge at SabuCat and he stated back then that he had no plans of releasing anymore episodes for the time being since the sales were poor.

VCI Entertainment (also listed on the back of the DVD case) was his distributor (and as far as I know) was the company thet had all of the remaining episodes including I beleive the original '58 movie.

As of now I don't know if VCI still has the rest of the remaining episodes & original '58 movie or not since Jeff decided to cancel releasing them some time ago.

They need to be released by a bigger company that doesn't need to worry about how well they sell.
   comment by Tim on February 1, 2011

Thanks so much for your reply.
Too bad but you're right, a big company will have to take an interest in releasing the 60's and 80's series any further. Hopefully that will happen.
   comment by Brad on February 1, 2011

thanks for the replys to my comments, it was good to here from you fellow fans of our beloved show, no new info yet but always try to find new sources for the show and movie, as i said i do have a fair copy of the 1958 movie, so if anyone wants a copy let me know, glad to here from you!
   comment by kenny on March 27, 2011

Sad to say but the discussion forums at have been stopped as of April 1, 2011.

This is for all shows that air on CTV in Canada including The Littlest Hobo.

Too bad as it was a great place to discuss our beloved show. Luckily Hobo is still airing on CTV Saturday mornings and on A-Channel Saturdays and Sundays.

Does anyone know of any other forums for Hobo? There is a Facebook page for our favourite dog.
   comment by Brad on April 13, 2011

Hi Brad. There is the Yahoo Groups which offer a forum discussing "The Littlest Hobo", of which I'm a moderator and is owned by Sharon in Australia that you might want to check out.
   comment by Tim on April 13, 2011

Righteous Kevin McCorry! Thanks for posting the new URL of your web-site ... I missed it terribly.

And, my condolences to Jon Eisenmann on the loss of his great uncle Chuck. What a legacy he man left us!
   comment by jaeLynn on April 27, 2011

One of the favourite shows of Flight of the Conchords' Brett Mackenzie growing up was The Littlest Hobo:
   comment by chrisdye on November 29, 2011

Anon that posted dec10th if your going post least have it make sense don't post like a blathering moron the littest hobo was one of the best kids shows ever produced it acually teaches you morals not to be a fruit cake like these new cartoons like teletubbies wtf
   comment by anon that posted on dec10 is a moron haha on December 11, 2011

My father, Tom Huff, played the wizard in season 5, ep. 12 "Dragonslayer" All the reptiles were ours as well. I have been searching for a copy of that episode for years and really want it now to show my daughters, who never met their Grandpa. Does anyone have a copy or link?
   comment by Jeremy Huff on January 29, 2012

how they could base the sales of a tv show on whether or not to release a film is beyond me. i've asked over and over for nearly 15 years for the 1958 film to be released as i absolutely adored it as a child, but i've never watched the telly series. where is the film.....? i fear i shall never see it again EVER :*(
   comment by Jazzy Lemon on February 20, 2012

Hi jazzy. There is a copy of the '58 movie on DVD at Ebay for around $15. along with the TV series and other items from the 60's & 80's.

   comment by Tim on February 21, 2012

Were There Multiple Copies Of The DVD?
I Hope Its Not Been Finished And Bid Out.
Teared Up A Bit After Watching The Episode With The Man And The Locket That Hobo Brings To His Granddaughter
   comment by Mike on February 22, 2012

Hi Mike. Yes.., the seller has had the DVD of the '58 movie on Ebay for a couple of months now and it's still there.
   comment by Tim on February 22, 2012

what is the sellers name
   comment by Mike on February 22, 2012

Mike. The sellers Member ID at Ebay is - Surfcabbage. I sent you an Email of the Ebay webpage that has the '58 movie.
   comment by Tim on February 23, 2012

Wow noooooo!
I hope this forum lives on.
Anyway, that guy surfcabbage still sells the littlest hobo DVD on eBay at $21.95 a pop all in.
Apparently good quality, will most likely order soon
   comment by Mike on May 26, 2013

This forum is amazing. I thought I was the only one for whom the Littlest Hobo was the touchstone of how to behave in the world. To this day doing good has been a driving force and reference point and it can be traced down to that one 'fiction'. Life is more complex but the basis of it is simple. Do good. It was magic. Pure magic.
   comment by Allister on September 4, 2013

I have an ink footprint on a 8X11 photo of London I saw in person around 1963... Do you know anyone who may be interested? thank you..
   comment by E.J. Zalesak on March 6, 2014


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